Renaming Monkeypox to “Remove the Stigma”; Ah, yes

by Jon Rappoport

September 14, 2022

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Political correctness has reached this point: writers won’t explain what they want people to be correct about, because naming it would be taken as a sign of incorrectness.

That’s stupid beyond stupid.

“There’s this thing you shouldn’t say because it’s cruel, but I can’t tell you what it is because then I would be cruel.”

Uh huh. Sure. Thanks.

Case in point:

CBS News recently posted an article with the following strange headline:

“NYC health officials look to rename monkeypox over stigma in communities of color.”


Here is an excerpt: “As the number of monkeypox cases continues to rise, the New York City Department of Health sent a letter to the World Health Organization demanding the disease be renamed, saying the virus does not originate in monkeys, and may stigmatize vulnerable populations.”

“Councilman Erik Bottcher from Manhattan’s District 3 says that can be triggering.”

“‘Just like the name “Spanish Flu,” these names have a loaded meaning. And when we talk about public health, that’s not what we want to talk about. We want to talk about the facts, how people can protect themselves,’ Bottcher said.”

It turns out there is no mention of “people of color” in the article; only in the headline.

What’s going on?

Public health agencies keep reporting that the overwhelming number of purported monkeypox cases are occurring in gay men. Are gay men suddenly “people of color?”

The CBS headline seems to be suggesting that somewhere, somehow, there are people who associate “monkey” and “people of color.” And those people have to be stopped.

But the article won’t spell out what I just did spell out, because even mentioning it would be taken as racist.

Therefore, you get a mincing weird headline, and then the actual article fails to mention what the headline is suggesting.

Sounds to me like the editors, headline writers, and possibly the authors of this CBS article are all inmates in strait jackets in a mental hospital.

But because I’m always here to help, I have a few suggestions for renaming monkeypox:





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36 comments on “Renaming Monkeypox to “Remove the Stigma”; Ah, yes

  1. sifubernie says:

    How about facheepox?

  2. Teri Belyea says:

    Easy to rename.
    Monkey business
    Funky pox
    Monkey see Monkey do
    Or in line with their motives, Honky Pox

  3. Ed says:

    Bambi is much kinder

  4. Lisa Sarenduc says:

    SO GOOD!!! Made me laugh out loud with the absurdity of the nonsense to which you held up a magnifying glass. Thanks again.

  5. Jim S. Smith says:


    “They” had already played the “drums of racism” over “COVID-19” (which was named that for the purposes of being completely neutral of any perceived BIAS).


    “They” also attempted to play “the race-card” over those who refused the “COVID-vaccines”!

    Just about everything can be taken to be “racist”, or “race-tinged” – depending on the thoughts of the day!

  6. george says:

    So, redskins and Asians are offended?
    Because black is not a color. Neither is white.

  7. The Watchman says:

    Good one as usual, Jon. It’s clear now that everything has to be racist. Part of the divide and conquer strategy, And don’t forget, it’s unsafe for black women to fly economy, They are better protected on the same plane if they move up to first class. Must get free body guards with your champagne. Especially if you are black mayor using tax payer money. Linking as usual @

  8. Paul says:

    “Sounds to me like the editors, headline writers, and possibly the authors of this CBS article are all inmates in strait jackets in a mental hospital.”

    Yes yes.
    Each day, it is too amazing, to yet again, experience, one of THEIR inane gestures, at living.

    It truly is Fantastic, in a certain way, how Mind, seems to decay.

    Alice in Wonderland ?


    THEY Are Too Funny.
    In a sad way.


  9. Patrick O'Brien says:

    Call it “Homo Pox.”

  10. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    How about we call it Dan Andrews POX

  11. Casey says:

    The CBS author of the article attempted a follow up piece in which he tried to interview a barrel of monkeys. His goal: highlighting the viewpoints from within the monkey community on the matter of humans attributing their poisonous lifestyles (manifesting as pox) as somehow attributed to the primate community.

    Unfortunately the interview was cut short when one of the primates ripped the interviewer’s arm off. Unfortunately, it was in fact his microphone wielding arm. The author thanked the monkey for not removing both arms and deeply apologized for his whiteness before vacating.

  12. Raven says:

    Well, actually it is “racist” if you consider the name was invented by the globalist pigs who, even though they inhabit human bodies to hide the fact they are obviously not human, to separate themselves from the “monkeys” from whom they told us humans descended by a series of mutations (i.e. mistakes.) It is therefore a direct insult to every organic human being, until said individual wakes up to the fact Darwinian evolution is just another globalist hoax and that we did not descend from monkeys (or any other primate) at which point they can simply ignore the whole monkeypox hoax altogether like they should have done from the beginning.

    • Andy says:

      nobody ever said humans evolved from monkeys – humans ARE Great Apes and all modern Great Apes evolved from an ancestor which was not a Great Ape

    • Xavier says:

      What you have stated is incorrect. No reputable authority has ever claimed that humans descended from monkeys. But it has been claimed that both species evolved from a common ancestor, as did other species of primates. The more fanatic religionists would howl that evolutionists asserted that man evolved from monkeys but that notion was a misinterpretation on the part of the religionists.

  13. Safe&Effective says:

    When I first read this I assumed they were concerned with triggering Monkeys. On second thought however, with the proliferation of animal testing in bio-labs on our simian cousins they are likely not too concerned with that.

    I would like also to be helpful so, I would point out that with “Small Pox” already taken, “Medium Pox” and “Large Pox” are still available.

    Although the latter might prove to be too triggering for fat people.

  14. William R Hall Jr says:

    It should be called the Vaccine Injury Pox.

    That would give main stream media a chance to be honest for a change.

    They’ll want to keep up their fear mongering to improve their ratings though so they’ll probably end up calling it something like Apocalypse Pox.

  15. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Political correctness has reached this point: writers won’t explain what they want people to be correct about, because naming it would be taken as a sign of incorrectness.”

    Every one of us faces a massive question. Do we live to be ‘Politically Correct” or do we live to be PERSONALLY Correct.

    We know what Politically Correct means. How well do you conform to someone else’s views and how much of yourself are you willing to submit yourself to the tyranny of some kind of Group Think.

    Or, how well do you live YOUR OWN LIFE according to your own views and how much do you commit yourself to being authentic to your own unique personality and your freedom to be your own person… even if that means ‘offending’ someone (the horror!).

    News Flash: Not everyone in the World is going to agree with you. You are going to ‘offend’ people every day even should you try not to. It happens, and it’s OK. This was built into Life.

    Another News Flash: We were not put on this Earth to be robots to someone else’s ideas and agendas. You were put here to be… YOU… with all your talents and all your flaws and all your Politically-Incorrect ideas.

    And those who don’t like that need to grow up and be adults instead of the fragile juveniles that they are trying to be all their life who only want to see and do and encounter and experience what They want. That is being a baby to the max and this is squandering their chance to be a real person and experience the freedom that goes with that.

    And if someone calls you ‘insensitive?’ Good. It’s your right.

    And if someone accuses you of being a ‘racist’? Good. Maybe you are… or maybe you aren’t… but either way that’s none of their damn business.

    And if They say They are ‘triggered’? They don’t have a clue just how ‘triggered’ They can become.

    This World is not a Pre-School despite the efforts of countless people to make it so. This is a beautiful, tough, challenging, vexing, wild-ride of an experience to enjoy to the fullest.

    You do not enjoy a roller-coast ride when you don’t yell and scream and wave your arms around and spend the whole ride trying not to ‘offend’ anyone on the coaster. You howl and scream and feel every bump and turn and horror and pleasure.

    So this must be with Life.

    Screw political correctness. Just go through Life living the Golden Rule and you’ll be fine. This has worked for ages and it will continue to work for ages if we let it… that is, if we hold on to our humanity and quit being someone else’s damn robot-for-programming.

  16. David L Gaskill says:

    How about Prejupox?”

    I also like the Baboonic Plague.

  17. Grellis says:

    This reminds me of the recent spat on social media where some leftist got in trouble with other leftists for making some error with I think pronouns. When the leftist making the error apologised, she was then attacked because making apologies is now apparently bad form because it puts an onus on the victim of the error to forgive the transgressor’s guilt! They actually suggested that if she found the need to apologise in future she would need to put a “trigger warning” at the top of her tweet before actually apologising. I kid you not. I learnt about this madness in a recent Paul Joseph Watson video.

  18. nfw says:

    No doubt it’s the pox that cannot speak its name pox. It could be monkey-business pox. And as Fauci leaves: “Faucipox”

  19. Andy says:

    fagpox? maybe porkpox? or possibly sundon’tshinepox?

  20. Opie Poik says:

    The nanny state’s “protecting” us with banal intercourse.

    Speaking of not-people-of-color-pox, the first symptom of infection is a pounding sensation . . .

    in the . . .

    wait for it . . .


    Get it?

    Is this thing on?

  21. Not So Free says:

    How about “Pride Pox”?

  22. Chris A says:

    Courtney cox in a box pox w/lox rox fox jox doxxed.

  23. Need A Ladder says:

    There is no monkey pox in humans, there is only human pox.

    Monkeys have monkey pox as they are monkeys and humans have human pox as they are humans. There is no need to say it’s human either so it’s just pox. If the postules are small it’s small pox, if it’s large it’s large pox. Anything other than just calling it that is monkey business.

    This “renaming” if it happens will be fun to watch. I am betting it will NOT be named simply POX which the language science says is what is accurate. They will make up a whole new acronym disease to make it a new threat.

    This in my view is another of endless games these drug pushers and their coordinated conspirators at the top of this pyramid scheme play on the public. They knew very well what would happen with calling it monkey pox and thus the call to rename it based on racial prejudice and such will keep the stir going.

    IT’S POX. They know it’s just pox. Let me know the second any of these hustlers say it’s just pox. Without any of them saying that you see the hustle it’s in their eyes and dribbling out of both sides of their mouth.

    It’s all more distraction from the cold and flu hustle of the last two years the purpose of which was planned to force on the public new genetic engineering flu shots to replace the failing flu shot model that takes too long and is based on what does not exist, viruses. Since Lanka proved in court viruses do not exist they had to warp speed a new “technology” which is code for Hustle In Virology (HIV).

    Watch Fauci and New Yorker staff writer Michael Specter discuss the plan in 2019 saying “Why don’t we just blow the system up” and “There needs to be an element of excitement” referring to creating a panic to get the public to take genetic engineering experiment they would not normally participate in.

    Oh and the comment to call it Vaccine Injury Pox that acronym is VIP so that could be fun. Example, “The VIP is causing people to act like monkeys.”

  24. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Quite incredible here in Ireland the judge put a teacher in jail and is still there because he refused to go along with transgender rulings.The media keeping silent on this, if it was a LGBTQIP that got jailed it would be all over the news and would have public out protesting on the streets.

  25. Donella says:

    Skunkypox…for obvious reasons.

  26. Stef says:

    This linguistic charade gives decent law abiding monkeys everywhere A bad name.

  27. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Sounds like “they” have renamed the harmless virus, stolen from a French researcher, by Fauci, in 1984ish, and again attributed it to “mostly” Gay Men, which Fauci named Acquired Immunity Disfunction Syndrome (AIDS).

    The Gay men like NitrosOxide sprayed over their dance floor — it relaxed the sphincter muscles. The long term exposure to nitros oxide takes a toll on the immune system.

  28. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    As an Australian, I take an exception to the term KOALA POX. Koalas have enough problems with Chlamydia.

    What about:


  29. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Yeah, as if renaming it would make a world of difference! I am offended that they are offended; so, let’s just all be offended together. I am sure that will fix it. I mean being offended fixes everything nowadays doesn’t it.

    The sooner we all admit that we simply prefer our own race, since we have more in common within races, the sooner the “raaaacist” trash will end. It’s as if we are not allowed to choose our friends without some artificial quota being applied.

    We are indeed living in an industrial strength, clownish, perverse facade of alienation from facts and reality!

  30. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Thank you Jon, you can be very funny, too! I choose Bambi pox because both are stories.

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