COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying?

by Jon Rappoport

January 6, 2022

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Yesterday, I published one of my articles explaining how the existence of SARS-CoV-2 was fabricated—when, actually, the virus doesn’t exist at all.

Naturally, people who haven’t been reading the 450 or so articles I’ve written about the pandemic fraud then ask, “So why are all these people getting sick and dying?”

Today, I’m republishing one of my articles that answers that question:

Since the beginning of this false pandemic, I’ve been offering compelling evidence that SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist.

Then people ask, “So why are all these people dying?”

I have explained that, many times, and in this article I’ll explain it again.

First of all, the whole notion that COVID-19 is one health condition is a lie. COVID IS NOT ONE THING.

This is both the hardest and simplest point to accept and understand.

Don’t reject the existence of the virus and then say, “So what is THE cause of people dying?” There is no ONE CAUSE. There is no one illness. There is no “it.”

By far, the biggest sources of illness we are dealing with are lung conditions: called pneumonia, flu, flu-like disease, TB, other unnamed lung/respiratory problems.

THESE ARE BEING RELABELED “COVID.” It’s a repackaging scheme. People are dying for those traditional reasons, and their deaths are being called “COVID.”

Thus, the old is artificially made new. It’s still old.

In this wide-ranging group of people who have traditional lung conditions, by far the largest population is the elderly and frail.

They are dying in nursing homes, in hospitals, in their houses and apartments. In addition to their lung problems, they have been suffering from a whole host of other conditions, for a long time, and they’ve been treated with toxic drugs for years.

They’re terrified that they might receive a diagnosis of “COVID,” and then they ARE given that diagnosis. THEN they’re isolated, cut off from friends and family. They give up and die.

This is forced premature death.

Some of these elderly and frail people are heavily sedated and put on breathing ventilators—which is a killing treatment. In a large New York study, it was discovered that “COVID” patients over the age of 64, who were put on ventilators, died 97.2 % of the time. Staggering.

Many of these elderly and frail people are put on antiviral drugs—e.g., remdesivir—which are highly toxic.

Some of these elderly and frail patients are now dying from reactions to the COVID vaccine—and of course, their deaths are listed as “COVID.”

Why else are people dying? In many cases, it’s a simple matter of bookkeeping. They die in hospitals for a variety of reasons, and staff write “COVID death” on their files. In the US, states receive federal money based on these statistics.

Let’s say that, in certain places around the world, there are clusters of deaths (being called COVID) that can’t be explained in the ways I’ve just described.

In those situations, you would have to examine EACH situation closely. For example, just prior to an outbreak in Northern Italy, was there a vaccination campaign? What was in the vaccine? A breed of toxic substances?

You have to consider each cluster independently.

Getting the picture?

None of the “COVID deaths” anywhere in the world requires the existence of a new virus.

For instance, in Wuhan, where the whole business began, the first “COVID” cases of pneumonia occurred in a city whose air is HEAVILY polluted. In China, every year, roughly 300,000 people die from pneumonia. That means millions of cases. None of those deaths need to be explained by invoking a new virus.

Now, add to all this the fact that the PCR test for the (non-existent) virus is rigged so it spits out positive results like a fire hose. Thus, the high case numbers.

The “pandemic” is invented.

The fraud is promoted.

During these fake epidemics (there have been many), someone will say: “But my neighbor’s son, who was very healthy, died suddenly. It must be the virus.”

No. People who appear to be healthy do die. Not just today, but going back in history as far as you want to go. No one has an explanation. They might have an explanation if they looked very closely, but they don’t look closely.

Favoring the “virus explanation” is a bias, a knee-jerk reaction, a response to propaganda.

If you think there must be other major reasons to explain “why all these people are dying,” keep in mind that “lung conditions” is a category that expands all over the globe. For instance, there are about one BILLION cases of flu-like illness EVERY YEAR on planet Earth.

Repackaging/relabeling just a small percentage of those cases alone would account for all official COVID death numbers.

What’s new about COVID is the COVID STORY. That’s what’s being sold: a STORY about a COVID virus.

I’m aware that authors have been presenting other reasons for people who have been getting sick and dying since early 2020. I’m not necessarily rejecting those reasons. But if some of them are true, they only represent part of the picture. Again, it’s not one thing that’s killing people.

There is a programmed impulse to say, “If it isn’t X, then it must be Y. If X isn’t the cause of people dying, then Y must be the cause.” That’s the basic lie. It’s the basic lie of all so-called pandemics.

It’s also a con. At the highest levels of planning, propagandists (inventers of reality) know that people are willing to buy one explanation for one phenomenon.

But “COVID” isn’t one phenomenon. There is no “it.”

And there is no single cause.

power outside the matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

93 comments on “COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying?

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Love’s Abyss

    What to make of this miracle life
    Where I awoke one crisp winter morn,
    Perched on the edge of love’s abyss
    Tucked cozily between the ridges blue
    Courted by death’s indifferent kiss,
    Stranger in a strange land,
    Hero of my own unwanted odyssey,
    Castaway on this remote celestial shoreline
    Where carbon phantoms have come alive,
    Witness to the great mystery of mysteries
    Where the tragicomedy of life
    Confounds the heart,
    While philosophers argue with the saints
    And composers offer their sorrowful odes to joy,
    Where artists do dusty church ceilings paint
    And the drunken poets dream on hopelessly
    While sculptors reveal the hidden beauty within,
    I swear by the stars above
    That we are eternal embers
    Free from original sin
    And with due respect to those
    Finely robed church dandies
    Who would rule our fate
    With dispensations of false hope
    Straight from their golden collection plates,
    Yet the stairway to heaven
    Begins and ends in the heart
    Where all sermons and psalms
    Are written with our blood, sweat and tears,
    Where we learn of our fate,
    To relish our bittersweet taste of love
    That keeps on changing hue
    With pastel reflections
    That dapple the soul
    With reflections of sweet sorrow,
    We are love’s resurrection
    In each blessed moment
    On the cross of our dreams
    Where even the angels run from
    Our midnight screams
    And as the sun rises
    With Rose and purple splashes across the sky,
    The joy and wonder of it all
    Teases these weary old eyes
    Filling my senses
    With an inexplicable hope
    And I am ever grateful to be alive
    To bear witness to a love so sublime
    In that everlasting embrace
    Where Eternity kisses time.

    • ABC says:

      There is no need for virus, all is need it is spike-protein which is found plenty inside the vaccines. That’s the trick.

      • Betonamu Jin says:

        To ABC: It’s very confusing. Some of you said it’s graphene nanochips and some of you said it’s the spike proteins. Then who is right? The nanochips guys even have the image of it self assembled to form a CPU! Who really know for sure what is really inside the jabs?

        • Jim S Smith says:

          ANY and ALL of them are culpable candidates.

          ANY time you inject substances into the bloodstream of people, and those being substances that are NOT supposed to occur in the bloodstream through natural processes – introduces “toxins” – as the body’s defense will treat them as toxins.

          The blood chemistry is very specific when in relation to optimum health. ANYTHING that severely upset that fine “balance” in the blood, often results in a “diseased” condition of the body.

          THIS is perhaps one of the BIGGEST reasons why injected “vaccines” have been more of a bane than a good towards optimum health, and also a very profitable industry – in more ways than one.

          It was never Nature’s intent to have the blood deliberately poisoned by injection of foreign substances into it. – THAT is NOT medicine!

          – J.S.Smith

          • Betonamu Jin says:

            Can the vaccine ‘spread’? I mean I have reading many articles saying that the vaccine (either spike proteins or graphene nanochips) could ‘spread’ from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated via social interactions, sex and even if you touch or just talk to the vaccinated without a mask it will ‘spread’ into you.

            It’s very confusing as if it’s so then there is no way to escape even if you didn’t take the jabs you will still be ‘vaccinated’ by interacting with the vaxxed.

            Most of my friends are vaccinated and here we all doomed the masks. No one use them anymore.

            The possibility of being ‘vaxxed’ only because you talk with your vaxxed friend maskless is astounding.

        • Yvonne Blasy says:

          You might want to check this out having to do with lot numbers:
          Different strokes for different folks?

        • Fleur says:

          Go to it is episode 215 , Drs Fleming will come on , explains the spike protein well.

          The use of Graphene oxide in medicine is not new, have a look,

          It is easy to manipulate.

          As we are the guinea pigs and they are keeping track of what happens they can fine tune it.

      • Luís Rodrigues Coelho says:

        Not really!

        What’s damaging and killing people is the graphene oxide!!!

  2. ell says:

    Here are good news:

    In NJ an average $ 6863 per “Covid” person, regardless if were were ran over by the bus, or hanged themselves. As long as you can whisper magic “C” word.

    People need six “boosters” now and still keep dying of “Covid” to keep scam alive.

    • bubbagyro says:

      Yes, but if you are able to live long enough to get the 8th booster, if you punch your card accordingly, you will win a FREE PIZZA from Pfizer! (/s)

      In my neighboring state of Vermont, the local paper published an appeal by an Emergency Room doctor to stop coming to the ICU because an “at home test” showed Covid positive results. He said that people with no symptoms are neverthless flooding the Emergency Clinics, and that many of these people subsequently were negative by PCR or other tests, showing that the tests were inaccurate, or being used incorrectly. He said for people to stay home and manage it, rather than take the place of people who actually need the Emergency care. Mass hysteria probably has the lion’s share of the blame for this.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      THANK YOU for the info!

      THIS says much about how profitable this “pandemic” has been!

      There have also been published articles on the serious payouts to various “health agencies”, school boards, and other bureaucratic institutions – for pushing mandates, lock-downs, and other “pandemic response” policies upon the public.

      If EVEN just the financial end of this is enough to call into question the legitimacy of “the pandemic story”, then that means the WHOLE story should be held suspect!

      – J.S.Smith

  3. Martina Vaslovik says:

    Jon I’ve been on the same page with you from the very start. COVID does not exist and all causes of death have simply been renamed COVID.

    A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1500 samples of people tested “positive” could find Covid-19. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists, which we have reported on several times.

    Dr. Derek Knauss: “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the bulls*** PCR test.’

    At 7 universities not once COVID detected ‘When we sent the rest of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, they came up with the same result: NO COVID. They found Influenza A and B. Then we all asked the CDC for viable samples of Covid. The CDC said they can’t give them, because they don’t have those samples.’

    ‘So we came to the hard conclusion through all our research and lab work that Covid-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was only called ‘Covid,’ and most of the 225,000 deaths were from co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary emphysema, etc.. They got the flu which further weakened their immune systems, and they died.’

    ‘This virus is fictitious’

    • Marlene says:

      Martina –

      This is from before the summer.

      I saw that video a while back and it seems that it is a hoax.

      Have you searched for this guy? Not on google but on or duck duck go?

      I found one article he wrote (and I have found on social media this is not his real name – he is a phony) on an obscure website.

      So if 7 universities were suing the CDC we would know about it.

      I fell for it too – at first.

      We must verify everything so we don’t share misinformation.

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      Martina Vaslovik -OMG! Thank you for the most diligent and important work you have undertaken to find the truth. And you certainly have. We desperately need real and genuine experts like you and your colleagues. Please, please, use this so vital discovery and inform every human being all over the globe to finally kill off these fraudulent lies.

    • LEONIE says:

      Focus on the vaccine, the virus is a cover story.
      This is because the Sars-Cov-2 virus does not exist.
      It has never existed.
      Influenza A and B have been rebranded and remarketed as COVID-19.
      It is as simple as that.
      Sars-Cov-2 is a fairy-tale.
      The gain of function research for this alleged virus conducted at the Wuhan Lab in China and under the direction and management of Dr.Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other Satanic Globalists is actually a cover-story for even more heinous crimes.
      Dr. Robert Redfield former CDC Director, Dr.Richard Fleming, Senator Rand Paul, The Highwire’s Del Bigtree, Dr.Judy Mikovits, Prof.Peter Gotzsche, Dr.Sherri Tenpenny, Alex Jones, Mike Adams and many others are all lying to you.
      Some are lying to you knowingly others out of ignorance and naivete.
      The Satanic Globalists want you to think that the Sar-Cov-2 virus exists because the truth is much worse.
      They also want America to start a war with China but that is a story for another time.
      Getting back to this fairy tale, there has never been any research on Sars-Cov-2 because the virus does not exist.
      It has never been isolated nor purified nor has it ever satisfied Koch’s postulates (see Dr.Tom Cowan’s work on the Contagion Myth et al).
      In addition, consider how deadly COVID-19 really is.
      CDC’ s own data shows that the COVID-19 infection to fatality risk (IFR) for those under 50 years of age is less than 0.03% (3 out of 10,000).
      For those under 20 years of age the risk is 0.002% (2 out of 100,000).
      Meanwhile children are virtually immune from COVID-19.
      Obviously there has been no productive “gain of function” research on this very benign and relatively harmless fake virus.
      Yeah, it’s so deadly that a 60 year old over-the-counter medication called Hydroxychloroquine easily combats COVID-19 (and now the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin).
      If the Satanists at the Wuhan Lab really were working on making the Sars-Cov-2 virus more deadly it is clear from the above data they have failed.
      All of the research at the Wuhan Lab was instead focused on the COVID-19 vaccine.
      The virus is a cover story for the creation of an undetectably deadly vaccine.
      This gain of function research at Wuhan went into making the vaccine a biologically poisonous and toxic weapon of mass murder and an instrument of genocide.
      Where is the proof of this ?
      The proof is hiding in plain sight.
      Take the symptoms and ailments of those allegedly afflicted with the COVID-19 Sars-Cov-2 virus and then compare that to the symptoms and ailments of those poisoned with the COVID-19 vaccine. They are completely different.
      (1)—Sars-Cov-2 symptoms/ailments: coughing, slight fever, sniffles
      flu-like symptoms.
      (2)—COVID-19 VACCINE symptoms/ailments: stroke, brain aneurysm, blood clots, heart attacks, paralysis, blindness, mass skin rashes, anaphylaxis, coma, death.
      In the first group, the former, we have flu like symptoms.
      In the second group, the latter, from the vaccine, we see neuro-degenerative symptoms like muscle spasms and paralysis to name only a few.
      Why the huge difference if the virus and vaccine both allegedly contain the SPIKE PROTEIN ?
      Because we have been lied too.
      There is NO spike protein on the Sar-Cov-2 virus. Because the virus Sars-Cov-2 does not exist.
      The SPIKE PROTEIN can be designed and manufactured without the need for any fake virus (on a computer).
      Snake and spider venom is replete with spike proteins. Think about that!
      The fake virus was created out of thin air for the vaccine. Not the other way around.
      They had the vaccine already on hand and then invented a reason to use it.
      Thus the invented concocted reason for the vaccine becomes the non-existent fairy-tale Sars-Cov-2 virus.
      No gain of function reasearch on the virus.
      No laboratory man-made virus.
      No virus at all.
      The only biological weapon and instrument of genocide is the VACCINE.
      Please remember that.

      • martyg says:

        Great summary/analysis that coincides with my perspective. As Jon informs us in a prior blog, the psychopaths are also weaponizing the diagnostically meaningless Covid 19 tests by adding potent poisons to the test kits, i.e., ethylene oxide to “sanitize” the nasal swabs, and sodium azide to the reagent solution of the self-administered testing kits.

        Bottom line- although it may take great courage to do so, do not agree to undergo the toxic testing as an alternative to being jabbed with the bioweapon disguised as a, “vaccine.”

    • From Elsewhere says:

      I haven’t said and I haven’t heard it enough: this is mass murder! Some make money and abuse power, while many are killed – by fear, by pollution, food poisoning, meds side effects, vax side effects. Peru is just an example of cover-up for massive extermination, victims counted against COVID by corporations stealing their metals, poisoning their waters, killing them…

    • James Charles says:

      “132:48 next slide please this is
      132:52 what source code v2 looks like and if
      132:54 and i will i will send you the video so
      132:55 you can show it
      132:57 of the side on the right shows it goes
      132:59 up and down and you can see the actual
      133:01 source corona
      133:02 cov2 virus uh with its spiked proteins
      133:06 in its corona shape i’ll send that to
      133:08 you so you can play that
      133:10 it’s it’s incredibly important because
      133:13 there are people out there that are
      133:14 actually of the opinion that
      133:16 sars cov2 doesn’t exist and has not been
      133:19 isolated
      133:20 these individuals not only have
      133:22 demonstrated they don’t understand
      133:23 viruses
      133:24 but they interfere with the with the
      133:26 serious discussion going on with this
      133:28 virus “

    • Christina says:

      I do not know whether the so-called virus is fictitious. Covid may very well be a lab created bio-weapon spread around the world to create panic and coerce control while the so-called cure…the vaccine…is quickly rolled out (pre-planned and pre-packaged), which then thereby mutates it, amplifies it and spreads it in order to KILL more QUICKLY. And they make more money in the process of total control of global population, taking number down to their stated goal of 500 million people on the planet, as per Georgia guidestones.
      So, perhaps bioweapon and “vaccine” Are indeed and in fact designed to work in tandem? For population control…tyranny and genocide.


      FYI Robert Kennedy, Jr. has written a 900-page book titled THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI: AMERICAN MENGELE. So, yes…. Exactly Where ARE the Nuremberg Trials??? Well…Don’t hold your breath…Because they won’t be happening.

  4. STARR says:

    This whole thing is a blatant, obvious, intentional scam, and really insulting to my intelligence. Anyone that I meet that has fallen for this fake, medical nightmare are DUMB in my eyes. I can barely stand talking with them, becasue they have no idea how to critically think.

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      Starr – I concur with every single word you have expressed. It seems that critical thinking is being buried deep in the sand to avoid any sensible discussions. It’s a real joke. Whenever and wherever I pass or meet with masked individuals, my first thoughts come up each and every single time “what an idiot you are!”. But less flattery is the impulse I am getting to scream at them with the words “for God’s sake, rip this bloody thing off your face, it will only kill yourself”. Fortunately, some critical thinking comes to my rescue.

      • Christina says:

        Mass Mind control through mass brainwashing via propaganda (LIES: If you repeat them over and over, they become the truth), over generations of people, starting in kindergarten there on throughout public school, and then full tilt in universities.
        Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum.

        America along with all others seem to be sleepwalking to the gas chambers.

  5. Paul says:

    “NO,” ain’t so great either.

    No debate, no questioning,
    no discussion, no Reasoning.

  6. Todd says:

    […] There is something going around. I got it and gave it to my family. I’ve had other family that got it (months apart), and it was the same thing. People at my work and my significant other’s have caught it, and describe the same thing. It’s out there. It’s transmissable. The alternative treatments work fairly well.

    Now, I think it’s something being released to further their fraud. I’m relatively old, and have had everything. This was different. Two weeks of being pretty sick and a week of feeling weak, weird and off. I’ve had worse flu, strep throat from my nephew was worse, but it ain’t fun. And everyone I know that’s had it describes it the same. I thought it was the flu for years until recently, but there is something new and consistent going around. Soooo…?

    • Epicurious says:

      Todd I know how you feel. No-one in the whole world has found an isolate, so what gives with folk getting sick. Here in tropical North Queensland our state has been opened up to tourists from other states and lo and behold everyone is panicking.” The southerners have brought Covid to our state and ‘everyone’ is getting sick” but that is not so. Certainly 2 friends, both double jabbed, have come down with something and were tested as Covid positive on the PCR (Phoney, Crap Results) test but back to ok 2 days after. So it could be anything but most likely early warning signals for ADE or alike.

      Is it not ‘odd’ that when people died with CV they were loudly noted as a CV death even if they were a traffic accident. Why don’t the ‘authorities’ start describing every death as a vaxx death when the patient has been jabbed?

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I have an alternative theory to explain your sickeness and the super-sickness many people are getting that is different from Jon’s multi-causal “no one thing” explanation. It has most recently explained The OMICRON “variant” that ROCHELLE WALINSKY of the CDC reported on a week or two ago. She said its a “FAST MOVING” variant. It “spread” from South Africa and went “worldwide” very quickly, bringing astonishment even to the doctor in South Africa who “claimed” to have “discovered it”.

      I thought about my college biology class and the math/stats formulas for spreads of disesse and it seems to me that the OMICRON MONSTER spread so fast that it broke ALL normal biological statistical formulas. Really? Of COURSE, ALLLL the universities who have people who can DO stats like that have gone silent. They certain don’t become MSM TALKING HEADS. They should Because their formulas don’t work for the SPREAD of OMICRON MONSTER.

      Todd, when you say there is SOMETHING new “going around”, what you really mean to say is IT APPEARS as though “something is going around”. It only APPeARS like that because in reality… the ONLY THING that I know of that can cause the REAL SICKNESS people are reporting virutually EVERYWHERE on Earth within a week… or so… is the ramping up of the poisonous TOXIC radiation poison from the 5G cellphone antennas.

      RadioFrequencyRadiation RFR POISON symptoms are similar to the symptoms people report because the body treats that as toxic and responds by attempting to adjust. It is that process of adjustment to new EMF radio wave poison that makes people ill, feverish, throw up, and get diarreah.

      Jon JUST MIGHT BE WRONG! Jon is a great analyst and has given us much to consider but he’s falling short on the radiation poisoning that BEGAN IN WUHAN, the MOST DENSELY populated-with-5G antennas in the world.

      • Viveka says:

        So true…the whole concept of EMF is constantly being down talked, blatantly ignored and of course, because it isn’t visible to the naked eye THE most perfect way to create toxicity and blame it on something tangible…Its the same with nuclear transmission and microwaves in EVERY household…destroying the nutrients in food from the inside out! I have watched , over the years, the people that gave their babies formula as well as baby foods heated up in microwaves, become very over weight and susceptible to ‘allergens’…literally becoming allergic to life…add to that all the vaccines being pumped into the blood stream and you have a toxic time bomb, waiting to get detonated by…..5g and nuclear wastes creating very big disturbances in the atmosphere as well as the minds of people. It is all diversion from the real problems…the louder something is being ‘advertised’…whether its for or against…the more reason to look for the bigger, hidden agenda…

        The two wings belong to the same bird….there is a transfer of wealth of unprecedented proportion going on…the epi-centre of world dominance, once situated in USA is being migrated to China and we’re all getting caught up in divide and conquer as per usual.

    • Tom says:

      Todd, I don’t want to put down what you had, but if we’re to look at all the “cases” around the world, it is very obvious not everyone has the same symptoms, or like you said, describe it the same. Some feel NOTHING at all, when they say they’ve tested positive or “got it”. In fact, looking at the “official” numbers, this symptomless category is probably around 60%, with around another 35% making up the “mild symptoms” group. This is the bigger picture.

      So while I’m glad you recovered from whatever it is you had, I have to disagree and say no, it is NOT consistent. “Covid” has been hijacking every symptom under the sun, from no symptoms to even diarrhoea. And why the hijacking? Because it is NOT consistent, they can’t put a finger on it, so might as well class everything as Covid.

      When you look at it from this bigger picture, you have to agree with Jon and say the thing does not exist. By which we mean, there is NO NEW or novel virus.

    • Need A Ladder says:

      The holiday mutant may be the cause. It’s recognized by it’s oily appearance and feel as it slides down the throat and coats it like the Gulf Oil Spill coated little ducks on the sandy beaches and it’s found in greasy holiday extravagance every single winter cold and flu season.

      That’s what is going around most likely. No invisible non-existent viral particle needed. They are as real as Santa Claus.

      Now the direct approach: When we overindulge on that sugary, fatty holiday garbage where processed oils are in everything our body gets OVERWHELMED. The fuel being used is oil instead of clean carbon from complex carbohydrates in non-oil slicked vegetables, non-oil slicked pastas and bread, etc. Thus when we indulge in all these treats it starts leaving sludge behind as the body tries to maintain it’s temperature during the additional bombardments with holiday season alcohol abuse. Then when we go home from all these events we pig out on all the greasy treats and food that is left for the week or two after and the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) claim it was the virus that did it. The blood and blood cells and all internal mechanisms gets coated like those little creatures in oil spills in the ocean, slowing their movement down and even stopping them and killing them but again, the experts who know NOTHING about nutrition will blame what they have NEVER EVER PROVEN TO EXIST just as all effective cults do.

  7. Frances Leader says:


    Maybe you should read The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg and sign up for his newsletter, the latest of which blasts the huge increases proposed for satellites.

    Electrosmog has a dirty history.

    • Mitchel Wicking says:

      Frances! Great to see you! Some of us (Chris Fitz on FB for one) have been worried as you seem to have disappeared from some platforms. Glad to see you are okay!

  8. Marlene says: we make of what is going on in Xikan city

    This is from people in China who are communicating to Benjamin Harnwell on GETTR

    3x the site of LA. People have been locked into their homes from the outside.

    People starving and screaming out their windows.

    Deserted streets are being sprayed – I ask is it spray disinfectant or is it disease?

    Here are a couple of posts:

    Others are now also linking the Chinese “haemorrhagic fever” to #XianVariant.

    This is first class journalism btw. Excerpts:

    “My personal guess is that hemorrhagic fever can’t be so transmissible. I’m afraid a new variant of Wuhan virus has emerged, and after getting infected, the illness resembles hemorrhagic fever”.

    “Because the early symptoms of hemorrhagic fever are similar to those of the common flu, many patients may mistake it for a common cold.”

    “An outbreak of hemorrhagic fever has been circulating in Xi’an, with videos showing [doors in] a neighborhood being welded shut.”

    “a local health care worker revealed that his hospital’s infectious disease unit is full of patients and that all hospitals designated for hemorrhagic fever in Xi’an are at capacity”.

    “If you want to avoid the COVID, don’t go to Chang’an district either. There has many hemorrhagic fever cases. The government does not report it, almost 200 cases. My friend, who is one of the doctors at Chang’an hospital, said that her colleague’s husband contracted hemorrhagic fever when he was jogging in a park, and died in a week. It is terrible, don’t go anywhere please stay at home.

    The whole Xi’an city is the same as a horror movie plot.”

    From today’s hit on @WarRoom:

    What we’re calling #XianVariant has now spread east to Zhengzhou (population 12 million) and south-east towards Ningbo (China’s largest port). It’s like tracking a tornado — will it also pitch north-east from Xian City, less than 7 hours by car to Beijing, in time for the Olympics?

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, they’re instituting their depopulation agenda. Full spectrum poisoning of our minds and bodies.

      All these “vaccines”(and drugs) are poison. What was in the 2019 “flu-shot”?

      “Hemorrhagic fever” is a supposed symptom of the “vika virus”, supposedly from mosquitoes…(which is a lie unless they smehow installed the toxin in gmo mosquitoes)–yeah, they’re mad-scientists…

      What is “cybernetics”?

      What is “iatrogenesis”?

      Then there was the German chemist Noack that discovered “nano-razor blades” in the injections. Others are finding nano-tech relating to frequency influence on the body and brain.(our tax-dollars at work…these mad-acientist, Malthusians). Nut-job “social-scientists”…we been paying for for these freaks to destroy and enslave us…

      There is no “deadly contagious virus” except untruth, that’s why they want to inject the shit into the bodies…otherwise it probably would be expelled….they’re bypassing the natural process, and installing unatural, synthetic crap for increased illness, death, and down the line, with whoever is left; total absolute control.

      Too many slaves is not good business.

      The never has been any real freedom in this world, only varying degrees of enslavement.

      “They” think they win the game once they own and control everything.

      But they are operating from an inverted state of mind—in the end they will have nothing.

      Jesus said; “…don’t invest too much in this world,,,it’s not worth it…”

    • Marlene, rather than continue thinking inside the box created by med-tech cartels, I encourage people to get out of the box entirely and look at what the “pandemic” has been distracting most people from:

      – 5G infrastructure: Where it is implemented and fully in operation, and the typical effects of this harmful EMF/radiation on living organisms

      – Satellites: The vast number recently launched and operable, and the effects of this technology

      – Additional environmental poisoning: Chemical aerosols, glyphosate in the soil/water, and so on

      It’s time for people to get out of the black cube and start asking questions about how media distraction and predictive programming works and what the manipulators are doing behind the scenes (which is also in plain sight).

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Vaxxed (graphene oxide) people are being subjected to increased 5G microwave power. Similar thing occurring in Isreal with people’s heads exploding.

      • Marlene says:

        Rick I caught that video – horrific.
        So I know that the CCP has a zero covid policy.
        They are also highly vaccinated.
        So the people are suffering these things as side effects plus the city is a long car ride distance from Bejing…they are preparing for the Olympics…
        Lots of tech and coms.

        As this news begins to circulate the pro vaxers will never believe it is that, they will begin spreading fear abouut “Marburg” or Ebola or some other horrific thing.
        We are in for more insanity that is for certain.

    • jane mariouw says:

      no matter what the disease/ plague is…
      welding people shut in their homes is never ever a solution.
      unless it is done on purpose to kill even more people!

  9. george says:

    Found this on twitter. was deleted after few hours:

    The firs jab protects you from hospitalisation and after second jab you are immune.

    The third jab strengthens the immune system, so after the fourth dose you are fully protected.

    When 80% of population will receive the fifth dose , the restrictions can be removed, because the sixth dose stops the virus from multiplying and prevents it from spreading.

    I am calm and believe that the seventh dose will solve our problems, and we have no reason to be afraid of the eighth dose.

    Clinical studies with the ninth dose have shown that antibodies are more stable after the tenth dose.

    The eleventh dose ensures that there will be no new mutations, so there is no reason to criticize the idea of the twelfth dose.

    • jane mariouw says:

      perfect description of the boiling frogs

    • Ort says:

      Am I the only one thinking that this witty litany could be set in verse and sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?

      It could be called “The Twelve Boosters of COVID”. It would be the feel-good hit of the 2022 holiday season! 😉

  10. george says:

    Hi, Jon

    soy un fiel seguidor y me encanta cómo has desmembrado la historia de la plandemia… me ha surgido la duda para que son las dichosas vacunas Covid, ¿a acaso algo que irá matando poco a poco a la población?, ¿cual es el plan de lo que están jugando a ser Dios?


    Hi, Jon

    I am a loyal follower and I love how you have dismembered the history of the plandemic … I have a doubt about what the happy Covid vaccines are, perhaps something that will gradually kill the population? What is the plan of what are you playing God?

  11. Mika says:

    Good post Jon. Note that lung afflictions are brought on by scare frights (pneumonia) and existence conflicts (bronchitis) expanding out to “fear of death conflicts”, which we call “lung cancer” today, but in the past called “tuberculosis” and “consumption” – all one and the same condition. See Doc Holiday from Tombstone fame as a great example of someone who was literally worried about getting killed on a near daily basis during his gambling and gun-slinging forays.

    All this to say, heightening the real virus, FEAR, is all it takes to bring on the “dis-ease”…as is the case with virtually all dis-eases, which are primarily psychosomatic in origin.

    • jane mariouw says:

      exactly why this is a PsyOp!
      all media is suspect for me.
      except Jon Rappoport👍🏻😊

    • Zenit08 says:

      In late 1981 I developed a severe case of bronchitis. The doctor did not call it “existence conflict,” but he did say it bordered on pneumonia (not “scare frights”). The cause: the flu shot I was forced to get a few weeks earlier (was in the military at the time). Several other forced flu jabs sickened me to a lesser extent.

      Since leaving the service >30 years ago, I have gotten zero flu shots, and have had the flu fewer times.

  12. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    When so called Delta was named in India I read the reports from a couple of indie journos and one politician about the normal number of deaths in India per annum, and the fact that in October 2020 they switched from PCR to RAT’s. WHO used photos from a gasleak a few years earlier to claim people were dying in the streets and then peddled the con that the funeral pyres were so numerous people couldn’t keep up.

    The reality was it was 40 degrees C, 80% RH, hazardous pollution and people were dying of pollution like they do every year, about 2 million of them.

    That was the entire fiction of Delta, last October they called it the normal smog. Deaths actually went slightly down in India in 2020 but 27,400 a day died as per usual. 8,000 of them from starvation among children, 5500 from pollution and 1250 from TB.

    But having orchestrated the photography WHO called it Delta and idiot western pollies were happy to go along. In fact no Indian people who came home from India to Australia during ”delta” ever got sick or died but 55 died in India from the smog.

  13. David says:

    Well maybe lung disorders are mostly from all the chemicals , metals that they spray in the sky to manipulate weather with aircraft . We know they do it and they have done it for many many years . Go to , that shit IS getting into our bodies.

  14. Jt K says:

    As a non- scientist following both your work and Dr. Kaufman’s, I would appreciate a rebuttal to the linked arguments below. In essence, the author claims Koch’s postulates were formulated before the discovery of viruses and that because viruses behave differently than bacteria (need a cell to infect), Koch’s isolation principle is inapplicable to covid.

    While I agree that little government, pharma and its captured scientists say is true, it would be helpful in our struggle against the covid fraud to be able to counter their counter.

    • G says:

      Junk science article

    • CK_ says:

      Koch’s postulates were updated by River to include viruses. I’ve seen this article before- it simply denies that Koch-Rivers are applicable but this is nonsense.

      Look at these 37 articles by Visser (you have to scroll down the link for a while) — he’s done a lot of work, trying to debunk Kaufman and Lanka but he never addresses the lack of viral purification!

    • Taylor says:

      Hello Jt K,

      A few things come to my mind upon reading your inquiry.

      1.) Consider the source; a university will undoubtedly promote any mainstream narrative as this is how they receive grant money for their continued research. Even if honest scientists work within a specific institutional department, next to none will risk reputation and livelihood to contradict their masters. Moreover, genuine indoctrination only takes a single generation to become a formidable opponent. I tend to think misconceptions are the status quo when dealing with those in various scientific fields after the initial deception has been propagated. This is a plausible “how” such extensive Scientism exists today.

      2. The following link is one that I think was embedded on a previous post of Jon’s and gets at the heart of your requested rebuttal.

      The key quote appears early and it reads:

      “Thus, asking virologists to completely purify and isolate the suspected “viral” particles from the unaltered sample from a sick patient may seem like a Herculean task and an unfair demand.

      However, this is the corner Virology and Germ Theory has backed itself into. In order to claim a particular particle is a “virus” and can cause the symptoms of disease associated with it, logic dictates that it must be completely separated from all other potential variables/factors in order to prove that particular particle is indeed the cause of disease.”

      As Jon and many others have stated, the burden of proof is not on those asking legitimate questions, but is on the few making such claims. Perhaps Koch’s and/or Rivers’ Postulates are not valid with regards to identifying “viral pathogens”. But, if destroying lives and ushering in a totalitarian medical tyranny is the result of such claims as SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19, then the perpetrators damn sure better possess a method to prove their position, which the current model as founded by John Enders is a far cry from authentic science.

      I hope this helps in your endeavor.

    • Ort says:

      The linked article is written by a pop-science lightweight; don’t be impressed– i.e. fooled– by her credentials:

      Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles is a microbiologist from the Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences’ School of Medical Sciences.

      Please watch the formidable Dr. Sam Bailey’s video on the subject:'s-postulates-germ-school-dropout:a

      Here’s her site’s video page; Dr. Sam’s videos are all top-notch and well worth watching:

      Dr. Sam makes mincemeat of hacks like “Professor” Siouxsie, one of conventional mass-media’s “go to” experts guaranteed to support the Establishment narrative.

      Dr. Sam occasionally references the professor’s dubious work, but appropriately and contemptously dismisses Siouxsie as “low-hanging fruit”.

    • Maria says:

      Read the contagion myth by dr tom cowan. He explains how proper isolation should be carried out, and how scientists tried to ‘infect’ with these so-called viruses but it never worked.

      • martyg says:

        In addition, read Dr. Cowan’s short sequel to The Contagion Myth called, Breaking The Spell.

        The movie, Terrain, produced and directed by a friend of mine that includes interviews with Dr. Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, and Dr. Stefan Lanka is scheduled for completion and distribution in February.

        I’ve already seen the first half of the movie — it’s phenomenal, utterly demolishing the Germ Theory of Disease. I’m convinced that the second half of the movie will prove to be the nail in the coffin for this totally false disease causation hypothesis.

  15. mary says:

    I agree with Jon 100 %

  16. Roundball Shaman says:

    At this point, there is new major cause of ‘Covid deaths’. Some people are actually WILLING THEMSELVES TO DEATH.

    They have become so steeped in the Covid Mind Control Narrative that they have convinced themselves that they have ‘it’ and are going to die from ‘it’.

    The human mind is incredibly powerful. It can accomplish amazing feats in whatever it is directed to. Good, or bad.

    This every-second-of-the-damn-day propaganda blitz from State media, political officials, non-elected technocrat gods-in-training, your peer group, some of your own family members, and appeals to ‘social responsibility’ and faux religious appeals from men and women in soiled clerical garments has worn down and worn out people’s ability to think and reason. They have surrendered and become full captives of the Covid Death Cult.

    Yes, countless people have and are right now willing themselves to death. They have lost their desire to live. They have given up living life in succumbing to the avalanche of lies.

    And what may be even sadder about this? For the Dark Powers behind it all, it turned out to be all so easy to pull off. Even now they can hardly believe it was so easy to do.

    Not a very good look or chapter in history for the human family.

    • George McFetridge says:

      I’ve learned about myself that it’s only the psyche that ‘wants to die’ and that the organism says otherwise. Don’t let’s kid ourselves – humans, ruled by fear as we are, have divided off the psyche or ‘me’ from the intelligent body.

    • jane mariouw says:

      thank you. nail on head.
      the Bible( and i’m not a believer), has good medicine against this onslaught:
      ” Do Not Be Afraid” or along those lines, is in the good book 350 times.

  17. maria says:

    One-eyed vision:

    You can easily break twigs one by one.
    The fascia or group of twigs gathered in a bunch seems unbreakable.
    People think the group can make them strong.

    Massing humans together in the collective is bad news.
    Because in a group the individual, the indivisible unit, the monad, goes missing.
    And with it goes the mind with its power of will and freedom of decision.

    The appeal of the group seems to be the losing of the single self.
    And with it awareness and responsibility for all a person might be doing wrong.
    And there’s also the attraction of not having to stand up against the wrong that others do.

    All obey, fall in line with the upper architectural structure of the one mind, the uni-verse.
    We stray there as a herd.

    The concept of a ‘world’ got corrupted by those who tried to hijack the creation.
    There are people here who would like to mess with and patent every human body.
    They went there.

    The human choice is:
    A single free-standing, original way of being and living with open vistas or – becoming a collector’s piece in a private mindgame.

  18. Luther says:

    People these days want all kinds of answers but are not able to accept the truth still. After nearly two years of lockdowns and other social engineering nonsense, many are still not able to see what’s right in front of their faces regarding the ‘COVID-19’ fraud. This should explain, once more how the lie about a pandemic has sprouted wings and flies back in their faces, while they remain in fear of it.

  19. Arby says:

    Jon’s blog post (above) made a great poster. (I did it up before this re-post.) I’ve got over 4 dozen unique posters dealing with the covid hoax and the bigger story that it is a part of, namely the emerging global biosecurity police State. I’ve now posted thousands over a wide swathe of the city of Toronto, where I live. I haven’t counted how many of those posters are excerpts of Jon’s posts, but there’s probably about ten of them. I’ve used Gary Jordan’s material, James Corbett’s material, CHD’s material (even though I think RFK is controlled opposition), C.J. Hopkins’s material, Barbara Loe Fisher’s material, Derrick Broze’s material and Whitney Webb’s material. I may have forgotten one or two since I’m going off memory here.

    It’s easy to do. Have lazer printer and word processor (WordPerfect in my case), will poster.

    The trick is to use material, articles or blog posts, that will allow you to condense the main points onto a single page. And don’t just do all text. I use a different font for the title than the in the body of the poster. And I use an image of some sort (photo or other) if space allows. Even if all you do is just a fancy border, that will make the poster more attractive. I’ll consider doing whatever will make people want to read the posters. I go out when I’m able to late at night, on my ebike. (But I will go out during the day as well. Both times have their good and bad points.) Winter doesn’t stop me, unless it’s snowy or slushy. If it’s raining I don’t bother, obviously. (I rode my ebike all through last winter, when I was working and had a job to ride to.)

  20. Larry C says:


    You’ve probably heard about this home remedy for respiratory issues, using food-grade, 3%, over-the-counter h2o2. I learned about this on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.

    Here’s how it works:

    Using the bottle cap, drop one capful of hydrogen peroxide into an ear canal. Hold the liquid in for a minute or two, so it doesn’t dribble out. Do the same thing to the other ear canal, and that’s it.

    I’ve used this remedy to treat colds, the sniffles,
    scratchy throats (and at least one really nasty sore throat) at least a dozen times over the last three years with complete efficacy.

    I highly recommend it.

    • AJ says:

      I have not had the flu or a severe cold in 60 years. By eating a clove or 2 of raw garlic and a slice of raw onion at each meal.
      To stop soar throat. Place a piece of raw garlic on inside of your mouth and sock on it for 20-30 minutes. Good luck

  21. Hank says:

    The “pandemic” was/is the Trojan Horse for the introduction of “gene editing” shots. Those who are clueless about the lying propagandist nature of the mainstream media are sitting ducks! Those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it. Big Pharma’s sordid history of introducing deadly “medicines” is well documented but leave it to the “know-it-alls” to feel that these kill shots will actually save them from – the FLU!

    • Kieron says:

      “Those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it.”

      And those of us who do know it, are doomed to watch it play out again and again.

  22. Karen says:

    If people are looking for a better understanding that deaths occur naturally all the time and for the ‘disappearance’ of the flu and the folly of lockdowns and isolation:

  23. Arby says:

    I’ve directed so many eyeballs to Jon’s blog. And now it looks like I’m not allowed to leave comments here. I don’t use bad language. I agree with Jon 98% on the covid hoax. I’ve used his material in my posters and in my blog posts. What’s up? Is Jon doing this? Is this someone working for Jon? This is a test, something that will be shown on my own blog, A Yappy Trade Barrier.

  24. barbara powers says:

    Plain and simple. Thank you!

  25. Opie Poik says:

    Riveting discussion of the enormity of the vaxocaust:

    “The one thing I want to convey here, more than anything else, is the complexity and extent of modern western governments. These are unbelievably elaborate systems, and they are not easily controlled or understood by individuals or confined groups. A lot of their regulations and policies are totally baffling and inexplicable, and this has been the case for decades, long before anybody cared about SARS-related coronaviruses. These systems exhibit properties of spontaneous order; they act towards their own ends, in ways nobody intends, even as people within them perceive the folly of what their institutions are doing. They are suprahuman organisms.”

  26. AJ says:

    The fact remains that this plandemic tyranny is becoming a deadly consuming monster of our rights and freedoms. Truth regarding the invisible flu, deadly vaccinations, countless deaths, murder of children, lock downs, etc will continue to devour humanity even as the truth is published to the masses.

    Many here have stated the difficulty presenting the truth to the vaxed with little acceptance of the facts presented. All we can do is hope that enough of those willing to resist will be sufficient when the day of judgment arrives leaving only the choice between accepting heaven or hell.

    You cannot save those that have resolved to accept this delusion of fake reality by faithfully embracing the words of false profits. Focus on your ability to sustain, survive and resist because ugly can’t describe what is coming.

  27. L Garou says:

    Not to mention those 200,000+ people who die every year after year due to hospital doctor and staff errors..

  28. Antonio di meola says:

    What about with some antibacterial gels??

  29. Low Voltage says:

    Why are people dying? Ask an auto mechanic why your car stopped running. He’ll tell you to bring it in, so he can take a close look at it.

    Humans are a lot more complicated than cars.

  30. Eric says:

    Jon- I’m with you on most of what you’ve been writing about.

    I got “covid” a few months ago and it was strange. Never had a sickness like it. I wasn’t overly sick- 2 days or so. I have been doubting others brain fog symptoms this whole time but when I had it it felt like it had a mental component to it that I’ve never experienced before.

    Once I was better I lost my sense of taste and smell for 4 or 5 days – also never experienced that before.

    What do you make of that?

  31. billy says:

    COVID If there is no virus, why are people dying 2022« Jon Rappoport’s Blog.htm

    I hav some friends who hav said they know they had it due to loss of smell and taste but these same people who i know hav had many colds and flulike ilness’s in the past also everyone seems to hav forgotten that “regular”, “typical” colds and flu cause loss of smell and taste but the constant brainwashing has them convinced those two symptoms prove they had “it” not to mention the new irrelevant at home test one took!

    And for any of you who think extended symptoms of from flulike illness is new, see Dr Jorge Dernas book prolonged flu (from flu vaccines).

    And I know many people including myself back in the early 2000’s who would catch “something’ and it would linger for weeks and come back, ebb and wane but eventually it would dissapear. This coincided with the beginning of chemtrail spraying here on long Island. Only lasted a couple years. Could it hav been be pathogenic priming of some sort, like the flu vaccines?

    Ever since high school in the 70’s there was always something going around but most of us never got “it”.

    this all is just repurposed “it” with tons of mind control thrown in!

    Couple that with the full scale assault in our food, air, water, medications, vaccinations etc.

    I mean hav you looked at “simple” iodized salt it contains sugar, fumaric acid and other garbage. no wonder this country has the sickest population.


  32. John says:

    I certainly agree with all of Jon’s points. The question I have, is which of these maladies causes the loss of smell and taste. It certainly isn’t any of those listed. Could this be the bioweapon created in Wuhan. I believe that weapon has been aerolsolized and dropped on various populations.

    • SDVeteran says:

      Influenza and related issues cause olfactory conditions. Do a simple google search (use the tools tab to choose dates prior to Dec 2019). I worked in ER for 7 years.

      Simple google search reveals:

      Postviral olfactory disorders usually occur after an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) associated with a common cold or influenza. With a prevalence between 11 and 40% they are among the common causes of olfactory disorders.

    • Petra Godfrey says:

      Phemonia symptoms are the just in the old days, we called it Dibble Phemonia, symptoms high fever, vomiting, severe way loss, lost of all smell and taste, fitigue, saw body, your two organs giving you fresh air to breath basically nearly shuts down.

      I had it many years ago nearly died, you know my life.

      Vit [B]12 injection, loads of vitamins, fresh air, especially sunshine, had it for two three weeks, but after these vit [B]12 two days I was walking around like a new person.

      this is the biggest lie ever, and people are brainwashed over and over again we are all been lied to, for the rich to get richer, especially pharnacotical companies,

      yes our immune systems are week. why, because we are the course, wrong goods, unhealthy diets, etc, so the real problem is us, with in us, we must change our habits, but there is no virus. A virus needs a host to survive can’t survive without it, out of the host a virus can’t and do not survive,

  33. José Roberto says:

    Would it all be a fraud disguised as Covid driven by a major global communist impulse?
    It seems to me that’s the case

  34. Dorothy says:

    Create mass hysteria and those who are asleep will bring the less informed into the fold. Remember Chicken Little. Henny Penny, more commonly known in the United States as Chicken Little and sometimes as Chicken Licken, is a European folk tale with a moral in the form of a cumulative tale about a chicken who believes that the world is coming to an end. The phrase “The sky is falling!” features prominently in the story, and has passed into the English language as a common idiom indicating a hysterical or mistaken belief that disaster is imminent. Similar stories go back more than 25 centuries;[1] it continues to be referred to in a variety of media. The story is listed as Aarne–Thompson–Uther type 20C, which includes international examples of folktales that make light of paranoia and mass hysteria.[2] There are several Western versions of the story, of which the best-known concerns a chick that believes the sky is falling when an acorn falls on its head. The chick decides to tell the king and, on its journey, meets other animals (mostly other fowl) which join it in the quest. After this point, there are many endings. In the most familiar, a fox invites them to its lair and then eats them all. Alternatively, the last one, usually Cocky Lockey, survives long enough to warn the chick, who escapes. In others all are rescued and finally speak to the king.

    In most retellings, the animals have rhyming names, commonly Chicken Licken or Chicken Little, Henny Penny or Hen-Len, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky or Ducky Daddles, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey or Goosey Poosey, Gander Lander, Turkey Lurkey and Foxy Loxy or Foxy Woxy.

    ~”Jataka Tales of the Buddha, Part III, retold by Ken & Visakha Kawasaki”. Retrieved 19 September 2014.
    ~The End of the World The Sky Is Falling, folktales of Aarne-Thompson-Uther type 20C (including former type 2033), in which storytellers from around the world make light of paranoia and mass hysteria, selected and edited by D. L. Ashliman, 1999

  35. How do you account for the excess morbidity in the past two years? The total number of deaths in the U.S. seems like an easy number to track and a hard number to fake. Here are two sites, for example:

  36. Peter Buczinsky says:

    Here’s what I’m finding it hard to understand. If there is no actual Covid disease or virus, why did so many millions of people around the globe suddenly begin getting sick at the same time starting in 2020, which was considered the beginning of the pandemic?

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