Refusing the COVID vaccine; setting the record straight

by Jon Rappoport

August 30, 2021

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In this article, I’m cutting through a few miles of new verbiage circulating on the issue of refusing the COVID vaccine.

People have recently announced “an extraordinary discovery”: there is a legal way to reject the vaccine. “It’s still experimental,” they say, even after the FDA just fully approved it, and under federal law, a person has the right to refuse an experimental medicine.

So…take a breath, let it out, take a step back, and consider the following:

Since the moment COVID vaccines were launched, a person has been able to refuse them. Since they were first mandated, a person has been able to refuse them.

“Mandate” means: if you refuse, you pay the price.

Consequences. You’re fired from your job. You can’t enter certain restaurants. And so on.

After the August 23 FDA approval of the Pfizer shot, nothing in that regard has changed. You can refuse the shot, but you take the consequences.

Even in the Army (so far), they can’t hold you down and force the needle into your arm. They put you in a cell, they discharge you dishonorably, they court martial you; whatever.

Perhaps a lawyer can argue that the consequences of refusing the shot are egregious, too severe, are tantamount to “forcing the shot,” but that is a different issue. I would like to see that issue raised.

But let’s not confuse huge numbers of people by telling them they now have a clear path to refusing the shot. That clear path has always existed (with perhaps the exception of prisons and nursing homes and hospitals where some people were forced to take the shot illegally).

What people are dealing with is, how can I avoid the consequences of refusing the shot?

I’ve suggested strategies that entail getting employers wrapped up in answering probing detailed questions about financial and legal responsibility for vaccine injuries—

But the ultimate bottom line is the individual refusing the shot, No Matter What.

In my MANY articles about vaccines, detailing how they are dangerous, destructive, ineffective, and unnecessary, my aim has been to bring people closer to making their own stand.

That is what this is all about: No Matter What.

It’s a test of faith, conviction, courage.

Will you refuse the vaccine no matter what?

Believe me, I support all sorts of legal case filings and challenges to vaccine mandates. I don’t care how slim the chances of success are.

But in the end, every individual has to decide what he will accept and what he will reject.

No matter what the consequences are.

We are the cure. This is the war.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

48 comments on “Refusing the COVID vaccine; setting the record straight

  1. Barb says:


    The FDA, Health Canada, etc, might have put their stamp of approval on these ‘vaccines’, but in my mind, they are still experimental.

    This Spring, Health Canada, on their website, said that they were allowing the ‘vaccines’ on an Emergency Use only. They would not be approved until the Studies were completed. That would take until 2023 at the earliest.

    Sorry I didn’t screen print that, because it’s gone now.

    Where are the clinical trials and the studies that show these jabs are ‘safe’?

    They’re not there.

    So, while these entities have said the ‘vaccines’ are “safe and effective”, I choose not to believe that until I see all the data.

  2. Bernardo Paratore says:

    Thank you for all your efforts Jon.

  3. STARR Rebecca STODDARD says:

    Bodily sovereignty/integrity is everything. This is the hill I’m willing to lose my life over. It’s spiritual principles.

    I owe it to myself to choose sovereignty over fear. I will NOT submit; I will NEVER consent.

    Those who see through this manufactured, fake medical nightmare are being called to RISE. We must Rise. We are being called from our highest energy, frequency, and vibration.

    Courage runs through our whole entire cellular memory.

  4. Anne Beckett says:

    For me, it is all about health. I do not wish to spend my remaining years, or months, or even days, as sick as 2/3 of my vaxxed friends. They’re half or 2/3 my age, and they are not well.

    I won’t go along with it. In fact, I can’t. I am atheist. As such, I am a purist, in that I require factual, scientific, evidence, in order to accept anything as valid. As such a, “virus”, is yet to be isolated, pointed to, photographed, found to be infectious, one being to the next (any being to the next), I cannot accept any of it as factual. Because I am atheist, I cannot go along with anyone’s, “belief system”, and this includes the Church of da’Rona.

    My heart (let’s call it that) cannot accept such which my brain cannot rationalize.

    I suppose this makes me a conscientious objector in this war?

    • Geo Martin says:

      The irony is that the people who are driving this agenda are atheists.

      I don’t think you are an atheist, you are a skeptic with a grudge against Christianity, which is fair enough as in recent times the leadership of the church have been doing everything they possibly can to drive people away from the truth.

  5. NaturalGal says:

    As always, I admire your clear thinking that cuts through to the cental issues.

  6. Ed says:

    “What’s the only word that means mandatory? Here’s what law and policy say about ‘shall, will, may, and must.'”

  7. Sean says:

    So far, I wont even do daily temperature readings and it cost me a high paying job. That was early on. I still plan to stay sucker free from here on out.

    I have had to be willing to do whatever, travel to other places that arent as bad to work. To take lower pay and have ended up getting better pay too. All to sidestep Medical Tyranny.

    I can see if that if people really want to live on a hospital planet, believing the complete lie that we are the virus, I will be finding newer ways to not participate, like complementary and alternative money, building or not building like minded community, #cashFridays, rescission all contracts with these scumbags, living off the land is looking good.

    Boycott ALL of these Corporations that are part of this whole scam. Ya know, the ones that make all there employees and the public wear masks and promote deadly shots and stage false toilet paper shortages. If people are going to work for them, they might want to demand some new policies. Stop being pushed around by their policy. Somehows, someways.

    Maybe at your workplace, be a good virus and spread stuff like, if you want all of this talent to stay here then we are going to have to have to take some risks like, since its not really a pandemic, then lets quit right now acting like it is.

    And lets put our focus where we want it and stop with this distraction in the manner it is being handled. Send a strong message up.

      • Sean says:

        The man says, God bless to all of the 1st Responders out there. You need to TURN AROUND and put your union in check. And have them fight for you. And if they dont, you take the battle to them any way you can, and you take the fight to them, and you assemble all the numbers you can, all the people you can, and you take the fight TO THEM.

        I think this is profound. It is leadership. It is not a plan of action that is DUPLICATABLE across the board?

        He went on to say, WE OUT NUMBER THEM.

        Great video outlining what to do!

  8. Tom_12 says:

    From what I have read there is a “shell game” being played on people.

    From REUTERS:

    “Missing context. Media reports were correct about the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and did not mislead people. Comirnaty is identical to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in formulation and can be used interchangeably in the U.S. for those aged 16 years old and above.”

    So a bottle of COMIRNATY can be used in place of the EUA bottle.

    Question: Can COMIRNATY be bought anywhere ?

    From what I have been reading the answer is NO. Hence, the only thing on the Market is the strangely named EUA liquid which if injected does not make Pfizer liable for damages.

    Try getting stabbed with COMIRNATY. If you do Pfizer is liable for damages. With the other stuff NO.

    That’s the trick as I understand it now. I could be wrong, so correct [me] if that is true.

    FDA approved something that is not on the market.

  9. Lewis Papier says:

    A washed up “entertainer” devoted to making all our lives miserable! Listen to Gaga’s Gone.

  10. striketheroot says:

    It appears that after parsing the “approval” documents that the approval is for a inoculation that does not exist yet (and may not).

    Anyone who is following this drama should be able to argue that point. For instance, here in Oregon the Guv has mandated shots no later than 16 days after it is “approved”. If it never gets approved you will never have to make the hard decision.

    It may take a attorney skilled in trick language in contracts to explain this to the court, but if words still mean anything anymore this is a open door to refuse the shot.

    There are downloadable official documents online that prove the shots are NOT safe and NOT approved. You can find these if you watch the Stew Peters interview with the former Pfizer manager [Karen Kingston].

  11. Mika says:

    Take it to the next level […].

    The “Virus” Pandemic Is A Farce: Drs. Thomas Cowan And Andrew Kaufman Interviewed by Mike Adams

    • Eluard says:

      That is a great, a superlative, discussion, listened to it last night. It covers all the bases. If someone listens to that and still believes in viruses and the plandemic than I would walk away from them.

      I give Mike Adams credit for admitting that he’s been wrong for 18 months. I still don’t trust the “health ranger” since he’s wont to spread useless and baseless fear, like in March 2020, “There will be cannibals in the streets.” Sure, Mike.

    • Toni says:

      Thank you, Mika, for posting the link.

      Yes, Drs. Kaufman/Cowan are excellent to study as well as the book: Pasteur and Bechamp — by E.Hume (also downloadable) and one I am reading on Kindle: The Autism Vaccine: Modern Medicine’s Greatest Tragedy — by Forrest Maready.

      2 more: The Poisoned Needle — by Eleanor McBean — only found to read online, and Andrew Moulden’s (Canadian MD who suddenly died at time of book’s release) “Every Vaccine Produces Harm” on healthytraditions website, Google his name.

      Most of these are historical but you can see the stage was set!

  12. vox freedom says:

    I will never submit to any government (federal, state, or local) or any corporate demands/mandates to be vaccinated. I’ll take my 99.7% recovery rate chances and, if infected, will gain better anti-bodies than offered by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson experimental injections.

    Oh, BTW, masks don’t work and I refuse to be “compliant” to irrational demands upon my freedom.

    PS Thank you, Jon, for your posts, and truths you report. We should all be tremendously grateful for your perspectives.

    • Sean says:

      I am. Have you ever read his FULL POWER book he wrote? He leaves these gigantic crumbs as major ways out of this whole bind. Great book. I wished it was still available.

  13. Terry BEar says:

    Jon, I thirst after your steadfast knowledge, reasoning and clarity — especially during these crazy times.

    My line in the sand has always been, and will continue to be; No jab for me, ever!

    The consequences; my entire family has shun me. I only have one true friend who also will never get the jab; her’s is for health reasons, and both of ours, is for our FREEDOM!

    For the life of me I know not why she and I are the lone warriors? I’m a 73 year old woman, living on social security. I love your words: “When the truth sets you free, you don’t mind walking alone anymore.”


  14. Benglian says:

    I already got fired from one job back when Swine flu was a thing. I worked on a cruise ship and they wanted to vaccinate the whole crew for Flu as a show of ‘we’re doing our bit’ even though that was unrelated to the actual swine flu.

    I don’t do vaccines, so I refused. I was told there would be a disciplinary and I could be fired.

    I said ‘do what ya gotta do’

    I went up before the Captain’s disciplinary committee and sure enough, was fired, and put off the ship at the next port, in Sydney Australia (I’m from England).

    I was the only one of the 700+ crew that refused…

    That said, when I was being escorted off the ship, by the First Officer, he said that most of the Officers would have done the same, but they all had careers/families and they couldn’t afford to be fired…

    • Helena says:

      Good for you! It’s incredible that you were the only one, but truly you cannot put a price on health.

      Our money system has really forced people into a bad situation, which is why the more we can remove ourselves from that system, the better. Self sustainability with barter or trade is the future.

    • Toni says:

      Appreciate your comment, Benglian!

    • Rico Debiase says:

      Your testimony is evidence of true history in proper context which serves to properly contextualize the CORONA SHIP FAKE “fiasco” with ALL the “Princess Cruiselines” as to furnish justifications for the LOCKDOWN/LOCKSTEP scenario & the unwavering GOAL of VAXXING everyone (except the ruling Cartel)

  15. Glen P Wilcoxson says:

    Argyrol “removes” cv by even nebulazation which is easily available to everyone.

    I’ve recently seen 13 people loose their cv symptoms in 24hrs w no side effects n no complications.

    Argyrol is FDA approved #68445-30-15 and readily available on the internet. Google it and call provider.

    • Larry C says:

      I’ve had remarkable success at stopping colds, and sore throats *in their tracks*, using over-the-counter 3% hydrogen peroxide. Simply drop a capful (using the bottle cap) of h2o2, in to each ear. You might have to hold it in with a finger. I’ve used this home r/x many times in recent years, and it’s worked every single time.

      More info on using a nebulizer

      • Larry C says:

        I should have added, that as far as I’m concerned the COVID19 Pandemic is a complete and total fraud, cleverly rolled out on an unsuspecting public to further hidden agendas.

        I agree with Jon, when he says: This is the War.
        We are the cure.

        • Tonj says:

          Thank you, Larry, for this tip. I agree with you on the fraudemic!

        • Toni says:

          Thank you, Larry, for this tip. I agree with you on the fraudemic!

        • Betty C says:

          You should try working in a hospital for as many years as I did.

          Most Science is rigorously based on facts but almost anybody can think up lies, especially if they think they can gain some kind of power for it, or money, or fame! Even Scientists that’s why Science always requires more than one study, usually many at least 4-5, for FDA, then they have to do their own double Blind studies, that even the people they use don’t know whether they did or not, but all report any symptoms.

  16. Raven says:

    In the early 1980’s I worked as a litigation paralegal for a medical malpractice attorney who brought a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company on behalf of a mother who caught polio from her son who had recently been vaccinated. What I uncovered working that complicated landmark case was that the “science” vaccines are based on is 100% bogus and the mRNA clot shot that is not actually a vaccine is far more diabolical.

    My line in the sand has been holding steady for 40 years and I’m well-equipped to defend it. Sometimes you just have to turn and face your enemy square in the face.

    This is one of those times.

    • Helena says:

      I’ve heard about that case, and the case of the father who caught polio from changing his baby’s diaper.

      Shedding is real, and no one is talking about it, and you’re right, we have to bravely face our enemy and refuse these vaccines to the very end.

      • Rico Debiase says:

        Shedding has always been real, that’s how the medieval (likely engineered) plagues were spread. Poison & toxicity can certainly spread

    • Invisible Man says:

      Completely agree, Raven. You are so, so right: the science of vaccination is COMPLETELY bogus. COMPLETELY. It’s not even science, it’s straight up fantasy. Just trash.

    • Betty C says:

      There are always a rare chance something like that will happen with any medical procedure or just waking into a store pick up some deadly disease.

      But it is always rare with vaccine because of the rigorous double-blind studies required to make it legal. Thank Goodness. Science is set up that way. Where anybody can make up a story! And scare a lot of people who are not educated in that area except by what they hear, on the news that is owned by the 2%. Some evil and some good people, who just happened to get lucky or born into money or very smart or experimental.

  17. Roundball Shaman says:

    “It’s a test of faith, conviction, courage. Will you refuse the vaccine no matter what?”

    It comes down to one simple thing. Do you value your life and want to live? Or do you surrender your life and quietly accept your death?

    If you do not value your life, no amount of argument or data or convincing can help you.

    Enjoy the choice you made… for it may be your last.

    And leave the rest of us the hell alone.

    • Betty C says:


      God, Jesus told me through The Holy Spirit and the Godly gift of Discernment for at least 50 years, “if enough good-hearted people want to live in peace,’ (think from recent conversations with The Holy Spirit it is possible at this point in our planet’s history for at least 100 to 1000 years, we could have peace in our world, now. * Rev. 20 or 21: ? Will look up soon the actual verse!

      We have Armies of St.Michaels Angels watching over all good-hearted people here. Unless you’re destined to be a Martyr, would know as having in the past given your life to doing God’s Greater Will, rather than our more limited, and sometimes more selfish Will.” It is Biblically confirmed and mentioned, in Jesus Words, First Covenant Hebrew People, many of God’s Prophets, Revelations, etc.

      We have not had even 100 years of peace, to my knowledge, for over 5000 years of wars somewhere) “all who want a good life and possibility of long life over 70+ +eternal life, at least many need to show yourself and others love and help when and where in need. Too many preach but don’t practice the full Universal Golden Rule, found in most religions. (Not the best ones make it apply to just those closest to you or you want to identify with, family, team, state, Nation! “Have no hate for anyone, right now and not again”. At least where you see that possible.

      Always allowed self-defense but try to make your enemies friends instead!

      If you feel any anger ask God to forgive you and God knows under the circumstances that’s normal for us humans, but stop it, so you can hear the One True God, otherwise, you may be hearing a god of idolatry, a very serious sin for anybody, especially anyone in control or in a position of power of any kind. Even parents or teachers, caretakers! For you can lose your soul if you do not learn to control your anger, which evil loves to use to control you to do return any harm or evil. Don’t fall into that trap eventually leading to death or hell on earth or after. 0r may not believe that peace/joy you feel/know you have now repented of any bad or evil feelings to God and you know (confirm) you are working Spiritually only with The Holy Spirit of God.

      Feel better when you can Praise God every morning just you have a brand new day of at least hope. I try to as soon as I can, sometimes forget even into lunch-time, when don’t feel physically/emotionally very good, but only gradually over the years of aging.

      I am praying you will listen to God right now, be careful and first all repent, of any anger or?, Ask God to forgive you, always does, if you really mean it.

      If you have, and maybe don’t remember feeling angry or hate or sorrow for any negative thing, without good reason, which may be hidden from you, so sooner or later you will have bring repercussions on you or others. like revenge or?

      We are all God’s Creation and equally loved, right or wrong, sinful or sorrowful, sinful we all are at least once in a Blue Moon, in some way or other, and God tells me: “what you think is not a sin, can be”. So be sure to right now or as soon as possible today. Ask, repent if need to, and confirm with God before you go to sleep today, knowing you are in the Grace of God, and if you start asking God when you have to make a big decision, if you have had a Spiritual “Rebirth”- JOHN 3:3.

      If can’t feel Righteousness seek help, Physically, mentally/emotionally, or Spiritually. Combination of all three!

      You should feel a Godly Peace, not as the world gives but a Godly Peace and I usually feel Joy when things are going really good.

      God also tells me you will receive a special Blessing within one Day if you do this right. If not sure ask me to pray to God to find out why not, or your own spiritual Advisor if sure is a Good Advisor! Ask specifically why you didn’t, if Peace and hopefully Joy, doesn’t happen. Important from own past experiences, and many many others too. Praying you will, then pass this on in your own words if better.



      Betty C.
      E-Mail: […]

      You should try working in a hospital for as many years as I did.

      Most Science is rigorously based on facts but almost anybody can think up lies, especially if they think they can gain some kind of power for it, or money, or fame! Even Scientists. That’s why Science always requires more than one study, usually many at least 4-5, for FDA, then they have to do their own double Blind studies, that even the people they use don’t know whether they did or not, but all report any symptoms.

  18. Paul de Visser says:

    There’s a fine line in this somewhere.

    Though I might have conviction, the ‘no matter what’ statement lacks nuance.

    I have a family, and while my conviction is solid, it doesn’t lack flexibility. Because when circumstances change (and they do all the time), I need to review that conviction and the consequences thereof.

    This flexibility is wanted because sticking by the — no matter what — conviction, has direct impact on other family members, like my daughter (jan, 2017).

    Because, it’s not only up to me, or about only my principles. Or the consequences I might face because of them. Others are involved too.

    And so, there are short-term consequences, and long-term consequences. Both need to be considered. No matter what.


  19. Pam says:

    State and federal governments do not have authority to require us to get any medical procedure. None. All along this has been a fear campaign. Employers have no incentive to require employees to get these shots and plenty of risk if they do. Where are we seeing mandate attempts? In schools where they’ve fooled people for years that they’re required. (There are exemptions ) The military – where they have their own legal system. Do they forfeit constitutional protections? I don’t know why they would. Maybe they just went along for many years and its assumed they can be ordered. Medical people can’t be forced either. Their business model relies on the germ theory and they haven’t resisted. Maybe they see the need now. There are exemptions, they can unionize, they could choose to work in more ethical businesses. Point is let’s not overreact and start making rules for all employers when the problem areas are limited and can be addressed in other ways.

  20. Natalie says:

    They won’t vaccinate by force because when the (staged) trials finally happen they’ll can use it as a defense “but we didn’t force anyone! They went to the guillotine of their own free will!”

  21. Alan says:

    For Bible believers especially, we have to refuse the shot NO MATTER WHAT, because it is prophesized in the Bible as the “mark of the beast”. (Revelation 13:16-18)

    Without the mark you are not allowed to “buy or sell”, such as buying a plane ticket (taking a flight), buying an academic degree (attending school), or selling your labor (working under employment).

    And the number of the beast:

    moving the “D” to the front
    DC O VI -19
    DC and VI are roman numerals, six hundred and six respectively.
    “O” is ASCII code 79, minus 19 gives sixty.

  22. Betty C says:

    Hard to believe when there is not enough ICU beds to allow in the hospitals tonight, here in Nashville, TN.

    To allow for most surgerys, like one of my family members who got Parkinsons from Agent Orange in Vietnam. Now has a blocked kidney, can’t get surgery he needs.

    Or all the children now getting the new kind of Delta Virus gasping for breath, some didn’t make it last week. All because of lies and fears.

    I remember many people scared mostly of needles, maybe from vaccinations as a scared child. Well a couple more Delta mutants it will be ever more deadly but then what does a retired TwoState Licensed in Hawaii and California know!

    Here’s another really real conspiracy, seen it with my own eyes, where there are three of the largest world 1%-Corporations that part sell seeds to grow food throughout the world, like Corn and Rice, patented to make sterile the DNA of the seeds to make GMO’s (Genetic Modified Organisms), with toxic Carcinogic toxic Chemicals to be able to monopolize our natural food seeds that are so potent and strong when grown in fields nearby Organic seeds they sterilize the natural God given seeds, for more profits, population control, meaness?

  23. Aron says:

    I tried hard to follow this manta from day 1 on masks. While I have succeeded about 90% of the time by exerting my rights, there have been times when I failed and accepted a mask in order to work and use certain services for which there was no other alternative and where they refused service without one.

    I have followed this mantra with Covid testing. Twice I was asked to get tested or I would not be able to work and I choose not to work. It came at a large financial sacrifice but I didn’t lose my home and I’m still fighting another day to fight for my rights. I’m not sure what the future holds on the testing front but I will continue to not consent for as long as possible.

    On the vaccine front, I will refuse it until my death. I know what it symbolizes and what it could potentially do to my health and neither of those outcomes is worth the shot.

    I’m working on living self-sufficiently in a rural community. This is my potential out. There are others around me that feel the same way. A parallel society may be the reality at the end of the day. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point though. Resist now. Let’s defeat this evil. Or this outcome will surely come, or worse.

  24. dnomsed says:

    I understand if society wants to split itself into two groups. This should be in accordance with human rights. No problem there.

    The only problem is that it takes time to re-structure civilisation into two portions. It is unfair of the one group to lay claim to assets that the other group was party to building. What gives the presently noble vaccinated group a right to the assets and rights of the presently ignoble unvaccinated people? This is surely theft on a grand scale?

    The sad part of the presently noble group is if future events lead to their loss of nobility, for some reason. How will they re-integrate themselves with the ignoble group?

    The wisdom of history tells us that when society is divided and one part tries to unfairly dominate another, that war results. The animosity, hatred and fear becomes intolerable. This is why after major societal shifts such as pandemics, political upheavals take place. Mass migration is another consequence.

    The presently noble should take stock and move back from the line that the presently ignoble consider to be cast in stone.

  25. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Let me set the record straight. I will get the vaccine over my dead body.

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