Is the virus real? Steve Kirsch suggests a debate

by Jon Rappoport

January 25, 2022

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My readers know that, for the past two years, I’ve been making the case that the virus is a scientific fiction, a con, and a cover story for tyranny that would make Hitler, Stalin, and Mao blush with envy.

Recently, the question has been attracting wider coverage: Does SARS-CoV-2 exist?

Entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist, Steve Kirsch, says yes. He offers to set up a 5-hour live video debate. He’ll send his experts and other side will send theirs. They’ll go at it.

What about the usual form of scientific debate, called the written word?

Buckle up.

Kirsch: “I don’t think the folks I’d ask to do this would want to spend time writing papers…They don’t even have the time to prepare their own papers. Doing written documents is much more time consuming than talking because people spend the time to make it bulletproof.”

Heaven forbid.

Kirsch: “None of the people on our team require that all discussions be in writing only.”

Of course not. Why would his team of scientists insist on the method by which science is accomplished?

Kirsch: “One of the commenters [to an article by Kirsch] wrote this: ‘But when someone really knows their shit they would much rather handle it in a live conversation; it’s much more efficient (you don’t spend hours writing) and it reaches a wider audience, and that audience has the benefit of tone and body language to affirm (or negate) the veracity and substance of what is being said.’”

Kirsch: “I agree with that.”

Truly awesome.

Tone and body language. Yes, of course. You know, that was Galileo’s problem when he was tried by the Inquisition for insisting the Earth rotated, and journeyed around the sun. If only he’d stood up straighter and spoken with unwavering clarity (in the manner of, say, a Walter Cronkite). He might have won his case. Because tone and inflection equal science. We all realize that. Obviously, Galileo didn’t know his shit.

Spending hours writing arguments about the existence of the virus—who would have the audacity to insist on that? As Kirsch points out, his experts are busy. It’s rude to interrupt them and ask them to make their case bulletproof. Science on Video tends to be based on “we KNOW we’re sure” and “the truth is OBVIOUS” and “WE’RE the pros.” That’s good enough, and you can sell it. If you, again, display convincing tone and body language.

In medical school, they teach this. “One day you students will be called on to defend your actions and opinions with pure bullshit. I tell you that now, to prepare you for the moment. How do you shape and transmit the bullshit? Do you do it through tiresome written reports, which run the risk of exposing the truth, engraved on the page, or do you stand up before a panel and look those people in the eye and tell a story that wows them? Do you fumble to clarify a point, or do you gloss it over with a quick-hitting generality that covers a crack in your armor? Careers are won and lost on that basis.”

Kirsch believes an exchange of papers between debaters is futile. Who can, or is willing to, pore through them and analyze them? And do those written exchanges actually cover all essential points? But with video, we NEVER EVER see opponents talking past each other or quickly changing the subject to avoid unpleasant revelations. Certainly not. We never see opponents smirking like entitled monkeys and making ad hominem accusations. We never witness slippery logic sliding by before it can be isolated and corrected. We never witness grandstanding for the audience’s benefit. It’s never show biz on parade. No mainstream expert would dare intone, “Ahem, in my many years as professor of so-and-so at such-and-such, having engaged in intense research on this question, and having authored over 60 papers on this very subject…”

And then there is the suggestion, as the commenter states, that the audience can decide…on the winner in the debate. Yes. What else is a debate FOR? Science is a democracy, and the audience is the proof of the pudding. Once they vote up or down, the deed is done. This is why, in medical journals, at the bottom of every paper and study, you see the poll question: “DO YOU THINK THIS ANALYSIS IS ACCURATE? CAST YOUR BALLOT. Depending on the outcome, we will maintain the study in our archive or retract it with an apology. Everyone can vote. You do not need to be a subscriber. We work for our audience every day. If the majority of you believes one of our authors has convinced you that the moon is a slice of soft brie on a plate or an elephant’s ass, we concur. This is called consensus, and what else could science be?”

Not long ago, I crashed my Gulfstream in the Himalayas, and after a harrowing journey to the GeFunkte Hospital in Berlin, as I was lying on the operating table, two surgeons debated whether I needed one or two transplanted hearts. Later, I was told a live stream of this discussion had been piped into the hospital waiting room, and the patients expressed an overwhelming preference for two hearts, based on the charismatic presentation of Surgeon Number One, who had studied Voice and Drama at the Julliard School in New York. So…two hearts it was. You can read about the groundbreaking operation in the Medical Journal of Audience Participation.

Published blow-by-blow descriptions of “isolating viruses” are quite dense to begin with. Perhaps one person in two hundred thousand can plow through them and understand them. Therefore, the debate about the existence of a virus starts with something in writing that, for most people, is impenetrable.

It’s no surprise that these descriptions are viewed with suspicion.

“We’re the expert virologists. Only we understand what we’re doing.”

“I see. So understanding virus isolation is like understanding RNA development and insertion into lipid nanoparticles which are injected into a few billion people.”

“Yes, exactly. Only we understand that whole process.”

“Got it. I have grave doubts about everything you’re claiming about the vaccine, but I completely accept everything you’re saying about the existence of the virus.”

In this particular debate about the existence of the virus, the devil really is in the details.

The details concerning exactly how virologists believe they are isolating viruses and sequencing them. As I say, reading the studies, one sees immediately that the accounts of these procedures are laden with technical terms and technical steps.

Those elements have to be analyzed and taken apart, to see whether they make scientific sense. In fact, a debate in writing is the sane way to proceed.

Settling the question of virus-isolation via video would be quite a challenge. An exceptional amount of good will and patience, from the mainstream virologists, would be required. I’ve never seen medical “experts” show those qualities, when the basic assumptions of their professions are on the line. I’ve seen them get up on their high horse, growl, bloviate, dismiss, generalize, tap dance, boil over, accuse, pretend to be oh so reasonable, with their pants on fire.

Someone will say, “But…but, let’s wrap all this up in one sitting. Video will accomplish that. I have things to do, places to go. We live in a fast-food world, face it.”

Yes, you have to go to the store with your mask on and maintain distancing; you have to look for a restaurant that won’t make you flash your vaccine passport; you have to show up at the school board meeting to tell the members what they can do with their mandate forcing your kid to take the shot; when they refuse to listen to you, you have to sell your house, pack up your belongings, and move with the kids from New York to Florida; and all the while, you have to keep deleting voice messages from your brother who’s telling you only the injection will save you and the family wants you institutionalized.

All these and so many more to-do’s begin with the assumption that a virus exists.

So a debate on this point ought to be complete and rigorous.

If the only possibility is a video, have a go. But the written word is far superior.

“Counsel, you have a video where the defendant discusses how he can steal a billion dollars from the pension fund?”

“Yes, Your Honor. But we also have a letter of agreement between the defendant and the head of the Montebello crime family. The letter reveals the defendant has already stolen the money, and will give it to the mob in exchange for certain favors.”

“A letter, you say? Words? Sentences? In writing, on a page? Signed? And it can be read?”

“Yes, sir. Writing is an older form of expression. It’s now being phased out. But it stands up quite well. It’s bulletproof.”


The non-existent virus; an explosive interview with Christine Massey

Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

105 comments on “Is the virus real? Steve Kirsch suggests a debate

  1. Ana says:

    Thank you Jon.

    • Kyle Newcomb says:

      Just tell them you want me to moderate/sit as presiding judge and that cross examination is of the essence.

  2. Jason says:

    great to see you addressing Mr Kirsch’s ramblings so eloquently

    • kiwi says:

      kirsch strikes me as a gate keeper, he has been offered to debate kaufman, cowan, and lanka said no, i don,t bother with his rubbish any more

      thanks Jon for all you do


  3. Mos Craciun says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words :

    “Why an Isolate is not an isolated virus”

    • Hey Mos, that’s great. You have any more data like that? thanks Kerry

      • Andrew McKim says:

        Yes, I second that motion. This is the kind of instruction we need. I learned from your infographic something that’s puzzled me. It turns out after they isolate the virus in their soup cocktail that they just SKIP the part where they’re supposed to test this so-called “isolation” to see if it actually will make somebody sick.

        We need even more detail than what this infographic depicts. We need clear explanations of the terminology, i.e., what is a primer? etc.

        • Jay says:

          AFAIK no scientist ever really fulfilled Koch’s Postulate on SARS-COV-2. If so the virus nonexistent, it’s pandemic hoax. Then why 800,000 reportedly died from COVID in USA? NIH COVID treatment protocol killed them, and they overcounted died from morbidity, heart attack, vehicular accidents, suicides, etc., all died from COVID.

    • ST says:

      Thank you for the picture!

    • Andrew McKim says:

      This is EXACTLY the sort of thing we’re missing. We need more graphic illustrations or videos which DETAIL the process in a way that’s comprehensible like your infographic does. We need MUCH more of this sort of teaching material.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      No doubt!

      Too many missing steps there, to consider the process complete and accurate.

      This is a plain example of “short-cutting” the Scientific Method.

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Excellent! I sent it around to people with a note. “Not to mention that there are allegedly ‘thousands of viruses’ in our bodies. And only one type in this soup?”

      I saved this picture! Thank you for sharing it.

    • Keith C says:

      This is excellent Mos Thanks so much for posting it!!!

    • liz says:

      just thought I’d mention, it’s not “controlled experiment,” it’s experimental control.

    • Bilbo says:

      Thanks for that

    • George McFetridge says:

      Nobody can overturn Koch’s postulates. Don’t be swayed by the fuzzy-thinking sophists supporting the hoax.

  4. oranje says:

    “Because tone and inflection equal science. We all realise that. Obviously Galileo didn’t know his shit.”

    That paragraph and the reference to Walter Cronkite made me laugh out loud. It took me a while to read the rest.

    I was given two hearts by public acclaim.

    Medical treatment decided by votes.

    Another great article Jon.

    If no one believed the virus existed, would it really matter if it existed or not.

    The crucial beliefs seem to be in contagion and that the disease exists and is deadly.

    Also the insane idea that if you are healthy you can still transmit a deadly disease to another healthy person.

  5. M Brenner says:

    In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

  6. Neo-Paradigm says:

    Now in the EU if you’ve been jabbed against the vaccine or if you can show proof that you’ve recovered from the virus, you are free to travel.

    On the other hand, if you are unvaccinated, and over the last two years remained in vitally good health, you must show a negative test and then quarantine. The healthy are threatening society and must be separated out. This is SICK!!!

    Belief that an invisible enemy lurks in human breath will leave us at the mercy of tyrants forever.

    • elena says:

      ‘forever’ doesn’t last, but ‘ours’ for us – will.

      Tyrants would be and even should be with us since we worked hard to pave the soil for them, welcomed them to break our necks successfully and for good, and couldn’t survive if they were gone of our boats.

  7. sk says:

    What it all boils down to is references. You can do original research but all your premises leading up to that are based on the work of others, found in the references.

    As for the original work, in science it needs to be reproducible otherwise it is garbage.

    In an oral debate it is not difficult to make claims that are hard to refute on the spur of the moment, use ambiguous words that you can weasel your way out of later, or just try to run out the clock so your opponent cannot answer an objection thoroughly.

    Kirsch got the vax. That already makes me suspicious of what he has to say.

    • Lady M says:

      On the contrary, because Steve Kirsch said that he and his three daughters were vaccinated, I give him much more credit that he is devoting himself to finding out the horrors of these injections and trying to prevent others from being poisoned.

      • AJ says:

        You are completely fooled and shows that you are easily influenced. Even a monkey would not get vaxxed after reading articles of the millions of reported disabilities and deaths attributed to being vaxxed.

        • George McFetridge says:

          I’m not so sure, AJ. I heard a friend talking about his wife getting screwed up by Moderna today, and it was ‘oh well, shit happens’ I think he likes her quite well, too.

          Never underestimate people’s ability to sell out their humanity, particularly in their abandonment of substantive questioning – our death-knell as a species.

      • AJ says:

        Further you know the horrors, disabled and deaths, that a gun can inflict. Do you need to shoot your self and daughters to prove it. Use some logic. This guy is a paid shill.

      • liz says:

        Hardly. If he is so stupid as to look for the answers AFTER he and his children have been jabbed, then why should anyone listen to this guy? That is dumber than dirt.

        “Doctor, doctor, I’ve just taken a deadly poison. Will it harm me???”

  8. Eric JAcobson says:

    It’s interesting that the only way to “prove” that SARS-Cov-2 is a real and virulent virus is to have a debate whether it exists or not!

    It seems to me that’s proof in itself that there has never been a pandemic with a killer virus on the loose.

    Would we really need to debate the validity of a “killer virus” if a true pandemic has devastated the world over the past two years?

    I don’t recall tripping over dead bodies in the grocery store aisles or assisting in the dragging of bodies recently expired off the streets and into the morgue in my town.

    The Covidian cult is well established now. No amount of debating, whether on video or through thoroughly written papers would persuade the masses to reject the “Covid scam”.

    • Tom says:

      Right you are, sir!

    • Zanz33 says:

      “I don’t recall tripping over dead bodies in the grocery store aisles or assisting in the dragging of bodies recently expired off the streets and into the morgue in my town.”

      EXACTLY the point I have been trying to get across since day one.

      That, alongside the madness of trusting the UK govt actually cares about people’s health, headed by Boris Johnson, who wrote about over population in a Tory newspaper in 2015

    • Jim S Smith says:

      For as many people as I have been around, then –

      Funny how the worst I experienced – was just a bit heavier a head-cold (as is usual for the winter months for me)? ? ?

      “Fear and paranoia” were MORE the “pandemic”, than any questionable “virus” was!

  9. Brett A Gleason says:

    We all know damn well too many people would look like fools if the virus was a conjured thing. Not to say all the billions of dollars to answer for.

    Jon, you among a few others like Andy Kaufman should beware of these goons coming for you. Like I said with that kind of money you could become a risk. Be careful, trust no one.

  10. What people avoid doing or omit, speaks the loudest. Like the used car salesman that forgot to mention the car was in a flood.

    Excellent article. This audience is one in a million at best to have the tenacity, interest, and ability to plug through research and connect the dots that clearly there is no virus.

    * I said there was no virus immediately because nobody was dying from a volume or numbers perspective. Forget their phony numbers. It wasn’t the leftovers of Pompeii with the volcano. Now THAT was an emergency.

    IF, and I state IF the bad guys had a killer virus, they would have led with THAT…because we’d all fall in, more or less, without a fuss.

    But “Virology” is only a hypothesis that never made it to theory. it’s a claim that you can single out the “bad” micro organisms from the billions of the rest. Yeah BS. Was never done.

    I look around today at work and they say, “boy you just don’t even know when you got it, and then you’re sick. This thing sure is going around (last few weeks).

    Yeah, everybody is sick at work. Like it’s always been for the 20 years I’ve been there. It’s winter, you’re indoors with heros that never take a day off, making sure they spread around everything, coughing and hacking.

    That’s life. Remember that? Remember going to urgent treatment and they’d laugh at you “there’s always something going around” (buck up you pussy…).

    Notice how in the “dark ages” people blamed the “devil” for everything. What’s changed? Covid = Devil. Vax = Priest-blessing.

    Collective Religion at its finest.

    • Donella says:

      Yes. My resentment for stupid, brainwashed idiots grows a little deeper every time I go out now.

      I witnessed an elderly man collapse in a checkout line at the grocery store. Staff helped him into a chair someone had grabbed and then about five or six people crowded around him asking him questions.

      All of them, including this man who was barely conscious, were masked. NOT ONE of them even thought to take his mask off to let him breathe.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * Collective Religion at its finest. *


      That was beautifully succinct!

  11. Sanjoy Mahajan says:

    Thank you for an old-fashioned plea for sanity in a world gone mad.

    For in the current system of totalitarianism, even more important than the virus fraud seems to be its prerequisite fraud: regression away from the written word.

    At least in the Anglophone countries, it starts with the child abuse known as whole-language reading instruction. My older daughter had gone through over a year of it until we realized that, nearly 7 years old, she couldn’t read “dog.”

    And no wonder! Instead of learning the forty or so English sounds, which would also serve for reading in any language, and learning the several ways that these sounds are encoded in written English — i.e., learning to decode using proper phonics — the kids were given random scraps of paper with lists of “sight words” to memorize by their last letters, their middle letters, and even their printed shape — anything but decoding a word left to right. And they were taught to guess words according to nearby pictures. The “logic” was that children to speak their native language by hearing it without any formal instruction, so let’s do the same for reading.

    When students didn’t learn to read or learned to “read” haltingly via guessing at word shapes, the school told parents that their child was dumb. The school’s further defense was that their way of teaching was the standard way. Although I could hardly believe it, they were right on that point. Most of the Anglophone world uses whole language to teach reading. It’s now often hidden under the new name of “balanced literacy,” invented because whole language has got such a bad name.

    The brain damage gets compounded as students get older.

    One day, I walked by the local high school and found students outside in the park with handouts and protractors. A student told me that they were in the honors geometry course and were using trigonometry to measure the heights of trees. Having fond memories of my own geometry days and the textbook, I found the teacher to ask what textbook was being used for the course.

    He told me a sad tale. The math department in the high school forbade the use of textbooks in the “lower-level math courses” (which I took to mean Algebra I, Geometry, and maybe Algebra II)! The justification was “learning styles”: the educational hokum that students allegedly learn best through their preferred sensory style, auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc. One, two, let’s all dance the quadratic formula!

    He disagreed with the textbook ban. It resulted, he explained, in 25-year-olds doing amateur curriculum design each evening as they hunted the internet for worksheets or videos that “cover the standards.” He would much prefer students to get a carefully developed textbook that had been improved through years of testing and experience (like the one that I had used, whose author I still cannot remember).

    I later asked the the high school’s mathematics department head (already suspecting the answer): “What textbooks are used in the Geometry and Algebra II courses?” The answer: “Currently there is no one textbook that our teachers use. They pull from a variety of resources to ensure that the curriculum is covered.” Translation: We use no textbooks at all. Instead, teachers download random scraps of worksheets from the internet and tell students to find videos online.

    I’ve taught physics, mathematics, and engineering in universities for 20+ years. Each year, but quite noticeably starting around 2010 (perhaps because the iPhone had spread everywhere), students got less and less willing to read textbooks. For example, in one core mechanical engineering course at MIT, only 5% of the students had even opened the (required) textbook.

    It’s a difference from my memories of college. My favorite day of the quarter was book-buying day. I went to the bookstore, looked at the books required and recommended for each course, and chose my courses by how fascinating the books seemed.

    And then I would read the books and learn the material. Especially in my physics courses, the professors mostly read the textbooks out loud to us via copying much of the text into their notes. Thus, the textbook would made its way into our notes with many more mistakes than were in the textbook. It was simpler and more educational to skip lectures and study the good textbooks directly.

    Can a dumbed-down population, one that reads rarely and desires to read less often, sit down long enough and think through whether infectious viruses are real and dangerous or a figment of Rockefeller medicine? Sadly, to ask the question is to answer it.

    But it is worth trying to educate people, as you are doing so well, for it’s our only hope.

    • Michael burns says:

      Can a dumbed-down population, one that reads rarely and desires to read less often, sit down long enough and think through whether infectious viruses are real and dangerous or a figment of Rockefeller medicine?

      … Asked and answered.

      The average child has the attention span of a gerbil now, does not know what gender it is…

      They are being prepared for a life that will be lived in the Metaverse, the successor of the internet; WEB3. A visual place, a virtual reality. They will own nothing and create nothing and pretend they are real…

    • william wooten says:

      i had not realized this insanity that there are no textbooks. On the other, the Rockefellers founded the education board which actually said that it did not want genius or even philosophers or brilliant scientists. Instead they just wanted people to do their jobs.

      Take mathematics for instance, as you mentioned there was algebra one and algebra two and geometry etc. You see it was all purposely compartmentalized. There was no sense of history and how mankind came to understand more and more mathematically. This was done on purpose so that one did not learn to go to the source and question assumptions or that how mankind’s thought process led to new discoveries.

      And of course the men’s lives behind the mathematics was also suppressed. Take Pythagoras and his theorem, many students know the theorem but few know anything about Pythagoras. But of course, Pythagoras life is the last thing the rulers of the world would want you to know about.

      You see he was a revolutionary, an enemy of the state. He never died of old age, instead he refused a leading citizen of the day into his society. He therefore challenged the power structure and thereafter there was a witch hunt to track him down and kill him. It is not clear if they did find him or he killed himself by starving himself to death. Herodotus or one of the leading historians of the day said that no man knew his past lives better than Pythagoras. So maybe that is why it is said he starved himself to death if he actually did. In this way he might be fully conscious at the point of death and therefore he could transcend as a fully conscious being. Of course this is speculation, but the point the power structure promotes atheism because when one has to fight and struggle against the power structure it will be much more difficult if one believes in nothing, if one believes at the end you just turn to dust.

    • elena says:

      that is why this country would go straight to hell (‘Am. beauty’), if the hell door were reopen for the dumb and useless. The hell admin. stated the could not make any cooking anymore out of nothing. I it too late to think it through.

    • elena says:

      well said. pity we can’t go to hell – mr. dark did clean his house recently and we are on our own, he stated when kicking our auras away from his kingdom of darkness. And, in this case, all we can do is to rely on disable rulers who read for us what they have been written down helping us with our straggles they had created for us on our requests.

      we live – we die and the wheal on the bus go round and squared

  12. Tom says:

    And you wonder how these idiots got rich in the first place.

  13. Ah, Jon.

    I’ve found the perfect themesong for Kirsch and the Kirscholes!

    It’s from the album I listened to the other day, Radiohead’s “The Bends”, and the song is “Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was” ~

  14. Paul says:

    “In fact,
    a debate
    in writing
    is the sane
    to proceed.”



    I respect & support Dr. Robert Malone.

    I do realize, your counsel, of working through, a SYSTEM, so enormous, so interconnected, that IT has become a cartel, of gigantic & ruling power.

    All who have been with you, from the beginning, of your staunch WRITINGS, knows, of what you “speak.”

    But alas, we find ourselves here.

    So I think, a multitude of honest voices is desperately needed. And said debate, whether in written or spoken format, will tug at all strands.

    I believe Dr. Malone is sincere, honest, & dare I say, noble.

    I speak for no one, but self.

    Does Dr. M. feel regret, at the way his invented technology… (lipid attachment/surrounding mRNA, to enhance cell entry, [if I am correct]) … has been utilized by others? I cannot say.


    [gist only, I no longer have her article, as my phone auto deletes over time.
    I hope I have it correct,
    if not, apologies to her].

    Celia Farber, I think, during Christmas time, wrote a Piece, & commenting on the spike protein, or perhaps Dr. M. said (something like):

    (“Well… that’s a different discussion, for a different time.”)


    Perhaps that time has arrived.

    Perhaps it’s time
    “to pour through,
    the pore.”

    • elena says:

      this place’s name did undergo some numerous name changes recently and has a tendency to never stop on that:

      it is renamed again and it is called now The united corporate crapy crimes of discounted devils, liars and dumpsters state of concentration camp america.

      Devil closed the invitation gate and said he is tired to trash his house in an infinite fashion. So, you, he said, is on your own.

  15. lex says:

    and you expect people to read?
    and reading papers is NOT a debate

  16. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Tone and body language… that was Galileo’s problem when he was tried by the Inquisition for insisting the Earth rotated, and journeyed around the sun…”

    Hey, presentation is important! He should have hired a Life Coach and a literary agent.

    “Spending hours writing arguments about the existence of the virus—who would have the audacity to insist on that?… his experts are busy.”

    “We’re busy doin’ nothin’
    Workin’ the whole day through
    Tryin’ to find lots of things not to do
    We’re busy goin’ nowhere
    Isn’t it just a crime
    We’d like to be unhappy, but
    We never do have the time”
    – Bing Crosby song

    “In medical school, they teach this. ‘One day you students will be called on to defend your actions and opinions with pure bullshit’.”

    They also teach this in Political Science courses and religion seminaries. Not to mention ad agencies and Corporate State mass media. And… many, many marriages.

    “Science is a democracy, and the audience is the proof of the pudding.”

    That’s the ticket. Mob rule. Majority decides. And when the Majority is as empty-headed and prone to manipulation as people are today… we can have great faith in what The Mob will decide for us all.

    Throw out all true science protocols and methods. Do away with honest investigation and exploration. Turn Science into Mob Rule… and even better… what we have today: Science for Purchase. Determine your conclusions first, then pay some lackeys in lab coats to concoct a ‘scientific’ justification for the conclusion that you’re paying for.

    “Writing is an older form of expression. It’s now being phased out.”

    Writing is sign of intellect and intelligence. Today, we have very little left of either. So it’s only natural that writing would be phased out of society because the School System Industrial Complex is turning out students today that CAN’T READ. So if they can’t read, what do we need writing for? Instead, let’s just go with…

    Nothing more than feelings…
    Feelings, whoa, oh, oh, feelings
    Whoa, oh, oh, feel it again…
    Feelings, whoa, oh, oh, feelings
    Whoa, oh, oh, feel it
    Whoa, oh, again’
    – Morris Albert song

  17. Hilarious comeback. Kirsch is starting to look very silly. I’d never even heard of him until this so he’s a clown from beginning to end for me. A flash in the pan, video star maybe with a chip on his shoulder coz writing is superior and he ain’t got it.

    • Marlene says:

      He is an MIT engineering grad…a Silicon Valley guy mucho bucks…bought the covid and the jabs hook line and sinker, then people he knows died from the vaccine.

      He started doing research he can do numbers real well.

      He did a presentation to fda advisory telling them do not approve jab for kids.

      He has a sub stack – we are in a foxhole, we can’t be picky about our mates in there with us.

      It doesn’t matter if he believes in a virus, he knows the jabs are poison…perhaps he will come to the germ theory negation later.

      He organized the anti-mandate rally.

      He has put his reputation on the line.

      He offered anybody who can prove him wrong about the danger of the covid vax 1,000,000 dollars – no takers so far.

      • George McFetridge says:

        Dr Stephan Lanka has posted online a similar offer for almost 2 years. No takers. Koch’s Postulates hold up.

  18. Eluard says:

    Just think about the plandemic like any carnival ride, especially the circular ones, the carousel or the ferris wheel. Up, down, around, sometimes sideways, you move. And you always return to the spot where you started.

    Jon was saying exactly 2 years ago, this thing was manufactured from top to bottom. The cases, the test, the responses, the virus itself. Watch, in January 2023 or 2024, most will have acknowledged Jon’s points of view–astonishingly–as if it was THEIR OWN–the whole time.

    The “experts” who still see those things in monkey kidney cultures, yes, will still be mumbling from their corners. And, probably, still receiving government grants, to study those things. But their voices will be minor and their falsities translucent.

  19. Michael burns says:

    Interesting that you picked this one among so many…

    They call this guy a “Misinformation superspreader” — talk about a weaponized phrase. Superspreader…hah. Now there’s a joining of two ideas.

    Like some kind of techno spider Stevo is going around grabbing people by the head and injecting a big misinformation egg in their ear. Conflicting ideas, sowing cognitive dissonance like Spring seeds.

    He’s been abandoned by his scientific team for what he is, misinformation for hire, an autistic — an Aspergian psychopath… one of those Silicon Valley, MIT twits that took over kalifornia. And won’t be happy until the whole state is knee deep in homeless shit and the forests are all burned down and the place is a meta-verse version of rainbows and unicorns, lollipops and fuckin squishes.

    Speed-cubers at big box stores. And all the kalifornia galleries full of NFT’s. It’ll be lovely!

    Logic tells me there’s a game a foot with old Stevo. I sense an autistic master plane.

    He believes in the virus being isolated because his friends who are also geniuses tell him so, but Steve is a system thinker.

    The truth is that Steve has trouble with the written language, he is visual – being autistic, and so words are not cognitive, they require that one use a dictionary and clear their thinking, to write and rewrite, a well thought out an clear response to a set of queries. If not correct, logic enables the reader to affront the fallacies and as you’ve stated; slippery logic.

    Of course, slippery logic and I are old friends, we went to separate schools together. But I do know, that Steve cannot hide his thinking. As deduction shows me, how he thinks – he’s an inventor, imaginative, the inventor of the optical mouse.
    BSc, MSc, in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT. A search engine inventor, inventor of a digital identity system using cryptography to replace usernames and passwords under a NSTIC goals.
    Trust, identity, optics and cryptography, blockchain security, it is, far to obvious… but the fly in ointment is his affiliation with the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA). The likelihood of me being right, is well… I’d bet on it.

    “Many of RPA’s financial investments go towards ostensibly apolitical endeavors such as art initiatives, environmental sustainability, and promoting healthier relationships between men and women. However, most of the groups highlighted on its website have left-leaning social-change missions such as those related to race, the environment, and gender.”

    Yes, “…promoting healthier relationships between mean and women.” And they have some $240 million US of their OWN money backing that idea up. Never mind the copious numbers of Philanthropic foundations in the wings.

    And then there is Steve’s “COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF)” funded by the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA).
    And the RPA funded Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF).

    So RPA funds organizations that create narratives to strife in minorities by associating that the judicial and US police systems target minorities. They fund the Earth Charter, an environmental coalition clusterfuck that attacks any but the UN IPCC mandate. Women’s rights, abortion and birth control. The LIGHT Awards, Oh My Gawd, I’m drowning in corn syrup!!!!

    This involves some of the richest foundations in America, and I mean RICH.

    They fund Climate change urban initiatives in 100 resilient cities.

    RPA is guerilla warfare, a CIA counter-intelligence version of WEF changing the Great Narrative, there they are in the trenches funding grants, for shitheads that like to throw semantic hand grenades up and down main street.

    This is, one of the first volleys…

    The Great Narrative is being changed and soon a connection will be made to climate, tying Covid and Climate together, a sort of Force Multiplier tactic of the US military, the next biggie in their arsenal of misinformation and propaganda and the accelerating WW III that we are presently in…

    The game is afoot and Steve is neck deep in it. The written word requires patience and an astute attention to the details, written and thought out — and a likely and usual 100 day shelf life on the Internet, unless someone copies it and shares, or its archived, whereas a speaking contest appeals to the emotional landscape of the autistic left immediately and is easily scrubbed when necessary…

    The object through RPA is to ‘visually’ change the narrative in the minds of the autistically confused or fence-sitting slightly touched ASD’s or neurotypicals (sorry couldn’t help myself).

    The written word is an unchangeable document; evidence.

    This is a war for your mind, a cyber-war so, “They’re” changing the type of troops in the trenches and since a majority of our side is the written word, blog and document driven. To appeal to their left, who might be changing sides, you need a group groping touchy feely contest, an, Us against Them contest.

    The Great Narrative requires video and meta-think and metaverse. Reverse psychology and a pseudo honey trap to gain algorithmic advantage, in Steve’s appeal to the dopes.

    Steve Kirsch is a slimy reptile fuck, a controlled opposition SOB. He knows what he’s doing, there is no doubt.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      I want a copy of the first book you publish.

    • Cris M. says:

      Core post burns. Beside the rest, needs repeat.
      ‘This is a war for your mind, a cyber-war’

      If people make their own minds they aren’t able to be warred over. Tv and tv phones are not friends.
      People need to connect and share info in real life. Again core post. People should make note.

  20. The Watchman says:

    Good article as usual Jon and linked today as usual @

    I perhaps may have a differing opinion than a few readers as I am not here to criticize other people’s views on aspects of the virus or vaccines.

    I have been to Kirsch’s Substack as well as Malone’s and others. I am constantly looking for information to inform myself and others and to link and to make rational decisions.

    Just because you don’t agree 100% with someone’s views, does not mean that they can’t be a valid source of information sometimes.

    I realize many have a certain followers who get offended if the person they are following are criticized by someone else. Comments are interesting if they provide further insights. If they are just used to throw insults, then they are of no interest to me. I think I saw 2 days of insults and hurt egos on both Dr Malone’s and Alex Berenson’s Substack pages because Alex had questioned Malone.

    It would be nice if people and commenters just stuck to relevant information and disagreement was fact based such as in your article and not just someone shooting off their mouth!!!!

    • homegirl says:

      “Just because you don’t agree 100% with someone’s views, does not mean that they can’t be a valid source of information sometimes.”

      This is a really important point.

      Today, in some ‘journalism’ classes it’s okay to disregard large swathes of information if the author has been supposedly discredited by, for example, saying they don’t agree with the official 9-11 doctrine. And because of that, they and their articles on anything, and anyone that cites them, become demented conspiracy theorists. No thinking required! Saves time and guarantees a good grade.

    • Some thoughts for your consideration:

      I think that Jon’s argument against Kirsch and Malone et al is that they rest their “relevant information” on a fraudulent platform, i.e., germ theory. So, they can talk all day about “alternative treatments for covid,” but if “covid” is really CovAin’t, then how is discussion of treating a no-thing relevant?

      I comprehend that “people get sick,” but if we all keep believing that “viruses” are both internally disease-causative AND transmissible to others, we’re predicating our arguments on made-up facts that serve only the interests of those corporations keeping the lies alive.

      So, they can talk about “getting” a cold or the flu or the covid: It’s all based on fraudulent germ theory. The truth is that people get sick because 1) they don’t take care of themselves mentally and physically, and/or 2) they are bombarded by environmental toxins like pesticides, EMFs, etc., and pills and other pharmaceuticals including but not limited to poisons directly injected into their bodies.

      I mean, why is it that so many people have to fall ill before they consider their health and well-being? Over, and over, and over, and over.

      And to that point: Six years ago, I began questioning “the Science™®©℗” of germ theory/virology. Lo and behold, I have not gotten another “cold” or “flu” since, despite having succumbed to these “illnesses” every year of my life prior to my analysis/evaluation of that highly profitable medical model.

      Finally, isn’t it interesting that med-tech cartel career clowns use the term “contracting” an illness? Do we make “contracts” to harbor diseases? My personal experience tells me that this is indeed the case.

  21. bg says:

    A debate is as helpful as a study. Not helpful.

    An ESSENTIAL prediction of germ theory is contagion. This hypothesis – that SICKNESS is transmittable through physical proximity – is easy to falsify (or not) using the scientific method. The experiment is cheap easy and reproducible. Put SICK people and healthy people in the same room and count how many healthy get sick compared to an “unexposed” control group. DONE. Gallups Island 2022 let’s do this!

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      I used to work in the medical field. I cannot recall ever “catching” any illness from anyone.

      I get a cold if I feel stressed and my sleep gets disrupted. I have gotten a cold after returning home from traveling. When I travel, my stress level goes up and my sleep schedule gets disrupted. My eating patterns and foods change.

      I have never gotten sick from food served in a restaurant.

      I hear people tell me that they catch things from other people. Why aren’t the medical staff in medical centers perennially sick? Seems they should be, if people “catch” respiratory illnesses.

      I hear people tell me that everyone in their house “came down with the same thing”. Maybe they have the same stressors and sleeping and eating patterns?

      Maybe people are susceptible to the nocebo effect?

      Just observations.

    • I’ve been in the same bed night after night with my wife coughing, sneezing, blowing her nose, touching me and she just doesn’t understand why I don’t come down with what she has. But then again, I’m not on a bunch of prescription drugs, I’m not 80 pounds overweight and I exercise regularly. That may be a clue. PLUS, I’ll go out in the sun on a decent day wearing not much but a short pair of shorts. And if I’m overweight it’s because muscle is denser then fat.

    • Michael burns says:

      Interesting and good point.

      Having contemplated this myself a number of times…I was listening to Jordan Peterson on Joe Rogan and the point came up about the Canadian government changing through a bill the ideology of gender, and Peterson was enrage at the sense that this would infect the minds of those troubled with gender and stable as far as identity, specifically autistic young girls and their identity.

      It made complete sense and your point touched on my own thought that this whole affair is more about how much propaganda has been pump into the idea of a contagion in the environment. Rather than an unusually difficult flu running its course.

      The idea of Covid; the constant and continuing coverage in the media, the cases and the numbers, the new variations and the complete thought form working like dark magic on a society driven by a ponerological elite. The brainwash has been complete and actually when I realized it , it shocked me to understand how many are on the spectrum and easily infected by the mind virus.

      The psychopath is very much about taking a given and turning it into a weapon against what he hates.

      The whole idea about masks and social distancing and danger even entering a restaurant or public place is the weaponizing of our social life, they stooped so low as even to weaponize family gathering making it toxic to be with others…the deep seated fear of that contagion.

    • Bob says:

      Well it wouldn’t be that cheap and certainly not that easy to prove/disprove contagion. Not that i buy into this shit, but still not easy at all.

      Think about it. Two things need to be proven. 1. That the sickness is transmitting (healthy persons becoming ill after coming in contact with ill people), and 2. that what is causing it is the thing they actually say is causing it

      So you need to have 2 experiments, one where healthy people are exposed to sick people, and another where healthy people are exposed to the isolated “pathogen” from the sick people.

      So for the first one, you’d have to eliminate all of the confounders, meaning – it needs to be a metabolic ward study (but not only that, it needs to be a sterile environment) – where subjects interact in negative pressure chambers so that no OTHER potential “pathogens” are present in order to prove that the only possible thing causing sickness is what is being transmitted from a sick person (not from environment. That alone is one hell of a task to perform, not undoable, but certainly not cheap and easy. You’d also need to eliminate any other confounders, such as EMFs and any potential environmental toxins, and not only from the immediate environment, but ALSO from WITHIN the subjects, given that chronic toxemia can be unpredictable and cause sickness when a subject carrying a toxic load encounters unexpected stress (such a study would most definitely count as severe stress on the subjects)

      Also, you’d have to have subjects isolate for some time before you begin the experiment (i.e. 2-3 weeks or so) to account for “incubation”, or in other words to be able eliminate possible previous “contagion” that happened before the experiment. Remebmber, trying to disprove a hypothesis means honoring the actual hypothesis. Not undoable at all, but expensive as hell.

      And also you’d need a placebo group of healthy people that get exposed to fake-sick people at the same time – to measure against the test group – and all these people in the placebo group also need to be isolated beforehands, and get exactly the same treatment as the test group.

      And then, you need to cross everyone over from the test group to the placebo group and vice a versa and do the same experiment again.

      And then you need to do it all over again with the isolated “pathogen” in order to prove that there isn’t something other than the pathogen of interest in this specific group of sick people that is preventing them from transmitting illness to other groups.

      So let’s say you want to do this test with 30 subjects in three groups> sick/healthy(test)/healthy(placebo). You’d need 90 isolation chambers and you need NOBODY to come in contact with anyone other that healthy people encountering either sick people or inoculums ( + experiment cannot last longer than a a week or so – that is why you need as many chambers as there are people involved, since most sick people would’ve 100% recovered by day 5-7, so everything needs to be tested within a couple of days, up to a week at most, since if your sick people get healthy along the way, and you need to bring in new sick people to finish the study, it invalidates the experiment).

      So yeah. Not easy and cheap at all.

    • liz says:

      I suspect Malone is some kind of limited hang out. Invented an rna jab? I don’t believe it for a second. ANYONE who goes on the vid saying there is a virus who is a scientist is either a very bad one or paid off.

      I’m a molecular biologist. I knew they were faking a virus IMMEDIATELY because it takes a long time to perform the studies to identify “new” organisms. If I knew it, so did all the other molecular biologists out there. That’s why I’m pretty sure Malone is not honest.

    • AVR says:

      While proving contagion is easier and probably will prove that it exists based on our common experience with measles, chicken pox, flu etc the question here is if the so called covid virus germ is the element of contagion and if the procedure to isolate it is valid. That is the real question as vaccinology follows from the virus isolation.

  22. haris says:

    some questions:

    if the virus doesn’t exist and it was all a hoax (like previous epidemics) then who of the elit scientists financiers and leaders know about this? certainly some slit scientists must know that it is all theater. I suspect most leaders know nothing.

    Second, about the gain of functions research, if they don’t have virus then with what are they infecting the cells to make the virus more transmissible and deadly?

    I wonder if it is also misinformation, then what about the spike protein? is the dna manipoulation to construct the protein feasible? the proteins alone can be transmitted and cause illness through contagion?

  23. Siouxma says:

    If debating any important issue in writing is FUTILE, then debating it in any form is also FUTILE.

    I just discovered the research of a Belgian scholar who wrote about the failures of Classical Logic. It fails to adequately handle those pesky inconsistencies.

    So Mr. Deter Badas or something like that proposed “Adaptive Logic” (oxymoronic?) with all kinds of formulae etc. dazzling my addled brain with BS. These dudes are always finding new ways to LIE.

    Ignore these pseudo-bullies. Their Rules of the Game are a course in Logic Fallacies.

  24. Courageous Lion says:

    Jon, I’m coming to the conclusion that your outright sarcastic comedy is what makes my day. If I don’t get a jolt of it, I curl up into the fetal position after I crawled in bed with my cuddle bear. You bring some sanity into my life with your wit and humor. I find myself quite frequently on the floor laughing my ass off after reading some of your statements! THANK YOU for being you! How are those two hearts doing?

    • AVR says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. As discovered Jon due to covid, so covid has impacted my life positively so far. Jon is very witty and a great satirist and tears apart the covidian logic with humor

  25. yerba buena says:

    There is an experiment (outside the perimeter of the mind) that I have been running for the past two years, specifically, and for many more years, generally, of keeping track of what makes me feel vital and what makes me feel toxic, or depleted, or unbalanced and what steps to take to detoxify, nourish and harmonize. I have found no direct evidence of physical contagion from being around sick or dis-eased people. Usually, what happens is that I breathe in too much toxic wood dust or tree pollen, occasionally I feel a psychological disturbance around virus-lovers, and therefore I tread lightly, with sense of humour and wit, etcetera.

    Recently, I read a very excellent little essay, “The Covid 19 Fraud and War on Humanity” by Mark Bailey and John Bevan-Smith, found on, which really is a great paper to present to the Virus Cultivators for rebuttal, in the improbable event that they can.

    This is the link

    […] I’m sure any reader can find the article, from November 11, 2021 and read the 46 pages, with some dark-field photos of non-biological objects.

    Also, the book, “Nature’s Seven Doctors”, is really great: sunshine, fresh air, fresh food, clean water, exercise, rest, and the power of the mind!

    Thank you Jon for all that you write, and live long!

    And thanks to all the readers for the enlightening comments.

    Got to be a good vibe lively up yourself wake up and live the magic of logic and imagination

  26. AJ says:

    Scotus has caused feds to remove their vaccine mandates. And it is almost too late. The vaxxed can still spread the “mRNA” to you just like the “flu”. So, there is no need to force vax the rest of us. We will have to quarantine the vaxxed to protect us until they all die.

    At my pharmacy today, many were still asking for the vaccine. How can these people do this to themselves and others?

    Talking with many strangers, I find that most are completely uninformed of the dangers of serious disabilities and death from being vaxxed.
    There should be millions filing lawsuits against their employers and the feds forcing the vax on them and/or losing their jobs.

    Recently there is news about Nuremberg complaint filed against UK, Dr. Fauci, Gates, pharmacies and others. In the lawsuit, they have stated proof that there are different contents in different vaccine batches. sent to different states. Some extremely deadly to humans All the pharmacies are doing this.

    Wait and see watch happens.

    Now, we can concentrate on a war with Russia for distraction.

    Nostradamus perdictided that there would be a nuclear explosion in 2022.

  27. A looming question still lingers in my mind, when we speak of “isolating” a virus:

    EXACTLY what IS the medium in which a virus can be isolated? What is the acceptable background medium?

    A star, for example, cannot “exist”, unless there is physical space against which we perceive it. So, is the demand here to have the virus exist only in space, with no liquid of any sort? Is that even possible? Can a virus be like a star in space? Is the demand for isolation asking that virus particles ONLY exist in air? If yes, then what composition of air would be acceptable? If not air, then what? — liquid? If liquid, then what sort of liquid medium would be acceptable?

    My point is that some THING cannot exist, unless some THING more encompassing also exists within which we can locate it and compare it. So, EXACTLY what would the circumstances of an “isolated virus” be?

    • AVR says:

      Good question. I think it should be a medium ideally the virus and its “surroundings” whereby the surrounding medium is proven to be inert to not responsible for the said disease with clear identity differential between virus material and the surrounding in terms of material parameters including genetic structure so there is no confusion which gene came from where.

  28. gary mcevoy says:

    Until I saw that article by Kirsch, I actually enjoyed following him, but he lost me totally by not only saying SARS exists, but the language he used to put down those who disagreed. I took it personally and unsubscribed. So thanks Jon.

    Gary (Australia)

    • Jason says:

      Same for me.

    • Robert Kernodle says:

      I think Kirsch has a point, in that we cannot demand isolation and purification, unless we specify, in realistic terms, what this means.

      Something cannot exist, unless there is a “canvas” on which to view it. What IS that canvas? Asking for existence, without specifying a background of existence (water, air, ???) will get you exactly the sorts of answers that the FOI requests have gotten.

      What does it mean to purify? What does this look like in the real world? Where is the isolated virus? Where will it be, when it is isolated? — in what background? — on what substrate? Until we can answer this question, the demand for “isolation” is not specific enough.

  29. CK_ says:

    Off-topic, but here’s a very interesting post. Billions of shots have supposedly been manufactured but is that even possible? Were shots manufactured years in advance? Or is this evidence most of the shots really are placebos and the need for endless boosters is to give them time to actually manfufacture real clot shots?

  30. BDBinc says:

    Great point as the #1 fact is they have no proof of threat (needed for justification) all ” covid rules” are illegal (*as well as criminally insane).

    There has never been any real debate about the non existence the virtual nature of sars cov2 and the flu symptoms that were rebranded “covid” . Or debate about the fraudulent misuse of the PCR test.

    We have only seen controlled opposition arguments over forced medical devices masks pure distractions.

    The mask is a symbol of fear.

    We then perceive everyone as a threat which perpetuates the psyop (possession by though-from “covid”-fear).

    • BDBinc says:

      Correction to the previous comment i made. The masks make people afraid see others as threats and this fear creates a cycle of “possession with the thought-form ‘covid'”. A mind that is a “fear covid, fear covid” merry go round. No space, no love, no ability to reason just “freeze” brain in fear and submission.

      Debate (trying to disprove a theory) is part of the scientific method that has been lost in the realm of the political pseudo-science that replaced it (in the hive mind only as many here still understand it).

  31. Phil Davis says:

    Look guy’s. In a war you can’t cherry pick our supporters. You need every one of them. After the war we can split hairs all we want, but for now we have a serious problem with authoritarian rule that we must vanquish.

  32. Paul says:

    Most people remember those E.F. Hutton TV ads whose motto was, “When E.F. Hutton speaks, everybody listens.”

    Well…I had the good fortune, in my teenage years, to have been under the short tutelage of such a fine man.

    He was an exchange student who spent the summer with us, to attend the local university in his studies of International Affairs. He was a true Scotsman, with the richest, thickest brogue.

    He was about 7 years older than me & although much of his time was spent studying, he genially took time to speak deeply with me on many life issues.

    He felt like a very old & wise master sent especially to me to help launch me into my own life adventures.

    Just a few soft & sage words always sent me reeling into my own imaginative possibilities.

    On the day that he left, he put his arm around my shoulders, grew me close & whispered this, “Ermemba Paulie, yoo arr da aathor ov yaa owwnn phate.”


    I was deeply touched, & felt that the gods themselves had opened Heaven itself & rained down on me, this soul nutrition.

    As I watched my parents car leave the driveway, heading for the airport, I quickly scribbled down his most prescient words.

    I vowed to myself to study his message & apply its wisdom, to my daily life. I carried that little piece of paper with me for 2 decades, practicing diligently, its prophetic genius.


    20 years later, my Scottish friend had been in the States for a decade, had gotten a high position at the U.N. & had a wonderful family. He lost his beautiful accent & become fully American-ized.

    I, on the other hand, was working at freakin’ Sea World, cleaning the cages, from the penguins to those humongous walruses.

    I felt stymied, stuck, almost all vision of a brighter future had abandoned me.

    He came to Sea World to visit me, while wearing a stylish & finely cut, 3-piece Italian suit. I was wearing a poorly-fitting pair of hip waiters, & carrying a metal bucket of ground chum.

    He keenly saw I was in a bit of distress & said “How ya doin’ partner?”

    I replied, “OK. But ya know, your advice was too deep for me to fully understand. And I had an ever harder time applying it.”

    He remarked, “What was it I said?”


    I wiped the sea lion puke from my bib & withdrew my long held note, & read it to him to refresh his memory.”


    He lanced at me, “No!!! You freakin’ idiot… I said “You are the author of your own fate.”


    Years of turmoil came bubbling up like the goo in the narwhal basin & I clamped hard my hands upon my ears, tilted back my head, & screamed to those very gods…

    “I could-a used THAT !!!”

  33. Jan says:

    Yet another piece of demonstrably “true science” channeled through controlled opposition at Activist Post. It says that “Stefan Lanka and his followers have misled the anti-covidian movement in the most outrageous way.” The comment section for this article obviously deleted.

  34. drj27 says:

    It really doesn’t matter as we are dealing with a belief system with a false narrative. The narrative is more important than the facts, unless we change the narrative, we won’t escape this tyranny.

  35. Richard Ran says:

    Why should Tom Cowan, or anyone else who has simply been pointing out the lack of evidence for this elusive ‘virus’ for 2 yrs now, give a flying fcuk about a ‘debate’ with this guy? Total waste of time.

    Why try to convince some self-styled ‘philanthropist’ in a ritualistic exchange? We’ve tried to educate the public and some of them listened. Now it’s time to go after the philanthropists, and this one is an insignificant worm, whose attention-seeking behaviour shouldn’t have been deigned with an article.

    Just my 2cts

    • Robert Kernodle says:

      Kirsch is not the enemy. He demands a solid background against which the COVID-19 abomination can be solidly based.

      You cannot base an argument on something that does not exist, unless you can specify HOW it exists and what it means to exist in matter/space/time.

      How does an isolated, purified virus exist in matter/space/time? What matter? What space? What time? What does an “existing” virus have to look like to accept that it is real?

      If you define existence of the virus in a way that it cannot exist, then you’ve already set the stage to deny its existence, by leaving no physical ground to define it.

      What IS that physical ground upon which we could locate it that would be an acceptable background upon which we could declare its existence? — a piece of glass? — a glass tube with ambient atmospheric air? — a glass of water? … WHAT? Where is it? In what would it be to satisfy the “isolation” requirement?

      Can anything truly be “isolated” in the sense that the FOI requests demand?

      I myself cannot be isolated, because I always exist near something else. What defines m? Likewise, what defines the virus? How does one establish the existence of identity, without some reference medium to contain and differentiate it?

      Answer these questions, before demanding “isolation”.

      “Isolation” as an ideal seems unreal. The demand for it, as it is being asked, seems to be an unreal request.

      • Mac says:

        Too complicated. It’s called a photo and that’s all he has to ask for they don’t have any because there’s no such thing as virus. Only bacteria, and not ‘contagious’ through ‘air’ or saliva. ‘they’ have photoshopped everyone’s existence. Phony paintings of supposed people hundreds years ago is now photoshop today. Same big gang behind everything. Every supposed virus graphic is nonsense.

        • Robert Kernodle says:

          Describe the photo you have in mind. On what is an isolated virus sitting to be photographed? In what medium is an isolated virus located to be photographed? It has to be located on some thing or in some stuff — what are the acceptable thing and stuff in which you see a virus being isolated to be photographed?

          A virus does not exist in a void. Where is it then? Describe exactly how you want it to be separated out from any background against which we must perceive it to say that it is “isolated”.

          You can say, “No growth medium, no human cells, no added chemicals, but what does this leave for the virus to be on to be in existence? Do you want it in water? On a piece of glass? In the air? Where? In what? What is permissible to contain it for viewing? What substance? What liquid? What medium?

          I don’t think you see my point. The virus has to be on something or in something. What IS that something? What is that something that you do not consider contamination?

  36. Mac says:

    They depend on people sitting ‘watching’ as that’s how the cabalists keep sick plan show going. Distraction. If people are staring at a box of other people arguing they are not doing their own work to stop the tyranny. Further, the person who says yes, putting it on, no. It’s dumb.

    There is no debate. No such thing as virus. Everything is gut health, or lack of sun in winter. The herpes or measles etc, skin bacteria, not through saliva.

    People need to quit watching and we need to share we know with others around us, local energy focus.

    All they will do is jack around with bs, and I already stated the fact here, what the difference is. It’s not complicated.

  37. Isabela Toader says:

    Steve Kiersche gives names and links to companies which sell variants of the virus. So, if the virus doesn’t exist, what do they sell???

  38. billy says:

    “Is the virus real? Steve Kirsch suggests a debate” — Jon Rappoport

    I would tend to agree with Michael burns that Mr Kirsch is part of the Payop.

    The narrative seems to be in a change mode. Global Warming BS has resurfaced.

    Mr Kirsch seems to hav appeared suddenly (to me at least) on different sites I scan. Wasn’t there before.

    Something about an article he wrote which i havent read yet interested me (the Headline to be exact) but it caused almost immediate cognitive dissonance.

    Almost immediately something Northern Tracey wrote in one of her pages about the psycho’s vaccines paradigm coming to an end so covid was to be used as a way to get rid of that “unprofitable” (amongst other reasons) scam.

    Voila to e replaced with mRNA tech which they can test in weeks or months.

    Seems to be mis/disinfo agent. thats only my opinion of course.

    I send people articles to read all the time and from what i gather they dont read the whole thing. I get links to u tub and tok tik back from them. And these are people in their 50’s and up. Reading is dying. And it of course is being done on purpose. paper docs can last many many lifetimes. what about videos, cd’s , dvd’s and even digital usb drives which can b erased by electromagnetic means. Down the memory hole. Can u say Orwell on steroids!

    On this Malone character. Limited hangout? dont give death shot to children but everyonr else is OK? Duh! Vaccines are bioweapons made for Hoi polloi.

    the placebo shots are being givin to those they want hanging around shining their shoes. Not to the Fauci, Gates , Schwab criminals against humanity.

    Any experiment of contagion should use Malnourished average American and those who have healthy diets sans tons of sugar, soy etc etc etc!

  39. Mos Craciun says:

    Steve Kirsch today :

    ” Basically, purifying a virus is difficult and there is no reason in today’s world to do it, so it isn’t done. ”

    ” The reason nobody has purified the virus is there is no need to do so in today’s world where gene sequencing is readily available.”

    Source :

    LOL !!!!!

  40. fransi says:

    Yep he was with Rob Malone and RF in Washington last week end. It went quite well.

    They also were in Brussels to fight against the EUSSR, the evil dictatroship behind all Europe problems.

    At least they were on the field, they fight the false narrative event though they thin the covid BS exists, they are destroying the globalists narrative and their great reset agenda.

    They also fight vs mandates, which are illegal, criminal and should send their pushers to the death row.

  41. George McFetridge says:

    I think that we are seeing a grave result of the Computer Takeover, inasmuch as the hoax of 2020 is based on and depends on computer- generated in silico constructions of nonexistent viruses. The fact that this is successfully foisted proves that we’re under the spell of the anti- reality of artificial intelligence, now definitively removing humanity from nature or the Organic.

    • Arturo Arevalo says:

      So no chance of a debate then?

      At the very least maybe Dr. Kirsch can provide his study proving the virus was isolated/purified. I won’t hold my breath though.

  42. KJ Jakobson says:

    I do not doubt that it is possible that Sars-CoV-2 does not exist and is a fabrication OR that it exists but is not the single cause of any or all of the supposed illnesses and death.

    BUT none of the reading I have done on analyses (pro or con) of whether the virus has been “isolated” and/or “purified” have demonstrated by reference how exactly another virus has been “isolated” or “purified” for comparison of methodologies.

    I would really appreciate if anyone could provide such a reference or ideally multiple references for say measles or chicken pox or ebola or zika or influenza or small pox. It is curious to me why no one has done this as far as I can find.

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