Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil?

Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil?

Explosive: The invention of an epidemic

by Jon Rappoport

February 7, 2016

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This is an article that explains a great deal—but, with apologies, it involves a line of reasoning, in order to reach a conclusion. That means some readers (not my regular readers) may find it odd. Some readers with short attention spans may suddenly want to switch to a wrestling show or a shopping network. To them I say: give this a try; it does have a payoff; it has its own kind of shock and surprise; explosions do go off in the mind; it is like a ten-car pile-up on the interstate in the fog, late at night; and there is a very nasty plot.

Out of nowhere, a month ago, we were told there was an outbreak of microcephaly in Brazil: over 4,000 cases of babies born with small heads and brain impairment.

The Brazilian researchers then went in and took a closer look at that figure. They walked it back and said there were, at best, only 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly.

Going from 4,000 cases to 404 cases was a revelation. It means there is no reason to claim, so far, that there is an epidemic of microcephaly.

Then, another stunner. Of the 404 cases, only 17 “had a relationship with the Zika virus.” Therefore, obviously, there was no Zika-causing-microcephaly story, either.

Even in those 17 cases, the mere presence of the Zika virus was no evidence the virus was causing microcephaly in 17 babies. A virus has to be more than “present.” It has to be there in huge numbers in an individual human. And the Brazilian researchers haven’t provided any evidence that Zika was present in huge numbers in any of the 17 babies.

There is more. The whole effort of the researchers was to show, if possible, that Zika was present in all the 404 microcephaly cases. You see, they were doing preliminary work. They were looking for the cause of microcephaly. And when you’re on that kind of hunt, you’re trying to find some factor that is present in most or all cases. Otherwise, it’s not the cause.

The Zika hunting expedition failed miserably. The researchers actually showed that Zika wasn’t the cause.

Let me put it to you this way. 400 tourists staying a hotel fall ill with the same symptoms. Researchers try to find the cause. They propose, as a preliminary idea, that the tourists all ate apple sauce. So they interview the sick tourists, they examine the contents of their stomachs, they talk to kitchen workers—and they discover only 17 of the 400 tourists ate apple sauce. Conclusion? Apple sauce is not the cause of the illness. There is no reason to claim it’s the cause in the 17 people who ate it, either. Apple sauce, as an explanation, is a complete dud.

All right. So we have no evidence that there is a widespread epidemic of microcephaly. And for those cases that do exist, we have no evidence, so far, that Zika virus is the cause.

Given all this, a few new questions naturally arise. How did the notion that Zika virus might be the cause suddenly appear in the first place? And who started the story that there was an epidemic of microcephaly?

Let me take up that second question. Apparently, several doctors at two or three hospitals in Brazil noticed more babies with microcephaly than usual. Their report went to someone at the Brazilian health authority. And then a call went out all over the country asking for reports of cases of microcephaly. Those reports came in. They weren’t necessarily accurate. When the numbers were added up, they came to more than 4000.

Then, researchers began to sift through 3,670 of those reports to see what was actually happening—and so far, they see only 404 cases of microcephaly.

Now let’s look at the first question: who proposed the apple sauce? Who proposed the idea that Zika, a virus known about since 1947, a virus which had never been known to cause more than mild transient illness, a virus surely present in humans all over the planet, was now suddenly wreaking great devastation in babies—deformity, brain damage? Who made that very strange leap?

Here is a clue.

This is a quote from a World Health Organization press release, dated January 28, 2016: “WHO to convene an International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on Zika virus and observed increase in neurological disorders and neonatal malformations”:

“In May 2015, Brazil reported its first case of Zika virus disease. Since then, the disease has spread within Brazil and to 24 other countries in the region.”

This is clearly a deception. The first Zika case in Brazil, for a virus that’s been known about since 1947? In India, Zika has been known about (“Zika Fever”) for a long, long time. Discovering “the first” Zika case in Brazil has some special meaning? As I stated above, it’s well known that the virus causes only mild illness and goes away in a short time. So why would anyone care about a Zika case in Brazil? As for the WHO assertion that Zika has subsequently spread (like an epidemic) throughout Brazil and 24 other countries, this is absurd. It would be like saying, “We discovered a person driving a Volkswagen in Brazil. Since then, the occurrence of people driving Volkswagens had spread across Brazil and 24 other countries.” No, the drivers and the Volkswagens were already there.

Why would researchers at WHO make this fundamental error? Why would they make this preposterous claim?

Part of the reason leads back to a preoccupation with (actually, an obsession with) hunting for viruses. Hunting for them, finding them, and then, based on no solid evidence, claiming they cause various disease-conditions.

I’ll continue with a further quote from the January 28 WHO media release:

“Arrival of the virus in some countries of the Americas, notably Brazil, has been associated with a steep increase in the birth of babies with abnormally small heads… A causal relationship between Zika virus infection and birth defects and neurological syndromes has not been established, but is strongly suspected.”

Notice the use of the phrase, “associated with.” This is not true, as we’ve seen, because the Brazilian researchers have found the Zika virus (or indirect evidence of it) in only 17 of the 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly. There is no association. There is disassociation. Remember, in order to begin to say a particular virus is causing a disease, you must find it in almost all, or all, cases of that condition. What WHO is pointing to, re Zika, doesn’t even begin to approach this standard. And as you can see from the above quote, WHO admits they have established no causal connection between Zika and microcephaly.

Yet WHO has been spearheading the drive to blame Zika and, yes, invent the idea that there is a “spreading epidemic” of Zika. Much of what you’re reading and seeing in the mainstream press about this “epidemic” comes directly out of WHO press releases and director Margaret Chan’s remarks.

WHO is determined to fabricate a viral epidemic and its causal connection to microcephaly.

Here is the final quote I want to highlight from the January 28 WHO media release:

“WHO’s Regional Office for the Americas (PAHO) has been working closely with affected countries since May 2015. PAHO has mobilized staff and members of the Global Outbreak and Response Network (GOARN) to assist ministries of health in strengthening their abilities to detect the arrival and circulation of Zika virus through laboratory testing and rapid reporting. The aim has been to ensure accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment for patients, to track the spread of the virus and the mosquito that carries it, and to promote prevention, especially through mosquito control.”

Notice the date mentioned in the quote—May 2015. That’s when “the first case of Zika” was discovered in Brazil. WHO sent people to the scene immediately. They sent their virus hunters from GOARN, which is the WHO equivalent of the CDC’s Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS). The virus hunters. Show them a situation; they will find a virus and make an warranted claim about it and push the story forward.

That’s what they’ve done, against all the counter-evidence. They’ve invented a epidemic that doesn’t exist, blaming it on a virus that has never caused serious illness, and they’ve connected that virus, with no evidence, to microcephaly.

It would be like saying, “There was a 20-car crash on the interstate last night, and three miles away, on a lonely road, a boy was walking with his dog. The boy is the prime suspect. He is ‘associated’ with the car crash. And then, on top of that absurdity, we discover that, on the interstate, we can only find two cars that have collided, not 20.”

But the biggest public-health agency in the world is sticking to its story about the 20-car crash and its “association” with the boy walking his dog.

This does not indicate a mere error. This indicates a fixation. “We must find a virus and claim it is the cause.” It also indicates an intention to fabricate.

All right. We’ve now reached the end of the first part of my argument. Let’s proceed and go to motive.

For that exposition, I rely on the very well-known consequences of WHO making its entirely unwarranted and bogus case: an epidemic can be announced. They (WHO) can claim there is an epidemic caused by a spreading virus.

Follow me here. This is crucial. Merely saying there are some microcephaly cases in Brazil, and they can come from many different causes—since any insult to the developing fetal brain can bring about microcephaly—a toxic drug, a toxic pesticide, the pregnant woman falls down a flight of stairs—merely saying there are some microcephaly cases in Brazil creates no appearance of a contagious epidemic spreading around the world.

For WHO, that’s a non-starter. It goes nowhere. But linking microcephaly to a virus and then “discovering” the virus has “broken out” of its “previous containment in Brazil” and is “traveling around the world” and is “causing microcephaly”—-now WHO is in business.

Constructing these several garish lies and hooking them together achieves multiple objectives. The people at WHO may be crazy, but they aren’t stupid. They understand how much hay they can make through their invention.

With the fairy tale about a galloping virus and its potential to create, in any pregnant woman, brain damage to her developing baby, they have a scary epidemic to run and manage and control. They have work, in the same way a movie director has work with a good script that can sell vs. one that won’t. Their allies can rush to develop a (completely unnecessary) vaccine. When the vaccine is ready (ready to make large profits), WHO can run that operation, too, by issuing all sorts of alerts about the need to get vaccinated. WHO can also issue “health directives” about “prevention” to every national government on Earth, thus cementing its superior role as a leading planetary command-post.

power outside the matrix

In past articles, I’ve examined destructive agendas coalescing around multiple factors: toxic vaccines; the promotion and induction of illness; “the virus” as a cover story invoked to protect, for example, mega-corporations that poison populations with pesticides; the in-utero-to-cradle-to-grave system of toxic medical care, and so on. In this article, I just want to show how the invention of an epidemic occurs, how it’s done. How it’s put together.

This is one aspect of the medical Matrix right in front of your eyes: the twisting and curling and distorting and forcing of disparate data into one coordinated scenario that, on analysis, completely falls apart.

Let me give it to you in one boiled-down imaginary quote:

“Okay, boys, this is what we have. Some cases of microcephaly in Brazil. Not many confirmed cases. So, first thing, we have to blow that number up. Get rolling on that. Next, we have this harmless dud of a virus, Zika, which we can find in all sorts of people anywhere in the world. It means nothing, of course, but we’re going to make it mean something. We’re going to claim it causes microcephaly. Wow. Even I’m blown away by the sheer audacity of that. Once we make this spurious connection, we can say women all over the planet are at risk. We can say the virus is spreading and we can confirm that through testing— because, as we know, it’s already there. It’s been there forever. Anywhere. Everywhere. And we say, you see, this virus that causes a horrible birth defect is spreading and popping up in a dozen, 20, 40, 70 countries. Now we’re in business. We potentially have the fight-or-flight mechanism of the whole planet under our control. That’s our goal. Let’s get to work and see how far we can take this Good Battles Evil fairy tale. Remember, we’re the Good. People need to be controlled. Otherwise, who knows what they might do? We do the controlling.”


Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

37 comments on “Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil?

  1. Nice work Jon! Please keep it up

  2. John FitzPatrick Leisen says:

    Well done sir,.True Respect,.!!!

  3. Sherlock says:

    I heard they also served the same apple sauce in a smaller hotel in Colombia this year. The number of people who have fallen ill in this hotel hasn’t increased in comparison with previous years. This apple sauce can’t be that bad.

  4. groet@kpnplanet.nl says:

    Jon, Thanks for your update. Really interesting.

    Jon, you are perfectly right. Is this maybe also a case of “this means that”?

    The moment I find in all cases that the children were loosing their hair this should mean according to the same stupid way of reasoning the loss of hair is indicative of a virus causing the hair loss just only because all of them are carrying the virus with them, so these WHO bastards are just blindfolded to only find any virus aspect in a situation or disease and blame it for the situation or disease. Sheer shortsightedness and lack of methodological scientific training to say the least. They are at the WHO in the business of blaming any virus whatsoever for any situation, so business will be soaring anyway with these idiots deciding and governing on the global level.

    We have some idiot researchers in the Netherlands, Mister Ab Osterhaus and Mister Hans Fougier and mister Roel Coutinho. They play the same game to keep on receiving research funding. Osterhaus is consultant at the WHO in the SAGE-group. He has been chased down to have consultancy positions in many major pharmaceutical companies and it has been proven he also has financial interests in some of these startup and other vaccine and pharmaceutical companies. He also was close to mister Rumsfeld with his Tamiflu shit business in Gilead Science Incorporated, so the shit hits the fan from the Netherlands regarding biased and Pharmaceutical dependant independant research professionals. It is all the simple ball game, but people do believe they are working in their interest, in the best interest of the people.

    Your second point is the most important point because there is coming in the WORLD HELL ORGANISATION fraud aiming at blowing up any little health crises on any location on the globe to get it expanded to a worldwide hype in order to be remedied by vaccinations campaigns or whatever. This is the medical-industrial-complex getting into its worst and evil tracks.

    That is nearly all. There is no factual basis to the microencefalic crisis, the numbers are not confirmed and the numbers are not compared to normal situation, nothing, only using a number 4500 cases which is looking good and high and frightening for the usual zhombie and since nobody even nobody journalist is asking they go over it and start ranting about a ziki virus found anywhere on the globe where tiger bugs can be found. Of course the ziki virus idea has been scripted and planted by the PR agencies and the global press agencies like Reuters, AP, you name it. Just ridiculous, but the general public is asking, how do I protext my daughter and granddaughter for this plague, let her take vaccination preventively.

    This treacherous campaign is also hiring from the general perception and idea in the public that any health issue with a virus should be and could be solved by a vaccination. So the lies can be perpetuated by such even small or misachieving campaign. It is always good to keep the people remembering what the real remedy needs to be!! They just will not get it and will not start asking questions and the mass media will help the WHO and all the Departments of Health to order vaccines or whatever at the Big Pharma factories. It is just plain stupid.

    Thanks anyway. Groet, Jan Ligthart

  5. Kelly says:

    Jon, you have always referred to the cradle to grave dependency on the medical cartel. You mention (I think for the frist time) in this article ‘in-utero to cradle to grave’.

    Wow, what a sad state of affairs that we are no longer safe in our Mothers womb…..used to be one of the best places on earth in my book!

    As always Jon, thanks for your tireless work.

  6. Bill says:

    The pellagra epidemic of the early 20th century went on for years and caused the death and suffering of many people because medical authorities had become fascinated with the fairly new “germ theory”.

    Officials were sent to discover the microorganism that caused the epidemic and at first they even found one.

    The cause was a B-3 deficiency in people who ate corn processed by the new mechanical milling of corn, which removed all the nurtients.

    And of course, local politicians didn’t want it known that environmental conditions back home had anything to do with it – it had to be a bug that mysteriously appeared. And, of course, new technology, the corn milling machine in this case, only makes things better.

  7. Roberto Barreto says:


    FONTE: Associação Brasileira de Saúde Coletiva (Abrasco).

    – … “É preciso também problematizar o uso de produtos químicos numa escala que desconsidera as vulnerabilidades biológicas e socioambientais de pessoas e comunidades. O consumo de tais substâncias pela Saúde Pública só interessa aos seus produtores e comerciantes desses venenos. São insumos produzidos por um cartel de negócios muito lucrativo, que atua em todo o mundo e que, mesmo com evidências dos riscos provocados pelos organofosforados e piretroides, dos quais se conhecem tantos efeitos deletérios, têm tido o apoio de agências internacionais de Saúde Pública, como o Fundo Rotatório da Organização Pan-Americana de Saúde (OPAS) e da Organização Mundial da Saúde (OMS). Uma simples consulta às fichas de segurança química de tais produtos entregues pelas empresas aos órgãos de Saúde Pública mostra que esses produtos, a exemplo do Malathion, são neurotóxicos para o sistema nervoso central e periférico, além de provocarem náusea, vômito, diarreia, dificuldade respiratória e sintomas de fraqueza muscular, inclusive nas concentrações utilizadas no controle vetorial. Quanto à toxicidade ambiental é recomendado evitar seu uso no meio ambiente, o que não tem sido observado, pois seu lançamento é feito da forma como aqui denunciamos. Tais agências se constituem em instâncias de decisão para a compra e distribuição de venenos para todos os países vinculados à Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU). Os fornecedores são os mesmos cartéis de empresas produtoras de agrotóxicos que operam na agricultura, tornando-a também tóxica e químico-dependente. Esse modelo, pós-II Guerra Mundial, destacamos, impôs-se também para o controle das doenças vetoriais em Saúde Pública”. …

    FONTE: – sanitaristas e pesquisadores da Saúde Coletiva que atuamos no GTs Saúde e Ambiente; Saúde do Trabalhador; Vigilância Sanitária; Promoção da Saúde e Desenvolvimento Sustentável; Educação Popular e Saúde e Alimentação e Nutrição em Saúde Coletiva da Associação Brasileira de Saúde Coletiva (Abrasco).

  8. Ok Let me get this straight, because this is the strangest virus ever conceived of; four out of five people who are infected with Zika don’t develop any symptoms. And the one that does develop symptoms, gets a headache, muscle and joint aches, red eyes and a rash.

    Now the illness if you can call it that; I have had an New Year’s day hangover that is close to that; is mild, generally lasting several days to week. People don’t get sick enough to go to a hospital. Is it fatal? No.

    Now the virus usually remains in the infected person for about a week, it can be longer in some people.

    But that not the strange thing, one can have these mild symptoms, but if you’re a pregnant woman, it can cross the placental barrier which normally protects a fetus, and cause microcephaly. A head deforming brain damaging disease. With lifelong cognitive difficulties, physical pain, lowered intelligence, lifelong brain damage.

    But that’s still not the strange part, you can have twin fetuses growing inside a pregnant mother who was asymptomatic of the virus and one of the fetuses will get microcephaly and a deformed head and brain damage, while the other does not, and  is born asymptomatic of Zika, free normal in all ways with a normal head shape and size, and no brain damage..

    Now the samples tested for Zika, are tested by the CDC because it is not a commercially available test. The virus has not been important enough for commercial labs to do the work-ups. The virus can be bought online through the Rockefeller lab fairly cheaply, no testing labs care about this virus. Well, not until now.

    So what is the case for the four out of five pregnant mothers who become infected and don’t develop symptoms. Do their babies develop microcephaly and brain damage.

    Why is only Brazil? Why is 30% of the cases in one specific area of Brazil; Pernambuco? Why is their additional skin on the infected babies heads , and calcified patches, limbs bent at odd angles? These kinds of illnesses are generally seen as from alcohol or drug abuse or chromosome damage from pesticide poisoning of some kind. But they are caused by a simple mosquito bite, which incidently you have an 80% chance of being asymptomatic.

    Now you can’t really call a mosquito borne Zika virus a raging epidemic when four out of five infected people don’t show symptoms of an illness and the body rids itself of the virus in seven days. And there is no evidence that those four out of the five pregnant mothers that don’t develop symptoms give birth to microcephalic babies.

    Very strange that it is poorer farmers that are the fathers of these babies, stranger still is that the greater percentage of the babies born are in a prime sugarcane and sugar beet growing province of Brazil.

    Pernambuco is a prime sugar growing area of Brazil, sugar cane and sugar beets take up vast areas of Pernambuco arable land. Amongst the usual suspects who purchase sugar are Coca Cola, and Pepsi Cola: but also growth of sugar cane and beet are driven by massive ethanol production.

    Currently, Pernambuco has 18 ethanol producing plants in operation

    “Pernambuco State has the 5th highest sugarcane Brazilian production. Brazil is the second largest producer of alcohol fuel in the world, typically fermenting ethanol from sugarcane and sugar beets. The country produces a total of 18 billion liters annually, of which 3.5 billion are exported, 2 billion of them to the US.” -Wiki

    Now sugar cane and ethanol production is a totally different crop than the sugar that is grown to be consumed by humans. Because the sugar is being grown for fuel, and the production of ethanol: human health concern are less likely to addressed in this sitution. Sugar cane growers have been guilty of using massive amounts of the pesticide Endosulfan (Thiodan 35EC), a organochlorine insecticide that has been banned in 70 countries.

    The bio-accumulation of Endosulphan is in the extreme…even if it quite today the toxic effects are long lasting.

    Endosilphan has yet to be phased out in Brazil, and the use of the pesticide in Brazil has been beyond the criminal.

    There is a direct link between Endosulphan and birth defects, least among them Microcephaly.





  9. Elaine Ossipov says:

    Guess who owns the zika virus? ( or patient on it ) rockefeller, 1947.
    imho, start an epidemic, and you have to find-manufacture a cure, funding, and distribution and of course there’s always that silly little item of poisoning through virus as with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. ( Tuskegee was actually the lack of administering the vaccine.)

  10. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for exposing the technique used to control the public.

  11. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Let’s suppose you have an disease that is ‘not’ caused by a parasite.

    According to the World Health Organization’s ICD10 – International Classification of Diseases this is a ‘non communicable disease’. But there are two important facts about most non communicable diseases. We seldom search for a cause, and we never search for a cure. There are no cures for any non communicable diseases.

    Wait a minute, you might say. Isn’t this trivial? Doesn’t Vitamin C cure scurvy? But no, it does not. There is no medical textbook that suggests a ‘cure’ for scury. There are only ‘treatments’ for scurvy. Not cures. The same happens if your disease is caused by a poison. According to the medical establishment, according to the US FDA, (US Food and Drug Administration) webpage, where it is clearly stated: “The disclaimer must also state that … the product is not intended to ‘diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,’ because only a drug can legally make such a claim.”. It is not legal for any substance or treatment, except an approved drug, to claim to have cured any illness.

    So.. you have some cases of microcephaly. How can you cure them? You can only, according the the US FDA rules “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent” these diseases with a drug.

    But if the microcephaly is caused by a toxin, or a nutrient deficiency, or a combination of both…, it cannot be “diagnosed, treated, cured nor prevented” by a drug.

    So, it must be caused by a virus. Because we can develop vaccine, and prevent the virus from spreading. We can kill all the mosquitoes with toxic chemicals (lethal drugs) and stop the disease from spreading. If it’s caused by a virus, we can develop a plan. We can execute the plan. But if it’s not caused by a virus, we can only advise people to ‘learn to live with, learn to manage’ their disease. That’s what is done for all non communicable diseases.

    to your health, tracy

    • Theodore says:

      Wow! I knew some/most of this, but the way you just layed it out made me thinking of something…

      * re: “Doesn’t Vitamin C cure scurvy? But no, it does not. There is no *medical textbook* that suggests a ‘cure’ for scury.”

      * Putting aside the lawyer/monopoly ‘legal term-of-art’ aspects of the word ‘cure’ for the moment… regardless of who would perform, say, “the scientific investigation of a scurvy ‘outbreak’ happening in the Lower East Side” — whether it be a team of allopaths or a team of naturalpaths,… an honest, evidence-based assessment, would show that Vitamin-C ’emilinates’ the negative ‘scurvy’ symptoms. So, from a rational-based science prespective, saying ‘eliminates’ or saying ‘cure’ would make sense (to me). (And, I suppose, furthermore, that ‘public health officials’ would then probably have no qualms with publically stating that were the findings arrived at at a time prior to the ‘flexner report era’.)

      * So, is it just the case that an (allopathic) medical textbook can not “legally” use the word ‘cure’ in the context of ‘scurvy’, or, that the “allopathic scientific frame-of-reference” itself, leaves, by definition, certain scientific cause-effect observations *off-the-table*, as it were, or, both?

      * In the case of the latter, was the “allopathic scientific frame-of-reference” intentioanlly “narrowed down” by the doctors/scientists/professors themselves mainly in order to appease the “flexner gang” (Rockefeller, Carnegie) in order to secure funding for their “medical universities”? In other words, in 1910, did they sell out Science for 30 pieces of silver?

  12. Susan D. McLean says:

    thank you

  13. two_minor_nitpicks says:

    I suspect you already know this, but I have a couple of corrections/points to make about your latest and most poignant piece…

    “A virus has to be more than ‘present.’ It has to be there in huge numbers in an individual human. And the Brazilian researchers haven’t provided any evidence that Zika was present in huge numbers in any of the 17 babies.”

    A toxin does not necessarily need to be present in a baby to cause insult to its development. Significant stressors to the mother will do the same, even if they are physically filtered from the fetus.

    The fix is already in. This time though, the new vaccine is not made for direct human consumption. It’s the mosquitoes! Follow the money…

  14. Dan says:

    One of the biggest problems in modern science is the failure to report negative results, and by “negative” i just mean an experiment didn’t show the result the scientist was looking for. Unethical labs will do an experiment 10 times and only report the one anomalous result that suits their agenda, and bury the other 9.

  15. Oliver Manuel says:

    Thank you for researching and exposing the web of deceit that engulfs the globe today.

  16. From Québec says:

    WHO … Who the hell are they?

    They are the corrupted greedy criminals who work for the globalist elites who want to reduce the human population to 500 million people.

    We know who you are and we don’t buy your lies anymore. In fact, a lot of us have unmasked and exposed you as impostors for a very long time.
    So, please heed the call and stop ridiculing yourselves.

    Maybe this small piece of 101 logic advice, may get you thinking:

    When the World will be reduced to almost nothing, who will you sell your poisonous vaccine to?

  17. oddie says:

    the front page of the sunday papers in queensland australia included the word “shock” and the story they carried included –

    Qld’s first case of Zika virus confirmed

    Health Minister Cameron Dick is expected to make an announcement about the SHOCKING development today…

    it wasn’t the first case mind you; it was just the first case for this year. meanwhile, money is being allocated to fight zika.

    and you can still turn on the radio or tv and hear about the thousands of microcephaly cases in brazil that have been linked to zika.

    who would trust a word from the mainstream media?

  18. Kit Watkins says:

    Excellent. So glad you didn’t mince words — and what a clever title! haha

  19. Upon searching for conceivable “Zika fever” references in the Vedas, I came across this little link, Jon.

    Drum roll……note the WHO mention…..



  20. All of this right before Carnaval, where you can bet your bottom dollar they will attempt to use that as the “reason” Zika ‘went global’. All of this is such a giant sham it wouldn’t even make it as a B movie.

  21. Isabel Vedor says:

    Cristal clear post. Thank you Jon!!

  22. Helen says:

    There’s an unsettling economic crises unfolding worldwide. Look here not there.

  23. donnavoetee says:

    “The Obama administration will ask Congress for $1.8 billion to respond to the Zika virus abroad and prepare for it at home, officials said…”

    Here is the 2016 proposed CDC budget; looks like $7 billion, without the extra $2 billion for Zika. We might call this scam, “How to Increase Your Revenue by Almost One-Third with the Stroke of a Pen.”


  24. S says:

    Interesting read about the Brazilian release of a ge mosquito in this area


  25. Evan Shortridge says:

    Wow, this is really awakening… I totally get it.

  26. Mabelle Vonk says:

    Thank you Jon, excellent as always. God Bless you dear.

  27. Laurie says:

    Neither DNA nor RNA viruses have been proven to exist. The Perth Group and Stefan Lanka have made some lucid contributions to this topic

  28. SCO says:

    And they are experimenting with it right now in Puerto Rico, coming soon to the mainland USA

  29. Ana says:

    The cause of microcephaly is exposure to radiation released from nuclear power plants, nuclear meltdowns and atomic tests.

    Notice how all the cases of “Zika birth defects” are near nuclear power plants.


    You decide…

    In Switzerland, Big Pharma comprises 30% of national exports, and employs 135,000 people.

    Switzerland is home to 65 pharmaceutical companies, plus 338 biotechnology companies, plus 341 medical devices and technology companies.

    In 2013, forty-one life science companies had their international headquarters (and 29 more their regional headquarters) in Switzerland.

    According to KPMG, there are 120 life science companies in Basel, 132 in Zürich, and 92 in the Lemanic region.

    Meanwhile the W.H.O. is headquartered is in Geneva Switzerland, and gets 75% of its funding from “voluntary contributions” (i.e. from Big Pharma).

    What does that tell you?

  31. Osvaldo Coelho says:

    Jon, It is not new. It has just got to a proportion that cannot be ignored. Here is what “epidemics” work in Brazil. A state need some boost in its budget. It concocts an “epidemic” usually in a coastal state. As soon as Summer approaches, and the coastal state needs the holidays revenue, the “epidemic” vanishes from the press. These were the days of TV, radio and printed media only. Now with Social Media the thing has grown to gigantic proportions and can be exploited, not only for state budget purposes but by political competitive purposes.

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