Breaking: Justin Trudeau, marauder

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2022

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I must interrupt my lineup of articles in order to cover this breaking development—

From Ultra Submarine Torpedo News: “Justin Trudeau has been contacted by the group, The Maggot Army, which is offering him a position of high rank in its Force.”

“’Mr. Trudeau,’ the invitation reads, ‘Ordinarily, we feed on corpses. However, as we stand back and admire you munching on the Canadian body politic and the population of the country, with your COVID policies, we’re reassessing our role. We see it’s possible to infest and attack the living. You’re a maggot of great stature. Will you consider partnering with us in our universal mission’…?”

AP Super Fact Checkers of North America was quick to respond: “Obviously, this is a sick joke perpetrated by the notoriously unreliable Submarine News organization. Maggots do, in fact, infect the living…”

Mr. Trudeau, who is presently in hiding to avoid the massive trucker convoy threatening to overturn his regime, issued the following statement yesterday, through his agent, Stasi Chief Helmet Born:

“As a child, I was fascinated by maggots. I studied them intensely with my tutor. When I was 16, I believe I made a brief psychic connection with a small group of those fellows in our barn. And now, all these years later, this. We Globalists are maggots of a kind. We clean out the old to make way for the new. The Canada we once knew is going away. It will be trimmed of excess fat and integrated into a worldwide system of governance. Love of country must be devoured. Why should I love Canada? You see, I was born at the top of the heap. I was already separate from the nation. In that situation, one automatically has perspective. Disinterested and detached perspective. My assigned mission is to tear away connections between people, by isolating them from each other. In a weakened state, they’ll be quite ripe for takeover. But this is a humanitarian operation, because in the long run, the Brave New World we’re creating will cherish every person and genetically equip every brain with what we call the satisfaction quotient. The automatic sensation that ‘everything is all right.’ Maggots contribute to that outcome.”

SS-Obersturmführer Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, praised Trudeau’s statement during his weekly podcast, “Achtung”: “For too long, we Globalists have had to endure attacks on our character, honor, and intentions. We, the closeted ones, must come out and declare who and what we are. Mr. Trudeau has just taken an important step in that direction, for our oppressed minority. The old world is not worth saving. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated this fact for the past 50 years. The COVID restrictions are based on fictitious lies. Of course they are. Why pretend otherwise? When you want to eat prey, you must capture him first. Shut him down. Limit his movement. Isolate him. Turn him into a fearful blob of protoplasm…”

From his new home in China’s Technocracy City, Former President Barack Obama told reporters, “The Canadian truckers and their dying ilk are the people I once referred to as bitter clingers with their guns and religion. Mindless robots. In 2009, I had to say I was a Christian, in order to get elected. This is the sort of fabrication we Globalists have been forced to assert, in order to survive. My good friend Justin is now coming out swinging, with both fists. He’s a maggot. Say it, Justin. You’re a maggot. Say it and be proud.”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

38 comments on “Breaking: Justin Trudeau, marauder

  1. Sean says:

    Control over others is everything. I serve and I still have a large supportive fearful and loyal following. And I will continue in this fashion. You can’t do anything. I will do this work forever.

  2. Sandman says:

    ”Say it!!!! ” Jon, you’ve done it again.

  3. Donna Bryson says:

    According to a whistleblower that was on Rudy’s show, Frankenfauci created this virus in conjunction with the CCP, being sent there by BHO with 2.5mil$$$. since the Congress had passed a bill to stop the creation of these destructive viruses like Ebola and HIV, among many others he had already created and dumped on the Africans to see how they ‘would react’ much like he did with the whole world this time! Don’t worry, he knew what he was doing! He is diabolical.

    • Terry BEar says:


    • john-oranje says:

      Well they created a STORY regardless of what they have been up to in the Wuhan lab.

      No infectious virus has been shown to exist.

      The death rate spiked only after they rolled out the fake vaccines. Prior to that the only epidemic was that of positive PCR tests non of which are indicators of disease.

      Why oh why are people still volunteering for tests?

      Even most of the truckers and the opposition to the lockdowns and mask madness probably still believe there really is a virus.

      The perpetrators of this worldwide psyop are likely amazed at how successful they have been.

  4. Ppanther says:

    Everyone must know by now that BHO Hates America! He has said so many times by word andby deed. He is behind the present puppet in the WH, or so it appears, and he is working to destroy our nation altogether by any and all means.,

  5. Ed says:

    For what he has done I think Fidel the father would have stuck a lit Cigar up his anal cavity

  6. Ppanther says:

    JT is another puppet. He is a puppet of the queen and her lizard family. They had to kill Diana, as she knew too much and they were afraid she would spill the beans. BHO is also a spawn of this evil family that has set out to conquer and destroy the whole world, whose father is satan.

  7. Speaking of ‘eating the living’ – “The automatic sensation that ‘everything is all right.’” – Reminds me of Harris’ Lector/Verger exchange. Harris (born the same day as I – yippee!) – wrote the predatory Lector making the… Flawed Verger character (not a one-to-one metaphor here) to ‘feel at ease’ and then while ‘everything was all right’ he Cheated Him of his own face – not even enough left to put an N-9-to-5 over – is Trudeau Hannibal? Are the public Mason Verger?

    Today is Gopher Gopher Island Day!

    So Jon, I would like to humbly and cordially wish you what might be the first of your awareness, but surely not the last, to wish you a very Happy Gopher Gopher Island Day! 🦩🌟🏝️

  8. Eluard says:


    I always (usually?) enjoy your cryptic posts. You remind me of Eliot in the Waste Land–or, more so, his famed (un-famed?) editor, King Ezra Pound (of, for me, the un-readable but formidable Cantos).

  9. From Elsewhere says:

    Justifiable homicide and other theories inspired Mengele and (in)famous mad scientists or so they appeared to their associates who fed them with victims as in the old days of ancient circuses, lions and feasts among cheers. Glory of the world… Who am I to complain?

  10. Opie Poik says:

    “Sometimes I think evil is a tangible thing – with wave lengths, just as sound and light have.” — Richard Connell, The Most Dangerous Game

  11. michael Burns says:


    “Trudeau a left leaning black-faced liberal of that kind who has an ancestry of communist connections, from the Trudeaus frequent trips to meet Castro and his mother’s ardent and feverism; and his father’s deep and submissive friendship for Fidel Castro. To, his father’s studies in Moscow and the legacy of polluted Liberal Unity politics in Canada that he shares with both his parents.”

    “Trudeau a failed leader whose paltry bid at even gaining a seat in the CCP controlled UN Security council. Is denied him by his masters in the CCP.”

    “The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is a consummate and skilled liar, that has failed repletely to lead the nation of Canada as a fair and just and truthful politician, like his father before him, he is a woke lefty liberal with no respect for tradition and the spirit of Canada; he has sowed divisive politics to split Canada and separate what was once together and soaked in Canadian sovereignty.”

    “Trudeau has consistently run a deficit government from 10 to 26 $billion a year that is escalating in its numbers, as time moves forward. He is hiding some very dirty and corrupted politics in the “WE Charity scandal”, the “SNC-Lavalin affair”; his pro “TPP agenda”, which is bound on lowering global wages and adding green and liberal controls. He is pushed and coerced by China; selling off bits and pieces of Canada to them, and his failed UN security council bid shows how much that push is working, as China gains more UN power and puts him in his proper place, when neccessary.”

    “Trudeau is a liar’s liar, and his 2020 federal deficit has plunged the Canada into a 252-billion-dollar deficit for the year. Which he again lies about. Trudeau does not know the truth, why would you listen to his COVID warning? The man does not know the truth. He is a professional liar.”

    “His ‘Operation Laser’, another scare tactic against a seasonal flu (Covid) with, again, a 99% recoverability is disgraceful for a politician to push as a danger. He is supposed to tell the truth and fight for the nation of Canada, to bring it together and not to waste the hard earn taxes collected from an over-taxed Canadian people who are at a breaking point with this lying, cheating, corrupt Liberal government. He is supposed to be for freedom for Canadians and real health.”

    “November 11th, 2021, Justin Trudeau failed to show up and commemorate the thousands of Canadians that laid their bodies in harms way to fight for freedom in two world wars. Trudeau saying, “…we should commemorate the dead in those battles fought, by staying at home.” And he released a statement, a cliché hallmark card of statement, with the ending “…lest we forget”.

    But you have drama teacher! You forgot, completely, about the thousands of young veterans that died.”

    “Trudeau has no respect for veterans or their rights, as his past associations with them can be seen.”

    “But it was okay for Justin to be out and about at mass protests against the police and undermining law enforcement with accusations of “systemic racism”, and taking a knee at a BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest on June 5th shouting “Amen” in agreement with the protesters. And at that CCP supported BLM protest with no social distancing and worries of a virus spread. What a hypocrite you are Justin…”

    “Lockdowns, restraints, laws, imposed restriction of life and liberty. Squandered Federally collected taxes given to parasites in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fashion, losers within our society who never ever worked; inmates in prisons, criminals and drug dealers, unqualified freeloaders on CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) those that do not deserve it, who do not work, and the Trudeau government throwing money around like a drunken sailor. And what next forced vaccination and COVID concentration camps Justin?”

    “This empty warning by the government of Canada, by the lying liar Justin Trudeau, could have been predicted easily months ago as this operation to install a “Great Reset” which aims to bring in a medical dictatorship and expanded government surveillance and control; the UN agenda of sustainability and digital currency and social credit system of green and banal, centrist fake Unity politics. Socialist politics. Global technocracy politics without spirit or morality. A technological communist machine to grind us up.”

    And now he insults a peaceful protest, the working class, he calls them a fringe group, extremists, dangerous and unruly. He cares less if they are taxed into bankruptcy whil;e he frivolously throw away their money, or gives it to a family member.

    Justin Trudeau is a true communist, a Chinese Communist Party communist.

  12. Paul says:

    Enter stage left.

    “Released,” October 2019,
    5 months prior to “pandemic.”

  13. george says:

    They will not stop. Unless they are stopped. […]

    In a column for the VC Star, one of USA Today’s California posts, titled, “California should abolish parenthood, in the name of equity,” the outlet apologetically states that “If California is ever going to achieve true equity, the state must require parents to give away their children.””

  14. Roundball Shaman says:

    That branch of ‘United States of America, Incorporated’ known as the ‘National Football League’ made some big news this morning.

    First, it must be noted that this entertainment organization branch of USA Government, Inc. is the ‘Circuses’ part of The Exceptional Nation’s ‘Bread & Circuses’ designed to keep the American public fully distracted on this nonsense run by billionaires and ad agencies and away from all the numerous ongoing Dark Powers activities behind the scenes. Keep the Public juvenile and occupied by NFL Shiny-Things like infants are fascinated with shiny keys in front of their clueless faces.

    And today’s ‘big news’? The Washington Football team, formerly known by an offensive racial name for decades, has been Woked Up and Shined Up and renamed as the Washington Commanders.

    Glory Be! This name satisfies the Woke Crowd, the PC crowd, and most of all, the United States of America, Incorporated Government for which is represents by having such a ‘commanding’ name as ‘The Commanders’. (Is that something like, ‘The Science!’)

    Let’s look closer at this name. What is a Commander, but one who… commands? And what is a ‘command’? The dictionary says, ‘To direct with authority’.. ‘To give orders to’…‘To have control or authority over’… ‘To rule.’.

    How sinfully appropriate. A sports-entertainment organization based in the Nation’s Capital that is named for ruling with authority, giving orders, having control, and just flat-out ruling in general.

    Aren’t those things exactly what the problem is today? Isn’t there far too much ‘ruling with authority, giving orders, and having control’ coming out of that place?

    Aren’t They just rubbing our noses further and deeper into this sad state of affairs?

    They have no shame. They don’t have to have any. Why? Because They always act as though They always rule with authority, give orders, and have control over us. They don’t know how to act any other way.

    Thanks!, team formerly known by an offensive-sounding nickname. You have Woked Up and freshened up and found a brand NEW offensive name to be called by.

    But that’s the NFL for you. From downplaying and covering up the concussion epidemic to pillaging public funds for new stadiums so you billionaires don’t have to pay for them yourselves to turning Sunday afternoons and evenings into corporation-agenda-pushing mind control sessions of endless Woked Up and social engineering commercials and memes… you just keep on doing it to us like you’ve done it to us for decades.

    And the sad part? The American Public just begs for more. More, please!


    • Martin Ferland says:

      Nicely said and right on the money Sir !!!!

    • john-oranje says:

      I agree with most of that but the original name “Washington Redskins” was a tribute to native Americans rather than a racial slur.

      Why would you name a team after a despised group or a people you consider inferior.

      You were being too PC yourself to quote the name.

    • Michael Burns says:

      I see the point, the rebranding into a more INCLUSIVE audience really, and maybe NOW, the team can have some TRANSGENDERED players, and it can become a FAIR player team, and some WOMEN can play ALSO, so IT’S about PERSONHOOD and not such a FUCKING MISOGYNIST TOXIC MALE (FMTM) event. AND, there are no losers, EVERBODY GETS TO SCORE and WINS at the end of the GAME, and season’s ends and EVERBODY gets a TROPHY and an a number #1 badge, and a RING…EVERBODY is in this “we are all in this together team”…holding hands… in the shower, patting everybody on the back and GROUP HUGS and inclusive…and yeah yeah yeah!!

      Maybe change the color of the uniforms to Sea-foam green, or chatreus pink, maybe cozy lavender????

      The Washington Redskins, what is a wrong with that?

      Okay… I got some better names, The “WASHINGTON WHITE SKINS”, the “WASHINGTON WHITES”?, the “WASHINGTON CLAN” the “WASHINGTON ZIPPERS”…how about the “WASHINGTON WASHING MACHINE”, they clean house, Eeerrrr, Ghrrrr…the Machine-Machine-Machine man, the “WASHINGTON VAXXERS” guaranteed to give you a heart attack or a clot?

      I guess, being Irish, I should get bent out of shape because of fucking Leprechuans being green little short fuckers on a cereal box…and being magically delicious. They are, when you slow-roast them, over a coal fire with barbecue sauce. They squeal a lot, but its worh the noise.

      Well, their the ‘Washington Redskins’ to me, and the ‘Chicago BlackHawks’ and the New England Whalers (nothing against obese people though), and the Cleveland Indians.

  15. Thanks for the excellent writing and the belly laughs, Jon!

    My favorite excerpt: “COVID restrictions are based on fictitious lies. Of course they are. Why pretend otherwise? When you want to eat prey, you must capture him first. Shut him down. Limit his movement. Isolate him. Turn him into a fearful blob of protoplasm…”

    Oh, well done!

  16. Threedog Zacha says:
    Schizer Pfwab penetrated Neil Young’s cabinet

  17. AJ says:

    In all, this is to the point. But none, NWO, fear any repercussions from average citizens. These tyrants responses show disrrspect for free people and the world. And they know only a very few will act directly against them. Each new episode of fear by the NWO narrows the path to complete control, world slavery.

    Putin is diabolical and determined to recover Russia’s past history by invading all countries it once controlled. And appeasement, by words, will not stop the coming invasions. This also includes China too. Who has gained access to many countries through loans, bribery, promises.
    History shows how many times China and Russia have ignored agreements, borders, people’s rights, caused mass murders, and other atrocities.

    Better to forcefully confront Russia now then every few years as Russia grows stronger. Same with China who will soon surpass the US militarily. Start deploying nuclear weapons world wide to give China, Russia and others notice that any invasions will be severely dealt with. Threats don’t deter tyrants. But a now win scenario will get their attention.

  18. Paul says:

    Bill Gates’ former doctor says the billionaire, “Refused to vaccinate his children.”

    ~ Rumble News

  19. Larry C says:

    ‘Mr. Trudeau,’ the invitation reads… ‘You’re a maggot of great stature.’

    This calls for a medallion to be struck in his honor!

  20. Donella says:

    Cap’n Blackface is a WEF Young Global Leaders graduate with Marxist blood running through his veins. Talk about a perfect fit for Herr Schwab’s globalist maggot army.

  21. Ingrid Bergman says:


    Are Canadian truckers organized in a trade union? If so, is this convoy organized by the trade union or by themselves? Who organized the convoy?

    I didn’t follow this issue from the beginning and I want to know how genuine, spontaneous and independent this convoy is. Or if there is something of “controlled opposition”.

    Donald Trump and Elon Musk support the truckers.

    In my South American country, the trade union of truckers, and all trade unions in general, are incredibly corrupt and they usually play the political game, sometimes in favor of the government, and sometimes as opposition.

    • nmbsp says:

      It looks to be controlled.

      You can see the videos that are around, as well as a promo video for the “European” version. You can see the direction and style and production…

      And then the whole thing looks to be like “occupy”…

      And so far they don’t seem to be saying anything really challenging or revealing of the scam…

      And a “truckers” thing happened again in Australia earlier…

      So yes, it looks to be controlled, as are most people/groups that you see.

      And it is so important that we focus on what we, are doing. Not just be sitting there hoping/waiting for “saviors”.

    • Larry C says:


      This short video may allay your suspicions.

  22. Paul says:

    “Creative masculine energy
    is the essential quality
    in any civilization.

    It’s how we got civilization
    in the first place.”

    ~ Tucker


    And Tucker, as a loving, devoted & protective
    family man, knows
    that women possess
    Qualities untold.

    He simply left it unsaid,
    for this/his specific,
    particular Piece.

    And I know,
    he knows,
    sans she,
    no us.

  23. Harry Houdini says:

    Hey Jon,

    Have not been here for quite a while but had to stop by to thank you so much for showing me the way in Feb 2020.

    I am not alone either as it was your repeated daily content of reality that allowed me to not waste a day believing or fearing these assholes.

    I recall in Mid march on a chat with one of the partners of a client and I said Covid is nonsense I believe. I think I said it was created by 5G actually.

    His lovely wife overheard me and it seems she is the top lawyer of Colorado land of the fee and home of the whatever. I hear her say I hope he gets Covid to her husband.

    I must say I was proud of it. Fuck em. I feel sorry for all of them though as they are deeply brainwashed.

    Or are they just assholes and fuckem? Either way THANK YOU for being you and using your time to help me to not spend even a day believing this assfuck lie.

    I remember 911. It was 3 days after the event and I was driving into the city as I lived in the NJ state. I had an American flag flapping that I had stuck on the gun in support.

    I got about 4 minutes from my house and I guess being away from the TV was enough. I stopped the car and pulled over to rip the fucking flag off the car and instantly realized I had fallen for the lie.

    Here we are decades later and I work with people that 100% believe the Towers pancaked down on top of each floor because a plane synthesized into them from a Holo image.

    I ask them why not use old planes always instead of all the work required to plan a building detonation.

    God help us all. We will survive in some way.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for being there and here.

    • john-oranje says:

      Anyone who still believes that the twin towers and building 7 were brought down by anything other than controlled demolition must have no ability for critical thinking at any level.

      You do not even need knowledge of physics to see what is obvious but professor Steven Jones lost his job painstakingly proving how they were demolished.

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