Coronavirus: The Contagion of Propaganda

by Jon Rappoport

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March 2, 2020

“The virus is coming, the virus is coming.”

As my readers know, I’ve been presenting evidence that this so-called viral epidemic is unproven. I’ve detailed the fraud from a number of angles (archive here).

Here I want to comment on the true contagion of propaganda.

The press is piling on, as it always does. A story, true or false—it doesn’t matter—describes how basic items are disappearing from store shelves in a town like there’s no tomorrow.

The STORY causes fear. So more products disappear from store shelves in more places. Now a NEW story with photos of empty shelves takes center stage. More fear. More panic buying. And so forth and so on. The build-out of propaganda.

The psychological equation is: if there is fear, then the virus must be dangerous. But this is actually like saying: if a man walking on a street at night believes a mugger is about to parachute out of the sky, the sky-mugger must be real.

The story the press should be featuring is: “our coverage of so-called panic is creating panic.” RUN THAT PIECE.

“Today in Manhattan, six greed-head editors of major newspapers and television news outlets met to discuss how their coverage is causing more and more fear. They agreed they were collaborating to incur a desired reaction…”

“Hey, guess what?” five hundred thousand readers and viewers of mainstream news say immediately. “THEY’RE making us afraid.” If only that could happen, we’d be living in a different world.

The press is also cross-cutting stories. This technique works well. In the middle of a piece about empty store shelves, we’re suddenly treated to a statement from some public health official, who says, “Epidemic cases are coming to America. We can’t stop them.” Now you have two themes; each one gives added strength to the other. But wait. There’s more. In the SAME STORY, we read or hear about a man in Montana or Arizona who has been identified as a carrier of the virus. He’s being sequestered in a hospital. It’s a triple play. Three streams of nonsense pouring into one another.

We’re not nearly finished yet, because…social media. Someone takes the above story and flashes it on Twitter. Comments stretch out. A Twitter reader with a YouTube account sits down and turns out a quick video and posts it. His twist is: this is the big one; doomsday; it’s a planned attack using the coronavirus.

Comments below the video feature a brawl about whether the virus was made in a lab, leaked out of the lab, or was designed as a weapon. And if a weapon, who did it? The Americans? The Chinese?

YouTube demonetizes the video. This gives rise to several articles in the “alternative press.”

Now, a scuzzy outlet uses the demonetized video to make a point: people shouldn’t fly off the handle with conspiracy theories; instead they should listen to the medical authorities talking sense about the virus.

Of course, the medical authorities are blowing out tons of their own version of fear porn. They’re the propaganda experts. They use “science” to make their claims.

There are what, 20 or 30 supposed cases of the supposed coronavirus in America, out of a population of 300 hundred million? As I’ve detailed, the diagnostic tests, on which “new cases” are based, are worthless. But no matter. Join the Club of Fear. Your friends are in the Club. You don’t want to feel left out, do you?

Soon, I expect this kind of story: “Today, in Rigatoni, Delaware, a man in a supermarket unleashed a volley of profanities at the store manager, because the shelves were fully stocked…”

“Authorities transported the man to a local hospital, where he was interviewed briefly by a resident psychiatrist, who then gave a statement to the press: “I believe Mr. (name withheld) was correct. The store manager gave the wrong impression to shoppers. The stocked shelves could impart the message that we are in a condition of social normalcy, which is far from true. The virus is a very serious and immediate problem. I have contacted the town council. I recommend products should be removed from the supermarket shelves…”


Let’s get back to reality. Oh, sorry, we can’t. Because in more theater of the absurd, Mike Bloomberg, running for the presidency, just spent a million bucks (or more) for a TV ad, in which he’s posing as the president in an Oval Office-like setting, assuring the nation he would/will guide us through the coronavirus crisis.

And more politics: Part of the press fear porn is critically directed at Trump, who addressed the country with the message that the government “is doing great” at handling the virus situation.

The ladder, descending from the top, looks something like this:

* Pharma plus elite Globalists are on the lookout for: a new excuse to exert more control over populations, and new billions in drug and vaccine sales.

* In Wuhan, China, where the poisonous air pollution is creating serious illness, researchers decide a new outbreak has occurred—and it must be a virus. These professionals—local Chinese, World Health Organization and CDC—claim to find the new coronavirus in five minutes. (They never adequately confirm this.)

* The World Health Organization and CDC feed the press ominous tales about the new virus, the “outbreak,” and five minutes later, “the epidemic.”

* The Chinese government locks down several giant cities.

* The epidemic story explodes in the press.

* The “virus is spreading.” “Containment will be difficult.”

* “Containment isn’t working.”

* “New cases in other countries.”

* “It’s coming to your country.”

* Fear porn follows.

* Panic buying in stores.

* People think, “If shoppers are buying up food and water like the world is ending, I better buy food and water, too, before they’re all gone.”

Lovely, isn’t it?

An artificial crisis. The propaganda germ.

My shelves and closets and rooms at home are filled with essentials. They’re piled so high and packed so tight, I can barely move. I’m building a machine-gun nest on my front lawn, and a moat stocked with alligators. My neighbor is watching. He sees what I’m doing, so he’s installing rocket launchers in his yard…

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7 comments on “Coronavirus: The Contagion of Propaganda

  1. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Coronavirus: The Contagion of Propaganda”

    One of the many things that the Covid Con Psy Op has revealed has to do with this matter of Propaganda.

    Guess what we learned? Millions upon millions of people LIKE Propaganda. It goes down smooth and sweet and tastes good to Them. They like it and hunger for more.

    That shatters the naïve notion that ‘People have common sense’. Well, there are many who still do have common sense. Except that ‘sense’ no longer appears to be common at all. More like Rare Sense.

    Why do people like Propaganda? They don’t have to think at all. Just tell me what to believe and what to do and I’ll do it. ‘Hey, I never learned critical thinking and I’m lazy and I just want to stare down all day at my little box of magic dancing pixels.’

    So please… just tell me what to think. I’ll take it from there. I’ll swallow it hook, line, and sinker. And then I’ll work to demonize anyone who says otherwise and anything that differs from what you just told me to think. Remember, I’m lazy and I don’t want to think at all. OK, Daddy?’

    And who benefits from Propaganda? Why it’s those who peddle Propaganda. You know, the same Deep Dark State Bastards that control major State media outlets. And just about everything else in our Free Country.

    But no matter. I’m lazy and I don’t want to think for myself.

    ‘Tell me another story, Prop Daddy. Tell me a good one! I’ve got my blank-ey and my mind gaping wide empty for you to fill up to the top with your pleasant lies. Make them good ones!


  2. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    I bought into the fear & panic buying. I purchased two giant bundles of toilet paper from the dollar store. The next day a full-scale toilet paper buying spree was kicked off in the country that went bonkers.

    By the way why is DONNIE THE DIRTBAG acting bonkers everyday & nobody sane is stopping him.

    I guess this is all part of the CONSPIRACY TO DRIVE NORMAL PEOPLE INSANE & for us to put up with lying criminal politicians.

    His extremist rhetoric & actions make the other entrenched criminals in charge look normal!

  3. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    “The Contagion of Propaganda” is a most excellent phrase to precisely describe exactly what the so-called “pandemic” really is.

    I have been telling people the whole time that the “news” about the “pandemic” is the real pandemic. They look at me like I am the crazy one, which may well be the case; but, at least I can still discern when I am being lied to.

    Again, thank you for your articles which have been practically echoing what I have said from day one.

    This is a scam, It is a hoax of the grandest proportions. It blatantly plays on people’s fears.

    When people are afraid, their gullibility increases in direct proportion to their fear. It’s all a part of that intrinsic self-preservation instinct we all have.

    The manipulators and liars know this, but I thought more people had better discernment than that. I am absolutely stunned at how many fell for it and are yet rabidly defending it. I would have never thunk it!

    • RSBP says:

      Here’s a quote from the 3rd/4th century by St. Anthony of the desert, which particularly applies to today’s times.

      “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.”
      ― St. Antony the Great

  4. AD 1776 says:

    – “Propaganda IS its OWN contagion, and the main ‘spreaders’ are usually the vaunted experts, and the media.”

    “Truth” is the only, real “vaccine”!

    That’s why “they” don’t want you to have it.

  5. Knowbody says:

    Did you see this insanity?

    Not sure what happened to Adults Adulting, but Grow the Fawk up! huh.

  6. WEFHURE says:

    This is also called social engineering. And after 3 years you would think people have learned something.

    But no.

    Of course, millions now know the fake ‘vaccines’ are not safe nor effective but that’s about it.

    Have you noticed they keep all the tools of control and propaganda in place. Such as the MUZZLES in medical facilities.

    If you go to a doctor these days, it’s like going to the lunatic asylum. It’s carnival, they’re all wearing masonic garments they call ‘masks’.

    Despite these masks having been totally debunked in term of ‘science’. No it’s still there and mandatory.

    Another thing is the ‘distancing’. Still in place.

    As another reader wrote, most people love propaganda, they love to be told what to think, what to do and what to wear.

    I have zero hopes for these people. In the most jabbed countries death rates are exploding because the jabbed are dying from the vax poison or its many side effects.

    And when you even tell them that, they look at you as if you were the crazy one…

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