Medical weapons of mass destruction

A continuing tradition, in which COVID is the latest example

by Jon Rappoport

January 5, 2021

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After a hundred years of intense propaganda promoting the idea that diseases are everywhere, and each disease is caused by a single germ, which must be killed by a medical drug…

The fallout has been extreme, to say the least.

Let’s start here:

When will hysterical defenders of “science” face up to the destruction the US medical system is causing?

Millions of masked people, who border on hysteria, believe they know COVID science.

On closer examination, these people believe what their television sets tell them. They believe Fauci because he’s on television, and he’s talking from the White House, and he disagrees with Trump.

Of the millions who believe in Fauci television science, there are many who will say science is “studies.” They are quite sure these studies back up what Fauci and Redfield are spouting, and any contradictory studies would be artifacts dreamed up by secret minions of Trump.

I recently analyzed COVID-19 from the point of view of false data.

COVID case numbers and death numbers are being fraudulently inflated to the skies. That’s an enormous crime, because the lockdowns and the economic devastation have been based on these data.

Now I want to apply that same direct analysis to the entire US medical system. In this instance…

True data are buried, hidden, and ignored.

What data? Actual numbers of deaths and maiming CAUSED by medical treatment.

When you see the dimensions of this crime and this mass human tragedy, you’ll also see further implications—titanic insurance fraud, tax fraud, and, indeed, millions upon millions of work-hours irretrievably lost to the nation’s economy.

Insurance companies are paying out billions of dollars for medical treatment that is destructive, not helpful.

Insurance companies are also paying billions in death benefits as a result of doctors, not diseases, killing people.

And all this medical destruction is being subsidized by the taxpayer.

No one has calculated the $$ cost. No one can calculate the tragic human cost.

Now here is the analysis. Understand that the vital data in these mainstream reports have been briefly revealed, then hidden.

ONE: “The Epidemic of Sickness and Death from Prescription Drugs.” The author is Donald Light, who teaches at Rowan University, and was the 2013 recipient of ASA’s [American Sociological Association’s] Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology. Light is a founding fellow of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, he was a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard. He is a Lokey Visiting Professor at Stanford University.

Donald Light: “Epidemiologically, appropriately prescribed, prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death, tied with stroke at about 2,460 deaths each week in the United States. About 330,000 patients die each year from prescription drugs in the United States and Europe. They [the drugs] cause an epidemic of about 20 times more hospitalizations [6.6 million annually], as well as falls, road accidents, and [annually] about 80 million medically minor problems such as pains, discomforts, and dysfunctions that hobble productivity or the ability to care for others. Deaths and adverse effects from overmedication, errors, and self-medication would increase these figures.” (ASA publication, “Footnotes,” November 2014)

TWO: Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998: “Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients.”

The authors, led by Jason Lazarou, culled 39 previous studies on patients in hospitals. These patients, who received drugs in hospitals, or were admitted to hospitals because they were suffering from the drugs doctors had given them, met the following fate:

Every year, in the US, between 76,000 and 137,000 hospitalized patients die as a direct result of the drugs.

Beyond that, every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience serious adverse reactions to the drugs.

The authors write: “…Our study on ADRs [Adverse Drug Reactions], which excludes medication errors, had a different objective: to show that there are a large number of ADRs even when the drugs are properly prescribed and administered.”

So this study had nothing to do with doctor errors, nurse errors, or improper combining of drugs. And it only counted people killed or maimed who were admitted to hospitals. It didn’t begin to tally all the people taking pharmaceuticals who died as consequence of the drugs, at home.

THREE: July 26, 2000, Journal of the American Medical Association; author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; “Is US health really the best in the world?”

Starfield reported that the US medical system kills 225,000 Americans per year. 106,000 as a result of FDA-approved medical drugs, and 119,000 as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals. Extrapolate the numbers to a decade: that’s 2.25 million deaths. You might want to read that last number again.

I interviewed Starfield in 2009. I asked her whether she was aware of any overall effort by the US government to eliminate this holocaust. She answered a resounding NO. She also said her estimate of medically caused deaths in America was on the conservative side.

FOUR: BMJ June 7, 2012 (BMJ 2012:344:e3989). Author, Jeanne Lenzer. Lenzer refers to a report by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices: “It [the Institute] calculated that in 2011 prescription drugs were associated with two to four million people in the US experiencing ‘serious, disabling, or fatal injuries, including 128,000 deaths.’”

The report called this “one of the most significant perils to humans resulting from human activity.”

The report was compiled by outside researchers who went into the FDA’s own database of “serious adverse [medical-drug] events.”

Therefore, to say the FDA isn’t aware of this finding would be absurd. The FDA knows. The FDA knows and it isn’t saying anything about it, because the FDA certifies, as safe and effective, all the medical drugs that are routinely maiming and killing Americans. Every public health agency knows the truth.

FIVE: None of the above reports factor in death or injury by vaccine.

The US system for reporting severe adverse effects of vaccines is broken.

Barbara Loe Fisher, of the private National Vaccine Information Center, has put together a reasonable analysis:

“But how many children have [adverse] vaccine reactions every year? Is it really only one in 110,000 or one in a million who are left permanently disabled after vaccination? Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler observed in 1993 that less than 1 percent of doctors report adverse events following prescription drug use. [See DA Kessler, ‘Introducing MEDWatch,’ JAMA, June 2, 1993: 2765-2768]”

“There have been estimates that perhaps less than 5 or 10 percent of doctors report hospitalizations, injuries, deaths, or other serious health problems following vaccination. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act contained no legal sanctions for not reporting; doctors can refuse to report and suffer no consequences.”

“Even so, each year about 12,000 reports are made to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS]; parents as well as doctors can make those reports. [See RT Chen, B. Hibbs, ‘Vaccine safety,’ Pediatric Annals, July 1998: 445-458]”

“However, if that number represents only 10 percent of what is actually occurring, then the actual number may be 120,000 vaccine-adverse events [per year]. If doctors report vaccine reactions as infrequently as Dr. Kessler said they report prescription-drug reactions, and the number 12,000 is only 1 percent of the actual total, then the real number may be 1.2 million vaccine-adverse events annually.”

Medical crimes.

Medically caused deaths of friends, family members, loved ones, who are buried along with the truth.

No criminal investigations, no prosecutions, no guilty verdicts, no prison sentences.

But of course, you can believe everything leading lights of the US medical system tell you about COVID.

You can believe everything the press—who buries the truth about this medical holocaust—tells you about COVID.

Given the reports on medically caused death and maiming I’ve just cited and described in this article, it’s obvious that…

Leading medical journals around the world, which routinely publish glowing accounts of clinical trials of medical drugs…

Are spilling over with rank fraud, on page after page.

Indeed, here is a stunning quote from a woman who has quite probably read and analyzed more medical-drug studies than any doctor in the world:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption)

Compare that quote with one from “the father of COVID science,” Tony Fauci. In an interview with the National Geographic, Fauci stated: “Anybody can claim to be an expert even when they have no idea what they’re talking about…If something is published in places like New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Nature, Cell, or JAMA—you know, generally that is quite well peer-reviewed because the editors and the editorial staff of those journals really take things very seriously.”

They take things so seriously, they routinely publish glowing studies of medical drugs that are killing people in great numbers.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

109 comments on “Medical weapons of mass destruction

  1. Larry C says:

    The issues we are dealing with, are almost seamlessly interwoven: “The Pandemic”; the glaringly obvious theft of the election by Trump’s opponents; the complicity of mainstream media in boldly lieing to the public regarding both issues; the shameful abdication by the highest court in the land of its responsibility to even HEAR the claims of election vote rigging and criminal malfeasance; the complicity of political powers at home with foreign agents abroad to absolutely ensure a “victory”
    for the left…and on and on.

    Rappoport is spot-on:

    “We are the cure. This is the war.”

    • Tubby says:

      Larry c. you are an idiot. But I’m not writing to blow some sense your way, I’M WRITING THIS FOR JON. ‘DISHONEST JON’ as I’ll call him.
      Hey Jon, you disingenuos, smarmy pratt. What a pile of nonsense you have writen, again, and again,,,, I won’t even bother to point out specifics as I know full well you won’t post anything here that doesn’t agree with you or at least head in some similar wacky tangent, or that doesn’t sing your praises. No, you don’t like opposing points of view, you don’t want anyone questioning your sources, or asking probing questions, lookin for clarity. No doubters here. Only nutters and sycophants. ‘Dishonest Jon’ indeed. ps; don’t worry Jon, this is the last time I’m wasting my time here.

      • peterbro says:

        Lies and fraud are hidden in generalities and the truth is found in specifics.
        Enough said you troll.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Oh go away, “Tubby”!

        Every sane mind here knows you’re full of IT!

        Notice that you even CHOOSE to not offer up any evidence nor even debate what you disagree with? ? ?

        THAT says a LOT about you.

      • Frank G L says:

        Could you perhaps ask some of the questions or point out particularly egregious problems or issues you have?

        Maybe some other posters could elucidate or elaborate.

        I’ve not been reading ALL his articles and I’ve disagreed with some things he’s said before (like Trump is obviously not worth considering, and is clearly a fraud).

      • Owen says:

        He posted your blovation and epic fail at gaslighting. And if this is it for you, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


        The Resistance.

      • Peg B says:

        To Tubby: Silly troll!

      • oranje says:

        Tubby, if you are not just a troll you are
        clearly beyond help if you are triggered into
        such pointless abuse by information you can’t
        handle. Are you keen to receive the experimental
        vaccine? How many ‘points of view’ are there?
        Do points of view outweigh facts? Is vaccine
        caused damage a myth? How much time did you
        ‘waste’ finding out what Jon is wrong about?
        There must be something definite you could
        have mentioned.

      • ReluctantWarrior says:

        This person is the classic example of a troll. He is probably tied to Big Pharma. His ad hominem attack bears no credence. He has no facts and chooses to refute you as a person and not address your arguments with facts because he has none. He will be back with more insults. At least Jon has the courage to post his idiocy because Jon, unlike the Zuckerperson, believes in freedom of speech even when it is mean spirited. Jon, once again, you have proven how open and fair you are even giving voices to idiots. In the light of free speech idiocy is revealed.

        • Viktoria says:

          Somebody is starting to feel the pressure rising and doesn’t like it. Like being charged for medical malpractice,attempted negligent homicide,under medical murder.

      • Piksil says:

        “ps; don’t worry Jon, this is the last time I’m wasting my time here.”


        You never ‘bother to point out specifics’, or provide any references. Jon, as well as many/most of the responders to his posts, often do.

        Perhaps you work in the media?

      • Lyn P says:

        @Tubby….Oh why OH WHY must the trolls always sound SO stereotypical in their whiny, insulting posts that they pretty much come off as one web-roaming blob???

        And near all of whom BTW are typically AGAINST actual truth, fact, and research. “I won’t even bother to point out specifics….”


      • Sakkas says:

        Hey tubby where’s your proof.

      • teo toon says:


  2. Eli35 says:

    There was a book I read about years ago that confirmed that the “flu epidemic” of 1918 was caused by a round of vaccines that were given to the populations of various countries once people were convinced they needed to be protected from diseases that soldiers coming back from WWI would bring with them. If a country didn’t use the vaccine on its population, the country had no “flu.” People who didn’t get the vaccine could take care of the sick without getting sick. Does anyone know the title of that book? I have not been able to find it again. It was written by someone who was a child when his family refused the vaccines and then took care of their sick relatives and neighbors.

    • Kathleen LaBonte says:

      Eli, and those that come to this post, you like these archived books:

      Horrors Of Vaccination Exposed And Illustrated [ Petition To The President To Abolish Compulsory Vaccination In The Army And Navy]
      By Charles M Higgins (written 1919 and published 1920)

      Horrors of Vaccination
      by Schieferdecker, Chr. Charles (1870)

    • Joe Rizoli says:

      Other things played a part.
      Electricity, aspirin, which caused hemorrhage and bleeding which killed many.

      A great read is “The invisible Rainbow, A History of Electricity and Life” by Arthur Firstenberg

      Another great book that quotes from The Invisible Rainbow is “The Contagion Myth, Why viruses including coronavirus, are not the cause of disease” by Thomas S.Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Aspirin played a HUGE role in the “death-spike” of October 1918. – This death-spike just happened roughly a few weeks after the nation’s “doctors” told everyone to up their Aspirin intake!

        If one is fighting off a serious infection, or in any way fighting off a serious toxic condition within the body – should NOT be taking Aspirin, Acetaminophen, or any such similar “Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs” (NSAIDS) during that time (and really – not at all!). These drugs are very toxic to the Liver on their own, let alone to a heavily burdened Liver.

        • Frank G L says:

          Instead, use kratom. Which I have been using daily, to great effect, for a few years (due to chronic pain from nervous system damage).

          That is, after I had significant resulting damage (particularly because I have a rather sensitive liver) from pharmaceutical medications. Aspirin, Xefo, Codeine, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Diclofenac, etc. None of those helped, and within as little as a day I noticed signifantly worse toxicity, resulting pain AND tolerance.

          Yeah, I know, it’s a bit tangential. But seriously, if you are struggling with pain, though it might not be suitable for the sort of pain you experience…I would easily recommend it, even to children over ANY of the garbage pharmacy peddles. Any of it.

    • Nonie says:

      I think you are referring to The Poisoned Needle by Elenor McBean.

    • DSKlausler says:

      You can get that info within this recent text:

      The Contagion Myth
      Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease
      By Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell

      • Jim S Smith says:

        “Infectious Pathogens” are “opportunistic infections” in that, they only are able to further sicken an already-weakened body – NOT to a healthy body.


        The high presence of “germs” is more a result or effect of an already underlying health condition (“illness” or “dis-ease”) of the body.

        ANY “germ” in our environment can become a serious issue, if our general physical health is already severely compromised. Just look at the role of aggressive Candida albicans-related problems: These only seem to happen after our body’s bacterial “residents” have been severely disturbed or wiped out. Otherwise, Candida albicans is always present in our bodies, and serves a vital function as part of our body’s microbiome.

        “Dis-ease” happens from something we or someone else does to upset the natural balance of our body’s state of health. Like some here will say: “It is about terrain.”

        • Frank G L says:

          Sorry jim, they are not “opportunistic infections”, unless of course, you believe that. You believe that projection of ther opportunistic exploitation about the underlying problems, at least, regarding viruses.

          You cannot spread a virus unless you, yourself, impose some form of toxicity on someone else. It is impossible, because they are purely symptomatic results of your, so to say, underlying toxic evidence.

          Old people do not “spread” a virus between themselves, other than with mental persuasion resulting in bad practice.

          That is why covid has 0-2% “transmission” in children. No transmission in the asymptomatic. That is why covid (and actually any other viruses, too) shares much of its structure with genetic data from your body, immune system. Because it is a purely internal result from environmental and systemic toxicity.

          Without contact with anyone ever, in winter, if you are vitamin D deficient, you can get flu. It is not hard to understand.

          They are demonizing results from your own body and misattributing it as causes, because they tend the PRS cycle and it is not in their interest to address causes as they are low-dimensional material rejects who do not get to progress or have a “reset”. Despite their clamouring.

    • DSKlausler says:

      Also here:

      The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
      by Arthur Firstenberg

    • JB Planet says:

      Eleanor McBean-
      Chap. 2: Vaccination Condemned

      All the doctors and people who were living at the time of the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic say it was the most terrible disease the world has ever had. Strong men, hale and hearty, one day would be dead the next. The disease had the characteristics of the black death added to typhoid, diphtheria, pneumonia, smallpox, paralysis and all the diseases the people had been vaccinated with immediately following World War 1. Practically the entire population had been injected “seeded” with a dozen or more diseases — or toxic serums. When all those doctor-made diseases started breaking out all at once it was tragic.

      That pandemic dragged on for two years, kept alive with the addition of more poison drugs administered by the doctors who tried to suppress the symptoms. As far as I could find out, the flu hit only the vaccinated. Those who had refused the shots escaped the flu. My family had refused all the vaccinations so we remained well all the time. We knew from the health teachings of Graham, Trail, Tilden and others, that people cannot contaminate the body with poisons without causing disease.

      When the flu was at its peak, all the stores were closed as well as the schools, businesses — even the hospital, as the doctors and nurses had been vaccinated too and were down with the flu. No one was on the streets. It was like a ghost town. We [who didn’t taken any vaccines] seemed to be the only family which didn’t get the flu; so my parents went from house to house doing what they could to look after the sick, as it was impossible to get a doctor then. If it were possible for germs, bacteria, virus, or bacilli to cause disease, they had plenty of opportunity to attack my parents when they were spending many hours a day in the sick rooms. But they didn’t get the flu and they didn’t bring any germs home to attack us children and cause anything. None of our family had the flu — not even a sniffle— and it was in the winter with deep snow on the ground.”

      Dr. William Koch-
      “Statistics on vaccination against Smallpox in the Philippines when the United States took over are instructive. Reports run thus: In 1918, the Army forced the vaccination of 3,285,376 natives when no epidemic was brewing, only the sporadic cases of the usual mild nature. Of the vaccinated persons, 47,369 came down with Smallpox, and of these 16,477 died. In 1919 the experiment was doubled. 7,670,252 natives were vaccinated. Of these 65,180 cases came down with Smallpox, and 44,408 died. One sees here that the fatality rate increased in the twice-vaccinated cases. In the first experiment, one-third died, and in the second, two-thirds of the infected ones died. This speaks for the retention of viral units from the previous vaccinations, and indicates that, in the vaccine the shuffling in of units varies in different specimens of vaccine. It should be stated also that every epidemic of viral disease treated by the writer followed vaccination within a few months, when protection should have been had instead of an epidemic. This was so in Brazil, in Aftosa, Cinemosa, Hog Cholera and Rabies, and in Cuba in Hog Cholera.”

      More information included in this book…

      “The Poisoned Needle” Eleanor McBean 1957:

      • Jim S Smith says:

        EVERY “epidemic” AND “pandemic” has been preceded by some unnatural form of “medical intervention” on the part of a “state” or other organization. You have just further illustrated that fact of history.

      • Eli35 says:

        THANK YOU! to everyone who gave info about this topic. This is exactly the book I was after. And thank you, all, for the added info as well.

    • Frank says:

      Yes, it was military and industrial related. Of course, conditions at the time, did not help. There’s also some evidence of the flu not spreading at all, but rather being a direct environmental/impositional result (such as vaccines, or industrial toxicity).

      Fauci himself, btw, studied the spanish flu. What he found was that people who died, often died from bacterial pneumonia due to wearing masks.

      Alternatively, huge success in treatment was found in open spaces, with sickbeds in broad daylight. You know, since vitamin D, UV is never related to genetic regulation, hormonal function or even the immune system, in any capacity. Despite people always getting colds and flus in winter, and the huge amounts of implicating data over the time period of..well, forever.

    • Madness says:

      Sorry, I don’t know the book but here is a site which collects this kind of data, Don’t use google but duckduck and even better to use it like: Spanish flu – they try to block it often.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        You can also use as a decent search engine. StartPage and DuckDuckGo index Google’s and other big search engine results. Therefore, their results are already pre-filtered by the search engines they indexed from. is also a decent search engine alternative.

      • Frank G L says:

        Yeah, is a comprehensive site, but can be difficult to navigate.

        Another obscure site (though not as comprehensive and I don’t think it’s updated much) is

  3. Walking Dead says:

    Medical Ethics and Conflict of Interest in Scientific
    This from 2002;

    Jonathan Quick, director of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy for the World Health Organization (WHO) wrote in a recent WHO Bulletin:

    “If clinical trials become a commercial venture in which self-interest overrules public interest and desire overrules science, then the social contract which allows research on human subjects in return for medical advances is broken.”

    It has been broken for over 50 years now.

    • The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks and Tuskegee Experiment which opened my eyes to the medical malpractice
      That still continues- without any concern for the Hypocratic-Oat”To First Do No Harm!”

    • Mos Craciun says:

      Unlike clinical trials ( with their four stages ) which can be done on humans , the PRECLINICAL STUDIES are mandatory to be done exclusively on lab. animals.

      Do you happen to know how many of those PRECLINICAL STUDIES are done on unsuspecting human beings ( the traditional targeted groups : ethnic minority , old women and men, the ones with permanent physical disabilities , the ones without relatives around , etc. ) ? You see, the human body is different than the mice or rabbit , and the pharmaco cartel needs human bodies still alive in order to obtain primary data to be used later in clinical trials ( the ones you wrote about) . For example, some of them are used to calculate the biological half life of the isotopes intended to be used for “treatments” , and that is different for human body , mice body or rabbit body. As the products are intended for humans , they experiment on humans. Of course is lethal ( because the doses are much larger, to facilitate the measurements ) but who cares..That’s why the targets are carefully selected , on criteria I mentioned above and which have nothing to do with medical stuff .

      Is done everywhere and no one says a word. Of course , the pharmaco beneficiaries pay very well the whitecoat mercenaries and later report in the academic journals the results ( pretending that was done on animals) and asking for funding to move to next stage ( clinical trials) . And FDA approves pretending that doesn’t know the truth.

      You may think that this is SF when in fact is crime reality . You may think that I read to much Robin Cook — no, I saw it with my own eyes and not only one time, and not only one pharmaco entity . Strictly with the medical files on the table. Want names and exemples ? Just ask for it but believe me you wouldn’t like to know !

    • Jim S Smith says:

      It has been broken for over 50 years now.

      * And even longer than THAT!

  4. Jeff Carmack says:

    There is a particular consciousness experimenting to push the limits of game theory to see where it goes or to extort something from it.

  5. Leah says:

    Allopathic medical modal = WAREFARE. That is the model that Rockefellar (Snr) paid Louis Pasteur to invent. Get it!!! We are seeing the fruits of this now. Not good. I don’t do Allopathic anything.
    Cheers all.

    • Frank says:

      Thank you Leah, I have been vehemently arguing against the failures of Pasteur methodology for some time.

      The Pasteur methodology was chosen by “the things”, for the reason that it addresses a symptom as a cause, with numerous forms of misattribution.

      Take care.

  6. ReluctantWarrior says:

    My Flash of Freedom

    I had a flash of freedom
    The other day
    A gift!
    Overcome by such
    A scene
    Of pastoral beauty,
    Thrust through
    Some mystical doorway,
    Time stood still
    Even the fear of death
    Fell away,
    For one brief
    Moment in time
    I was free,
    Merging with
    The magical landscape,
    Wearing those
    High pastures
    As my earthly garments
    With shadow designs
    Of tall Carolina Pines
    Dancing across
    My lush green visage,
    Paper clouds
    Racing above,
    Cooled by
    Meandering brook
    And stream,
    My mortal manacles
    Alas severed
    Riding the wings
    Of pure being
    Nothing to do,
    Nowhere to go,
    Nothing to prove,
    A song without words,
    A lone gust of wind
    And the cares
    Of this world
    Were as evanescent as
    The winking quanta
    That sustain
    This flesh and bone phantasm,
    And this my
    Only destiny;
    To kiss the winged
    And in one instant of time
    Prometheus theft
    Became mine
    Igniting the brush fires of
    My soul,
    Sprouting the wings
    Of Imagination,
    Flying above
    The bloody parchment
    Of history’s
    Last will and Testament
    And on the Wings
    Of Icarus
    I fell into the sun
    And in one instant
    It was done.

  7. bleak says:

    Yes except the “disagrees with Trump” part is wrong. Trump has been complicit in this “covid” scam the whole time. Why staged tag-team antics continue to fool people (especially you, Mr Rappoport) is beyond me.

    Trump is not going to be POTUS again no matter how fraudulent the selection was, no matter how many “patriots” march on DC, no matter who says what on twitter. It’s a fixed game. Many signs, and their significant effects, lead me to this conclusion. Obviously, life under “Biden” (aka chinese communism) will continue to erode “our way of life” (whatever that was, I don’t remember).

    So what are we left with? A broken country beyond repair. We had our chance. We had our time to organize. We failed. It’s time to admit it, pick ourselves off the “barroom floor” and go from that. Only the clarity of seeing what it is for real will ever permit us to live something resembling free lives again. Or maybe some vets have got it together. Chances are non-existent because the enemy used weapons we didn’t see and understand, and fooled everyone. Mostly. That we continue in our blindness and ineptitude as we run toward the cliff is the saddest part of all.

    Sorry to be so bleak but that is who I am. I truly wish it were different.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Just like those who consider the “military” to be on the side of the “patriots”.

      Yeah, look at how many have been badly fooled. The “military” of today will just do exactly as they are told! Human history has proven this since time immemorial.

      BTW: Jon is not one of those stuck on the “Mr. Trump is a national hero” worshiping train (like A. Jones, M.S. King, etc.).

      Jon wrote the way he did as a rhetorical statement, as well as an illustrative statement. In other words, as a “what if” kind of statement. Jon does not evidence a political parity to any of the “parties”, politicians, candidates, etc – because he already KNOWS how corrupt the whole system is!

    • Frank says:

      I am pretty sure I recently read one of Jon’s articles, where he made it clear in no uncertain terms that trump is a fraud. Though I remember, some years ago, the tune was different. I consider that a good thing.

      • Frank says:

        As in, it seems more he is commenting exactly about the hegelian dialectic fooling the masses.

        And neither side’s supporters are quite “there” enough to notice it.

      • Kellerman says:

        Boring this, all talking about Trump? Who has ever thought that a “new leader of the country” has a different agenda than the “unmentionable”. If anyone here knows anything else, I’m interested to know.
        It’s not the military, nop
        It’s not China, nop
        It’s not Russia, nop
        It’s not the People, nop
        It’s not the “deep” state of your country, nop
        So which are we not allowed to criticize, well the banks are doing well but the owners? And those in the upper board, no no !? Light them, direct the headlights at them and then things happen, oh, oh, oh.

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      As bleak an outlook as it is I must agree. We are beyond hope and I mourn the death of our country this day. We have been on life support for a long time. I am picking myself up off the bar stool so that I can have another round of bourbon. The only road to freedom left is within!

  8. “They take things so seriously, they routinely publish glowing studies of medical drugs that are killing people in great numbers.” Thus doing God’s own work, right?

  9. Diane says:

    “The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps on Giving” by Miles Mathis

    • Father McKenzie says:

      What in the world is that document talking about with the dates of the newspapers? They clearly read Tuesday; which was April 16th in 1912. I can’t even be bothered to read further with such a clear mistake.

      • Maria says:

        It is a pity that you hastily passed judgement and didn’t bother to read further, as Mr Mathis in the very next paragraph states: “You will tell me that says April 16, but that isn’t how it looks to me. Also see here, where it is confirmed that headline is from April 15. There we see the New York Times also had a story ready to go on the morning of April 15, stating 1,200 onboard and 655 saved. “

  10. Diane says:

    Please remove my previous comment. Not applicable here, although some might find it informative. Thank you.

  11. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    A LITTLE OFF TOPIC but relevent. I’ve been been wondering about this for some time so may as well ask Jon’s readers and Jon.

    PROBLEM TO SOLVE: People, in general, don’t seem to be able to distinguish between very-real harmful-bacteria and very-fake virus. Both are percieved “pathogens”. We often seen stories about SALMONELLA BACTERIA in food. The fact that SOME pathogens are REAL leads to people, in general, believing that ALL pathogens are real– even though corona virus is NOT real but a front for many other toxins. Furthermore, there are harmful and helpful bacteria in what is called the “microbiome”– independent organisms in our bodies including possible parasites. The “virus” appears to be the only “pretender” in the parade of microbiome pathogens– a very convincing one. How can it be outed as an imposter on the stage of microorganisms? Is my characterization here accurate? Understandable?

    • Frank G L says:

      I’ve written extensively on the fraudulence of viruses (without necessarily having written much literature), but merely based from my understanding.

      What you’re saying rings true to me. The “viruses” are symptomatic of underlying toxicity and deficiency. Essentially, they are the “signature” of that damage. It is a purely internal result. Which is why it’s so easy to get “mutations”, since physics is invariant. Additional, or different toxicity and conditions would result in different “signatures”.

      As an example:
      You don’t get vitamin D in winter, your genetic regulation and mitochondrial function suffers, you get things like misfolded proteins, DNA breaking to RNA, truncation and other breakages. The body identifies that toxic crap, encapsulates or isolates it and rejects or filters it.

      Here’s an example of Madagascar (coz why not reference a country where the president tells people to drink Wormwood?):

      As you can see, “covid” cases predictably (as like everywhere ever, regarding colds and flus) accumulate in what is exactly winter (may through september). As if the people are lacking something in winter, what could that be?

  12. Rae says:

    the visual i get is that of a gigantic trojan cat toying with its prey… as the mice happily go along with this slow, grinding suffering…oblivious to what’s really going on…systematic genocide – a genocide that moves at a slow steady pace over generations so as to be “almost” unnoticed

    …c’mon 100th monkey

  13. Mary Richter says:

    I went down the pharmaceutical rabbit hole 15 years ago. One prescription led to another which led to another due to side effects of the first prescription. After 5 years I finally quit it all and the doctor. I don’t even go for checkups which I believe are just so they can put you on more drugs. My 62 year old husband is now on 5 maintenance drugs. 6 if you count the low dose aspirin. I believe one of the problems is the excellent insurance we have.

    • Frank G L says:

      Antibiotics has caused untold damage to people. Personally I suffer from chronic pain from nervous system damage which antibiotics contributed to.

      Some of the more obvious tells of “medicine” you should particularly avoid is anything messing with electrical activity, glutamate and ATP function.

      Particularly, if people paid attention, they would notice most of those drugs they believe in so much, happen to have chlorine, fluorine added to them. Particularly.

      Also, when you consider that and start looking at the phosphorylation effects, you begin noticing how much of modern medicines are repurposed chemical warfare agents.

      Like herbicides and pesticides (because why not, humans are clearly worthless) repurposed as chemotherapy drugs, antipsychotics, antibiotics.

    • Frank G L says:

      It is no coincidence that, at the time with germanic thought and culture being rooted in a form of paganism and sun worship, that bayer choose to use the suncross as their logo.

      People are not clever. But worse, they tend to be shit.

      I’ll say again, I’m not a friend.

  14. Norteno says:

    This COVID scamdemic is not big pharma’s first rodeo. They tried the same scam during the “swine@ flu and AIDS “ epidemic” . Medical care has been compromised in America for at least 50 years. The lying complicit media is a big factor in these crimes against humanity. They hysterically tell you to fear an invisible “virus “ instead of fearing the communist traitors in government that are stealing our culture, money, religious faith/freedom and future.

    • Frank G L says:

      “Civilization, in fact, grows more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary. Wars are no longer waged by the will of superior men, capable of judging dispassionately and intelligently the causes behind them and the effects flowing out of them. The are now begun by first throwing a mob into a panic; they are ended only when it has spent its ferine fury.”

      -H. L. Mencken

      He has a rather extensive amount of quotes that are apt.

  15. Francisco Rivera says:

    Thank you Jon! for decades you have been a blessing to all of us with your research and your sharing!! I am reading “The Invisible Rainbow”
    by Arthur Firstenberg. Do you know this work?
    God Bless You dear Jon!!

  16. Vee says:

    Psychopaths run the world!!..

  17. Sam says:

    Jon, outstanding article. Thank you for your efforts at providing valuable information.

    A web site some of you may be interested in:

  18. M - says:

    I recorded the following on December 10, 2020:

    U.S. Population = 330,000,000
    Deaths related to COVID = 284,000
    % of deaths from COVID = .09

    As of today, January 5, 2021:

    U.S. Population = 332,012,961 (current)
    Deaths related to COVID = 353,482
    % of deaths from COVID = .11

    source of death statistics:

    source of population (live):

    • Lyn P says:

      What are the definitions of deaths “from” or “related to” Covid?

      I wouldn’t trust any site attempting to validate a fabricated disease via having it in a URL.

      • Frank G L says:

        Here, Lyn, luckily a CDC document helps clear it up for us.

        “COVID-19: The “underlying cause of death”. This concept is fundamental. It is defined by the WHO as “the disease or injury that initiated the train of events leading directly to death”.
        The criteria have been changed. In the US, the CDC instructions are crystal clear. COVID-19 will be the underlying cause of death “more often than not””

        Exhibit A:
        “Will COVID-19 be the underlying cause?
        The underlying cause depends upon what and where conditions are reported on the death certificate.
        However, the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID-
        19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”

        So due to their codification, they EXPECT, and implicitly suggest that the deaths should be listed as covid.

        Exhibit B:
        “What happens if the terms reported on the death certificate indicate uncertainty?
        If the death certificate reports terms such as “probable COVID-19” or “likely COVID-19,” these terms would be
        assigned the new ICD code. It Is not likely that NCHS will follow up on these cases.”

        Which is to say, when there’s any sort of uncertainty, list the death as covid because they will not bother to correct or investigate that.

        Exhibit C:
        “Should “COVID-19” be reported on the death certificate only with a confirmed test?
        COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is
        assumed to have caused or contributed to death.”

        So, aside from the suggestions, intent of misattribution, ignoring underlying factors, listing covid deaths based on uncertainty, they also explicitly state IN BOLD, that ASSUMPTION (which due to trending and those suggestions is a big influencing factor) is good enough for clinical diagnostics. And that, with massively flawed test for something they have never found. With even the inventor (Kary Mullins) of the PCR test saying it’s a research tool for duplication of sequences (again, making shit up, not the same as the source specimens) and that it’s useless for clinical diagnostics. That’s 2020 “science”.

  19. Frank says:

    Do you guys seriously believe trump isn’t a piece of shit?

    I mean, seriously. He peddled pharma shit, same shit gates and fauci peddled, repeatedly ripped off american taxpayers, lied about that treatment he got.

    Is the hegelian dialectic that astonishingly persuasive that your very being relies on idolatry of a worthless puppet who has continually favoured multinationals, corporations, lying, while stealing from you?

    “THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. And welcome to Dan O’Day, CEO of Gilead. You know what that is because it’s been in the news and the company has been in the news, and it’s a great American company that’s done incredible work on HIV and hepatitis C. And I hear that — that’s what’s happening with hepatitis is the great — a great medical story. Really, a great medical story. I’ve been hearing about that. It’s fantastic, Dan.

    I’m pleased to announce that Gilead now has an EUA from the FDA for remdesivir. And you know what that is because that’s been the hot thing also in the papers and in the media for the last little while. An important treatment for hospitalized coronavirus patients. And it’s something — I spoke with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Fauci; I spoke with Deborah about it. And it’s — it’s really a very promising situation.

    We’ve been doing work with the teams at the FDA, NIH, and Gilead for spearheading this public-private partnership to make this happen very quickly.

    So, today, we’re going to be — and I’m going to let Dan do it — but we’re going to let Dan make a statement as to what the company is doing, making a contribution to, really, people that are not doing well, people that are sick, people that have this horrible plague that’s set into our country and that we’re getting rid of. And we’re going to be — we’re going to be having some really incredible results.”

    Just one of those random examples. Let me be clear. I am not like other people. I am ancient and things like Trump are relegated forever. Supporters too, if you choose to be ignorant.

    • Frank says:

      If you want, there’s a nice article by a frenchman which breaks down remdesivir rather comprehensively, and I could post that, I guess.

    • Frank says:

      I could also tell you why HCQ is unnecessary toxic garbage, most of the time. As well as how HCQ relates to the reports of heart and brain damage in covid patients.

    • Frank says:

      How about earlier, in 2020, february…when america had all of 11 covid cases. Yes, 11 (based on fraudulent garbage, as we know, btw). How about when covid vaccine manufacturers were granted indemnity, even then?

      Or how about when Moderna got $500m from Fauci’s administration, thanks to the US govt, at the time? BUT!!! Later they got another $500m. And, that without ever having even produced a product before. Is that laundering? Who knows?!?!

      Their previous say said something like “I don’t know what they were thinking”, regarding govt.

      It is so unique, that I might have to refer to Twain or Mencken.

    • Piksil says:

      “Do you guys seriously believe trump isn’t a piece of shit?”

      But, he was a piece of shit TPTSB were OK with (s)electing. At least not the huge dung heap that Billary was/is.

      But TPTSB have had enough, and are installing Biden/Harris, and probably throwing the senate to the left as well. They’ve gotta get the guns. Maybe that task would be easier to accomplish if Trump refused to leave, and martial law was declared….I don’t know. But, I feel it’s going to happen soon (some ‘event’ to promote Americans to hand over their guns).

      • Lyn P says:

        A national gun grab will bring the potential Revolution 2.0 to kinetic faster than POTUS election fraud is current doing…

        • Piksil says:

          Lyn P:

          Did you watch Catherine Austin Fitts’ video (linked here by a few people last week) on her take of this whole CoVid Reset?

          She posits that the US will/is the hardest to ‘reset’ because we have more guns than the total US population. It’s their biggest fear or concern.

          Revolution 2.0. I wonder if the Biden supporters will turn their firearms over willingly?

  20. Mark says:

    “People only see what they are prepared to see.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    That the purpose of instilling virus paranoia was to justify the lockdowns. And the purpose of the lockdowns was to implement the long planned agenda now referred to by the WEF as the Great Reset:

    Lockdowns are essentially government terrorist attacks against the public and their function are as follows:

    Keep the masses under rigid control so they won’t question or resist the Great Reset.

    Shift an enormous amount of money from the working class to the ruling class.

    Help quash people’s reluctance to get the dubious but highly profitable vaccines.

    Kill as many old and poor people as possible, people the rich see as burdens.

    Justify the tagging and tracking of everyone by using ubiquitous surveillance technology.

    Increase the power of the ruling class and ultimately install a permanent technoplutocracy world wide.

    We’ve had lots of warnings over the years. President Eisenhower warned us about people like Bill Gates when he spoke of a “technological elite” taking over public policy. And author Aldous Huxley warned us of a “scientific dictatorship”. And George Orwell saw the handwriting on the wall more than 70 years ago.

    The author of the United States Constitution warned us too:

    “The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They always did. They always will… They will have the same effect here as elsewhere, if we do not keep them in their proper spheres.” – Gouverneur Morris (1752-1816) American statesman, representative of Pennsylvania in the Constitutional Convention 1787, and author of large sections of the Constitution of the United States

  21. Post Hoc says:

    I stopped seeking allopathic treatment a year ago and now reflect on all of their failures and how I sought alternative treatments.

    I am now reading a very wordy publication called What Really Makes You Ill…why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong, by Dawn Lester and David Parker.(2019)

    I recommend this book as it covers absolutely everything that the medical industry has failed to achieve since C19th..

  22. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Actual numbers of deaths and maiming CAUSED by medical treatment… titanic insurance fraud, tax fraud, and, indeed, millions upon millions of work-hours irretrievably lost to the nation’s economy. Insurance companies are paying out billions of dollars for medical treatment that is destructive, not helpful…”

    Doctors and medicines that don’t heal (and aren’t supposed to). Elected Officials who are not Statesmen and women but highly-paid order taker fetch dogs. Teachers who don’t want to be back in the classroom. Corporate media that traded-in informing for propagandizing. Preachers that won’t teach truths. Science turned into a commodity for purchase to the highest bidder. Advertising firms that think of every-which-way they can fool and trick us into something bad for us. Banks that won’t lend to people who need money. “Money” itself that comes out of thin empty air with that as its true base value. Food that doesn’t provide nutrition (and isn’t supposed to). “Smart” devices tightly clutched in our hands that betray our thoughts and physical location every moment of every day (Smart devices designed to Dumb us down). Machines formerly built to serve us that will soon become Our Total Masters.

    We are Devolving at a very rapid pace… Medically and otherwise. Look out below.

  23. Sid says:

  24. Frank says:

    Jon, I thank God for you. You are so brilliant, so thorough, and your knowledge is boundless. Your blog is the only thing that keeps me sane in these crazy times, and it only strengthens my beliefs about Covid, Pharma, etc. Keep on being a bright light Jon. Thank you so much for all you do.

    • Frank G L says:

      Hello Frank, since I’m Frank, as well, and I’ve posted quite a bit recently, I guess I need to differentiate the names otherwise this might get confusing.

      Anyway, I posted some comments in recent articles (including this one). And to make this really super easy to understand, I am not the Frank I’m replying to. Nor did the Frank I’m replying to, post the other Frank’s comments.

      Have a nice day.

  25. Jim S Smith says:

    In relation to what Jon just wrote about, I saw some rather disturbing figures of my own from the data table presented on Owen Shroyer’s report about last year’s death statistics being insignificantly higher than the previous years (thus, further proving COVID-19 “pandemic” was a total HOAX).

    I present the part of the data that I paid close attention to here:

    YEAR DEATHS PER 100,000

    2010 798
    2011 807
    2012 810
    2013 821
    2014 824
    2015 844
    2016 849
    2017 865
    2018 868
    2019 870
    2020 878


    THIS was what I found most alarming. The number of “Deaths-per-100,000” keeps climbing, and never declining! ! ! – Does this not strike anyone as very suspicious and disturbing, being that We in these United States of America perhaps pay the MOST for our national “healthcare”? ? ?

    Is anyone ever curious as to WHY our so-expensive “healthcare” also seems to not address the problem of the United States of America also having one of the world’s highest infant-mortality rates? ? ?

    This COVID-1984 FRAUD is just a cover, just like the (s)election shenanigans, and the “limited-hangout” reporting of the rise in suicides, drug-overdoses, etc – happening across this land!

    Our “healthcare” system is literally killing us! (It also claimed a dear friend of mine just this last Christmas too: “They” hooked up a seventies-aged man, who had advanced cancer, to a damned “ventilator”, and He died within a few weeks!!!)

    WHERE are the mass-murder charges??? WHERE are the charges of GENOCIDE??? WHERE are the investigators who SHOULD and MUST be investigating these violent crimes of MURDER???

    There again,

    I just vent like a “crazy old man” – as “they” like to say.

    – Jim S.

    • Frank G L says:

      “Is anyone ever curious as to WHY our so-expensive “healthcare” also seems to not address the problem of the United States of America also having one of the world’s highest infant-mortality rates? ? ?”

      I alluded to that in some other posts. America has about the highest vaccine administration rate in the world. Compare that to Japan, which has about the lowest. They even banned some vaccines. They haver very little trust in vaccines. They have higher IQs, significantly lower infant deaths, higher life expectancy and better general health.

      It must be some kind of mystery.

      Also, in 2020, SIDS/SADS/SUDC (sudden deaths, but particularly because you mentioned infant deaths) were remarkably reduced. The prime reason for that being significantly lower administration of vaccines, as far as I can tell. To the tune of 50% less vaccinations in 2020.

      Also, I recently read forensic reports from a Japanese team who went through autopsy reports from 17 different countries, regarding “sudden infant deaths”. What they found was that 50% of the deaths that had a vaccination history, happened to have occured within a month or two of vaccinations, with mostly the HIb influenza being implicated.

      Though I will likely have to have a word or two with people regarding some other vaccines, in particular, the BCG vaccine.

      Since the BCG vaccine (which has been an abject failure everywhere ever), designed to “reduce TB”, the world has remarkably progressed to the status of having the most administered vaccine in the world, the BCG vaccine coupled with TB rates of around 30-40% of the global population, when it was actually significantly less before thoe vaccines.

      And that’s only one of the more obvious failures of the BCG vaccine, as it has resulted in massive amounts of other systemic degeneration.

      I swear to God, with the speed and anger I’ve been granted, when someone promotes vaccines they lose their plots. In every way.

  26. Frank G L says:

    Oh excuse me, in these posts where there’s reference to “this year” I’m referring to 2020 as I wrote most of that months ago. Excuse my copy/paste job.

  27. Peg B says:

    These are some wonderful comments. What relief is available? If you take your pet in for any problem whatsoever, the animal os required to have boosters and all manner of vaccine before it will be diagnoses and treated, and then you wind up with a pet that has diabetes or hyperthyroid disease os untreatable skin issues. The same thing happens to us and our children, with chronic conditions rampant.
    What can be done to reverse or nullify the toxins?

  28. Peg B says:

    This is a terrific article, Jon, and these are some wonderful comments.
    What relief is available? If you take your pet in for any problem whatsoever, the animal os required to have boosters and all manner of vaccine before it will be diagnoses and treated, and then you wind up with a pet that has diabetes or hyperthyroid disease os untreatable skin issues. The same thing happens to us and our children, with chronic conditions rampant.
    What can be done to reverse or nullify the toxins?

    • Natalie says:

      Supposedly cilantro and silica can help detox the brain by chelating aluminum. We have to be careful, a lot of info on the Internet is probably bogus.

      • Lyn P says:

        But to each his own to carefully comb through and take the paths/choices they feel are right for them.

        In “earlier” internet times, with not much experience using it, the web saved me from agreeing to removal of an “unnecessary” organ and other downslide medical intervention.

        As for pets, I do hope and believe there are more naturopathic-oriented vets out there.

        • Frank G L says:

          Tonsils or appendix?

          There are no unnecessary organs. Many people have resulting lymphatic system problems (and worse) due to having tonsils removed.

          The tonsils being almost the first line of defense in your immune system. When your tonsils are inflamed, it means you are exposed to toxicity, they are not the probelm. The tonsils basically filter some of that and warn you.

          Removing tonsils allows other toxins into the system far more easily.

          It is absurd to think the tonsils are causative in problems. That is like saying a person who gets inflammation needs to be killed and removed.

          So yeah, let’s apply that logic to people who are vaccinated. Since every vaccine elicits inflammation due to being unnecessary toxic garbage, that means the vaccinated must obviously be “disappeared”.

          But wait a minute, since we know that the vaccines themselves cause the inflammation, perhaps the vaccines and those promoting them must be “disappeared”. In doing so, we will have addressed the causative problems.

  29. maria says:

    The man of the moment is Klaus Schwab, founder of the “World Economic Forum”

    He imagines he is involved in creating dreams from nightmares. His worldview is creating exactly the opposite – but I realize that when he says we and us – he means his team.

    • Lyn P says:

      There are deep thinkers who can put into words what most cannot even quite abstractly grasp. In her Planet Lockdown interview C.A. Fitts said something to the effect of “Mr. Global [her term for the secret group] does not even think of themselves as part of the same species – they are something higher…”

  30. Frank G L says:

    So about those nice vaccines, based on the idea of taking a synthesized suggestion of what the “problem” (covid) should be. Firstly, we must discuss what the covid virus supposedly represents.

    This is a significant problem, because it had not been isolated. But remember, any product from something you suggest something about, is an interpretation.

    Now, the covid virus, happens to share a lot of your system, including immune system protein descriptions. That’s convenient. Why do you think a virus would have similarities to you, and your immune system? It must be a really clever virus to be able to mimic like that and “infect” everyone so religiously. Despite the very reasurringly good testing methods with as much as 0% accuracy.

    Except, it doesn’t seem to transmit in children or the asymptomatic. So it’s nat that clever, clearly.

    Hey wait a minute, is it conceivable that if it matches much of my immune system, it is actually based on my immune system? That’s peculiar. Why would you want to tell me my immune system is a problem, and that I need a vaccine against it, when…your vaccine happens to cause additional immune system problems, with the VERY obvious sign to any person capable of reason in the world ever…inflammation as a key tell of toxicity.

    So they’re saying, “Some of your immune system is fundamentally covid, we need to kill that, with this very super safe poison that attacks your immune system and causes your body to attack itself, thanks to resulting autoimmune problems”

  31. Frank G L says:

    I must ask, why were 3 of my most significant posts, not allowed? I didn’t even use obscenities or character attacks.

    I find the peculiar. And I will test it once more.

    • Lyn P says:

      I see two extensive posts of yours below, time stamp 1/6 11:45p ET.

      • Frank G L says:

        Yeah, those were the posts I tried to post yesterday. I reposted them, I might’ve posted them too quickly in succession so it got filtered, I guess?

  32. Frank G L says:

    I urge everyone to look at the fundamental factors and connect the dots here.

    Polio, Rubella, Measles, Dipthera, Scarlet Fever, Smallpox, etc. None of them eradicated by vaccines, all in precipitous decline before vaccines (improved nutrition, lower toxicity, generally). Polio, as well as AFM and GBS are the same things, it was never eradicated, because they never address the causative factors (malnutrition, toxicity). They conveniently choose to ignore that. Indeed, vaccines can be considered the number one cause of Polio, AFM and GBS these days. In fact, you can get “viral” diseases (and many other issues) from say, the MMR vaccine that aren’t related to the issues that vaccine is supposed to protect against. Go figure.

    Since vaccines, of course, massive increases in numerous systemically degenerate symptoms. Things like allergies, neurodegeneration, “unexplained” deaths, etc.

    Here is what I see as the problem. Pasteur methodology and the PRS cycle.

    If something is damaged, in some way, it results in a specific damage “signature”, because physics is invariant, right? I’m suggesting they take that result, that damage signature, call it “whatevervirus” and then address that as a cause. The reason I say that is because of the obvious correlations (in many ways), of malnutrition and toxicity damage, relating to supposed “viruses”. For instance, with measles, the most common deficiency is vitamin A. That is, measles results from a systemic deficiency of, mostly Vitamin A related metabolism. Essentially, with too much stress/dysfunction (from toxicity, deficiency) DNA breaks to RNA, you get transcription errors, proteins misfolding, proteins being damaged, encapsulated and ejected by the body.

    Those mechanisms I mention there, happen to also match aspects of 2 of the main virus origin hypotheses (how viruses exist is something they still don’t know, btw), the “Regression or Devolution” (damage), as well as “Escapism” (identification, encapsulation and ejection) hypotheses.

    Here are examples alluding to that:
    Vitamin A for treating measles in children
    “Two doses of water based vitamin A were associated with a 81% reduction in risk of mortality (RR=0.19; 95% CI 0.02 to 0.85) as compared to 48% seen in two doses of oil based preparation (RR=0.52; 95% CI 0.16 to 1.40). Two doses of oil and water based vitamin A were associated with a 82% reduction in the risk of mortality in children under the age of 2 years (RR=0.18; 95% CI 0.03 to 0.61) and a 67% reduction in the risk of pneumonia specific mortality (RR=0.33; 95% CI 0.08 to 0.92). ”

    Meaning, even with already severe measles, just two doses of high levels of vitamin A pretty much eradicated the mortality risk, which also suggests prior, accumulated systemic deficiency.

    Colds and flus are no different, as seen with the seasonality of Vitamin D, and the huge amount of vitamin D deficiency associated with covid, as well as its efficacy in preventing, lessening and curing covid. Not that Vitamin D is the only factor.

    Ebola? Selenium and Vitamin E are huge factors, but also, not the only. The reason why that is, is due to environmental and social factors. If you take a look at where Ebola “outbreaks” (which are anything but, as they NEVER spread and stay localized) occur, you’ll notice those areas (China, Central Africa) tend to have very heavy metal/industrial/mining pollution, as well as very high levels of poverty/malnutrition. Selenium and Vitamin E act as heavy metal filters, so the people there, are essentially toxified, to an extreme degree, beyond the body’s supply of elements required to counter that .

    Older people aren’t necessarily more susceptible to what they say are “viruses”, older people are already more toxified, typically, years of accumulated damage, and those “virus” results (like how colds and flus magically spawn in winter, regardless of contact and such) is the symptomatic evidence of that damage. Which is also why things like vaccines tend to have terrible results in older people, because it simply adds more toxicity. Now, what can happen is that because the damage is differing now (due to additional toxicity), or the immune system suppressed, that “damage signature” associated with whatever virus…could be changed, meaning they don’t “detect” that virus, even though you could be significantly sicker. That doesn’t mean you actually got rid of a problem though (which is underlying and ignored, typically), since you introduced more toxins which is pretty much simply additional and shifted problems.

    It’s a lot to go through, but there’s a huge amount of things I can add to this post.

    Btw, “unexplained” child deaths are “remarkably” less, this year. So are vaccinations. Pretty obvious.

    • Frank G L says:

      Sorry, in the previous post I mean 2020 where “this year” is stated.

      Anyway, continued regarding that:

      I’ll make it clear, I’m not a fan of vaccinations. I don’t believe they’re necessary, ingredients are very questionable, known to be toxic and they don’t address causative factors (due to the misattribution I tried to explain in an earlier post). You cannot fix a deficiency or excess toxicity, with more toxicity. The fundamental functionality of vaccines is to induce a response to toxicity, unnecessarily. Not difficult to understand.

      Now, for instance, that Pfizer vaccine was approved, there are very many problems with that, from trials, testing, ingredients, specifications, protocols, methodology, associations, conflicts of interest. And there’s also the ignored, though known problem of aluminum toxicity in vaccines being based on ORAL intake (with VERY low absorption), when they are injections…thus making the vaccines “appear” safe when the aluminum toxicity is orders of magnitude more toxic than they suggest. Critical “math error”.

      Then, they suggest you should expect “flu-like” symptoms and many severe adverse reactions. When, that’s unnecessary. Already a very big red flag. But also, they say you should avoid it if you have ANY allergies. That’s a problem, because VERY many people have allergies (one of the big reasons why, is vaccination related toxicity, btw). You want to give hundreds of millions of people “flu-like” symptoms, and many severe adverse effects, when it doesn’t address the causative issues…for a problem, we know has false testing, inflated causes of death, etc but STILL has a 99.8% survival rate? 0-2% “transmission” rate in children? Non-existent “transmission” in asymptomatic cases? Those two previous questions, relate to what I was saying about accumulated toxicity misattributed as “viruses”, in a previous reply. Younger people tend to be less toxified….except with vaccines.

      Here’s an example of that, it’s a 10 year study of around 3300 children:
      Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination
      Here’s some of the “good stuff” In that study, graphs of vaccinated vs unvaccinated problems, in children. You would notice a HUGE increase in say, things like allergies:

      • Frank G L says:

        I’m skipping most of this…

        And getting straight to:
        “There’s been a serious terminology problem with this issue. The problem, of course, is not “immune enhancement,” which sounds like something helpful to the immune system. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The problem is, in reality “disease enhancement”; in fact, that is what it was called in the original RSV study. Disease enhancement now appears to be caused by initial exposure to a pathogen’s proteins, or parts of proteins, which primes the body to autoimmunity. That is “pathogenic priming.” In COVID-19, every protein in the SARS-CoV-2 has at least one epitope that matches human proteins someplace in the human body. About one-third of the epitopes in SARS-CoV-2 virus that match human proteins match immune system proteins. ”

        Which is why I say it doesn’t transmit as they say, and that it’s a sequence from genetic, cellular damage in the body from toxicity and deficiency. But it’s quite alarming, because it means the vaccinated bodies are going to attack themselves.

        “5. Conclusions
        We could detect no widespread negative health effects in the unvaccinated other than the rare but significant vaccine-targeted diagnosis. We can conclude that the unvaccinated children in this practice are not, overall, less healthy than the vaccinated and that indeed the vaccinated children appear to be significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated.
        We concur with Mawson et al., 2017 [9], who reported: “Further research involving larger, independent samples is needed to verify and understand these unexpected findings in order to optimize the impact of vaccines on children’s health.”
        We also concur with Hooker and Miller 2020 [14], who wrote: “Further study is necessary to understand the full spectrum of health effects associated with childhood vaccination”.
        Other pediatric practices with variably vaccinating populations should be studied using a methodology similar to ours to attempt to refute or validate our findings and those of Mawson et al., 2017 [9], Hooker and Miller 2020 [14], and the numerous studies that have reported adverse health following vaccination. We are particularly interested in further study of the relationship between specific vaccines and combination of vaccines on specific outcomes as well as the relationship between the uptake of specific types of vaccines—inactivated, live virus, and aluminum-adjuvanted—with specific outcomes. Larger studies using electronic medical records from major medical institutions should be undertaken by research teams with no financial interest in the outcome of the studies (e.g., revenue from vaccination and from treatment of vaccine-related adverse outcomes).
        Unintended and nonspecific consequences of vaccination, such as increased risk of chronic health conditions from vaccine exposures, must also be examined to determine if for any vaccine-targeted infection alternative methods of infection-avoidance or effective treatments that reduce disease sequela are available and preferable to vaccination in various circumstances, as has been reported by Cowling et al., 2012 [24] and by Wolff (Wolff, 2020) [25]. Our findings are consistent with the concern that vaccination may increase respiratory virus infection risk, clearly a grave concern in the age of COVID-19.
        Our finding of a robust signal of anemia deserves follow up: aluminum is known to bind to transferrin [26] and, in so doing, may interfere with the proper deposition of iron in the bones of children. Iron deficiency can also contribute to febrile seizures, a known side effect of some vaccines. Our society should work to identify safer vaccine schedules and safer adjuvants [27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35] and to reduce autoimmunity risk by removing unsafe epitopes—peptide sequences from pathogens or human cell line remnants in vaccines that match human proteins in sequence or structure from any tissue [36]—would seem expeditious, kind, and wise.
        Future studies should now focus on the relative incidence of billed office visits, now that it has been shown to be a more sensitive and powerful measure of outcomes with a larger dynamic range than binary yes/no incidence of diagnoses.”

        Which is directly linked to the problems stated in the other article. They have not addressed aluminum or other adjuvant safety, they have not proven the vaccines safe, we know ingredients are toxic and very questionable and then there are fundamental issues like the peptide sequence problem. It will result in a form of poisoning as well as cellular cannibalism, immune system diversion/hijacking, waste of adaptive capacity, energy, mitochondrial dysfunction, etc.

  33. Frank G L says:

    Hey, in 2018, did you know Opioid prescriptions happened to be at around a rate of 60 per 100 americans (including children)?

    Have you noticed the media has been AWFULLY quiet regarding that? Did you know general practitioners, were bribed for as little as $10, to get around 1/10 of them to prescribed opioids, unnecessarily?

    Of course, psychiatrists followed with significantly more ease involved in the bribery. Only matched, and even outdone by the susceptibility to bribery that neurosurgeons evidences.

    Hilariously, there is so much integrity and intellectualism in neurosurgery, that around 30% of neurosurgeons were bribed by “gifts” worth less than $100, dictating their prescription of opioids, iirc.

    It is wonderful to know how dignified scientific, higher educational institution is.

    I will post the artile about that, if I can find it. But I promise, it exists. It was a study by a university relating to the influence of corporations on our very dignified, trustworthy, intelligent, hypocritical oath-abiding indoctrinated doctorate doctoring doctors.

    In the mean time, here are some indications. Neither of these articles being what I’m referring to (it was on medicalexpress, I do think it was University of Pittsburgh, though, like that Apokastasis Panton reference)

    I think this was it, I don’t remember, I’ve had too much of too many drugs.

    And a related reminder:

    • Frank G L says:

      Sorry, this is the article I was looking for.

      Opioid-related gifts from pharma companies linked to physician prescribing by specialty
      by University of Pittsburgh

      “For every 100 Americans, there were 58 opioid prescriptions written in 2017—that is a tremendous amount of prescribing in a country that is struggling with an opioid epidemic,” said lead author Mara Hollander, a doctoral student in Pitt Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Management. “Our research points to a potential motivator behind this prescribing that could be reduced through policy interventions.

      While there was a relationship between gifts and opioid prescribing in all specialties, there was considerable variability. Primary care physicians were 3.5 times as likely to be in the highest quartile of opioid prescribing if they were paid $100 or more in gifts. Psychiatrists and neurologists who were paid $100 or more were 13 times as likely to be in the highest quartile of opioid prescribing compared to their counterparts who received less.

      When the team further examined the companies behind the gifts, they found that, while 18 different companies provided gifts related to opioids, two companies—Insys and Purdue—were responsible for nearly two-thirds of the value of those gifts. Both have settled lawsuits for hundreds of millions of dollars related to opioid promotion and Purdue stopped marketing opioids to physicians in 2018. “

    • Frank G L says:

      Bizarrely, I notice those first two links no longer work.

      I did look at the articles, before I posted them, and unless I made an error copy/pasting, that is a bit peculiar.

  34. Arby says:

    Now, Get cattle to think about this information. 🙁

    • Frank G L says:

      I’ve tried for years. Only people who actually know me tend to believe me, sometimes…

      It seems hopeless.

      We live in a world where people happily believe the first thing that should happen when a child is born is to inject it with toxins. And then do that, repeatedly, for months, years.

      Trust a “healthcare” establishment, that was established by OIL and METALS monopolists and hegemony, through cooption and demonizing nature.

      How stupid/ignorant/brainwashed/malicious do you have to be?

  35. JAR says:

    Jon, I wish you would investigate Lyme disease. You have no idea how much the facts would open your eyes to how long the “government/regime” has been cooking up ways to harm/kill people.

    The CDC (yeah, I know, but listen) has reported for several years that they receive around 500,000 (yes, half a million) new reports (officially) of new cases, every year in the U.S (only). The CDC also says that they think the actual number could be many times more than that. They also acknowledge that the tests are extremely inaccurate and more times than not, give false negative results. Many people take years and a number of tests to get a positive result and then they have had this infection for so long that it has become very difficult to treat.

    I am very surprised that, as much research as you have done on other bio-weapons, you have very little information about this man-made “plague”.

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