Yes, Trump did tell RFK Jr. to investigate vaccine dangers—and why it matters

by Jon Rappoport

August 23, 2021

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In this explosive 12 minute Theo Von video interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. [1], we get details of the 2016 Trump-Kennedy meeting, at which Trump gave Kennedy the go-ahead to investigate vaccine dangers.

This isn’t simply “setting the record straight” on what went down. The latest official figures on autism? 1 in 54 American children are autistic. So we are talking about the MASSIVE destruction of life, and the ongoing internal destruction of the country.

Investigating and detailing the role vaccines play in this horrific reality should be the highest priority.

Robert Kennedy, in the video interview, explains that shortly after Trump was elected in November of 2016, the new president contacted him (Kennedy) and invited him for a meeting at Trump Tower in New York.

During the two-hour sit-down with Trump, Kennedy explained that a comprehensive investigation of vaccines could be done without any heavy lifting by government. There was a well-known Vaccine Safety Datalink [2] [2b] [2c] [2d] which, when opened, would give independent researchers access to a vast trove of US medical records. From those records, a convincing case could be made about vaccine safety/dangers.

Trump gave Kennedy the green light to move ahead.

However, roadblocks then appeared.

Access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink and the medical records was severely limited. Two independent investigators were confined to one room—with only pencil and paper—to study medical records. The room was intentionally overheated to a temperature of 105. No copying-machine use was permitted.

Then Pfizer made a million-dollar contribution to Trump’s inauguration.

Then Trump made two grotesque appointments to his new administration—Scott Gottlieb as FDA commissioner, and Alex Azar as head of Health and Human Services. Both men had heavy pharmaceutical industry connections. Azar had served as chief of US Eli Lilly, and had sat on the board of the pharma trade group, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. Scott Gottlieb was a director at Tolero Pharmaceuticals and the giant drug company, Daiichi Sankyo. He also worked for Glaxo; and now, in 2021, after his stint as FDA commissioner, Gottlieb sits on the board of Pfizer.

Robert Kennedy’s vaccine investigation was shut down.

Did Kennedy then reach out directly to President Trump, to try to reignite the vaccine probe? The video interview doesn’t address this.

Did Trump ever explain why he allowed Kennedy’s investigation to crash and burn? Or why, at the 2016 New York meeting, he told Kennedy to announce the formation of the vaccine investigation, instead of announcing it himself, as the new President? Not to my knowledge.

One other thing. In this video interview, Kennedy says the man who keeps the vital Vaccine Safety Datalink, and all the medical information it leads to, shut down and away from independent investigators, is…

Anthony Fauci.

Once upon a time in the Empire, all roads led to Rome. Now they lead to the Good Doctor, and onward to Bill Gates.







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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

50 comments on “Yes, Trump did tell RFK Jr. to investigate vaccine dangers—and why it matters

    • …and the shocking perspective of you and all of us:

      “Forced into Green Zones – Prisons for ALL”—Prisons-for-ALL:5

      Starting at 30:00, it gets really acid. Frightening that it could come so far – but not really surprising if you know the background and the psychopaths in the background who are about to cross the finish line, if not a miracle happens:

      “Perspective – The US Went Communist Long Ago”

      • Frank GL says:

        I dunno how people can believe this garbage.

        I tried at PSI, hey.

        • Rebecca says:

          Maybe you can give a rebuttal to specific information instead of just calling it garbage.

        • VICKIE says:

          I have a Grandson with Autism now 25 yrs old Very sad our children had to go through this people like FAUCI should be of 📺 how many millions of families suffering

      • Frank GL says:

        The amount of respect I’ve lost for “people” is incalculable, and can’t be regained. I could never forgive because I never forget.

      • Frank GL says:

        It’s as if “people” don’t understand, soon 2/3rds of people will be eradicated. If not more. Whether you have bunkers or not, and you will be eternally hunted.

      • Frank GL says:

        See, “people” being one of the species with the most capacity, happened to manifest the least capacity through their actions. They happened to be worse, more useless, incompetent and pathetic than any other species imaginable.

      • TrustNoOne says:

        I’m not even sure they need the Green Zones anymore given the advent of the Smart Cities – maybe as a temporary measure until the grid is completed. KGB used to enlist people to be their snitches, well now they have the technology for that. It’s total control.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      Trump the Preselected Puppet Actor: “I recommend Take The Vaccine, I did, it’s good…” — The boo’s from his own supporters in Alabama is PRICELESS. Then he has the gall to throw in “You’ve got your freedoms.”

  1. Paul says:

    Yesterday’s (Sunday 8-22-21) C-SPAN Washington Journal (close to the end of the 3 hour program) a MD was a guest “discussing” vaccines.

    He had every “thoughtful answer,” why these vaccines are effective, safe, & necessary.

    Two callers, first a woman, who asked why other, known, highly credentialed MDs (she mention Richard Flemming MD) are not “brought into the conversation.”

    She was followed by a male caller, who asked the MD guest, for transparency of his own ties to big Pharma, etc.

    The guest hemmed & hawed with answers to both callers & blinked incessantly, while answering.

    But he was soft-spoken & polite. And that’s what matters to hosts, these daze.

    BOTH, these callers were intelligent, informed, to-the-point, & asked noteworthy questions.

    The C-SPAN host NEVER prodded the guest with his thin, in-transparent answers.

    Rather, at segments’ end, congratulated him on “handling the tough questions.”


    Matters That Matter.

  2. Frank GL says:

    Yes, and Trump did support Fauci, and did allow funding, and does suggest everyone suggest vaccines at “warpspeed” (that being the rate at which you’re degenerated) was a good idea.


    • Rod Taylor says:

      Trump was on the right track but so much flak came toward him at every second of the day from every direction. I too thought the boos were great in Alabama. They’re also proof positive of who the regimented obedient fools truly are — all of the Democrats. They try to say we’re blind followers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe Trump thought by saying take the shot that he’d be letting off the hook all his followers who are increasing identified with the anti-vax sentiment (even Larry Elder in California is called a pro-Trump anti-vax candidate. We have to rise up in mass. If Trump gets re-elected he better govern as a different Trump than before. He should shout “bring me my meat-axe!” and clean house. What a huge job it will be. He needs a Ron DeSantis as VP, someone who can carry on the purge for 8 years after the four remaining Trump years. Democrats must be driven from government. Trump simply didn’t know. He does now.

  3. Orpheus Owl says:

    Yes, Trump DID just get booed yesterday after telling an Alabama crowd of supporters to TAKE THE VACCINE, and I quote: “I recommend take the vaccines, I did it, it’s good, take the vaccine. You got your freedoms, but I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know.”

    This is all he had to say to keep those pharma paychecks coming. Just another paid actor reading a script and talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    • Amanda says:

      Yes, that’s how I see it. At least some Trump supporters are starting to call him out on this. His supporters seem to believe that he cares about them, but these vaccines are killing people (he has to know) and he’s telling his supporters to take them!

      Here’s a conservative calling out Trump for supporting the kill shots and for his supporters continuing to support him when he’s not taking a stand against medical tyranny:

      16 min worth hearing this guy’s take on it, plays segment of Maria asking Trump questions and gives his take on it. Maria Bartiromo asked about vax passports, Trump ignores and brags about himself. Asked about the most important issue on the planet (medical tyranny, vaccine passports, loss of freedom, people losing jobs), he doesn’t give a crap, he doesn’t care about you. Selling his jab like a used car salesman. How can he be a leader for our movement (movement against medical tyranny/Great Reset)

      THIS is exactly how I feel about TRUMP …. Listen to it ALL and stop being stupid.

      I like this guy- here’s his twitter (he basically calls out the Trump groupies and cult members, points out that Trump doesn’t care about us, and how he changed–back in 2016, he talked about the damage the vaccines were doing to the kids and the autism connection, then he got Pfizer money, appointed Pfizer lobbyists, and now promoting the poison kill shots)

      And on Jon’s twitter, he has a video of AJ calling Trump out for continuing to promote the poison kill shots.

      • Rod Tyler says:

        You people better support Trump or find someone even smarter and more fierce — because it’s all over unless we take back the government from Obama.

  4. CSPAN used to be pretty good at one point but they turned and I turned them off. Other then to know your enemy, no reason to watch any of the TOADS on the boobtube. Technocrats Oppressing Adversaries of Dystopian Society. Still working on the acronym for TOADS but I think it’s better than trolls and some of the others.

    People don’t want to believe the U.S. is nearing economic and social collapse and if the plug is pulled most will not be prepared. When nobody knows but We never seen this much tyranny and despotism in the world, at least in my lifetime and I was born in 1952.

    Interesting that Trump told Kennedy to investigate and then ignores all the studies and results. The infamous Ralph Nader once stated, the only difference between a democrat and a republican is how fast their knees hit the floor, when the corporations come knocking at their door. Some humans are just to ambitious to be given such power. I’m not sure what all the drugs, vaccines and environmental toxins have done to our brains but it can’t be good from the results we are observing.

  5. Truth says:

    Kennedy was being played by Trump. Trump never intended to do anything about the murder weapons. When will people learn that Trump is a deceiver and has always been a deceiver. Blaming everyone else but Trump is the game plan that has led us to more of the same false hope: believing in LIES that Trump The Liar tells.

    • lu says:

      you are SO spot on, no one seems to see thru the theatrics this charlatan actor feeds the hungry, sheeple. They are mad upon their Idols, and hes just another one , well paid asshat and connected to the pharma industry (See Whitney Webb’s work for the deep connection!)

      • Amanda says:

        It’s true. I scan the comments at Trump supporter sites, and most continue to believe he cares about them, as he recommends they take the bioweapon injections. There are some, however, who are starting to get angry that Trump continues to act like these injections are a good thing, when they are actually killing and seriously damaging people. And they are getting angry that he remains silent on the issue of the vax passports and mandates, which are causing people to lose their jobs.

        I remember when Trump first got elected, Bannon said “hold us accountable.” But his supporters seem unable to do this– it almost seems like they are groupies or in a cult, where they cannot acknowledge that the guy made a serious mistake. I honestly don’t know how his supporters continue to overlook this and give him a pass on this, when this is being used to genocide us and enslave those that are left. You would think with something this serious, when lives and freedom are on the line, people would start to look out for their own best interest, but apparently not.

    • Steven Kaspar says:

      So on the money.

  6. Orpheus Owl says:

    I admit I was suspicious of RF Kennedy Jr. at first with his obsession with the absurd notion of making vaccines “safe” while fixating on mercury (just one of 100 toxic ingredients), but lately after watching his recent videos on his Children’s Health Defense website, I believe he’s authentic.

    He has been constantly talking of the deaths and injuries piling up from the mRNA gene mutation injection — and unlike Trump in Alabama yesterday, does NOT “recommend taking the vaccine”

    • Andrew says:

      I see your point and you may be right about rfk Jr but he only ever talks about safer vaxs but never question s the concept at its core

      • TrustNoOne says:

        Same as Andy Wakefield (although the latter may have changed his mind lately).

        I think Weston Price Foundation and maybe Dr Mercola and of course NVIC are about the only ones that have been consistent in their anti-vaccine stance.

      • Kriss says:

        Sometimes I think that’s a bit of a tactical maneuver considering how ballistic the other side shouts “ANTI-VAXER” and quickly dismisses the speaker warning about vaccines. It keeps them a little quieter for a time so you can be heard. One thing for sure: All shots and drugs are different. I agree the concept of vaccines at their core is questionable. Slowly, much of the populace has been inured to the concept of a shot, or a drug, for everything that ails ya.

  7. TrustNoOne says:

    The roads still lead to Rome. Fauci openly admitted he was “Jesuit educated”.
    Every industry – from banking to entertainment – has connections to Rome via one of their orders (like Knights of Malta) or secret societies (Freemasons). Even the KKK is organized like a religious order. Vatican – or, to be more precise, its anti-Christian controllers – has always been the #1 enemy of liberty.

  8. michael Burns says:

    But remember this; Kennedy isn’t against vaccines, he is pro-vaccines. He wants safe vaccines. He and the drug company know quite well, in fact. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine. There never will be a safe vaccine.

    The Kennedy’s are blue bloods and elite, and Bobby Kennedy knows more than anyone what happens when you cross the controllers.
    You get a cap in your ass, or is that “back and to the left”.

    He is a limited hangout. I do not trust him, he is a lawyer and we all know how many lawyers it takes to screw in a light bulb.

    • TrustNoOne says:

      Agree, he’s also pushing the global warming scam. If he’s honest, he’s still controlled opposition.

      • Eluard says:

        Yeah, the climate change thing is a big goof on his part, he doesn’t get that. OTOH, he has sued and won to protect rivers and ecosystems around the world. So in his mind he probably ties it all together.

        But I don’t think Bobby is controlled opposition. He’s been fighting and exposing Big Pharma for many years. Does he go as far as Jon or Icke or Kaufman? No, but not everyone can or will. His group just won a suit against the Telecom industry around 5G. We need him, he’s out there talking about this darkness and shining light on it. Day in and day out. Like Jon.

        • michael Burns says:

          ” […]he has sued and won to protect rivers and ecosystems around the world. So in his mind he probably ties it all together.”

          That’s such easy money for ambulance chasers.

          “Children’s Health Defense (CHD) won its historic case today against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), [a case challenging the agency’s decision not to review its 1996 health and safety guidelines regarding wireless-based technologies including 5G.]”

          *emphasis mine*

          That like challenging toy manufacturers who put cautionary warnings on their toys back then in 1996 stating “Small parts on this toy [will] cause choking and death”, to the now newly reviewed by the Telcom industry stating “Small parts on this toy [might] cause choking and death.”

          The later seems more consistent with the truth.

          Bobby’s court decision emphasis as cancer as a possibility of 5G use…

          That’s a no-brainier…of course they cause cancer, they cause cancer in people who mine the raw materials, they cause cancer in the people who drink water near those REE’s, or the disposal sites of REE’s.

          I don’t know about you, but, I feel everything tech makes and is modified by that industry is causing cancer and cancer is population control. They use rare earth elements which are cancer causing, affecting respiratory and blood they pollute the environment, and because of the expense of these elements, recycling has become an industry, an industry that is the worst polluter on the planet, with the waste from the manufacturer of their gadgets added to that fact, bantering about about 5G technology is superfluous.

          You think there is an absolutely safe use of microwave energy?

          My educated answer to my own question is, it does not matter if it is 3,4 or 5G Don’t use a cell phone, ever! They are dangerous. never so much as when they are thrown away after obsolescence.

          Microwaves penetrate human cells. That why its call Microwaves. And, the the more you use it, the more you are cooked.

          Bobby Kennedy knows this, he is controlled opposition. But that’s his gig ya see, its an illusion of hope. It’s an illusion of a white knight on a horse for all those ladies that plug in.

          Last point, with hope i not sounding too intense on this subject, you think Bobby needs to shine a light on this shit storm we are in?

          Do you have eyes, do you have ears or a mouth?

          • Eluard says:

            “That’s such easy money for ambulance chasers.”

            Oh, really. Suing to protect rivers. Okay…

            I’ve come to expect cynicism from you Burns, but that really takes the cake. I wonder, do you wake up in the morning in search of what you can piss on? Especially if it has a glimmer of hope or optimism?

            Yeah, you’re a seasoned warrior, I get it. You really “know the score.” Rather boring, on the whole.

        • TrustNoOne says:

          He’s doing something good… not denying it. However, he could still be chosen by the elite to appeal to the opposition. Kind of like Ron Paul and the libertarians.

        • michael Burns says:

          “I wonder, do you wake up in the morning in search of what you can piss on?”

          You think I wake up and decide to piss on your particular party — your not that important slick.

          Bobby Kennedy and his kind are there to appease people like you and blow smoke so far up your ass that is keeps you sterile without a fire in the belly. It soothes you primal fear. It keep you thinking that there’s a white knight fighting and saving you, he builds hope and its a shadow on a cave wall, wake up and look around.

          All the lawsuits that he made against water polluters has is made a difference except raise the wealth of the Water Keepers alliance and NGO organizations like it, the water is more polluted than it ever was and now water keepers is a $ 20 million dollar a years NGO that is toothless and just another bloated bureaucracy.

          Where does the money go slick???

          Bobby packed it in after some 33 years of being controlled opposition in Water Keepers. They gave him a dinner and plaque to put on his wall with all the other plaques.

          People like seeing his face in the media, that he won some big a case after countless hours of litigation. It soothes America’s broken heart to see the son and Nephew of the Kennedy fallen in gallant action. Reminds them of Camelot.

          Spins a narrative and has done for decades and decades…Joe Kennedy was a crook and bought the presidency.

          But you forget JFK jr he is a blue blood and a lawyer. Bobby J hasn’t had a bad day in his life , he’s living the dream. In all that Kennedy wealth, on the Kennedy compound.

          You forget he went to a Georgetown Prep school and was taught by Jesuits, and then on to Harvard law… he is a lawyer and big time lawyers like Bobby go 35% of the take and generally run around the $250 an hour.

          And it’s demagoguery for your kind

      • michael Burns says:

        Yes and as you know what’s the best way to heal the climate problem which is putting sooo much carbon in the atmosphere — to inject the useless eaters and shorten their miserable lives of the expelling of carbon.

        It’s easy; less carbon via less humans. Viola, 2030 is easily reached.

        Wikileaks leaked transcript of a bugged telephone conversation between Don and Bob of no known origin:

        ” Hi Bob, yeah, I wanted you to head this vaccine thing, but my little hands where tied, and what can you do. Don’t think there was anything going on about the lawsuits back then, it was, ya know the big guys and business…and we don’t cross them”

        ” Too right buddy. It’s okay Don, personally I’m trying to get back to being Bobby, ya know the one that ‘all’ the girls like, not just the anti-vaxxers, in fact I am having a hard time getting into my favorite restaurant and everybody thinks I’m one of those weirdos, I use to be special and like Al Pacino, every-time I try to get out they pull me back in a again. This career busting vaccine thing, I am sorry I signed on, it takes a lot of time and I personally would rather be on the water, sailing… its affecting my image too… And my kids don’t like me, ya know kids right, they don’t know the finer details, they think I’m…

        “No hard feelings!”

        “Yeah..listen…we should ah…play a round. Whadyathink Donny. Or, you could come sailing with me. I do like you ya know…and listen I use hotels and use yours a lot, is there any chance of getting a little lifetime discount — say 10% when I use your places overseas? ”

        “Sorry Bob I have to cut this short, a super duper urgent call, listen call me later, bubye.”

  9. Tim says:

    It probably won’t matter, it’s GOD’S Will this thing wind down. As The Truth dawns on those people whose body has expired, they will exit this Dream Of Lies, thereby shrinking it. Because when The Truth dawns on them, they will remember their True Will is One with GOD, and this dream was an experiment testing the Truth of that.

  10. Lauran says:

    I am amazed here at the people on this site who want to demean Donald Trump every chance that they get! They probably did not benefit from the many things he did while in office to benefit this country. Who would they prefe? “Slick Willie”, “Obummer” or perhaps the senile old fool that we have in there now?? Donald Trump is no medical expert. He was naive, and still is with such things. He is a BUSINESSMAN; and God forbid that this country should be run as a business!

    • Tim says:

      We don’t need any of them. The whole world is a fraud.
      “The Best is yet to come”.

    • TrustNoOne says:

      It’s not about Trump or Republicans vs. Democrats they are all part of the scam. It should be obvious by now that voting (at least on the federal level) is useless.

    • michael Burns says:

      As if it isn’t warranted.

      Donald Trump is bump on the way to oblivion.

      Tell me what did he do that was not overturned in the first sixty days of Biden. At one point Biden had 117 acts of government on his desk waiting for his signature.

      “He is a BUSINESSMAN; and God forbid that this country should be run as a business!”

      But it isn’t a business, a business is for profit driven motives and has alterior goals than a people’s government.

      A government is for the people by the people, its about the people not business.
      But even that’s an illusion now.

      So this final aim of every government institution, wither it is federal, state, city or village to be in the ‘Business of making money’ is ridiculous.

      This idea of the Corporation of the United States of America is what is killing faith in democracy.

      Democracy is being defeated by not communism or fascism, but by by capitalism which ultimately is corrupt.

      Government’s purpose is to expose that and to punish it, Donald Trump rewarded it, by giving 8.3 billion to emergency agencies during COVID; how billions to Big Pharma for vaccines for a fake pandemic that shut down the globe and has caused this clusterfuck we are presently in.

      We bought a container, a Sea-Can — of product, jars and screens for growing sprouts from China pre-Covid it was roughly $7000, the latest issue which is a nightmare in logistics to even get a ship is $21,000 on average, shall I continue…

      Trump helped kill the world with his politics, putting small business out of business and fed the controllers, billions.

    • Amanda says:

      Trump is continuing to recommend his supporters get a shot that is DEADLY–do you think he’s not aware of this?? he has to know that people are having severe adverse reactions and that there are thousands of deaths. Yet he recommends his supporters get the poison kill shot–what does that say about how he really feels for his supporters??

      And has he spoken up about his supporters who he called to DC on Jan 6th and are now political prisoners, kept in solitary confinement almost all day?? He set those people up and now their lives are destroyed. And yet, he remains silent.

      Has Trump spoken out against the vax passports and the medical tyranny that is causing his supporters to lose their livelihoods?? Don Jr. did a video in which he spoke out forcefully against the vax passports and said it’s the hill to die on, so Trump has to know. But Trump says NOTHING about them, which means he’s fine with it and has sold out the American people.

      Time to wake up and give up your cult worship of the man who set us up for disaster (genocide and enslavement) with Operation Warp speed.

      • michael Burns says:

        Operation Warp Speed which super fast tracked a vaccine that should have taken ten years to produce and now the FDA has validated that super fast vaccine as kosher.

        But yet the science, the real science states that a vaccine is impossible for a supposed Corona virus, it mutated to quickly.

  11. jha says:

    RFKjr was investigating that sh*t long before trump took office

  12. Amanda says:

    Here’s another interview where RFK Jr. talked about Trump and the vaccine safety committee. He says that Trump’s sons were present, as well as Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus and others.

    1:47:00 Talks about Gates owning the WHO

    RFK says he had a lot of meetings with Trump over the first months, but then it ended.

    1:48:00 RFK Jr. on meeting with Trump, met with him over Christmas when Trump was President elect, Trump told RFK Jr. to announce vaccine safety commission, immediately there was blowback, then Pfizer made donation of $1 million to Trump inauguration party, then Trump put Alex Azar, a Pfizer lobbyist, in charge of HHS, then he put Gottleib, another hand picked Pfizer lobbyist, in charge of FDA (he said CDC but I think he meant FDA), and as soon as those two guys came in, they shut us down.

  13. Emma says:

    I am so disappointed in trump and his family. None of them are honest and caring. I thought Trump was smarter than he is. What about Desantis is he being paid by the drug company to push the booster? I think so and when it starts to cause health problems his followers will no longer think he is great. Some want him to run for president. Feel sorry for the people who believe in him. Power and money is their game.

  14. Marc says:

    “confined to one room—with only pencil and paper—to study medical records. The room was intentionally overheated to a temperature of 105. No copying-machine use was permitted.”

    This sounds very familiar to me. The same tactics were used at the CDC (this is institution I recall). It was documented in “Evidence of Harm” (2005) by David Kirby, NY Times Journalist.

  15. Paul J. von Hartmann says:


    According to VAERS & EudraVigilance stats, mRNA vaxxes are deadly. I trust the #FLCCC Alliance, not Owchi Fauci.

    & by the way…

    All this is to distract people’s attention away from awareness of the solar UV-B radiation that’s increasing: “Global Broiling” is the real threat to this planet.Time is running out faster than we know. Check out my book & film. “Cannabis vs. Climate Change” is ultimately good news, but there’s a lot of bad news that most people aren’t even aware of.

  16. sc says:

    they still lead to rome. fauci is a jesuit

  17. sue says:

    Don’t forget Gates influenced Trump!

    05-18-18 Bill Gates saying to Trump do not Investigate Vaccine Safety!
    “He (Trump)was considering a commission to look into the
    bad effects of vaccines and somebody, I think his name was
    Robert Kennedy Jr., was advising him that vaccines were
    causing bad things,” Gates recalled. “And I said ‘No,that’s
    a dead end, that would be a bad thing, don’t do that.”

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