Plain burger: hold the virus pickles, they don’t exist

by Jon Rappoport

January 25, 2022

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Shh. Shh. Stop saying the virus doesn’t exist.



ONE: Let’s not get distracted by the virus question. We have to focus on knocking down the vaccine mandate.

My Reply: Can you walk down the street, carry a bag of potatoes, and look at messages on your cell phone? Newsflash: people have been known to do several things at the same time.

TWO: If we bring up the virus question, people will call us crazy and have a reason to ignore our criticism of the vaccine.

My Reply: “People” already say we’re crazy. They have 345 “reasons” on file.

THREE: If we say the virus doesn’t exist, “our base” will desert us.

My Reply: “Our base” is so outraged about the ineffective and hugely destructive vaccine, and about the mandates, NOTHING will deter them from attacking the vaccine.

FOUR: It’s well established that the virus exists.

My Reply: Yes, established by the same scientists who say the vaccine is remarkably safe and effective.

FIVE: Doctor A says the virus exists. As evidence, he cites Doctor B’s statements. Doctor B says the virus exists. He cites Doctor C’s statements. Doctor C says the virus exists. He cites Doctor A.

My Reply: Go back to school. I suggest starting at the 4th grade.

SIX: It doesn’t really matter whether the virus exists.

My Reply: If the virus doesn’t exist, the pandemic is a hoax. If the pandemic is a hoax…trace all the implications. If you can’t, go back to school. I suggest starting at the second grade. If the school won’t let you in, tell them you identify as a six-year old.

SEVEN: If I say the virus doesn’t exist, my family will disown me.

My Reply: I see. Other than the virus question—you’re on very good terms with your family, right? Who are you trying to kid?

Speaking of kid, here’s another dialogue for your edification—

ME: Hey kid, aren’t you fed up with all this COVID crap?

KID: Listen, Grandpa, I’m been fed up with crap since I was born.

ME: Including Biden now?

KID: The brain-damaged guy in the White House?

ME: What about Trump?

KID: The guy who keeps pushing the killshot? Pfizer paid him a million bucks to stage his inauguration.

ME: Do you wear a mask?

KID: I wore one once, at the DMV, when I applied for my driver’s license. The witch behind the counter told me I had to put that germicide goo on my hands. So I did. I wiped my hands on the counter. She called security. I don’t drive. I take the bus.

ME: What about the vaccine?

KID: Let me put it this way. My cell phone says I took the shot.

ME: Did you get depressed during the lockdowns?

KID: No. I made money fixing old people’s computers. When I went to their houses, I wore a military uniform. Nobody bothered me.

ME: Are you woke?

KID: You mean do I think everything move I make is motivated by systemic racism? That crap is for my friends whose parents give them money. They all moved away. Their parents took them to Florida.

ME: What about the virus?

KID: What about it?

ME: Do you think it exists?

KID: The people who say it does—I don’t listen to anything they say.

ME: Why not?

KID: If you can’t figure that out, Grandpa, you’re older than you look.

ME: Are there a lot of kids like you?

KID: Millions.

ME: Do they listen to the government?

KID: You mean the mafia. We don’t pay protection money to anybody.

ME: Do these millions of kids take the vaccine?

KID: It’s always a tip-off when somebody says, “Hey, it’s free.” We’re not that stupid.

ME: Have you ever voted in an election?

KID: Once, when I ran for student body treasurer in high school. I ran because the treasurer handles student funds. I voted for myself 27 times.

ME: Did you win?

KID: I came in third. The kid who won was the son of the assistant principal. Very quietly, that old codger was trying to get us to join his secret transgender club. We told him we already had the sex change, he just couldn’t spot it. We also told him the local pedophile priest, Father Joseph, was opposed to transgenderism on moral grounds. We suggested he should turn Father Joseph into the authorities for the hate crime of opposing transgenders.

I now return you to your regular scheduled programming, sponsored by Moderna, the company that cares about you. The company that had never brought a single product of any kind to market, before the RNA genetic shot. The company that spawned several billionaires overnight. The company championed by little Anthony Fauci, serving his last term as de facto president of the United States.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

64 comments on “Plain burger: hold the virus pickles, they don’t exist

  1. Need A Ladder says:

    This shows the science being used is GEOMETRY.

    “Doctor A says the virus exists. As evidence, he cites Doctor B’s statements. Doctor B says the virus exists. He cites Doctor C’s statements. Doctor C says the virus exists. He cites Doctor A.”

    • Chris says:

      I am a radiologist and have seen quite a few chest xrays and chest CT’s with a pneumonia having a pattern which I did not see prior to the “pandemic” (I have been a radiologist for more than 40 years). Something unique is going on and from what I see it sure looks infectious.

      I also hear virologists who do not support the mainstream spiel talking about pretty specific gene sequences distinguishing one variant from the next. I admit seems a little like the blind men and the elephant but to me it looks real and it is infectious.

      Carrying on about it being total fabrication doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Rico Debiase says:

        “Looks” infectious isn’t the same as “actually IS infectious”…however a Radiologist can possibly establish that. No disrespect, but the reasoning makes no sense whatsoever.

      • Need A Ladder says:

        I would encourage you to consider that those “patterns” you had not seen prior are basically chemical burns.

        As soon as they started shutting down things I noticed IMMEDIATELY the stores, doctors offices, everywhere had a horrible smell of chemicals. They sprayed disinfectant in massive amounts then turned on all the blowers to make sure it went everywhere. It’s like everyone was/is forced to get their food picking it on the fields while it’s being sprayed with pesticides ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY NOW. It also has a putrid smell like repurposed chemical waste products and burned tires that China’s chemical companies and manufacturers could not get rid of any other way.

        I would look at that first but NO ONE seems to be clamoring about that so I agree with you, carrying on about it being a fabrication might not make sense but certainly this chemical fumigation/delousing does. I can smell it in the products I bring home and the plastic bags, I have to throw them all outside to air out leaving them there for days. Never had to do that ever for plastic shopping bags ever before what ever the chemical is it’s bad. I can also feel it on the outside of the bags a gritty feel. What if it’s like ultra microscopic tiny shards of glass.

        I heard a scientist speak at the very start of this demic/whatever who alarmingly exclaimed how insane it is to be using this certain chemical for disinfection of public places as they started doing (I cannot find it’s name) as it harms the lungs (he explained it in scientific terms) and that if an enemy wanted to harm a broad swath of population without actual war it might declare a “pandemic” and start spraying with that chemical disinfectant.

        It’s the #1 thing to look at now with all these respiratory infections and instead they look for a virus. It also might be nice if some investigative reporters would report on this and who’s making all the money from it though it’s likely it’s all the same that own the drug stocks and vaccine pushing philanthropic foundations and pension plans.

        The obsession with hunting for a virus and/or disproving a virus in some ways may be misplaced energy at this point. I wonder where OSHA is on this. I have only heard the defectors talk on The Highwire about mask stupidity but nothing on chemicals. Even on these disinfectant sprays for home it has warnings yet some people think nothing of spraying them constantly. Does the clinic or doctor ask “How much disinfectant are you exposed to every day?”

        I doubt that is ever asked which ESPECIALLY should be a priority in a pandemic as such as to me that is so obvious! Chemical burns in the lungs.

        As evidence I submit walking into a dollar store at the start early 2020 the fumes were like walking into a blast furnace how it hits you. As I was leaving I asked the clerk if she noticed the fumes, she said “Oh yes it’s horrible I just know I am probably going to die if this keeps up”. I stopped shopping to protect myself. Some of them have cut back but other stores are still bad.

        So if we measured how many virus particulates if they existed in the air and compared to these chemical particulates that could be sharp like steel wool rubbing on the lungs we’d probably have a number that’s like ZERO virus to 1 billion chemical shard like particulates like the ones that create thick blankets in Wuhan where the first shard originated and started infecting cells.

        • Eric Belsey says:

          Thank you very much! Jon’s article, and your response to the INEVITABLE, additional, fake “scientist” saying “tut, tut” are both very helpful to the few sane out here. And I can just hear that joker reading my comment and saying “fake? FAKE?!” And pounding the wall where his degrees are hanging. To which I say, yes those pieces of paper are PROOF you are intelligent and particularly OBEDIENT. I know,I happen to have a MASTERS myself.

      • Alan Kwan says:

        Whatever ‘unusual’ symptoms you see, a radiologist cannot determine “infectiousness”. You are simply not equipped for the job.

        No pneumonia of any kind has been proven to be infectious, by any pathogen. It’s mostly air pollution, but sometimes other causes, sometimes in conjunction. A radiologist is not equipped to investigate the pathology.

        • John Hanek says:

          Furthermore, NOT EVEN ONE so-called “virus” has ever been isolated and demonstrated to exist! Louis Pasteur on his death bed said he was wrong. He said the germ is nothing, terrain is everything. The virus/vax scam is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on humanity and big pharma has been laughing all the way to the bank for years already.

          IMO 5G radiation is causing sickness in people whose bodies are so full of toxins from eating man’s chemical-laden garbage, so-called “food” that they’re half dead already from chronic conditions.

          Eat only what God provides us with in Nature and experience true health and vitality. It is the only way to super-charge the immune system so that of you DO get sick the body easily overcomes it.

          Almost 68 years old and I’m living proof of this. Zero chronic symptoms and zero aches or pains.

      • NC says:

        Perhaps an engineered spike protein hitching a ride on microscopic particles?

        I was a pharma chemist for decades and read through every paper claiming “isolation” of the CV. Total scientific gibberish posing as science.

        Yes, maybe there IS something going on different, but it is NOT what (((They))) say it is…

      • Lisa says:

        May I ask what are the “new” findings you are seeing are? Or perhaps direct me to a current paper where they have been noted. Also, how do you “see” infection on an x-ray, don’t tell me the typical findings of what you have already defined as infection!

        When viewing radiographs you are seeing biological processes at one given moment, not how that biological processes began and what instigated the infection.

        No need for radiologists “opinions” when they won’t read the science!

        • fakefalsetruth says:

          … and so called “Covid19” symptoms are the same as the symptoms from exposure to radiation. The “virus” is a cover story.

      • nmbsp says:

        What is your proof of the “infectiousness”?

        And is “looks” same as “is”, in your opinion?

        Are you sure that the picture you see is unique and never ever before seen? If yes, then can it be from a new kind of poison? Or even multiple new poisons? And/or from a new increase in the concentration of toxicity? And/or from nanotechnology with or without new sources of radiation?

        And where is the proof of true isolation/purification and physical existence of the “original virus”, and each of these “variants”?

        Ask these questions, if you want.

        And ask these virologists too, and get in it and study.

        Then you will see what makes sense and what doesn’t.

        And share the patterns you have seen with people if you want. Then you can be more specific and with a specific argument.

      • Ort says:

        “Carrying on about it being total fabrication doesn’t make sense to me.”


        Your professional qualifications and experience initially boost your potential for credibility, but it’s fatally undermined by this facile and frankly dumb conclusion.

        Jon, like the rest of the determined embattled minority of actual scientists, medical professionals, and independent journalists exposing the dubious and fraud-riddled history of virology, present extensive factual evidence, close analysis, and informed opinion to desconstruct the supposedly “settled science” of virology.

        The devil– or the absence of a proclaimed devil– is in the details. Your characterization of the detailed critique as “carrying on” reflects your obliviousness or indifference to the considerable published evidence supporting the “carrying on”.

        You simply wave it all away because you claim to see a pattern or profile of novel and unique clinical symptoms since the so-called “COVID pandemic” was declared.

        It’s like glancing at the cover of the encyclopedic Virus Mania sitting on a bookstore shelf, glancing at the Table of Contents (if that), and walking away with the dismissive thought that, given your work-related impressions, writing a big ol’ book challenging the COVID Phantom Menace jes’ don’t make sense to you.

        Sorry but you might as well have simply posted your quoted conclusion, which at least is factual and honest.

  2. Paul says:


    “I suggest starting at the 4th grade.

    I suggest starting at the second grade.

    If the school won’t let you in, tell them you identify as a six-year old.”

    ~ Grandpa

    “Oh please invite Gramps to Thanksgiving !
    If he wants a plain burger,
    instead of turkey,
    with all its fixins’,
    Just give it to him.”

    …I once saw grandpa makin’ a phone call
    on a red hot phone
    while relaxin’ in the tub.

    He was far-too-nimble,
    than his numerical age.

    “I voted for myself 27 times.”


    Who better…
    To cast One’s vote for.

  3. PhilH says:

    If you’re saying “the virus” as in moronicron didn’t exist, I agree. If you’re saying viruses or endomeres or exosomes or some form of inter-cellular communication mechanism didn’t exist, I think you’re mistaken.

    • kay says:

      endomeres/exosomes are NOT viruses. no one said exosomes don’t exist. viruses do not exist.

    • Lisa says:

      He is saying that single strand particles labeled “viruses” have never been isolated, purified, characterized and then proven to cause disease in a human host!

      Wake up. Exosomes or nucleic acid messengers are not disease causing, go back to school!

      • Philip Snow says:

        Dr Stephanie Seneff [new ‘Toxic legacy’ book] says that exosomeres do carry the baddies from normal Apoptosis cell death as well as the goodies, although she didn’t put it like that! I think she said they are also spreading the Quacksine spike proteins….?

    • Andrew McKim says:

      Don’t get lost in the semantics. They’re just calling things like exosomes “viruses.”

    • Taylor says:

      Hello PhilH,

      I agree with your assessment and as Jon has written on several occasions, he neither subscribes to Biological Mysticism, nor does does he worship at the Church of Virology’s alter. Undoubtedly, these are two of my favorite Rappoportism’s.

      Below is a quote from Dr. Amandha Vollmer which sums up the claims of viruses not existing and may be found in her written interview with Jeff Green at this link:

      Dr. Vollmer: “When we say they don’t exist, I think we mean they don’t exist as they are defined, which is contagious and disease causing.”

      The reality that a process occurs within the body when in a state of “viral” dis-ease is undeniable; after all, many people express symptoms annually. In Latin, the term “virus” is defined as poison or toxin. I find it interesting that we cite food or alcohol poisoning when a more immediate detoxification occurs due to spoiled cuisine or a night of overindulgence. However, when it comes to prolonged expressions due to gradual toxic build up over the course of time, we are told to accept it’s an invisible boogeyman hailing from nature that people “catch”. This is utter nonsense and may be added to several other definitions of absurdity.

      The primary issue seems to lie within indoctrination by deceptive semantics. If “viruses” were more appropriately named something along the lines of “enzymatic detoxification mechanisms”, or more simply “solvents”, and taught as terrain purification instead of illness, then all F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) would dissipate and the beLIEf system (Germ Theory) on which the “medical cartel” is built would be eliminated. But, we can’t have that…so remember to uphold The Ministry of Truth by reciting “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”.

      Another great installment today, Jon; thank you for providing such genius to us all daily!

      • stephen langley says:

        Ahhh ! This makes complete sense ! It also follows Jon’s basic premise (forgive me if I’m getting it wrong, Jon) that the roving disease labeled as Covid is many things all working synergistically… I’ve heard it described as a “binary weapon”, i.e., something that is activated by a seemingly unrelated stimuli… makes sense that the trigger would be singular, while the agents are multiple. That there are varied manifestations of Covid underscores this very real possibility, as well as the probability that it isn’t a virus, i.e. a single “bug” causing one disease/set of symptoms (it violates Koch’s Postulates) thus it simply CAN’T be one thing, i.e. a virus… the virus is (mostly) a ruse to deliver the real bioweapon… the jab. And the fact is that everyone has a different toxic load owing to myriad factors, which further confirms multiple “causes” for what they are labeling “the virus”. So what’s the trigger ?? …logically it must be something ubiquitous, that we’re all being exposed to on a regular basis which spikes up and down, is controllable to a large extent… something that can be directed and/or broadcast. Has anyone done any correlative studies on covid incidence and emf/microwave/radar/cell phone use/proximity to cell masts-etc. ? Of course not ! Can’t be my fucking cell phone that most are glued to night & day. This isn’t some new idea… studies show these frequencies cause dis-ease… that they severely disrupt homeostasis creating the conditions for bacteria & pathogens to flourish. “Conspiracy theorists” have been screaming about it (myself included) for several years. I developed emf sensitivity about 3-4 years ago and have been able to greatly reduce it by constantly detoxifying and staying away (as much as possible) from the radiation.… and why, oh why the continued, accelerated deployment of 5G ?… supposedly it’s been recently switched on layered over 3 & 4 G (which are still active)… and guess what ? …people are since anecdotally complaining of feeling more off, more mental fog, fatigue, etc. and covid cases rising in both vaxxed & unvaxxed ! At this point I say fuck all science trying to sort it out… it’s just plain obvious that the frequencies are unnatural and are thus, combining with all the other toxins, the real problem. But the science suckers will never get it, because you know, cause and effect no longer exist unless science says so… rather, effects are causes in our now utterly muddled and addled thought processes. Sorry for the incoherent diatribe… but I’m just a little bit more pissed as of late… for no reason… yeah right, it’s all my fault… and isn’t that the gaslighting narrative that a psychopath pushes on his victims ? Sincerely, forgive me for my catharsis here and I’ll try to end on a high note: All these frequencies are going to reach a crescendo and cause some sort of “universal destruction”… that’s the only way this will end, short of someone pulling the plug on the entire grid… not much of a high note except to say that it will be destroyed and life will return to it’s natural God created life giving spectrum of natural frequencies… as dire as that seems, to me that is THE high note… so, “keep your vibration high” …as one can, that’s the spiritual challenge and the real awakening that will be effected by this dire passage in humanity’s onward progress. Cheers.

    • Mika says:

      Yawn. Exosomes are different from viruses — that’s why they have a different NAME. Dr. Kaufman, almost 2 years ago, was simply SUGGESTING that it’s possible that some scientists were confusing viruses for exosomes.

  4. Eluard says:

    Funny as shit, Jon. Although I need more coffee (or cessation of this ongoing rain) to actually “laugh out loud.” Okay, I just did. It’s quite easy and feels very nice.

    I wonder though how many young people are as hip as you describe. Sure, there’s always a subculture of them. But all these college kids–didn’t they have to take the shot? (Not all can get fake cert’s) And I talk to many working in the stores, showing sympathy for the mask b.s. They kind of shrug it off–they’re USED to it. That’s what troubles me, they don’t seem to MIND wearing them.

    I’d like to see that Underground group of twenty-somethings become more OVERground. Maybe they have and I’m not “hip” to it.

    On a final note–this Canadian trucker thing sounds quite promising. I hear American truckers are joining them. Maybe they’re reading snatches of Rappoport’s articles over the C.B. “Worship the virus… Pray to the virus… 10-4… Over and… out…”

    • Donella says:

      It is certainly building momentum here and finally showing signs Canada actually has a pulse. But since our dictator tends to go surfing in Tofino on occasions such as this, he’ll likely send out his Nazi sidekick Chrystia Freeland to squeak out some excuse for his vax mandates when the trucks arrive and (hopefully) gridlock Ottawa.

      This trucker doesn’t mince words, even if mistakenly cited the year 2023:

  5. homegirl says:

    When you’ve alienated the ill-educated audience by telling them to go back to primary school, then who is listening? Only those who already agree.

    • Eric Belsey says:

      Only those who have approached this hoax with their brains switched on SINCE THE BEGINNING OF IT. Jon has more than proven, since the beginning, he’s happy to have a career of Internet journalism, based on this tiny group. THANK YOU JON!

  6. kerry boytzun says:

    I posted that on my FB page as another IQ test. I have patriot friends who tell me that people aren’t smart enough to be sold that the virus doesn’t exist.

    Meanwhile they’re losing their ass in everything. Del Big Tree, RFK, all those guys allergic to there is no virus. I do love RFK’s book though.

    Q = excuse for Trump never doing anything.

    Hilarious Jon! Keep them coming. We may as well laugh at the destruction.

  7. Sanjoy Mahajan says:

    What I want to know is why all the virus promoters (Mercola, Hammond, Kirsch) are getting so heated up about the issue now, all within a few days of each other. It cannot be due to any new findings in TheScience(TM), because the only science in this whole Convid charade is the psychological science of mind control and mass hypnosis.

    So, why now? Is the house of cards starting to fall, making the psyop controllers look around for a soft and convenient jiu-jitsu rolled landing along the lines of, “That Sars-CoV-2 virus turned out not to be so bad, but viruses are real, and can be deadly [Ebola, Ebola, Ebola], so be prepared for more mask mandates, lockdowns, and mRNA jabs.”

  8. Erika says:

    The medical industry is actually A RELIGION.

    It rests on false premises- and it’s results are largely disastrous.

    You have to have some kind of blind belief to buy the hokum they are selling.

    I am sincerely hoping this extortion racket (about 20% of the economy) has it’s credibility destroyed so we can get some REAL actual health care practitioners.

    • vakzine macht frei says:

      Of course it is a religion. It is based on a religious belief. Scientific materialism. The belief states that life does not exist. It is proven false by both classical physics and quantum physics.

      The belief is the core belief of marxism, satanism and …. “life” sciences

    • Eric Belsey says:

      As a person with a Masters in religion, with some University SCIENCE! before that, enough to see the utter corruption, I AGREE!

  9. vakzine macht frei says:

    Nobody was punished for atrocities done by marxists in Soviet Union, for millions killed, for 40 millions killed in china or other communist countries.

    They can kill hundredths of millions of sheep with no risk. If the population was made up of humans and not sheep, this would not be possible. The humans would have defended themselves.

  10. Jim S Smith says:

    Seems the harder “they” try to sell us that “the virus exists”, the more wordy and superfluous their explanations and so-called “evidence” FOR their case.

    Pretty damned sorry when the Truth takes far fewer words and ideas to express and be understood, than the ever-evolving LIE.

    I’d rather live the Truth, because my memory these days, is getting a bit rough!

    – J.S.Smith

  11. RegretLeft says:

    I have previously argued the “doesn’t matter” line (on virus exists?) but not now; it’s time to play the long game. Lots of people are or will be receptive to discussions about Rockefeller medicine and germ vs terrain theory etc. Lots of people (like me circa March 2020) who are not even aware that there IS even a discussion to be had about germ theory.

    “We can never go back” Herr Schwab started saying in 4/2020 – so, when we do go forward (as we only can) it makes sense to do so with a lot more people at least aware of germ vs terrain or with the “was it a COMPLETE fraud?” question seeded… etc.

  12. Rosline Loutsios says:

    Jon, I love what goes on in your brain. Thank you for bringing some sunshine into our dictated, frustrated, slave-like, most absurd-like, and controlled existence.

    If anyone cannot laugh at these hilarious scenarios you are concocting so ingenuously, they must be loaded with tons of the safest and most effective poison gladly injected into their own blood system. Later only to be shed upon the rest of us if lucky enough to be in their presence.

  13. jane mariouw says:

    thank you for common sense.

    but…. what about an old video of Fauci saying that after the virus was sequenced and given to CDC on jan 20,2020 (hmm?), that sequence was removed from public registry (so no other scientists could see/ study it)?

    • NC says:

      and how was it sequenced? By AI.

      Now I can imagine that if a computer had an image of something like the Mona Lisa stored, and the Mona Lisa was then made into a 30000 piece puzzle and the computer given 34 of the pieces it might figure out the rest since it has SOMETHING with which to compare.

      But here we have a (supposedly) “novel” virus…how can the computer figure out the unknown 29966 pieces? Based upon what?

  14. AJ says:

    Most kids won’t talk to you about the virus. Many seem indifferent to wearing masks and accept the compliance and transition to slavery. Most have no idea about the US Constitution.

    Many articles reveal that many countries are now winning in stopping mask and vax mandates. NY (new Yuck) and Calif-phorny still pushing masks and vax. Surprised how many demoncRATS line in Texas.

    Article reporting truck crashed, in Danville, PA, transporting 100 lab monkeys for CDC in Missouri. Some escaped, some euthanized. Very suspicious incident.

    Reality is Trump is shooting himself in the head supporting getting vaxxed. Makes Gov DeSantis look more as a challenge to him. Beto, “I am coming for your guns”, running for Texas governor told “sleazy Joe” not to support him.

    And new world war coming thanks to Russia and China. If not tomorrow then next week. But it is apparent Russia wants to invade the Ukraine threatens the free world if they attempt to stop him. Hopefully, Russia and China double vaxxed and boosters a their military.
    Sad that the US did the same to its military.

    And the insanity continues!!!

    All Life is in jeopardy!!!

  15. Roundball Shaman says:

    “If we bring up the virus question, people will call us crazy and have a reason to ignore our criticism of the vaccine.”

    If we are sane, and ‘people’ will call us ‘crazy’… then the people who call us crazy ARE crazy and are no good judge of our character. It’s amazing how many people today are so terribly afraid of what “They’ might say about them. Who the hell cares what they think or say? Why should anyone care about the thoughts and opinions of people that ARE crazy? Hold your head up and go about your business with pride and confidence. Screw what ‘They’ think. It only matters what people of honor think.

    “If I say the virus doesn’t exist, my family will disown me.”

    Does truth and integrity have a price? If it does, that just might be the real source of one’s problems.

    “Once, when I ran for student body treasurer in high school. I ran because the treasurer handles student funds. I voted for myself 27 times.”

    Vote EARLY and OFTEN. The ‘Chicago Way’. And, be sure to get plenty of votes from the cemeteries. In fact, some elections have a higher percentage of voters from that demographic than from the living.

    “I now return you to your regular scheduled programming, sponsored by Moderna, the company that cares about you… The company championed by little Anthony Fauci, serving his last term as de facto president of the United States.”

    He decided to term out. He has his eyes set on something else: KING OF THE WORLD. ‘I AM SCIENCE! WORSHIP ME! WORSHIP ME!’

    False prophets and false gods leading people astray. And being well-paid for doing so.

    The United States of America… sponsored by Moderna and Pfizer. Stay tuned for our next Variant! Coming soon!

  16. WDFreedomll says:

    Didn’t transgender get changed to Judeogender to honor the inventors and owners of the hormone companies that profit?

  17. Ort says:

    Ah, bless your heart, Jon! Today’s post is manna for the brain, ambrosia for the heart, and balm for the soul. Also, it’s funny because it’s true!

    Sadly, I think the scamdemic resistance, or opposition, is irreconcilably divided on this issue; it’s a reiteration of the universal and profound division between moderate and radical thinking.

    The moderate stance, popular among progressive-liberals, has a horror of righteously advocating, expressing, and insisting upon fundamental (“root”) truths. They bumptiously and superciliously argue variations of the impersonal “shh, shh” voice in your post, to wit:

    Even if there is merit to “extreme” assertions, arguments, and analysis, only a very few advanced intellects are ready, willing, and able to accept and understand them. The vast majority of the public, limited by ignorance and victimized by a relentless campaign of top-down propaganda, are bound to be alarmed and repelled by the aggressive promotion of “far-out” concepts and conclusions.

    They go on to furiously aver that promoting unpopular and controversial root truths is only self-indulgent preaching to the choir. Whereas if the goal is to reach and persuade the Persons Sitting in Darkness, who may just be open-minded enough to consider watered-down half-truths, the only appropriate policy and practice is to avoid risky “third-rail” topics, and instead coax the thralls along incrementally by laying down a crumb trail of lower-hanging and sweeter truths.

    The Megadeath Virus(es) of Doom Scamdemic is the present context, but this “sensible moderate pragmatist” vs. “self-indulgent/destructive radical idealist” dichotomy is endlessly rehearsed in electoral politics. The moderates are reformists, the radicals are iconoclasts, and apparently never the twain shall meet.

    The militant moderates reflexively, and with high dudgeon, castigate the radicals with the supposedly ironclad proof that promulgating root truths is self-defeating and “never works”. Again, they are certain that their idea of gradually and gently winning over converts by sticking to mainstream, palatable ideas is the only effective means for advancing the “movement”.

    I’ve heard the electoral-politics moderates advocating this approach for decades in their quest to reform the Democratic Party, which I call the Party of Judas, into a truly “progressive” party that, as it used to advertise, supports the ordinary unprivileged citizen (the “working man”) and the common weal.

    How’s that working out for the moderates? That success story speaks for itself.

    It’s especially irritating when the militant moderates bend over backwards to validate the hapless everyman’s actual and anticipating rejection of “extreme” root truths. For instance, they superciliously insist that the “no-virus” position is not proven, so that it’s erroneous and wrongheaded to insist that “there is no virus”.

    To me, this is sophistry. Suppose that the malevolent authorities announced that the Megadeath Viruses of Doom, including the metastasizing “variants”, actually originate from decaying bits of the green cheese that comprises the dark side of the moon, blown by the solar wind to Earth’s atmosphere.

    The radicals say, “Stop right there! It’s preposterous to assert that the dark side of the Moon is made of green cheese!” The reformers counter, “Shut up about that! For one thing, it’s not absolutely and incontrovertibly proven that the dark side of the Moon isn’t made of green cheese! Therefore, your insistence that it can’t be true is just as dogmatic and irrational as the orthodoxy you criticize and condemn!”

    They believe that they’ve clinched the argument by this well-worn rhetorical sleight-of-hand: the false equivalence. Maybe they buy into their anti-radical perspective so strongly that they don’t even see the sophistry involved.

    Your unnamed moderate interlocutor didn’t use the phrase “dividing the movement”, but many of the responses imply it. This is another constant bitter cry from the moderates. Radicals refuse to countenance the would-be pragmatic merit in the argument that “truth is the enemy of unity”– or conversely, that truth must be sacrificed, or at least fudged a little bit, in order to gain and keep converts and preserve unity.

    The temporizing moderate perspective guarantees that the overclass authorities will constantly adapt and adjust their Little Big Lies while the fundamental Big Lies proceed unchallenged “until another day”. Again, just consider the Democratic Party windmill that moderate reformers have been tilting at for decades.

    To this radical, their approach is a case of “We’re lost, but we’re making good time!”

    • Sanjoy Mahajan says:

      Indeed. They are like the shopkeeper who says, “We take a small loss on each item, but we make up for it in volume.”

  18. Greg Ellis says:

    Jon – as much as I like to be a purist, have you explained why the flu disappeared? In my country Australia, literally to zero. I’m one of those kids (a tender 64, grandpa!) who must need reeducation. In other words, I don’t believe the virus doesn’t exist, I just think it has been renamed fron “the flu” to “the Covid”.

    If that’s not true, did flu not exist? What was that sickness I suffered from occasionally then? They renamed the flu, then used the inappropriate PCR test which makes it look like you’ve got it, even when you don’t.

    Sorry I’m such an idiot but I don’t see the efficacy is denying the flu exists under a different name.

    • Amanda says:

      I am an Aussie too and I agree with you. This all sounds like a can of worms to me. Colds and flus spread so how can it be all terrain? Yet terrain/health plays a part in whether you catch it or how bad it gets.

      I don’t believe anything the MSM says and with ‘controlled opposition’ plus every man and his dog having an opinion, who the crap knows? What is truth anymore, even statistics can be bogus.

      • nmbsp says:

        The appearance of “contagion” does not mean that there is “contagion”. In many cases people may just be falling ill at the same time/place, and it can be for the exact same, or for different, reasons.

        And even if there is “contagion” and some kind of transfer of something, that doesn’t mean there is “infection”, and a particle that chases you around to multiply in your cells and make you ill.

        To prove a “virus” you have to isolate a particle like that from a patient, and then show that it by itself causes (the same) “illness” in healthy people, and that it can “infect” and jump from one onto the other making them ill. These have never been done. We think that they have seen the “viruses”, and replication and so on, and they have proven particles and proven causation of illness and proven “infectiousness” but they haven’t.

        And you can find the truth if you do your research and you think. On this blog alone you can find almost everything that is required to understand the “covid” scam, along with links and connections where you can study about the fraud of “virology”.

      • Go says:

        Colds and flus DO NOT spread

    • John C Smith says:

      Ah, fellow ANZAC, you still believe the lie that flu is viral. Of course that has been the explanation inculcated ever since the germ theory took hold. The big F (with all its symptoms) is in fact the bodies natural cleansing mechanism (ridding of accumulated toxicity).

      Start your re education with our prized (from across the Tasman) Doctor who has seen the light:

      Her website

      is a mine of information.

      Note the book used as a backdrop in her videos. First published in 2007 (Sam was joined in as an author for the enlarged edition in 2021) That 2007 edition was one of the sources that disabused me of false paradigms.

      Another in the false paradigm busting genre is “What Really Makes You Ill” by Lester and Parker who also maintain an ever growing site

      • Greg Ellis says:

        Thanks for the links. Will look into it. My existing prejudice tells me, however, that even if it is not a virus, the flu is an epiphenomena of something which affects a lot of people at the same time. I will see if these links disabuse me of that perception. Cheers.

      • Greg Ellis says:

        Very interesting. However, the conclusion – which makes a lot of sense – is not that the virus doesn’t exist, only that the orthodox claims about transmissibiliity are not supported by evidence. The conclusion points to an hypothesis that viruses/germs/microbes of all sorts are pervasive and when certain environmental conditions change, some people get sick and others don’t. We would obviously conclude some have better immunity than others. OK so, the orthodox view about transmissibilty is a croc but I’m not sure this changes my view about Covid just being the flu by another name. People used to regularly get sick because of the flu because changes in environmental factors caused ‘excitation’ (or whatever) of a virus in people with poor immunity. Two years ago they stopped calling this annual phenomenon the flu and called it Covid instead. Using fear about the false doctrine of transmissibilty they destroyed our lives.

    • Go says:

      Yes what was called the flu they just renamed as covid but the flu is not actually caused by a virus either

    • AJ says:

      The simplicity of the vailed shadow presented to color any situation to meet the need of the propaganda to influence you to accept their explanation, hidden tyranny, of the event, according to their terms and conditions which they frequently will adjust to fit each new fact that exposes the fraud perpetrated on the world.

      Use your common sense. Covid is the common yearly flu. Nothing complicated. Jon just informed us that this mystery “China flu” as never been isolated by anyone. Therefore, for all intense thought it does not exist.

      Good luck.

    • samizdat says:

      Maybe the flu is not caused by a virus, maybe what we call viruses are exosomes. Maybe the reasons people get a cold or flu has always been accompanied by their body shedding exosomes.

      Maybe what a PCR test is “finding” is some exosomes. Maybe what the science calls an infectious disease is not well understood in terms of how it it transmitted. Maybe Luc Montagnier has a better explanation for how we transmit “diseases” to each others, with his theory of water’s memory. IDK, I’m just suggesting. Maybe we all have been conned for so long we’ve forgotten how to question importants topics. Maybe every fields of science today are conditioned to not think and never question the official dogma, maybe “heretics” are just censored or shunned so they’re not given credibility for their questionning of dogmas.

      Maybe retired scientists no longer have to self censor because now their life does not depend on lying / self censoring.

      Maybe “diseases” are just how our body detox when it is put in contact with new toxins or new poisons or new electromagnetic fields. Maybe it is just a way for us to adapt, to grow, to evolve and our environment and food are so thoroughly attacked by a myriads of ways nowaday that it stresses our body or those of the more vulnerable among us.

      Maybe disease transmission is just a body signal, saying something like “here is how i detoxed from what is happening in the environment right now, I got a sore throat and you can have it too so you can evolve further”.

      Maybe some diseases are absolutely essential to have as a child because they’re like rites of passages to evolve, or like checkpoints in the process of growing. Maybe vaccinating against these was a fatal error, or maybe it was designed to be fatal, to make children more vulnerable, to make them have shitty immune systems so they can get more crap from things which were not killing anybody 80 years ago, allergies and the like.

      Maybe this process is profitable (in the most abject way) to some industries. Maybe some people in this world very much like the idea of people dying sooner rather than later, and people being crippled by diseases that did not even exist decades ago. Maybe it explains the surge of all these auto-immune crap we see everywhere. Maybe there are thousands of “epidemics” going on at the same time because they just want you to fuck off and die already!

      But I don’t know, I don’t know anything! I’m just listening to my gut and instincts and searching for truths, because I need to shed some light along the way… I would very much prefer writing music like I was doing until all this 2020 farce started, I know I’ll get back to it and nothing will ever be the same. I’m just eager to hear my new music and stop being so much online reading and typing, because my spirit is so much more beautiful when I write music and I miss it. I was trying to find a way to induce something like a “counter-hypnosis” to people so they have a kind of “lucidity stroke” and I think I can do this with audible frequencies and rhythms, maybe I can do it. IDK unless I try to find myself.

    • Go says:

      Flu is not caused by a virus

    • nmbsp says:

      You are conflating “cause” and “effect”. The “flu” is the “effect”, and the supposed “flu virus” is the supposed “(flu) cause”.

      Saying the “flu virus” doesn’t exist, is not saying the “flu” doesn’t exist – it’s saying that the “flu” is caused by something else.
      And as others have pointed out already, the “flu” is not caused by a “flu virus”. The “flu” is detoxification. And the toxicity can come from many sources.

      “Covid” is a virtual label, which includes the “flu” as you have already found out. But it doesn’t include just the “flu”. It includes anything they want, as long as they “associate” it with a “positive” PCR “test” (which isn’t a test – PCR is not a test, and the PCR-based “protocols” that they have created and use are not really tests either).

      And so, there is no “it”. “Covid” is not one “illness”. It is a virtual basket of whatever they want to add/subtract.
      And similarly, there is no “it” to “get” or to “not get”, in terms of a “viral” particle. There is no “sars-cov-2 virus”, and no other “virus” has ever been proven.

      Ask yourself what your proof is of the “virus”, then see what “proof” the virologists give, and then you’ll see what you will find and what you will believe (or better, know).

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      Hi Greg, no, you are not in the least an “idiot”. I am thinking right on the same level as you are. It is absolutely absurd to believe all this ridiculous propaganda. How can it be that sooooo many people are told to be “positive” when the PCR testing is not at all a proper diagnostic tool? And “positive” of what, really?

      Yes, the only explanation is simply the semantics: a new name for an old disease-like condition. And why do some people feel so ill and even die, unlike in the olden days? Well, just look how people live, eat, sleep, think, move, and get lost in their uncontrollable multi doses of medication cocktails they swallow daily; they don’t even remember what each pill is for. Co-morbidities are a daily reality now and that is sickness, so death is knocking at the door even without a Coronavirus.

  19. oranje says:

    Read “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg.

    The ‘flu was never caused by a virus and was not contagious. Experiments carried out during the 1918 ‘flu failed to pass on the disease from sick to healthy people. Also a contributing factor was the mass vaccination particularly of the military.

  20. Courageous Lion says:

    ME: Are there a lot of kids like you?

    KID: Millions.

    ME: Do they listen to the government?

    KID: You mean the mafia. We don’t pay protection money to anybody.

    Kid has it figured out! Too bad all the Grandpa’s still haven’t. Glad there are millions. There is hope if that’s the case. I’ll arm them. Send them here. We have a right to arm bears. Good one again Jon. This should be a Saturday Night Live skit. Maybe I’ll use it at our local theater on talent night.

  21. Fanny Adams says:

    Reply to AK,

    What about a backed up lymph system?

    If the lymphatic system is full of acidosis from eating too much meat, eggs and dairy, it can put a huge load on drainage so the system backs up. The acidic lymph burns the lung tissue hence pneumonia. Check out Dr Robert Morse ND.

  22. Elena Alvarado Marcos says:

    If you do not eradicate lies at their roots, then lies will keep growing back forever, no matter how often you trim them.

    The root lie is that there is a virus and a “pandemic.”

    All Covid lies depend on this fundamental lie.

    If you believe this core lie, then you cannot help but support all aspects of Covid mania, including vax mandates.

    We hear about “bioweapons” and “lab leaks” and ivermectin and whether masks work and so on. All this chatter is nourished by the root lie that there is a virus and a “pandemic.”

    Remove this lie, and the entire house of cards collapses.

  23. Tobi says:

    345 reasons or more.. crazy galore.. Excellent writing

    Besides.. there’s that waking the dragon scare
    or so the wake dragon tells me
    while it’s picking off the sleepers
    puzzled I repeat it
    does anybody hear me?
    does anybody see it?

    No nothing there is what they tell me
    but shut up don’t you get it
    what to get? what doesn’t exist
    oh what the shit
    really that’s how it is
    what doesn’t exist is the most dangerous now
    my fears must have gotten me turned upside down
    yes yes.. why don’t I just play the clown
    easier to cope if it comes with a laugh

  24. Riaan says:

    The idea is good, but not strong enough. We must insist that the people who make, promote, developed, sponsored and distributed this vaccine, should be injected with it. They should be given a choice of any vaccine that is given to the people. Further they could choose of different batches, but there should not be batch numbers visible.

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