Arrest people who don’t follow doctors’ orders; put them in prison or camps

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by Jon Rappoport

January 18, 2022

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I mean, it’s terrible. A person won’t take a vaccine or drug after a doctor tells him to? Arrest the non-compliant resisting son of a bitch. Lock him up. The doctor knows best. People make things so complicated. I just don’t get it.

We have experts. They’re called experts for a reason.

Your car breaks down. Who are you going to take it to? A florist?

A professor at a medical school says the COVID vaccines are safe and effective. Are you going to ask a podcaster whether he agrees?

You want to know medical truth? Do you read a fishing magazine? You read a medical journal. What’s happened to education in this country?


Hold on.


I just came across something.

July 26, 2000, Journal of the American Medical Association; author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; “Is US health really the best in the world?”

Starfield reported that the US medical system kills 225,000 Americans per year. 106,000 as a result of FDA-approved medical drugs, and 119,000 as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals. Extrapolate the numbers to a decade: that’s 2.25 million deaths.

Here’s something else:

Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998: “Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients.”

The authors, led by Jason Lazarou, culled 39 previous studies on patients in hospitals. These patients, who received drugs in hospitals, or were admitted to hospitals because they were suffering from the drugs doctors had given them, met the following fate:

Every year, in the US, between 76,000 and 137,000 hospitalized patients die as a direct result of the drugs.

Beyond that, every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience serious adverse reactions to the drugs.

The authors write: “…Our study on ADRs [Adverse Drug Reactions], which excludes medication errors, had a different objective: to show that there are a large number of ADRs even when the drugs are properly prescribed and administered.”

This study had nothing to do with doctor errors, nurse errors, or improper combining of drugs. And it only counted people killed or maimed who were admitted to hospitals. It didn’t begin to tally the people taking pharmaceuticals who died as consequence of the drugs, at home.

Here’s something else:

BMJ June 7, 2012 (BMJ 2012:344:e3989). Author, Jeanne Lenzer. Lenzer refers to a report by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices: “It [the Institute] calculated that in 2011 prescription drugs were associated with two to four million people in the US experiencing ‘serious, disabling, or fatal injuries, including 128,000 deaths.’”

The report called this “one of the most significant perils to humans resulting from human activity.”

The report was compiled by outside researchers who went into the FDA’s own database of “serious adverse [medical-drug] events.”

Therefore, to say the FDA isn’t aware of this finding would be incorrect. And the FDA certifies, as safe and effective, all medical drugs (and vaccines) before they can be released for public use.

Here’s something else:

“The Epidemic of Sickness and Death from Prescription Drugs.” The author is Donald Light, who teaches at Rowan University, and was the 2013 recipient of ASA’s [American Sociological Association’s] Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of Sociology. Light is a founding fellow of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2013, he was a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard. He is a Lokey Visiting Professor at Stanford University.

Donald Light: “Epidemiologically, appropriately prescribed, prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death, tied with stroke at about 2,460 deaths each week in the United States. About 330,000 patients die each year from prescription drugs in the United States and Europe. They [the drugs] cause an epidemic of about 20 times more hospitalizations [6.6 million annually], as well as falls, road accidents, and [annually] about 80 million medically minor problems such as pains, discomforts, and dysfunctions that hobble productivity or the ability to care for others. Deaths and adverse effects from overmedication, errors, and self-medication would increase these figures.” (ASA publication, “Footnotes,” November 2014)

None of the above reports factor in death or injury by vaccine.

Given the reports on medically caused death and maiming I’ve just cited and described, it’s obvious that…

Leading medical journals around the world, which routinely publish glowing accounts of clinical trials of medical drugs…

Are spilling over with rank fraud, on page after page.

Indeed, here is a stunning quote from an editor who has quite probably read and analyzed more medical-drug studies than any other doctor in the world:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Dr. Marcia Angell, NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”)

Compare that quote with one from Anthony Fauci. In an interview with the National Geographic, Fauci stated: “Anybody can claim to be an expert even when they have no idea what they’re talking about…If something is published in places like New England Journal of Medicine, Science, Nature, Cell, or JAMA—you know, generally that is quite well peer-reviewed because the editors and the editorial staff of those journals really take things very seriously.”

Uh-huh. Of course. Right.

Given these mainstream reports of what amounts to a holocaust I’ve cited and described in this piece…

…You would think the federal government must have launched a major operation, many years ago…

…To reconstruct, from the ground up, the US medical system, so that it’s no longer killing and maiming SO MANY people, on and on and on.

But you would be wrong.

Of course, you MUST believe what the impeccable doctors are telling you about COVID; and you must follow the politicians’ orders, because the politicians are taking their cues from the doctors.



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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

77 comments on “Arrest people who don’t follow doctors’ orders; put them in prison or camps

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    My Raven

    ( Grateful thanks to Edgar Allen Poe, Mike Rowland and the inspiration of My Muse)

    Once upon a midnight Icy
    During the bleakest of Decembers
    A wily old raven came to visit me
    With wisdom no one remembers,
    While outside my frosty window sill
    I heard the winter gods chanting
    Whose breath of frigid chill
    Wracked these crusty old bones
    And I came to realize rather starkly
    That I am all alone!
    Adrift in this insane theater of universal wonder
    “Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dreamed before”
    On a stage adorned by arch of winking star
    Where the gears of fate tear our hopes asunder
    And through this ever joyful veil of tears
    I celebrated with bended elbow,
    All those lost and forlorn years
    Riding my bar stool of sweet forgetting
    Slamming down drams of liquid courage
    And In this magic moment of lonely agony
    I felt the cold breath of death’s awful scourge,
    Then I remembered that delicate
    summer rose posing coyly
    Above her thorny vine
    Offering her joyous soliloquy
    With her blossom sublime
    Giving my suffering heart new life,
    What star crossed role I wondered
    Have I been blessed with?
    To ride the passion of the great mystery
    Onto the beachhead immortal
    Atop the barren dunes of modern history
    While Mephisto did, in the background, chortle
    I crooned my love song blue
    As I desperately bargained with the devil
    Before my final debt comes due
    And as the old Sol skirts the winter horizon
    Carrying his sleepy dreams
    Of a seductive summer love,
    Sweet flashes of intoxicating fragrances
    And pretty pastel colors
    For in those lusty remembrances of yore
    The mystery miracle whispers to us
    ‘Nameless here for evermore,’
    How did this something from nothing come?
    And why do we conjure the ghosts of yesterday
    When day is finally done?
    Where our memories have no substance
    Chasing us through our waking slumbers
    Entombing our dreams in sepulchers of lost hope
    And then the Raven spake to me;
    ‘Arise noble one and with thy sylvan wings
    That fate has fashioned carefully for thee,
    Meet thy true destiny
    Fly away between the sky and the sea,
    Beyond the nets of this mortal life
    And you will escape this dreary pall
    With its cruel refrains of bloody strife
    That leave the body torn and bleeding,
    For in the joyful wonder of it all
    Is born the ecstasy of true being.’
    And as my soul grew stronger
    I thanked my raven friend
    For sharing his wise and terrible lore
    And when he finally flew away
    I feared the sting of death nevermore!
    Now in the stillness of dawn
    I began my journey to the edge of time
    And flying above the rivers and streams
    I rode the currents and eddies of fate
    And found the land of hopes and dreams.
    This was all I had ever wished for
    To reach beyond the stars
    And the great mystery explore
    Through the cracks of my broken heart
    ‘Merely this and nothing more.’

  2. AJ says:

    Jon it just doesn’t stop the deception, fraud, out right lies, no respect, hypocrisy, premediated murder by those licensed by governments to protect our health. The facts you have exposed of these disabilities and deaths is SCHOCKING!!!! As always you support your articles with proof anyone can research. Hopefully, your articles wake up the complacent and save lives.

    • Michael Freed says:

      Either the ‘vaccines’ have been tested & those mandating them know they kill & are murderers, or they haven’t been tested, & thus mandating them breaks international war crime law. Either way, we have legal, non-violent means of stopping the people mandating the vaccines & thus stopping the vaccines. All it takes is for a few people here to have any courage.

      Now we’re not even facing death. What ARE we facing? A constipated-looking scowl of disapproval from Nancy Pelosi?

      It would take fewer people than are on this page to organize. What will get others on board is One Other Person expressing a desire to do so. One Other Person…

      …to join, encouraging others to. Let’s see how many decide to…

      • Sharon says:

        You are absolutely correct and I am with you 100%. All we have to do is say NO! We do not comply. We will not blindly acquiesce to tyranny and corruption anymore! It is hard to get people to give up their fears of the looming, evil government entities (IRS, for example), but fear is what keeps people controlled and submissive.

        If Trump can bring 55,000 people together in Florence, AZ at one place and at the same time, so can we!

        • Christina says:

          Trump is NOT our “friend.”
          Operation WARP SPEED???
          NOT GOOD!!!

        • eceres says:

          It’s of note that is what works for them, one group, one place, to be ignored by media, or only seen by a few. What is effective is a millions groups of three or four people making effort. Focus around us, where we live. Get others to share info.

          Anything else, or ‘online’ or ‘organized’ works for them, not us.

          Just saying think of ways to use energy differently, and think local, stop looking across the territory. The problem is where we live.

        • Michael Freed says:

          We can do better than that. What use is TELLING the people who get paid to mandate the vaccines onto us that we don’t want them? We can MAKE THEM drop the mandates.

          See this:

          Someone is SUING politicians for their illegal mandates.

          Politicians are CITIZENS, not Olympic Gods above or exempt from the laws. We don’t have to WAIT for them to voluntarily acquiesce. As I mentioned before, either the vaccines HAVE been tested & they’re harmful & they KNEW that & illegally mandated them, or their only possible defense, they HADN’T BEEN TESTED yet: in which case, mandating them was illegal for THAT reason.

          Either way, we have them & can legally, non-violently get the mandates stopped tomorrow if enough people have the courage to…

          Stop waiting for Daddy-Government to come to their rescue.

          Hmm… I think I see the problem with my plan…

      • Rosline Loutsios says:

        A must-watch!

        What a rare jewel! All coming out from our beloved and admired Top scientist and yes, medical doctor, none but Dr. Anthony Fauci.

        Please watch the truth nothing but the truth.

        Here is the link:

  3. Opie Poik says:

    Maine Doctor Loses License, Ordered to Undergo Psych Evaluation for Treating Covid Patients with Ivermectin, ‘Spreading Covid Misinformation’

    Dissent as psychiatric condition. Welcome back, Stalin! (Oh – and the vote-counting, too . . . )

    • BDBinc says:


      Every Drs should get special psych treatment for diagnosing and treating patients with and for ” covid19″ as it does not exist.

      They clearly have a mental infection.

      “Covid” is misinformation.

      • jj says:

        They suffer from delusions, cognitive dissonance and corruption. Those who believe the germ theory are just stupid, those who know it’s a scam and keep on jabbing people and refusing them treatment (ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc) are pure evil. 90% of doctors are either stupid or evil, sometimes both.

  4. Ken McEntee says:

    Actually, yes.

    Arrest the pharmacists who refuse to fill doctors’ prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin while patients are dying.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a pharma drug made by vaccine manufacturer Sanofi, and Chloroquine is made by Bayer [of Bayer-Monsanto]. They’re synthetic copies of a plant called Cinchona Bark, available everywhere for a few dollars.
      Ivermectin is also a pharma drug made by vaccine-manufacturer Merck in partnership with Sharp & Dohme (MSD) and trials of it were funded by the Gates Foundation. Just follow the money trail.

      They’re getting the “vaccine-hesitants” to voluntarily promote their own toxic pharma drugs as “natural treatments.” All bases covered.

      • John H says:

        An inconvenient truth. Just one reason why I favor Chlorine Dioxide. But still, those drugs work. How many members of congress was it who quietly took Ivermectin? The financial aspect is not a motive, it is a benefit. The same as stealing their treasures were benefits of killing Jews

        • Jim S Smith says:

          I favor natural nutrition and using whatever native plants in my area.

          Nature is very good at offering up a solution to virtually every problem in nature.

          – “The fruit of every tree; Leaf of every herb . . .

        • Marten says:

          Been using MMS for 20 years now, awesome product !!!!

      • Rosline Loutsios says:

        So, what would you recommend to replace Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) or Chloroquine as natural remedies to avoid getting sick if being forced to get the poisonous shots?

  5. Paul says:

    “By the Eternal…”

    “How the “fellow by the name of Rowan” took the letter, sealed it up in an oilskin pouch, strapped it over his heart, in four days landed by night off the coast of Cuba from an open boat, disappeared into the jungle, and in three weeks came out on the other side of the Island, having traversed a hostile country on foot, and delivered his letter to Garcia —”

    “Have I put the matter too strongly.”

    ~ Elbert Hubbard
    {A Letter To Garcia}

    a mere furniture maker,
    among other things.

  6. Christina says:

    Thank you very much for this.

    The many people who have tried to warn us about the full on brainwashing in US Medical Schools, along with heavy training in pure arrogance for the MDs, and the Rockefeller pharmaceutical industry, those who have attempted to get this information out there for years, have had their work suppressed totally and/or end up missing or “suicided” or otherwise dead.

    But now it’s out in the open because they’ve come so far, there is nothing we can do.

    It is clear that anyone who is giving these injections and prescribing poison are knowingly and willingly complicit in genocide.

  7. Christina says:

    Also, citing “frivolous asbestos lawsuits,” George W. Bush and his administration passed new restrictive laws regarding medical and dental malpractice suits, along with other lawsuits regarding medicine.

    As a direct result, no one can sue them anymore because of the details of those laws, making them untouchable. The only recourse is no recourse at all either: class action lawsuits.

    I joined one when I was seriously injured by a pharmaceutical drug. A long while later, I received a check in the mail…for fifteen CENTS.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      That’s because malpractice suits are capped in damage awards to: $250,000.

      That’s also WHY you find most “malpractice lawyers” actually working FOR defense of the medical establishments.

      They did this via the economic side.

  8. Orpheus Owl says:

    So those numbers don’t even factor in vaccines or those not in hospitals. And has the tally of deaths & adverse reactions since the year 2014 vanished down the Memory Hole?

    P.S. Joe Rogan’s allowed to dispute the effectiveness of the vaccine as long as he keeps insisting the VIRUS IS REAL. I don’t know why he’s being held up as such a hero because he’s keeping the whole deception alive.

    • Tom Bernard says:

      Thank you, Orpheus Owl; I listened to two minutes of Joe Rogan this morning about Pelosi’s reaction to insider trading… Neither Joe or his two cohorts had any idea how much Pelosi makes as Speaker of the house, or even how much the President makes… They fumbled through dollar amounts then continued as if they were a reputable source of information. As usual I shut Joe off… In my worthless opinion people like him do far more damage than good.

    • Raven says:

      Same for Dr. Malone. People think: “Oh, the mRNA inventor! He must know what he’s talking about!” Our owners don’t care if the herd knows they are being genetically modified, they only care that the herd doesn’t find out they have been genetically modifying humans in various ways to suit their needs for thousands of years

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Just like MOST of the “alt-right media”.

      They ALL are still keeping the story “about a virus” alive and well, because “fear” sells!

    • Orpheus Owl: Exactly on Rogan. He is perpetuating the lie of germ theory. CON-TROLL-ed opposition. No wonder millions of people and hundreds of doctors and who knows how many other med-tech “professionals” are cheering him on: Nobody has to change their faulty death-cult beliefs when they make Rogan and Malone their heroes. And the black magicians win another battle.

      It hit me last night that most people are literally programmed to accept sickness as inevitable. This is surely a global psychosis, Wetiko.

    • eceres says:

      The idea is to keep people in front of tv, or smart phone, or web, or distraction sports, anything except focusing on what matters, in real life, ourselves, where we live. The do not want us out sharing info among ourselves.

      I share info on web — while trying to get people mostly off it. 90% of time or sharing effort should be around us where we live, not on web.

      That’s not to say shouldn’t check in here or there such as Jon’s site, just saying when sht gets worse, the one thing people will regret is failure to focus around them.

      The crap in ‘dc’ is irrelevant, big supposed alt media are controlled, those controlling the county or city is more important than fake pres. Who puts fluoride in the water.

      Getting people to focus a thousand miles away, or on a plastic box, have been a big cons, and works for them.

  9. Tim says:

    “The Emperor has no clothes!”. Or, “look at the pathetic little man behind the curtain pretending to be Oz The Great and Powerful…”.

  10. Tracy says:

    Back in March 2011 I went to a doctors appointment as I was having problems sleeping due to the fact that I had been researching the ingredients of childhood vaccinations. I told the doctor I was fine but he insisted that I see a psychiatrist.

    Stupidly I fronted up at the emergency ward where I was questioned by a shrink who asked if I’d take sleeping tablets if he wrote me out a script. I told him I wouldn’t take them so he called security and I was taken to the locked ward and drugged against my will.

    Here I am in 2022 still being drugged with an “antipsychotic” by injection as I will not take their poison pills.

    Stay well clear of the drug dealers in suits!

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      Absolutely mind-boggling to be drugged repeatedly by force!

      What bothers me to understand is why you are still going back to that hospital to accept those “antipsychotic injections after long eleven years? Are you kidding us?

      If you have sleeping issues, there are so many natural remedies available. Also, perhaps you need to address your unhealthy lifestyle.

      • Christina says:

        I can possibly explain why someone would “go back.” COURT ORDERED INJECTIONS OR PRISON They all are, once “diagnosed.”

      • Tracy says:

        No I’m not kidding at all. You see, the drug dealer (a psychiatrist in this case) will lock me up in the “hospital” and FORCE drug me if I do not turn up to be injected with the so called antipsychotic. He has told me that.

        They will call security if I refuse the oral drugs and pin me down, remove clothing to inject toxic drugs into my body. You get the picture? 🙂

        Surely I’ve done something to make this treatment necessary? No I haven’t. I’ve got a recent report from a shrink stating that I am concerned that the Covid vaccinations will be mandated for my children to attend school. That’s true. Disturbingly that’s one reason why they continue to drug me. It’s plain bloody evil!

        After been forced to take this toxic crap for so long I do not have good health. How can one have that whilst sleeping up to 17 hours a day and being 50 kilos overweight?

        Yes, again as a result of taking the drugs.

        The dosage has been drastically reduced due to the disabling effects. If only I could get their claws out of me once and for all. 🙂

    • Shazaad Bacchus says:

      Absolutely correct.

  11. Tom Bernard says:

    As long as Gates, Fauci and the pathological lying Politicians and MSM are the spiritual leaders of the covid and vaccine scam I’m not buying any of it… And the fact that people fiercely defend covid even though the common cold, the flu, bronchitis and pneumonia have disappeared from the face of the earth just goes to show how much more dangerous the multitudes are than the lunatics orchestrating the con… And that’s without considering the long lines at the covid testing sites even though the CDC has finally admitted the PCR tests are worthless.

    • Rosline Loutsios says:

      Did you know that the new “rapid testing kit” is another bioweapon?

      According to recent research data coming from Cyprus, this testing kit contains Sodium Azide, a rapidly acting potential deadly chemical that exists as an odorless white solid.

  12. Doug says:

    I worked in pharma for over 36 years and what you have stated is more than truth. The protection received by the pharmaceutical industry is wrong.

    Keep it up Jon

  13. The Watchman says:

    Good article as usual, Jon and will be linking
    as usual @
    Linked an article on a report by Rasmussen on Sunday that says nearly 50% of all Democrats are in favor of fining and locking up anyone who questions the jab. Just questioning it!! And 45% are in favor of doing it to those who refuse the jab. I guess that would be me and many others for both instances. Where is the love for your fellow man?
    Do these people not know after 2 years that it is all about control???
    The government of Australia just admitted that the reason they won’t allow Djokovic to stay in the country is because they were afraid he would become an “icon of free choice” if he was allowed to stay and that it really wasn’t about his health status. There you have it. It’s all about control!!! Linking that article as well.

  14. Jim S Smith says:

    Guess some of us were actually brought up the right way?

    I have very rarely had to take “prescribed medications” (mainly anti-biotics). My “gut” is still a mess these years later.

    Our medical “health care” system is a sick joke on America!

    We probably pay one of the highest rates for our “health care” in the world, and YET – a large percentage of the drugs manufactured, the research for them was funded BY OUR GOVERNMENT!


    What a sweet business model! – Not only is “medical research” completely underwritten by The People’s money (at virtually NO cost to the manufacturers), but also an unbelievable amount of liability protection written into “law”!

    Another example of “public-private partnership”, huh? ? ?

    – “The public pays, and pays, while all the profits remain private!

    And look what we all get out of the deal:

    1. Increased morbidities,

    2. Higher infant fatalities,

    3. MORE obese, sickly people,

    4. More poverty (from “hospital/medical” bills),

    5. And NO standards of accountability on the whole of “medical practice”,

  15. FriedEggs says:

    Thank you and God Bless you Jon!

    Please consider the work from Dr. Rudolf Steiner and his incredible vision about many items – but even future vaccines to rob the soul – from 1923…

    A Future Vaccine to Prevent Knowledge of Soul and Spirit
    From The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness (Bristol: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1993; GA 177), p. 85.
    October 7, 1917


  16. Joeg says:

    A little off topic for this post, but I’ve never seen so much ‘proof’ that SARS-CoV-2 exists in one place. I had never heard of the American Type Culture Collection. Where have they been for the last two years?

    But take a look at the Story-at-a-Glance for a real jolt. Warning: It will take a strong stomach or high tolerance for BS.

    Gotta love those ‘cell cultures.’

    • JamesS says:

      The Sars-Cov-2 cell cultures don’t exist either or only existed temporarily. Virology argues that certain viruses cannot be isolated but we can grow specific cell cultures to ‘prove’ it exists.

      What I found out was there is no true samples that were grown from the original Sars-Cov-2 cell culture. When you buy an isolated Sars-Cov-2 virus CRM for your laboratory, you instead get a completely unpurified sputum sample from a sick patient.

      You are given the Sars-Cov-2 sequence and instructions on how to create a cell culture and virus artificially but you don’t get a sample of the original.

      Therefore, even within mainstream virology there is no proof of the Sars-Cov-2 virus existing as the original cell culture could not be grown and shared with laboratories.

  17. Christina says:

    In Marxist Communist [Bill?] Ayers’ takeover-government playbook, (Ayers was mentor of both Obama and Clinton), the very first objective and goal listed is to GAIN CONTROL OF HEALTH CARE. Fist and foremost, it is healthcare takeover.

    Did this begin under FDR? His NEW DEAL? Or under Johnson’s Great Society (welfare state)? Or both?

  18. Scott McCutcheon says:

    The, so far, seemingly un-ending stream of “variants” is a lot like the FED / the BoE / the ECB cranking up the printing presses, isn’t it? Creating “some – thing” out of absolutely no-thing. Do you see the correlation?

    One serum after another, seemingly un-ending. In the financial world un – authorized trades conducted by the broker are called “churning”. Do you see the correlation?

    It’s ALL counterfeit! It’s ALL COUNTERFEIT! It’s ALL fraud and far worse!

    And people thought DADDY (gubmint and the “experts”) was there to protect them.

    Remember the scene in Gladiator when Cammodus and Maximus were in the arena and they embraced? Who stabbed whom in the back? Who represented the “gubmint” and who represented the people? Do you see the correlation?

    PEACE and be well.

    • Geo Martin says:

      Gladiator did not represent ‘the people’ but the individual. There is no people without the individual. The ‘we the people’ is a trick to de-personalise the individual giving power to a system of control over those people.

      It should be we the individual, the human being with God given rights, with the sole responsibility to obey God’s law. God didn’t create ‘the people’ he created man and woman.

      • AJ says:

        The term “We the People” is used to show unity and strength against tyranny. The individual and his independence has not been lost or subverted but give further support to voice his opinion openly.

      • Theo says:

        “‘We the People’ means every Individual.” — Jon Rappoport

  19. Madgalene says:

    Read Robert Kennedy’s book on the Real Anthony Fauci and all the sickness and suffering caused by he, the Gates from hell, and Big Pharma will begin to make sense.

    • Shazaad Bacchus says:

      Only now? Where was he all this time? I would stay away from this loser like the plague, the same way I would stay away from the people he condemns in his book. Kennedy has always been pro-Establishment and pro-Pharma.

  20. Chr says:

    By the way, the swabs that they stick way into your nostrils, reaching into the BRAIN, pierce the brain barrier, allowing for all brain infection.
    I even suspect that the swabs themselves are preloaded with infectious disease.

  21. george says:

    things you cannot do without government approval:
    – build a house
    – drive a car
    – own a gun
    – go fishing
    – collect rainwater
    – hunt
    – get married
    – work
    – fly a plane
    – take drugs
    – heal people
    – leave the country
    – start a business
    after covid:
    – enter a store
    – walk outside
    – breathe fresh air
    – speak
    – be healthy

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      Basically….you can’t live.

    • Geo Martin says:

      It all comes down from the concept of ‘we the people’. Democracy is the only system where a dumb majority ‘elect’ a ruling class to tell all of us what we can and can’t do.

      Covid is democracy in action, the dumb majority believe, therefore is imposed on us.

      Empower the imbecile, marginalise or co-opt the intelligent and you will rule unchallenged.

  22. Kuno van der Post says:

    If doctors only knew how they are about to be betrayed, they would all be at the front of the protests.

    Within 5 years the MD/GP will be replaced with a google app.

    You won’t feel sick, your phone will just notify you one day. There will be an Rx QR code and off to the pharmacy you’ll go. The tablets will of course contain transponders so they can tell if you’ve taken them. And if you don’t…

    Any doctors reading this, better start thinking of downsizing.

  23. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Arrest people who don’t follow doctors’ orders; put them in prison or camps”

    The level of disrespect and inhumanity towards others today is off the charts. People are becoming less human by the day. They are fully losing their capacity for tolerance, compassion, and understanding. In short, people are becoming flat-out ugly monsters.

    “Every year, in the US, between 76,000 and 137,000 hospitalized patients die as a direct result of the drugs. Beyond that, every year 2.2 million hospitalized patients experience serious adverse reactions to the drugs.”

    And since They have been getting away with this for years… and because Big Pharma has bought and purchased United States of America, Incorporated ‘government’… nothing will happen to ever change this atrocity. They certainly are getting their money’s worth.

    “Leading medical journals around the world, which routinely publish glowing accounts of clinical trials of medical drugs…Are spilling over with rank fraud, on page after page.”

    ‘Leading medical journals’ are propaganda rags under the thumb of the Big Pharma Death Cartel.

    Be damned careful with anything today called, ‘Peer Reviewed’. What the hell good is Peer Reviewed when the ‘experts’ are all polluted by agendas and big dollars from dark sources. There is no honest scholarship going on because it is NOT ALLOWED. Everything is to manipulate you and others into doing something of no benefit to you but which will enrich Them. Everything you hear today at its heart is a damned commercial of one kind or another to twist your mind and thinking. ‘Peer Review’ today is completely worthless.

    ‘Physician, heal thyself’. And take the damned Peer Review experts with you.

    • Christina says:

      The 1960’s ushered in an age of TOTAL REBELLION.

      No longer was it Leave it to Beaver innocence, but the 60’s was an engineered era of dismantling morals.

      Gloria Steinem, women’s libber (CIA ASSET), breaking up the home and flooding the work force to drive wages down;

      The music that seems to have begun with Elvis Presley and his disgusting dance moves that intoxicated unwise kids…and on and on with all others.

      This was ENGINEERED.

      The 1960’s Rebellion was engineered by the devil himself.

  24. Toni says:

    Thank you, Jon, for publishing this investigative journalism, in such short supply today! Helpful comments here, too. Will share.

  25. Christina says:

    “They” laugh at us all day long. Hilarious.

    There IS NO DIFFERENCE between “Right” and “Left.” They are the selfsame beast and they are ACTORS. They pretend to be on opposite sides while they work toward the same ends. Americans are IDIOTS…And I do not exclude myself!!!!

    Below is the actual skinny on American Health “Care” and how the pharmaceuticals are the center of it which makes us sicker, bankrupts us and and then kills us. And they drilled it into our heads since we were infants that “America has the best health care system in the world!” Repeat the same damned lie enough and it becomes “TRUTH!!” So-called Obamacare raised health costs over 500%.

    The Nazis (SEE PROJECT PAPERCLIP) AND the Communists brought the best of their filthy evil ways HERE to AMERIKA.

    America is a sick joke and it lures people here from countries (that have been destroyed by the American military) with LIES about FREEDOM…and LIBERTY…

    Yeah, “freedom” to be ENSLAVED. And Liberty to be KILLED by the Rockefeller Pharmaceutical drug pusher “doctors” in white lab coats.

    Please See all show notes and links:

    • Larry C says:

      JORDAN PETERSON REPORTS FROM CANADA: “We are playing with fire!”

    • Michael Freed says:

      Meanwhile, everywhere, cowards who can NOT ACT without the Express Written Permission of their authority figures are waiting for their authority figures. To give them permission. To…

      It doesn’t really matter, does it? The politicians whose orders they are waiting on are the ones mandating the harms, intentionally, for $. They’re not going to voluntarily stop doing so, ESPECIALLY NOT for worthless people too cowardly to stand up to them.

      Can you imagine being Mitch McConnell? You actively block Heroic First Responders from getting needed medical aid. You do this for $, openly. For two full years you REMIND the American public that taking private $ while in public office is a federal crime (for Obvious Reasons) that you are committing daily & all these supposedly woke folk just pretend that they never heard that because even though they number in the TENS of millions AT LEAST just within the U.S.A., they are too terrified to work together. There is NO NUMBER HIGH ENOUGH that would be large enough for cowards to feel protected enough in.

  26. Banana Republican says:

    Reminds me a conversation with medical academia I once had. A professor said that if would be in need of an emergency appendix surgery, he wants to be taken to rural doctor with 5+ years of experience, and never to a fellow specialist professor. I wonder why?

  27. BDBinc says:

    Rogan and Rand up a tree spinning the one narrative ” covid”.

    They only say in media that they want to “arrest them” to give their controlled opposition “covid” narrative some CRED/ legitimacy.
    Rand arguing masks, directing attention to that only is a distract debate as long as the one narrative ” covid” is protected and not debated or questioned.

    All govt covid measures and rules are illegal, unscientific and insane.

  28. Opie Poik says:

    Are COVID-19 injections the “ethno-bomb” Israel began developing in the late 1990s?


    The good Dr. Lee Merritt, in a recent broadcast with attorney Reiner Fuellmich, clarified the foregoing further. She spoke about how Australian scientists utilized “immunogenic contraceptive” technology to vastly decrease the population of mice.

    The rodents were captured and injected with self-disseminating “vaccines” that kill the female ovaries. The injected mice were released back into nature, and transmitted the vaccines to other mice via shedding. It sterilized thousands of them. Dr. Merritt said that the mouse DNA vaccines were built exactly like the J&J shots. Note – the video is further down in the article, as it is referred to again.

    Project Coast in South Africa
    Dr. Merritt said there was no such thing as “emerging infectious diseases” until Ebola and HIV “came out of the jungles in Africa.” Project Coast was the name of the aforementioned chemical and biological weapons program in South Africa. The goal was to make these weapons so they were untraceable and undetectable. They’d kill, maim and manipulate slowly so it’s more difficult to pinpoint the cause. It was reported that these weapons could not only sterilize and paralyze, but also change Black men’s personalities to be more docile, and prevent rebellions.

  29. Fanny Adams says:

    One day in the near future we will see a new health system emerge to drown out the old disease system….it’s worth praying for as the medical industry has gone far enough.

    Recently to be refused a face to face visit to my GP in favour of a telehealth phone consultation has nailed it for me.

    The day will come when the patient will not become the victim but will emerge in full robust health as nature intended.

    We are evolved to be healthy…our birth rite…until we die in our sleep with a smile on our face.

  30. AJ says:

    Read an article this morning, that Spain’s police are not supporting vaccine mandates,and are contacting other police agencies in other european countries to join them. Finally, some sanity. Should happen in the USA to stop this tyranny.

  31. Larry C says:

    I’ve had exactly the same thought, Christina.

  32. AJ says:

    Found an article that stated the African country of Libya still has “HUMAN SLAVE MARKETS”!! This was disclosed regarding Hillary clinton, as secretary of state, ordering the murder of Gaddafi. Unbelievable!!!

    Maybe China is sellig their slaves there!!

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