Who is pushing epidemics? What are their crimes?

Who is pushing the IDEA of an epidemic, and what is the payoff? by Jon Rappoport (To join our email list, click here.) Continuing my “greatest COVID hits” articles. To read my introduction to this ongoing series, go here.  To support my work and get value for value, order My Matrix Collections here and subscribe […]

The delusion called Fauci

by Jon Rappoport May 9, 2022 (To join our email list, click here.) This one was too good to pass up. In an interview with the National Geographic, Tony Fauci made comments about “alternative views” of the origin of the coronavirus. But he was really talking about all unorthodox medical information: “Anybody can claim to […]

America’s Frontline Doctors agree: murdered infants at the heart of vaccine research

The old Nazi program in new clothing “Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive. This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret…” by Jon Rappoport October 21, […]