The fixation on the One, and the obsession with a Virus; the Individual vs. the Collective Trance

by Jon Rappoport

October 4, 2021

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More than anything, this piece reflects my approach to my work. My work as a reporter, as a poet, as an individual.

When I wrote my first book in 1988, AIDS INC., I showed that HIV was not the cause of AIDS. In fact, there was no AIDS. That was a label slapped on a variety of health problems all stemming from lowered immunity.

These health problems were caused by a variety of factors, none of which had anything to do with “the virus.”

The major resistance to the book came from people who were conditioned to believe that every announced new disease had to be real, and every new disease had to have a single cause. I would call this ill-fated belief informational Hypnosis.

It’s very effective.

Look at the history of organized religion. Each Church has its single First Cause. Meaning God. “Our God is real. Yours isn’t.” “Our God is the One.”

Behind this farce is each organization telling individuals, “We have God. He is the One you should worship. Don’t go off on your own and find your own God. That doesn’t work.”

People are fixated on The One. The one God. The one Cause. The one Virus. And because they are fixated, leaders can sell them this One and that One and the other One.

In 1988, I saw the full absurdity of that con, with HIV.

During the decade following the publication of AIDS INC., I discovered that no one had proved HIV existed. There was no reason to believe it did. After all, you could say a man with purple hair and six arms lives on the moon, but then you carry the burden of proof, and if you can’t supply any, your hypothesis is null and void.

So the fixation on the One extends to the One that doesn’t exist at all.

At that point in my work, I could see I was plunging headlong into territory that was going to place me outside any semblance of the mainstream or even an acceptable alternative universe.

Why? Again, because people were fixated on the One, and I was calling that fixation Mind Control.

In a similar vein, in my work as a reporter, I was using up-against-wall logic to refute medical and political lies and cover stories. But then, when I was writing poetry, I was abandoning the traditional forms and thought processes (the “logic” of poetry) because they were stale and decaying. I wanted to take imagination to other places, without limit, and if the preferred hidebound internal connections in my poems were missing, so what?

This distinction between my work as a reporter and a poet confuses some people. They want one or the other. Not both, side by side. But I say this confusion is good. It can be productive. It can stimulate readers to think along new tracks.

I’m not obeying some arbitrary external standard that describes what I’m supposed to do. Whenever I sense I’m giving in to that standard, when I feel The Mechanical setting in, I stop. I stop and put myself back in the basic bath of WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO DO? Answering that question sets me back on track(s).

A long time ago I figured out something. If I went along with the tide and tried to carve out a career as a conventional writer, I might succeed or I might fail. If I failed, it would be a double disaster, because I had failed at something I really didn’t want to do in the first place. If I failed to find an audience by writing what I wanted to write, I would have DONE WHAT I WANTED TO DO. I WOULD HAVE CREATED WHAT I WANTED TO CREATE.

Centralized authority wants to build a collective trance in which people believe they must think and do what falls inside certain boundaries.

Nowhere is this more evident, these days, than in the promoted idea that a virus is loose in the world. The one virus causing the one disease. In many articles, I’ve taken apart the myth of SARS-CoV-2 and disposed of it. In the process, I’ve discovered that the whole branch of medicine called Virology is a hustle and a broken down Church of true believers, who can’t and won’t shake off their delusions.

Once again, I’ve come to grips with people who are so hardwired in their trance they can only bray, “People are dying, it must be the (one) virus.” The logic of that proposition belongs in a garbage dumpster in a blind alley at midnight.

It’s right next door to, “They diagnosed Harry with COVID, he had shortness of breath, so they put him on a ventilator and sedated him with a drug that radically suppresses breathing and left him on the ventilator and he died because of the virus.”

In the realm of propaganda, willing victims select their preferred one idol. For example, Tony Fauci. His adoring worshippers need The One, so they choose him because he’s there on television, being interviewed by “the best people,” and he has a seal of approval from the White House, and he disagreed with Trump. This is called “following the science.” I would call it trailing behind a horse’s ass.

Over the decades, I’ve encountered many artists who stand for the widest freedom of expression and yet, when it comes to politics, they insist on absolute loyalty to the “prevailing culture.” Meaning the Left. I’ve also seen political libertarians who insist on freedom of thought, but believe all art since the 16th century is a perverse plot against “traditional values.”

At the bottom of these contradictions is, again, a fixation on The One. The one political point of view, the one acceptable art, the one acceptable Church…

And now we’re all dealing with the one tyranny that spells out “the one solution to the one virus.” And this tyranny is bent on subjugating many nations and imposing one government for one planet.

On every level, from the political to the psychological to the spiritual to the creative, THE ONE has always been the conditioned mind control reflex that imprisons the individual.

I’m against it. Always have been. Always will be.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

31 comments on “The fixation on the One, and the obsession with a Virus; the Individual vs. the Collective Trance

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Hero’s Journey

    So, a hero’s Journey
    May be in the offing for you?
    How nice!
    Brother Odysseus would be proud
    As the hero pantheon shudders in dismay,
    Oh, naked shade of ignorance
    Cavorting blithely across Kronos lair,
    Are you prepared to leave it all behind?
    To cast off your sweetest illusions?
    To risk everything
    For thy mad mythical pursuits?
    So, open your foolish eyes
    Whiff the intoxicating flowers of eternity
    And bend the hands of time,
    A rare and magical deed!
    How lucky you are
    To sail through the pillars of the mind,
    Diving into the depths of the wine-dark sea
    Stealing Poseidon’s trident,
    Though torn to pieces by the Kraken of self-guilt
    Think of what you might have been,
    The life you could have had
    And those you left behind,
    Haunting memories
    Of the fields where your children used to play
    Now you will be a star!
    In the hero firmament,
    Before the anonymity of the grave
    Consumes thy aching flesh and bones
    Erasing all traces of your petty existence,
    Be brave, face thy demons
    That snack on the rays of morning light,
    Parry those dragons of Eden
    That infect the algorithms of the mind,
    Enter the labyrinth of modern times
    And slay the masked Minotaur of fear
    That now roams the land
    Devouring souls with gusto
    Or are all those wayward adventures
    Just battles with perched windmills
    My best to young Sancho!
    What epic courage! What a show!
    The troubadours of tomorrow
    Shall surely croon about you
    Will it be an epic tragedy
    Perhaps a roaring comedy even?
    What a story!
    Or will you become
    Just another lost denizen of purgatory?
    Grasping for some obscure purpose
    Leading a life of quiet desperation
    So take that epic quest
    What might you find?
    Will you find the grail?
    What gems will you bring us?
    For the devil wags his tail
    At our highest aspirations
    Laughing at our dreams
    And remember, heroes often fail,
    Don’t give up though
    Don’t surrender
    To the sirens of mediocrity
    As you struggle
    Through the passion of the mystery
    And the adventure of finding
    Your eternal doppelganger
    That can dispel this mortal pall,
    A noble struggle indeed,
    Farewell the wasteland
    Of others fondest expectations,
    Fly into the night
    Blaze your own fiery trail
    Through your broken heart,
    Escaping the cement and steel
    Sepulchers of modernity
    That claw at the sky
    Casting their dismal shadows
    Over our lost humanity,
    Bring us back such treasures
    That rock the angels dreams
    And dry the tears of the bloody eons.

    • michael burns says:

      And then there’s the poet’s journey…and even a hospital for poets, ya have to be a poet to get in


      There’s a hospital for poets…
      End of the road for a broken dreamer, and an artist with tarnish on his soul.
      There’s no line up there, you just walk right in and get into a bed.

      Dead dreamers are wheeled by on gurneys on their way to reincarnations.
      The place is filled with unspoken words, and half-filled remnants of…those angry hearts.
      Ghosts walk the halls of the unpublished, asking me for a word…ah, “Please will you listen.”

      The great Dylan Thomas died here and the place reeks now of a writing shed. Corso walks by holding an antiquated toaster and speaks to his ghost in tongues about the substance of a symbol.
      “I was born here and I will die here.”, he exclaims in the accent of an Italian Hamlet, on passing.

      A water drenched rat from the Titanic, hugs the wall on its way to the basement to fornicate with its American cousin.

      Scribbled notes on Latin edges, and penciled words on back pages, of dog-eared books about etiquette, written by a Vanderbilt.
      And scratched last lines onto the walls grasped, and gasped out by those on their way to the other side for recycling.
      And the ‘wall of hope’ remembers.

      And so, I check my pulse and found I had the prerequisites…to be in this place.
      I was definitely a card-carrying member. And my poems were sick.

      The nurse arrives and asks to take my temperature.
      I tell her “I am minus thirty and dropping…my heart is frozen. Can you help? There’s an ice age comin, don’t ya know!”
      “Aw” she says, “Would you like a hot drink, what seems to be your trouble Micko, and can you bend over dear.”

      She reminds me of a poem about another woman.
      An Irish woman named, love. Who lives under a hill. And the words fall out of my mouth, “Come away o’human child…”

      I tell her I am suffering from double entendre

      “Ach” she says. “There’s a lot of that ting going round these days.”, as she pulls the thermometer from its hold.”

      Nursey leaves swishin in a cloud of perfume; I love that sound. And I wait, on my little cot for doctor Big Fingers to arrive.

      “And how are we today.” he says, on entering the clutter. He walks over and closes a cupboard door to staunch the bleeding words from the top shelf.


      I ask to borrow his pen and clipboard with a page. And scribble down quickly the words to my next ode.
      “I have a bug in my ear and I am tone-deaf to bullshit…”
      I return his clipboard; pens are hard to get, around here…

      “So what are my chances doc… will I live? this, fatal?
      Will I need an operation…maybe a transfusion? To rid myself of the parasites in my mind?
      Am I using my words well…am I color blind to context?
      Is my sense of semantics charged, and pure to the meaning?
      C’mon Doc, don’t hold back? Tell me the truth?
      Am I… a dead poet?”

      He looks at me and sighs, ” Poets are born with broken thoughts. And use words as pills to heal themselves.”
      Write a couple more lines, and, I will see you in the morning.

      I pace the room and turn on a heel and there was Corso and that fucking toaster…he was chewin the fat with Larry Ferlinghetti…about spaghetti, al dente. And something about publishing his next book.
      They turned and looked at me and Larry said…”So you want to be part of the club, is that right kid? Are you, a sick poet?”

      “No.” I sez…”but I wouldn’t mind a chit-chat about Fluxus, I sometimes get on my drums and start with my own heartbeat.”
      Bom bom…bombom bombom and the blood gurgles glickly and falls through the holes at end of veins.



      Larry leaves in disgust, hands in the air, exclaiming “Wannabee..couldabeen, mightdahad.”

      I am content now; I have found my own…I don’t feel as fatal. Not nearly as fatal.
      My poems are better…and fellow madmen arrive every morning with new lines.
      And my fake Irish nurse arrives for late night checks of my vitals.

      I think… I think I’m ok.

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    “None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.”

    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. Ernesto Che says:

    Good comment, Jon, good analysis. I’m not convinced that only leftist artists insist on absolute loyalty to the “prevailing culture”, just because you say so.

  4. Sean says:

    How you write what you write, so clearly, day in and day out, is refreshing. It is like you consistently keep outdoing yourself too.

    Im glad I have the continuing good sense to at least take enough time and effort to look and see where the heck you were coming from with all this Oneness business. I had never noticed this subconscious tendency to lean toward this, “The One and Only” addiction, as I call it, which I see now was/is my tendency. But after further and further review, I can also see that it has been my modus operandi. And still is. But less now.

    This just in. I would do well to become even more adventurist. Seeking the one answer takes me in circles and makes me dizzy. And trapped. Oh, maybe that is what the result of seeking and falling for the One and only answer does, it takes you round and round and no where else. Allowing the control of me/societies and our minds and behaviors. Im a rollercoaster kind of guy not a merry go round guy. No wonder I’m noxious.

    Ok its time for me to start playing some bridge and be more adventurist.

  5. Jon, this latest post of yours I greatly value. You bring into focus what I consider too the main issue of our times. As an individual, I also have a bifurcation in my work, professional researcher/analyst and poet|artist|musician. Having earned the Ph.D. (Pharmacology), I consider as a unifying, third node “philosopher”.

    To the point. Based on your essay and, more generally, from your writings, I conclude you consider “The One” and “You as Individual” as a duality, with some kind and degree of separateness or distinction. From my perspective as a faithful reader, I understand this contrast, yin and yang if you will, as a dialectic, a dynamic pair of seemingly opposed forces.

    Departing from argument, more as a poet or musician might improvise, I offer here a succinct synthesis more resonant with my experience in life. Two mantras given by Yogi Bhajan YB), both I suspect he himself applied and held dear in his development spiritually. Capitalization and other stylistic embellishments my own (cf. The Master’s Touch, YB’s lectures to students aiming to become teachers in the Sikh tradition.)

    GOD and me, me and GOD are ONE.

    I am Thee, Thou is Me, Me is Thou, Thee am I.

    GOD consciousness, Self realization, Illumination, several of many “initiations”, milestones of progress along paths called “spiritual”, as if all roads do not lead to GOD — but NOT necessarily what we conceive as “The One”!

  6. Paul says:

    “I would call it trailing behind a horse’s ass.”


    Might that horse be Rusty !

  7. Need A Ladder says:

    HIV – Hustle In Virology

  8. Rico Debiase says:

    It’s WITCHES I tell you!!! Witches everywhere!!! Prove to me you’re not a WITCH (PCR TEST), or that you’ve taken the Anti-Witch serum (Injection) so that you can participate in the system/society (VAXX/GREEN/SOCIAL CREDIT PASS)!! Our Anti-Witch serum is 1000% safe & effective at not stopping the spread(infection/transmission) of the WITCH cooties, nor stopping other variants of the witch-cooties, so you must protect your neighbors by putting on a mask which doesn’t protect you from the cooties to slow the spread of the WITCH cooties which is still spreading!! But if you’re injured from or after injecting the serum while wearing the mask & following anti-social distancing protocols, well that’s another kind of witch cooties that this serum can’t protect you from because it’s “novel”, see? & because the serum’s so safe & effective, you can’t possibly ever die from the cooties, but if you die after taking the serum…it was the WITCH. & if you don’t, that’s proof that it’s 1000% safe & effective in…all those who didn’t die.

    When are we going to stop falling for these DARK AGES/PAGAN antics?

  9. Susan E Remer says:

    I read Jon’s book, AIDS, Inc. from cover to cover during this most recent Planned Scamdemic. I had heard about it years ago, but didn’t think it had anything to do with me or my life concerns. After finally reading it in 2020, the full implications of Targeting and Manipulating all of Humanity cannot be missed or misinterpreted.

    If you all haven’t read this book yet in its entirety, I recommend that you get over to your favorite online bookstore and order it today.

    Read it and then ask yourself how this could be ignored and discounted, just like what’s happening to us now real time?

    • Kieron says:

      I preface my response to ask you to understand my comment is not directed at you or anyone here.

      “This” was “ignored and discounted” back in the day because the people who were “getting it” and dying were considered lesser, inferior, immoral, debauched, sinners, what-have-you. I remind everyone of the “Designing Women” episode where the upright and uptight society woman says about AIDS: “It’s killing all the right people.”

      The kicker is now EVERYONE gets to worry about “turning positive.” Even if you are skeptical that Covid is real, you still have to deal with cultists who insist you believe in their magic PCR test and be branded “positive.” Now the shoe is on the other foot. How’s it feel?

      Do I sound bitter? Well, I am. For years, people branded with AIDS and/or HIV were scorned, shunned, abandoned, ridiculed, blamed and ignored. Now the scourge is in everyone’s face, whether or not you believe it’s real. The cultists’ sheer BELIEF in it has now made it something we have to contend with.

  10. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Big Pharma cannot allow Vitamin D to cure COVID. Why? Because when Vitamin D cures a case of COVID, it proves that case was not caused by the virus, it was caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. The same is true of zinc – and of zinc and Vitamin D together. When they cure, the virus was not the cause of the disease. Vitamin C? The same, it cures by addressing a deficiency that caused the severity of disease. And the chloroquines? Same. They cure by rapidly and dramatically improving the zinc healthiness of the patient’s cells. So the disease cured was not COVID, not caused by the virus. That’s why most cases of SARS-COV-2 infection are asymptomatic. Most people, expecially our children, are in good health. If the disease is cured by Vitamin D, there is no need for a vaccine to address the virus. It’s not the cause.

    To your health, to your cures, tracy

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Yep. You figured out “the secret” that must not be revealed, lest these thugs be revealed as the psychotic eugenicists that they really are.

      We are trained to trust the authority of the person, but not the authority of the evidence.

    • Siouxma says:

      Official “Covid Cases” only require a Positive PCR Test to be counted. No symptoms necessary ever to be counted as a Case, per CDC.

      This test NEVER had a Covid isolate, and never could it distinguish one flu from another… as admitted by the CDC a few months ago. Run at a false positive #of cycles, to boot!

      No new symptoms – Nothing that hasn’t been seen before. That is, not until the bioweapon Jabs were deployed and shot right into bloodstreams. Now that’s how you do a real Kill Shot.

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    The fixation on the One…”

    The One is the default choice of the Elitist Demigods who seek to control The Humanity Herd easily. Individualism is tough for The False Ones, it’s too much like herding cats.

    “… and the obsession with a Virus…”

    The Virus is one of Their neatest means of control. The New False Religion of ‘experts’ and technocracy and top-down control from Little Tin bureaucratic gods of uncontrolled egos and a sick need to dominate and abuse others. The Virus narrative that leads The Herd into their prison pens of death and misery.

    “…the Individual vs. the Collective Trance”

    Being an individual requires inner strength and emotional maturity. Both of these qualities are sorely missing from 21st Century Earthlings. So the Collective Trance gets to run rampant and as a raging current that carries along a planet full of people without inner conviction and morality code who cling to little boxes in their hands like infants clutch and hold on for dear life to rattles and baby toys.

    The little boxes in themselves are not evil. But the fact that they spread the mental and emotional disease of the Collective Trance is how they do evil to the human family.

    The Individual is trying to hold his and her head above the raging waters of the Collective Deceptions that threaten to wash humanity away.

    And all the while, those who peddle The One sit back and laugh.

  12. Lewis Papier says:

    Jon’s idea of the “fixation on the one” inspired me to write this song about the so-called Covid virus.

    Listen to the music here:

    And here are the lyrics:


    I fell in love for I was lonely
    Could not say no to my one trick pony
    Oh my dear, there’s so much fear
    When you are so near
    My one trick pony
    You’re a phony
    But to you I’ll always cleave
    My one trick pony
    You’re my one and only
    In you I still believe

    With this one trick pony
    You can win a Tony
    Just pull out your knives
    With so much pride
    You’re justified
    Believing all the
    It’s now settled
    You’ve earned your medals
    Saving all those lives
    The one trick pony
    I’m so lonely
    With my beguiling bride.

    Chorus: All the dead and dying
    Is a one trick pony fad
    You don’t have to worry now—
    The shot will keep you glad
    Deadly medications are all part
    Of our sick game
    But my one trick pony
    In the end will take the blame

    My one trick pony, you’re so homely
    Why are you uncouth?
    We take their tests
    They know what’s best
    Claim they speak the truth
    I see that you’re a monster
    There’s no puzzle we must solve
    I follow the directions
    And now I have been absolved

    Chorus: All the dead and dying
    Is a one trick pony fad
    You don’t have to worry now—
    The shot will keep you glad
    Deadly medications are all part
    Of our sick game
    But my one trick pony
    In the end will take the blame

    Piano instrumental on verse

    Bridge: Everything today is just a one trick pony town
    Suggestions to the contrary, oh please don’t make a sound
    Oh my one trick pony, this is how I cope
    You remain invisible
    Now we have eloped
    So easy to infect us
    You came from ‘cross the sea
    Now I’ll never need to take—responsibility.

    Deny my one trick pony
    And I say you’ve got real gall
    Don’t you know, you’ve sunk so low
    Denying she’s killed all
    Never should you question, all the pictures that I paint
    It’s no baloney
    My one trick pony
    Is my true and loving saint!

  13. Gwyneth Cann says:

    “Whenever people get sick, a virus is the presumed cause and convicted without trial. No matter how many pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on our food, no matter how much GMO we are fed, or toxins we’re exposed to — such as dioxin, PCBs, or nuclear radiation, it’s always a virus.

    No matter how many food additives, or aspartame, or high-fructose corn syrup, or plasticizers, or how much air pollution, or EMF radiation we get from all directions (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth and 100 others), it’s always a virus.

    Poisons stockpiled under the sink? Indoor air pollution? It must be a virus. No matter how many medications we are prescribed and pile on, which all have ‘side’ effects and most of which compromise the liver and the immune system, a virus is always the convenient thing to blame, immediately, without actual inquiry, the moment anyone gets sick with anything.

    Under this approach, the abundant toxins we consume are ‘proven’ harmless. What this represents is denial of our toxic lifestyle, and blaming ‘nature’ for problems that humans and in particular industry have caused.”

    • Thai Tiger says:

      You are 100% correct. Example: Someone will say, ” I know a person who died from Covid.” But, did they know the real health of the person and what did he/she eat or drink every day. NO.

      They are sheeple and will always fall back on the excuse, ” but they died of covid.”

      Critical thinking is dead.

    • Rico Debiase says:

      Agreed. The “Witch” & the “Boogeyman” are always convenient scapegoats that both sow fear in the public, & simultaneously provide justification to seize power from that public

  14. george says:

    Time to accept that 99% of humans are dumb, extremely dumb. And cowards, liars, traitors.

    Without this qualities present to majority of population, Soviet Union cannot exist. Hitler’s Germany cannot exist. Mao’s China cannot exist. Covid19 cannot exist.

  15. Courageous Lion says:

    And, no, it’s not because you’re the “one”. It’s because you inspire all of us to be “one” that wake up the people around us. Your research can be passed on to other folks with an open mind. And they are ALL OVER THE PLACE! I see people taking pictures of the back of my car so that they can check the site out later. I have had people walk up to me in a parking lot and say “I checked out that site and we are really be lied to aren’t we?” I’ve made friends because of what you taught me and I’m able to teach them. Thanks. I hope I meet you some day. In person to shake your hand.

  16. Judith Pecho says:

    Check out the brain that is cut in half after person died after vaccine. Huge blood clots.

  17. Eric Grant says:

    The absolute best clear and systematic unpacking of this entire delusion and the thugs responsible.

  18. Rick in Phoenix says:

    I’ll have to disagree with Jon here. Her wrote “On every level, from the political to the psychological to the spiritual to the creative, THE ONE has always been the conditioned mind control reflex that imprisons the individual… I’m against it. Always have been. Always will be.” Ironically, by taking this position, Jon has missed THE ONE NEW THING.

    The ONE NEW THING that resonates with 5G is nano-graphene-oxide, a primary ingredient in all covid-vax-injections according to research being done in Spain by a Dr. Delgado La Puenta Columna and translated/transribed into English by

    Jon is correct to assign MULTIPLE CAUSES to symptoms of disease. In fact, I just listened to a report on Coast last night with Noori, the guess having an insiders view of the FDA’s disturbing allowance of poisonous metals in food… but this has been going on for decades. Trump lowered the standards for cyanide output from refineries during his term which is not good either and is fairly new but the NEWEST thing to hit the scene that is being FORCED on us are the INJECTIONS which have been discovered to contain nano-graphene-oxide– which has electromagnetic properties and which is being seen at as a “binary weapon” along with 5G which power-rating can be amped up when they want.

    Jon, in his insistance on avoidance of “the ONE thing” has completely missed “the NEW thing”.

  19. DEREK BAWN says:

    Hello Jon – it was just by chance that i scrolled down to this item. That meeting with Dr. David E Martin settled my mind about this current so called Virus. both my Daughter and I are dead against havaing a needle stuck in our arms.

    However, that is not my key interest.


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