California, you had your chance to recall Newsom; now he’s putting the poisoned needle into all your children

by Jon Rappoport

October 4, 2021

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Gavin Newsom is your vampire, California.

His new mandate for injecting devastating COVID vaccines into all schoolchildren in 7th grade and above—which will eventually be expanded to ALL schoolchildren—is a gold rush quite different from the 19th century voyage.

This one is pharmaceutical-profit gold.

Maybe the following self-congratulatory and forward-looking business statement from the state government, on its website, has something to do with Newsom bringing down his doomsday machine on millions of innocent children:

“California has a history of leading innovations in life-saving biomedical technologies. We are the long-time home to the nation’s number 2 biomedical sciences research institution and at nearly $4 billion annually, California’s universities lead the US in earned National Institutes of Health grants.”

“California’s life sciences industry generates nearly 1 million direct and indirect jobs and over $178 billion in annual revenue. More bioscience and biotechnology patents are issued to California companies and researchers than any other state. California leads the pack across the board for patent generation from microbiology and genetics to bioinformatics and health IT – creating more than 2.5 times as many patents as the next ranking state.

California life science companies saw over $18B in venture capital investment from 2016 – 2018, more than any other state, and our businesses have 1,300+ therapies in the development pipeline. These investments keep California at the forefront of biotech innovation.”

Newsom is one of those creatures who mistakenly believes he is physically attractive. And this, he reasons, is an asset he should deploy whenever possible.

In point of fact, he resembles a synthetic hothouse low-hanging fruit that is turning bad under the skin.

He also thinks his earnest front is believable. Please. Only the deaf, dumb, and blind assume his mission in life is “helping.” But apparently, many such disabled souls live in California.

And they are ready to sacrifice their children to him.

Newsom is a leftover Yuppie from the 1980s. Genial, relaxed, cold, mad for more power. I assure you, if the day comes when he senses a real threat to his position, he’ll turn out the lights in California. He’ll bring on an Australian-style lockdown.

The VAERS count of COVID vaccine injuries in American has risen past 700,000. As acknowledged by the well-known Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study, reported vaxx injuries should be multiplied by a hundred to arrive at an accurate figure.

Newsom takes no notice of this. He’s living in his own bubble, and seeks glory from colleagues and friends who occupy the same bubble and shower him with praise. For the record, if there is a record anymore, this makes him quite dangerous.

But look who I’m talking to. Californians.

Don’t worry, be happy. It’s all good.

The state of California lives under a lucky star. Big tech, big movies, big defense industry, big pharma.

Maybe your children, commanded to take the shot, will somehow scrape by. No mind-boggling “unexplainable” heart problems. Perhaps only micro-clots, whose effects won’t show up until later…and then, who would be able to point to you, the parents, as collaborators?

All the nurses who are refusing the injection, even though that means they’re being fired from their jobs and losing their careers…what do they know? They’re obviously just a bunch of ingrates.

And with a man like Gavin Newsom at the helm
Why o why would you be lying in bed at night sweating
Waiting for the sun to come up
The sun that cures all problems in California
Why would you sense you’re sinking into deeper darkness
And you have to make a move to save your soul
And rescue your children
Why would you wonder how you arrived at the crossroads
When the people you know aren’t concerned at all
There must be some mistake
You need a small dose of reprogramming and then
The world will resume its former shape
As it always does
Especially in California
The guns in your mind will go silent
The governor is equipped to do the right thing
He must be
Otherwise the whole STRUCTURE was built
To capture you and your children
Look at the dawn
Look at the sun
The Pacific rolling in
The white houses sitting on the cliffs
The time is exactly right for another day
Like other days
And that is your strongest clue
Pointing to the need for censoring from your mind
Possibilities over which you have no control
As you well know
Everything beyond your control in California
Is good
That’s what living in California has always meant
And this is what the smile on Gavin Newsom’s face tells you
So send your child into the line
Of fire

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

44 comments on “California, you had your chance to recall Newsom; now he’s putting the poisoned needle into all your children

  1. Orpheus Owl says:

    The Newsom “recall” was merely a distraction and an illusion. Since when have votes counted in elected government-official matters? Even if the plan had been to replace him, it would have just been with another psychopath.

    Parents that put face diaper masks on their children are participating in child abuse. Offering them up to the poison DNA injection is nothing less than aiding and abetting attempted murder.

    • ST says:

      Well said. Agree, thank you, let’s call it what it is, it’s aiding and abetting in attempted murder.

    • Anne Greene says:

      Anyone who believes that Californians did not choose to RECALL Gavin Newsome in the “Recall (S)election” hasn’t paid attention to all the election fraud happening everywhere – including in California.

      Is there an exodus from California now? YES. Nazi Germany has reincarnated into California government – with Adolph Newsom at the helm.

    • Sandra says:

      Totally agree. Sadly my young niece and nephew in CA may get the shot unless I can help my sister figure out her legal options. She is the primary household earner and is compelled to stay in CA.

      Has anyone found a way to stop these c-shots for a schoolkid in CA? (Legally/medically/otherwise?) Thank you.

      • Martin says:

        Lie, cheat, and steal. Do anything you can to avoid these shots. The government is playing with a stacked – don’t believe for an instant that you can get past these requirements honestly.

        • Sandra says:

          Thanks for your reply. If they were mine, I’d ferret them out of CA and educate them at home. Alas, I can only guide/encourage/inform my sister, and pray for her kids.

  2. Peg says:

    Jon, I share the immense sadness you express in this article. California has fallen into the sea!

    Why would parents sacrifice their children like this? It’s madness.

    Is there a mass exodus out of the state?

    • Raven says:

      If parents are willingly sacrificing their children on the altar it’s likely they received the jab themselves, so they are already programmed to turn over their children for the same fate. This is how The Borg replicates.

      People talk about “nanobots” like it’s something funny from a movie and that’s exactly how and why they hide so well in human bodies. How many millions are now hosting this A.I. virus from the jab in their bodies? Big problem!

    • Steve King says:

      Yes, there is a mass exodus. I and my family number among them; we are now in Montana, cold winters and all. Leftists have gained some small encroachments here and there, in college areas and in some of the bigger cities, but overwhelmingly this state is conservative, libertarian, and sane. By all means move here. Bring warm clothes, and down comforters.

  3. therocksbelow says:

    “In point of fact, he resembles a synthetic hothouse low-hanging fruit that is turning bad under the skin.”

    This was described perfectly. So much so that I can’t look at him. It’s a similar look to Biden, although they are different ages. They appear dead, as though their biology has been interfered with. I can’t put my finger on it. But something isn’t right. Anyone know what it is??

    • OlCrow says:

      I tried watching “Raised by Wolves” on HBO and after a few episodes I was done with the entire plot.
      The “parents” are androids. On the “Mother”…..the look in her eyes, to me, was the exact look in Biden’s eyes.

    • Raven says:

      Yes, good catch. Their biology actually has been taken over – by an A.I. virus; earth was conquered by an intelligent alien force who stowaway in human bodies. THAT is the real virus, that is why Gruesome and Bye Din and many others look and act soulless. Sounds like a movie, I know, I’m sorry. This awareness will be the big wake up call for the Normies.

      Buckle up, Buttercups!

    • Lisa Franklin says:

      It’s as if 95% of the world population has been taken over by an alien life form that’s wiped their minds. A bit like restoring a computer to its factory setting. Apart from the psychos at the top who,I’m told,are using ancient psychological mind control techniques from the ‘ old religion.’ Nowadays known as satanism.

  4. Sean says:

    Fresno born, lived all over Cali, Redwood City, South Modesto, Monrovia. My Inner Child guided me out of there 20 plus years ago. Great place to visit.

    Newsom is King Loser in my book as far as governors go. But I have a sneaking feeling that nearly all governors are just like him, and wished they too, could be so ever lucky as him at serving their Masters. With zero resistance to the pLandemic, wouldn’t they all go along with the scam? If my short term memory serves me well, it is all of them. Kristy got her shot on TV, Mr Florida signs in some questionable laws as he sings what I wanna hear. They network with one another to do the bidding of ??? Such a mystery, not. And My President Trump keeps pushing the death shots, I have a real problem with your 5D chess game. You’re fired!

    It is simple, these adoring leaders are sick. And we are their targets. Our children are their targets. I’m reassessing my values, I long for freedom, over how rich I can get. They are not about freedom. It appears they are all about selling out to money only, not health of a state or nation. Certainly not about doing their other job of securing our rights away from totally wiping out America, one jab at a time. Support your local Vaccine CHIOCE movements and your children. Not a Governor.

    Here in Texas, many businesses use the bogus weak rational at conforming here. They say, “We do whatever The Governor says.” With Texas pride. Yes many Texans are suckers after all. I see it. And Im from the great state of California. (no difference)

  5. Marilyn G. says:

    Not fair, Jon. Californians voted Newsom o-u-t but OF COURSE the voting process was rigged!

    Everything is rigged, all elections, the Fauci Crime Syndicate that avoids prosecution because the justice system is rigged including SCOTUS. Everything we ever held dear in the USA has been polluted with bribery and blackmail.

    We are being poisoned to death in the communist attempted takeover (that appears to be winning) but there is no solidarity in those of us who know what’s happening in order that we the people emerge triumphant. We have no leadership, and please don’t bring to our attention Donald “take the vaccine!” Trump, who should go on trial for crimes against humanity. At some point, DJT jumped into bed with the dark side; in fact, indications are that he was hedging his bets at the outset, given his choices in appointments, including Gen. Milley to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of his appointments, from Sessions on down pointed at Trump as either an idiot or disfavoring America and we know he isn’t an idiot. (I keep wondering why he hasn’t been called on the carpet for handing Pfizer $2bn. No one ever demands an explanation for that! Everything connected with his ‘warp speed’ vaxx reeks to high heaven. To my mind’s eye he’s never been what he pretended to be, though I fell for it initially.)

    So anyway, we have no leadership, no clear plan of what to do now, not even an unclear plan. We have our 2nd Amendment and that’s about it. Keep your powder dry. ~ MG

    • Leanne says:

      Citizen assemblies are forming. Search Kimberly Ann Gogun and United Network News. Bring your wide open mind.

    • Meaghan Simpson says:

      SOOO TRUE!!!

      usa fed gov and state govs have been highly profiting from destroying our Constitutional Freedoms, our Civil Rights forever. And they all
      are at war on middle class, working poor, seniors, disabled and military vets. They totally sacrifice all of this and our benefits upon the altar of covid for everyone from womb to tomb.

      govs are all highly owned sociopaths and psychopaths, members of the secret societies.. satanists warmongers funded by NWO GLOBALISTS at war on peace, people and planet 24/7.

  6. The Watchman says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not just California, Jon. People just never seem to learn from their mistakes. The Sheeple spoke in California, Newsom is their new Jim Jones. Pass the Kool-Aid; and the rest of the Lemmings are still following their government mandates. I really would like to see them order people to jump off a cliff, just to see how many fools would obey. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if some actually did.
    Linking as Usual @

    Also linking a great article today from James Howard Kunstler on the sad state of affairs in this country. I urge your readers to read it as well.

  7. Larry C says:

    That’s what living in California has always meant
    And this is what the smile on Gavin Newsom’s face tells you
    So send your child into the line
    Of fire.


    Since early 2020, I knew that we were being taken down…that our economy was being crushed…that we were at war…and all without a SHOT being fired.

    Man, was I wrong about that last bit…

  8. Casey says:

    “Bio” and “tech”, two abbreviated words that are the antithesis of each other, but in today’s day and age are brought together like an arranged marriage, never to be questioned henceforth. One representing life and the other the inversion of life.

  9. Rico Debiase says:

    “Demons & Witches are everywhere & only Gavin Newsome can grant us SALVATION”. Sounds like a great justification for well…Human Sacrifice. How many bodies will be enough to appease the “GREAT RESET” G0d$?? Rhetorical of course…& a sick proposition

  10. Susan E Remer says:

    Why would anyone, especially you, Jon, put any stock in Election results as being a truthful and accurate reflection of the Will of Normal People?? I live in Michigulag. It was a RINO Governor that approved Dominion to be the Tool of Choice for flipping future elections starting in 2018. RINO legislatures across the country know that our vote counts for ZIP, NADA. They all certified the 2020 Election FRaud without batting an eye. The dismantling of our country is right before our disbelieving eyes as people like Newsome and the Gretch have no fear whatsoever of being replaced…as long as they appease their Real Handlers.

  11. Nansee says:

    As with all other elections, the recall was RIGGED in favor of the satanists. Viewers saw 350,000 votes disappear from news coverage in an instant. There were multiple reports of people going to polls only to be told they had already voted. ETC. We know the Dominion and Smartmatic machines are compromised and mail in ballots are subject to many shenanigans.

  12. Lewis Papier says:

    Lyrics to a new song about the coming internment camps for the unvaccinated.

    The Commandant

    (v1) I’m the Commandant, you must play by our rules
    You didn’t listen, we gave you the tools
    That’s what you get, a knock on the door
    We’ll take you away, you’ll be feeling quite sore
    We blocked all your funds, you can’t pay the rent
    You don’t understand, we brook no dissent
    Do you still want to fight, are you really quite sure?
    Just come right in, we’ve opened up the door

    (v2) I’m the Commandant, now you’re locked up
    Yes I know it was quick, and so abrupt
    It’s a bit cold and certainly damp
    You want to write home, but we’re all out of stamps
    How is the food, you’re looking quite lean
    We’re running quite short, during this quarantine
    You can fume all you want, feeling so cramped
    How do you like, our new internment camp?

    (Chorus 1) We have decrees, bring you to your knees
    You must accept, there’s an emergency
    No more questions, no more gab
    All because you won’t take our jab

    (v3) Why are you here? You’ve got to know why
    It’s very simple, we don’t want to die
    You can infect us, we offer no proof
    You just have to trust us, we know the truth
    Locking you up, we know it looks bad
    But we just don’t care, that you’re feeling quite sad
    We’ll never admit, that we’re really quite sick
    This is our job to punish the heretics

    (Chorus 2) We have decrees, bring you to our knees
    You must accept, there’s an emergency
    No more questions, no more gab
    All because you won’t take our jab

    (Bridge) We deal in numbers, you know you can’t win
    Just cold statistics and our marvelous spin
    We invented a monster, that you’ll never see
    Now don’t you know that you’ll never be free
    And how do you like our audacity?
    It’s segregation, just like old times
    You’ll end up here, if you don’t tow the line

    Verse instrumental

    (Chorus 3) The clock is ticking, your time is up
    You must obey, drink from our cup
    No more questions, no more gab
    All because you won’t take our jab

    (V4) You never thought, it could happen here
    I’m the Commandant, and I bring you good cheer
    The rooms are quite comfy, it’s a beautiful day
    We can’t guarantee, how long you will stay
    Controlling your thoughts, there’s no other way
    Did you really believe, that you’d never pay?
    It’s for your protection, Yes I’m now on a roll
    I’m the Commandant, and I’ve claimed your very soul

  13. j says:

    and saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” – Matthew 3:2

  14. Yvonne Blasy says:

    There is madness everywhere – a spell, a delusion. It’s as if they all WANT TO believe the lies. And there are many lies and many levels to them. Are the unwashed masses now the brainwashed masses? IMO, yes, it is going that way. These are grievous times for anyone who refuses to embrace the lies and the promoters of lies.

  15. Haniel Adhar says:

    Karl Malone ‘member when California was all about da hippies and da organic food and the beautiful naturrre.

    Now it dis all about da GMOs and da chemicals.

    Karl Malone ‘member.

    In all seriousness, how can liberals anoint themselves as the “champions” or nature and natural medicine when their hatred of anything non-left has given them their own doomsayer and napoleon?

    It’s time for Liberals to simply get off at the next station and let adults fix our messed up society.

    Liberals will bring about the end of all life on this planet. In 6 months we’ll probably look like Mars.

  16. Roundball Shaman says:

    “But look who I’m talking to. Californians… The state of California lives under a lucky star. Big tech, big movies, big defense industry, big pharma.”

    America is (was) an extremely blessed nation. And California was one of the most blessed states in the country.

    California was a magical place… until the 1960s. That’s when the wheels really began to fall off.

    California was the Land of Promise. From the 19th Century onward, it was the place where one believed that a magic land existed where they could realize their dreams. And many did. Many, many others have not.

    The Gold Rush. A lucky few got filthy rich. Others ended up with less than they started with. But what was important was – The Dream. People must have a dream to live. Life cannot be just putting up with crap and performing responsibilities. You have to have a dream to keep you going. And for many, California was a dreamy blank page where they could insert their chosen desires and pretend that one day they’d find it there.

    All the people from the East and Midwest that had enough of the problems of their native areas and needed a place to go. A place they were told was special. They headed West… by wagon train… by rail… by broken down car… by luxury airliner. Just get to California and let the magic begin.

    But after World War 2, millions who came to California for the war effort decided to stay. And the beautiful orange groves and fields of green quickly surrendered to the urban blight of concrete and developer profit lust. And the beautiful blessed lands began to turn ugly. And so did the people. And as the decades passed, the rot took hold.

    A National Uncle Figure came in and turned Orange County into a twisted vision of one man’s desire of what a pristine town of purified perfection looks like. Millions have since shared in this vision of delusion. And they do not want reality. They want the fantasy. They pay big money to indulge their mirage every single day.

    The California Dream turned into the California nightmare. And America lost it’s safety-value place of promise that welcomed the disenchanted and disappointed hordes of America and the World and has now left them no magical place left to go. If California turned sour, where does one go now? Delaware? The Moon?

    The Acting Czar of California did not cause California to deteriorate into what it is. He is but a contemporary symbol of it. He is the current poster boy for a failed state.

    It’s tough to lose a dream. It was tough to lose… California. Now, America either grows up and leave fantasy land or will won’t have a future at all. America will simply go the way of the No Longer Golden State.

    California… Thanks for the memories.

  17. C Wells says:

    My husband and myself believe that there is something in the vaxx that mind controls people. We see this as an alien agenda abetted by either aliens in human form or mind controlled humans and also just plain evil people who have sold their souls for a nickel.

    Dark times indeed, free thinkers of this world MUST make however tiny an effort to ensure that our political scumbags and mainstream media know WE DO NOT CONSENT to this bullshit.

    Someone mentioned there are no leaders etc for the push against this tyranny, we don’t need leaders, we only need every individual to stand up and fight, what have our “leaders” ever done but degraded humanity as much as possible. This is WW3 make no mistake.

    The time for hiding and waiting for someone else to fight against this evil is over, now every individual with a functioning free human mind has to start and end this fight, no saviours, no leaders, no government, only WE THE PEOPLE.

  18. miker says:

    “Jon, You need to admit it…you’re jealous. Jealous of Gavin Newsome. Jealous of Gavin’s greatness. Jealous of Gavin’s physical beauty and intelligence. Hell, I’m jealous of his greatness.”

    Sincerely, Gavin Newsomes Diary

    • Courageous Lion says:

      Greatness? Beauty? INTELLIGENCE? you have got to be kidding, Gavin Newsoms diary! LOL!. Choke on your pride!

      • Courageous Lion says:

        BTW…just so you don’t get me wrong. The Choke on your pride statement is for Newsom.

      • martyg says:

        I believe that miker’s post is obviously a joke about Gavin Newsome’s vanity- see the last line- so, let’s not criticize miker for injecting (no pun intended) a little humor into the discussion.

  19. Lauran says:

    Jon…. as a former Californian, I can truly say that it is a seductive place until you realize what it is all about. It has beauty and weather, and nothing else.

    My friends voted to impeach him; but the whole thing was rigged when they allowed internet voting and mail in votes. He has retaliated by passing a declaration that says there will be no more “in person” voting due to the Covid. California is a failed state.

    My one happiness is that people know him for what he is; and he will NEVER be elected President, which is his greatest dream!

  20. henry says:

    Intubation is deadly, please translate from German in English:

    Im Spital erwarten ihn starke antivirale Medikamente die ihn krank machen und nicht gesund. Also die Dosis wird erhöht und noch ein weiteres Medi verabreicht. Nach einigen Tagen hat er Lungenprobleme und wird intubiert, also an die Maschine angeschlossen. (Auch im Spital müssen die WHO und Gesundheitsamt-Vorschriften eingehalten werden sonst gibts Probleme). An die Maschine anschliessen sieht so aus:

    Interview mit Dr. ………….. (Lungenfacharzt): Was heisst das für die Entscheidung, ob jemand beatmet wird oder nicht ? „Für Patienten ist eine invassive Beatmung grundsätzlich schlecht. Selbst wenn das Beatmungsgerät optimal eingestellt und die Pflege perfekt ist, bringt die Behandlung viele Komplikationen mit sich. Die Lunge reagiert auf zwei Dinge empfindlich: Überdruck und eine zu hohe Sauerstoffkonzentration in der zugeführten Luft. Ausserdem müssen Sie den Patienten bei der Beatmung SEDIEREN – sie nehmen ihn aus der Welt. Er kann nicht mehr essen, trinken und selbstständig atmen. Ich übernehme also die Totalkontrolle über den Organismus. Nur mit Überdruck kann ich Luft in die Lunge bekommen. Bei der Spontanatmung passiert das Gegenteil, die Luft gelangt durch Unterdruck in die Lunge. Das terminale Versagen der Lunge entsteht häufig durch zu hohen Druck und zu viel Sauerstoff. Es ist also besser selbst zu atmen.“

    Die Intubations Überlebensrate ist sehr schlecht und wie in Bergamo/Italien, in USA und anderwo starben sie am Laufmeter.
    Heute machen Sie es sich einfacher, denn es gibt ja seit diesem Jahr 2021 die Impfung von etwa 6 Herstellern und die einen sind sehr stark und tödlich. Pfizer vor allem musste Impfgifte zurücknehmen. Also heute wird geimpft beim Arzt oder im Spital und Altenheim und dann ist das Gesundheitsrisiko gross wie auch das Todesrisiko. Besonders im Spital wenn neben der Impfung auch noch Antivirale Medikamente gegeben werden.

  21. Freebie Bean says:

    Grewsom WAS recalled. He rigged yet another election and got his Satanic 66.6% of the vote. Note what other “leaders” got 66.6% of the vote.

  22. SebastianX1/9 says:

    As a gen xer I’ve only ever known the loony California, and I for one would welcome our juridical secession from those 3 Pacific states. California is not the same country as North Carolina and Florida, thankfully. Let’s get divorced!

  23. martyg says:

    I live in the belly of the beast in Berkeley, CA, so I have an insider’s perspective on what’s going on at least in the Bay Area and adjacent areas, so despite California appearing to be the epitome of a failed state, the sleeping lions have awakened and are not complying with Newsome’s and his co-conspirators’ mandates, etc., and we are rapidly becoming an integral part of the global solution instead of being part of the problem.

    I haven’t researched this yet but purportedly an exit poll of the recall election was conducted and the poll results were reportedly 95 % YES in favor of the recall; if there was a statistically significant number of voters polled, it typically is predictive of the final vote tally. In any case, I and many other people that I know are convinced that to say that the recall election was rigged is, in fact, a colossal understatement.

  24. Dan says:

    Representational government, democracy, and faith destroyed California just like they did the rest of America.

    None of these preserve rights. Further no Californian, and no American in general, can even say definitively what a right even is.

  25. AJ says:

    Well, until you start removing the garbage and burning it to sinders it will just pile up. Hard decision to make but each of us has to do something besides talk about it. At this point, their going after our children. Take a minute to imagine what your future looks like if this continues! Exactly!!

    China is being extremely openly aggressive towards Tiawan. China has made threats to destroy anyone that moves to oppose China’s invasion of Tiawan and threatens WWlll. Threats before the invasion to see who will defend Tiawan and then the invasion. This might be what we need to return to common sense.

    China will stop this BS when we provide Tiawan, Japan and others with planes carrying nuclear bombs. Yes it is dangerous but we can control this with our own people in control.
    N. Korea will attack S. Korea and Japan if/when China invades Tiawan. Russia will stay neutral for the moment. With China surrounded by nuclear missiles it will find itself in a loosing situation. I know no one wins if there is a nuclear war. Not changing the situation allows China and Russia to continue to think it can continue to take what it wants without resistance. And with bidead in charge China will continue: invade countries-Tibet-Nepal-India’s border, harvesting organs, creating bio weapons, making threats, stealing inventions, bribing politicians, college’s, corporations, and more. China will become hostile when it discovers the nuclear placement, but it will stop the BS once it’s realizes how reality has changed for everyone.
    Same as trying to reason with the state/federal government’s over this fraud plandemic. Freedom requires action to remain FREE.

  26. Meaghan Simpson says:

    CA born Fullerton 1944, born to grow up on the beaches of Southern CA.. becoming a improv shaking booty dancer, radical long-fin body surfer, sand volley ball, we were the champions long before Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach evolved into worlds biggest surf competition. Before Disneyland! We founded first Organic Food Coop in Laguna Canyon and Sawdust Festival of Arts. The glory days of free spirits artists, surfers, musicians, poets, healers, heritage heirloom organic gardeners, hatha yoga. Oy vay my mom grew up big family San Francisco Bay Area so from birth that was my family home. Born to support peace, people of all colors, non-violence, conscientious objector. 1979-1983 Joined founders of Alliance For Survival in Los Angeles the Anti-Nuclear Pro Human Rights and Needs

    Blue Dreamers Peace movement opened chapter in Olive, CA Big movement! Big PEACE Sunday June 1982 at the Rose Bowl.. look it up if they haven’t scrubbed it.. Angels did abound and came to help us start to demand shutdown San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Reactor Plants on our CA shores.

    Big Armaments dealers and buyers met at Disneyland Hotel took over whole place and ferried people over from March Air Force base while members of our Alliance blocked the road, passing bouquets of beautiful roses to law enforcement who came to clear the road…members then laid down dead weight refused to move so law enforcement had to pick them up and carry them to paddy wagons arrest them dear ones flashing peace signs and banners saying Arms Are Meant For Hugging | NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS

    Gov agencies infiltrated and by 1983 I moved to home in Humboldt County, CA for my health and registered to vote 1984 when US and State military invaded with their war on Marijuana. We work to save the Redwoods and wild varietal forests and our Salmon and our Eel and Mattole Rivers!

    After Kamala Harris helped invade CA with Bushes DIEBOLD Touch Screen electronic voting machines malware infested secret algorithms embedded CODES so they could flip the votes and scramble the scanners

    Well we got together at our county elections, purged all those machines, went to paper scannable ballots you get a ticket for at polling site… loads up on elections website you can see your vote came in. We went to group consensus vote counting. CA has been totally rigged election by Cyber Wars on our Elections as has all USA National elections for over 20 years.

    We know for fact that Recall gangster Gavin Gruesome election was massively rigged stolen just like all statewide elections. Satanists, secret societies and Communists in cahoots with NWO Globalists.

    Love all the comments here on the blog yeah you know what’s going down. Good luck getting CA educated to stand up in the light united with truth, love and healing for our Constitutional freedoms, liberties and rights. All the totalitarian mandates are illegal and our county sheriffs are sworn to honor, protect and defend our Civil Liberties.. but that requires citizens are knowledgeable and exercise our DUTY to to support our Sheriffs and Peace Officers to protect.

    WE the people of all colors focus and BE our government of, by and for the people. The politicians and elections are at full war on us. Politicians assassinate our democracy.

    Biggest force vaccines state and Senator/Doctor Richard Pan communist thug been forcing vaccines for school kids K—12 and killing all rights to medical and religious exemptions for 35 years. communists, nazis and fascists with Obama made CA the global show case for 300+ forced vaccines for everyone from womb to tomb. they got them all pumping in the poison pipeline planned endless SickoCare for all.

    I don’t do any BIG POISON PHARMA OTC or RX nothing, because I know for a fact they are leading cause of death, addiction, diseases, disabilities and mental illness in US. I don’t eat, drink or breathe toxics and am in recovery for 25 years from GMO damage so I’m not ever gonna poison my body with synthetic genetic manipulations. I’m ready to go dancing over the Rainbow Bridge and join all my family and pals boogie down on the other side!☮️🙏🏻🌈🌎💜

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