“Soothing symptoms of anxiety” with graphene oxide; it’s in millions of masks

This is not a joke; it’s real

by Jon Rappoport

August 30, 2021

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Graphenea.com: “Graphene is the thinnest compound known to man at one atom thick, the lightest material known…the strongest compound [ever] discovered…the best conductor of heat at room temperature…the best conductor of electricity known…potentially an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for an almost limitless number of applications. Since the discovery…of graphene, applications within different scientific disciplines have exploded, with huge gains being made particularly in high-frequency electronics, bio, chemical and magnetic sensors, ultra-wide bandwidth photodetectors, and energy storage and generation.”

—I’ll get to the “anti-anxiety” effects of graphene on the brain in a minute; first a review of the lung issues.

On April 2, 2021, Health Canada issued an advisory, warning people not to “use face masks labelled to contain graphene or biomass graphene.”

Andrew Maynard covers this issue in a medium.com article, “Manufacturers have been using nanotechnology-derived graphene in face masks—now there are safety concerns.”

Those concerns? Masks could create lung problems.

Maynard’s article traces the safety concerns to a Chinese mask manufacturer, Shandong, but points out that millions of graphene-containing masks are in use around the world, produced by a whole host of companies.

Recently, I saw a mask sold to a customer. It was sealed in a plain plastic bag. No manufacturer’s name, no list of materials in the mask, nothing but a bar code. Does the mask contain graphene? No way to know.

The mainstream literature on graphene is ambiguous and far from reassuring: ‘yes, it’s probably toxic to the lungs; perhaps not seriously so; perhaps only temporarily; there are more questions than answers.’

Why have these masks been certified anywhere in the world for public use? Why haven’t the CDC and the WHO made definitive statements about safety concerns? Why didn’t public health agencies, long ago, run/demand definitive tests to see whether, and to what extent, the nanoparticles of graphene detach themselves from various types of masks and enter the body?

At materialstoday.com, we have, “Is graphene safe?”

“But, it is the very nature of graphene that might be cause for concern: thin and lightweight, yet tough and intractable particles are notoriously worrisome in terms of the detrimental effects they can have on our health, particularly when breathed in…”

“Ken Donaldson is a respiratory toxicologist at the University of Edinburgh and he and his colleagues are among the first to raise the warning flag on graphene, at least for nanoscopic platelets of the material. It is not too great a leap of the imagination to imagine how such tiny flakes of carbon might be transported deep within the lungs similar to asbestos fibres and coal dust. Once lodged within, there is no likely mechanism for the removal or break down of such inert particles and they might reside on these sensitive tissues triggering a chronic inflammatory response or interfering with the normal cellular functions.”

Does this make any sane person feel safe about wearing a mask containing graphene particles?

“We have a new idea and a new product. It’s designed to force you to breathe in nanoparticles of graphene. Who knows what’ll happen? Try it and see.”

And now, on top of all that—Are millions of people walking around in a sedated dumbed-down haze, because they’re wearing masks?

(Yes, I know some researchers are making the claim that graphene oxide is contained in COVID vaccines. Their findings definitely call out for further investigation and confirmation.)

A large consortium, funded by the European Union, is conducting research on graphene oxide as an anxiety-reversal agent which affects the brain. The consortium is Graphene Flagship. They write:

“The Graphene Flagship is, along with the Human Brain Project, the first of the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technology Flagships, whose mission is to address the big scientific and technological challenges of the age through long-term, multidisciplinary research and development efforts.”

They have published an article, “Soothing the symptoms of anxiety with graphene oxide.” Here are key quotes:

“Researchers from Graphene Flagship partners SISSA in Italy, ICN2 in Spain and the University of Manchester in the UK, in collaboration with the Ribeirão Preto Medical School of the University of São Paulo, have discovered that graphene oxide inhibits anxiety-related behaviours in a model study. They found that injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the brain silences the neurons responsible for anxious behaviour.”

“Laura Ballerini, lead author of the paper and Professor of Physiology at Graphene Flagship partner SISSA, Italy, explains that graphene oxide disables communication between the synapses that cause this type of fear.”

“…’Two days after injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the mouse’s brain, it behaved like other mice that had never experienced the smell of a cat in their home environment. In other words, graphene oxide inhibited the mouse’s anxiety-related behaviour,’ Ballerini explains.”

“Graphene oxide interrupts anxiety-related neuron signals without affecting the neurons, or the surrounding cells. In simple terms, it only ‘turns down’ the communications between specific neurons. In a disease where these communications are over-expressed, like PTSD and anxiety, targeting the synapses with graphene oxide is enough to halt the development of this pathological behaviour. This is a type of precision medicine.”

“Graphene oxide is naturally eliminated after a few days, as the surrounding tissue digests the material. Ballerini says that, after two days, they did not observe any inflammation, and no traces of graphene oxide remained at all.”

What happens when you walk around all day, day after day, breathing in graphene through a mask?

What happens to your lungs? To your brain? To your feelings? To the quality of your thoughts?


In keeping with local laws, I’ve applied for a license to own a mask as a weapon. If I gain approval, I plan to seal it in a glass box and mount it on the wall next to my grenade launcher and Civil War cannonball.






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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

38 comments on ““Soothing symptoms of anxiety” with graphene oxide; it’s in millions of masks

  1. serafino bueti says:

    No wonder zombies are everywhere!

  2. Sean says:

    I still tell the mask gatekeepers when they ask, sir where is your mask? Oh, I never ever wear them during fake pandemics.

  3. AJ says:

    Hard to believe that a compound as strong as graphene could be completely destroyed when absorbed by the brain cells. Then why can’t our lung cell absorbe the graphene and destroy it?

    There needs to be more testing to prove graphene is safe and useable. The science does not make me believe this compound is safe for humans.

    Nice can’t object.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      You might want to read Dr. Vernon Coleman’s series of books on animal experiments, which should never be considered valid or of benefit to anyone: “Why animal Experiments Must Stop,” “Animal Experiments: Facts Every Animal Lover Should Know” and “Animal Experiments: Simple Truths.”

  4. Paul says:

    “In keeping with
    local laws,
    I’ve applied for…”



    I think I hear Music.

  5. Mary says:

    No mask needed Jon.

    Check out this info from


    • Orpheus Owl says:

      A toxic mask mere millimeters from one’s face with no way to exhale is a whole lot different than sprayed toxins thousands of feet above you in the sky.

      Of course the rain falls on plants on the ground from your garden you might eat, but should mostly wash off. And of course you don’t want to drink the rain.

      A large part of geoengineering’s insidious motive is to block out (dim) the sun using toxic waste products they need to get rid of & make money from (aluminum is very popular).

      I say this because I’ve jogged outside just about every day for years. The sky is streaked and whited-out and criss-crossed, but I have yet to have lung problems.

      • Rico Debiase says:

        Those “lung” problems can be weeks, months, even decades inti the future. Maybe the elderly who’ve suffered from lung issues & had that labeled “COVID-19” might’ve been inundated from geo-poisoning or even the toxic air in NYC on Sept 11th, 2001.

    • Daev says:

      Thanks Mary. I was going to share that info. Glad there are others who are aware of this info.

    • Larry C says:

      Remember back when experts were advising against the use of anti-perspirants?

      “Anti-perspirants contain aluminum”, they said.
      ” And aluminum causes Alzheimers”.

      And now they’re spraying aluminum into the troposphere, by way of Chemtrails. (Persistent Aerosol Contrails)

  6. Roundball Shaman says:

    “In keeping with local laws, I’ve applied for a license to own a mask as a weapon. If I gain approval, I plan to seal it in a glass box and mount it on the wall next to my grenade launcher and Civil War cannonball.”

    If you really want a serious weapon… apply for a broadcast license. More lethal than the old ‘choppers’ from the 1930s days of the Untouchables or anything being used in the Middle East. And way more effective.

  7. RegretLeft says:

    JR is busy today – thank you!

    I read about the Health (ha ha) Canada graphene warning on this site in May 2021 (otherwise zero? other coverage)

    As a sort of goof, I only wore 3M “Household Dust” masks that I had on hand April 2020 (once weekly at grocery store)… they are getting a little, well, used … mask mandates are coming back, I fear, I don’t know what I’ll do.

    Big stores here have been showing “all encouraged [to wear masks]” signage for the last six weeks … I see varying compliance – 35-70% depending, perhaps, on what CNN has said the previous few days. Just about all small stores show no signage.

  8. Orpheus Owl says:

    Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Let’s torture and kill animals in experiments [who do NOT volunteer] to find out how to torture and kill humans [who DO volunteer].

    RE: “Two days after injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the mouse’s brain…”

  9. Raven says:

    “…’Two days after injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the mouse’s brain, it behaved like other mice that had never experienced the smell of a cat in their home environment. In other words, graphene oxide inhibited the mouse’s anxiety-related behaviour,’ Ballerini explains.”

    Maybe this incoherent mess is not about anxiety at all, it’s about the loss of smell, a symptom of COVID. I had COVID for two whole days in February 2020, couldn’t smell a thing. Never wore a mask or had a test but there were chemtrails over my area for weeks beforehand and strange substances all over cars during this time. The trailing started up right after Biden took office, we had none for the four years prior, that’s why it was so notable.

    • yonnik says:

      “…loss of smell,…” Brilliant.

    • Rico Debiase says:

      That’s quite the correlation. I remember when close friends & family complained of suffering from loss of smell, taste(pharmaceuticals can induce that too) I mentioned Chemtrails which resulted in appeals to ridicule & charges of “conspiracy theorist”. The fact than spraying neurotoxins into the atmosphere might have deleterious neurological effects didn’t occur to them at the time, unfortunately.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      I have lost my sense of smell every single time I was sick in the past.

      Some people lose sense of smell due to sinuses swelling up, causing congestion.

      You didn’t have COVID; you had a head cold.

      That’s the ultimate conspiracy.

      (and they started spaying all sorts of “disinfectants” in the air around here to “stop the virus”. That stuff makes people sick…and it looks just like the flu)

  10. Larry C says:

    Back on August 11, physicist James Mccanney hosted two hours of Power Nation, sans guests.

    A portion of the program was devoted to graphene oxidize. Unfortunately, I cannot recall which hour or the time stamp to direct you to the precise spot.

    If you have the time, I would recommend having a listen anyway…Mccanney is a very interesting chap…


  11. Thinking cap says:

    When the GO was eliminated did the mice go back to evincing the anxious behavior or was that permanently altered in the mouse?

    ““…’Two days after injecting graphene oxide into a specific region of the mouse’s brain, it behaved like other mice that had never experienced the smell of a cat in their home environment. In other words, graphene oxide inhibited the mouse’s anxiety-related behaviour,’ Ballerini explains.”


    ““Graphene oxide is naturally eliminated after a few days, as the surrounding tissue digests the material. Ballerini says that, after two days, they did not observe any inflammation, and no traces of graphene oxide remained at all.””

    Just curious if this is a method to Cause a permanent change that leaves no trace of HOW that change was induced.

  12. Alison Cline says:

    Interesting observations about the loss of smell cause.

    Today I lost my functional movement therapist after 12 years because I will not wear a mask while working out once a week. I really though she was an aware and thoughtful person; I’ve really needed her service because of numerous hip surgeries. People you think are conscious turn out to be scared of the govt. They can’t conceive of being part of the solution.

    Sounds like graphene is a component in how, besides owning nothing, we will be happy

  13. TrustNoOne says:

    Anxiety exists for a reason… to let us know something is off. Hence they need to dose us with fluoride, graphene oxide, legal and “illegal” drugs so we don’t notice we’re being taken to the slaughter (physical and spiritual).

  14. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Worse still, what happens when we put them on our children for hours at a time every day? But remember, we are all children.

    • Einstein Debased says:

      What happens to kids who are forced to wear masks all day? Early years dumbing down, acceptance of rules, no resistance. Can’t imagine a better way to condition the next generation.

  15. vakzine macht frei says:

    Vaccine!! Brought to you by the creators of Yahve, Allah and Jesus..

    New savior that will bring a new dark age era.

  16. dnomsed says:

    On the topic of graphene-oxide in the vaccines.

    I’ve linked below to a review of findings from vaccine samples, and magnified blood smears from post vaccination patients, who were suffering ill effects.

    I personally found the contents to be very disturbing. The UK-based doctor featured appears to be a man of integrity, from my home country. Some of his earlier pictures were apparently used without his permission a few weeks ago, by Stew Peters – the doctor was most kind about it. The video linked features a number of new pictures.

    The blood samples were stated to be from patients ranging from 2-6 weeks post vaccination.


    • jbw says:

      That was a terrific, highly biologically informative video. I sent the link to my doc. If she has the time to view it all, it should make her weep.

  17. george says:

    So, the graphene is Soma?

  18. WDFreedomLL says:

    Am I correct the data shows definite brain damage with decreased communication. Also, because the damaged area protects against predation, the animals were more vulnerable to threats then if no damage occurred? They just admitted to using graphene to make people easier prey?

  19. JBW says:

    Karen Kingston interviewed @ forbiddenknowledgetv.net declared that the hydrogel used to suspend the mRNA ingredients is made of graphene oxide.

    Video worth watching

  20. Rico Debiase says:

    So not only are masks a symbol of docility, they now can apparently INDUCE Docility as well. I couldn’t possibly see THAT coming. Along w/ the apparent nanotech within the SWABS as well…quite the “cytokine storm” as they say

  21. Rico Debiase says:

    That’s a GREAT point & one that occurred to me as well. I mean simply because the scientists could no longer observe inflammation or graphene oxide in the body doesn’t therefore conclude the chemical doesn’t still affect the mice, nor that Permanent change hadn’t been effected.

  22. Haniel Adhar says:

    People are focusing so much on stuff like graphene and the adjuvants, and the mRNA technology, but no one is focusing on the viruses (or what we are told are “viruses”) in these vaccines themselves.

    These are simian viruses. In 1960, Sarah Stewart and Bernice Eddy discovered that simian viruses caused cancerous tumors in their lab animals. This type of virus is in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, while the pfizer vaccine uses a chimpanzee virus that is almost identical to the one Kaprosky used to make his polio vaccine in 1959 that was found to give recipients symptoms that were identical to AIDS.

    Yeah, graphene, I get it.

    But to me, it smells like a red herring. It sounds like a lot of hype to divert people away from the fact that these pharmaceutical companies are creating vaccines that they know cause cancer, that they have detailed records of their cancer causing ability, and that they have absolutely no concern at all about it.

    These vaccines are attached to the SV40 and Kaprosky stories, and I think there should be a lot more focus on it.

    Go down the SV40 rabbit hole. Just wait til you find out what is down there…

    • JJ says:

      Let’s start with PROVING theae “simian” viruses actually exist. Show a proper research that documents iaolation/purification of the “simian virus”. You can’t? Go back to the drawing board.

  23. Brenda says:

    I like the T-shirt that reads: I am wearing a mask on the inside. It’s called my immune system.

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