America’s Frontline Doctors agree: murdered infants at the heart of vaccine research

The old Nazi program in new clothing

“Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive. This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret…”

by Jon Rappoport

October 21, 2021

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The article at America’s Frontline Doctors’ website is headlined: “Aborted Fetal Cells and Vaccines—A Scandal Much Bigger Than Pfizer’s Whistleblower Ever Imagined,” by Caryn Lipson, October 18, 2021.

I’m going to quote from the article extensively and then add my comments.

“Recently, Pfizer whistleblower Melissa Strickler, a manufacturing quality auditor for the company, exposed some of their internal emails. She was horrified by the information they contained and spoke with Project Veritas about what she had uncovered – the use of fetal cells from aborted babies to test their COVID-19 vaccine. This is some of what top management wrote:”

“’From the perspective of corporate affairs,’ [Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa] Gelman wrote in one email, ‘we want to avoid having the information on fetal cells floating out there … The risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want out there’.”

“In another email exchange between Advait Badkar, senior director of the Novel Delivery Technologies group within Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences organization, Gelman can be seen admitting to Badkar that, ‘One or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program’.”

“She warned him that, ‘We have been trying as much as possible to not mention the fetal cell lines’.”

“What Strickler wasn’t aware of is that the information about the fetal cells being used for the COVID-19 vaccine is well-known to scientists and researchers. Papers about the manufacturing techniques for COVID-19 vaccines, which included the use of fetal cells, were published online at least as far back as May 2020; she also didn’t know that she had uncovered only a small portion of a large scandal.”

“The fetal cells referred to in Pfizer’s emails were HEK293T cells, obtained from the kidney cells of a female fetus in 1973. In reality, all the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells, including Moderna’s. Moderna also used HEK293T cells in their proof-of-concept tests to see if the genetic instructions contained in these vaccines would be effectively taken up and produce the required spike protein.”

“Johnson and Johnson used both the PER.C6 cell line (derived from human embryonic retinal cells, originally from the retinal tissue of an 18-week-old fetus aborted in 1985) and the HEK293T cell line, to produce and assay (respectively) their Janssen adenovirus vaccine.”

“AstraZeneca used the HEK293T cells to develop theirs, as did two other companies that have had their vaccines approved, CanSino Biologics and Gamaleya Research Institute (Sputnik V vaccine).”

“The use of aborted fetal cells in vaccine production has been going on for over 50 years, starting in the mid-to late 1970s. Antigens for several childhood vaccines are grown in aborted fetal cell lines MRC-5 and WI-38. These cell lines are found in the vaccines and are included in CDC’s vaccine excipient list as well as Johns Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety website…”

“Fetal DNA and proteins are also found in the Covid-19 vaccines, at least for the ones which were developed, not just tested, in fetal cells. Genetic engineer, Dr. Theresa Deisher, explains that it is impossible to totally separate the antigen from the medium it is grown in…”

“The use of aborted fetal cells raises tremendous ethical, moral, and health concerns.”

“Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a renowned vaccinologist, was deposed in January 2018, by attorney Aaron Siri, prior to testifying in a divorce case, where the parents disagreed about vaccination. Plotkin has a very long list of credentials including Emeritus Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, and Adjunct Professor of the Johns Hopkins University. He has received numerous honors and has lectures named for him. He developed the rubella vaccine, is codeveloper of the pentavalent rotavirus vaccine, and has worked extensively on the development and application of other vaccines including anthrax, oral polio, rabies, varicella, and cytomegalovirus. He is now a consultant to vaccine manufacturers, biotechnology companies and non-profit research organizations as principal of Vaxconsult, LLC.”

“ [Plotkin:] ‘Because living tissue is needed for the primary culture, these abortions are often done by the “water bag” method which delivers the fetuses (between 2-4 months gestation) ALIVE. (Limbs, organs, and tissues from aborted fetuses are also a mainstay of modern medical research.) Included in vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, shingles, rotavirus, adenovirus and rabies are human DNA fragments …’” [emphasis added]

“Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive. This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret…”

—end of article excerpt—

Medically eliminate the unwanted.

These murderous crimes of infanticide are part and parcel of the Rockefeller eugenics movement, which took hold early in the 20th century, and involved, at the very least, the US, Germany, Canada, and Sweden.

And then, of course, the Nazi regime vastly expanded medical torture and killing of the unwanted in their concentration camps. The Nuremburg War Crimes trials, at the end of World War 2, failed to alert the whole world to the essentially MEDICAL basis of many of these crimes.

In other words, the Nazi doctors were not a lone aberration in an otherwise benign world of medical research. The whole modern medical structure was woven with inhuman and sadistic practices.

And still is.

I call to the attention of the Frontline Doctors the depth and breadth of a related open secret. I have reported on it many times.

Several key studies have revealed it.

The one study-review I have cited most often: Author Dr. Barbara Starfield, revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; the Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000; “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?”

Starfield concluded that, in the US, medical doctors kill 225,000 people per year. 2.25 MILLION people per decade. 106,000 a year die as a result of the administration of FDA approved drugs. 119,000 a year die from mistreatment and errors in hospitals.

In an interview I conducted with Starfield in 2009, she stated that there had been no comprehensive government program to address and undo this horrific ongoing catastrophe; nor had she been consulted by government to plan a strategy for reforming the medical system.

This, despite the obvious fact that, after her review was published in 2000, and after other similar studies were published, MANY public health officials, politicians, journalists, doctors, heads of medical schools, pharmaceutical executives and researchers were well aware of the horrendous medically caused death toll.

Therefore, we are talking about negligent homicide, at the very least—and actually, much more than that.

There is a massive and diverse supply of medical drugs available for doctors to prescribe, and clearly many of these drugs are, in fact, experimental. Their certification and licensing by the FDA means nothing. They are deemed safe and effective, but they kill and maim.

This is precisely the crisis we are now facing with the release of COVID vaccines. They are experimental. They employ an RNA technology never imposed on the public before. The huge number of vaccine injuries and deaths piling up, worldwide, should come as no surprise.

When The People are viewed as guinea pigs, as expendable, even as unnecessary and unwanted, why wouldn’t soulless companies release one drug and vaccine after another, in an unending river, with no concern for the consequences?

And to ensure compliance in following “the dosage schedule”—why not lock populations in their homes, shut down their businesses, and announce and enforce mandates?

If researchers, technicians, doctors, and pharmaceutical executives are willing to murder infants for body parts in their cell-line machinations, what aren’t they willing to do?

Many independent journalists and investigators are essentially conducting our own Nuremburg War Crimes trials. We are doing it because government all over the world have already surrendered to the Medical Cartel.

In 1933, the largest cartel in the world, IG Farben, enabled Hitler’s rise to power. Farben: pharmaceuticals, dyes, chemicals, synthetics.

During WW2, Farben had prisoners shipped from Auschwitz to its nearby facility, where horrendous medical/pharmaceutical experiments were carried out on them.

For accounts, read The Devil’s Chemists, by Josiah DuBois, and The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben, by Joseph Borkin.

At the end of the War, Farben executives were put on trial and, despite the efforts of Telford Taylor, the chief US prosecutor, and assistant prosecutor, Josiah DuBois, the sentences handed out were light.

For example, Fritz Ter Meer, a high-ranking Farben executive, was tried for mass murder and slavery, and sentenced to a paltry seven years in jail. He was released after three years, and went on to occupy a post as chairman of the advisory board of Bayer, a “branch on the tree” of the nominally “disbanded” IG Farben.

During World War 2, Josiah Du Bois, representing the US federal government, had been sent on a fact-finding mission to Guatemala. His comment: “As far as I can tell the country is a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

What Farben stood for was an attempt to remake the planet in terms of power.

Farben held important cards. It employed brilliant chemists who, in some ways, moved far ahead of its competitors. Farben was all about synthetics. Rubber, oil, dyes, pharmaceuticals.

More importantly, Farben saw itself as a modern version of the old alchemists: transforming one substance into another. It came to believe that, with enough time, it would be able to make “anything from anything.” It envisioned labs in which basic chemical facts of the universe would be changed so that, in practice, elements would be virtually interchangeable.

This paralleled the Nazi obsession to discover the lost secrets of the mythical Aryan race and then reconstitute it with selective breeding, genetic engineering, and of course the mass murder of “lesser peoples.”

On one level, there was the idea of chemical transformations, and on another level, the transformation of the human species.

Today’s pharmaceutical giants are mainly spin-offs of the old Farben, or former close collaborators. They design myriad drugs and vaccines that maim and kill and pacify and debilitate (and therefore control) populations; and they also now labor to produce new cutting edge techniques to genetically modify and transform the human species.

Combining these efforts with Big Tech, and its mad efforts to make over humans into brain-computer hybrids—known as transhumanism—we are witnessing the old Farben-Nazi plan, still very much alive, in a new updated form.

Medical experimentation and murder are one branch of the poisonous tree.

Resisting and overthrowing the global vaccine mandate is one step toward demolishing the future which has been laid out for us on a diabolical table.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

41 comments on “America’s Frontline Doctors agree: murdered infants at the heart of vaccine research

  1. Randy Ice PT, CCS says:

    Hi Jon:

    Love your work. I can across this article yesterday and am wondering what your thoughts are. Obviously it’s either another total scam, or there really is a Sars-Cov-2 virus? I don’t know how governments around the world say they don’t have any “virus”, yet this Pharma company does and has made a traditional “antigen-antibody” vaccine against it?

    Valneva jumps on positive results for COVID-19 vaccine candidate

    Publish date: October 19, 2021

    By Reuters Staff

    PARIS (Reuters) – Valneva reported positive Phase III results on Oct. 18 for its inactivated, adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine candidate VLA2001, lifting its shares in a boost for the French biotech company after Britain cancelled a big deal to buy its shot.

    Valneva said its latest trial, on 4,012 participants aged 18 and older across 26 trial sites in Britain, showed the vaccine prompted a stronger immune response and fewer side effects than AstraZeneca’s shot.

    The update fuelled a jump of 37.5% in early session trading of Valneva’s shares, which had fallen sharply in September after the cancellation.

    The company reported the vaccine generated similar seroconversion rates and slightly higher neutralizing antibody titers compared with AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria.

    Valneva is among a handful of vaccine developers testing their vaccines against one already approved by a regulator, rather than giving volunteers a placebo as shots become more available.

    “These results confirm the advantages often associated with inactivated whole virus vaccines,” said Chief Executive Thomas Lingelbach, adding that the company believed it would make an important contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

    In addition to inactivated SARS-CoV-2, the vaccine contains Dynavax’s CpG 1018 adjuvant.

    Valneva said it was preparing for trials in children aged 5 to 12 and for a Valneva-sponsored trial to evaluate VLA2001’s performance for those in need of a vaccine booster shot.

    Its shares plunged last month after Britain scrapped a contract for about 100 million doses of the vaccine Valneva was developing, partly over concerns about when it would win approval.

    Valneva has been expanding the trials of its VLA2001 COVID-19 vaccine candidate, and remains in talks with the European Commission over a potential contract.

  2. pete schnapp says:

    Taking into account Eugenics, forced participation in chemical/biological experiments, the heinous joke called “Psychiatry” – One could factually call this

    The old “Central Bank Clan” program in new clothing.

  3. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Maybe I’ll have to re-read Frontline Doctors and Jon’s commentary but I thought that the silver bullet to destroy the COVID-19 CONSPIRACY REALITY… was to point out that it was made with “the liver cells of a living human baby”. I really hate to have to drill down on this topic but cells from “aborted babies” does not have the horrific terror “appeal” associated with an actual born-baby that gets murdered. We’ll have to add photos soon, as well, if this is to have the “silver bullet” impact.

    A horror-comic-book about the creation of covid-19-injections could serve as a story board for a youtube video or movie. If we’re going to take this path, then we should go all the way. I used to be a fan of horror movies and science fiction so it’s relatively easy for me to contemplate making this latest finding into graphic reality-tv violence– like the following examples…–1024×509.png

    • Piksil says:


      The baby is alive when the harvesting of organs and/or limbs takes place. There is no anesthetic used, as that can alter the pristine cell life they’re after (especially liver and kidneys, prime detoxing organs).

      Sounds pretty horrific to me.

      I assume (we know what that means!) that the mothers received a spinal anesthetic for the procedure, as a general anesthetic would involve drugs that could cross the placental barrier, contaminating the ‘specimen’. (Nowadays they could use an epidural.) Baby gets nothing.

      Yup, sounds pretty horrific to me.

      Sounds like murder to me as well.

      I wonder if everyone who has received any vaccine since the mid ’70s has some sort of marker in their DNA due to these ‘forever’ cell lines being used in vaccine development?

    • AgShaman says:

      What part about turning humans into cannibals without informed consent don’t you understand?

      Genetic memory and karmic transference are not serious enough subjects to trip yer red flag?

  4. Tom Bernard says:

    Your latest posts are extremely important to the future of our world societies… Based on Biblical History, and the fact that The Bible is, “examples for the generations to follow,)I am of the belief our present world condition is a replication of the actions taken by God against the Israelites; except now, it is against The Church of the Gentiles, (Christianity…) and your resent articles are an unarguable moment of truth for Christianity, (especially) as well as all other Religious Faiths; (and of course, anyone with a conscience.) With the bottom line question being: Do we stand with God, or continue to bow to The Rule of Man? I have forwarded you articles to a few large churches, as well as to some “devoted Christians.” So far I have not received any response, which sadly does not surprise me… I will keep you informed.

  5. michael burns says:

    Infanticide is an ancient practice, dating far back into man’s history and dark past.

    The excuse being, control of resources for a limited population in the Mesolithic and up until the late Neolithic.
    Some ‘experts’ in the field have even, in what I would consider a perplexed way that varied from some 15%-50%.

    All nations have performed this practice of infanticide, is the oldest form of ableism and population control. Until, it is said, agriculture enabled greater amounts of food to be grown.

    But it remained…in the dark, in secret.

    It remained an became a sacred rite to give the newest and purest of us all, the innocent and helpless and most delicate of us all as appeasement to some ancient evil God or cause. Child sacrifice was the greatest offering to some despot’s belief, or, for a usurper to appease the old priesthood in his new role.

    The Jews did it; the Romans left infants in the streets like garbage; pagan religions burned thousands to nature Gods.

    The Inuit threw children into the sea.

    The Yanomami killed infants and small children in their raids…China’s one child policy caused women to throw untold numbers of infants in a certain stretch of the Yangtze River. Studies have suggested some 40 million have died throughout China during this period. The question is, how many where used in science experiments?

    The new religion scientism is no different in its hunger for the little ones. They will kill millions and have killed millions in their search for immortality, and transhumanism.

    But the fallen ones will never leave this place…ever. Space between stars is far too vast and unconquerable. They are condemned forever to live in this material place; soul depleted from them long ago; reincarnating for ever and ever into this hell that they are creating.

    There is no medical reason that is legitimate in this evil practice of infanticide – tests have shown Glyphosate in the blood of fetuses. DDT and all that we are here on this plain of existence is in the blood of those fetuses.
    Parasites and all that life is, permeates every nook and cranny of material reality and beyond.

    So, the bastards lie, and are lying Nazi liars that will continue to lie, because that is all they know; deceit and lies. And the massacre of the innocents.

    • Sergey says:

      Infanticide is indeed pretty common in Nature with many animal species practicing it in one form or another: adult male bears and male cats killing cubs and kittens, pups of some sharks and kittens of some lynxes fight each other to death etc. Nature is not a fluffy thing, and its ways are not always nice to our pampered eyes.

      It was also widely practiced among the so-called primitive people as a form of population control as correctly noted above – that’s why the natives of America, Australia, Siberia and Africa (especially The San peoples, or Bushmen, indigenous hunter-gatherer cultures in Southern Africa) have been able to live in their territories for thousands of years without making their ecosystems crash by depletion of resources and pollution. Compare it with the practices of the “civilized” Europeans, who have ruined those ecosystems in a matter of decades, and now they (the ecosystems) are disintegrating completely and irrevocably, while the European newcomers that have made all this happen are going clinically nuts with fighting imaginary foes and killing their own kind under fully psychotic auspices(especially like in that very same Australia).

      Among the natives of Madagascar it was pretty common until quite recently to kill babies born on certain days considered unlucky, and it was done by parents themselves. This is clearly another form of population control, albeit disguised under religious pretenses. The list can be continued.

      But, of course, no one has ever before gone so clinically insane as these so-called “scientists” of the modern “civilization” killing babies in a gruesome manner in the interests of their totally imaginary “science” and for the sake of “money”, which in itself is a completely abstract and artificial concept, never seen anywhere in Nature. And worldwide clinical psychosis of the current magnitude cannot be cured and is a 100% medical symptom of an approaching physical end of the human “civilization” as we know it and, probably, of the whole human species as well, which fully confirms forecasts and analysis of all independent observers and is fully corroborated by all real statistics readily available to anyone interested in the truth (I can see it with my own eyes, too: Siberia, for example, has become a region of ecological disaster, which has been confirmed even by the Russian Academy of Sciences – a government institution and by other official reports, although the government doesn’t give a damn, predictably enough, and the same goes for the rest of the world).

  6. Sean says:

    Yes, resisting and overthrowing the global vaccine mandate will be a huge step toward demolishing the future that has been laid out for us on a diabolical table. And now with the timing of this bit of investigative reporting, bye bye mandate. It was really nice of you to come out and show yourself.

    This one and not only diabolic table, with its disclosed plans of total human control, Technocracy, equals deeply planned slavery and death.

    Um, thanks but no thanks.

    Im going the other direction.

  7. seasons says:

    It’s frustrating that a narrative is set up to discredit those talking about use of infants and fetuses in regards to vaccines.

    All the evidence showing the horrific experiments is always twisted into the strawman claim that the fetal cells are in the final product. There is no serious researcher or whistleblower that ever said.

    Anyone who researched the usage of fetal cells knows it is used exclusively for research, development, and testing. But no matter how many experts come forward, the MSM and fact checkers falsely claim the experts said fetal cells are in the vaccine.

  8. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Good news…big news. Sen Joe Manchin of WV is ready to leave the Democratic party. That would give the GOP control of the Senate and the ability to routinely block Joe Biden’s initiatives.

  9. Kyle says:

    Nice piece Jon. I would just add that Nuremberg did find a number of nazi doctors guilty of murder. 7 were hung and another 12 or so were sentenced to life in prison. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a eugenics program.

  10. Mika says:

    You’re parroting a lot of propaganda about WWII Jon. History was written by the winners and is indeed a lie agreed upon. The darkness of WWII was primarily unleashed on the world by the Bolsheviks. No conversation about the evil of WWII should be had without clearly implicating the head of the snake.

    • Sergey says:

      It’s a very true remark that my own family experience over the last 100+ years of living in the Soviet land (that ignorant and/or stupid people still call Russia, which, in reality, ended in 1917 and was totally buried by the Red victory in WWII) can corroborate plus similarly rich personal experience of our relatives and acquaintances. There would have been no WWII as we know it and no modern psychopathic world as we see it today without the Bolshevik conquest and destruction of Russia (Lenin’s own words: “We have conquered Russia”), whose material and human resources they used to implement their global totalitarian agenda, supported by their numerous Communist “comrades”, who sprung up all over the world right after the 1917 Bolshevik takeover of Russia, like mushrooms, and later succeeded in conquering a great many other countries, including China (where “comrade Mao” became such an inspiration and a role model for David Rockefeller and his psychotic friends) and Eastern Europe.

      A very informative and fully documentary study on the subject would be “Victims of Yalta : the secret betrayal of the allies, 1944-1947” by Nikolai Tolstoy. It shows how many Russians (millions, actually) were on the German side during the war and were later horrified by the prospect of going back to the Soviet Union. And not because they liked Germans (many were indeed little more than slaves and forced laborers in the Reich), but because the Soviet side was even worse. It was a choice between two evils, and Germany seemed a lesser evil to many (including some of my own Cossack relatives – the Cossacks were in fact exterminated by the Reds and no wonder they preferred Germans for want of a better alternative).

    • darrell says:

      You’re right, Mika, as is Sergey. And there was also no “mass murder of ‘lesser peoples'” under National Socialist Germany. We’ve been lied to about everything, and that lie has has arguably been responsible for more evils than any other lie we’ve been conditioned to internalize. Just the fact that it is the only historical dogma that must be believed and never contradicted under penalty of imprisonment in 18 European countries and Canada indicates something very wrong, very unjust, very evil. The Real History Channel exposes many of the lies about WWII and others. Since Kyle above mentioned Nuremberg, maybe that’s a good place to start the debunking:

      As far as horrific medical experiments, see “The Myth of Dr Mengele”:

  11. Jim S Smith says:


    The so-called “NAZI’s” of WW II Germany did NOT medically experiment on the “unwanteds in the camps”! ! !

    Believe it or not,

    German medicine in those camps actually saved many lives – up until Germany was no longer able to provide medicines, due to the total trade blockade of the allies.

    Your article made a lot of great sense, until the continued demonization of Germany language – that is!

    Please check out the film: “Europa, The Last Battle”. It’s a very detailed video documentary that holds back no punches, and provides much solid information – that virtually all of the “public media”, et al – would rather be forgotten!

    This growing globalist system was being built well BEFORE there ever was a nationalist Germany coming into view.

    How does one explain the huge baby-boom in camps like Auschwitz, Dachau, etc – within the last years of WW II? ? ?

    How does one explain a fully-equipped, modern maternity ward in, of all places, Auschwitz? ? ?

    How does one explain that during wartime, the International Red Cross was allowed into the camps to inspect them and take notes, but AFTER war’s end – under allied occupation – the Red Cross was DENIED entry to the allies’ “camps” – where most of the German soldiers were starved or shot to death? ? ?

    No one wants to talk about the fact that these “medical research projects” aimed at controlling genetics, etc – were being explored, well before the world wars!

    “Vaccine research” is several CENTURIES old, if you want to go all the way back to the experiments of Sir Edward Jenner!

    • Kieron says:

      The Scriptorium is where you want to go to read what really happened in Germany in those days. From their splash page: “The information we present here on our WebSite is intended to give a glimpse of that little-known ‘other side of the coin’. Voices that are all too often stifled and hushed up elsewhere – here they shall be heard!

      Uncomfortable and controversial information that does not fit the mold of politically correct agenda-history, and which for that reason is to remain safely in an Orwellian memory-hole – we sweep it out from under the carpet!”

      Available in both German and in English.

      “The more one knows, the more one doubts.” — François Voltaire (1694-1778), French philosopher.

      • Myles says:

        Fantastic link Keiron.

        WW2, second only to ‘allopathic medicine’, remains one of the great fraud/hoax in the history of modern man (and there is a lot of competition)

        And to Rick (whom I generally enjoy reading your comments), without a deep understanding of the politics*/science in the 17/18/19th centuries, I find it difficult for one to make reasonable comments about science/medicine/vaccines.

        Jenner is *the* first person generally discussed when the vaccine topic comes about. Yet another man the infamous Pasteur was able to plagiarize (along with, most notably, the deep and significant scientific findings of Bechamp, and to some extent Bernard).

        Cheers all and enjoy the day

    • Dr Antony Toben says:

      We need more Jim S Smith articles and the real TRUTH will come out faster –

      • JA says:

        Indeed we need more comments from Jim S. Smith. He has long been a poster on this blog, kind of a lone voice in the wilderness.

        I salute his truthful knowledge, and from years of research can attest that he is telling the truth about the Bolshevik take over of Russia and now the world.

        Anyone howling that it is/was “the Nazis” have never spent time reading Eustace Mullins articles. There, also, is where the truth abides.

        Jon has lived too long and is too intelligent to not know the truth about the Jewish Bolsheviks and their evil plan to control the world.

        Checking back through my years of research I find that a lot of the truthful articles have been scrubbed from the internet; but with some digging you can still find authors and PDF’s of their writings. Juri Lina is such a writer. Look him up.

        There is only one group of people you cannot name, talk about, and the history of their diabolical deeds have been scrubbed from the internet. You will know it is not the nazis. You can write all the articles about Nazis on the internet and the internet police will never bother your article. Try writing the truth about the Bolsheviks and the hounds will be after you. They definitely are afraid enough people would discover the truth and their One World System would come crashing down.
        Cant have that truth be told, now can we?

        Look up Dr. Plotkin’s geneaology and you will find he is NOT a Nazi…he is, you guessed it, Jewish. You need to watch his deposition on the trial where the mom is trying to save her daughter from all the jabs required by our controlled education system. Plotkin is the epitome of EVIL.

        And most people are led to believe he is just an “old white man”. NOT….

        • waterproof says:

          No. Old white man NOT. I slogged through that whole 9 hour plus deposition and Plotkin is horrifying. If you want an illusration of the banality of evil, there it is. In a whiney, understated, academic, privileged way.

          Plotkin literally wrote the book on Vaccines. He ‘advised’ on the design of the faux opposition called ‘antivax’ to entrap people looking for an alternative point of view on the controversy along with scienticulist personalities like Peter Hotez who provides the venom and ridicule to promote and smear the term ‘antivax’ and influence any who may still be confused enough to equate the scientific method with scientism.

          A little window opens in that deposition to the horror of babies dissected alive for their kidneys and tissues too. Any time they write a dry paragraph in medicalese about using some kind of cell or some kind of adverse event or side effect, it is good to remember they have to get those cells from somewhere and inflict their experiment on some living being. I thought it was horror that African monkeys were dissected alive for their kidneys when I read about the HIV/AIDS research, until finding out about fetal cell lines being collected around the same time frame. I wonder if there is any end to the depravity that medical people can justify for a paycheck or the greater good in the name of science.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I’ve read alternative histories supporting your view but what references can you recommend to support it? I have mine but show yours first. The Jenner reference is new to me, I’ll check it out.

    • darrell says:

      Excellent and very needed lie debunking and truth telling!

      If any readers doubt the Auschwitz “baby boom,” see

      More on infamous Auschwitz:

    • Jacquie says:

      I dont see anyone saying it was just the Nazis doing live experiments on humans, we all agree it’s been going on …but Hitler allowed it freely to all his scientist to obtain his fantasy to obtain what he thought a perfect human should look like & how they should be generically built. Why you saw all those maternity wards, it was to take the fetus to produce vaccines & medicines….if you were right there would be documents and photographic evidence of these so called 1,000’s of mothers with newborn babies hanging off their breast…jeez they didnt feed their prisoners do you really think they would feed all those starving children?

      As for German soldiers being starved and shot….it was not millions as they did to their prisoners if any it was the few who got caught & they must have been (rightfully) treated the same way they treated their prisoners! What Hitler & his followers created & did onto society’s & countries, should never be forgotten their actions are unforgivable.

      When will we learn from history….Aren’t we repeating the same mistakes with this scamdemic? Using Covid and a vaccine that offers no one protection? Using fear propaganda campaign claiming ppl are diseased & carriers and should be segregated in society & the nazis used the same tactic to control & manipulate the many!

  12. Orpheus Owl says:

    First they do it to the animals, then they do it to the humans. It only hits home when it’s done to human babies, but it’s through the animals that the sadists have perfected this method of torture.

    It’s called Fetal Bovine Serum, BVS, or Fetal Calf Serum.

    The procedure: After the slaughter of a pregnant dairy cow, the 3 to 6 month old fetus is cut out and removed while still alive during the evisceration process. (The heart is too small to puncture under 3 months old) A needle is inserted between the ribs directly into the still-beating heart without any anesthesia.

    All the blood is then suctioned out and sold to pharma companies for use in vaccines and serums. About 132,000 gallons of FBS are sold per year worldwide.

    It’s used in all the shots required for children in school: Rotavirus, Varicella, Dtap+IPV, MMRV, Zoster and Polio.

  13. Larry C says:

    “There is a massive and diverse supply of medical drugs available for doctors to prescribe, and clearly many of these drugs are, in fact, experimental. Their certification and licensing by the FDA means nothing. They are deemed safe and effective, but they kill and maim.”

    Recently, I came across a very succinct explanation for this outrageous state of affairs:

    The federal watchdog agencies that are tasked with regulating powerful corporations, have actually been *captured* by those same corporate interests using various means.

    It seems obvious that the medical-pharmaceutical industry falls under this category.

  14. Dasa Vinayaga says:

    Thank you for your courage and journalistic professionalism. I write to question the use of the word “experimental” in connection with the Covid jab. That word suggests that an honest attempt is being made to provide help to human beings, and that it might succeed, when, in fact, it is a bioweapon designed to maim or kill via at least 3 distinct manmade substances: the spike protein, graphene oxide and nano.

    The jab should never be called experimental because its purpose and end result are very well understood by its creators–population deduction and absolute control over humanity. Let’s call it what it is.

  15. Roundball Shaman says:

    In the original Star Trek series, there is an episode where children are being led by an adult figure who appears to them as beneficent. But he is actually leading a dark agenda and using those kids and that is eventually uncovered.

    This is what we are looking at today. The Pharma Industry, the Medical “professionals’,
    degreed Liars-for-pay, and mass State Media are all posturing themselves as being beneficent to our society while their real agenda is a dark and injurious one.

    And there’s an additional point to be made about that Star Trek episode. Eventually, Captain Kirk forces the kids to see the adult figure’s true face (that had been hidden by an illusion) and an ugly hideous face begins to appear to everyone. The true ugliness finally revealed for all to see.

    We all must see the real hideous face of all of today’s deviant perps who are rolling out this liquidation of the human race. We have to see how ugly and evil it is. Only then can we realize the depth of the threats we face and begin to muster the strength and wisdom to confront such atrocity.

  16. Lauran says:

    Jon…thanks so much for getting this hideous practice out there in print!…..I forwarded this to many who will be shocked, and will not choose to comment; as this is something that is too horrible to imagine.

    If people will only look at Bill Gates and realize that he has finally become the eugenicist that his father was in the making of a vaccine that will kill people. His father participated in the experiments on the “undesirable” people that Margaret Sanger got from the asylums and hospitals.

    All these people show no shame for what they have done.

  17. Tom Bernard says:

    Were the mothers compliant? Were they paid, or forced to participate? My wife was awake during a c-section… Do these mothers witness this depraved horror?

  18. John says:

    These malignant characters have probably always existed. However, we need a renewed period of ethics and morals. We can start with ourselves. Maybe it will catch on. I hope so.

  19. Karin Finkel says:

    We can start with ourselves. Maybe it will catch on. I hope so.

  20. Benjamin Martin says:

    The Farben summary is about the best overview of all this I have read to date, thanks Jon.

  21. miker says:

    Clearly, this problem is universal. “Diligence in truth is the immune system of freedom”

    “The welfare of the people…has always been the alibi of tyrants”. (Albert Camus)

  22. Arby says:

    “In other words, the Nazi doctors were not a lone aberration in an otherwise benign world of medical research. The whole modern medical structure was woven with inhuman and sadistic practices.”

    That is what I’ve been pointing out to people. There was a LifeSiteNews item that I used recently in a blog post. (They are a good source of info in some ways but not in others. That’s from my standpoint. Someone who subscribes to their fakey, mainstream Christianity and wonky germ theory would find a site like their’s to be perfect.) The author, as do many, refers to the awful Nazi medical experiments, quoting the famous Doctors Trial in which 23 doctors and officials were found guilty of horrific crimes. As others like Vera Sherav (holocaust survivor but still captive to Rockefeller health care dogma) point out, the entire (Rockefeller) medical establishment was complicit. She pointed me to an article that is important in that regard. I uploaded to my Box account. I’ll give you the link. And then there’s the very good documentary that I recently saw, “Caring Corrupted,” which I’ll give you the link to as well. I have a poster advertizing that. Unfortunately, those people (including holocaust survivors) are also captives of Rockefeller medical dogma.

    “How Ethics Failed – The Role of Psychiatrists and Physicians in Nazi Programs, 1933-1945” / […]

    “Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses Of The Third Reich” /

    “Rockefeller Medical Dogma” / […]

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