Anti-Russia? Try this on for size

by Jon Rappoport

March 16, 2022

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The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events.

In 1999, Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers, wrote:

“Antony C. Sutton, 74, has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton showed how the Soviet state’s technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet’s large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.”

Here is a telling Antony Sutton quote from his book, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (1986):

“By using data of Russian origin it is possible to make an accurate analysis of the origins of this equipment. It was found that all the main diesel and steam-turbine propulsion systems of the ninety-six Soviet ships on the Haiphong supply run [to the North Vietnamese] that could be identified (i.e., eighty-four out of the ninety-six) originated in design or construction outside the USSR. We can conclude, therefore, that if the [US] State and Commerce Departments, in the 1950s and 1960s, had consistently enforced the legislation passed by Congress in 1949, the Soviets would not have had the ability to supply the Vietnamese War – and 50,000 more Americans and countless Vietnamese would be alive today.”

“Who were the government officials responsible for this transfer of known military technology? The concept originally came from National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, who reportedly sold President Nixon on the idea that giving military technology to the Soviets would temper their global territorial ambitions. How Henry arrived at this gigantic non sequitur is not known. Sufficient to state that he aroused considerable concern over his motivations. Not least that Henry had been a paid family employee of the Rockefellers since 1958 and has served as International Advisory Committee Chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, a Rockefeller concern.”

If you think such traitorous actions could never have occurred, I point you to another researcher, Charles Higham, and his 1983 classic, Trading with the Enemy.

Higham focuses on World War 2. The men behind the curtain Higham exposed are in the same basic group that Antony Sutton exposed.

Higham, Trading with the Enemy:

“What would have happened if millions of American and British people, struggling with coupons and lines at the gas stations, had learned that in 1942 Standard Oil of New Jersey [part of the Rockefeller empire] managers shipped the enemy’s [Germany’s] fuel through neutral Switzerland and that the enemy was shipping Allied fuel? Suppose the public had discovered that the Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars’ worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the head office in Manhattan [the Rockefeller family among others?] Or that Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France with authorization from Dearborn, Michigan? Or that Colonel Sosthenes Behn, the head of the international American telephone conglomerate ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler’s communications systems and improve the robot bombs that devastated London? Or that ITT built the FockeWulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops? Or that crucial ball bearings were shipped to Nazi-associated customers in Latin America with the collusion of the vice-chairman of the U.S. War Production Board in partnership with Goering’s cousin in Philadelphia when American forces were desperately short of them? Or that such arrangements were known about in Washington and either sanctioned or deliberately ignored?”

Getting the picture?

War, what is it good for? With the same elites backing both sides, it’s good for business. It’s good for creating chaos and destruction. It’s good for launching new global organizations, in the aftermath; organizations that exert a level of control and reach that didn’t exist before. It’s good for launching organizations like the United Nations and the European Union and the World Trade Organization—dedicated to Globalism, which in turn is dedicated to planned civilization, in which the individual is demeaned and the group is All.

Freedom is demeaned; and dominance by the few over the many is hailed as peace in our time.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

38 comments on “Anti-Russia? Try this on for size

  1. Dr David Hill says:

    Yeah, 100% TRUE as always Jon.

    War and Peace – The Fundamental Base of Continual Wars and Who Fuels the Worst effects on Humanity (the Main Source Players)

  2. Barb says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. WARS ‘help’ a country’s economy.

    Wars enrich the ‘elite’.

    I don’t believe that the People realized this years ago, but today, more and more are seeing just WHO is getting richer because of these wars.

  3. Opie Poik says:

    The Best Enemies Money Can Buy An Interview with Professor Antony C Sutton – 50+ minutes

    Sutton on Skull & Bones

    Oliver Stone’s 2016 “Ukraine on Fire”, now suddenly banned from YouTube:

  4. Paul says:

    Fritz Springmeier says:


    “During WW II, FDR, could have stunted greatly, Hitler’s beginnings, technologically speaking, that is.

    Diamonds are used in gyroscopes, used for navigation, & perhaps “balancing,” of both Air/Sea crafts.

    FDR, via American financial & political strengths, could have told de Beers (I think, this one was the big producer at that time) ‘NO DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, WE’LL BUY OUT YOUR ENTIRE STOCK, YOU WILL NOT SUFFER ANY FINANCIAL LOSSES YOURSELF OR BUSINESS.'”

    The rest is history
    Business as usual.

    Or both.

    Diamonds are sometimes rough.

  5. Al says:

    Nice one Jon. Anthony Sutton spelled it all out in his books and in his lectures. You may find something on the likes of youtube, if they haven’t been taken down (as with many others).

    As for that P.O.S. Kissinger, I once saw on the Peloponnese, Greece (1980) in a small town, a poster with the words WANTED for WAR CRIMES. That was 42 years ago and he/it is still lurking around in the shadows dealing in death and misery…..

    Amazing too how the whole con-vid caper morphed so quickly into another hate fest and this time with a visible one!

    Keep up the great work Jon, you are highly appreciated – Al 😉

    • Opie Poik says:

      UK tricked US into WWII against public sentiment:

      The official story is always a lie in favor of the few who seek to rule the many. The guy across the river is not the enemy. War is the enemy.

    • Jennifer says:

      I love the idea of a wanted poster in Peloponese / my mother always says “ we will remember the Peloponesian wars , but not what caused them .” So there ya go – some war monger if character , on the post on the pole , right on the street . What I am studying now is why one voice is able to engage many – my theory is that the war monger is adept at discovering an un lit shame based cave into which the echo of his/her voice is not muffled by truth , as the void was created by godless suffering – such as hunger and starvation , fatherless ness and war casualty abandonment , mother wounding and torture . Once the war monger discovers the trauma , they then trauma bond with a psychosis and boom , up and running . Poverty and economic collapse – is what I believe the trauma shame cave is created out of for the Russian side – they say “ we will eat herring without Parmesan cheeses “ ok . On the Ukraine side , it is plain old hunger and starvation . So – there is this Russian tv show where the guy just cooks raw meat of all kinds in special cooking devices , like metal kebabs over fire bowls , and special ovens .. not much talking – the depicting of the provenance of this meat is not included in the program . For language to resonate , non verbal memory images must be collectively felt . This meat cooking tv show which fascinates my brother started to fascinate me . It was the silence involved . I continue here : I believe that the war monger speaks “depictions” into the dark cave of shame , which then light up that cave with retribution , and thus the war monger attains a god like quality across the board of suffering collective pawn components . That the image of Kissinger was in peloponesia / a place of historical war mongering victimization is so profound to me – I had to respond .

      • Opie Poik says:

        The reason the warmonger or other salesman is able to convince is because we are strangers to ourselves and believe in anyone but ourselves. Plus, we want gain without risk. We want someone else to die for our sins – socialized loss and privatized profit.

        “A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet he dismisses without notice his thought, because it is his. In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.”
        ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

      • bleak says:

        Jennifer, I have to respond to your response which I think is intense.

        There are many reasons how psychopaths are able to engage so many people. I think number one is inherent in the nature of this world (and maybe what you are alluding to?). The nature of this world is evil. In other words, evil is the basis for life on this planet. It’s not “good” as most people think. The “why” is a far deeper subject and beyond the scope of a blog comment. I suggest you read the Nag Hammadi scriptures especially The Apocryphon of John, On the Origin of the World and others. They can be found at gnosis dot org.

        Back to the “how.” Rulers get to be rulers because they are not only master psychologists (they know more about the nature of people than most people) but because they have tapped into the root of “social” matrixes which were designed with inherent entropic qualities. We are destined for destruction one way or another. The more people think they can beat this system, the more embroiled they become with their counterfeit spirits (aka EGO) and well it’s one great Chinese finger trap.

        So your dark occult adept who is “adept at discovering an un lit shame based cave into which the echo of his/her voice is not muffled by truth” is right on the money. Only there is more to it.

        They also use hand motion. All of them. Watch. They capture the mind of the casual observer with hand motion and movement.

  6. The Watchman says:

    Great article, Jon. You can add Grandpa Bush to your list as well. Seems that Prescott was kind of fond of Hitler or so the rumours say.
    Linking as usual @

  7. Lora Chittenden says:

    Sickening, but who’s gonna stop ’em? I guess it starts with getting the truth out there. Thank you, Jon.

  8. Tom Bernard says:

    Like many others, I’d read about the Rockefeller’s influence in starting the war, as well as financing both sides… And with regard to that; I always assumed the most vile people existed at the top of the financial ladder… However. after speaking with our computer guy yesterday, (who handles some extremely high end accounts) I was educated on the simple fact that evil is a vein that carries it’s corruption down to the lowest aspects of our societies… He spoke of local churches, the Police, Fire Department, and other businesses who were not only corrupt, but quite dangerous when crossed… So, yes, this article was spot on, with greater details than I’d ever read before… but in fact; true evil has saturated every aspect of our lives, in every Town and City world wide… And again, I repeat: If not for the inflamed egos of Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates; we might still be coasting along blindly to the destruction devouring the positive possibilities within the evolution of humanity, both intellectually and spiritually.

    • Hannah says:

      Yes and that is exactly the challenge , as long humans do not wish to evolve or confuse having a bigger house , car etc as evolving not much will change, albeit nowadays it looks like we are more and more devolving , sadly.

    • Siouxma says:

      I agree with you- War needs the participation & cooperation of We the Peasants, who have been so easy to manipulate – Look at this Lockdown cooperation to see how deeply Evil has penetrated. The infiltration of churches, schools, businesses, local govt. Is near complete and are no longer forces for Good. We too lazy and afraid now to do come up with effective solutions. Building a parallel Society that extolls Freedom right now is what it will take. There is no FIXING this MESS.

  9. Evangeline says:

    While we’re paying attention to the latest crisis we are not noticing that Ed Dowd has made a video in which he says Americans aged 25-44 years of age have experienced a “Vietnam” in the last quarter of 2021, because over 60,000 Americans in that age group died, and not from Covid. What could it be…

    Covid, vaccines, lockdowns, loss of jobs, suicides, excess mortality rates as confirmed by insurance companies, frightening autopsy reports from embalmers of people filled with clots, so many thousands disabled, and last but not least, the vaccine passport system, which they are putting into place where they can, while we are gazing at Ukraine. We are so easy.

    If they get that, it’s over.

    • ICthruBS says:

      “Think moth. Think light. That is us and that is the Matrix.”

      From David Icke’s book titled ‘Infinite Love is the only Truth. Everything else is Illusion’

  10. AJ says:

    Thanks again Jon for this exposure of evil amongst us.

    These evil monsters have no fear of retribution for their insane, destructive actions and acts of treason.

    Still the continuing push to world slavery.

    Hopefully they all get vaxxed.

  11. Vakzine Machst Frei says:

    Some people were triggered by my comments on previous article. This is because they think democracy means freedom. And they think that they live in a free country. This is completely false. The Republic is the form of government that assures freedom. Democracy is a socialist system.

    This is the best explained in first chapter of the book “The unseen hand” by R. Epperson. There is also a chapter about Vietnam war. Quite believable. more so than official version.

  12. striketheroot says:

    If one researches the American Revolutionary War and the European bankers/businesses financing the American side (like the East India Trading company) you will come to appreciate two things: 1. The early history of America is largely a work of fiction 2. At the higher levels banks and corporations are and have been forever, loyal only to money, power and control – all else is lip service.

  13. JamesS says:

    If you are Anti-Russia you should be against the Ukrainian government. Most of the current Ukrainian politicians were also joining in the the widespread corruption and theft during the Pro-Russian regimes. The lesser known politicians and non-government shills like Zelensky avoided detection while Porenshenko and his buddies were singled out as the caused of the all the financial hardships and abuse.

  14. Collin says:

    From 1938 right through the war my father, though from Canada served in the British merchant navy. After war broke out between Germany and Britain, while in either Amsterdam or Rotterdam ports, he watched as American ships would bring in loads of steel. At night, the ships would unload the steel on to German skows which had the swastika on their sides. The skows would then disappear into the night. Also, right up until Pearl Harbor, my father’s family who lived in the coal town of Nanaimo BC watched Coal burning Japanese freighters loaded with American steel come into the Harbor to top up their coal before heading out across the Pacific for Japan. US steel helped support both the German and the Japanese war effort

  15. Roundball Shaman says:

    “With the same elites backing both sides, it’s good for business. It’s good for creating chaos and destruction… Globalism, which in turn is dedicated to planned civilization, in which the individual is demeaned and the group is All. Freedom is demeaned; and dominance by the few over the many is hailed as peace in our time.”

    Will humankind on this Planet EVER move past this regressive, dehumanizing default setting of power structures and social institutions of a small group of deranged Predators sitting at the top of the pyramid and committing endless abuses upon the vast majority of people just trying to live their lives in peace?

    Sure looks like it wont. Nothing has moved the needle for centuries.

    No one has yet figured out a way to Take Out The Garbage in High Places. And the Predators now have a new group of nice toys to play with to keep enslaving We the People.

    Some observers over the years have proposed that the Earth really is Hell. It sure seems that way at many times.

    But let’s hope that is not true. There has to be another place to be the landfill for all the Garbage that pollutes the Planet if we ever figure out a way to get rid of it.

  16. george says:

    A schoolboy wrote in his weekly essay: “My cat just had seven kittens. They’re all communist.”

    The following week, the boy wrote: “my cat’s kittens are all capitalist.”

    The teacher called him up and asked him to explain the sudden change. “Last week, you said they were all communists!”

    The boy nodded. “They were, but this week they all opened their eyes.”

  17. Larry C says:

    With friends like The MIC (the military/industrial/congressional) complex, who needs enemies?

  18. IMO, Putin pursues a police action to take out the criminal trash in Ukraine. His strategy seeks specific targets with intention toward minimal collateral damages.

    To get some idea of the evil leadership/media in Ukraine, look for MH17 is MH370 and the blaming of Russia for shooting down a passenger jet with formaldehyde-preserved Asian adult bodies. MH370 and MH17 were idential models of Boeing–so identical that the circumstances of the debris indicate that MH370 was repurposed to strike a propaganda blow against Russia.

    [Moderator note: link redacted]

  19. darrell says:

    The merging of the US and the Soviet Union was discussed and sought by the financial elite in the US since the early part of the 20th C. See G. Edward Griffin’s interview with Norman Dodd:

    A pertinent exerpt from the interview:

    G. Edward Griffin:  There is quite a bit of publicity given to your conversation with Rowan Gaither.  Will you please tell us who he was, and what was that conversation you had with him? 

    Norman Dodd:  Rowan Gaither was, at that time, President of the Ford Foundation.  Mr. Gaither had sent for me, when I found it convenient to be in New York.  He asked me to call upon him at his office, which I did. Upon arrival, after a few amenities, Mr. Gaither said, “Mr. Dodd, we have asked you to come up here today, because we thought that, possibly, off the record, you would tell us why the Congress is interested in the activities of foundations such as ourselves.” And, before I could think of how I would reply to that statement, Mr. Gaither then went on, and voluntarily stated, “Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had experience either with the OSS during the war, or with European economic administration after the war.  We have had experience operating under directives.  The directives emanate, and did emanate, from the White House.  Now, we still operate under just such directives.  Would you like to know what the substance of these directives is?” I said, “Yes, Mr. Gaither, I would like very much to know.”  Whereupon, he made this statement to me, “Mr. Dodd, we are here to operate in response to similar directives, the substance of which is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States, that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” Well, parenthetically, Mr. Griffin, I nearly fell off the chair….

  20. Chris A says:

    Check out the book “Major Jordans Diaries” by George Racey Jordan. Talks about the Lend Lease bill signed by FDR.

  21. Parzival says:

    I might add that Ford had factories in Germany that made munitions and vehicles for the ‘enemy’ and it was bombed by US bombers shot out of the sky, and then they had the nerve to sue the US government for reparations for the destruction of their factories.

  22. Nobody says:

    Yet Again, this has been their MO for a couple centuries now. Get the book Philip Dru; Administrator by colonel house. It painted this picture back in the 30s.

  23. Marlene says:

    This interview of Anthony Sutton is incredible!

    1. Because of the information

    2. You dont see interviews at this caliber often

    The trilateral commission and the CFR members have been running things for a very long time.

  24. Conspiracy fact says:

    The same is still happening these days. the U.S military technology is leaked to China mainly via Israel.

  25. Laird Och Aye says:

    Germany’s War by John Wear on The Unz Review has provided xlent cognitive dissonance since last wknd following an unputdownable read. If the book speaks the truth it opens the mind to what’s behind the Russia-Ukraine invasion.

    Great article Rapper, us per usual : )

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