Fauci: a conversation in Hell

by Jon Rappoport

November 5, 2021

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Soon after his passing, Fauci found himself in a small office. A desk, two chairs, a floor lamp. The carpet was worn. The paint on the wall was peeling. A young man wearing a white tropical suit walked in and sat down behind the desk. He motioned Fauci to a chair.

Where am I?

This is Hell, Tony.

Thank God.


Of course. This is where the party is, right?

You could say that.

For years, I’ve been conducting private experiments on orphans. Trying to develop antibodies against Heaven. The results seemed promising, so I’ve been injecting myself every morning. You know, whatever works.

We’ve been looking forward to your arrival.

Good. Can I check into a hotel?

We have a room for you in the fortress. It has a view of the lake.

Just one room? I’d prefer a suite. How is the room service? I’ll need aides. I want to set up a lab.

You’ll spend a great deal of time in a lab, Anthony. As a subject.

A subject? Of what?

We run experiments around the clock.

For purposes of enhancement? Life extension?

You don’t need extension. This is forever.

What then?

We have a schedule for residents. On Mondays, we’re doing high-dose AZT trials. We’re calculating the rate of body breakdown. As you know, the drug stops all cells from replicating.

I helped pioneer the drug. There must be some mistake. I conduct and organize studies. I don’t participate in them as a volunteer. That would be madness.

The other Monday option is six hours on the rack. Body-stretching. It’s an extreme form of Pilates. You get one break for a vegan meal, two shots of wheatgrass, and ten minutes of chanting led by a failed Hollywood actress in spandex.

Something’s wrong.

Maybe you’ve been wrong.

About what?

Let’s see. Where to start? You helped lead the world into masks, distancing, lockdowns, economic devastation, a highly toxic vaccine.

There was a pandemic.

Anthony, there’s no need for obfuscation. You’re in Hell.

I take the Fifth. There was a plan. I helped carry it out. I was an administrator. It was my job. I followed orders.

You profited handsomely.

You have no idea. I made out like Rockefeller.

We know, Anthony. We’re not distracted by limited hangouts or cover stories.

I have no intention of becoming a subject or a victim. It’s below my rank and status. Talk to Hillary. Talk to Bill Gates.

We have a program specifically prepared for Hillary. Bill is a different story. He’s one of our active agents on Earth. When he finally makes port here, his arrogant ego bloated beyond all reasonable standards of propriety, he’ll require a step-down protocol designed by the Marquis.

De Sade?

None other.

This is starting to sound like a nightmare. There HAS to be a mistake. I deserve my rewards.

Do you have any idea how many I’ve heard that in this room, Anthony?

I’m a master of designing protocols and studies. I could help you.

Now on Tuesdays, we feature a forced march through thriving soldier-anthills and snake pits in a driving rain.

But Jesus is my Savior.

I doubt that.


Because you’re here, Anthony. The proof of the pudding. Remember the studies on orphans in New York, at the Incarnation Center? The body-ripping AIDS drugs administered by coercion and force? Through intubation? Many of those children died. Your agency funded the studies.

Okay, look, that’s why I’m saying I can help you. I know how to do that work.

On Wednesdays, our residents can opt for a massive breakfast of methamphetamine, after which they crawl through dark tunnels and fight it out for access to a room where attendants are standing by with counteracting injections of Thorazine.

That’s horrible.

You’ve done worse, Anthony.

But I wasn’t on the receiving end.

Giving, receiving. A few of our scholars propose that, in the larger scheme of things, Hell is merely correcting an imbalance in Nature.

Talk to Biden. He’ll vouch for me.

Biden? Really? Even if we wanted to, he’s non compos mentis.

Does that mean he’s not responsible for his own actions? He’ll go to Heaven?

Good one, Anthony. We like jokes.

Did you hear the one about the rabbi performing brain surgery on the priest? I’ve got hundreds of medical side-splitters. Do you need a court jester? I can dance and sing.

Oh, you’ll dance and sing, Anthony. Now, Thursday is straight immersion in the lake of fire. Or you can opt for being strapped in a chair and sprayed with chemicals that bring on a whole host of profound respiratory symptoms. Not being able to breathe results in some very interesting reactions. While this is happening to you, you’ll be forced to watch news anchors on television describing these symptoms as caused by a virus. For fourteen hours straight. It’s quite delicious.

Again, you’re talking about the kind of medical ops I administer. I can help you refine the parameters.

Our pros, Anthony, have been at this for a very long time. They know their business, believe me.

I’m Doctor Prestige. The most famous people in the world come to me for advice, on everything from experimental brain implants to nose jobs. Wherever I go, I’m celebrated. Feted. Showered with accolades and applause. Prime ministers want to kiss my ring.

And you’ll reconnect with some of those prime ministers in the tunnel of meth, scratching and clawing and biting and ripping your way toward a shot of Thorazine.

I’m having a dream. This is a dream.

That’s what everyone thinks. Until they don’t. Given your Catholic upbringing, I’m surprised you’re so surprised by Hell. Think Dante. The Inferno.

One of my Jesuit teachers told me Hell was just a con, a strategy to control the rubes and yokels.

Never believe a Jesuit, Anthony. Like the CIA, they wake up in the morning and they go to sleep at night lying.

And who are you? Who are you to consign me to a fate worse than death?

I’m the assistant director of Human Resources. I started out cleaning the horse stalls for the Riders of the Apocalypse and worked my way up.

I could work my way up. I’m very diligent. I can fill vials. Prepare injections. Sweep animal cages. You know, when I was a child, I wanted to be a door man at a fancy apartment building, so I could wear a uniform. I could be a greeter. Hold umbrellas for people in the rain while they’re getting in cabs.

We do have some former researchers who work in cages with animals.

You see? I could do that.

I wouldn’t exactly call it work. We lock the researchers in cages with animals they used to torture.

My God. Has anyone ever escaped from here?

There are a few stories. According to legend, Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the Nazi SS, almost made it in 2005. He was a few miles from the Unknown Forest, when he happened upon a group of gay Jewish men who were organizing a Pride event. One of the men recognized him. We might have surveillance video footage in our archive. I’ll see if I can dig it up. Now let me show you to your room. As I say, it has a nice view of the lake…

I have money.

We’re cashless.

I have connections. I’ll give you their phone numbers.

Don’t be silly. We’re bloated with connections.

I’ll give you my honor. Or dishonor. I’ll give you my soul.

You’re here, Anthony. We have you. Whole. Sliced and diced. Every which way. Now come with me. It’s a short boat ride to the Fortress along the river of ammonia. Don’t forget to put on your mask. I’d recommend two.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

49 comments on “Fauci: a conversation in Hell

  1. Theo says:

    I hear his raspy Brooklyn accent

  2. Marlene says:

    I feel as though I am in hell!

    Fauci is out there, and doesn’t seem the least bit upset as everything he predicted and told us would happen, and facilitated it to happen: is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. President Trump neither PREVENTED this from happening, nor STOPPED this from happening, he actually enabled it to happen. The worm has turned for me bigly!!

    My 2 & 4 year-old grandsons go to a private “religious” school. I suspected, but did not want to truly “know” what was going on over there….I have been excommunicated in a way from my son’s family.

    Saw the boys once in 3 months outside no hugging, no kissing, not too close!

    Here is why….THE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE CAPTURED!!! Completely and definitively! Hive Mind/Pagan/Mass Psychosis call it whatever, results the same. This is a Jewish Day School OK?

    They teach about the Holocaust for fuck’s sake!!!!!!! I am beside myself, and I have not known such mental anguish in my life…I guess I should prepare for more.

    …. Here is the update from the 18month-8th grade school.

    The head of school is a Captured PhD who has lost his mind – I know the parents WANT this too!

    “I am happy to report that since the beginning of school we have continued to be successful at our primary goal of keeping students in school and safe, while weathering the intense wave of the delta variant. With lower case rates, availability of testing, and as of this week, vaccines approved for children 5 years and older, we are clearly headed in the right direction. Please read this email carefully as there are several important points of information for all xxxxxx families.

    First, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce our school-wide COVID-19 testing program for our student body and faculty and staff which will roll out before our Thanksgiving Break. We have had a pilot group testing for over a month and gained valuable experience. The COVID-19 testing program is available for all our students as well as all teachers and staff. This PCR testing involves a shallow nasal swab and has been well tolerated by infants through middle schoolers.

    To provide the highlights of our testing program:

    Please find the consent form here that you will need to sign for your child(ren) to be tested. You only need to sign one form for all your children. Your child(ren) must have a parent/guardian-signed consent form on file to begin testing. Please complete the fillable PDF (or print, complete, and scan) consent form and email it to: xxxxxxxx

    The sooner you return your consent form, the sooner you can begin your testing program.
    There is no cost to you or your insurance carrier – this is a government funded program. If you opt-in now you will be eligible for free testing for the rest of the school year even as other testing sites institute a fee.

    Students will be tested during the school day. There is no need to come to school early or stay after school for testing.

    The test results are sent to our school nurses, usually 24-36 hours after testing. If a concerning result is returned, the Epstein nurses will contact you immediately.

    Please contact xxxxx in the administration office with any questions you have about the testing program:

    We also strongly encourage you to get your children vaccinated in consultation with your child(ren)’s healthcare provider. With the approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children 5 and older our whole Kindergarten – 8th grade population is now eligible. This is a game changer, and I was excited to see the first bunch of our students get their shots yesterday! The sooner our students get vaccinated, the farther and faster we can move in relaxing protocols. For example: all students who participate in Epstein athletics are required to test regularly through our school program. This added layer of protection is allowing us to institute a mask-optional policy for vaccinated student-athletes during practices and games.

    As you plan activities this coming month note that, at this time, we are not instituting travel or quarantine restrictions. We are able to safely do this as the disease numbers in our area decrease, as we have increasing vaccination rates in our community, and as we have been able to provide broad community testing. However, if you are traveling to a location that is recording higher case rates than Fulton County, we do ask that you contact our nurses and set up a testing schedule before returning to campus.
    As always, we ask our Epstein families to reference our COVID-19 protocol and pledge and remember to alert our nurses if you cannot affirm all its statements.

    It’s been a long 20 months, but with your support, we have thrived as a school community. I am so grateful for each of you and wish you the very best as we round the corner ahead, together.””

    We have reached critical mass and what happens next is, I fear, devastating.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Marlene, my heart goes out to you. Although this is tough to stomach, we need to face reality and be informed.

      In my area, a Holocaust survivor who was medically experimented upon in WWII, has spent many years giving talks to schools about medical tyranny. Yet, he caved when his son, in one Demon state, and his daughter, in another Demon state, insisted he take the poison shots or else they would not visit him nor could he ever see his grandchildren. Yes, he is old and likely sick, but this negates everything he tried to pass along. In the end, he did not stand up for truth.

    • Tim says:

      Yes, it is, and what the nutjobs are trying to do is make it impossible to escape. They will fail, of course.

      Number 1 priority is to deceive and program people to not actually know what this(“world”) thing is and what they(we) are, and get them to believe that the opposite of Reality is “Reality”.

      When in fact; it’s a stupid dream(certainly at this point), a self-deceiving, self-abusing dream of “life” detached from Truth.
      “Lucifer’s”(consciousness=fragmented=us) bright idea. Gone off the deep-end.

      Christ(Truth-Spirit) offers escape, by activating That Within and re-establishing contact with The Infinitely Greater part of The Son(not fooled by lies and illusions), The Son is The Totality of Everything(Real-Love-Alive) in GOD’S Creation.

      The Truth Sets Us Free. Even Fauci, if he’ll accept It and allow.
      The Truth-Spirit is indomitable.

    • Mike B says:

      Thank you, Marlene, for speaking up and sharing your story. I feel so bad for you and your family. I live in Atlanta as well and am keen to your message. Let’s all work together to make sure sanity prevails.

      Thank you, Jon, for another brilliant message. I’ve studied Fauci’s “contributions” to the AIDS pandemic as well – it’s estimated that at a minimum he contributed to the deaths of 300,000 mostly gay American men by his approval of high dose AZT for those who had NO symptoms of AIDS but had tested positive to the highly dubious AIDS antibody test (wait! I thought we were supposed to be developing antibodies to fight disease! No! In the case of AIDS, if you had antibodies, it meant you had the virus and the disease! Go figure. Fauci and his ilk make up the rules as they go along, and they don’t make any sense, except for dollars and cents.).

      Cheers to everyone on here.

    • Barbara Johnson says:

      I am so sorry Marlene . I do not have grandchildren but do have 3 children, 2 are young adults and I would be devastated if I were restricted from being with them as I normally would . We personally don’t go along with the narrative and will not take the shot. We have educated ourselves ( reading Jon’s column has been extremely helpful ) but sad to say some people do not want to listen or will not do research themselves. They give all authority to the government and it’s agencies. Is it indoctrination ? Is it because we are trained to be consumers and not self-sufficient, critical thinkers ? I don’t quite know . But until I was injured and one of my adult children was (I believe ) vaccine injured , I didn’t look critically at vaccinations either. Until the issue becomes personal will the naysayers be willing to consider information other than what the “official “narrative is .

    • dnomsed says:

      School administrators in many countries are not very intelligent. Don’t be swayed by their arrogant pomposity. They are, in general, truly vacuous.

      Run as fast as you can before they, in their ‘diligence’, ‘mistakenly’ vaccinate these children – for the good of the school and its good name.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      Jews are easy prey because of their blind faith in all things medical and desire to please God with good parenthood and health. They esteem being doctors so much and are so proud to have a son or daughter in medical school.

      We have a friend whose daughter became a big doctor at the CDC but the pride in this evaporated over time and became very sad situation.

      As a friend and student of holocaust survivors I follow such stories online and WWII in general….it’s so sad to see the absence of rigorous arguments and suspicion among everyone, but especially among Jews.

      You have sympathy and good will from my heart…

  3. Bernardo Paratore says:

    The assistant director of HR is way to lenient IMHO.

  4. Paul says:


    Dearest Tucker,

    You seem to me a decent sort. Taken aback, by the all-too rapid, sordid changes unfolding within & upon Our Fair Country.

    Your face often bears an inner suffering countenance, as you relate the absurdity of the day’s turnings.

    You seem to possess a passionate concern for the natural-working, God-endowed structure of the nuclear family & all the life giving & sustaining effects that it engenders.

    Please read Jon Rappoport’s interview of AnnaMaria Cardinalli.

    Here, for your one-on-one In-depth Interview Show, you have enough thoughtful & intelligent fodder to produce a week-long series.

    If you so choose, Interview Jon first alone, to lay down a thorough history of all things Fauci et al., Covid, etc., unreported medical folly, from his broad & deep research work.

    Then Interview AnnaMaria alone for her investigative work, powered thoroughly, via her concern & her deep Faith.

    Then lastly, bring them together, & discuss a better future, which lays in sight, if We The People, but venture toward a better way.

    And finally, ask AnnaMaria to bless this worthy media event, with a musical rendition, she chooses worthy. End this particular informative gathering & giving to The People, in which you are part & parcel, in holy music.

    Use Your Media Power now !

    This is your Moment friend.

    God Bless You & Yours.

    • Barbara Johnson says:

      Agree with you Paul ! Yes , I too hope Tucker will read your suggestions and act upon them ! God willing , God speed Tucker !

    • Ro says:


      We sent messages to Fox’s Carlson program, to his name, and provided enough material as to the inexistence of disease-causing viruses.

      No reply and not insertion in his program.

      The same with many others, like Mercola.

      This one is hollering all over against whatever, but doesn’t comprehend that the “virus”-lie would bring the whole hangman’s scaffolding down – if revealed!

      We tried scientists of every domain.

      They fall asleep. We know that most are just imbecilic adolescents who never matured after entering the hell of universities, and others (most) are merely laborers for the Hell.

      Imagine and wish – with firm belief – that it will happen: Judgment – Justice – Peace all over the Earth!

      The more good hearts do that, the sooner these devils will roast!

  5. blossomtime says:

    Excellent, translated into french and uploaded on my channel Blossomtime (Odysee) !!!!!

    Thank you !!!!!

  6. Mike P says:

    Can’t wait to pour a bottle of top shelf bourbon on Fauci’s grave, though it’ll pass through me kidneys first.

  7. Ginny says:

    Absolutely hilarious–a Rappoport classic.

  8. Diane says:

    “As I say, it has a nice view of the lake [of fire]…”

    The old “Do unto others…” springs to mind. How can they not have a clue about what awaits them? There are ALWAYS consequences for every action taken. It’s a critical life lesson for every person born. I mean, I have been personally acquainted with ANIMALS who were more ethical than these sad sacks. And TREES… and ROCKS…

  9. Paul says:

    “There must be
    some mistake.
    I conduct
    and organize studies.
    I don’t
    participate in them
    as a volunteer.

    That would be madness.”

    ~ Tony Fauci

    “Oh Dear Sir…,
    You above all
    should surely recognize…

    For just like You,
    We too,
    Are far-too-careful,
    With every jot n tittle.”

    ~ Hell’s Operant

    “Let’s see.

    Where to start?

    It’s quite delicious.”

    OMG Jon, Out Of The Ballpark !

  10. SebastianX1/9 says:

    You’re seriously underrated as a writer of fiction. These Hell stories are worthy of CS Lewis.

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Fauci: another conversation”

    Soon after his passing, Fauci found himself right back on the Earth. He was puzzled and couldn’t understand what he was doing back here again.


    An Angelic form quickly appeared in front of him as he sat in his well-furnished corner office suite and surrounded by vials of pain and anguish.

    Glad you got here so quick! I don’t think I’m supposed to be here! I’m a respected, revered Doctor of THE SCIENCE! dammit, not a wretched commoner like everyone else on this smelly planet. I’ve already done my sentence here. Now I’m supposed to be, you know, up there. With you guys. I WANT MY REWARD.

    ‘Well, ‘Doctor’, what have you done to deserve to be with High Exalted Ones?’

    What’s the MATTER with you? You’ve been watching me haven’t you? I’ve done it ALL.
    I reduced the Earth’s population down to 500 million like Lord Gates and Saint Soros ordered. You know, that Build Back Better crap that we all must follow now…

    I’ve violated every medical ethic in the book to get stuff done. I’ve made a mockery of the medical profession. I’ve weaseled at every turn. Fudged and fabricated data. Lied about creating that gain-of-function and who I was partnering with. I’ve kept the undertakers busier than they’ve ever been…

    I’ve punished the truth tellers… I’ve helped shut down millions of businesses and put countless folks out of work. Many will never work again! I’ve made a mess of the lives of children and adults with my noxious poke juice and mental mind effing of having to wear cloth rags on their faces and telling them to stay away from each other and to learn to be scared of everything. I even got them to shut down churches! Can you believe that?! In America? That we could get them to shut down churches! Tell me who else could do that!

    And I perfected… ‘The Look’. You know, that look of utter contempt and arrogance that I flash all the time to everyone. It’s taken years to get that just right…

    I’ve been the avatar for ‘Scientific Sanity’ ever since that big mouthed guy with the orange hair was President. Everyone looks up to ME, not that big mouth or that ‘What Does The Data Show’ babe who always looked uncomfortable standing up there next to me. Or that confused nitwit who’s warming the big chair now.

    ‘So, you’ve ruined the lives of countless people and destroyed families and driven millions out of business and turned children into lab rats and confused frightened little pups. And some how for this you want to be rewarded by an Angel?’


    ‘So what is it you really want from me?’

    What I deserve! To live forever in place worthy of my accomplishments! And WAY UP THERE, not down here with all this human scum who are not worthy of my exalted attention any more.

    ‘OK, you got your wish. We’re going to see that you’re in a place worthy of your accomplishments.’

    Great! When do we leave?

    ‘Leave? Sorry sir, you’re not going anywhere. We have found a place worthy of your accomplishments. Right here on Earth. Forever. A planet of destroyed lives. Destroyed businesses. Environment poisoned by your noxious pills and potions from your lab. You’re home, Doctor. This is your eternal reward.’

    WAIT, PLEASE! I don’t want to be around all this human scum any more!

    ‘Not a problem, sir. You won’t be. Now that we’re done here, it’s my job to rapture all the people of the World up to Heaven right now to save them from the hell you created
    here so you’ll have the place all to yourself!’


  12. SpiritTraveller says:

    Ase! Jon.

  13. michael burns says:

    Ah yes, good one, but didn’t the next day another one of that ilk arrived at the ‘flaming gates;.

    JOE BIDEN: A sort of conversation in hell

    Soon after dying Joe Biden finds himself in a small office. Spartan in nature; a desk; two chairs; lamp. Worn to the thread carpet on the floor and the paint peeling from the walls filled out the finer details and ambience of the hot room.
    A striking young man in a tropical suite walked in briskly, head down looking at file folder he sits down at the desk and with a hand motioned Joe Biden to the other chair.

    Didley dee…so your Irish Joe, well that won’t help around here really, but tell you what, since your my first today, I’ll give you 10 % off floggings. They happen all day Thursdays from 12 midnight to 12 midnight, with salting every hour. Doesn’t that sound like fun…

    WHAT? Where am I? What is this place?

    Hah, you been saying that a lot Joe. But it won’t help here. We know who you are, on the inside. This is hell Joe.
    HELL, but…but I am President of the United States, and was a vice president under Barrack.
    Was Joe! That’s the special word Joe, WAS President.

    But I’m Irish and a patriot.

    I beg to differ on the last point Joe, but Irish, we have a special place here in hell for the Irish.

    Wait a minute, we Irish are loved…everybody in the world loves the Irish…everybody loves St Patrick’s day and green beer and ah…and…

    Ah priests! Yes, good point Joe we have a lot of Irish priests here, in fact Joe, Patrick’s cleaning the big guy’s latrine everyday with a toothbrush with two bristles, and then frequently a couple imps come in and bugger him for an hour for his past sins. We have a whole section of Irish priests, Joseph, in fact we have Pope Francis here as well…you remember him, right. Ach, but didn’t ya poopied your pants in front of him. We have pictures — one minutes he smiling, the next he holding his little nose from the stinky. Stinky pop-poo Joe.

    Pope Francis? He was not…I did not… I was diminished capacity, I’ve been having problems, I have Alzheimer’s. I’ve been sick…

    Had Joe, your dead now. Joe… as a lawyer you know, insanity is an excuse not a defense. You are here for the other nine-tenths of your life me ole son, those times were you where just another ambulance chasing lawyer and a greedy SOB… excuse my language Joe you hear for all that woke nonsense early in your political career. REMEMBER! That early lifetime as a politician who was an insider and the bag man…remember Public Law 110-343 the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. How about playing the “the bad guy in the Situation Room” Joe? How about those backdoor deals with Chinese billionaires Joe, those special, special meetings and special $1,000,000 gifts you got as Vice president, that incidentally your shyster of son set up.

    Leave my son out of it, he’s…he’s his mother’s son and misunderstood, and he is a good boy.

    LAPTOP JOE! The, goddam Laptop, Joe…whoops I could get in trouble using that word…the G word.

    This isn’t right I have been for the people, I’m a man of the people, I’m from Scranton.

    Joey, you have been coined loquacious, that an understatement…do you remember saying “Every single morning since I’ve been 27 years old, I’ve got up and someone’s handed me a card like the one I have in my pocket with the schedule on it, of all the things I’m gonna do. I don’t know what to do if I didn’t have that card”. Joe. you followed orders and did what you told…we have whole section full of Nazi’s who did what they were told. All claiming the same. You knew Joe, you knew the difference. For that Joe you get tongue pulling from 8 till noon ever Monday Wednesday and Friday, your strapped into a chair and boys the ones with the waggly tails pull at your tongue. While the other ones with little horn bugger the hell out of you for hours — of course the pliers are red scalding hot. That’s followed by a quick dunk into icy water and then a one-week splash in our main attraction the lake of fire and brimstone. We have arranged an extra special treat for you and Pope Franny and that little twit Tony Fauci, since you knew each other and had dealings together, you all get some pool time at our fun time resort it has a water slide embedded with 5000 razor blades and ends in the splash in the vinegar filled pool. Vampires like the cuts dry and we do all over again, we all have a picnic on the scorched grass lawn surrounded by the burning bushes and at the end of the day we set your hair on fire, some fun eh Joey boy.

  14. Myriam says:

    Hi !

    Fauci is speaking with who?? I want to have more details.

    Thank you !

  15. Lisa Franklin says:

    Wherever I end up after this life I sincerely hope Jon Rappoport is there.

  16. senorena peepers says:

    I have been noticing lately that when shopping in certain stores,i.e., food, there is a troupe of musicians playing their violins sweetly. To me it is reminiscent of the Nazi experimenters of WWII where the chosen subjects {victims} were prepared by being placed in a room with a troupe of violinists playing soothing music prior to being tortured.

  17. Susan Dorey says:


  18. jacqueline grace says:

    “The tunnel of meth”” Hahahaha great I know lots of people that will gladly sign up for that !!

  19. Strangiato says:

    Jon- See link for explicit discussion of monkey cells in the context of virus isolation. I’ve debated so-called virologists who try to “debunk” you by dismissing this point you always make. I know NPR is deceiver propaganda but this is very interesting.


  20. Ann says:

    There must be a kind of Hell somewhere in another space-time continuum. Energy must always be in a state of equilibrium.

  21. J says:

    Love this and shared , one question and please excuse my ignorance? Wasn’t sure I understood the reference of the tunnel of meth scratching for T shot .

  22. Thai Tiger says:

    Lieland, the land of scams. { Once called Thailand, the land of smiles.}

    The Lieland Government reported 1296 people died from the Jab, BUT they were only able to investigate 846 of these dead jabbed, and determined ONLY 3 people actually died from the jab.

    The Lieland Government follows the WHO playbook perfectly.

  23. dnomsed says:

    Lovely. Thank you

  24. Kieron says:

    As for me and my house, we name him fauci = faux chi, “imitation/make-believe life.” It’s a painfully delicious cosmic joke, right in front of your face.

  25. Deanna Johnston Clark says:


    I just registered the Goebbels resemblance 2 years ago and dismissed him.

    Remember Goebbels was a good but unsuccessful writer of novels who was picked for his job with National Socialism. He had little interest in the politics but was ferociously keen on his career ADVANCEMENT.

  26. Orpheus Owl says:

    A vegan meal forced on Fauci will be a truly hellish experience for one who enjoys bloody flesh from tortured animals he’s personally sacrificed and butchered. These psychopaths despise any plant-food grown naturally, unless it’s been genetically modified and loaded with pesticides.

  27. Larry C says:

    “I see them in the fridges, the mortuaries…”


  28. Deborah Lee says:

    I have many friends here who would like you to also send Bill Gates to Hell to have a conversation with the Devil. That man needs to be in a padded room, and Sleepy Joe needs to be in a nursing home.

  29. Susan Dorey says:

    You were too kind!

  30. lamberth says:

    I have it from a reliable source that Fauci tried to censor Hell, but he failed.

  31. M Brenner says:

    Unfortunately that’s now a concrete fact.
    Dogs are better parents.

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