Podcast: Man’s Great Achievements, Visions, and Speeches

Toppling the Mountain of a Bankrupt Culture

by Jon Rappoport

September 13, 2022

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This week I’m taking off the gloves and talking about past and present great achievements of Man.

Unfortunately, many present achievements are still on the drawing boards. They’re visions, not reality.

But that doesn’t have to stop us. People need to emerge from their caves of humility and realize that The Great is still at hand. Conceivable, doable. We can climb new mountains; we can build them.

I’ll discuss the mighty construction of the Erie Canal.

The durability of the Sorbonne University, launched in 1253AD.

The triumph of George Washington and his soldiers, who crossed the Delaware River and defeated the British at Trenton.

These last two achievements have profound and stirring speeches attached to them, delivered by Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Paine. I’ll read from those speeches, and comment at length on their language—and what has happened to it in ensuing years.

This is no small issue. When language folds up and goes on life support because children aren’t taught it, the culture disintegrates—and people can no longer envision what a rebirth would look like.

They’re cut off and isolated from greatness.

I’ll also talk about a little known achievement from the distant past: an ancient civilization of the Southwest, lost to history, who built miles and miles of water canals in the parched desert and sustained life for themselves for centuries. Those brilliant engineers did it—but we’re not supposed to. “Too complicated.”

Returning to the present, I’ll discuss several massive projects that would:

Restore abundant water to drought-suffering Western states;

Eliminate one of the major sources of death in Third World countries;

And provide electric power to communities all over the world.

These projects are large visions, and the engineering capability for them has existed for decades. What’s absent is the drive and the will and the refusal to back down to naysayers, weaklings, and purveyors of doom.

We’re smack in the middle of an era of socialism, which claims to be a kinder gentler form of government dedicated to “equality.” It’s really a tyranny pandering to victimhood as the new way of life. It’s a con that squashes achievement and freedom while promising paradise.

What is freedom for? One of the answers is: great and inspiring accomplishment.

Going down into a morass of cowardly submission and crawling around as abject “equal-itarians” fondling lowest common denominators isn’t a destiny I’m willing to accept.

Join me in this podcast.

— Jon Rappoport

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The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

8 comments on “Podcast: Man’s Great Achievements, Visions, and Speeches

  1. William Wyttenbach MD says:

    So many are not aware we are at war.

    Art of War,. Deceptions, get your enemy to distract over there, while we are staging doing here.

    They ( Black hats/ evil) have unlimited funds, their Intel collects analyzing all patriots in alternative websites ,… You bet what Juan o Savin,

    Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Mel K, Gen Flynn, Dave X22 report, Dan on the fringe, gene Decode,Many more truthers,Trump/ patriots/ our Constitutional military, access to quantum computers,

    Black hats know, white hats have in place guards against election fraud theft, so election has to be postponed or prevented,. London bridge down has fallen,. Black hats, opportunity to gather black hat main players at funeral and this global aviation summit to plan coordinate their next evil strategy.

    Everyone awake & awakening, ponders when will our constitutional military will go overt, martial law/ EBS ( emerg.broadcast system)…

    I am sure, the timing will be like a ” thief in the night, when no one is predicting, and it will be fast and furious, tsunami. Will there be kinetic multiple deaths,..yes, …

    Collateral deaths of innocents? Yes.

    Sadly it cannot be avoided

    Military is the only way. Too much infiltration of black hats ( dEVIL/ Lucerferrian cult/ deep state/ swamp/ K Mafia/ Jesuits/…) In all areas .

    As last resort, 83 million armed, American hunters with guns in an American Revolution # Two, …this would be, massive bloodshed, destruction loss of life in our war fight for freedom, preserve our Constitutions 1791/ Bill of Rights, for ourselves and for our loved children’s children.

    Prayerfully, our current Commander in Chief/ Trump; constitutional military will pounce in infinite synchronicity at the most powerful and balanced moment for success, with most minimum loss of American lives.

    William, M.D. Hon. Discharged, Major, USAF. Sept 13, 2022

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:


    With grateful heart I greet this fine fall day
    I relish those first brisk kisses of sunshine
    Illuminating the randy squirrels at play,
    Warming a ridge of stout pines
    That look down upon this madly moving world
    With awe and wonder,
    What a mysterious miracle is life
    Cocoon of our gestating souls
    That have crossed the bloody eons
    Marching to time’s unforgiving cadence,
    Prisoner of so many mortal Creons
    We are the miracle of love
    That has come to bloom
    As the rose is born
    Goddess of eternal beauty for a day
    Above her whirl of thorns
    What does it all mean?
    We have been given the gift of life
    Filled with the breath of the divine
    For one brutish moment,
    Seed of eternal delight
    Missa Solemnis sublime
    Festival of life
    Celebration of so many lost loves
    Nourished by bloody rivers of strife,
    For one brief moment in time
    We blossom forth
    In each magic moment
    Songbird for a day
    Crooning our tragic ode to joy
    Epiphany of a love turned blue
    Above feet made of clay
    I thank you
    For the passion of your mystery
    That infuses this broken heart
    Canceling the crimes of history
    That chase us from star to star
    And fill me with the water of life
    Down at yonder gutter bar
    Where no one listens
    To the mad musings of an old bardfly
    Who pretends he knows
    But cannot see
    A blind bardfly at that
    Grateful for a glimpse of eternal beauty
    That has liberated me
    From this wasteland of duty
    And tho I may not have a clue
    My tears could fill the seven oceans
    Oh, and I have had a few laughs too
    What can I say;
    Thank you!

    • Opie Poik says:

      Was “bardfly” a typo, pure inspiration, or the idiot-savant ouija board of the subconscious mind?

      “Happiness is itself a kind of gratitude.”
      ~ Joseph Wood Krutch

      “To have passed through life and never experienced solitude is to have never known oneself. To have never known oneself is to have never known anyone.”
      ~ Joseph Wood Krutch

      Here’s music titled “Bardfly”: https://www.johnallee.com/

  3. Opie Poik says:

    “Not a day passes over the earth, but men and women of no note do great deeds, speak great words and suffer noble sorrows.” ~ Charles Reade

    “The Unknown Citizen” by W. H. Auden

  4. Opie Poik says:

    “You differ from a great man in only one respect: the great man was once a very little man, but he developed one important quality: he recognized the smallness and narrowness of his thoughts and actions. Under the pressure of some task that meant a great deal to him, he learned to see how his smallness, his pettiness endangered his happiness. In other words, a great man knows when and in what way he is a little man. A little man does not know he is little and is afraid to know. He hides his pettiness and narrowness behind illusions of strength and greatness, someone else’s strength and greatness. He’s proud of his great generals but not of himself. He admires an idea he has not had, not one he has had. The less he understands something, the more firmly he believes in it. And the better he understands an idea, the less he believes in it.”
    ― Wilhelm Reich, “Listen, Little Man!”

    “You don’t believe that your friend could ever do anything great. You despise yourself in secret, even – no, especially – when you stand on your dignity; and since you despise yourself, you are unable to respect your friend. You can’t bring yourself to believe that anyone you have sat at table with, or shared a house with, is capable of great achievement. That is why all great men have been solitary. It is hard to think in your company, little man. One can only think ‘about’ you, or ‘for your benefit’, not ‘with’ you, for you stifle all big, generous ideas.”
    ― Wilhelm Reich, “Listen, Little Man!”

  5. Judith Pecho says:

    Today I came across an article that Jon Rappoport wrote and publshed on his web site, “Faking Medical Reality”. It was very interesting as it was pre Covid 19 and seems that Faucci and the gang forgot about it and this could be helpful to them in their checking their bahvavior and what is expected of them. I wondered if Jon might want to publish it again, as It was pretty detaile and informs the people what we should be able to expect in drug testing. Nice work two years before Covid 19, John.

  6. george says:

    Let me list some of the things I have witnessed under socialism in EastEurope (1980s):

    1. No (low) heating in winter

    2. Electricity outages

    3. Food rationing

    4. People encouraged to spy one on the other

    5. No freedom of expression. You could loose your job or even go to jail for wrong ideas

    6. All media controlled

    7. All education controlled

    8. Not witnessed: when socialists took power, we had huge inflation

    9. Newspeak language

    What we did not have: majority of population believing in the propaganda

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