People of faith and the COVID vaccine

Refusing the COVID vaccine should be a personal mandate

Vaccines, live infants, and fetal tissue research: shedding light on the darkness

by Jon Rappoport

October 25, 2021

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“Well, I mean, sure, maybe some of the research behind the COVID vaccine involved aborted fetuses, but that was a long time ago, and really, I can’t think about that, I need to take the vaccine to protect myself, and besides, abortion is legal…”

Read on.

Today, I’m featuring the work of journalist Monica Seeley, and her stunning article, “Exploring the dark world of vaccines and fetal tissue research, Part 1,” published at

Seeley had considerable help, as she details, from investigative reporter, Pamela Acker. Acker has weathered attacks from several quarters—including critics within the Catholic Church structure.

She has stood firm, and deserves high praise for her seminal work on fetal tissue research, vaccines, and medical murder.

It turns out that much of the best analysis of fetal tissue research, medical abortions, vaccines, and the medical killing of infants comes from writers publishing at independent Catholic outlets. Just to mention one website—Children of God For Life.

These writers and their publishers obviously take their faith seriously. They’re not bent on compromise or adjustment to trends of the times. Unlike the Vatican hierarchy, they have no qualms about exposing deep medical crimes.

I’m going to quote from Monica Seeley’s article and add my own comments along the way. I strongly urge you to read her whole piece.

You should understand that researchers who extract tissue and organs from aborted fetuses are using those parts for the development of drugs and vaccines—including the COVID vaccine.

Abortion is a religious issue of conscience for many people. When the fetus is extracted alive, from the mother’s womb, then murdered in the process of removing his/her organs, the crime is so horrific that people who have very little conscience at all should be shocked to the core.

Since these crimes form a significant part of the research-basis for many vaccines, refusing the vaccines as a matter of conscience and conviction should be a personal decision for ANYONE.

And now, to Monica Seeley’s article. She reveals these medical crimes stretch back in time:

“…newspapers reported matter of factly on fetal vivisection, as in this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, April 19, 1973, entitled ‘Operations on Live Fetuses’:”

“’Dr. Jerald Gaull in periodic trips to Finland injects a radioactive chemical into the fragile umbilical cords of fetuses freshly removed from their mothers’ wombs in abortions. The fetus in each case is far too young to survive, but in the brief period that its heart is still beating, Gaull, chief of pediatrics research at the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Mental Retardation on Staten Island—then operates to remove its brain, lung, liver and kidneys for study’.”

In other words, Gaull tortures and murders the infant. But of course, the Chronicle article doesn’t explore this fact. It’s all “medical,” you see. So it must make sense. Somehow.

Seeley: “A 1976 report by drug manufacturer Batelle-Columbus Laboratories acknowledged the role of live fetal research in four medical advances: amniocentesis, respiratory distress syndrome, and, significantly for this article, the rubella and Rh vaccines: ‘It is apparent from a study of the development of the four selected cases… that research on living human fetuses played a significant role in each.’ The report recommended against restrictions on such research.”

The term “living human fetuses” doesn’t register with many people. And they certainly don’t realize these infants have been taken alive, from their mother’s womb, and then stripped of their body parts for research—killing them. Or if death is not immediate result, the murder is committed by cutting out their hearts or vacuuming their brains from their skulls.

Again, the ensuing research contributes to the development of vaccines and drugs—including the COVID vaccines (as I’ve covered in previous articles).

Seeley: “…seeing a report on cardiac stem cell research in which human fetal hearts were hooked up to a Lagendorff assembly—which can keep a heart beating artificially outside the body—I did not at first realize that these hearts must come from live subjects.”

Yes. The report, on first reading, comes across as neutral and technical and medical. But then—WHAT? The heart was taken from the infant while he/she was ALIVE. —Aborted, alive, then killed by taking the beating heart.

Seeley: “A 1988 article in the Hastings Journal assumed that tissue removal from live, nonviable fetuses was already taking place:”

“[The Hastings Journal:] ’Perhaps the most pertinent federal restriction is the ban on research of any kind on a live nonviable fetus ex utero that would prematurely terminate the fetus’ life. This ban may be significant because the procedure required for removing fetal brain tissue transplantation would hasten the death of a live fetus. Thus, if a similar restriction were imposed on fetal tissue transplants, it would prohibit the removal of fetal brain tissue and, potentially, other types of tissue, from live nonviable fetuses’.”

The above quote is crucial. By non-viable, the article means a live fetus removed from the womb that will die very soon. In that short span of life remaining, researchers want to be able to torture the infant in many ways, by cutting out parts of the body, killing him/her. And don’t assume that a 1988 ban on this “research” stopped what was happening and still happens in closed labs.

Given the (planned) ignorance on the part of the public, people will say, “But we need all this vital medical research so our doctors can treat us…”

To reply, I’ll cite one study out of several I have written about many times in these pages:

Author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, a respected and revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”; Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000:

Starfield concludes that, every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. 106,000 as a result of the administration of medical drugs, and 119,000 from medical errors and mistreatment in hospitals.

That adds up to 2.25 million deaths per decade.

When I interviewed Dr. Starfield, she said her estimate of deaths was conservative, and succeeding studies put the number higher.

Her shocking finding becomes more understandable, when we realize a significant amount of underlying medical research comes from professionals who murder infants.

Why would we expect the work of these people to be useful and valuable?

Why would we expect their drugs and vaccines to be safe?

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

45 comments on “People of faith and the COVID vaccine

  1. Pam says:

    I will live and die outside their cruel system. Never again will I give one dime to this evil medical industry.

  2. Sean says:

    Yeah my personal mandate is to never ever get the covid shot. Amazing how you can take a very dislike word and use it wisely. Good one Jon.

    The whole medical system is absolutely sick and insane.

    How could anyone be proud of this medical industry when they do these unconscionable acts of torture to living beings, for the science, for the drugs, for the vaccines. For the paycheck. Dirty, dirty dirty. Dirty.

    May the end of these crimes be halted forever. And prison sentences for it if ever being brought back. This is an easy one. If you didn’t know, torture is pure evil.

    • Doug says:

      Allow their punishment to fit the crime, prison is far too good these torturous murderers. May they ALL have organs systematically removed whilst still alive, their remains, unceremoniously cast into raging fires, nazi style.

  3. Laura says:

    These past 2 years have revealed the psychopathic nature of the allopathic “healthcare” system. When employees have invoked a religious exemption for vaccines on the basis that fetal cells are used many employers are mockingly responding that many common OTC meds also were manufactured with fetal cells. This horror goes beyond just vaccines. My other question is: what is happening to the mothers while their babies are being murdered? Do we really know if these “abortions” are voluntary? Are they occuring in 3rd world countries or on other vulnerable populations?

    • Corinne Coster says:

      I do not know what would happen of these mothers on a physical sense, though I thought I would bring a psychological/metaphysical view on what happens to their mind.

      They (the parents) never had the time to properly grieve the loss of their infant child, and even if they do not believe their infant was a being, yet their soul knows and will bear an unconscious guilt. I have always thought, abortion should be accompanied by the parents receiving the remains of their child and properly bury him/her, so that the soul of that child and the souls of the parents would always remember that at least they psychologically and spiritually said goodbye in a human compassionate way.

  4. Rick in Phoenix says:

    This entire approach is taking an interesting unexpected turn. Not to be goulish, but I wonder if the Texas heartbeat law goes far enough? They say there are neurons in the heart.. and certainly in the brain at early stages so being aware of this, now, would require we roll back “operations” to pre-neuronal stages of development– say 2 weeks perhaps. We’d have to review the entire abortion line of thinking. Some might say ban abortion altogether but that would be throwing the zygote out with the bathwater.

    I arrived at the point of leaving fertilized human eggs alone… a long time ago to avoid the slippery slope but if one were to engage in that slippery slope, where would a cutoff point be for legal vs. illegal interruption of Mother Nature and God? Certainly, if it’s done, early is better than later. As for so-called vaccines- or covid-injections, it’s hard to imagine how anyone would think it neccessary to boost their immune system by injecting anything developed from foetus or zygote harvests. There must be a sort of cannibal-mindset promoting this cross injection method- a mindset of Dr. Moreau.

    I would remind Jon and readers too that is finding nano graphene oxide superconductor along with hydra organisms in some samples of “vax”… and as well, we have Invisible Rainbow electromagnetic radiation RF poisoning going on with 5G and interaction between the nGrOx injectable with the 5G– per articles on Added to this insanity are the Biden 9/9 edicts for corporations over 100 to get the jab-for-job problem that is freaking out millions of good employees workers who are not sick right now and the threat of forced vax of poison into kids.

    This whole thing is simply outrageous– and must stop yesterday… In my entire life, I’ve been able to “wait out” insanities until stability was recovered… I’m still sort of in waiting-mode, treading water but how do we turn this mess around and stop things from getting worse?

    • OlCrow says:

      Rick in Phoenix,

      You mentioned cannibalism in your comment. Several times in this series of Jon’s cannibalism came to mind and I started thinking about the neurological disorders I’ve seen in videos of some who have had the shot. Not knowing much about it, I did think of the symptoms of cannibalism and prion diseases.

      I really wish anyone who understands this better might be able to write of their thoughts on this.

      • Kieron says:

        “…the symptoms of cannibalism and prion diseases. ” You may be onto something there: a human spongiform encephalopathy, similar to mad cow disease, or scrapie (the sheep and goat version of the same). It would explain the crazy behavior of people everywhere nowadays.

  5. Dan says:


    Speak up in favor of pregnant women’s right to abort their fetuses that are part of her own physical body. NO ONE, not even the great Jon Rappapport, can refute that […]

    Point out that faith, belief in something there is no evidence for or is against the evidence, is not reason, reason being that faculty which integrates and abstracts the evidence of the senses into concepts, and that reason is mankind’s sole and most fundamental natural tool of survival such that faith is evil and leads to death. […]

    • Daragh says:

      There are two bodies and thus two human beings involved when a woman is pregnant. Life begins at conception – this is basic biology. True faith and reason are not in contradiction to each other but faith does go beyond mere reason. However reason alone tells us that to choose to kill an innocent child, who’s life science tells us begins at conception, is murder.

      • Saeger says:

        In some separation of generalizing, denigrating reason with the word mere does not make faith superior to reason, which reason can be a misapplied word such as in random reasoning which is opposite of linear reason or thinking in application of proofs leading to logical conclusion.

        The word faith as meaning belief may or may not be linear reasoning, for instance faith your car can run because you replaced the engine could be labeled faith or reason but is reason based on logic, whereas more typical use of the word faith is applied to belief in things that can’t be proven. Same with word belief. Application in use can be conflating.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Dan: pregnant women’s right to abort their fetuses that are part of her own physical body.

      Rick: Yes and No. A feotus is part of her body AND is, at the same time, NOT “merely” part of her body, like a liver or pancreas. Right? This is the kind of discussion that this issue needs to face… nitpicky type discussion with people of reason. The “philosophers” have really let us down in this regard because “Philosophy” is considered somewhat of a dead academic discipline. I think it could relive via this debate. To wit: A foetus with brain cells is not like a stomach or leg-muscle. Dan think they are. Did Dan study philosophy? Maybe not, eh Dan? Ha!

      • Saeger says:

        I did and applying philosophy logic is reaching conclusion by use of linear reason, and can be visualized using symbols, a good area, similar to math but more important.

        The abortion subject doesn’t need to be debated other than what the articles have been talking about which is purposed taking for use with torture, though at this time because the state has the weapons and you don’t unless you decide to begin killing people who have an abortion for more basic reasons its not going to change. As also said before have to deal with the state situations first. Also as said before if someone is pregnant and finds out its retarded it’s no one else’s business. Part of the ‘disabled’ or ‘special needs’ con which included pushing reproducing no matter what has been part of the dumb down takeover of earth. It’s something to note as it is late.

        ~ My argument is about focus defining effort for deserving life including truthers as earth destruction resulting from tyranny and ignorant overpopulation could one day make an abortion out of everyone. Example is false wars, as now they talk mandates to jab us with poison. Philosophy doesn’t align with state if self determination is the objective, unless you are part of it and even then it can be destruction.

        • Geo Martin says:

          Abortion is the willful termination of a human life, in other words, it’s murder.

          No matter the mental gymnastics people find themselves performing in order to justify the unjustifiable.

          To be able to rationalise abortion as some sort of necessary evil one has to abandon objective truth, morality and logic, which are the transendent and metaphysical characteristics that separate us from animals. So we become less than animals as we will still possess the power to tell right from wrong that animals do not.

          Humans become empty vessels for more perversion and self hatred.

        • Saeger says:

          Not correct in any way. You do not know if any fertilized egg is going to be existent from one month to the next. Many women miscarry, that means the body rejecting because there is a problem. Is that murder? No.

          Further, your false guilting quasi religionism ignores the example I used. Your ignored the facts I stated, and why I stated them, as they are several, not one.

          As to the right to abort if redarded your false guilt ladeling is in fact doing what is common of the schemers at large which is – accuse the other of what it is that you do.

          Your false claim ‘to rationalize abortion one has to abandon truth and logic and morality’ – is devoid of the three. The example is retardation. It is selfish of anyone to dump a life on the planet if it is going to have extreme difficulty or a short life. Further, 99% of people have had no business breeding the last twenty years and I could make that argument forty. The failure to stop bowing to the alter of breeding is costing your infinity. The real one.

          What you’re doing is overreach as you ignore the world that is about to ‘transcend’ in the from of drones and, by the way have you looked at the sky the last twenty years. No, because of you did, you wouldn’t be presuming to concern yourself with reproducing, or abortion, you would be doing something about what is going on in the sky, and, thereby also focus would be on birth control, or more real yet, abstinence, so then you and every person would be doing your/their part to stop the grave situations upon us, not, focusing on reproducing. It is ungratful.

          Also, your lobbing false morality onto animals to ‘pre-empt’ and attempt to down-route what is the natural example, is the tactic of false claims that are opposite fact. If people had showed even half the instinct animals do the situations today wouldn’t be what they are. That is why cabalist types use that as example when they use the terms ‘cattle’ and ‘sheep’. Precisely because of what you are doing, failure to reason –unselfishly. It is selfish to spawn a retarded person, and further, it is an abdication of your responsibility not to blight this planet with selfish ignorance –reproduced, and further, as you fail to apply yourself in fighting actual vile who are destroying the earth, in literal, and who rape children. It is a failure to do your part using that energy you waste. Every person who has been wagging their finger about abortion, have failed to stop the terror in our faces or it wouldn’t be continuing. If your morality was real you would concern yourself with ‘churches’ and goverments making the world ‘safe’ for pedos and other felons. If you hadn’t noticed, should pay attention to that.

          The reason scum get away with the terror they do, is because of blurred focus. They chop body parts frrom live infants, not because of people who abort a retarded mistake, but because you fail to focus on terrorists, instead of focus on reproducing. Finally, you would not be in position to be arguing with me, as you cannot spend time moralizing about abortion while killing people the world over including babies in false ‘wars’. So, when you have a photo or few of you protesting the wars as I do, then you may be on some way to finding the morality you presume to be pontificating about. Finally, I separate what Jon is writing about in his articles, from what you are doing. Maybe he agrees with you or maybe not. I am not talking about –breeding for purpose of torture to abort and have been very clear the difference. It is the war-ignorant who are responsible for that.

  6. Paul says:

    Catholics & ANYONE, should be most grateful, that a noble Jew is offering up his personal views & reportage, augmented by others worthy research.

    If there is ever a valid reason to reject this entire Covid vaccine debacle, you/others have surely provided it.

    I believe Judaism provided the cradle for Christianity.

    Jesus chose to enter that Tradition, filled with ethical Teachers.


    • Geo Martin says:

      Jesus did not ‘choose’ to become a Jew, he was born from the lineage of Abraham and David, an Israelite or Jew as we define it now. As a member of God’s people he was born of the virgin by the Holy Spirit.

  7. Donella says:

    Right now people are justifiably outraged and sickened by the torture and death of puppies by medical researchers. There is little if any of that same outcry over the torture and death of little babes freshly removed from their mother’s womb by researchers.

    No wonder Jesus wept.

  8. Eluard says:

    Now you hear all this stuff about Fauci and animal research (torture). But this has been known for years. And people seem more OUTRAGED about the animal torture than the HUMAN torture.

    Puppies over homo sapiens. Aren’t we cute too? Sometimes? That’s what they’ve done to us. Occluded the vision of our own worth and beauty.

  9. Tim says:

    It’s an artificial intelligence operating these “doctors” and “scientists”-“researchers”. This really is just the tip of the iceberg.

    It’s like a mechanical machine-computer but it’s been operating psychically, below the surface, the Matrix, in process of being externalized–materialized.
    It’s ego.

    It’s the opposite of Spirit-The Real. It hates us.

    It’s a kind of paradox, it’s an artificial idea of self, and kind of like a robot(thought-form), that humans have identified with and given energy/power to, and it’s taken on a kind of life of it’s own that involves torturing and enslaving us–determined to disconnect us from Truth/Reality and waking up out of this insane dream.

    It cannot kill us, it deceives to parasite our life/energy.

    It is completely unloving and unlovable. And therefore completely unreal.

    It uses these “doctors” and “scientists” to study us and find ways to keep us ignorant and at a low state of Being. It uses/hijacks our creative potential as much as possible against us.

    It is what is behind all the bullshit. It wants us to blame each other, condemn each other, always looking for an “external” enemy. While we or most of us has an agent of insanity attached to us, feeding us lies and causing us to generate and sustain a dream of delusion.

    Certainly The Spirit has had enough of this nonsense.

    It is shrinking this thing.

  10. ReluctantWarrior says:


    Am I out of my mind or does this whole Gabby Patito-Brian Laundrie case seem very odd to you. It does not add up. I am wondering if it might be a false flag Psyop to distract our attention from the many woes of the Administraiton (Deep State) that are beginning to pile up. The three links below are interesting and raise some questions in my mind.

    The first article is about the case being a manufactured distraction and it can be found here:

    The second is a video that Gabby was in (circa 2014) which was dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hoax massacre. It is very odd and she is seen in it holding a sign that reads ‘I’m Irreplaceable.’

    And, finally, an interview with her Dad which is bizarre to say the least. They way he describes her ‘legacy’ and just does not seem real or possible for any human being short of Mother Theresa.

    • Geo Martin says:

      Psyops on top of hoaxes on top of deception. ALL they release on the press for us to mull over is created to manipulate out minds one way or another for our own self destruction. Nothing, nothing is real in the media now, if it ever was.

  11. Krofter says:

    Abortion is part of the greater whole of modern eugenics medicine. If we do this to the least of us, how then is it not possible to do it those breathing humans currently in our midst? Lest we forget, it is being done – by the millions – in the form of the covid kill shots. Let us not fail to take care of them as well. Gen 2:7, 6:17, 7:15, Is 2:22 Ezek 37;5, 10, Acts 17:25, Job 12:10, 33:4, Ps 146:4, 150:6.

  12. senorena peepers says:

    If we need more convincing watch The Stanley Plotkin, 8-hour Deposition of 2018.

    Take it in increments – sickening and chilling. Plotkin’s sniggering responses include admissions followed by no Justice.

  13. Barb says:

    I am not getting jabbed with this experimental mRNA mixture.

    I was against getting jabbed before reading all these horror stories, but reading these stories just reinforces my stand against getting jabbed.

    I am not using religious objection as the reason for not getting jabbed.

    I am against the MURDER of children.

  14. Roundball Shaman says:

    “People of faith and the COVID vaccine… Refusing the COVID vaccine should be a personal mandate”

    For People of faith, the choice could not be made clearer. Have faith in The Almighty (that you profess to have)… or keep putting faith and trust in twisted humans with agendas being used for their great personal profit and your injury.

    Having faith in The Creator means trusting in Its wisdom to provide you with the immunity you need and to make good choices in maintaining your health (or recovering that health when affliction strikes). It does NOT mean just sitting on your… passivity… and not doing anything. Faith is an ACTION. Taking appropriate measures to keep your health up is taking ACTION. Faith is expressing real trust. Real faith is not just some weak indication of assent to some kind of doctrine.

    Putting faith in False Medical Prophets Seeking Profits is not only a fools game, today that approach can be (and is) deadly. And it is a betrayal of real faith and a mockery of The Almighty who seeks real faith and relationship with you born from your having that faith and trust in It.

    One’s faith means absolutely NOTHING until it is tested. One’s faith means nothing until you are given a choice and you make your choice.

    This entire Covid Saga is a sad pathetic detour in the lives of the human family. But what it can serve to do is to have people look deep into themselves and discover who and what they really have faith in. And for many today… that answer should be damn frightening.

  15. Mann Friedman says:

    When the Human race can understand that ECONOMICS is at the BOTTOM of Existential Trinity:

    Ecology> Humans> Economics

    Notice there isn’t an “=” between them.

    Notice the sequence begins with THE REAL, ie. NOT an ABSTRACTION, then ends with an ABSRACTION: Economics… NOT the reverse!!

    In other words, once the Ecology is killed, there will be NO HUMANS, therefore NO ECONOMICS… or Religion for that matter!

    TPTB have convinced almost everybody that abstractive thought is more important than being able to survive, inverting the importance of SURVIVAL with ABSTRACTIONS; money will keep you alive!!

  16. Lewis Papier says:

    It’s all part and parcel of the nightmare world we find ourselves living in right now. Listen to 1984 Is Here on Soundcloud.

  17. All “organ donors” are alive when their organs are extracted.



    It is a US government operation:

  18. Roger welsh says:

    Why do you keep calling this genetic concoction a vaccine.

    Vaccines must have the pathogen which can stimulate natural immmunity.

    The pseudo vaccine do not meet the definition.

    Please make it clear in your writings. People must be told the truth repeatedly.

  19. Space Cowboy says:

    My understanding is that the COVID shots are all not a vaccine but gene therapy which literally alters your DNA. If you believe that, according to Genesis, Man is made in the image of God, there could be nothing more heretical and blasphemous than accepting such an injection. It is to reject the gift of your own self and to spit in the face of God.

  20. Not So Free says:

    I won’t get the shot on religious grounds. Jon has already expounded on the reasons for that.

    Even if that were not true, I still won’t take it. The stuff is pure poison in my considered opinion after having researched it seven ways to Sunday.

    Ted Nugent had a short video recently about those who took the shot.

    “I speak their language, BAA, BAA, BAA.”

  21. Theo says:

    “The COVID vaccine is a gene treatment.” — Jon Rappoport

    Parallels between GMO COVID vaccine and GMO crops; lessons not learned

  22. LM says:

    “I do not believe – as much as the CDC wants me to – I do not believe that we’re close to 60% vaccinated. I think we’re a lot lower than that number and the fact of the matter is, if you look at New Zealand, New Zealand had to admit that they’re not even at 50% And this is for a locked-down nation that allegedly got everybody.

    “What we know is that the effort to suppress humanity is actually backfiring and actually, what’s happening is we’re galvanizing a stronger resolve, not weaker…to further distance ourselves from accepting another one of these things.”

  23. Heather A. Hamel says:

    I was raised as a Catholic; I’m on a different journey now.

    But, learning the history of vaccines and the whole of allopathic medicine has been a dark revelation to me. To dispense a substance birthed from the torturous death of another human being (and other living creatures) seems to me to be the inverse of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

    • Geo Martin says:

      You are correct it’s an inverted eucharist, that’s why so many mainstream phony catholics have taken the shots.

      Do not lose your catholic faith because a corrupt and demonic lot have taken over the hierarchy of the church. There’s a reason why communists and homosexuals were allowed into the institution and have been promoted through the ranks since the 60s at least. Check out what Bella Dodd denounced quite a while back, you’ll need to dig deeper than google and youtube though.

      God bless

  24. Roger welsh says:

    Why do you keep calling this genetic concoction a vaccine.

    Vaccines must have the pathogen which can stimulate natural immmunity.

    The pseudo vaccine do not meet the definition.

    Pleas make it clear in your writings. People must be told the truth repeatedly.

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