Damn! Will the Zombie Virus Apocalypse never come?

by Jon Rappoport

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March 2, 2020

I write this piece for those who ordinarily have their heads on straight, when it comes to understanding the basics of HEALTH—but now, because of the “coronavirus epidemic,” are drifting back into the medical model: FIXATION ON GERMS.

A correct reading of suppressed medical history reveals that the hypothesis of “one disease, one germ” is a modern con, moving down a blind alley at midnight. And when you add “one vaccine” to the formula, you get an even greater degree of lunacy.

But you also get a trillion-dollar commercial success.

I don’t care how many contemporary molecular biologists are working in labs, amplifying invisible slivers of who knows what molecules into view, and calling them viruses; it’s a con. This also applies to biowar biologists trying to create super-germs. They’re all working in the dark vis-à-vis the natural processes of the body, which are far more complex and far more protective of health than these scientists know—unless the body is interfered with by direct poisons or gross mechanical destruction.

The history of human health shows that upgrades in public sanitation, hygiene, and improved nutrition have done more for people than all the “germ-fighting” pharmaceutical interventions ever invented laid end to end.

But THAT is not a trillion-dollar commercial success.

Even when tissue samples are taken from the body, properly separated through centrifuge, and then observed under an electron microscope, by the most competent and honest researchers, you still get dead pictures of dead particles. As researcher Karma Singh has pointed out, you don’t know, from those pictures, what such particles do or don’t do when they’re alive and integrated in the body. You can’t infer that they cause disease. The whole operation of the Virus Hunters is one brassy late-night infomercial tap dancing in the long, long history of humans on this planet.

You want germs? No one knows how many there are. From various estimates, we could be talking about thousands of trillions to the thousandth power. Maybe more. If an infinitesimal fraction of the critters caused serious disease, we’d not only all be dead, we’d be dead on dead on dead.

To begin to understand how overblown all these modern epidemic duds are, let’s go to the animals. Farm animals. Pigs. A headline blares: A MILLION PIGS SLAUGHTERED. African Swine Fever Virus was discovered, and in order to stop the contagion, death was rained down on the pigs. On the farm. On the giant factory farm. So a question arises:

Do you seriously think humans sat down next to each of the million pigs and tested him/her for the Virus? Drew a blood or tissue sample?

Twenty pigs tested positive and they killed the rest as matter of course. They always do.

But wait. What are the conditions on this massive million-pig factory farm? Let’s see. Pigs living in their own urine and feces, crowded next to one another, nose to butt, sprayed with toxic chemicals, eating chemical-laced feed—under high stress, never living the kind of existence they were designed for. Think they’re going to get sick? Think some kind of minimally reliable test might find a virus or two living and replicating in their bodies? Do you seriously think those viruses matter, contrasted against the OBVIOUS immunosuppressive ENVIRONMENT?

As the number one germ hunter of all time, Louis Pasteur, was reported to have confessed on his deathbed: it’s not the germ, it’s the terrain—meaning, it’s the body and its strength and vitality and resiliency—THAT should be the real focus of the healing profession. Building up health.

One problem. There’s no money in it.


A final note for now: When I’m told that published studies reveal the coronavirus is actually an engineered bioweapon, from a lab, I repeat the assertion I’ve been making in this ongoing series of articles:

The researchers are using indirect methods of virus detection (PCR, antibody tests), and as a result, they have no idea what they’re discovering. It could be fragments of random DNA or RNA, cellular debris, germs that live quite comfortably in the body and never cause harm—and THEN, when the researchers assemble the genetic sequences of these unknown tiny objects and publish them; SO WHAT? And when other people come along and read these sequences and claim there are peculiarities which suggest bio-engineering has taken place, the whole mess of gibberish escalates to a higher level of absurdity. Yes, it has always been the case that biowar scientists in labs are maniacs fiddling and diddling with mixtures of chemicals and germs; and yes, they should all be stopped; but to say that NOW, these loons have precisely located the new coronavirus and are precisely altering it to produce an unstoppable force—that’s really quite a fantastical leap, and it’s a leap that leads into believing, all over again, that “one germ, one disease” is the pattern of the human body. The body deserves more credit than that.

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12 comments on “Damn! Will the Zombie Virus Apocalypse never come?

  1. Paul says:


    Not even past the title

  2. Paul says:

    “This also applies to biowar biologists trying to create super-germs.”

    Hey, you should check out Veritas !

    It’s a TimeWarp Man !

  3. Paul says:

    “The history of human health shows that upgrades in public sanitation, hygiene, and improved nutrition have done more for people than all the “germ-fighting” pharmaceutical interventions ever invented laid end to end.”


    Oh come on !

    That’s a recipe for disaster.

  4. Roundball Shaman says:

    “the Zombie Virus Apocalypse… the whole mess of gibberish escalates to a higher level of absurdity… biowar scientists in labs are maniacs fiddling and diddling with mixtures of chemicals and germs; and yes, they should all be stopped…”

    ‘It’s the time
    Of the season
    With the lies piled high…
    In this time, give it to me easy
    And let me try with measured hands
    To show you all The Liars –
    To show you… every damned one,
    It’s the time… of the season for… SMITE-ing…’
    (Thanks, Zombies)

  5. Susan Taylor says:

    Jon, please go on tour at the comedy clubs! Thank you, needed this. It’s funny but not – but seriously, you gotta laugh, what else can we do?

  6. Grazyna says:

    Years ago I read “AIDS Inc.: Scandal of the Century”+, and today I wanted to verify the title and entered Jon R. Wiki. Oops, again; Wiki is so undereducated, pretty often has no idea, or provides a nonsense on the edge of an insult. Well, it’s a mysophobia, or censorship, I guess…

  7. Aron says:

    Jon you did a piece once (a subtopic of a greater topic I believe) that discussed the handful of drugs that all we really need (not the thousands). Would be great if you could revisit this again sometime.

  8. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    “There’s no money in it.” BINGO!! As I have told anyone who would listen for years now, medicine is a money business; it is not a wellness business.

    Didn’t the father of so-called “modern medicine”, whatever that is, admonish us to ‘let our food be our medicine’?

  9. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    It’s monkey time with biolpgocal implementing from one monkey to another to enhance the virus but not called “gain of function”. Now look for brain dead wanderers that have prions in the brain… In Florida I have seen an influx of fender benders and traffic accidents and people wandering about in the supermarkets like they are impaired!

    Thank you for your wonderful insights in your columns…

  10. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Louis Pasteur on his death bed admitted that Beauchamp was correct in his findings. But there was no money in Beauchamp’s discoveries.

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