I save television again and solve the border crisis

GAY is the watchword

by Jon Rappoport

October 19, 2023

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Question: Why am I painting THIS scenario?

Answer: Because it may be the only way we can get the Left—presently in control of America—to agree to shut down the border.

This takes planning so pay attention.

First of all, experts in the field of psychology are going to make a startling claim. And they will, because they’ll say anything if they’re paid to say it.

Claim: It’s been discovered that brutal sadistic Mex cartel thugs are all suffering from…



And that means they’re all repressed homosexuals. Every last one of them.

You need a major PR campaign to impress this on the public mind.

…Once that takes hold, you announce that a new army is being formed to keep these sick cartel homophobes from entering the US through the border.

The army will be composed of American gay men.

The call goes out.

If you’re gay, the government will pay you handsomely to come to the southern border and defend it.

Then you set up many, many check points there at the border. No fooling around. Lots of these.

Any male who remotely looks like he might be a cartel member has to strip down and stand naked, while gay doctors conduct an invasive exam to check for weapons.

Having passed that test, the homophobic cartel members are released to cross the border into America—if they can.

Because they’re facing tens of thousands of naked gay American men who are gathered there to stop them.

Picture the multi-faceted scenes which will then unfold.

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Jon Rappoport

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