My original position on the non-existent virus

by Jon Rappoport

March 18, 2021

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About a year ago, I wrote and published my position on the existence of SARS-CoV-2.

I still stand by it.

It’s worth revisiting. File it under: “follow the actual science.”

If researchers had actually been interested in proving the virus exists, they would have a conducted a large-scale study. Here it is.

Take 500 people who have been diagnosed with the pandemic disease, line them up, and take swab samples from them.

Using correct and meticulous procedures, which involve centrifuging those samples, produce 500 clear electron microscope photos—one good photo for each sample.

Place the 500 photos side by side, and answer the following questions:

One: In each and every photo, do you see MANY particles of what is unmistakably a virus?

Two: In each and every photo, are these particles the same virus?

Three: Are these particles of a virus you’ve never seen before?

If you answer any of the three questions with a no, you go back to the drawing board. Your attempt to prove the existence of a new virus which is causing disease has failed. (You might have shown a new virus exists, but it is non-relevant, because you haven’t shown it is causing disease.)

If you answered yes to the three questions, you bring in a new team of researchers, who enroll a new group of 500 volunteers who have been diagnosed with the pandemic disease, and they conduct the same experiment. Why? Because confirmation of results by an independent group is part of what is called the scientific method. At one time, every high school student was taught the scientific method.

If this new group of researchers carries out the study and answers no to any of the three questions, the attempt to prove a new virus exists and is causing disease has failed.

If the new group answers yes to the three questions, a third group of researchers would enlist 500 new volunteers and carry out the test once again. This would constitute further confirmation.

If this third group answers yes to the three questions, then you have strong evidence. (Of course, the electron microscope is registering dead virus. It isn’t looking at viruses in action or motion in the body. So it isn’t infallible.)

Now you see the futility of claiming that samples taken from one, two, or three patients in a study prove anything at all.

Correct studies of this kind should always use large numbers of people. For example, what would you say to the clinical trial of a new drug that only enlisted three people as volunteers? Would the outcome be sufficient to apply for FDA approval of the drug? Of course not.

The large-scale study—with confirmation—I’ve described above has never been done in the case of “COVID-19.”

Therefore, no proof exists that SARS-CoV-2 is real and is causing disease.

The burden of proof rests with the researchers who assert that SARS-CoV-2 is real and is the cause of a pandemic.

They have told that story. Since their story can’t be backed up, there is no reason to believe in the existence of SARS-CoV-2.

I could say a new measles virus or a new hepatitis virus or a new virus from outer space is causing a pandemic, but that, too, would just be a story.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

59 comments on “My original position on the non-existent virus

  1. Merlene Robinson-Cover says:

    The billion dollars question is, who are the billionaires preventing the above “authentic-scientific methodology you’ve succinctly laid out to be conducted?

    What happened to all those who took the oat to “First Do No Harm?”

    • Tom says:

      Very probably a small group of people who (believe they) are the descendants of Pharao’s and Priests.
      They invested a lot in this scam and most scientists are too narrow-minded, indoctrinated and/or corrupt to see/acknowledge the obvious.

  2. Cynthia M Silveri says:

    Jon, I am so grateful to you for all of the work you have done on HIV and exposing that hoax, zika, etc., and now this one. I have peace of mind and no fear because your position that there is not one thing causing death is crystal clear in my experience. Thank you for your relentless efforts to destroy the covid narrative.

  3. Opie Poik says:

    What Did You Do in the People’s War, Daddy?

    “Society didn’t backslide to this teetering and awful moment on the brink of the abyss in a day. We can’t expect to return it to the glory days in a day.”

    MORE of this author – excellent:

  4. Anne Beckett says:

    This is exactly what I wrote about, and posted video of, last week. When are people going to ever figure it out? Even nurses I know think it’s real. It’s so annoying to realise my friends are not very bright.

    • Epicurious says:

      The futility of arguing with friends whose ears a closed.

      “It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”
      ~ Jonathan Swift

    • Fanny Adams says:

      I recently entered the other side of the narrative when I had to succumb to the role of inpatient. I tried to refuse the Covid test and was hated for it as new restrictions were put in place and I was forced to wear a mask and not wander out of my isolation room. I had pneumonia. I felt like a prisoner of war as the staff glared at me in carefully constructed expressions of disgust on their faces. Then I decided to capitulate and let them test (otherwise I feared for my reputation in my town). Thankfully it came back negative. The psychological pain of being despised as a patient hit hard, as if I were a really bad person for trying to refuse a Covid swab. It’s a wonder I was not held down and forced.

  5. Misha says:

    Excellent Jon. Thanks for keep us in focus.

    Let me share Project immanuel link :

    There is no such thing as an exogenous patogenic virus or as Dr Young use to say ” The virus is a concept that only exist on a piece of paper ”

    I Will add another important phrase that hangs on my wall :

    ” The short term pain of accepting the truth is much better than the long term pain of believing an illusion ”


    • Larry C says:

      Very interesting site…thank you, Misha!

      In the site, under Season 1, Video A, there are several experts dissecting the fallacies of HIV diagnoses. Kary Mullis weighs in at 2m10sec sharing his observations of the presumptive $cience behind HIV.

      Mullis of course was the inventor of the PCR test that has become the Gold Standard for testing in the Putative COVID Pandemic. (He called Bullsh*t on using *his* PCR Test to test for COVID19.)

  6. Low Voltage says:

    I’ve got a better idea.

    1) Make up a random genetic sequence that appears at a relatively predictable frequency in everyone and can test positive or negative depending on the PCR cycle count.

    2) Declare a pandemic and shut down the economy.

    3) Test everyone and insist that the healthy ones who tested positive are dangerous “asymptomatic carriers of the disease.”

    4) Smear any traditional treatments for common respiratory problems (HCQ, Ivermectin).

    5) Declare God a fool and regard the large opening he put on every animal’s face to be nothing more than an entry/exit point for viruses and in need of a cloth filter.

    6) Don’t allow people to visit, much less touch, their friends and family.

    7) Produce 24/7 fear porn on every imaginable wavelength.

    8) Financially reward “healthcare” providers for finding COVID in healthy, sick, and dead people.

    9) Drive enthusiasm for dangerous gene therapy “vaccines” and eventually exclude anyone from society who refuses to take them.

    10) Make vaccines a seasonal responsibility for everyone.

  7. Paul says:

    [cue intro]

    “A most dire deadly dilemma visits a planet.
    A concerned citizen proffers a position & a posits a proof…”

    “If researchers
    had actually
    been INTERESTED…”

    “The BURDEN of proof
    rests with the

    [EMPHASIS mine]

    Late last night, I watched a re-broadcast on C-SPAN of a HOR Energy & Commerce Subcommittee.

    The most common issue was increasing vaccinations.

    It was chaired by Diana DeGette (D-CO) & both party members asked questions of:
    Dr. Fauci (NIAID Director);
    Dr. Rochelle Walensky (CDC Director);
    Dr. Peter Marks (CBER Director at FDA).

    It was late at night. My house was quiet & this quiet augmented focus. I watched carefully, listened to questions & their answers carefully.

    Most often, the precise question was NEVER answered.

    Often, it was simply bypassed for some politico-speak, which many Rep’s also engaged in, via their formatting of questions.

    In my opinion, people at this level, are truly NOT INTERESTED in anything other than their pre-prescribed agenda.

    NOR, do they seem to me, to bother to carry, any BURDEN of responsibility.

    They are actors. All. Ever.

    Right now, I’m watching C-SPAN Morning Journal featuring Nicolas Florko (STAT News). He’s doing a re-cap of yesterday’s meeting.

    I don’t know if he’s a MD, but he’s advocating the vaccine like he’s freakin’ Florence Nightingale!

    • Karen E.Ronan says:

      Paul, I liked your post very much but as a former nurse who trained in England I would like point out that Florence Nightingale was a firm believer in Terrain theory rather than germ theory (from her observations of her many patients). She claimed that bacterial infections came from within the debilitated patient’s body and claimed that the illness passed through stages that corresponded to a bacterial stage and a viral stage. She was a firm believer in fresh air and sunshine and good nutrition for healing and the power of psychology . If the patient felt “well-cared for”, they would recover more quickly. In those days it was the best trained nurses that were responsible for the freshness of the wards and comfort of the patients and they spent more time holding the patient’s hand than they did composing copious notes and delegating the important work of total patient care to others, whether experts or not. ie. Practical nursing was valued more than the theoretical AND they took responsibility for patient care rather than as it seems to be now , it being done by committees of staff who seem to trip over each other doing the same job. (Nurses of various levels, nursing assistants, physicians assistants, dieticians, phlebotomists,physiotherapists, etc. etc.) I think she would have been an Anti-vaxxer!

      • Alan says:

        > they spent more time holding the patient’s hand

        According to Dr Tom Cowan’s book, “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart”, the heart is not a pump, and the blood is moved not by the heart’s “pumping” action, but rather, by a kind of electrical energy present in the blood and vessels. And close contact with another human or animal – such as the holding of hands – is one way to channel energy in order to fuel the blood flow.

        It could be imagined that many diseased persons would have some kind of blood flow problem to some degree. Hence, besides psychological comfort, the nurse’s holding a patient’s hand has very real physiological benefits.

  8. Steven says:

    New Zealand Doctor Explains the Non-Science Behind Covid-19 and the €225,000 Reward for Anyone Who Can Prove it Exists

    • Larry C says:

      1) The Science Behind COVID 19 is laid out in excruciating and redundant detail on the nightly Mainstream News Networks (MSN).

      2) The MSN is infallible, by definition.

      3) Ergo, I hereby claim that £225,000 reward.

      4) PARTY TIME!!!

    • Marilyn Shepherd says:

      None have in Australia, it’s like true sheep territory here.

  9. Sean says:

    If they can fool so many people and get them to go along with what they’re being told is science, without honoring the whole scientific method in the first place so that one can know the truth then there is certainly something else going on.

    Ive saved and bookmarked this article. One day when that something else thing is figured out, then perhaps every man and woman will understand the importance pf and demand that the burden of proof is on whom is making the claim, especially health officials regarding viruses. But until then, it is not science and it is something else.

    I can see the orchestrated deception, can be deeply believed by the masses so much so that the deceptionist will continue with it, even though they are totally exposed.

    But Jons recent article is showing that it may actually be breaking down. At least for some of these front men and organizations. Yay!

  10. Brad says:

    While I agree with almost all of Jon’s well stated and scientifically backed opinion, I differ on the point that CV 19 does not exist.

    I agree on the total inadequacy of the PCR test and almost all the figures coming from this BS testing being meaningless. That the stats of those labeled as dying from CV 19 are fraudulent in the extreme.

    This said, I do believe that a coronavirus was engineered in laboratories cooperating for gain of function and then this virus was released with the narrative in place and ready for rollout for propagandizing the public.

    The purpose being to disrupt world society on a grand scale so that change agents could do the work for the ‘pyramid cap’ to usher in their great [sic] reset and 4IReveloution.

    The various vaxxs with their high casualty rates as a further conscious intention to load families and society with these injured, as per vaxx caused autism. We have yet to see what pathology will develop in the inoculated in the near future and beyond as many scientists are predicting.

    Now we also have the stage being set for an much more deadly release with a top vaxx specialist warning the current vaxxs may produce a ‘superbug’ as they mutate past the mRNA vaxx measures, which also limit our natural immune system’s ability to respond.

    In reality, setting the stage for even more intense medical tyranny, as the ‘cap’ desires, and further mandated vaxxs as population control protocols are set in place.

    Add to this a planned cyber attack on the health and financial structure and we have a powerful one two punch that would leave society in a shambles ready to be ‘built back better’ for the ‘cap.’

    Taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s modus these psychopaths will use any means to an end at any scale. Humanity should have learned this one over one hundred years ago that these metaphysical mistakes are very capable of evil and should not be anywhere near wealth and power as they are inhuman and act accordingly.

    • Tim_2A says:

      If this psy-op is anything (else) at all, it’s a ‘new’ way to deliver (SOME of) the poisons that have been engineered for mass consumption. Big pharma does reign over the minds of (MOST) men, and even though it’s very clear that today’s (and tomorrow’s, and next week’s, and so on) in-tox-ulations are just a new form of ‘typhus infected blankets,’ they’re being presented to ‘us’ in such a ‘devilishly clever’ way that the (STUPID) general population will still pretend (and they’ll ACTUALLY BELIEVE, too) that it’s the GOV’s way of ‘just keeping them warm.’

      That’s why we’re seeing the mind-shorn sheeple wrapping themselves in those fluffy, friendly lies.

      If you take their shot, you’ve lost.

      A haiku:

      -Mentally, you’re SEDATED.
      -STAY separated!

  11. Tom says:

    Good article but one huge mistake. In the swab samples they won’t find a (complete) virus as they only can find a tiny fragment of an alleged torn apart virus. In order to find a complete virus (which don’t exists) you have to dig deeper into the body.

  12. KCT says:

    Jon, I went to Wikipedia and the front page said: “John Magufuli (pictured), the president of Tanzania, dies at the age of 61 and is succeeded by his vice-president, Samia Suluhu.” Wasn’t it the Tanzanian president who was one of the early critics of the PCR test, testing goats and papayas to find that they were positive for COVID? A coincidence?

    A search on this matter led me to David Icke:

  13. Heidi says: here are results of a numbers cruncher at John Hopkins proving that overall deaths have not increased since the scam began.

  14. Tom M Culhane says:

    Jon has been blowing the whistle for over a year. What is needed now is for the millions facing bankruptcy around the world to file their lawsuits for damages.

    • Tom M Culhane says:

      For expert testimony in lawsuits, see Jon’s Feb 26 piece, “COVID: the virus was never proven to exist”, with Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Tom Cowan. Also in my comments there early on and at the end, I refer to virologist Stefan Lanka and also the BLAST info. And let’s add the Italian scientist Stefano Scoglio, recently nominated for a Nobel Prize. Plenty of credible professionals who have blown the whistle on the nonexistence of SARS-COV-2. And these people know each other and have videos together.

      • Tom M Culhane says:

        You don’t need anyone’s permission to file a lawsuit. Find a lawyer who only gets paid if you win. If a corrupt judge makes you lose and pay the other side’s legal fees, add it to your bankruptcy creditors that won’t be paid.

        Jon has done his part. The above doctors and scientists have done theirs. Much information has been amassed for further evidence of fraud, with the PCR tests, etc. Search “convicted felons” on RFK Jr’s website for plenty of evidence of the criminality of the vaccine corporations, and their stranglehold on the medical system, the CDC, FDA. And Bill Gates control of WHO.

        Pediatrician Dr Paul Thomas and his study of his vaccinated vs unvaccinated patients would be really powerful in court for various reasons.

        Most of your work has been done for you.

        Bitching and moaning is fun but what is needed is action.

    • Mark Spitz says:

      @ Tom

      Yesterday a group from Israel filed a lawsuit against the state of Israel at the International Tribunal in Hague . It is about fundamental rights being violated by the state since the start of scamdemic. Is important since is the first time when Hague is petitioned re. covid . I uploaded the original here : and I hope you will find it useful for similar actions .

      In the mean time , yesterday the Supreme Court of Israel reversed the measures taken by the governement limiting freedom of movement , considering them an excesive violation of fundamental human rights, even in a situation of a pandemic. Therefore the airport will be reopen unconditional and travel will be again normal . If you need the original of this judgement let me know.

  15. stephen langley says:

    Most assuredly accurate. But something is pushing the immune compromised towards death… and making even relatively healthy folk ill. My intuition and fact based research and logic tells me that it is a “binary” bioweapon w/myriade triggers… sumpin’ for everyone. I feel that we have all been infected thru various vectors for quite some time… I suppose I am invoking Occam’s Principle …anyway, my current working hypothesis… anyone care to help test it is welcomed and appreciated! P.S. I’m not a scientist… I trained myself (formally) in visual arts, ergo wholistic thinking.

    • M - says:

      Indeed. Especially since back in 2012 scientists were documented as creating a more contagious version of the SARS virus.

      I stumbled upon this at – although you may have to dig to find the slew of articles pertaining to their findings/research.

  16. TMgreen says:

    PCR is the only proof that there is a pandemic and asymptomatic spread. If I take PCR at face value that it found with 100% accuracy that a person had the unique gene from the genome of Sars-Cov-2, that gene still has no capability of infection. Even if you say that the amplified particle found is proof that Sars-Cov-2 is in the body, if all you find are pieces then that means the rest of the missing genome is incomplete and not able to infect.

  17. Paul says:

    Sen. Patty “Happy Sunshine” Murray comes in for-the-save…


    • john-oranje says:

      As the ONLY thing that is defining the existence of a
      pandemic is the testing, whatever the test method, if
      the testing stops the phantom pandemic stops.
      Then we could get back to the reality of
      people falling ill for the usual variety of reasons.
      To keep this going they had to start
      really poisoning the gullible masses with the vaccines.
      This is amazingly successful mind
      control. I have not managed to convince anyone I
      know that this is a fake pandemic just driven by lies.
      I haven’t even been able to convince
      anyone that aviation fuel fires cannot bring down steel framed buildings.

      • Gavin says:

        Try convincing your doctor. The doctor I used to see is impervious to new information, just like a member of a cult. A very dangerous death cult.

      • Sean says:

        I once met a career oil and fuels guy that had been into that for 30 years in the military. I asked, can jet fuel melt steel beams? He would not admit it it because he knew what I was leading on to.

        Obedience to pay check and organization over truth.

  18. Larry C says:

    And speaking of “non-existent’ check out this video of Biden. Watch his hand move through the microphones.


  19. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Therefore, no proof exists that SARS-CoV-2 is real and is causing disease.”

    Sometimes a Deep State Servant blabs a bit too much. Never forget the following words. They explain MUCH about EVERYTHING…

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities…”
    ― Karl Rove

    Said in other words, “SARS-CoV-2 is real and is causing terrible disease! We say so! So it shall be until and unless We say otherwise! We SAY, and You MUST BELIEVE! Remember that!

  20. Paul says:

    Interesting & funny Biden piece on Kennedy @ 54 minutes in.
    Thur. 3-18-21

    Joe may be a hologram.

  21. Jim S Smith says:

    Great reprise of prior articles, but NOTHING will come of it (most unfortunate).

    The psycho-manipulation “program” has been on-going for far too long, and is far too widespread.

    What needs to be attacked viciously: The role of the “media” and propaganda. If we can not break this cycle, then no amount of positive or negative evidence is going to break the mental-deadlock!

    – “Idiots are oblivious to facts!

    STILL seeing people masking-up their very young children (even small enough ones to carry in arms)!

    This “nation” is lost, just as the world is lost.

    • Sean says:

      Im pretty sure your final statement is along the lines of what technocrats and collectivist want everyone to believe. That all is lost. Resistance is futile. Therefor I appreciate a daily great reprise, precisely because everything else you mentioned seems accurate.

      Jon is an investigate reporter and doing a knock out job, having many effects. Im reading it. They’re reading it. They believe they got enough idiot people oblivious to facts. Isnt NoMoreFakeNews viciously attacking the role of the media and propaganda? Doesnt Jon offer The Matrix Collections that thoroughly educates What it is and how to Exit it and have both power in and outside of it? I find value.

      I also find evidence that the republic is still there running along side this freakshow government.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Until I see proof otherwise, locally especially, I don’t see any alternative view to have!

        You don’t even need a “nation” for real people to survive, as a “nation” needs People for IT to survive.


        Rather than trying to parboil and dissect my words, just go and be that REAL human being!

    • KCT says:

      Yes, that is why I began to lose hope when all Trump did was complain about “fake media.” The lying media should have been brought to heel, but nothing came of it. Stelter and Anderson and the rest have tons of dirt on them. The corporate media is compromised, but nothing was done. My family is hopelessly ensnared by NYT and CNN and CNBC and WaPo.

  22. OzzieThinker says:


    As always,excellent logic,

    But I think there is another basic “benchmark” missing here.

    Given [according to science papers] “viruses have no metabolism, don’t grow and only mutate”, what is a “virus”? Should science apply Antoine Bechamp’s terrain theory to clarify origin “definition”?

    According to Bechamp, of course, the body “reacts” to “external invading particles”, which include various chain reaction mutations?

    That without metabolism doesn’t live, so are we to suppose all viruses are caused by [not living] pollution that is “animated” by a body’s internal remedial processes?

    Incidentally, have you heard about “Mad Cow Disease” (the technical name begins with a “P”, I forget it) “added” to Covid vaccine serums??


  23. R.S. says:

    The virus exists. I caught it, as did the others in the house. And it was unlike the flu. My dad almost died from it.

    • Tom M Culhane says:

      You probably “caught” some bad food. Food is grown with poison today and the CDC forgets to test for this with “food borne illness”.

    • Jerom says:

      Notice how it’s only people who believe in it who catch it. Meanwhile I was in the middle of NYC where I was born and raised the entire time looking for it among the tons of people I know like ???

  24. JBW says:

    “At one time, every high school student was taught the scientific method.”

    Not in my lifetime, and I’m almost as old as Jon

  25. pseudonym says:

    I follow Hammond and Nass on this one, as their reasoning and their evidence are better grounded than Rappoport’s.
    But it feels good to know that there are people with a different belief. I’m at a point where I believe that dissent is one of the pillars of civilization.
    In my own opinion, this virus is too weak compared to what people have been ordered to believe. T is the perfect political weapon for these times. And there is no reason why the CCP and the USFG would not collaborate in a world wide conquest project. You shall find Truth in Theater.

    • Tom M Culhane says:

      “their reasoning and their evidence”

      There is no evidence for SARS-COV-2. See Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka, Scoglio… It’s time to move on.

      • pseudonym says:

        I doubt any of those persons would dare to have a serious debate, not a conversation, with Jeremy Hammond. I know them, their arguments are not convincing to me. There are evidences for the existence of this virus. It is not a matter of belief, but of leaving aside our own biases and studying the published evidence. I recommend reading other investigators opinions on this, and follow through their references.
        The funny thing is that there are many ways to prevent a man from dying from this SARS cluster of diseases, all of which have been censored. Most people actually believe there is nothing to treat this, except for those expensive antiviral drugs. This is a great scandal. The media are now destroying the body of their audience, after they destroyed their minds. By denying the existence of the virus, you are unwittingly helping the enemy. Time to change.

  26. barn moose says:

    Jon has written a boatload on this subject. I’m posting this here as an attempt to establish a SQUARE ONE of his argument to which I might link.

    If Jon’s argument is flawed or thinly-supported, it should be easy to challenge and refute.

    How are viruses discovered and identified in the first place? – 2/18/2020

    The nut of this piece is an excerpted interview with a “Belgian-born pathologist and electron microscopist”

    Here is an active link to the full interview (the link within the piece is now dead.)

    Viruses: a different perspective – 3/3/2020

    Coronavirus: what real science would look like, if it existed – 3/10/2020

    My original position on the non-existent virus – 3/18/21

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