Viruses: a different perspective

by Jon Rappoport

March 3, 2020

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“Give us your huddled masses, yearning to be vaccinated. We’ll find a virus and say a vaccine must be produced.”

One research-estimate suggests there are 320,000 viruses on Earth that infect mammals.

This means: types of viruses. For each type, I suppose you could say there are at least trillions of individual viruses.

So we should all be dead. Long gone. But we aren’t.

First of all, there are what’s called endogenous viruses. They live in the human body and they watch television and they lie around and don’t cause illness. On sophisticated tests, they can show up, and researchers will mistakenly assume they’re doing damage. They’re doing nothing.

Then there are exogenous viruses. They come in from the outside, enter the body, and look for cells in which they can take up residence and multiply. The immune system notices, and either ignores them as trifling or mounts a defense to defeat them. These viruses can also show up on sophisticated tests. Researchers tend to (falsely) believe the mere presence of the viruses signals trouble (illness).

This is a massive mistake. So-called viral infection, if it means anything significant at all, amounts to much more than mere presence. A few particles of virus showing up on a test says nothing about actual illness. There must be millions and millions of a virus actively replicating in the body to cause disease.

And even then, a healthy and strong immune system could ultimately defeat this bunch of little doofuses.

That leaves who knows how many other viruses out there, never living in or entering the human body at all. They’re playing music or their version of baseball or finding warm condos in cows or sheep or moose.

Now we come to what-if type speculations. Suppose dangerous viruses are flying in from planets far away? Suppose they’re combining in caves and then crawling into the bodies of rock climbers? Suppose biowar labs are fiddling and diddling and cooking up altered versions of several viruses that will kill millions of people? CAN YOU PROVE THIS ISN’T SO?

No I can’t, just as I can’t prove that a purple and white snake in the Orion Belt isn’t building a radio.

But I can say this. Doing research on biowar germs isn’t the same thing as doing successful research on them. Assuming these scientists are actually developing biowar germs that work…well, in a recent article titled “People dying equals coronavirus?”, I posted several old dire warnings about past viral epidemics: SARS was weaponized. So was Zika. So was Swine Flu. So was Ebola. And yet…these epidemics were duds.

But you see, the people issuing those dire warnings back then didn’t care, and don’t care now, that their predictions never materialized. They don’t care. Every time a new epidemic is announced by some public health agency, they state brand new warnings.

We humans may routinely be able to fend off and defeat, naturally, 100 trillion trillion viruses in the environment, but this weaponized virus is going to kill us all. Soon.

In the current “coronavirus epic,” there is one new feature the prophets of doom can exploit: after the word comes down that it’s over and done, they can say, “Well, you see, actually more than two million people in China died from the virus. The government there is covering it up. It WAS a bioweapon. PROVE THAT IT WASN’T.”

There is one more category of virus I should mention. I have detailed it in past articles. It’s the virus that isn’t there at all (see here and here). It’s a beauty. Researchers perform various procedures aimed at detecting it, but these scientists invent MARKERS they CLAIM are indirect evidence of a virus they can’t directly pinpoint. From such lunatic procedures, a whole story and tale and legend about the virus they never found is created. The pros can even report this never-discovered virus is causing a global epidemic. It’s a marvel.

They might go on to develop a vaccine against the never-detected virus. A toxic vaccine.

Or they can say, “All our efforts to produce an effective vaccine against virus X have so far fallen short.” Meaning: “How could we make a vaccine against a virus we never found?”

Just wait a while. Eventually, they’ll figure out a way.

“After, ahem, synthesizing a gene from a specimen of the neuro-electric imprint of the shadow of the recalcitrant cave-hiding virus, we were able to inject the gene in volunteers and reduce the presence of indirect marker CR65-35 by 27.243 percent. We’re confident a vaccine derived from the gene will prove effective in 74.2657843265 percent of healthy individuals. If they get sick, don’t blame us. Blame the virus. We sure as hell will.”

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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50 comments on “Viruses: a different perspective

  1. goldenage says:

    I am curious why Iran’s fatality rate from so-called coronavirus is so much higher than the rest of the world.

    • lamberth says:

      Why should we believe Iran’s MSM any more than the MSM in the West?
      See one of my posts in Jon’s “Coronavirus: The contagion of Propaganda” where I explain this.
      Iran is as much part of this global propaganda PsyOp as is the rest of the world.
      The More, The Scarier.

    • Rtp says:

      The fatality rates will be dependent on how extreme the medical measures taken are on whoever is unfortunate enough to test positive to the (meaningless and arbitrary) virus test.

      The Black Death had absolutely *nothing* to do with rats, fleas or bacteria. It was entirely about fear and medical treatments. Medical treatments that would make today’s horrific vaccine schedule look sensible.

      • cynthia silveri says:

        I’d love to read about that! Do you have any suggestions?

      • Darren Kamalu says:

        May not have been rats or fleas, but could have been the other stuff (bacteria). I am not saying that it was, but an impact by a BIG ASS rock from space carrying bacteria would be a massive problem.

        Now if there are people who would do not accept that there is any form of life outside of our echo chamber (earth) then there is nothing to say. Echo chamber dynamics prevent that. Germs thrive on that.

    • Rachel Bartlett says:

      Doctors in Iran tend to overprescribe corticosteroids. You’ll find quite a few studies showing this, and offering explanations.
      Dr John Campbell (you should follow his YouTube) mentioned this a few days ago, and also explained why this is probably exactly the wrong, and lethal, approach.

  2. The Watchman says:

    Some good articles today, Jon. Linked as usual @

    Bill Sardi had an interesting article as well about how they have been using antibodies to treat some of the effects of the virus. Hmm? Thought antibodies didn’t work on viruses.
    Also Jake Johnson at CommonDreams had an article about how people are getting billed for forced Corona Virus testing. Amazing!! Follow the dollars as they say.
    Linked these two articles as well.

    • Rtp says:

      I think you mean “antibiotics”.

      But (and yes I am aware of the irony) the fact that abx can be used to ameliorate symptoms is actually further proof that abx do not work (at least the way we think they do).

      Abx do kill germs – that’s true. But that is not the reason they can “work”. What they do is tell the body that it is under attack and so take the body back out of a healing phase and back into a conflict active phase.

      In the healing phase the body is experiencing the unpleasant symptoms we associate with disease but the healing phase is, well, healing. It is completely necessary.

      Anything that suppresses symptoms is only delaying (or even cancelling) the necessary healing. Abx, just like analgesics, simply stop the healing process. There are some times where ameliorating the healing phase is acceptable (or even desirable) but this should be done with gentle treatments like Vitamin C rather than poisons like antibiotics.

      Here is a very interesting couple of facts.

      Abx have been known to suppress symptoms even when the suspected bacterial cause is not killed by the abx (in a petrie dish).

      Conversely, abx have been known to be completely useless at suppressing symptoms even when the suspected bacterial cause *is* killed by the abx (in a petrie dish).

      So all this nonsense about “resistance to antibiotics” is just that. Nonsense. Bacteria is no more or less resistant than it ever was (which makes sense considering we still use abx from decades ago). What is actually occurring is a manifestation of the fact that antibiotics have *never* worked the way we thought they did.

      For those who question germ theory but struggle to explain why antibiotics appear to work, the above is critical information. Antibiotics only suppress symptoms just like analgesics. Yes, they can kill the supposedly culpable germs, but that is not why they appear to work.

  3. Plamen says:

    Bacteria are our symbiotic partners in life. Partners accommodate each other for mutual benefit. Viruses as an entitative existence are a medical myth. If diseases are caused by uneliminated metabolic debris, which is what so-called viruses are, then the medics have a point. But we Hygienists call that metabolic debris retained wastes, not viruses. “Viruses” are nothing more than the proteinacious debris of spent cells. Their accumulation can precipitate a healing crisis in the body. When this occurs, the body is likely to transport bacteria to the scene to aid it in cleaning up the mess, but the bacteria did not cause the problem. The habits and practices of the sufferer must be looked to as the real culprits. Once these deleterious habits and practices are discontinued, there will be no further toxic accumulations and thus the need for disease or healing crises will cease to exist. Sickness-free health will exist thereafter.

    • Rtp says:

      Thanks Plamen. Have you looked into German New Medicine (GNM)?

      Whilst I don’t doubt that there is a lot of wisdom in the approach of the hygienists, I fail to see how it can account for multiple people coming down with, say, chicken pox at the same time.

      GNM does.

      Doctors share lots of germs with their patients and patients share lots of germs with other patients. And yet, visiting a doctor is not instantly fatal. That tells us that the germ theory is monunmental nonsense.

      Siblings share food and toxicity with each other. And they often share the same illness symptoms.

      But colleagues and classmates rarely share food and toxicity levels with each other and yet they can still share the same illness symptoms at the same time.

      All of this to me suggests that the best explanation for most illness is emotional trauma. Siblings, colleagues and classmates can all share the same traumas so it makes sense then that they can all share illness symptoms at the same time. Doctors and patients don’t share the same traumas so we would not often expect them to share illness symptoms – and they don’t.

      Of course, toxicity absolutely plays a large role. Vaccinated kids are vastly more likely to be sick and be sick for longer than unvaxed kids. Toxicity/poor diet amplifies the effects of emotional traumas.

      • Plamen says:

        Hi Rtp,

        Yes, I am familiar with GNM and believe it was developed mostly for cancer. The mental and emotional factor is of course one part of the jigsaw as it is now proven through MRI scans of the brain that emotion can have physiological impact. And yet the psychosomatic theory has been always rejected by it does make a lot of sense.

        Dr John E Sarno even developed a theory called Tension Myoneural Syndrome, which has helped a lot of people to cure their back problems by exploring of their past and present psychological problems.

        As for the chicken pox, I’ll just present my own anecdotal experience. I have never had it as a child despite having been exposed to it a lot during both childhood and adulthood. If chicken pox is one of those contagious highly disease I should come down with it easily but I don’t.

        The reason why large groups can give the impression of chicken pox being contagious is exactly because of what you hinted. They usually do share similar diets and are exposed to similar environmental toxins. They live in the same villages or towns, buy food from the same shops, cook it in similar fashion, read the same news and in general get together in the same places. So all the habits both good or bad are a way of life.

        The reason why I don’t get chicken pox is because I don’t fit with the group. I have known about the germ hoax for years and don’t share the bad habits with the rest of the people in my surroundings.

      • peterbro says:

        Bechamp proved that Pasteur was incorrect in assuming (Pasteur was never able to prove his premise) that germs resulted in infection.

        The likes of Paracelsus spoke of a contagion that worked in ones emotional body, and the term miasma refers to this.

        The current science paradigm is crippled and largely ignorant of anything other than the three dimensional reality and the physical body.

        That is the dimension of effect, with the cause existing in a higher reality.

        So yes fear is a causative emotion and something to desist from.

      • Amnstl says:

        A big part of corona virus “ritual” that TPTB/Freemasons/Illuminati have been playing out in the media has been the DEATH of Kobe Bryant which is TRUAMA for the masses

    • Pharm guy says:

      Viruses are pieces of information, they enter the cells and change the cell, and make the cell adapt to the environment. Your DNA is 45% viruses, they are constantly changing or mutating. This is how we had adapt to the available environment for the last 300,000 years. That information pass to the off-spring and so on. The immune system compares this information and accept or rejects based on experience or immunity. Everything works until the immune system is compromised and no longer function as expected. Now what was normal creates a problem, is called sickness. The legend said that Pasteur said in his deadbed, “It is not the microbiome, it is the terrain”, or the resistant of the host, therefore everything relies of how strong is the immune system to deal with the treats. Unfortunately, when you get sick, you own it, you did this to you, unless you are confronting something created in a lab and was designed to kill the host, other wise nature will never allow crossing between species, including viruses…..

  4. Plamen says:

    Jon, by dividing the “viruses” into endogenous and exogenous you fall into the trap of admitting that they are real.

    The body is an open system and bacteria comes and go through us as it pleases. As I have explained in the above post, “viruses” are nothing more than the proteinacious debris of spent cells.

    • DJ says:

      This is fascinating. I recently read through the hygienist material (TC Fry?) and was blown away. But still, what about instances of food poisoning & instances of e. choli sickness? I vividly recall a Mexico trip where I was the only one who got violently ill after eating something that I theorize had bad mayo on it.

      • Rtp says:

        Food poisoning is real but many cases of diarrhea stem from the healing phase of a “broken promise” trauma.

        From a biological perspective the broken promise is treated by our sub-conscious minds as a piece of food that is stuck in our gut. The stomach cells increase activity to increase digestive capacity. In the healing phase these cells are relinquished as diarrhea.

        It is very common to get it on holidays as the holiday makes us go into healing.

        • Plamen says:

          This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine while we were on holiday. He thought it was the raw fish he ate but I had a piece too and no diarrhea.

    • Rtp says:

      Nothing against the article but I don’t understand why people complicate things so much.

      Why can’t people just say “if diseases could be spread from one person to another then visiting (let alone becoming) a doctor would be instantly fatal”?

      It takes 5 seconds to say, can’t be ignored and completely demoralises the opposition.

  5. NC says:

    So why is not the “common” flu considered a pandemic?
    Look at the figures! Estimated 61000 deaths in 2017-2018, and an average of 37400 per year for 9 years.
    As a scientist following the phony HIV game since the early 90’s (when I discovered writings of Peter Duesberg and Kary Mullis, I agree that the so called “tests” are total non-science BS. But no one with whom I speak wants to believe it, and are too lazy to check it out. Many of my friends who reject anything which comes from a “govt” or MSM source are swallowing this Coronacrap totally… Interesting time we live in…

    • Maverick says:

      Flu is not a pandemic simply because they have what they want as regards the flu. They have the vaccine that they tell everyone protects them and they are already jamming it down everyone throats so the flu doesnt get a label of pandemic because they ‘have been there done that.’

      I mean you cannot scare the sheep with the flu anymore because they already have the cure and if you scare the dumbed down over it then the sheep will start to question it ‘what we can die from the fu and so many people die every year but but but but i thought this vaccine was supposed to protect me i might as well not take it’ oh dear lose customers that way.

      But if there was new flu…..oh yes a pandemic would be called for because if you give it a fancy name and it is a new strain and we can create a new vaccine for it and whip up fear from the bird, camel, bat, dog, cat hybrid flu that will kill everyone within weeks yeah that’ll work.

  6. Linda Mel Sewell says:

    Your work is so good, I have my own vaccine against germs, DON’T LISTEN TO THE FEAR-MONGERS!

  7. Hugh says:

    Hi Jon,

    If you should read this, I was hoping you might address this critique of a Dana Ashlie video made by Derrick Broze? You’ve referred your readers to this Dana video for more information on 5G and its relationship to the coronavirus. Broze has essentially cautioned his viewers to be highly skeptical of what Dana is revealing in her video.

    I personally thought that what Ms Ashlie presented in that video was accurate, at least to the extent that I was able to cross-check it.

    Thank you…

    • Plamen says:

      If you watch Derrick Broze’s you will see that he does not debunk Dana’s finding in any way. He just tries to throw some dust in the air.

      Most probably he’s just a junior low rank intel agent doing his best to play controlled opposition.

      • blue horizons says:

        Broze appears to be the lead editor at Activist Post, a site I use to regular read until sometime after he showed up and then the content began changing and some great regular contributors appeared to be sent packing.

        At one point I questioned Broze for promoting the open borders agenda and some other memes that played directly into the NWO Technocracy project. Then the site began hyping geopolitical Kabuki fear porn.

        Incidentally, Activist Post recently featured an interview with Harvard educated Professor Francis Boyle, a lawyer who wrote the US Bioweapons Act (thus an establishment insider). Boyle was making the case coronavirus out of China is a bioweapon, seemingly insistent as though it’s certain. He rattled off some science terms that didn’t seem to make sense (one he repeated was a true red herring / nonsense) and his supporting scientific links appeared to be extremely flimsy, not confirming evidence. As a former medical scientist, I’m partially literate on this subject and have been following the analyses of Dr. James Lyons Weiler on his website. (Weiler is an active critic of vaccinations.)

        I’m not saying I know Boyle is acting out of bad faith. Though, at the very least he appears to be a pawn to stoke fear. I can only imagine who is feeding him his “scientific” talking points.

        Bottom line is there is a nexus of fear porn that’s not only in the mainstream media. Caveat emptor.

        P.S. I think Dana and Jon are on the right track. Viruses are highly unpredictable. It would be far easier to make populations unhealthy via EMFs, vaccines, chemtrails, toxic air, food, and water and then spike various common viruses into the population. The JFK assassination op simultaneously seeded several narratives, and that was 57 years ago. Imagine the hubris today.

        • THE VIOLINIST says:

          Blue Horizon, I have also noticed that many, previously anti establishment online sources have become the vanguard of fear porn in the recent corona hysteria. This appears to have two pronged effect;adding their endorsement to the mainstream hysteria, while also denying their audience valuable information on real issues that they would usually report on, eg. the outrageously corrupt extradition hearing against Julian Assange and protests which have begun to have an effect, particularly in the German speaking part of Europe…

      • Alan says:

        Plamen, I agree with you. Boze was putting words in Dana’s mouth, and then disputing those words.

    • Much Miller says:

      I was listening to Derrick Broze on The Corbett Report yesterday “debunking” the idea that 5G may have something to do with the so called Virus although I didn’t hear anything that was in any way concrete in what he said, he was just saying that the symptoms of the virus don’t match to what you’d expect to be the symptoms of a 5G or EMF associated illness.

      I thought he was being naive though, because in my personal experience with EMF radiation it has a general overall effect of the immune system and makes one more vulnerable to any kind of illness that may be around… Not that, per se, I believe the virus hypothesis either.

      I have known so called HIV sufferers and in reality I know that HIV was never actually isolated, it is indicated to be there more due to the absence of normal levels of white blood cell counts. I.e. the logic is that because you have certain deficiencies then you have the virus but has anyone seen the virus?

      This is a very grey area to say the least and leaves us open to a lot of speculative theories that masquerade as truths. Most people just buy into it because they have become zombied by the system… Personally I do not think it is a co-incidence that the so called CoronaVirus (sounds like a registered trademark eh) has appeared in a city where there is a big 5G rollout. It is also strange to note, having tried to post info about a possible 5G-Virus connection on facebook, that one is immediately blocked.

      Personally I would suspect them (the elites) of anything and everything, they leave no stone unturned. To co-incide the initiation of a city wide 5G rollout with the release of some virus/pathogen/bioweapon would be part of an experiment in which also mass shut downs of whole cities and other methods of social control can be tested, first in China which is a working model for the NWO and then extended to other countries. Nothing should surprise us anymore for this is the endgame now with regards planetary control.

  8. From Quebec says:

    What can you expect from a word gone crazy ?

    ‘For the record, if I do get coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can’ – MARCH 3, 2020

  9. Rtp says:

    Jon, you said you can’t *prove* that there are no pathogenic viruses.

    But you can.

    There are no negative feedbacks in a pathogen/immune system model which means that in the absence of a discontinuity, the presence of a single of these pathogens would render all life on Earth impossible.

    In short, the presence of any organism is proof that there are no self-replicating pathogens.


  10. Sy says:

    According to their numbers, this new coronavirus is already running out of steam. Number of daily cases are dwindling since mid-February. They actually have to include charts to exclude China so that it looks like the number of cases are growing exponentially. But if you look further down for the growth factor, it looks much less severe.

    Qiagen has been sending out their newly developed rapid test kits to China since last month. Now that Thermo Fisher has bought them for over $11 billion, Thermo Fisher better start shipping the kits worldwide so they can inflate the number of cases again. Otherwise, this will become a dud as you said Jon.

  11. Richard A Kean says:

    I hope this article is still knews round here 🙂
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, March 01, 2020

  12. Patricia says:

    Just came here to thank you, Jon and warn that the Daily Mail is now associating morgues, Boris Johnson and wash you hands for 20 seconds. DM seems to be on a trajectile to reinvent and establish today’s Black Plague.

  13. BS Detector says:

    I’ve heard that the epicenter of this “epidemic” was also the epicenter of the 5G rollout in China. Just like poliomyelitis increased and decreased concurrently and in lockstep with the use of the agricultural pesticides of the mid 20th century, most notably DDT, which happens to kill insects by (~~~drumroll~~~) paralysis. Those who do not learn from past errors…

  14. BZ says:

    A little while ago they had a gentleman on FOX news along with his daughter who were quarantined.

    His behavior with his coughing and taking a sip of his daughters water seems all staged …now he has his own gofund me page.

    Frank Wucinski worked in Wuhan for the British council and is the brother of Jason Wucinski who works for well known CIA front USAID an he is involved with (PIOET ) Pandemic Influenza and Other Emerging Threats (PIOET), Tuberculosis. What are the chances of that?

    • cynthia silveri says:

      I’d love to read about that! Do you have any suggestions?

      • cynthia silveri says:

        Oops that comment got posted twice…

        I will add. That the FOX news piece was a joke! The child was apparently not even sick!

    • Plamen says:

      actors …

    • lamberth says:

      Doesn’t that remind you of that stage-play we saw on Iranian TV?
      It’s all theater, brought to you by the masters of deceit & propaganda. They’ve been doing it for decades, no, centuries.

      BTW, could only watch the first 30s of that video, that was more than I could bare.

  15. Brad says:

    There’s money to be made hand over fist and fear to be exploited to the max with this event. The tell with how important any new virus event is is by the hype given it by the authorities and its machinery. This one was given a bit of a boost and by the public’s reaction ‘they’ intend to run as far as they can with this one.

  16. From Quebec says:

    Liberal media and politicians use potential pandemic to attack POTUS
    Kelen McBreen | – MARCH 3, 2020 10 Comments

    Watch the Hannity video below

  17. Mark Hanley says:

    Jon, I have enjoyed your posts for years, and I admire your tenacity in pursuing the truth. I agree with you the Wuhan crisis is contrived, but not with your general direction in this article.

    “First of all, there are what’s called endogenous viruses…They’re doing nothing.” There is nothing in Nature that has no purpose, despite our ignorance to understand what that might be. IMO, it is more accurate to doubt the existence of viruses than to assume their non-purpose.

    To that end:

    What if I told you that no virus implicated in any disease has ever been isolated?

    To start you down that journey, read this court case:

    Without isolation, would you wonder what was being tested?
    Without isolation, would you question causation?

    Would you then wonder what the “active” ingredients in a vaccine were?

    To start you down that journey, read this CDC recipe:

    Can you explain how this soup relates to a skin disease without resorting to assumptions?
    I can’t.
    Without isolation, would you consider other explanations (theories) of disease?

    What if I suggested that polio, the early poster child for the virus theory of disease, is better explained as pesticide poisoning?

    To start you down that journey, read this Weston Price article:

    What if I told you that fear of a Spanish Flu pandemic repeat, which drives the hysteria of the current Wuhan crisis, has a better explanation than a supposed influenza virus?

    To start you on that journey, read this Facebook post:

    What if I told you that the biological reaction that conventional medicine as “immune response” is not part of any supposed “immune system”, but has an altogether different explanation?

    To start you down that path, view this YouTube video starting at 12:55, (English subtitles)

    What if I told you that AIDS, smallpox, hepatitis, herpes, chicken pox, mumps, etc., all have alternative explanations, none of which require a mysterious submicroscopic boogeyman – the virus.
    Would you be curious?
    What if that same alternative explanation made sense of most chronic and mental illnesses?
    Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, auto-immune diseases, STDs, etc.
    Would that be enough incentive to look?

    To start you on that journey, watch this presentation:
    To learn more of this incredible discovery, visit:

    Are you aware that healthcare consumes nearly 20% of US GDP?
    That’s roughly $3,650,000,000,000 (trillion) in 2018.
    That’s $11,000+ per person per year and climbing.
    If trends continue that portion will reach 30% in 2030.
    Are you aware that the CDC estimates that 90% of that total is spent on chronic and mental disease?

    To start you on that journey, watch this youtube presentation:

  18. Diane Di says:

    Are you aware of this?
    Pandemic catastrophe bond secondary price reacts as coronavirus cases rise
    Bond Directory

  19. Darren Kamalu says:

    Amazing thread here.

    Lots of opportunity to think for those who want to (and those that can or will).

    That doesn’t mean I agree with the post (not yet anyway), but it is important nonetheless.

  20. Sean says:

    The Cry of Freedom
    There is a river of thought-waves. Everyone is being washed downstream. Everyone is clinging to these thoughts and being washed away.
    Just give rise ro the single thought, “I want to be free”. This thought will rarely come out of the entire population. The entire population of the planet is moving downstream. They are not destined to give rise to the thought, “I want to be free” in this very span of time.
    So I call this thought of freedom going against the stream and towards the source. It does not require any effort to give rise to this thought. The thought “I want to be free” is itself free. This thought will take you to freedom. It is the most rare thought. Out of the entire population of 7 billion, only a handful give rise to this thought.

    from: Wake up and roar by HWL Poonja

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