Busted: 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US per year

Zika not the cause

by Jon Rappoport

January 31, 2016

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Microcephaly: babies born with smaller heads and brain impairment. Heard of it? Of course you have. Towering experts are saying it’s caused by the Zika virus in Brazil.

They don’t know how. They don’t know why. But they’re saying it over and over like trained parrots.

They’re saying that, somehow, this virus, which for at least 60 years was causing only mild illness, is now at the heart of all these new cases of microcephaly.

Really? Then why are there 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US every year?

For science bloggers who live in mommy’s basement and love the statements of the experts, try this. I’ll give you the full citation. Ready?

“Practice Parameter: Evaluation of the child with microcephaly (an evidence-based review)”; Neurology 2009 Sep 15; 73(11) 887-897; Report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology and the Practice Committee of the Child Neurology Society.

Here’s the money quote:

“Microcephaly may result from any insult that disturbs early brain growth…Annually, approximately 25,000 infants in the United States will be diagnosed with microcephaly…”


Let me take apart that quote. Microcephaly can result from any early insult to the brain. Any.

That could mean a highly toxic pesticide, for example. It could mean severe and prolonged malnutrition of the mother. It could mean a toxic substance injected into the mother—a street drug or a vaccine. It could mean a physical blow. It could mean a mother’s chronic high fever. And so on.

Moving on: 25,000 cases, not just once, but every year in the US, means what? Christopher Columbus actually brought the Zika virus to America in 1492, and it lay dormant for a very long time and then, in the modern age, exploded on the scene in the US?

No. 25,000 cases a year in the US means we’re being treated to an unsupported major bullshit story right now.

That’s what it means.

In a previous article on Zika, I laid out my top six causes for microcephaly in Brazil. None of them was the virus. I cited a study that revealed a link between the pesticide atrazine and microcephaly. Then there is Roundup. In another previous piece, I cited a study linking that herbicide to microcephaly. Etc., etc.

If you carefully read stories in the mainstream press these days, you’ll notice that even there the Zika hypothesis is shaky, to say the least. Here’s a sprinkle:

Start with a paragraph buried in a Reuters story headlined, “Race for Zika vaccine gathers momentum as virus spreads”:

“Zika had been viewed as a relatively mild illness until Brazilian health officials identified it as a matter of concern for pregnant women. While a direct causal relationship has not been established, scientists strongly suspect a link between Zika and thousands of children born in Brazil with abnormally small heads, brain defects and impaired vision.”

No causal relationship established. Scientists strongly suspect. Well, that does it. That seals the deal. I strongly suspect ants eating brown pears will enable them to pilot spaceships to the rim of the Milky Way.

Here is a piece from Quartz (qz.com) titled, “That ‘baby-brain-shrinking virus’ has made it to the US”:

“The real worry, as Brazil’s health ministry has been warning its citizens, is the suspicion—as yet unproven—that women who catch Zika may give birth to children with microcephaly, a neurological disorder that gives them abnormally small brains.”

Suspicion. As yet unproven.

The article continues:

“A 2007 [Zika] outbreak on Yap Islands in Micronesia is estimated to have affected nearly 75% of the population of some 12,000 people, and a 2013 outbreak in French Polynesia affected nearly 28,000 of 270,000 residents. Neither epidemic caused a spike in microcephaly [small baby heads, brain damage].”

Who cares? Just assert Zika is the cause of microcephaly. Just say it is. That’s enough, isn’t it? Oranges cause cancer. Gluten-free bread causes polio.

The BBC, January 28, “Zika virus: Up to four million Zika cases predicted”:

“…there has been a steep rise in levels of microcephaly – babies born with abnormally small heads – and the rare nervous system disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome. The link between the virus and these disorders has not been confirmed, but Dr. Chan [Director General of the World Health Organization] said it was ‘strongly suspected’ and was ‘deeply alarming’.”

I may strongly suspect something and then be deeply alarmed by it, but I’m not going to call it science. Dr. Chan follows a different path. Well, she’s a General. That confers certain privileges, doesn’t it? Troops, maps, GPS satellites, UN dollars.

power outside the matrix

If she really wants to do something valuable, here’s my suggestion. I know she won’t, but… send down a hundred truly independent scientists and techs, and have them test all those Brazilian mothers who’ve given birth to babies with small heads and brain damage. And test the babies, too. Forget the useless antibody and PCR procedures. Take blood and tissue samples and put them under an electron microscope. See if you notice lots and lots of Zika viruses—that is, if you even know what Zika looks like. If you don’t find lots of Zika—and I’m betting you won’t—pack it up, come home, and start thinking about why the virus is being used as a cover story for what is really causing microcephaly. Then you might actually get somewhere.

But getting somewhere isn’t the job of the World Health Organization. Lying is.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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48 comments on “Busted: 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US per year

  1. ebolainfo says:

    Busted indeed. So I can consign Dr Weaver and his Galveston colleagues to the category: “Bare faced lying scientist”.

    • rick bernie says:

      whilst the scientists, as you suggest do blood test for Zika should they not also then test for other chemical residues perhaps from pesticides in the blood of mother and infant?

      • ebolainfo says:

        Did they? Will they? Even if they did, will they share that information? It is NOT zika but pollutants…poof, up in smoke goes their zika vaccine research funding.

        My point is that they had a prior interest in viral transfer to the fetus.

        How would an honest virologist(?) act? We see a temporal and geographic correlation, what are the possible causes. Let us openly discuss the causes and in so doing people will supply the information that we need to rule out or confirm each cause. The affected community may respond, we have tested our area for pesticide a, b and c. We found nothing. We did not have 100% compliance with vaccines, etc.

        Instead we have this decree from on high.

  2. Don Morgan says:

    In my neighborhood, my wife & I are considered health nuts.
    My boss looks at me incredulously for not eating at his parties.(What?) No way, we’re just smart enough not to eat the crap.
    Oh yeah, we take vitamins & minerals too, that must be it.

    What I’m most shocked about is how nonchalant most everyone is about their food (& it’s not like we didn’t attempt to tell them).
    The most shocking of all was watching my boss use his mouth to clean the tip of his Round-up sprayer.
    Just watching that … I almost died.

    What is it going take to wake these people up???
    They fall prey to the lies, while truth causes them to be skeptical.
    Does it simply boil down to being convenient?
    At this point, I don’t believe it’s just a lot of sheep in this country,
    there are huge flocks of ostriches too.
    I’d like to help, but it’s more than apparent,
    I don’t know the answer.

    • @Don morgan
      “The most shocking of all was watching my boss use his mouth to clean the tip of his Round-up sprayer.” – DM

      Tell me you have a picture of this Don….we could make a fortune from it man…
      And it sounds like you should get a new job, ot your in lin gor s bif promotion…ole Round-up licker is on the extinction list.

      • Don Morgan says:

        Michael Burns; A+
        Damn, no picture, but I have two freaked out witnesses to back me up.

      • DianeC says:

        “The most shocking of all was watching my boss use his mouth to clean the tip of his Round-up sprayer.” – DM

        I believe that! When I was about 9 years old my grandmother (bless her heart) noticed a spider in the bedroom. I used to sleep in between them as a kid sometimes. (I felt safe lol) well we are in bed and due to the spider my grandmother gets up grabs the DDT pump (in those days) and starts spraying the room with DDT! I could not stand the smell so I pulled the blanket over my head. Grandma finished spraying and the 3 of us slept in that! It’s miracle I’m still alive!

        • @ DianeC
          @ DianeC

          Cute story Dee…yeah Grammas were funny people. They would use a hand grenade to kill a fly.

          Oh yeah…I remember that crazy kind of stuff, how about that metallic taste in your mouth after the room was sprayed with “RAID! KILL BUGS DEAD”

          I remember once my Granny Quinn came to Canada for a visit, she had never been out of Ireland.
          She raised me as a boy in Belfast; very funny woman, absolutely hilarious. Two of her sons were boxers. One an all Belfast champ…now thats tough, to be a Belfast champ in the sixties.
          Anyway, she was a farm girl and poor as church mouse her whole life, sweet thing, never went to school, married when she was fifteen to my granddad, both them stuck together their whole lives. Loved each other lIke ducks.

          She would always try to be helpful when she came to Canada her visit, what a sweetie… anyways, she was cleaning our bath tub; she had Ammonia, Draino and some other fandangle dippy doo kind of early seventies cleaner…she was Irish, so more means better, cleaner.
          She poured about the can of Draino down the tub drain, and then proceeded to scrub the tub with this other fandangle cleaner and ammonia; then she turned on the water to rinse it.
          Well the whole mixture reacted together and created a noxious green gas, and she passed out in the bathroom, I was about 11 years old at the time, and I came by the bathroom, there she was past out and this noxious green gas that burnt the throat and eyes. I had to drag her out there by the heals…now she was big round Irish woman; well she looked big, I was only 11 and I was about about 78 lbs soakin wet with a rock in each hand. God Jesus, her head was going bumpity bump down the stairs; I was trying not bump her head too hard, getting her out the side door of the house. She was coughing and gagging…her eyes were red and tearing.

          I had to open all the doors and windows in the house and run fans to clear it up.
          Nowadays you would call a Hazmat team.

          She bumped her head, when she fell, poor ole thing, I felt so bad, she was as tough as nails thought, would take a round out of ya at 75.
          “Ah she says, Micko your my hero…gotta be clean now eh son.”
          lol. I love her to death.

          Way too funny.
          Strange how you forget this stuff, I’m 61 now, she’s been dead for almost forty years.
          That was a funny day.
          Chemicals… it’s a miracle any of us are here D.

          • angela coral eisenhauer says:

            I love it, love it I copied and pasted that gem, without identification, you are a true poet! In my day, haha! my hair got washed in DDT, got rid of the nits!

    • DianeC says:

      I know where you are coming from! If you want to get older seniors ill (those that are not aware) take or throw them a big party! The booze, BBQ meat served to them in large quantities will give them either alcohol poisoning (especially the underweight seniors) and the wolfing down of loads of steak or beef will cause them a stroke or heart attack by the next morning! This happened to my elderly mother and her elderly husband! My mother (after a big party was thrown for her without my knowledge) got alcohol poisoning and pneumonia, and eventually due to her immune system being compromised she got 2 brain tumors. Both these elderly people died. My mother’s husband woke up the next morning (after consuming a huge plate of carne asada at a Birthday party) and could not talk. Eventually he died as well.

    • Nathan Johnson says:

      It’s becouse people have been brainwashed their whole lives, it’s all kabuki theatre ,also luciferians use the opposite of the truth to brainwash people , it’s called the law of opposites , if your taught your whole life the truth is Z when in reality the truth is A it is very hard to go all the way back from Z to A most people can’t mentally do it

  3. Aman says:

    Keep-up the tremendous work Jon and thanks always for what you do!

  4. John says:

    Thanks Jon for all your efforts

  5. fearocean says:

    depopulation Agenda ongoing

  6. Steven says:

    Stats from RightDiagnosis,com Site Statistics about Microcephaly.

    Incidence extrapolations for USA for Microcephaly: 407 per year, 33 per month, 7 per week, 1 per day, 0 per hour, 0 per minute, 0 per second. Note: this extrapolation calculation uses the incidence statistic: 1.02 per 10,000 births in the UK 2002 for microcephaly (University of Ulster, 2003)

    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      Yes was 407, but that was in 2004,
      So WHAT caused the increase to 25,000 by 2013?
      Only common thing with Brazil, is the vaccines in pregnancy.

      • angela coral eisenhauer says:

        Oh and the page I have with those stats, the stats for USA< are the only ones NOT extrapolated, ie guessed, was 407 in 2004, 800 in 2006 and 4,800 in 2010. Flu shots in pregnancy began in 2010, I believe?

  7. V says:

    Share these at work often. Sadly they get tossed out overnight. The MSM is doing its dirty work and it is working. I keep trying. I got a couple people to listen! Love your series and all you do!

  8. beaware says:

    Look up the new Tdap vaccine introduced in Brazil last year.

    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      The vaccine was ready and used from May 2015, Tdap GSK brand, made under licence at the Butantan institute, Brazil, women got it from around 20 weeks gestation, 20 weeks later, October, the microcephaly began. Oh, the Butantan Institute now has funding for a zika vaccine, isnt that so fraudulent, and corrupt?

  9. RM Russell says:

    Microcephaly is rampant in muslim populations where there is a lot of inbreeding.

    Jon, you’re revealing that so many chemicals are sprayed in Brazil’s vegetation/food supply, gives one pause regards this “genetic” deformity! Interesting and scary.

    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      Stats to microcephaly due to inbreeding? This is new to me. Chemicals sprayed or Dtap given to every pregnant woman from May 2015? Same chemicals in Colombia, same zika, no vaccines in pregnancy, no rise in microcephaly.

  10. US Debt Rises To 19 Trillion While The US Economic Freedom Falls To 11th Place – Episode 883


    …New evidence suggest the Zika virus not connected to microcephaly…

    …was no reason to assume the number of Brazilian cases of microcephaly was extraordinary. There is no reason to assume the Zika virus has anything to do with…

  11. Feli says:

    It would be interesting to know if the microcephaly cases in the US rose significantly after 2009.

    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      Was 400 cases in 2004, rose (after vaccinations in pregnancy) to 25,000 a year by 2013 ish.

      Same increase as in Brazil, no vaccines, rate was around 150 a year, they vaccinated in pregnancy with Tdap, etc, 12,000 per year.

  12. https://felippebarretto.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/zika-e-microcefalia-flagrante-falta-de-evidencias/

    … é uma epidemia. Por exemplo, todos os anos há 25.000 casos de microcefalia nos Estados Unidos. A literatura especializada é muito clara sobre as causas: qualquer dano ao cérebro do feto durante a gestação pode causar a microcefalia. …

  13. Dave says:

    Once again monsanto shows its true demonic intent, profit over life, population reduction by global toxification of food and environment under the guise of feeding the masses. Just one more tool in the box of human demise driven by the kabal.

  14. INGAORAMA says:

    I find it is bullshit that it is pesticide! If that was the case then some corporation must have dumped a payload only over pregnant woman! And how come pesticide are suddenly now making this huge mutation? There have been used so much and so long all kinds of pesticides in Brazil and not least in the Amazon forest..
    So in what place in Brazil are these babies born? I guess in biggest cities.. If my guess is correct- then they must have been dumping in some test so much pesticide…
    Pesticide (and I know al about the Roundup ready Mon-SATAN-o shit!) I say NO- same as I say No to the Zika!
    But I say BIG YES to this new Tdap vaccine and not tested, at least there are no test results to be found.
    How come nobody seam to look into what the fu..ng CDC did few years back?
    Well you can read it here
    On June 22, 2011, the ACIP voted to recommend:
    that women’s health-care personnel implement a Tdap vaccination program for pregnant women who previously have not received Tdap. Health-care personnel should administer Tdap during pregnancy, preferably during the third or late second trimester (after 20 weeks gestation). If not administered during pregnancy, Tdap should be administered immediately postpartum.
    Notice here they say “AFTER 20 WEEKS GESTATION” – not ass in Brazil – there it is BEFORE 22 WEEKS OF GESTATION!”
    OTHER HERE – they changed some- let say the mother just have had this vaccine – then she still should get this shot!
    On October 24, 2012, the ACIP voted to recommend that health-care personnel should administer a dose of Tdap during each pregnancy irrespective of the patient’s prior history of receiving Tdap. Optimal timing for Tdap administration is at 27 through 36 weeks gestation.
    Updated Recommendations for Use of Tetanus Toxoid, Reduced Diphtheria Toxoid, and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine (Tdap) in Pregnant Women — Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2012

    There is no theorizing about the possibility that the cases of microcephaly could be linked to the mandating of the Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women in Brazil about 10 months earlier. The government has “assumed” the cause is a virus.

    FACT—Drug companies did not test the safety and effectiveness of giving Tdap vaccine to pregnant women before the vaccines were licensed in the U.S. and there is almost no data on inflammatory or other biological responses to this vaccine that could affect pregnancy and birth outcomes.

    FACT—According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) adequate testing has not been done in humans to demonstrate safety for pregnant women and it is not known whether the vaccines can cause fetal harm or affect reproduction capacity. The manufacturers of the Tdap vaccine state that human toxicity and fertility studies are inadequate and warn that Tdap should “be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.”

    FACT—There are ingredients pertussis containing Tdap vaccine that have not been fully evaluated for potential genotoxic or other adverse effects on the human fetus developing in the womb that may negatively affect health after birth, including aluminum adjuvants, mercury containing (Thimerosal) preservatives and many more bioactive and potentially toxic ingredients.

    FACT—There are no published biological mechanism studies that assess pre-vaccination health status and measure changes in brain and immune function and chromosomal integrity after vaccination of pregnant women or their babies developing in the womb.

    FACT—Since licensure of Tdap vaccine in the U.S., there have been no well designed prospective case controlled studies comparing the health outcomes of large groups of women who get pertussis containing Tdap vaccine during pregnancy either separately or simultaneously compared to those who do not get the vaccines, and no similar health outcome comparisons of their newborns at birth or in the first year of life have been conducted. Safety and effectiveness evaluations that have been conducted are either small, retrospective, compare vaccinated women to vaccinated women or have been performed by drug company or government health officials using unpublished data.

    FACT—Injuries and deaths from pertussis-containing vaccines are the most compensated claims in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) and influenza vaccine injuries and deaths are the second most compensated claim.

    FACT—A 2013 published study evaluating reports of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) following vaccination in the U. S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and in a European vaccine reaction reporting system found that pertussis containing DTaP was among the vaccines most frequently associated with brain inflammation in children between birth and age five.
    Is Zika Virus Or The Tdap Vaccine Causing Birth Defects In Brazil?

    I could write and re blog lot more her no matter were I look I just see the Tdap vaccine as the source of the abnormal brain and scull formation – and there have been babies in USA born like this since CDC did start this bad doing…well..in Bill Gates spirit if we look at how much he want to use vaccines as the way of “lowering the population number” …so..who gains most from both sides?
    If it is blamed ofn Roundup ready pesticide/herbicide ..and they make GMO vaccine .. Bill Gates rakes in money… and turn iit and twist- Monsanto and Bill Gates are n bed together for a long time..
    The biggest owner of the Seed Vault in Svalbardi is Monsanto- Bill Gates Foundation – DuPont and Syngenta…
    I think they are also using this hoax for making “the final shoot” the Agenda 21… and also to work on growing more monster GMO plants…
    No matter were you look – Monsanto and Bill Gates names come up and it stinks miles away!!!

  15. Microcephaly A Next Gen Side Effect?


    Renowned journalist, Jon Rappaport exposed the rise in the number of microcephaly cases in the US in a recent blog – “Busted: 25,000 cases of microcephaly in the US per year”

  16. Sarah says:

    Hi Jon, thanks for all the great investigation that you do – your articles are brilliant. Has anyone looked at a possible connection with the HPV vaccine GARDASIL or perhaps CERVARIX and microcephaly? I haven’t searched for the USA stats on microcephaly but maybe this is an avenue to explore?

  17. Linda says:

    So today the news is saying Zika virus definitely causes the birth defect, all news media reported it on cue. Not anything scientific but a study of data. It’s nothing close to the proof that the MMR causes autism but it’s good enough for them to make this definitive statement. Now comes the vaccine, the agenda unfolds.
    Great investigative reporting, thanks.

  18. Saul daddy says:

    One of the main causes of Microcephaly is radiation. I think they are using it to cover up radiation from Fukushima that covered the moor there and Southern Hemispheres .

  19. rutnerh says:

    Hi Jon, bad suggestion: Zika viruses are too small to see under the microscope in blood.

  20. SaulDaddy says:

    Read Hillay Clintons Email on Fukushima and google Seattle Hot Particles.

    Also there is massive quantities of Uranium in drinking water in the US.


  21. janem1276 says:

    I’m confused. There are only about 400 cases of microcephaly diagnosed per year

  22. Talllan says:

    OK…There are approx 4,000,000 live births presently per year in the US currently. The Microcephaly rate varies from 2 to 12 cases per 10,000 live births per year since records were kept. Lets average it to 7….so you would multiply the average factor of 7/10,000 by 400 to arrive at an average # of cases…2,800/year….or variably 800 to 4800.

    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      That was 2004 – 2010, 2004 was 400 cases, 2006 was 800 cases, NOW IT IS 25,000 cases per year, USA.

  23. Anonymous says:

    There have been three cases of microcephalic infants born in the US confirmed as “zika-related.” One in Florida, one in Texas, and one in New York – there are perhaps more now, but I didn’t bother checking as this has clearly entered Main Stream Media so there’s no point in gathering more at this time.

    They are continuing the lie despite all evidence to the contrary…

    Now about those dead bees in South Carolina….they were sprayed with the pesticide, Naled. Naled comes from Sumitomo Chemical. And guess who Sumitomo is in bed with?

    So what’s the connection between microcephalic infants and dead bees? For that, we have to make a pit stop in Puerto Rico……

    Keep an eye on South Carolina – if there are dead bees from Naled now, there will be a plethora of microcephalic infants coming soon.

    Found this guy from Puerto Rico blogging about it…….he confirms there are dead bees there too. Scroll down to “WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN PUERTO RICO?” for more. He also reports 25,000lbs of Naled went missing in July – I wonder what batch of Kool-Aid it’s going to be dumped into.

    Monsanto must be stopped.

    But to do that, the Rockefellers (George Soros’ puppet masters) must be stopped first…

  24. Animalaura says:

    Has anyone bothered to consider…. why has no one recorded any primates with microencephaly?? No chimps, no monkeys, baboons or other primates with the “reported” effects of Zika…. nothing. And yet… why not?? Primates are out in the wild, in the jungle, swamps, or some in open zoos… That alone is a real mystery… which totally negates whatever the W.H.O. says. People are confounded when you ask them that question.

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