My bottom line on the existence of the virus, its isolation and sequencing

by Jon Rappoport

February 3, 2022

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What proof would I accept? What sort of proof would convince me that SARS-CoV-2 exists?

Suppose, for example, a study described how researchers actually DID separate a virus from all the material surrounding it in their cell-soup in the lab?

Would that be enough?

And the answer is no.


Because I don’t trust studies based on research conducted in elite labs where no independent outsiders are allowed. And that’s the situation, when it comes to purported virus isolation.

These labs are like the famous bunkers where key government officials are taken, in the event of a massive attack against the country.

Try getting in off the street.

And who are these researchers in the super-secret labs? To put it another way, what sort of establishment do they represent?

Is it a clean establishment with a track record of honesty? Or is it a cartel with a criminal history?

If it’s a cartel, why should I accept the “scientific methods” of these researchers or their honesty?

As my long-time readers know, I’ve spent decades exposing lies and crimes of the medical cartel. Chapter and verse. (For example this: Medical weapons of mass destruction)

When it comes to vital issues that mean the difference between life and death—drug/vaccine-fueled destruction of human life; mistreatment and errors in hospitals; faked disease case and death numbers; inaccurate, meaningless, and deceptive diagnostic tests; the fabricated existence of a whole range of phony diseases and disorders and syndromes; the true numbers of medically caused deaths—medical authorities have been lying and sliming their way out of accountability for MANY decades.

And all this doesn’t touch on the history of public health declarations of epidemics that have turned out to be duds.

Nor does it include the overall history of Rockefeller medicine, which is based on the fatuous notion that there are thousands of separate and distinct diseases, each one of which is caused by a germ that must be treated by a profit-making drug.

Nor does it include the history of vicious suppression of innovative treatments developed by individuals who’ve worked outside the mainstream.

Therefore, suspicion is warranted. Is absolutely necessary. And “suspicion” is a vast understatement.

I refuse to trust the researchers who simply claim they’re isolating viruses.

When it comes to the so-called basic building blocks of MANY so-called diseases—which ARE “the viruses”—all the discovery-research HAS BEEN conducted by insiders in their off-limit labs. Without independent witnesses. Without educated witnesses who can watch and question each and every step of “the accepted method” for isolation of new viruses.

Frankly, you would have to be crazy to accept anything coming out of these insider-club labs.

So NO. I don’t accept such findings.

Before I describe how outsiders SHOULD be allowed to witness and participate in secret lab work, let me give you two quotes to consider.

They come from decidedly mainstream and elite editors of elite medical journals. These editors have read and explored and probed and lifted the fake cover from published medical material for decades. Material they themselves have published. Therefore, these are CONFESSIONS.

ONE: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

TWO: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…”

“The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming. In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of ‘significance’ pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale…Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent…” (Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief, The Lancet, in The Lancet, 11 April, 2015, Vol 385, “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?”)

Suspicion is warranted. It’s absolutely necessary. And again, “suspicion” is a vast understatement.

More than a year ago, I mentioned how virus-isolation research—if the word “research” applies at all—should be done.

And I issue this now, as a challenge, to the entire insider-club of virologists, all of whom claim their established method of finding and sequencing new viruses is scientific and rigorous:

Let’s have a film crew on site. As you work. In your lab. Looking over your shoulders and recording every move you make.

And with the film crew, let’s have several knowledgeable, outside, independent researchers. People whom you would ordinarily refuse to give the time of day. People who are insightful. Possibly, people like Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan.

As the film crew works, and as you conduct and describe your step-by-step “isolation” of a new virus, these outsiders can stop you at any moment and question you. In depth.

“Why did you just do that?” “Why didn’t you record that step?” “Explain that answer you just gave me. It makes no sense.” “Exactly what did you just withdraw from the solution in the dish, and how do you know what it was?”

This is not a public relations exercise or an educational documentary for medical students. This is REAL. This is research about your research. No holds barred.

You give a slippery answer to a question; you evade with a vague generality; you try to pull rank; you get nailed to the wall. On film.

THIS is the procedure I want.

All the way from start to finish. Including the so-called sequencing of the “new virus.”

And then we would know a great deal more about what you’re actually doing and not doing in your labs. In the absence of what I’m proposing and demanding, THERE IS NO REASON TO ASSUME THE PROCESS OF VIRUS-ISOLATION IS LEGITIMATE.

Virologists, your work affects every human on Earth. Profoundly. To see this, all a person has to do is look around him these days, at what is called “COVID.” It proceeds from your so-called discovery of SARS-CoV-2.

I view you virologists as I would view the court magicians and soothsayers and high priests who surrounded and advised the leaders of tribes and nations in ancient times.

Those “experts” huddled with the leaders in their very private rooms and spun stories and predictions, and recommended strategies to deal with supposed ongoing and looming crises.

And then the leaders took actions that affected the lives of all the people.

So it is now. With you virologists.

So my demands are entirely within bounds. If you have a shred of honesty, and if you stop and think about it, what I’m demanding is prosaically simple:

You account for every step you take. In real time. Where you work. Right there, you submit yourselves to the detailed scrutiny of independent outsiders.

That’s my bottom line.

And I challenge any scientist, analyst, investigator, doctor, researcher, reporter, alt. reporter who says what I’m demanding is not necessary. You’re wrong. You’re dead wrong.

You either haven’t thought things through, or you’re lying.

Someone is going to tell me what I’m demanding, as proof, is impossible. It would never happen. “They” would never let it happen. They would never let independent outsiders into their holy labs.

You think I don’t know that?

If outsiders can’t get into their labs, what does that tell you?

And someone will say, “We just have to rely on the best evidence we have.”

No we don’t. Because the best available evidence is no evidence.

In a vast sea of death-dealing medical lies, a sea that has existed for more than a hundred years (actually much longer), if experts tell you they’re discovering viruses in labs you can’t enter, and they say you must believe them, and you buy that…

I have condos for sale on the far side of the moon. Full cash only, no payments.

Here it is: Virologists are saying and writing they’ve found a purple man with pink hair and green lips and four arms living a thousand miles under the surface of a planet in the next solar system over. And he causes disease.

Then they’re saying, “Prove us wrong.”

On top of that, they’re saying, “You can’t watch us work while we discover such creatures.”

Conclusion: the purple man doesn’t exist.

Virologists, text me when you’ll let my people into your lab.

Until then, get lost.

Dear reader, the elephant in the room is trust, not data.

When it comes to the “discovery of viruses,” there are no reliable data. We, on the outside, are told that what happens behind locked doors is irrefutable. Period.

We’re told we just can’t understand what the pros are doing. The problem is our lack of knowledge, our lack of training.

We’re the peasants toiling in the valley. Our better, the baron, is up in his castle on top of the mountain. He’s planning our lives, he’s taking care of us.

Sure. Of course. Uh-huh.

Sounds familiar. It’s pretty much the history of the world.

Or it was, until people who came before us finally staked out a territory called freedom, which involved opening locked doors and finding out what lay behind them.

Consider a parochial example: the mafia. They, too, plan behind closed doors. They concoct methods of carrying out crimes. They record their profits. Then, finally, a prosecutor announces, “We were able to get into their books. We saw the details. We made arrests.”

I want my independent accountants to get into the virologists’ books. But not after the fact. I want my people to BE there while the virologists are creating the books, entry by entry, in the lab.

“Why did you just make that entry? Where did your conclusion come from? Who are you trying to kid? You’re just fabricating this stuff? You know, that’s called RICO. That’s a RICO case. Continuing criminal enterprise. They’ll send you away for a long time…”

And all of a sudden, the high and mighty virologist, who’s been able to con the world with his hustle, who knows how to come off sounding superior in every way, feels a dent in his armor. A big dent. He smells his own blood.

And he starts talking.

He wants to make a deal. He’ll roll over on his colleagues. He’ll expose the whole sham.

“…You don’t understand. It’s the money. It’s all about the money. Where it comes from. We have to do this kind of work. Otherwise, we starve. They cut us off. I know the people on the funding committees. I’ll give you their names. They take orders, too. The whole thing is a system. I can draw you a map. I can’t go to jail. I have a family. I’m paying eighty grand a year just to send my kids to college. There’s the mortgage, and the cottage on the Cape…”

The whole bluff POPS and deflates, and we begin to hear words we understand, at last. The words of confession. The down-to-earth sordid truth.

There was never a towering mystery in the castle on the hill.

There was just the passing of the buck. The soiled buck. From hand to hand.

The “science” was the front.

“…You see, it works this way. The pharmaceutical companies have to have new viruses. For every fake virus, they develop a real drug and a real vaccine. It’s marketing. That’s what they’re doing. That’s what they’ve always been doing. This is much bigger than anyone realizes. I’m just a little fish. The big boys run the whole show. They pay the Congress and the FDA. They pay everybody…”

He keeps talking. He can’t stop. He’s way past “isolation, purification and sequencing.” They’re in his rear-view mirror. Now he’s fighting for his freedom from prison. Now he’s telling the truth.

And the ever-present storm clouds over the valley where we peasants toil are blowing away. The air is fresher.

We’re breathing easier.

The big-cheese baron is really a shrunken little man—when he takes his perp walk in chains.

power outside the matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

88 comments on “My bottom line on the existence of the virus, its isolation and sequencing

  1. Kjell Holmsten says:

    They can not do, to isolate viruses? Then they would have done a long time ago. There you have the gigantic fraud.

  2. Opie Poik says:

    If, somehow, the already-apologizing (to the brain trust bright lights of TV Oracle “The View”) Joe Rogan could be convinced to interview Jon Rappoport . . .

    • Terry BEar says:

      Great to know someone else sees emperor JR is missing some clothes.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      Has Rogan ever had someone on his show yet who openly says there’s no virus?

      I think it would take a check with a lot of figures to convince him to interview either Jon Rappoport or David Icke, the two most prominent who have repeatedly stated that since the beginning.

      • Julian says:

        NOT David Icke!! He has already discredited himself with the new age BS he can spout. More so qualified people like Dr Sam Bailey (and her husband), Drs Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Stefan Lanka, Dr. Valentina Kiseleva.

        • Isabelle Vilain says:

          Et le docteur Alain Scohy, en France.

        • Orpheus Owl says:

          Julian: Really? David Icke “discredited” himself just because he has different spiritual views than you?

          He has impeccable sources and quotes directly from all those degree’d doctors that you mentioned. He’s been questioning these topics for decades before anyone else cared, including you. Show some respect.

  3. tyrone says:

    excellent… this article makes me think of steve kirsch. he blindly believed them when they told him there is a pandemic. then he blindly believed them when they told him the “vaccines” are safe and effective, so he (supposedly) got the jab. and he now blindly believes them when they tell him the virus has been isolated. blind faith can be very dangerous.

    • AJ says:

      The unanswered question, “Is how so many intelligent, educated people can ignore, gloss over, factual evidence or the lack of, to continue to support this plandemic fraud?

      They all are invected with an incurable virus called, “BRIBERY”.

    • Julian says:

      And he called Chris Massey to show evidence there is no virus in a five hour zoom with him and ‘experts’. But as soon he found that the likes of Drs Sam Bailey, Andrew Kaufman were going to be on the other side he has backed out!

  4. Mika says:

    Good work Jon. The emperor has no clothes. And perhaps in this case, there isn’t even an emperor to begin with!

  5. sid says:

    Such an open approach ought to be a requirement in many realms of inquiry. Full Disclosure in real time when possible. From medicine to astronomy to “alternative energy” research.

    Modern streaming tech makes this feasible.

    Science for the People!

  6. maria says:

    Yes, the ‘virologists’.
    And the lone child, cold, waiting in the snows …
    Will she be safe with them?
    Most of all – what kind of adults are the rest of us anyway?
    The truckers, the cavalry, Christ himself –

    She must try to survive the prevalent ideas long established by brute force on this Earth:

    Maximising personal profit until there are no more resouces left – apart from the human commodities – and then turning inward upon these beings living around to fit them into the scheme of things envisaged by the Schwab-type, self-elected leadership of a narrow-minded ‘world’ representation.

    Will any child be safe again now the wheels of myriad arch technocrats are turning?

    Who are these people and what non-existent governing positions have they pulled out of their conjuring hats and been elected to? Which ‘world’population has appointed them? Adults who left their senses long ago and are unfit to reason.

    The farming lesson of nature is that if you want a tree to fruit, the leaders must be cut back regularly. This never happens in the ‘world’ system with its ‘World’ Health Organisation and its ‘World’ Economic Forum and the tentacles of its ‘Global reach’.
    The dominant grow stronger and more dominant until no plants can flower.

    The importance of economy is disproportionate but the question to ask is: What has happened to our minds? Why do so many consistently guard and promote people who desire to wield a disproportionate share of force? Yes, Trump supporters – the man is abusive, invasive and ugly-mouthed. Is there no statesman available? Gabbard? McKinnon?

    It seems correct to say that the suicidal social changes we seem about to endure are the result of interplay of self-serving forces, a play with numbers and user/consumers – ‘capitalism’. It’s not this game that matters but the soul-corrosive emotional phenomena that feeds like a cancer while it plays out, a parasite that can and will only stop when the host is dead and the sickness gone with it for lack of nutrition.

    Until that comes to pass there’s is the hell of volatility and upheaval where no one is safe in their own mind or permitted to remain in charge of themselves.

    I think it is on track to say the herd animals are afraid of their own thoughts.

    They fear their complicity and fear what suspicion would bring to light.

    So they swallow everything quickly and fend off the incredulity of others.

    The success of the virus rationale is a symptom of a very weakened and drugged society.

    Caught up in a spider’s web of intrigues and the caprices of a torturous ‘superior’ loveless human intelligences who have all along discarded affection for other living creatures. Hollow spirits who have premeditated total entrapment and planned a capture of the entire race and see Earth as a private farm, for their exclusive use. The herd is guilty – and tactfully quiet – because it knows it accepts luxury goods acquired through foul practise and dishonest gaming.
    There we have it.

    With callousness and violence men have made tremendous strides forward in terms of acquiring information and it is a fact that almost every one aspires to work with and be accepted by the lords of science where the rewards are. They take on board the general undermining of value of each life and the scientific assault on natural living and think it doesn’t matter because of the race for prestige abd acomplishment.
    As with every thing else we do, we eat the meat and never think of the slaughtered beast.

    Is there anything that can stand up to arrogance in the mind?

    A mindset that desires to own and re-master the universe yet reveres nothing and no one created by it?

    How can the ideas of psycopaths have gained so much traction at the same time as ‘hate speech’, support for minorities and ‘community standards’ are being preached? The play with the words is the very tower of Babel in action.

    ‘Population diminishment’, ‘creative destruction’, a ‘great’ re-set.

    Would that be some kind of button?

    It would be so foolish to let go of the gift of freedom and allow themselves to be reformed – into a meaningless and dispensable unit of cattle that can be made to drift or stampede aimlessly at the call of its masters.

    I wish i knew what could be done aginst this tidal wave that has hit us all square on.

    It is the power to be kind to each other that can make or break mankind – bestowing value and reinstating ideals that are being systematically removed through subversion and demoralization.

    How do we get there?

    • roger says:


      I don’t disagree with anything you have said. It’s, as they say in their “play with words”, “Spot on”.

      “It is the power to be kind to each other that can make or break mankind”

      As to your question: “Jesus Christ said “…Without me ye can do nothing.”

      He also said; “I am truth.”

      There are three kinds of people on earth.

      Those who believe the truth.

      Those who refuse to believe the truth.

      Those who don’t know what to believe.

      All of the answers to the problems of mankind are in the Scriptures. Some are very obvious and some are hidden.

      Hidden for a reason. Those are the only things that can stand up against the arrogance in the mind.

      When the Father decides to “draw” someone to Christ, one of the first things that person experiences is a real desire to know the truth. Even when it is not so comfortable and forces one to have to make certain changes. But when one knows that they know a truth there is a very satisfying feeling about knowing it. Even when they cannot seem to show it to anyone else, they still know in their heart of hearts that it’s the truth. No one can take that away from you if you have that. And when you get that kind of feeling you naturally want more of it. That’s when one begins to really start to dig for it like treasure. Until then it’s “How do we get there?”


    • joebear says:

      I don’t disagree with anything you have said. It’s, as they say in their “play with words”, “Spot on”.
      “It is the power to be kind to each other that can make or break mankind”
      As to your question: “Jesus Christ said “…Without me ye can do nothing.”
      He also said; “I am truth.”
      There are three kinds of people on earth.
      Those who believe the truth.
      Those who refuse to believe the truth.
      Those who don’t know what to believe.
      All of the answers to the problems of mankind are in the
      Scriptures. Some are very obvious and some are hidden.
      Hidden for a reason. Those are the only things that can stand up against the arrogance in the mind.
      When the Father decides to “draw” someone to Christ, one of the first things that person experiences is a real desire to know the truth. Even when it is not so comfortable and forces one to have to make certain changes. But when one knows that they know a truth there is a very satisfying feeling about knowing it. Even when they cannot seem to show it to anyone else, they still know in their heart of hearts that it’s the truth. No one can take that away from you if you have that. And when you get that kind of feeling you naturally want more of it. That’s when one begins to really start to dig for it like treasure. Until then it’s “How do we get there?”

  7. R says:

    Jon Rappoport Interview with Joe Rogan

  8. R says:

    “Mass Formation Psychosis, Dr Robert Malone Sells WHO/Gates Test & Treat Next Phase Covid Plan”

  9. RSBP says:

    Another good piece, thank you Jon!

    As a Christian (non-Christians can skip the rest of this) and as a Traditional Catholic who sees the pretender at Rome as one of the evil ones; this actually isn’t too difficult.

    I quote the passages below in Genesis, where EVERYTHING God created was GOOD.

    Satan can’t create, he can only take what God made and bend it towards his evil intentions.

    To date, and correct me if I’m wrong, there are no “beneficial viruses” in the world. They’re only known to create havoc, disease and death.

    Satan couldn’t have created these because he can’t, and God created everything good. Simple logic tells you that viruses don’t exist. End of story.

    But thank you Jon, for continuing to educated the masses.

    Genesis 1:4
    And God saw the light that it was good; and he divided the light from the darkness.

    Genesis 1:10
    And God called the dry land, Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.

    Genesis 1:12
    And the earth brought forth the green herb, and such as yieldeth seed according to its kind, and the tree that beareth fruit, having seed each one according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

    Genesis 1:18
    And to rule the day and the night, and to divide the light and the darkness. And God saw that it was good.

    Genesis 1:21
    And God created the great whales, and every living and moving creature, which the waters brought forth, according to their kinds, and every winged fowl according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

    Genesis 1:25
    And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds, and cattle, and every thing that creepeth on the earth after its kind. And God saw that it was good.

    Genesis 1:31
    And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good. And the evening and morning were the sixth day.

    • Alan Kwan says:

      Spot on, RSBP.

      Believing in, and paying heed to, a nonexistent entity of man’s fabrication and acting accordingly, that’s idolatry.

      Falsely asserting that God has created something baneful, when in fact God has created no such thing, that’s blasphemy.

      And that’s the true nature of this event. People are suffering from none but the consequences of their iniquity, namely idolatry and blasphemy. The consequences of idolatry in the Old Testament used to be nationwide captivity and enslavement; they are the same today.

  10. Anne Beckett says:

    It is a theoretical vaxx, based on theoretical (in-silico) RNA or DNA, “protein spikes”, found and formed (in a sense), in-silico. It is as bad as basing, “facts”, on rumor, innuendo, conjecture, and even magic.

    We are of the same mind, Jon.

    Now, who remembers this little poem, from childhood? We were forced to recite this in 6th grade (Catholic school; the other belief system.)

    Strictly Germ-Proof
    by Arthur Guiterman (1871-1943)

    The Antiseptic Baby and the Prophylactic Pup
    Were playing in the garden when the Bunny gambolled up;
    They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised;
    It wasn’t disinfected and it wasn’t sterilised.

    They said it was microbic and a hotbed of disease;
    They steamed it in a vapor of a thousand-odd degrees;
    They froze it in a freezer that was cold as banished hope
    And washed it in permanganate with carbolated soap.

    In sulphurated hydrogen they steeped its wiggly ears;
    They trimmed its frisky whiskers with a pair of hard-boiled shears;
    They donned their rubber mittens and they took it by the hand
    And ’lected it a member of the Fumigated Band.

    There’s not a micrococcus in the garden where they play;
    They bathe in pure iodoform a dozen times a day;
    And each imbibes his rations from a hygienic cup —
    The Bunny and The Baby and The Prophylactic Pup.

  11. Erik Vasseur says:

    I have a problem with the notion all the science on virus is faked or at best shoddy work. You might of heard of dr Didier Raoult from south of France, discredited at the start for his talks of effectivness with early treatments with hydroxychloroquin, blasted by the media thereafter until now. They produce their own videos describing the work at the hospital witch go into much detail. In latest updates he now describes the situation as having escaped the realm of science and entered a form of cult like religion. Maybe check him out

    • Julian says:

      …early treatments for ‘WHAT’??? …this is a rhetorical question!

    • Country B says:

      It’s not just the science on viruses that is faked and/or shoddy work. What is your “problem” with that notion based on ? Effectiveness at alleviating symptoms with any substance does in no way prove that a virus exists. There are countless sources of symptoms and varies by individual. I suggest you go back through Jon’s previous articles which are very thorough.

    • Alan Kwan says:

      The HCQ treatment was in practice evaluated against not a placebo, but the standard (and deadly) treatment of Remdesivir and intubation. In this sense its claim of efficacy is unscientific.

      HCQ might have worked well againt respiratory symptoms for certain patients, but this has nothing to do with proving the cause of those symptoms in those patients.

  12. Lady M says:

    I really appreciate your way of describing something which is deadly serious and yet always making it accessible, not overwhelming and entertaining.

    Dr. Judy Mikovits might be an interesting person to contact. I would want to know how she reacts to this challenge. She appears to be very sincere about the death-dealing criminality regarding “vaccines” and she is a scientist who certainly knows her way around “virus research”.

    She apparently had a previous awakening. Is she ready NOW to show us what’s really behind the curtain or will she still protect her life’s devotion and her sway within the vaccine-questioning community?

    • Bob says:

      She was directly challenged by A.Kaufman in a podcast early on, and it did not go well for her at all. She got mad, and i can’t remember exactly weather Kaufman ended up being kicked out or weather she left the podcast on her own in the middle of it, but anyhow – the debate got nowhere since she wasn’t having any of her premises challenged. The host took her side, perhaps because she was the “highest ranked” participant in the discussion.

      • Ort says:

        It was one of those awkward, unfortunate confrontations that none of the participants anticipated, and I’m pretty sure none of them wanted or enjoyed.

        But one aggravating aspect is that the “debate”, such as it was, was not resumed once the contretemps was over, and the parties had time to calm down and reflect on the communications breakdown.

        Instead, the aftermath seemed to degenerate into a juvenile high-school dynamic. Viewers took sides, and mostly seemed focused on whether Andy was shockingly and deplorably “mean” to Judy, or else harshly “stuck up” for Andy and contemptuously dismissed Judy as a misinformed or confused fool.

        By happenstance, I’ve seen Andy confronted about this seemingly-acrimonious exchange. He always earnestly and credibly expresses mildly apologetic regrets, more or less saying that he certainly respects Judy and her work, and didn’t mean to come across as “attacking” her.

        But he sticks to his guns to the extent of affirming that their points of contention were crucial and important to the discussion, and Judy’s assertions weren’t something he could just let pass without vigorously insisting on clarification.

        Judy does seem fragile at times, doubtless because of all the abuse she’s gone through. But it’s a shame that some mutually respected third party didn’t attempt a follow-up interview to clear the air, if possible. Maybe someone did, and either Andy or Judy demurred.

      • Lady M says:

        Thank you for letting me know. I would like to see what happened. Do you have a link?

        I’m disappointed that she was not open to explaining why virology cannot be challenged. I hope there will be a moderator who can step up to help both sides truly debate the issue. Dr. Sam Bailey and her husband Mark would be good for the anti-virus side.

  13. Erik Vasseur says:

    Recently pulled out W.S. Burrows book I have from long ago, The adding machine collected essays. Surprised by these old fiction essays so close to current events. Also resembling your style of writing. I have some collage recordings I love listening to also recently. True avant garde genius everyone should read and remember.

  14. Sanjoy Mahajan says:

    The proposed filmed record from the inside would definitely explode the fraud. But the fraud is already exploded in the virologists’ own papers. Their methods don’t satisfy the requirement of a controlled experiment so fundamental that it is taught to 7th-grade students: of changing only one variable at a time and comparing the consequences.

    The actual fraudulent methods are instead defended with lots of bluster, gaslighting, and appeals to authority. Perhaps for that reason, the filmed documentary investigation is needed, because it would deflate the gaslighting, leaving just the bluster, and do so for people who don’t have the confidence to judge the virologists’ methods (itself a victory of the miseducation system).

    • Alan Kwan says:

      Right, as Stefan Lanka has been saying.

      Using the virologists methods and logic, one can similarly prove that one can remotely curse animals to death. Put the animals in a cage (and give them no food or water), and have some vodoo master in Thailand curse them. Viola, in a week or two, the animals will certainly weaken and eventually expire, alleged due to the curse. No control experiments needed.

  15. 1suezana says:

    And we can further and easily sharpen a core requirement to this bottom line.

    Is it not our tradition for laboratory acts of discovery to be specifically attributed to identified women and men?

    Don’t we even give prizes to individuals for their discoveries?

    Who are those individuals who claim to have done the isolation? Why don’t we know their names? Why do they not appear on the television? Why do we not know their faces?

    These heroes must step forward one by one and for the cameras provide the demonstration and explanation described in your article.

    We are not in the habit of attributing important acts of “science” to an industry, but to specific individuals. Where are those individuals?

    Why are they not stepping forward? Fame and glory awaits.

    Let’s get the experts of virus isolation to take the stage.

  16. Jim S Smith says:

    Actually saw an argument made on another site on day.

    “They” said that a codon sequence of say, about ten thousand, would only occur in one or very few species. – Uh, genetics doesn’t work like that when there only about twenty-eight commonly used Amino Acids, and only FIVE nitrogenous bases which define the triplet codons. That leave much room for duplication of base-pair sequences across the whole of the spectrum of life species.


    One or more of those “FOIA requests” also included search results from the CDC’s own “BLAST” database – which should that the declared “viral protein fragments” actually occur far more commonly in other species!

    The infamous “S-protein”, for example, was found in the BLAST-search to occur in hundreds of other bacteria, archaia, and even in human tissues! The claimed “Envelope-protein” fragment was found to also occur in hundreds of other places in the biological spectrum!


    These two points, alone, already call serious questions into the claims that any of the “American Type Culture Collection” (“ATCC”) samples, are “unique to these viruses”!

    The whole story about a “pandemic caused by a novel corona virus” is an absolute sham! – This “pandemic” has even been quietly admitted to being a complete and utter falsehood! ! !

    Too many people just flat out refuse to do their own thinking! This is pathetic, and the whole “pandemic story” has simply illuminated the fact that many, MANY people are really that gullible and can easily be lead to believe whatever the manipulators of information want them to believe!

    I have seen plenty of similar, though not as committed, stories about “pandemics” in the past.

    – “FEAR is the only virus!

    • Courageous Lion says:

      It’s a cult. The cult of the virus. And the people that are drinking the Koolaid are dying from it.

    • CK_ says:

      Can you supply the link for this? If the spike protein is actually widespread, then that proves the mRNA vaccines are FAKE. Perhaps they’re really loaded with Graphene Oxide and nanotech after all per La Quinta Columna.

  17. William R Hall Jr says:

    The moon condos sound tempting because I wouldn’t have to pay property tax on them, would I?

    I could rent the condos to the virus and that would prove they exist because then they would have a mailing address.

  18. Henry Dix Jr says:

    I totally concur with your argument. Still people wonder what is causing the people to fall ill. Besides many of the usual suspects that you mention. I think that the GEOENGINEERING is a factor.

  19. Brutus says:

    We do not need to look over their shoulder or bring in a film crew.

    Get 300 tissue or fluid samples, 3 each from 100 individuals.
    Some healthy, some dead, some sick.

    Send a set of samples to 100 labs.
    Have them all follow Koch’s Postulates for each sample.
    Compare the results to see what each lab got for each sample.
    Should be statistically identical.
    Send them a second set of samples, but with a new ID nomenclature.
    Compare the results to see what each lab got for each sample.
    Do this a third time.

    Each set of data should be statistically identical.

    Had a great HS chemistry teacher. We actually used a 200 level college text book, turns out the same one I used at college.
    In both classes we were given an “Unknown” solution and handed the procedure.
    We reported what we found in the sample.

    We learned to identify false positives; iron slipping in from the water used as a solvent in the some of the unknowns added, as well as silica, dissolved from the glassware.
    Yes, I got 100% in both cases.

  20. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Great article, Jon. You know down to your DNA to demand the authority of the evidence and not accept the authority of the person (opinion). This article beautifully details that. Your article articulates the meaning of those words.

    Brilliant job, as usual, Jon. Thank you.

  21. Eric JAcobson says:

    As usual, Jon, right on the money!

    Throughout this so-called “pandemic” over the past two years,
    I have come to see that the “science” of virology is no more
    than voodoo magic. The high priests of this pseudo-science,
    mumble their incantations to bring forth out of the soupy
    witches brew bubbling over the open fire a magic virus full
    of evil intentions.

    The masses have believed for too long that these high priests
    of all things, viral are beyond reproach, much to the detriment
    of the human race.

    Hell will freeze over before these ivory towers of viral research
    will allow Independent Researchers such as Stefan Lanka and others
    to look over the shoulders of these murderous and paid-for charlatans!

  22. Orpheus Owl says:

    Great article, but in your description of the “drug/vaccine-fueled destruction” of life, you left out the millions of innocent ANIMALS in laboratories who have been force-dosed, tortured and poisoned by pharma.

    Vivisection/animal research has been crucial in perpetuating this giant fraud. It is the most unreliable method for testing with no oversight, thus allowing pharma to fast-track these dangerous drugs onto the market, where they then go on to kill humans.

  23. AJ says:

    Well done Jon!!!

    This is what needs to be done in all research. But it will never happen!!!

    Mainly, because “TOO MUCH MONEY” is involved. “BRIBERY”, is a vicious disease, a voracious incurable epidemic. And the complacent/compliant, ill informed, ignorant, trusting fools are too numerous.

    And just as today, many will ignore the “TRUTH” and fail to recognize the “TRUTH” from the decit and lies hourly broadcasted by the shills news stations and others.

    “TRUTH” eventually surfaces even to the most blinded and deaf of fools. But whether and when fools accept the “TRUTH” remains a mystery.

    We must never stop searching for the “TRUTH”, because the “TRUTH” is the “CURE” to all problems!!!!

  24. Tom Peden says:

    What caused the world-wide illness and deaths contributed to the Sars-CoV-2 virus ?

    • J Masters says:

      What’s causing all the deaths? Jon has addressed this:

      IMO people are dying from multiple toxins, not to mention FEAR. The level of toxins in our air, water, food, and medications has increased so much that the typical person’s immune system is overwhelmed by them.

      • JT says:


        DAVOS Group, WEF, Blackrock, CDC, Fauci, Gates, Trump, Biden, Governors, College Presidents, PMs, CEOs, et al, create a panic and the media are much too happy to follow. Small stories become big stories, sensational stories and horrible pictures of dying and dead people fill the tabloid papers and the TV programs every single day. Restaurants closes, borders closes, work places closes, shops have lines to separate the customers. The streets are empty, people are told to stay home. Doctors are seen in space-suits, streets are disinfected. The world has gone crazy. Three billion people are forced and coerced into prison-like lock-down.

        The global economy breaks down, countless companies go bankrupt, (thousands more will be going into bankruptcy over the next 10 years) and millions of workers are sent home. The presidents of China and USA are discussing it. It is on the agenda, every day, in every country. The whole thing becomes horribly antisocial. Other people are contagious 24 7 365 even if they are 100 percent healthy, their mere existence and presence threaten your life. This class of ideas is horribly destructive and goes right against our most important need as human beings: the need for love.

        It seem that the Corona COVID-19 infection, which still is the common cold, gives stronger symptoms and becomes more dangerous when in fear.

        In the Corona COVID-19 infection, if you really come to believe that you have attracted a mortal new virus, the common cold you normally would experience, becomes a terrible disease that is threatening your life. Are the symptoms exhaustion, disorientation, malaise, as we see it described from clinicians, what we would expect in this situation? Yes, exactly. And why?

        – Exhaustion, because it takes a lot of energy from your body to worry.
        – Disorientation because there is a fundamental mismatch between what you believe and what you actually feel.
        – Malaise, because you feel miserable due to the circumstances, and your beliefs and fear, but are unable to put a finger precisely to the problem.

        The Corona hype, the Corona panic, has manifested the common cold as a brand new disease.


        Unfortunately, it does not stop here. In a confused, disoriented, exhausted and troubled state of mind, your immune system stops working precisely.

        The connection between psyche and immunology has been a deep mystery for science, but a matter of intensive scientific investigation fort the last three decades.

        Illusion is the father of suffering. Illusion is the mother of deception, abuse, and misguidance.

        – The new Corona virus is just the harmless, common cold.
        – The mortality rate is 0.01%, ten times less than influenza.
        – WHO exaggerates the mortality 340 times, saying the “COVID-19” has a mortality rate of 3.4%. This high number comes from the case fatality rate, which has nothing to do with the mortality rate!
        – Some Doctors overreact, some Doctors get excited to help administer and promote the genocide and predatory child abuse, all ultimately burdening the health care sector or medical cartel industrial complex.
        – Some Politicians overreact, some politicians get excited to help administer and promote the genocide and predatory child abuse, attempting to take away other humans…humans EQUAL to themselves…personal freedom, harm quality if life, harm the economy, and shorten life expectancy of both adults and children.

        Fear boosts the symptoms psychosomatically, making Covid-19 SOUND LIKE, FEEL LIKE, LOOK LIKE a new disease.

        Thanks to Heros like Jon Rappoport, Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Cowan, Christine Massey and Canadian Truckers, 10s of millions of people across the world…know this is a coordinated misinformation campaign, not a dangerous new virus.

    • Go says:

      Theres no virus and it was same deaths as usual

    • john-oranje says:

      I think you mean attributed Tom.

      I wonder what the world-wide illness and death in say 2017 or 2018 or 2019(up until the invented covid-19) were attributed to. Maybe the ‘flu or poison or pollution.

      The so called pandemic did not even raise the overall death rate.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      They attributed ALL world wide illness and deaths to the so called virus. Die of a gunshow wound? It was Sars-CoV-2. Die because you jumped out of a plane and forgot to pull the ripcord? It was Sars-CoV-2. EVERYTHING became Sars-CoV-2. Starting to get it?

    • Jimmy says:

      Yawn. Asked and answered many times by Jon and others. But here goes:

      1.7 million adults die every year from pneumonia (that is until Covid jumped up on stage and began hogging the spotlight). For two years those numbers have been added to the ‘death’ toll of the Rona. That’s 3.4 million.

      Now add in the 650,000 or so people who die from the regular flu every year. Times 2, of course. That’s another 1.3 million deaths, 4.7 total that have been counted as Covid deaths.

      Throw in all of the COPD, heart attack, stroke, cancer and other deaths, not to mention the car accident, gun shot victims, etc. counted as Covid, and you get a idea of what has “caused the world-wide illness and deaths contributed to Sara-Cov.2 virus.”

    • Ort says:

      If Jon’s articles linked by previous responders don’t answer the question to your satisfaction, here’s a strongly concurring video presentation by the incomparable Dr. Sam Bailey:

      If Covid-19 Doesn’t Exist, What Is Making People Sick?

    • Country B says:

      Go look at the total world wide deaths from 2019 and 2020, prior to the “vaccine” being used and you will see that there are no increased deaths and in fact they are down slightly. It’s only been AFTER the vax that deaths have increased. Attributing a death or illness to some diagnosis is not only irresponsible and unscientific but in this case is also criminal.

  25. David Herin says:

    BOOM! I love to hear Jon’s passion — it comes through so transparently through his writing. So much practical reason in one place!

    Please send this far and wide to every practicing and retired virologist, every research scientist, everyone and anyone who believes in the magicians and their magic show. Maybe, just maybe, Jon might get a bite. It would never be televised but it may start a ripple effect. And for that duped virologist who bites, it will definitely be worth it to him.

  26. Casey says:

    Moreover, as long as we’re talking transparency, how about a real time television broadcasted tour of a big pharma vaccine factory? I don’t care which one, I’ll let them pick one of the big three. I’m envisioning a show modeled after the famous docuseries “How Its Made”. Like taking a tour of the soda bottling plant, or the chocolate ding-dong factory, us (greenhorns)could finally see inside their techno kitchen. We could get a birds eye view of each ingredient that goes into their newest batch of clot juice. One would think that if these subcutaneous foreign materials are apparently this important to keep the species plodding along, that we would have been given at least a pre-recorded nickel tour of the factory by now, right? I’d volunteer for the tour, I’ll even wear a hairnet, but no mask! Lastly, I won’t be wanting any free samples to take home. Thanks anyway.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      You’d see them scraping up the excess ingredients off the floor and tossing them into the cauldron, to mix right in with the rest of their magic brew. And of course that is what they don’t want you to see!

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      I like your idea. Who will make the documentary and who will let them in the laboratory? Even if it happened, would they actually be transparent and honest in their reveal? That’s why we, unfortunately, will never see it. Maybe we should still demand it just to ruffle their immaculately groomed feathers.

  27. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… I don’t trust studies based on research conducted in elite labs where no independent outsiders are allowed… These labs are like the famous bunkers where key government officials are taken… who are these researchers in the super-secret labs?.. what sort of establishment do they represent? Is it a clean establishment with a track record of honesty? Or is it a cartel with a criminal history?”

    It’s NEVER, EVER a good idea to trust anyone who has a clearly established record of trying to DO YOU IN.

    You only put trust in people who have EARNED your trust over time. Who are WORTHY of trust. Who will not abuse your trust, ever. Who will not use your Trust as a weapon against you.

    Handing your trust over to people with bad intentions is like handing all your valuables to people you don’t know, or that you know are THIEVES. When is that ever a winning strategy?

    So why do so many people do this? Why do they hand over their trust to ‘The Experts’ and ‘The Authorities’.

    Because the people who hand over their trust DO NOT TRUST THEMSELVES. They are so insure of what they believe and have so little personal integrity that they want the ‘safety’ of Group-Think and the approval of Big Daddy Expert. And they are SO AFRAID of standing on their own-two-feet and having an original idea or a thought that conflicts with The Sacred Mainline Narrative.

    ‘Please! Wrap your arms around me Big Daddy Expert and Big Daddy Gov because I want someone to LOVE ME!’

    We live in a Age in a society of Infants who want love from Those-Who-Don’t-Deserve-It-And-Who-Can’t-Give-It.

    The answer begins in learning to value Yourself. And taking the time and making the effort to learn facts about what is really going on and not just take sound bytes from the Dark Side Propagandists.

  28. Chris says:

    Jon enjoyed your post. Your points are well taken.

    The world is infinitely complex. Most people are just trying to survive using what they have learned since birth which is unique and incomplete. Most people do not want to be alone. Most of us just want to be comfortable, surrounded by like-minded people. We all relieve our discomfort through interacting with/manipulating our environment to varying degrees. Many of us get a charge out of exerting power over other people.

    I agree that the corruption is pervasive. Those who have achieved positions of significant power do what they can to continue and expand their control through a hierarchy using people as objects. I think that as one moves down the hierarchy there is a gradient of increasing implicit acceptance that the hierarchy is God given and peons deal with it and support it.

    The house of cards will eventually collapse.

    Jon, you describe virology in particular and the world in general functioning as a complex matrix of control and deception. Those functioning within the status quo are depicted as blind to objective truth. I have read the reports of distortions of research and misdirection of “science” for personal gain and certainly understand that. Your take on the depth of the blindness and corruption is extreme and hard to refute. Only an expert could disagree with you on a technical basis but one who is an expert has been educated(indoctrinated) and is therefore disqualified. I get the impression that you think there is a power or malevolent grand puppeteer behind this. But at the conclusion it’s a group of misguided “shrunken little men” who in the end will stand trial in your court of objective truth.

  29. Courageous Lion says:

    Yes, standing there behind the screen is a weasel of a little man. A psychopathic control freak who is getting big bucks for his lies and innuendos that he tells the mundane masses. But look, here comes a small dog, a nobody for all intents. But not quite a nobody because many of us are watching him as he comes up to the screen and pulls it back. The end result? Toto has exposed the Wizard. The Wizard in his exposed state explains to the TIN man and to the Cowardly Lion and to the Scarecrow…the truth of who they really are. The Cowardly Lion becomes the Courageous Lion. Who would carry on his shoulders before all of the world to see…Toto. Thank you Jon…

  30. miker says:

    Jon, Your bottom line is tops!

  31. Julian says:

    We are talking Rockefeller medicine built on fraud-for-profits. They need, want, cause diseases for PROFIT!!! And a very good comparison is the field of psychiatry.

    For years previous to this insane TWO years of medical tyranny, I was very aware of the mental illness myth. In this myth people really do suffer various real psychological issues. I do not mean that is a myth. And also behaviour not deemed accepatable is also gone after by the puveyors of this very evil myth. by myth I mean that they have no actual tests and medical evidence to support their diagnoses. It is rather social control. It is a way to punish and suppress victims of oppression and hide the oppressor.

    They have their own Bible known as the DSM, and as it has evolved since its inception it has got bigger, and fatter, and this is because every new label for every emotion and behaviour they call a mental illness/disorder comes with a drug from their drug lords, big pHARMa, and for every drug pushed on their victims they get MONEY!!! And so it is very profitable this business, of yes!!

  32. Ort says:

    Unless I have missed it, there is one component of Big Pharma and Big Research’s reprehensible cabal that Jon doesn’t explicitly raise in this trenchant post: since our capitalistic culture and society is all about profit, and not about public health (aka the “common weal”), the drug corporations and research organizations have a license to conceal and deceive in order to ostensibly protect “trade secrets”.

    In a just world, medical research and pharmaceutical manufacturers ought to be required to be absolutely transparent, to cite an overused marketing term. Instead, research institutions and drug corporations are legally permitted– even “ethically” required– to keep their cards close to their (treasure) chest, deal from the bottom of the deck, and slip Jokers and wild cards in and out to ostensibly protect “proprietary” information.

    Naturally, proponents of this legally-sanctioned mendacity argue that protecting trade secrets is not only vital and indispensable because of the competitive nature of commerce– it ultimately redounds to the general good because it helps to facilitate the outcome of the winning competitor making the highest-quality products.

    As the saying goes: now pull the other one. Jon, I think you should address this point in a future post.

    • R Anand says:

      Your points are quite apt.

      The rationale of competitor must be extended to the consumer.

      Citizens and states should be free to decide to buy and use any pharma product (including vaccines) or not.

      What is happening today is not competition, but coercion.

      Dirty oligarchs are hiding behind the scenes and influencing govts, NGOs, UN agencies like WHO, hospitals, doctors, scientist through their funding grants and their agents to force people to buy/take the vaccines.

      And then they seek and have been given legal immunity too.

      Their trade secret and shareholder interest arguments do not apply because of the coercion implicit in the selling of their products and the legal immunity accorded to them surreptiously by govts under their control.

      Total 100% transparency is, therefore, very essential from these companies.

      Jon is, therefore, right in his assertions in this post.

  33. I’m all for detailed scrutiny on how isolation happens, but I still want to know EXACTLY what is acceptable for an isolated virus to be located in as a reference frame, a background, a medium.

    An isolated entity does not exist in a void, and so where specifically would an isolated virus be located? Nobody has answered this that I have seen.

    What is the acceptable medium for “isolation” — water?, air?, glass?, jello?

    If not organic fluid, then what? What is the isolated virus in? Where is it that you want it to be, in order to exist? Where, exactly, does it exist? In what? On what? It has to exist in something, in some stuff. Everything exists somewhere. Where does an “isolated” virus exist?

    You cannot demand “isolation”, unless you can answer these questions.

    I want you to prove to me that an apple exists. It cannot be surrounded by humans, air, liquid, or anything that might contaminate it. Can you isolate that apple for me? Is this a reasonable request? Is this the kind of request being made to isolate a virus? If no, then what is the medium, the substance, the substrate, the canvas, the stuff in which an isolated virus exists?

    • Antonio says:

      One problem with your thesis is that an apple is visible. A virus is not. We can taste an apple; we can touch an apple; we can ‘isolate’ an apple.

      But, allow me to respond to your main point. I have read enough of Jon’s writing to know that he doesn’t require the virus to be isolated from the medium in which is it grown or to which it has been added. It just has to be, in the end, identified and distinct from everything else in the medium.

      I don’t think he means that the virus has to exist in a vacuum; just that it must be clearly identifiable apart from everything else in the test vehicle.

      I don’t mean to speak for him, however. I hope he responds.

      • fakefalsetruth says:

        and…. when it is distinctly identifiable from everything else, then demonstrate that “it” is the cause of the disease being called Covid-19

        • Antonio says:

          Yes, exactly. That would be the next logical step, as Jon has written many times before.

          The first step would be to prove the virus exists. The next step is to prove that it, and it alone, causes disease. Or, at the very least, you would have to show that the isolated pathogen plays a very significant role in causing disease, if it is not sole cause. You would have to build a damned solid case either way.

          None of this has been done for COVID-19.

    • R Anand says:

      An apple is to easy to see as being distinct from its surrounding environment and any items that are around it.

      If, as you imply, isolation of ‘x’ might be difficult, or perhaps impossible, to establish, given the fact that a thing is always a part of something, then no claim must be made of the existence of ‘x’ or worse, it being contagious and harmful.

      More particularly, when these claims are used to imposed worldwide lockdowns, loss of constitutional rights of people and forced poisonous vaccines.

    • G says:

      VERY good point. Would love to get more clarity on this as well.

    • Mos Craciun says:

      A cell .

    • nmbsp says:

      A good short answer to your question would be, “Where do you think the “virus” exists now, and how do you know that?”…

      But here is a longer and more detailed one that I hope can help you.

      Did you see anyone demanding the “virus” to be in a void?

      True isolation means separation from everything else = in this case, separation from other sources of genetic material, and from anything that can contaminate and directly affect/change the particle in question. And so the medium can be anything that ensures that.
      The point is to separate particles, so that you only have ONE type of particle (the suspected “viral” particle type) to examine, observe, characterize/sequence (from beginning to end), and test for causation of “illness”.

      And you have to do that directly from the patient, and/or from the patient sample – NOT from a “culture” in vitro, with monkey kidney cells, with tons of things thrown in the soup there, and tons of things done to the cells.

      But the “virologists” don’t do that. In fact they do not even isolate/purify one type of particle not even from the “cultures” that they do.

      The “discovery” of the “virus” happens with assumptions, PCR and circular logic, and the supposed “virus genome” is a MODEL, that is constructed even more arbitrarily, like a puzzle where they make both the pieces and the picture as they like.

      Then they “prove” illness by equating it with “CPE” in the “culture”, which is a fallacy… And even that “CPE” is not caused by the “virus”, but by the process of poisoning and starving the “culture” cells).

      And then they show you pictures of particles, which doesn’t prove anything about what these particles are and/or do. And there are major problems with the pictures also.

      Study and go in depth more. Then you will see what is happening.


      bitchute – Virus-Isolation Is It Real? Andrew Kaufman MD Responds To Jeremy Hammond

      bitchute – why you can’t catch a virus

      odysee – What-is-a-virus:5

      fluoridefreepeel – open-letter-to-dr-mercola-january-17-2022

      fluoridefreepeel – response-to-peter-smith-canadian-anti-hate-network-re-virus-isolation

      google – 0Fl6sg7RNqmqBNZlUwsw_COVID_HIV.pdf

      And as for apples…

      bitchute – PCR Inventor Kary Mullis says Technique Should not be used as a tool in “the diagnosis of infections

  34. Duke Walters says:

    Well said. The rabbit hole goes way deeper than we could possibly imagine. Big bang, evolution of species turning into others, dinosaurs, electrons circling protons like mini solar systems, the entire particle zoo of particle physics, String Theory, and the list goes on and on. Complete fabrication of the mind. None of that exists.

  35. Paul says:


    I wonder, if no one ever listens to your point of view, based on the facts you have studied & synthesized, then what will the long term future bode?

    I realize all good things take time & have their season, & often waiting, is necessary, but just wondering in the long stretch of time.

    Any thoughts ?

  36. Good morning!

    As you have simply written: it is a matter of trust! (and a matter of system)

    For generations societies have cultivated the concept of “authority” and here is the result. Most people blindly trust and believe and do whatever they´re told by “them”, by anyone and anything that is considered authority 🙁

    We did not evolve much since feudal system…

  37. Big Questions are:

    – WHY symptoms attributed, were EXACTLY the same of 5G emissions?
    – WHY were those symptoms attributed to the Spike protein added?
    – WHY do some inoculations impose fabrication the Spike protein?

    We become the supposed virus (accepting the Virus theory).
    While there’s no vaccine for 5G emissions, except (…)
    Then we ask: Knowing 5G is a weapon, why is placed everywhere?

    … Even in space with thousands of satellites, by the hand
    of another master-foll, forged ‘genius’ as psychopaths
    usually are (a ‘push’ and a prize) to shut objections.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      Stop asking those kinds of questions. People might start to THINK and we don’t want that to be going on. ~Elon Musk

  38. Antonio says:

    I kind of go both ways on this. I understand the point from the “non-existent” virus side – the process is opaque, to put it mildly. And, given the track record of many in the medical/research business, the suspicion is definitely warranted.

    On the other hand, the possibility that all of those virologists are lying is just too fantastic to swallow. But, swallow we must, because it IS possible that they are all lying. The thing they rely on is the fact that almost nobody would believe that so many people could be so wrong. Nobody would believe a lie so bold.

    So, on balance, I come down on the viruses-don’t-exist or viruses-are-not-proven-to-exist crowd’s side. We have no evidence that viruses do exist, outside of their pronouncements. I wonder how they’re able to corrupt the next generation.

    I see many here commenting on the challenge from Steve Kirsch to debate this question. I am disappointed that the debate has not materialized. I’m still hopeful that a way can be found to have this happen. I think we all could benefit from having this discussion, and have this question answered, once, and for all.

  39. Paul says:

    On, presently, there is an interview, with Stew Peters as interviewer, discussing with Steve Kirsch, on the data of DOD (DMED), which gather these statistics from the various Armed Forces.

    The data, Steve says, clearly shows a link between miscarriages, altered cycles, etc. affecting women, who received Covid vaccine.

    Jon, sometime ago, wrote in depth about the VAERS system of reporting. This system is the civilian-form of reporting.

    Jon suggested there was grave underreporting within it & one should factor an increase (I believe, but not sure) of 10x, to arrive at the true total.

    You can think of the DMED, as the military form, of the VAERS civilian form.

    I couldn’t cut & paste direct link from video.

    But it’s worth checking out.

  40. Paul says:

    Recently, it’s been reported that Governors’ of certain States (VA, for one) have knocked down mask mandates for school kids.

    Local school boards, within those States, we’re still enforcing previous mask mandates, for said kids.

    The School Boards announced, if kids arrive at school unmasked, this act would be considered trespassing.

    Imagine if they cuffed the kids & while walking to a cop car, the cuffs fell off.

    The kids aren’t magicians.

  41. David Cowham says:

    WHAT WE NEED . . .

    As Jon suggests, we need reliable, independent evidence, of all things ‘virus’.

    The ONLY experiment that needs conducting is that of human-to-human transmission, that of any disease, COVID being of course the most topical and the disease with the most walking and talking test-subjects. Put REAL sick humans in among REAL healthy humans in a REAL World environment, NOT in Petri dishes or t€st tubes. Wait, observe, report, assess, act.

  42. petergrfstrm says:

    I havent seen Jon explain his position like this before.

    He says the elephant in the room is trust, not data.

    Next thing for me is to ask whether it may be the case that all reasonably comfortable jobs in the west may be thereatened by the gigantic financial bubble and that this has led to the dissemination – behind the scenes – of a warning: If we dont play along with this hoax we will enter an economic crisis, the likes of which has never happened before.

    Consequently it is our west-patriotic duty to lie and cheat bigtime.

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