How are viruses discovered and identified in the first place?

The earthshaking Etienne De Harven interview by Celia Farber

by Jon Rappoport

February 18, 2020

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The question I’ve been asking since 1987—

If the experts are going to claim a particular virus causes a particular disease—how do they know that virus exists in the first place?

For example, the supposedly new coronavirus in China. For example, Ebola. For example, HIV. For example, the coronavirus supposedly causing SARS (2003). How do researchers know these viruses exist?

“Well, of course they know. They must.”

That is not a satisfactory answer—even though most people would offer it.

The question can become very interesting, when you stop and consider researchers working away in biowar labs fiddling with viruses. How do they know they’re tweaking viruses that actually exist?

On a more mundane frontier, when scientists tell us they’re rushing to develop a vaccine against a virus that is harming the population, how do they know that virus exists to begin with?

I came to this question when I was researching HIV in 1987. I began to think about it seriously in 1990. During all these years, I’ve reached out to independent researchers, and I’ve tried to stitch together their answers. I can’t say it’s been a smooth trip.

But I have found some answers; and I have certainly found some fake mainstream assertions, which glitter like baubles on plastic branches of 99-cent store Xmas trees.

Here are a few clues. You need to take a tissue sample from a live human being. You need to filter that sample correctly so you arrive at a much smaller sample you believe might contain a virus. You need to put a drop of that sample under an electron microscope and observe what looks like a virus.

How much virus? How many identical particles of virus? Opinions differ on this. It could be one definite virus, one particle. It could be many, many identical particles.

Sidebar: If you’re trying to prove this virus is actually causing DISEASE in a person, you have to go further. You have to show the very same virus is active and replicating at a very high rate in the person’s body, and his immune system isn’t defeating it. Beyond noticing the patient is sick, how do you test for all THAT? I’m still looking for a definitive technical answer—if there is one.

All right, let’s get back to the electron microscope. Let’s say you’ve observed many identical particles of what looks like a virus in the electron microscope photograph, called an EM. You can then say, “Found it.” But you need to be sure. You need to figure out that this virus isn’t just something that ordinarily lives in the human body like a couch potato and does nothing—a passive endogenous virus. No. You want to show this virus comes from the outside as an invader—an exogenous virus. And how do you perfectly make that differentiation every time? Another question that might have no precise formula as an answer.



In which case, the researchers have been, at least some of the time, up the creek without a paddle. They’ve jumped the gun. They’ve bolted out of the starting gate too soon. They’ve laid their money down on a horse that may not even be in the race. They’ve written a check no one can cash. They’re talking about lockdowns and quarantines without having proved their favorite virus of the moment exists. Sure, people on the back end will make big money from these unwarranted presumptions, but money is not science. It might control science, but it ISN’T science.

All right. I’ve now set the stage for an excerpt from an interview, a profound interview with a late mainstream master who, in the face of fake science, suddenly was characterized as a rebel, Etienne De Harven. The interview was conducted several years ago by the brilliant reporter, Celia Farber. You can find the whole interview here. I strongly suggest you read it sixteen times. Yes, it gets technical. You’ll also notice names of elite scientists you haven’t run across. Learn the meaning of the words you’ve never seen before. Dig in. This isn’t television-type brush-off conversation. This isn’t a YouTube throwaway.

I have another reason for exposing readers to this interview—it’s what a conversation about serious scientific issues looks like…this is what trying to bridge the gap between researchers, honest reporters, and the public looks like. There should be hundreds and thousands of such print-interviews taking place, laid before readers. They can handle it. Dumbing down people is partly an illusion: they can wake up. They WILL wake up if they’re sufficiently interested.

Etienne De Harven’s background: president of the Electron Microscopy Society of America; researcher, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Cornell professor of cell biology; professor of pathology, University of Toronto; recognized pioneer in the field of electron microscopy.

The interview focuses on HIV; whether it was ever found and isolated. The implications and questions spread out to any and all viruses.

DE HARVEN: Unacceptably frustrated by the total lack of success in all attempts to demonstrate virus particles in human cancer by EM, the “impresarios” of the cancer/virus “dream” (Gallo, Fauci, and others) totally engaged in the molecular approach.

Consequently, they invented molecular markers to compensate for the missing viral particles…This would have been acceptable if the specificity of these new molecular markers would have been clearly established. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The most misleading molecular marker was probably the first one, i.e. the enzyme [called] reverse transcriptase (RT). Following Temin and Baltimore 1970 papers in “Science”, the RT enzymatic activity has been, most abusively, used as a specific retroviral marker. Both Temin and Baltimore demonstrated RT activity in samples of supposedly “purified” retrovirus.

Embarrassingly, they both omitted to verify the “purity” of their samples by EM. Some of their samples were simply purchased from a commercial company… True, the label on the vials read “pure retrovirus”… However, it was known that these commercial “pure retrovirus” were heavily contaminated by cellular debris!

And since it is also known that all cells contain RT (see Varmus), cellular debris are most likely carrying similar RT enzymes.

Temin and Baltimore did not, therefore, prove that RT is a specific molecular marker for retroviruses. It would have been so simple to check, by EM, the degree of “purity” of the samples they used. This would have, most probably, shown important cell debris contamination, and would have obliged Temin and Baltimore to be much more cautious in the interpretation of their results. In 1975, the members of the Nobel Committee, most regrettably, failed to scrutinize this “purity” problem…

In 1983, at Pasteur Institute in Paris, reliance on the RT marker was a key element in the claimed “isolation” of a new retrovirus [HIV]. Still, Montagnier himself recognized “We did not purify”… He dangerously omitted to consider the misleading interference of cell debris, just as Temin and Baltimore did in 1970.

But a paper on the discovery of a new retrovirus looks much better if it contains at least… one EM picture! So, members of Montagnier’s team spent hours at the TEM [transmission electron microscope], looking at their mixed cell cultures, and they found the virus!

See Fig. 2 in their “historic” 1983 “Science” paper! It is, by the way, a good quality EM picture. It shows unquestionable retroviral particles, budding at the surface of a cell. But the legend of this Fig. 2 states that this cell is a cord blood lymphocyte. Indeed, cord blood lymphocytes were admixed to these complex cell cultures (why?)

Montagnier and his co-workers should have known that human embryonic tissues, and the placenta in particular, are very rich in endogenous retroviruses (HERVs), and that cord blood lymphocytes should therefore be expected to carry the same endogenous retroviruses (under the TEM, endogenous and exogenous viruses, looking identical, cannot be distinguished.)

The budding of these particles has perhaps been stimulated by some of the growth factors also present in these cell cultures. An essential control would have been to repeat the experiment using lymphocytes from the peripheral blood instead of from cord blood. This control is unfortunately missing.

In short, I would frankly state that the Pasteur 1983 paper (whose 30th anniversary has just been celebrated in a “grand messe” of official HIV retro-virology!) contributed very little in AIDS research because its conclusion (i.e. “the isolation of a new retrovirus”) is based on 1) the use of a non specific RT molecular marker, and 2) is falsely supported by EM pictures of, most probably, endogenous human retroviruses.

More details and appropriate references on this analysis can be found in my 2010 paper published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons [— “Human Endogenous Retroviruses and AIDS Research: Confusion, Consensus, or Science?”] (

CELIA FARBER: When antibody and VL [viral load] tests became widespread as diagnostic tools for “HIV infection” over the ensuing decades, what happened with EM inside of HIV science and literature? It is my understanding that nobody has ever found HIV in human blood, on EM. Is this an accurate way to say it?

DE HARVEN: In my views, Western Blot [antibody] tests lost all credibility after the publication of Eleni Papadopulos’s et al. (1993) paper, and antibody tests (“Elisa”) [lost credibility] after Christine Johnson’s report (1996). The notion of a “Viral load” (VL), however, brought a new parameter in AIDS diagnosis (Ho,1996). It called attention to the actual number of HIV particles supposedly present in the blood plasma of AIDS patients, PCR technologies [tests] being presumed to offer a way to quantify that number.

If such a viremia (i.e. presence of virus particles in the blood) is indeed present in AIDS patients, it reminisces the retroviral viremia well known in leukemic mice. In such case, retroviral particles should be readily demonstrable, by TEM, of appropriately prepared patient plasma samples. Unfortunately, it has never been possible to demonstrate by TEM one single retroviral particle in the blood plasma of any AIDS patient, even if one selects patients presenting with a so-called “high viral load.”

I was apparently the first researcher to make that statement, during the opening session of President T. Mbeki’s major AIDS conference, in Pretoria, SA, in May 2000. My statement to that effect has never been refuted.


DE HARVEN: That question must be answered because “something” is measured by PCR technologies in the blood of many AIDS patients. Actually, what is being measured is definitely not the number of retroviral particles (phantom-like, i.e. EM invisible!). In fact, what is being PCR identified, amplified, and supposedly quantified is the number of genomic nucleotide sequences that are extremely similar to sequences known to be part of the retroviral genome. Most regrettably, these sequences were misinterpreted as an indication as a certain number of … HIV particles! This did a lot to consolidate the quasi-religious dogma of HIV as the cause of AIDS, a dogma that has been sharply criticized, a few years ago, by David Rasnick who wrote, authoritatively, about “The AIDS Blunder”…

This interpretation would have been acceptable only if retroviral particles would have been readily demonstrated, by EM, in the blood plasma of these patients; but, since this is not the case, another explanation for the presence of these nucleotide sequences has to be founded.

I presented at the RA conference in Oakland, CA, in 2009, and further developed in my 2010 JAPS paper such a much needed explanation for the presence of these retroviral-like nucleotide sequences. My explanation is based on the well known, variable amounts of circulating DNA in the blood of severely ill patients, and on the fact that we all carry [irrelevant] retroviral-like sequences in our DNA, as endogenous, defective retroviruses, i.e. HERVs (HERVs, for “Human endogenous retroviruses”) (See “Virus in all of us”, R. Lower at al., 1996 PNAS paper).

No surprise, therefore, that these nucleotide sequences are recognized by PCR [tests] in the blood of many AIDS patients, who are indeed severely ill. As already demonstrated in 2008 in Robin Weiss laboratory, HERVs can interfere as confounding factors in the search for novel retrovirus in chronic human diseases…

CELIA FARBER: …Paint a picture for us. The story of the [HIV] virus, the “new deadly virus,” what happens first: What steps did they [—] Montagnier, on one hand, Gallo on the other [—] take to “find” the new entity? Then once they ‘found’ it, what shape was it in? It was not an entity, a thing, with a body, right? It was not coherent. Can we say that? So it lived where? It was seen only through the technologies developed to find it, Elisa, WB [both are antibody tests]? Later PCR/VL [tests]? But what happened back THEN when they tried to see it on EM? Why didn’t everybody look for it on EM? Too expensive?

DE HARVEN: No, EM is not cheap but not that expensive! And its cost has certainly nothing to do with the fact that it has barely been used for the past 30 years in AIDS research! It has not been used because “They” knew it was not going to show anything of retroviral significance in samples coming directly from AIDS patients. And since AIDS had become big business, the stocks of involved giant pharmaceutical companies could not be jeopardized! It had to be saved at all cost, even at the cost of trusting non specific molecular markers… Fear is good business, and viruses generate fear most efficiently… So, the HIV flag has to be maximally agitated. In worldwide medias, with thousands of computer-generated, colorful caricatures of an idealistic retrovirus… By contrast, the medias have been dominated by the most rigorous censorship when it comes to inform the public about views of rethinking dissidents. This total censorship put a safety lock on any information that could jeopardize the colossal, entirely HIV derived profits of the major pharmaceutical companies.

But I am glad we have Internet!

Daring to say that HIV does not exist amounts to some sort of a capitalistic crime…

Yes, the HIV dogma is probably the darkest page in the history of modern medicine.

CELIA FARBER: Etienne, if you could sum up: Does HIV exist? If so, where and how and as what?

If you could examine 1,000 HIV positive people’s blood under EM, what would you expect to find? If you don’t find HIV on EM in human blood, can any argument be made that the virus is “hiding” and so forth, or that the drugs suppressed the virus to undetectable levels? This is what the defenders of the orthodoxy seem to be saying about the results seen in the Nushawn Williams case.

DE HARVEN: This is the main question! Questioning the very existence of HIV is not something that should be debated only between specialized retro-virologists. It is an essential question that concerns all of us.


DE HARVEN: Simply because 100% of AIDS research funding is based on the dogmatically postulated existence of HIV. If HIV does not exist, it would follow that AIDS research is the most appalling case of total misappropriation of public research funds! And it would also follow that the monumental amounts of money, so far exclusively devoted to HIV research, would be much better used in other directions. Could you imagine what world we would live in, today, if the total amount of money wasted over the past 30 years on HIV research had been, instead, used for feeding starving Africans, for clean water supply equipment, for public hygiene infrastructures, and for public health education? This would happen only if HIV research is totally stopped! And for this, the scientific and public health organizations have to face the fact that, indeed, HIV does not exist!

…we all have to, courageously, face the fact that the very existence of an exogenous HIV has never been scientifically verified.

—end of interview excerpt—

Again, you can read the whole interview here.

De Harven unmasks HIV research. How many other unproven viruses have likewise been prematurely massaged into existence and prominence? How many times have researchers pulled “special markers” like rabbits out of hats—spuriously claiming these markers establish the existence of otherwise never-observed viruses?

And therefore, when these researchers state they have published the genetic sequences of these viruses—what are they really sequencing? Harmless and passive endogenous viruses that wouldn’t hurt a fly and prefer to lie around in the body for the whole course of a lifetime watching television?

And when someone steps forward, and claims a new and never-before-seen virus is actually a manmade weapon, and he knows this from studying its genetic sequence—is he right, or is he looking at the sequence of an irrelevant microbe that has been rudely coaxed from its long languishing snooze in the warmth of the human body?

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

43 comments on “How are viruses discovered and identified in the first place?

  1. Amanda says:

    Excellent information!! Thanks so much for this!

  2. Sandman says:

    Thanks Jon!! Your voice of sanity and truth is vital to laymen like me and so many others!

  3. Daniel Arnaud says:

    Jon, thanks. In future coronavirus posts, you might remind readers about Keshan’s disease, which turned out to be a selenium deficiency in Keshan’s soil. I read recently that AIDS is caused by a deficiency in selenium, glycine, cysteine and glutamine. As Linus Pauling stated, every disease is the result of a mineral deficiency (and I would add, perhaps a vitamin deficiency). Imagine if doctors tested for nutritional deficiencies before prescribing drugs that kill over 100K Americans per year and cause so much pain and suffering, not to mentions the 100’s of billions in drug costs!

    • Michael says:

      What makes it even worse is that Pharma drugs ‘accidentally on purpose’ deplete your body of vitamins and minerals and it really depletes your body of magnesium which i find very suspicious because a lot of people realize that magnesium does a LOT of thing in your body. There are people that think magnesium is need for up to 800 processes in your body not the 300 that was previously thought. Magnesium deficiency create calcification henes blocked arteries and heart disease and alzheimers etc, creating stomach acid, creating hormones needed in your detox pathways etc, almost every single disease imaginable is traced back to sever magnesium deficiency and somehow pharma drugs deplete this the most…….is this accident or design, you decide.

      • Whisperingsage says:

        The latest magnesium number is 3700 processes.

      • P says:

        According to Morley Robbins who conducted his own meta study (of pubmed among other primary studies) magnesium is essential for over 3000 human processes and is regarded as the master mineral controlling not only Ca but Iron and Copper balance plus many others.
        Modern diet is sadly lacking in many minerals and irrespective of which way you look at it, health starts in the soil!
        Another great example is the delusion of industrialised farming was the introduction of of artificial fertilisers from the 1950’s on, into the soil. This simple act neutralised the sulphur fixing bacteria in the soil and as we know S is required in all out cells and essential to detoxification cell permeability, membrane integrity and so forth.

    • Amanda says:

      @Daniel- Interesting-thanks for the info on Keshan’s disease.

      Also, on the cause of AIDS, Dr. Nancy Banks, author of AIDs, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, has spoken about the the true cause of sickness among the group of gay men who were the first cases of AIDS(you can listen to her here:

      She says the first group of gay men who came down with AIDs did so because they blew out their own immune systems with their extremely unhealthy lifestyle and high risk behaviors. She says this group of gay men were engaging in high risk sexual behavior, including countless (hundreds of) sex partners, chronic antibiotic use for repeated STDs, unhealthy eating habits, partying lifestyle, staying up late, drinking, and taking drugs, especially highly dangerous drugs called “poppers,” which were known to suppress their immune system. She says that because of their extremely unhealthy lifestyle and high risk behaviors, they blew out their own immune systems. But since big pharma does NOT make money off of focusing on the true cause of illness (lack of proper nutrition, lack of access to clean water, exposure to toxins, etc) — they tried to explain it all away as being due to a virus, so they could make money off of it.

      I think most of those people who died from being HIV positive died because they were taking the extremely toxic drug known as AZT. (So all those people in Africa who died from HIV, actually died from a depopulation agenda under the guise of medical treatment via AZT for HIV).

      And I’m pretty sure the maker of the sex/party drug known as “poppers” which were known to suppress the immune system, was the same company that made the AZT (pretty sure the name back then was Wellcome). So, with the virus cover story, Wellcome was never held accountable for the damage “poppers” did to the immune systems of these gay men, and they were able to make billions off of AZT.

      Also, Dr. Banks also talked about problems with testing, and how a person could test positive for HIV in Africa, then go to Australia and test negative. She also said that they did some trickery with the diagnostic criteria. Apparently, in South Africa, there were people with lung problems due to working in the mines for Barrick Gold, and they were planning on suing them. But then they changed the diagnostic criteria for HIV/AIDS to include such lung problems, so those people could no longer sue Barrick Gold because now they were told their lung problems were due to HIV/AIDS.

      It’s truly sickening what there were able to get away with, and I find it incredibly frustrating that you can’t get people interested to look into this scientific fraud.

      • Whisperingsage says:

        There is info on the Aids dilemma, William Campbell Douglass II MD, who wrote The Milk Book, also wrote WHO killed Africa? A white paper on the creation of AIDs on the Ft Detrick MD laboratory, I had heard of this lab in the 80’s listening to Mae Brussell’s broadcasts. It’s a horrible but interesting story. You can find this paper free on bible I think. He discusses how it was deliberately created to kill the blacks of Africa. That’s where it was started.

      • Ian Jarvis says:

        Liam Scheff also writes the same story in his book “Official Stories” (chapter 6)

    • max dorman says:

      I agree excellent

  4. Nice work, Jon. Lord knows exactly what is going on in China. The push for mass vaccination by Big Pharma, the CDC, Gates, and the other usual suspects continues with whatever fig leaf of legitimacy they think they can hide behind. The citizen lock down seems headed here, exported like so much cheap plastic crap from China. Clever way to take away more of our rights, by scaring our neighbors into believing that any potential “carrier” is their enemy.

  5. mike p says:

    Could one reason for the coronavirus push, out of many, be a push to go totally cashless?

    • Bellview says:

      Definitely. No Doubt. The Democrats will use every assistance to people, as a means to add legislation that will take away people’s rights. They know what they are doing. But they will give it a fictional motive, like “We care about you,” while they attempt to plunge us into anarchy and lawlessness.

  6. Jackie says:

    Jon (and others),

    Have you seen this guy’s videos coming out of Wuhan and Shanghai and others cities? People collapsing, rooms of ostensible bodies in bags, etc.?

    What’s causing all that–if something IS causing it? Bio weapon?

  7. el gallinazo says:

    Written in the morning of Feb. 18:
    Now 542 “cases” of “infected” people on board the Diamond Princess in quarantine in a Japanese harbor. Yet not one reported case of a moderate or severe case of pneumonia despite some “cases” were “discovered” over 2 weeks ago. I think this is very curious.

    Polymerase Chain Reaction kits should never be used for medical diagnoses. They can read positive for a ham sandwich. Yet these tests are referred to as “cases” by the entire world media. This whole thing is beginning to stink. I am suspecting a rotting, roadkill nothingberger.

    • Elsa says:

      They complained about vomiting. Food poisoning?

    • Michael says:

      they are bloating numbers in china using these crap tests which anyone and their dog will trst positive for and i honestly reckon a lot of the deaths over there is from phneumonia of which the people in china are dying at a rate of 300k a year because of the air quality. Imagine those numbers put to the ‘coronavirus epidemic’ it would be soooooo easy to creat mass panic to those that do not understand what is going on. It will be like 300k people died this year from the deadly corona please CDC SAVE US ALL, pump me up with your sweet sweet lifesaving vaccine please save humanity…….can see it happening a mile off the public really need to wake upand get a clue but alas it isnt gonna happen. Considering this is the standard for people nowdays ‘buys a phone from apple… breaks it cost them a fortune apple doesnt tofix it, they are upset and angered with apples response especially because it cost a fortune and it was rubbish and so it the customer service…..begrudging they by the latest phone angered by what apple did to them, the new phone is even worse, you get the picture. If you expect people like this to use their brains we are in trouble, the brainwashing and vaccination definitely has served its purpose people are more stupid than ever.

      • Bellview says:

        You know a lot, so early in the game. If only the sheeple would look at alternative websites instead of the purposely malnourished-causing media pumped down their throats everyday.

  8. steve stars says:


    Thanks again for the research and documentation.

    To all of your readers who have not experienced the ongoing 36 years of agonizing debate debunking the bankrupt “science” behind HIV, this might seem tedious, yet PATTERN RECOGNITION is essential here, when we focus on the current 2019-CoV “Coronavirus” scare.

    It’s Deja vu—all over again.(to quote Yogi Berra)

    Certainly Celia Farber deserves a Pulitzer Prize for her outstanding efforts and undaunted determination in exposing this massive fraud and deadly scam. Former head of Rethinking AIDS, the late Dr. Etienne De Harven, should receive the Nobel Prize posthumously. Great work from both!

    But to sum it up, what they essentially say in this article, is that trying to identify a pure viral pathogenic culprit using ELISA antibody or Western Blot tests, and even PCR with the aid of EM is like trying to catch an unambiguous fart in the wind with an old jar, in a area between a sewage plant, pig farm and junk yard. Which means–there is no real valid science here. Even a big magnifying glass can’t specifically identify that dreaded fart in the jar.

    The problem is, they (these germ hunters) are STILL doing this again with the “coronavirus.” De Harven sums it up here when he says, “Fear is good business, and viruses generate fear most efficiently.” That is what this business is—sophisticated Fear mongering.

    Dr.Anthony Fauci (head of NIAID) has been at this from the beginning with Gallo in 1984, and he is still leading the charge now with 2019-nCoV. But the stakes are much higher here and now.

    Here is the question? Is the “coronavirus” a cover story for what might actually be a serious chemical/biological agent that has sealed off Wuhan and created a diplomatic disaster? There is no question about the drastic quarantines imposed on travelers and the refusal of China to allow US CDC health officials into the area. Even Senator Tom Cotton thinks China might have bungled a bioweapon and wants investigation.

    So is all of this scare for what has been deemed a weak flu bug? Is Fauci entangled in a diplomatic cover-up? He has been doing this for 36 years now. Deja vu?

  9. Patricia Webster says:

    Thank you, Jon, for sharing your magnificent writing skills. Fear induces compliance and that’s what the “medical profession” is after, compliance on all levels. In Canada we now have the “Right to Die” form to be conveniently produced when a person prefers to check out instead of enduring discomfort. The fact that there are so many of us baby boomers concerns me from the point-of-view of targeting.

  10. Misha says:

    Great article.

    We must never forget to avoid the temptation to fall in the biowarfare idea because it only keeps us in the place where they need the awaiking minds to be… We reinforce what they want us to believe, that there is a virus that cause an outbreak.

    There is no need for the existance of a virus to make the Lock Step ( search rockefeller lock step 2010 pag. 18), they just need Netflix, The CDC, the WHO, the NHI , The same Fauci from the HIV hoax, and some pseudo science and big pharma. The rest is done by the Media day by day.

    There is no need for a new virus for respiratory problems in one of the most air polluted city in the world as you wrote in previous articles. And some more toxic particles added by the geoengineering deployment I can add…

    PCR cant detect viruses, Karry Mullis its inventor ( Nobel prize won for that ) always reminded us that.

    Thats why they use it.

    I have to say thanks Jon Rappoport for your neverending effort to share you knowledge, your experience , your thoughts.

    Its very important your work for young generations, they born with netflix facebook and a big TV that tells them the vision.

    Less and less people want to question , its easy for them to accept Mass media and dont think.

    Misha from Argentine

  11. paschn says:

    When one cultivates a society to blindly “trust”, in and of itself causes a deadly “virus”. The “virus'” name?


    This obscene “virus” is always accompanied by at least 2 adjuncts;

    Cowardice – Destroys the body’s spine, wreaks havoc with it’s genitalia, the ability to speak out and inform/take a stand against those responsible REGARDLESS of whom they may be.

    “political correctness” – Destroys the body’s focus/willingness to put-it-out-there. The body becomes worried that it may expose itself to ridicule by a mass of foreign invaders’ignorance or vested interests.

    For MORE concerning this all-too-often terminal disease?
    Research “Hegelian Dialectic”

    Finally, the next time a (s)elected “official” tries to sell you something, anything, by stating “Statistics show” or Studies conducted prove”…etc. etc. Demand that (s)elected “official” PRODUCE those “statistics” or “studies” along with ALL criteria showing whom, how, what was done to codify the results….
    Sodium Fluoride in drinking water comes to mind…Mercury dental amalgams… “slow poisons”, (Aluminum/Mercury), in vaccines….SERIOUSLY!?

    Thanks for the article Mr. Rappoport –

  12. BDev says:

    Jon – Couple your observations of the great difficulty of detecting and verifying viruses with:
    1) the fact that viruses are merely random DNA and RNA fragments from spent, lysed and recycled cells; i.e. random pieces of the whole genome, created day in and day out by normal metabolism in every living thing; and
    2) The fact that there are hundreds of billions of billions of ‘viruses’ literally all over the world and throughout the oceans and the seas. Viruses are everywhere; you are breathing them in and exhaling them out right now. See here for a description of this fact: Viruses Create More Biodiversity Than Any Other Comparable Taxon by David Seaborg (

  13. Toni says:

    Excellent work! Thanks!

    Another point of consideration being left out of the discussion of this so-called “virus” is the wholesale acceptance of germ theory as fact, which has in fact never been proven. It is merely a working hypothesis in mainstream allopathic medicine. A falsehood, actually, if one dares to dive into its origins.

  14. Rtp says:


    I think it is worth repeating:


    Here is a story. When I first learnt that the mind was key and germs were not the cause of disease I had one burning question. It wasn’t vaccines (I could see their “success” was just a self-fulfilling prophecy) and I could see antibiotics just masked symptoms.

    My one burning question was myxomatosis. How did biological warfare work with rabbits if the issue was the mind?

    So I did something no doctor has ever done – checked the actual story of what happened (with some prompting).

    Turns out that myxomatosis was like “Invisible Boy” in the movie Mystery Men. The joke in the movie was that the boy was only invisible if nobody was looking. It was the same with myxomatosis. The “virus” only ever killed rabbits that were already dead.

    Rabbits breed like – well, rabbits. Their populations can easily explode in a single generation if the climate conditions are favorable. The flip side of course is that rabbits die easily in unfavorable conditions. This means that their populations fluctuate wildly from one year to the next.

    So whether or not myxomatosis “works” is purely dependent on whether you introduce the virus at a peak in their population or a trough. When they had field trials of the virus in Australia, it was an abject failure. However, rabbit populations in the wild eventually peaked so they claimed that the virus “escaped” and was the cause of the population decline that would have happened anyway (this was exacerbated because there was a concurrent rabbit poisoning regime).

    Of course, rabbit populations peak *and* trough. And trough they did a few years later and the population started to grow again. So what did the scientists say?

    Well they said “the rabbits must be immune now to the virus”.

    Amazing. Our kids are all supposed to be vaccinated for measles despite thousands of generations of human exposure to this “virus” but in just a handful of generations of rabbits, they were practically all naturally immune to myxomatosis.

    So it is clear that the myxomatosis story is a lie. The field trials didn’t work (they began in the late 1930s and the deaths didn’t occur until 1950).

    It should also be noted that estimating rabbit populations is only slightly more of an exact science than virology is. Reports of “90 per cent die offs” no doubt reflect wishful thinking vastly more than they do sampling or census data.

  15. Larry C says:

    For what it’s worth: I’ve done a bit of research on Microfiber cleaning cloths. These remarkable cloths reportedly remove almost 100% of all bacteria AND VIRUSES. (Viruses are much smaller than bacteria.) To activate the cloth you simply soak in plain tap water, and wring out the excess moisture. (Apparently, the water activates the incredibly tiny fibers in to an erect position – A single swipe across a surface such as a desk with an activated microfiber cloth, is the equivalent of literally MILES of fiber coming into contact with that surface. The obvious inference from this claim is that the germs are removed mechanically by these vanishingly tiny fibers.) You can find microfiber cloths in janitorial supply houses and auto supply stores. I carry a damp microfiber cloth with me in a sandwich baggy and wipe my hands with it several time during the day…(Follow laundering instructions to the letter.)

  16. marlene says:

    This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever said, but maybe the players were trying to make a chemical look like a virus…

    • Protestant says:

      I was just thinking that about the rabbit myxomatosis in Rtp’s comment— whether the rabbits were just poisoned, like the kids with “autism” are just poisoned by vaccine chemicals causing brain damage. So if your comment is the “dumbest”, mine is, too! 🙂

    • jj says:

      Not dumb at all. I’ve been thinking about it, too. Still, the most plausible explanation is some serious chemicals in the air over Hubei. Virus is a great cover-up for this.

  17. This is an excellent look at the virus issue. I for one believe that they are a figment of the overactive imagination of the pHARMaceutical industry.I encourage you to look at the work of Dr Stefan Lanka Virologist and Dr R G Hamer MD

  18. Not-a-Number says:

    If the West does not soon find whites killed by Covid19, it is going to be a HUGE problem, for the world will wonder, and ask: Why is it that only non-whites are killed by Covid19 in the West? Does the virus discriminate? On the other hand, IF many whites in the West are killed by Corona, then
    the same security measures as in China will be implemented in the West:
    quarantines, control zones and the withdrawal of countless of physical cash (money notes) in circulation.
    If the West does NOT exercise these same security measures as in China, then it is also a HUGE problem for the world will wonder and ask:
    Why are these radical precautions – unprecedented in world history – in China needed while quarantines and
    withdrawal of cash are absent in the West !? Does the virus discriminate?

    Something big is coming our way

    • Rtp says:

      Excellent comment NAN but I suppose we should never underestimate the stupidity of people.

      Rememnber, this is the same populous who swallowed the idea of a virus that could easily affect every black person in Africa but could only affect white people if they were homosexuals or IV drug users who lived in San Francisco, LA and New York.

  19. MD Skeptic says:

    Very poignant and hard to find information is discussed in the interviews recapped by this essay. Judging by the quality of the comments posted, the subject and it’s technical detail are not too abstruse for general readership. This is what “conversation about serious scientific issues looks like”. Thanks for the links, the comments and the deepening level of interest in this timely and critical subject.

  20. ilo says:

    I am trying to get my head around your arguments as they make a lot of sense. But I am still trying to understand how you explain the fact that viruses have been isolated. There is SARS, MERS, HIV. There are actually multiple strains that have been gene sequenced and peer reviewed published. There is COVID-19 virus isolated and published as well. It is freely accessible to compare with other virus sequences. People have studied and compared and see almost identical similarity with SARS with additions HIV inserted. Multiple labs have isolated COVID and published the results that match. I just don’t see how you can say that viruses have not been shown to be causative agents.

    • Alessandro says:

      There have been fraudulent attempts at claiming isolation but to date the alleged CV19 has not been isolated. See Jon’s follow ups on the protocols to achieve and prove and you will see that isolation is still achieved.

  21. Thank you so much Jon. So valuable.

    Inspired by you, David Crowe, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, etc. I’ve been submitting Freedom of Information requests to Canadian institutions asking for ANY records describing isolation of a SARS-COV-2 virus from a diseased patient (in a legit fashion).

    Health Canada has approved dozens of covid19 RCTs & tests, but has no such records.

    U of Toronto (involved in an isolation claim, covid19 vaccine & test development)forwarded the request like a hot potato to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (also involved in the isolation claim). Sunnybrook says they need more time to consult with someone outside their institution!

    My local municipality, Region of Peel, admitted they had no records.

    Screenshots of the responses:

  22. Veri Tas says:

    There are no viruses. Dr Stefan Lanka explains this, using the measles “virus” as an example.

    DismanTling The virus Theory
    The “measles virus” as an example

  23. Cos Mikeal says:

    Did I miss where he explains what then, if not HIV/AIDS, killed all these people that supposedly died of something?

    Then why does he not mention the ’something’? Would have been a more complete article, it felt more like a cliff-hanger where the projector broke in the last telling scene.

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