Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

by Jon Rappoport

February 4, 2016

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I can now provide the latest update on what researchers in Brazil are discovering, as they dig into their original findings about the Zika virus and cases of microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brain impairment).

A correspondent has offered a translation of an article that appeared in one of the major Sao Paulo newspapers, O Estado de São Paulo, on February 2nd, “País tem 404 casos confirmados de microcefalia”:

It is obvious that no significant connection between microcephaly and the Zika virus has been found. It’s not even close. So far, therefore, there is absolutely no reason to trumpet an epidemic of Zika. Doing so is quite insane, by any reasonable standard.

Here are the principal facts in the article (after which I’ll comment):

* As of January 30, 2016, 4,783 suspected cases of microcephaly were reported in Brazil.

* Of those, 3,670 suspected cases of microcephaly, covering the entire country of Brazil, are being investigated.

* Of those 3,670, 404 cases have been confirmed as microcephaly or “other alterations in the central nervous system” of babies.

* Of those 404 cases, 17 “had a relationship with zika virus.”

* 98% of the 404 microcephaly cases come from the Northeast area of Brazil, and in that area, Pernambuco has the highest number of cases: 56.

Now, let’s take each one of these reported facts and examine it.

First: 4,783 suspected cases of microcephaly in Brazil. “Suspected” is the operative word. This number means nothing, because it says nothing about confirmation. It’s just a raw figure.

3,670 of these cases are being researched.

Of these 3,670, 404 have been confirmed as microcephaly or other alterations in the central nervous system of the babies. The key word here is “or.” The researchers don’t know how many of the 404 babies have microcephaly. At the very most, it would be 404. 404 cases of microcephaly in the whole country of Brazil, so far. That is not an epidemic. For example, every year in the US, there are 25,000 cases of microcephaly. And the literature is very clear about causes: any insult to the fetal brain during pregnancy can result in microcephaly. Severe malnutrition, falling down stairs, a blow to the stomach, a toxic street drug or medical drug or vaccine or pesticide, and so on.

Of these 404 cases of (possible) microcephaly in Brazil, 17 babies have been found who “have a relationship with the Zika virus.” It’s hard to be more vague. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that in each of the 17, with a correct test done properly, the Zika virus was isolated. This finding does not even remotely approach proof that Zika is causing microcephaly. It’s miles away from proof. Any honest researcher will tell you that. If Zika were the cause, researchers should have been able to find it in the overwhelming majority of the 404 babies. 17 out of 404 is, in fact, major evidence that Zika is not the cause.

98% of the 404 (possible) microcephaly cases come from the Northeast region of Brazil. Before jumping to any conclusions, realize that standards on reporting such cases differ from region to region. Up until now, there was no national focus on microcephaly. So there may be other cases from other regions. As for the 56 cases in Pernambuco, understand that the population of this area is 9.27 million people. It is significant to note that commercial agriculture is widespread in Pernambuco, and agriculture means toxic pesticides—an important causal factor in microcephaly, as I’ve detailed in other articles.

power outside the matrix

To sum up, researchers so far have found 404 cases of microcephaly in Brazil, and who knows how many of those are actually some other kind of nervous-system impairment. And of those 404 babies, they have found, at best, 17 cases where the Zika virus was present.

And this is the epidemic that is shaking the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is spearheading the baseless propaganda and the hysteria. At the very least, hundreds of employees from WHO should be immediately fired from their jobs, if not jailed.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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27 comments on “Zika: update from Brazil: towering non-evidence

  1. Sherlock says:

    “or other alterations in the central nervous system”. What a convenient addition!

    According to this article the Brazilian government has been vaccinating tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pregnant women in its country during the past year. A large portion of these pregnancies are occurring in Brazil’s northeastern region, notably in the state of Pernambuco—the country’s fastest growing population center.


    I’m not saying these vaccines are causing the “epidemic”, because as Jon mentioned, there’s no epidemic. I’m just saying there are lot of things going on in that region: Toxic pesticides, Tdap vaccines, largest oil refinery project… Here’s an article from the Los Angeles Times: The area around Recife in particular has benefited from government and business investment, and the northeast’s growth has far outpaced that of richer states. Brazil’s historically poor northeast finally gets its boom.


  2. procomptor says:

    Sorry Jon been a while. I have been following some of this in among my work with the Pro Life group. It certainly sounds like Monsanto is up to his same old game with the poisoning of this beautiful yet primitive country. I know for a fact this;


    And I also know for a fact over the years your work as well as others has been instrumental in getting the word out about this killer and his weapons of choice! Thanks Jon and this is what people should know happens when we never give up on each other;


    Justice gets served and how many thousands of others now will not have to suffer? Always following your work my friend even though I am busy these days with the ACLJ, Heritage Foundation, Pro Life and many other worthy causes. Take care Jon and always a pleasure reading your articles……mike

  3. Sherlock says:

    All this madness for only 17 cases of microcephaly with a relationship with zika virus?!

    *Government and educational bodies signed pact against Zika*

    Mercadante [Brazilian Education Minister] reported that the government is organizing a national campaign to raise awareness and eliminate the breeding grounds for the mosquito, and it will start on February 13, in which 220,000 military men, 260,000 community health workers and 48,000 health surveillance officers will take part. On February 19, the educational community will launch a campaign, in which 60 million people, among students, teachers and civil servants, will take part.

    Mercadante recommended each agency or educational body to create a standing committee to deal with the fight against Zika. “In the Education Ministry, we are appointing five people to be responsible for it, a standing committee. This is also essential for universities, institutions, etc., in order to establish a management structure to collect and disclose information,” he said. He pointed out the schools’ role. “Schools are problably the best response at the moment to build this awareness, to mobilize society.”

    For this, the Ministry will send handouts to the school community “We are sending letter to all educational secretaries and civil servants, and we will also send this handout for each student. Younger children will receive a short letter to take to their parents,” he reported. He said the government aims to launch a video competition to raise awareness of the virus and spread it on the internet.

    Mercadante demanded the students to cooperate with the campaign and organize university hazings, usually practiced in the first week of their first semester, using the fight against Zika as a motive. “I have nothing against shaving on, painting the face, organizing freshmen parties or tap beer parties. But they should put the fight at the center of the hazing rituals this year,” he stated.

    Here’s the full article: http://agenciabrasil.ebc.com.br/en/geral/noticia/2016-02/government-and-educational-bodies-signed-pact-against-zika

  4. Paul Revere and the Aiders says:

    The Zika virus scare has the finger prints of big pharma and conventional medicine all over it. And how about this tiny fact that has not been reported in the mainstream media: The Rockefeller Foundation owns the patent on the virus! Of significance, the Zika virus is a commodity which can be purchased online from the ATCC-LGC for 599 Euros with royalties accruing to the Rockefeller Foundation.

  5. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Good article, fact based.

  6. Theresa says:

    Update from UK Inquiry 10 February 2015 London and more…….

    Wednesday 10 February 2016 at 10.30 am

    Dr Alain Kohl, MRC Programme Leader, University of Glasgow
    Dr Dilys Morgan, Head, Gastrointestinal, Emerging and Zoonotic Infections Department, Public Health England
    Graeme Tunbridge, Deputy Director, Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response, Department of Health
    Professor Peter Horby, Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, University of Oxford

    Peter Horby*

    ” Prof. Peter Horby, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health, Centre of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, said:

    “Aedes albopictus is certainly present in Southern Europe. Whilst A. albopictus has been implicated in Zika transmission in previous outbreaks, we don’t yet know how good this mosquito is at transmitting Zika virus. Understanding the ‘competence’ of A. albopictus to transmit the virus is therefore critical. Through the European Commission funded project ‘PREPARE’ we are leading a clinical study that will begin this summer and will tell us if Zika virus is causing illnesses in Southern Europe. This clinical study needs to be complemented by studies of vector biology.”

    * http://www.euro.who.int/en/media-centre/sections/statements/2016/who-urges-european-countries-to-prevent-zika-virus-disease-spread-now

    Science Media Centre

    Declared interests

    Dr Clive McKimmie: “No interests to declare.”
    Prof. Michael Bonsall: “I was the Specialist Adviser to the inquiry on Genetically Modified Insects by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, and am a member of ACRE (Defra’s committee on releases into the environment). The Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment is independent scientific committee that through EU derivatives and national UK legislation is mandated to provide the UK government/ministers with advice on the environmental risks (to wider receiving environments/human health) of non-native and GM releases. I have been a member of this committee since December 2007. I have carried out occasional consultancy work for WHO, NIH, and EFSA, including work on GM-based control methods for mosquitoes. I have received research funding from BBSRC (including working with Oxitec on GM insects), Oxford Martin School, NERC, the Royal Statistical Society, and the Royal Entomological Society. For full details off all my interests, please see: http://www.parliament.uk/documents/lords-committees/science-technology/GMInsects/michael-bonsall-specialist-adviser-interests.pdf.”
    Prof. Matthew Baylis: “I receive grant funding from BBSRC and NIHR for studies of viruses spread by insects to people and animals.”
    Dr Derek Gatherer: “No relevant conflicts of interest.”
    Prof. Jimmy Whitworth: “No competing interests.”
    *Prof. Peter Horby: “No relevant interests to declare.”
    No others received.

  7. Sara says:

    Thanks for these facts. As I am a birth doula, the birth community has been all over this Zika thing, and immediately upon hearing about it I was suspicious of any of the facts as reported in the media. Pesticides were my first guess, and vaccines another, but it’s actually good to read that there are probably many less babies affected than were reported (not a surprise either). Thanks again.

  8. Jon Rappoport discusses the overwhelming lack of evidence that there is a link between the Zika virus and microcephaly. It is simply another global scam. Please read Jon’s analysis carefully and draw your own conclusions. You won’t get this from the MSM:


  9. Zika: as furthering the economic war against Brics.

    I came across an important concept of thought today; it came from you Jon.
    It stuck in my mind as I thought about this so-called ‘global epidemic’ of the Zika virus, and the purported severe effects causing the deformities and brain damage in microcephalic babies. The calls for a global vaccination, the fear mongering.

    Now that is an important aspect of mind control and the global matrix; controlling the narrative.
    Watch this hand while the other does something else.
    This ability of the west to control the Zika world narrative is of utmost importance. And, I believe is highly important as it is related to other world matters.

    A explosion of information, or I should say misinformation on the South America fracas over the Zika virus and its’ connection to microcephaly; this is specifically what I am talking about. This focus and deluge of continuing hypnotic broadcasts by MSM, the CDC, WHO, world experts on the disease and virus, abortion ships, ad cluster fuck.

    The mosquito psych-op; Big Agra corporate powers are trying to keep ahead of anyone who disputes this tall tale and might point the finger at other possibilities for this problem, possibly corporate industrial farming and herbicides and pesticides.
    The Zika problem hasn’t really been proven to exist at all anyway. As you have brought truth to their pack of lies. It is all but smoke and mirrors.

    I find it very interesting though, that Brazil is about to hold the 2016 Olympic Games from August 5-21st; this is a big money-maker for the countries that get the chance to host the games. And I’m sure I can assume that a country goes to a great expense in preparing for such World events; Stadiums to build, roads to fix, renovations on existing structures, transportation, accommodating millions of people, the list is almost endless, up until the last moment, the last second to the start of the games.

    I find it also interesting that Brazil’s economy is in a bust at present; rising unemployment and rising debt, inflationary pressure from the World Bank and the IMF to borrow.

    Brazil at present is considered to be the South American Greece.

    Now Brazil, is the B in the BRICS nations. An economic eastern bloc that is a direct threat to the (about to be ratified) TPP and the giant economic western bloc of nations.

    To add to that fact the growing propaganda in the west against Russia and China, other BRICS nations; mainly Russia and Putin’s courage and defiance of Washington; to step into the Syrian war and bring balance to the Washington’s proxy financed ISIS lead civil war. It seems the war on Russia; to apply pressure, add additional financial and political pressures to its support in BRICS has taken a new front. Are the BRICS nations being attacked economically? Are we witnessing an economic strategy to divide and conquer them?

    The lost of huge amounts of oil revenue in recent years, has been over burdening to say the least; to Russia and Brazil. From the purposeful deflation of the oil price per barrel by the Saudi Arabia and Big Western Banks; who incidentally hold massive resources of oil globally. I not speak about oil on paper, I am talking about real oil.
    In the lower end estimates, somewhere in the range of 200 million barrels globally.

    With the further previous UN sanctions placed on Russia; because its support of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine, and support against a Neo-Nazi, Neo-Conservative financed and inspired revolt.

    Russia’s inability to even sell its huge resources of oil and gas to the EU because of sanctions. The constant propaganda war by the west on the crisis in Donbass; China in a expericing a massive recession and the attacks on the Yuan as a World reserve currency.

    It could be assumed that by placing pressure on Brazil, that BRICS will maybe crack and start to splinter a bit, and show signs of a possible break-up for the Globalists. At least a weakening anyway; while western think tanks come up with another incident.

    Brazil’s GNP dropped 3% in 2015, after having experienced that on average in growth in the more recent years.

    Mounting pressure from the IMF, as I have stated and the World Bank is causing untold financial hardship on an already working poor of Brazil. In the end the Zika freak out is really a psyche-op and economic and political war against first Brazil and secondly her partners in the BRICS nations.

    Brazil being the weakest link in the chain, could be pressured by the CDC, WHO, World Bank, and the IMF to separate from th BRICS and throw in with the west. The promise of huge bail-out money, from those economic hitmen.

    Now considering that Big Agra has so much invested in Brazil, and their extremely low labor costs and environmental laws, and generally low costs of doing business in Brazil; enables them to run rickshaw over an over extended and highly pressured Brazilian government.

    In all this media circus, a media front that should be focused on the TPP, is blinded in a secondary aspect of this ‘controlling the narrative’ and looking the other way while the treaty is ratified and slips on through to the other side without the promised discussion.

    Big Pharma stands to make money out of a Brazilian vaccination program, and eventual global vaccination program.

    Brazil being a generally Catholic nation, global population control can be furthered…all in all the globalists advance in their war of attrition, on all fronts.

  10. M. Silva says:

    Dear Jon, I am Brazilian and some serious scientists here do not believe Zika has caused microcephaly, but vaccine instead. There were some mass vaccination campaigns against HPV and German measles some time ago in Brazil , which is a mistake made by Brazilian government (and officially denied by the same perpetrators of such stupidity). Please read (in Portuguese):
    WHO says it is too early to say Zika virus causes mrocephaly:

  11. Sherlock says:

    “Researchers have identified evidence of Zika infection in 17 of these cases, either in the baby OR IN THE MOTHER”.


    I guess that “to have a relationship with Zika” means the virus can be found in the mother, but not necessarily in the baby. ^^

  12. waldbaer says:

    This is probably offtopic, but..
    In Germany a court is up to decide whether a measels virus does exists or does not exist.
    Not scientists, but lawyers will discover this “truth”.
    I could not get any english source on that, sorry.
    Row, row, row your boat, gently.. *humming*
    Good night..
    waldbaer at 23:28 local time, with a little help of some vodka

  13. From Québec says:

    Interesting conversation today. between Jon Rappoport and Alex Jones:

    Free Your Mind From the Chains of Tyranny

  14. I should have my new article on https://ozziethinker.wordpress.com by the end of this week, Jon.

    Currently, I am toying between glyphosate and ionizing radiation or a combination of the two being the cause of the microcephaly regional spike. In addition, as Brazil is “3rd world” thimerosal infected vaccines many have additionally weakened body’s immune systems to ensure “would be” safe levels of radiation dosage were anything but.


  15. Zika: le Zanzare GE* pungono, per inoculare il vaccino al volo?


    […] ho stabilito che il collegamento tra il virus Zika e casi di difetti alla nascita in Brasile è completamente e assolutamente non dimostrata . E’ un hype°, non […]

  16. Ben says:

    Mr. Rappoport,

    I want to start by saying that I am generally inclined to agree with the notion that the recent occurrences of microcephaly/other fetal physiological/neurological defects are explained by something other than/in addition to Zika virus.


    I found your story with the google search term: “zika microcephaly cases outside Brazil.” It was the second hit. The very first hit on that search will direct you to the following webpage:

    [Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
    Possible Association Between Zika Virus Infection and Microcephaly — Brazil, 2015
    Weekly / January 29, 2016 / 65(3);59–62]


    This CDC report cites very similar numbers to those that you have gleaned from the Brazilian article. However, what the CDC report does that you have failed to do, is to put those numbers into context, like the context of cases per 10,000 people. The bottom line being that, if even a relatively small percent of suspected cases of microcephaly are confirmed, it would constitute a 2-10 fold increase in rate of incidence. Hence the cause for concern. The other take home is that real scientific and medical organizations recognize and state openly that there is not an established causative relationship between the virus and the symptoms, but there is an apparent correlation between zika and very serious symptoms, warranting increased research attention until a causative relationship has been established.


  17. Melinda says:

    Has anyone found data showing increased microcephaly cases outside of Brazil? There doesn’t seem to be any reporting on that metric, just on the number of cases of Zika in various countries.

  18. Zika and hot air | The fiction of science


    … indeed it appeared not to be true. Jon Rappoport analysed the numbers in his blog and nothing is left from those 4000+ cases of microcephaly. …

  19. ¿Quién propuso la idea de que el virus Zika es el responsable de los casos de microcefalia en los bebés?


    … brasileños se pusieron manos a la obra, y encontraron que como mucho se habían producido 404 casos confirmados de …

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