Two fantastic innovations that will do more for the US economy…

Than the total sum of all government employees quitting their jobs; And simply requires men with brains, courage, imagination, and balls of steel

by Jon Rappoport

October 17, 2023

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If you’re a government employee with love for your boss, stop reading, turn around, and watch television.

If you’re a radical environmentalist, FUCK OFF.

Keep digging for roots and tubers and munch on your storage supply of tofu.

As I’ve been writing, the US economy is in much bigger trouble than conventional critics or unconventional critics are willing to admit.

If you look at 3 of the biggest employers in America—government, the medical/pharma industry, and the defense industry—all predatory—you realize the nation creates an astounding number of MIDDLE CLASS earners in these corrupt sectors.

So resuscitating the middle class (the stated goal of many economists and political candidates)—if you care about a thing called human life and survival—isn’t an easy fix or a one-stop shop. Far from it. Middle class prosperity and corruption are both baked into the economy.

For one thing, we need new major industries. In the private sector. Not as “public-private partnerships.” Not government-run.

We need men with great courage and vision to head up these new industries. If we found the men, they would—as a side effect—spur other entrepreneurs to build their own new non-corrupt and highly positive companies.

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Jon Rappoport

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