Did FDA really approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine? Wait. What?

by Jon Rappoport

August 25, 2021

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The pressure is building. “Take the vaccine.”

Many people are looking for a successful way to refuse the COVID vaccine in situations where the shots are mandated. I fully support such efforts.

Some people believe they can make the argument that the FDA didn’t actually give full approval to the Pfizer vaccine on August 23rd. Therefore, these people can refuse the vaccine on the grounds that it is still experimental, meaning it has only been granted Emergency Use Authorization.

I’ll discuss that practical strategy later in this article.

But first, I need to analyze the claim that the FDA didn’t truly approve (license) the Pfizer vaccine.

OK. Here we go.

The first FDA document I’ll reference is “Comirnaty and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine,” dated August 23, 2021. The document opens with this statement:

“On August 23, 2021, the FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.”

“The FDA approved” means full approval. The FDA has fully approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine.

And this vaccine “will now be marketed” as the Comirnaty vaccine.

They are the same vaccine, medically speaking. The ingredients are the same.

The FDA document ALSO says the vaccine will continue to be available under the prior Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), for uses that are not yet fully approved. For example, injecting children 12-15, and as a third dose for certain immunocompromised people.

The full approval and the EUA status are riding together, side by side. The EUA status covers uses of the vaccine not covered under full approval.

The rest of this FDA document offers links. One of the links leads to an FDA news release, dated August 23, titled, “FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine.” The release states:

“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty…”

“To support the FDA’s approval decision today, the FDA reviewed updated data from the clinical trial which supported the EUA and included a longer duration of follow-up in a larger clinical trial population.”

The FDA, in this news release, is again asserting that the Pfizer vaccine is now approved, and makes a clear distinction between the prior EUA and this new approval.

Next, we move to a letter, also dated August 23, sent from the FDA to BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH, and Pfizer Inc. The letter is marked, “BLA Approval.” BLA stands for “Biologics License Application.” Here are key quotes:

“Please refer to your Biologics License Application (BLA) submitted and received on May 18, 2021, under section 351(a) of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act) for COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA.”

“We are issuing Department of Health and Human Services U.S. License No. 2229 to BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH, Mainz, Germany…Under this license, you are authorized to manufacture the product, COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA…You may label your product with the proprietary name, COMIRNATY…”

The FDA officially licensed this vaccine. This is approval. It is not merely a continuation of Emergency Use Authorization (EAU).

And now we come to another key FDA document, a letter sent to Pfizer Inc. on August 23, 2021 (addressed to Ms. Elisa Harkins). It also mentions the full licensure (approval) of the vaccine:

“On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.”

This letter is further acknowledgement that the vaccine has been fully approved.

Now we enter the thick weeds of the letter, during a discussion of how Emergency Use Authorization will continue to be used. The language is very dense. It’s taken me a while to separate out the strands.

To help you with what I’m going to untangle, understand that the FDA is making a distinction between what we could call the “old Pfizer vaccine” and the “new Pfizer vaccine.” They are identical in their ingredients. They are the same vaccine. But the “old vaccine” vials were granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) before the August 23rd FDA full licensure of the vaccine; and the “new vaccine” vials will certainly be used under full licensure (approval).

Splitting hairs? Yes. But in order to understand what the FDA is saying in this letter, you have to grasp the distinction between “the old” and “the new.”

The “old” vaccine is labeled “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine,” and the “new” vaccine is labeled “COMIRNATY.” Again, they are exactly the same vaccine.

The FDA letter to Pfizer (the one addressed to Ms. Elisa Harkins) states:

“On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA [Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccine] is appropriate to protect the public health or safety…FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA.” [emphasis added]

The “old vaccine” will continue to have EUA status: it can be injected in people 12 and older, and it can be used as a third dose for certain immunocompromised individuals.

The “new vaccine”—which has full FDA approval—CONTINUES TO ALSO HAVE EUA STATUS—and therefore it too can be injected in people 12 and older, and used as a third dose for certain immunocompromised individuals.

Strange? Yes. The “new” and fully approved vaccine retains its former EUA status. It’s BOTH fully approved and certified as an emergency experimental product.

I believe the FDA reasoning goes this way: the agency wants to make sure vials carrying the label of the “new” fully approved vaccine can be injected into people to whom the full approval doesn’t apply—people between 12 and 15, and certain immunocompromised people, as a third shot. In other words, people covered under EUA status.

If you continue to read this FDA letter, you’ll see this reasoning spelled out.

Bottom line, and my conclusion: The FDA has fully approved the “new vaccine” AND it has also retained the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the “new vaccine.” Both.

—So what does all this mean for people who want to find a workable reason for refusing the vaccine?

For example, suppose you work for a major corporation or a government agency, and you’re told you must get the shot. You say, “No, I won’t take the shot, because the FDA never approved it. It’s still an experimental medicine, because it only has EUA status.”

I believe you’ll lose. You’ll be told, “The FDA HAS approved it.”

Suppose you take a somewhat different approach. You say, “I’ll need to see the actual vial containing the vaccine you want to inject me with. Is it labeled ‘Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine’ (the ‘old’ vaccine) or ‘COMIRNATY’ (the ‘new’ vaccine)?”

Your boss says, “What difference does it make? Either way, it’s the same vaccine.”

And you say, “Not legally speaking. I understand it may take some time for the new shipments of the COMIRNATY to arrive. I won’t take the Pfizer-BioNTech shot because it only has Emergency Use Status, and therefore it’s an experimental medicine. Under federal law, I have the right to refuse an experimental medicine. I’m invoking that right.”

Will that fly?

I’m giving you non-lawyer opinions here. Understand this.

It’s possible this approach could buy you time. Maybe your boss will suddenly become a bit nervous—he tells you he’s going to talk to his company/agency attorneys, and he’ll get back to you.

Or maybe he threatens to fire you on the spot, and he tells you to hire (and pay through the nose for) a lawyer. You do. Do you think your argument will stand up in court? I don’t. Maybe I’m wrong. I’d like to be wrong about that.

Maybe your lawyer will suggest other approaches. A religious exemption, for example. Or, depending on the circumstances, a medical exemption.

But after reading the FDA documents I’ve cited above, I say that if you think the FDA hasn’t actually approved the vaccine, you’re mistaken.

This country, and other countries, are being split into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Communities are dividing. Families are dividing and fracturing. It isn’t a pretty picture.

Here in America, we’re used to living life as usual and believing that coercion isn’t going to come to our front doors. Despite the lockdowns and the mask mandates and the vast financial destruction of the past year, many people still think things are “all right.”

That’s not true.

I support all legal efforts to keep freedom of choice alive. I support the unions that are demanding NO VACCINE MANDATES. I also support those governors who are defending their states against COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. People who criticize these governors because they aren’t perfect or are partially compromised are barking up the wrong tree. We need all the help we can get.

However, as far I’m concerned, putting all our eggs in the basket of court cases, legal filings, unions, and governors is shortsighted, to say the least.

Freedom always needs more. Freedom needs brave business owners to stay open and maskless, despite government edicts. Freedom needs parents to keep showing up at school board meetings, to demand an end to COVID restrictions and mandates.

Most of all, freedom needs patriots, in the best sense of the word, to do what people in Europe and Australia are doing: come out in the street in great numbers. Over and over.

Not by the thousands. By the millions.

For as long as it takes.

The enemies of freedom have to feel the heat. They have to see that the people can’t be forced beyond a certain point.

Whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, the day is coming when, not the minority, but the majority of us will know we are living under tyranny.

Not just insanity; tyranny.

We will know it in ways that are undeniable.

Some of us already know it.

We’re all living through a test of faith. Each individual; and whatever he/she has faith IN. How deep is that faith? How strong?


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

98 comments on “Did FDA really approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine? Wait. What?

  1. Arturo says:

    I was just trying to decipher this. It almost seems like they want to retain the zero liability (PREP) for the EUA while ALSO getting full FDA approval. The ultimate switcharoo. An FDA document states: “the products are legally distinct” but does not elaborate.

    • Opie Poik says:

      Exactly. Everything is cover your a**, while depopulation/vaxocaust/pHARMageddon/jabpocalypse/holodomoredamage proceeds at warp speed. Wanna eat? Take the jab.

      Medical Care for the Unvaccinated: Comply or Die!

      By Gary D. Barnett


      Watch out for banana peels on the sidewalk and step over cracks.

      • Me says:

        Think about it like this:

        Pfizer vaccine is EUA
        Pfizer vaccine is available

        Comirnaty vaccine is fully approved
        Comirnaty vaccine is not available

        Rule for EUA licensing

        EUA can not exist if another product is Effective, Approved, and Available

        If FDA approved [the] Pfizer vaccine, that would strip EUA from Moderna, and J&J unless both were also fully approved. In approving unavailable vaccine, FDA is protecting J&J and Moderna.

        I don’t care what the OP says about “the approval equivalency between Pfizer and Comirnaty, the Legal Difference is that the drug companies have full Liability Shielding from any damages incurred from taking Pfizer vaccine so labeled. Drug company would not have full liability shielding from approved Comirnaty.

    • Quartermaster says:

      In short, they are saying that Comirnaty does not have liability protection (this according to an attorney) when used on 16yo and above. The problem for both FDA and Pfizer is both know there are serious side effects that have resulted in injury and death. Pfizer would be a fool to allow administration of Comirnaty as the suits would devastating to them. The attorneys are waiting.

      • OldBlueHen says:

        I agree. I think we will continue to see the Pfizer-B label and not the Comirnaty label for quite a while. Everyone wanting to force injections can use the “Approved” message while folks actually receive the Pf-B labelled injection that is clearly still EUA – Legally, as they say.

        • Jim-n-NM says:

          And “Legally” is the operative word here…. The devil is ALWAYS in the details, “Legally” speaking.

          • Lisa W says:

            My replies were to Sunny’s factual observations. The bioNtech “approval” is for a product (Co miRNA ty) that clearly states it is still in trial phase!

    • Sunny says:

      What has me confused, and something I wish he would address is the fact that on one of our .gov sites, it CLEARLY states the trial period will not be over until 2023. So HOW can it possibly be fully approved? It literally makes no sense.

      From the website…


      Actual Study Start Date  :April 29, 2020

      Estimated Primary Completion Date  :May 2, 2023

      Estimated Study Completion Date  :May 2, 2023”


      So HOW?

      • Trev Clark says:

        Easy, pressure from a Government needing a win!

        You are aware that 2 major FDA administrators just resigned in protest? This is a push to get a Win under Biden’s belt.

        I am sorry, but, force a vaccine that originally had 41,000 participants in a double blind experiment (20,500 given meds, 20,500 given placebo) and then a 12,000 study (6,000 meds and 6,000 placebo for ONLY 6 MONTHS! Here is some reality for you…331,000 population from 2020 census, 650,000 deaths, NOT EVEN A QUARTER OF A 1%!

        And it is compared to the Bubonic Plague the killed 1/3 of the population of Europe!

        Even more interesting, go to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and see that there have been over 650,000 adverse reactions to the “Vaccine” that will still let you get sick, hospitalized and DIE! ADD insult to injury, the CDC is NOT tracking Break through cases!

        There is NO accountability if this “Vaccine” works? Most States only track Break through cases if Hospitalized or Died.

        Want to know why cases counts are up? Because we are now forcing testing on the population whose chance of having symptoms is .003% and chance of death is .0007%! Young people 3-28 years. Only 384 children have died from this virus, ALL had cancer or diabetes. Lets get them the shot fast so we can save them!

      • Lisa W says:

        EXACTLY! They are lying in plain sight and people like this guy are buying it and SPREADING IT AS TRUTH.

      • Lisa W says:

        You are one of the few who SEE the TRUTH

    • Lisa W says:

      By the way, it’s interesting to investigate the name “Comirnaty” being that it is PER THE WRITTEN APPROVAL still in trial phase. Look up something called “miRNA”, it may reveal phase II of the Great Vaccine Reset of Humanity. These globalists are playing God with the very biological structure of humanity.

  2. Paul says:

    OK. Here we go.”

    LAND HO !

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I said at the beginning of all this that masking and social distancing were the tip of the totalitarian spear.

    The Masters of the Universe have now overreached:

    “This country, and other countries, are being split into the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Communities are dividing. Families are dividing and fracturing. It isn’t a pretty picture.”

    To live in fear of human contact and contact with the environment is no way to live. We need to be able to exchange our soul essence with the world. Are we all to become like the boy in the bubble? ‘To one’s own bubble be true.’ What a sad form of existence that would be. The Masters of the Universe want us to live in fear. In so doing it is much easier for them to take our ‘relative’ freedom’s away. Real freedom comes from within and is the essence of universal consciousness. It cannot be taken from us and as we get swept away by the rip tide of tyranny it may be all we have left to hold on to.

    One thing must be clear as we fracture apart and the sheeple go into hiding behind their masks of obedience. Germs and bacteria are not our enemy. The state is our enemy to resist or escape from…. the choice is ours.

    “Lynn Margulis comments, “Most bacteria have far more important things to do on this Earth than to devour our tissues while we are still alive, drink our blood when we are old and weak, or fight with us over who will eat our food first. . . . Those who hate and want to kill bacteria indulge in self-hatred. Our ultimate ancestors, yours and mine, descended from this group of beings. Not only are bacteria our ancestors, but also . . . as the evolutionary antecedent of the nervous system, they invented consciousness.”
    ― Stephen Harrod Buhner

    • Opie Poik says:

      Hear ya, but to be honest, I was into antisocial distancing before it was hip.

      Tower of Power – What Is Hip? (Social Distancing Style)

    • Marlene says:

      Thank you Jon for the clarity needed for us to move forward without making asshats out of ourselves saying It is not exactly approved. Obviously it is and it is also being used to put this potion in the arms of 12 year-olds. Those f—in bastards!!!!!

      That fact alone – the aiming like a laser for our children should be emphasized bigly in order to get Americans out of their homes and into the streets to protest.
      Enough is enough.

      Reluctant, I agree with all you said here as well – including the people (my DIL who uses anti-bacterial liquid constantly and is giving my grandsons a fetish about it was well) who use the antibacterial liquid and are in fear of “germs” so much it causes insanity. I depart with the “bacteria is our ancestors and they invented consciousness”.

      I believe G-d created bacteria. Everything in creation is a balancing act. Now, I could believe that the good Lord created the bacteria in order to create the nervous system and consciousness. G-d created the world FOR change which is why it wasn’t created in one felt swoop.

      I am praying that watching the torture of citizens in Austrailia – and the “bring your children to the stadium for vaccine – while you wait outside and we traumatize the hell out of the little ones” will shock people into action.

    • jane says:



    • Waken Dragons says:

      The United States constitution recognize that man has been given rights endowed by our creator. Therefore evoke the right over your bodies and declare it to all.

      I will not have a vaccine.

      Seek out your creator with all your heart.

      Read the old and New Testament read the United State of America’s Declaration of Independence, bill of rights, the Constitution of the United States, I have been lazy and many other people are lazy but it’s still not late we can stand and fight. Yet we need to identify who is our enemies.

      While you are in the world you will suffer, but don’t be afraid of it, or let your hearts be troubled, because I have overcome my fear of it, and so will you, because I am with you now your savior and guide the Lord Jesus

      Jesus Christ designed All, as for bacteria, and viruses they had a very different design in relationships to their supporting life: man and animals.

      Bacteria are not mans ancestors, we are designed to regenerate for hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of years. Virus may have played a roll in eating up dangerous substances cells or whatever in our bodies.

      At the fall of man all was changed-decay was birthed

      Evil that is far worse than ever before is in our homes do we have the courage to stand against it and yes we as a people will be divided, and yes many people will have their wills broken.

      Those of you who will not take the vaccines I prey for your soul now. I prey that Gods love fills you immediately.

      Be it true that these vaccines dum down our highest levels of cognitive thinking and Devine inspirations than we will have to deduce that our act of not having a jab is going to alarm the chains of evil commander’s and these demonic creatures in spiritual high places-white house are going to seek our lives. Our energy levels will be much faster than those who are jabbed therefore we who resists most have our personal relationship with Jesus Christ firmly plugged into his forces.

  4. Paul says:

    “How deep
    is that faith?

    How strong?”

    “I can do this forever.”

    • BS Detector says:

      Yepers! As long as necessary. Which might not be as long as we expect, judging from how things are going in the most highly jabbed nations.

  5. Jt K says:

    The Pfizer vaccine may be approved but that does negate or end the phase 3 trial which does not conclude until 2023. The phase 3 trial is an investigational study, therefore its protocol by definition continues to be experimental.

    Perhaps I’m missing it, but I cannot find any legal authority that FDA approval changes the protocol of an investigational (experimental) study into one that is non-interventional.

    Unless someone can cite authority that approval reclassifies the investigational status of a phase 3 study, I will continue to adhere to the position that Pfizer’s novel biologic cannot be mandated pursuant to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Art 7.

    • Toni says:

      Yes, good comment! Maybe best one here, because you point out the LEGAL aspects of this problem, the UNLAWFUL action by FDA.

      A youtube called “Montagraph,” shown a day or two ago, talks about there being a change of description in the way FDA stated the vaxx back in May ’21 (preventing the disease) and this recent authorization (they have changed their defining term now).

      It is worth listening to and seeing the very likely fraud that has been done. The presenter was calling for honest attorneys to check into this.

      “Web Of Confusion = Houston, We Have A Major Problem !” — by Montagraph


    • Kailey says:

      Well technically, and unfortunately, the “trials” ended when they unblinded them several months ago (meaning they gave the placebo group the vax). Absolutely everything about this is an absolute fraud.

  6. Need A Ladder says:

    In my analysis the COMIRNATY fully approved version is available to 16+, this version has some legal liability to the manufacturer as most every other licensed vaccines do though limited. There is no liability for EUA version.

    Problem is there is a lot of old stock sitting around they need to sell off first. This is the Pfizer-BioNTech labeled one which has EUA and no liability.

    They are playing marketing and legal tricks here and confusion will have many believing that starting August 23, 2021 their doctor or drive through window will be giving them the licensed version and or thinking that the old stock is fully approved and licensed too.

    Only if labeled COMIRNATY is it licensed. Like the SARS-cov-2 ‘virus’ that does not exist, these vials of COMIRNATY do not exist they are only rebranding and there is no stock yet and they cannot legally call the old stock COMIRNATY nor can they call the old stock licensed and approved but this of course will be the belief that enters the minds of many due to fake news and it’s lie machine.

    If we read into these games these powerful players push on the public and government we might determine that they have no intention of actually getting this licensed product out ever, it’s just a delay and sales tactic to get all the current supply used up.

    Consider fully that if the VAERS data is accurate there is no way any court would not severely fine Pfizer for distributing such a dangerous product.

    EUA use is a different matter, all liability is on government which basically is none in an alleged emergency unless it can be fully proven government always knew it was a fraud and that won’t happen for 50 years or so if ever.

    The players behind this will rely on public fear and the demands and interest they have in a fully approved product now in order to try to double sales.

    Yes many companies will merely go along with news report and FDA press release which is like stated in the article here confusing, believing it’s fully licensed and make demands for fear the employer would be liable if anyone ‘caught SARS-cov-2’ while unaware of the fact that only the one labeled COMIRNATY is licensed which is not available anywhere. This is going to be an ongoing fued until that is sorted out in courts. It’s such a nasty game. In reality the liability is non-existent. It’s like Y2K, remember that? Company lawyers created new legal agreements that had so many pages they literally reached to the ceiling when stacked. The whole thing was a dud. This corona scare is very much like this just that it doesn’t have a certain expiry based on calendar date, it will rely on courts to end it and or declarations by governors and presidents.

    It’s also another well thought out strategy to attempt to mess up elections such as California recall, using the excuses to do the easy to manipulate mail in ballot system. They keep their money flows going as long as possible stealing public funds, do their stock option plays with insider trades, and all of those games. They might steal this election one too.

    It’s also about continuing the fear throwing wrenches into everything for their own gain as long as they can, but at a point it all will end. Courts will prove most all of these violations fully. It is illegal to mandate even approved vaccines except in rare circumstances but they are pushing hard at exponential force because the entire vaccine industry as has been built in the past is about to fall.

    Reference that Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in German court in 2018 that measles virus does not exist. He stated in recent discussion that decision has destroyed the very foundation of all virology claims of causation of disease and thus ALL MANDATES FOR VACCINES ARE ILLEGAL. I highly suggest everyone study everything he has published and all interviews he has presented.

    • Pete says:

      This is spot on. Approval of a rebranded drug that isn’t even available (yet) associated with the same name of Pfizer gives the general public the illusion that “everything is approved” and therefore gives the mandates a stronger arm to reach out and poke someone. “Oooooh, it’s “approved”!” It’s a beta test stacked on top of another beta test since mandates are not even technically laws.

      They are clearing the shelves of the old stock making people believe it is something new and approved. The EUA version gets all the liability protection. It’s win win. Commie-Naughty does not offer such protection to the pushers so I doubt they even intend to use it at this point.

      It’s also interesting to trace back this BioNTech and Pfizer relationship. It would appear that BT is the manufacturer and Pfizer is just putting the final logo on it for FDA gift wrapping. I think this may play into the “legal distinction” between the two jabs… maybe someone smarter than I can parse that out.

      The FDA has also shined an electron microscope with giant floodlights on itself with a rather unprecedented set of processes to move this forward. Nobody in their right mind would consider them legitimate, even after a cursory review of their sordid history which is now being splashed all over the internet. They are exposed as drug dealers now and it is another medical industrial complex tower that will have to crumble. “FDA Approval” now means run as fast as you can in the other direction…

  7. SpiritTraveller says:

    “Give them an INCH they take a YARD. Give them a YARD they take a MILE…!” — #BobMarley

  8. carol says:

    Dear Jon, thank you for that article explaining the FDA approval, I’m glad I understand now.

    I would like to talk about the article you posted on the 25th about Gov. DeSantis.

    I am with you on everything, the fake PCR test, the fake numbers of cases.

    I am a big DeSantis & Trump fan. I read & agree with all your articles, but something is going on in Florida. I have seen it with my own eyes.

    I had to take my daughter to the ER in Ormond, Fla. a few days ago. The hospital was packed full with sick people, even out into the parking lot, with a 12 hour wait time. We left & went back the next day & it was the same as the day before. We left & I sent her by ambulance & even with that she waited 4 hours to get admitted, she didn’t have covid she was there for an infection.
    Another friend of mine was having a baby & she said the ER in Palm Coast, Fla. was packed with sick people. Another friend in Jacksonville said the same thing. I have two other family friends who are very sick plus their kids. Something is going on here. I know a lot of people said on yesterday’s comments that they don’t believe that Fla. is having problems, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. To many sick people here more then normal.

    • Low Voltage says:

      Yeah. Here’s the 500th comment about “People are dying!”

      “How do you explain that?”

      He’s explained it dozens of times.

    • jane says:

      my boyfriends sisters( 60+, 70)

      have both been sick and tested ” positive with covid”. one vaccinated, one not…

      Florida and Texas are big targets by the CCP / Biden / Pharma administration.

      could the air or water be sprayed? or another vial dropped?

    • Kailey says:

      Yeah, a lot of people are getting sick from taking the vax.

  9. bylystudentpaniEli says:

    BOMBSHELL: mRNA Inventor, Dr. Robert Malone Says FDA DID NOT Approve Current Vaccine.


    Dr. Robert Malone, who is the godfather of mRNA technology and is as pro-vax as one can be dropped a bombshell during his interview yesterday with Steve Bannon.

    Malone read the two FDA letters and they did NOT approve the current vaccines that are available. The Pfizer shot currently available is still under emergency use authorization. The vaccine that will be approved is one called Comirnaty.

    In short, the FDA approved a BioNTech vaccine that is not available and currently going through trials. The Pfizer vaccine is still under EUA.

    • Silverseeker says:

      Definition of Biologics License Application(BLA) Approval = approval to market, manufacture and distribute a drug. In this case THE DRUG is the same formulation as the EUA original mRNA vax which is still under EUA, per the second FDA letter…which states on page 12:

      “This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older; and
      • The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency
      use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.

      NEITHER drug is “approved” in reference to protocol and law CFR Title 21. Both Comirnaty and the nCov19 original vaccine release are still proceeding in trials; and if you accept the injection under EUA; you are a participant in an experiment which has yet to produce ANY safety profile; only ACUTE symptoms data has been collected.

      You are the trial.

    • Bennoe says:

      According to the FDA there are two Pfizer Covid vaccines.



      Both vaccines are tested with slightly different results.

      I quote:

      “The EUA for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine …..
      The vaccine was 95% effective in preventing COVID-19 disease ….

      Follow-up data from this ongoing clinical trial was analyzed by FDA to determine the safety and effectiveness of Comirnaty ….. Overall, the vaccine was 91% effective

      The FDA-approved Pfizer-BioNTech product Comirnaty (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine under EUA have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably …”

      end quote.

      So, it seems that the old and the new one (comirnaty) have the same formulation but are considered to be two different vaccines.

  10. Karen says:

    Its great to have truth..many of us agree we need to take a stand…question is how?? Is there a group organizing marches?

  11. Natalie says:

    It’s a tough situation. Threatened with a loss of income, many may fold and decide to roll the dice. Even if many refuse, they have other tricks up their sleeves, from financial markets collapse to weather modification. You think you can live independently on your homestead? Well, how about a drought or a freeze that kills your animals (see The Global Dimming from geoengineeringwatch.com for details). They’ve had at least two hundred years to set up the system of total control with various experiments (Russia, Third Reich, China, little known Jesuit-run places in Latin America). They prefer to use propaganda, compliance and gradualism for now because it’s cheaper, less messy, less risky… but it doesn’t mean they won’t resort to violence if need be.

    I hate to sound pessimistic, I think people should fight as long as they can (otherwise we’ll all be slaves tomorrow). But I also pray to God every day because I don’t see anything else saving us in the long run.

    • Low Voltage says:

      Come on! If these demons were destined to succeed, don’t you think they would have done so by now?

      China, Russia, and Iran are standing up against them. That’s a lot of people from three different civilizations.

      • Gayle says:

        I’m not sure about that.

        China’s trying to buy up everything and there is nothing the U.S. can do about it or are they colluding?

        These are the global predators of every nation colluding. The masses are their problem and on that they all agree.

  12. bylystudentpaniEli says:

    Dr. Robert Malone, who is the godfather of mRNA technology and is as pro-vax as one can be dropped a bombshell during his interview yesterday with Steve Bannon.

    Malone read the two FDA letters and they did NOT approve the current vaccines that are available. The Pfizer shot currently available is still under emergency use authorization. The vaccine that will be approved is one called Comirnaty.

    In short, the FDA approved a BioNTech vaccine that is not available and currently going through trials. The Pfizer vaccine is still under EUA.

  13. AJ says:

    This is directly in your face! Believe it now! Tyranny does not have limits! And this new tyranny will continue to grow if it is not resisted in every way possible. I was really surprised about the openly public demonstrations in the europe. Apparently, they want their freedom of choice and more. Not surprised by the decision of the fda to approve this death vial. How else were the to force you to be vaccinated. This proves you can never fully trust the government and it must be always questioned for it’s actions. Straight forward: This is total BS!!!

  14. Liv4ever says:

    The emperor’s new vax

  15. BS Detector says:

    It is now absolutely, unequivocally, abundantly clear the agenda is to destroy the health of Americans for short-term profit and perhaps long-term extermination. For me, the only option is to refuse, come what may. I’d much prefer to live with dignity than die from indignity, but really think I’m far more likely to be among the few who emerge somewhat intact, and more importantly, free!

    • Jimmy says:

      “It is now absolutely, unequivocally, abundantly clear the agenda is to destroy the health of Americans…”

      Correction: it is to destroy the health of any person on the planet they can jab.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      BSD: I’d much prefer to live with dignity than die from indignity,

      Rick: me too… in fact, for the past 17 months, I’ve often ruminated on how far down things will go and how I could frame it as an exciting adventure into hell. Choices I made will always be consistent with freedom and life, on the way down, so my idea is that my soul/spirit “goes down” standing tall.

      Keep in mind that the new discoveries about this injection they’re pushing involved nano-graphene-oxide– which could be the spikes being referred to– cutting up internal passages and brains on a nano-scale– and acting as free radical destroyer with lots of loose unbound oxygens– which require 2 electrons to be neutralized. Taking N-acetyl-cycstine NAC & tart cherry supplement can help neutralize free radicals.

      There are indications that the injection contains nano-electronics– that GrOx is itself magnetic and conductive and responsive to 5G. The mRNA can neutralize the VMAT2 gene known as the god-gene… so with GrOx+commands relayed via 5G and a blocking of the god-gene, we have a takeover of human minds en masse. Elon Musk has been talking about a “neural lace”… and this might be what nGrOx creates– For those who survive the injection, they become zombie/slaves.

      I’m reminded of the scifi novel Day of the Triffids, but instead of making people blind, the nano Graphene Oxide + mRNA cuts off higher thinking, blinding people spiritually. In the novel, the triffid is a genetically engineered plant that got out of the old U.S.S.R. I was obligated to read this novel in Grade 9 high school- possible as predictive programming?

  16. Diane says:

    @Marlene Australians have a reported 20% vaccination rate, which is why the PTSNB are ramming them so hard. They are not “falling”, they are RISING. And in the end, they will win.

  17. ak in vt says:

    “Do not fear (give respect to) the one who can destroy the body…” the Christ, Yahshua ben Yosef.

    “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.” VOLTAIRE

    What can man do to me other than send me on to glory in another world. However, if this is the only world you have, good luck to you, but why are you not doing anything?


    AK in VT

  18. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    It’s clear that they are closing all the exits. Many of us have been sounding the alarm for years, but we were labeled pessimists or crazy and disregarded or attacked for what we were saying. At what point will the cultists notice that things are headed in a very unhappy direction? Instead of planning to protest, I hear these people talking about all their travel or retirement plans, plans for their kids university education, and so on. It’s as if we were simultaneously living on two different planets but occupying the same space.

    If you aren’t even aware there is a problem, how much effort would you spend on fixing it? I am astonished at the level of denial that this scam is not about a virus; it’s about total control.

    Since they always tell us what nasty things they plan to do to us, we are seeing the lockdowns, forced jabs, shutting out the non-cultists from certain venues including grocery shopping, at what point do these people understand what is happening?

    This is essentially the Holomodor 2.0. Solzhenitsyn said that if people would only have fought back, they never could have killed so many millions of people. It seems that many Europeans are fighting back, but Americans? Not nearly enough.

    I am also dismayed at the willingness of investors to make money off the very corporations that are making things to ruin their future. They happily trade short-term gains for long-term pains.

    This is a war against humanity, but the tyrants will never declare it as such because that would make it acceptable for us to fight.

  19. Kathleen, Somerset, WI says:

    My question to any foreign entity attempting to force a drug on me is this:

    Do you presume that you do not require my consent to this experimental drug containing aborted fetal ingredients against my conscience and religion, and whatever the hell else is in there without any disclosure by you or liability to you, the state and the Pharma company that produced this garbage, whatsoever?

    You sir/madam are right now in violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947. The penalty is death. Are you willing to risk the death penalty for this criminal act of coercing and forcing me to take an illegal injection?

  20. The Watchman says:

    Jon, I think a more apt name would have been CONFORMITY!!!!!!!
    Linked as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

  21. Marlene says:

    This wonderful presentation by this MD professor is great until he gets to the vax and then it is BOOM right between the eyes with the most awful part.

    Also it is from JULY of this year, so the studies he provides below the video have been out, and yet
    here we are – NYC all teachers must get vax by mid September.

    Private school here all staff are vaxed and the highly recommend that as soon as it is available for your student’s age group they get it.
    My worst nightmare is coming true.

    I want to share it with my son to deter him from even thinking about a vaccine for the 2 & 4 year old when it comes – AND IT WILL COME!! but it is killing me to show him what kind of trouble his wife has brought upon them. Maybe it would convince him to not take the booster.

    Uggghhhhhhh –


  22. Sean says:

    Im one of the millions. I will come out. I will not mask. I will not take any shots, based on my own research on them. Not even based on No More Fake News reports. There is actually a lot of material on this subject, even from pro vac people that warn against them, based on the evidence they actually share. You dont even have to dig that deep. Just try digging a little.

    You may try to use intimidation and force and even mandates because you take the shots and have been convinced not to look at an opposing stance, like, covid has no basis because it was never ever isolated, rendering any test as irrelevant. Use your TV power and intimidation tactics because you want shots to keep your job status or whatever, knock yourself out, but I wont have any of it. Please show me where I have signed anything anywhere stating I have to wear a mask, stand 6 feet apart, take a deadly shot, any shot, because some truly criminally minded people in criminal organizations with criminal backgrounds mandate something that I have to do. If I have, please show it to me. Even if there is there was, no problem, there’s remedy for that.

    I will stand my ground based on, Its my body and not anybody elses, I have no contract your sources you conform to, and Im wise enough to no longer trust criminal organizations that are at a minimum, allowing continuous harm and death to untold numbers of people, under the presumption of public safety of coarse. But you are free to do so. I wont impose on your right to do what you feel you got to do, and I will stand my ground as you impose your unwarranted convictions on me. Basically, leave me alone.

    I will be much more like the Europeans and Australians. Brave. Now.

  23. sk says:

    “The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.”

    One word not to be overlooked is “including”. To me this implies there are other possibilities for EUA. If just a certain age range or immunocompromise status was all there was, you wouldn’t need “including” inserted in there. I’m not certain that the word is used to act as a carry over to continue using the “old” vaccine” until it’s used up. I suspect there’s another purpose involved here. Any guesses?

    • OldBlueHen says:

      My guess: the new label Comirnity will not show up for quite a while. All sorts of new mandates will be set forth on the basis of the jab being “approved”, but the actual shot will still be marked with Pf-B label, which is PERMANENTLY LEGALLY an EUA shot, with no liability. The real (unpublished) trials will continue with all the jab-takers as unwitting subjects. The booster groups will be a new leg of the secret trials, as will the 12-15 year olds.

  24. yyz says:

    TIME IS ON THE SIDE OF TRUTH – the true effects of the vax will evolve and need to be dealt with by the liars and their messaging will become harder to sell.

    • OldBlueHen says:

      Not really – if the true effects are passed off as variant problems, or waning immunity due to lack of booster. Effectively those whose shots are older than say 8 months could be categorized as not vaccinated for data collection purposes. Your vax passport will have an expiration date…

  25. Alan says:

    We are living under tyranny. There is only one successful way to deal with tyranny. All others have failed. Americans did it in 1776.

    Demonstrations, no matter how large the crowd, can be ignored by the tyrant, with one exception – one backed by real power, of the only kind tyrants worry about.

    • JB says:

      Here’s another tip (that Americans don’t seem to get through their head):


      Read that as many times as you need to. This country needs to get that through their thick skulls. Trump, Obongo, and Biden aren’t going to save us. We are.

      • Jello says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! for making this very important point. R’s & D’s are two wings of the same bird. Voting ‘harder’ isn’t going to fix anything. Politics is the root of all problems and NEVER the solution. Politics is about divide & conquer. I was finished with voting when they came out with the electronic voting machines – what could/will go wrong??!? {rhetorical}

  26. sk says:

    I’m scratching my head about the name Comirnaty. Interestingly, mirnaty in Bulgarian means “to calm down”. Co in English means jointly or in-association. So what is this non-vaccine in association with to calm us down? Or what’s in the vaccine to calm us down? Is it an effect on fertility, which will calm down population growth?

  27. Alan Wurtzel says:

    In Jon Rappoport’s latest, he quotes an FDA letter:

    “And now we come to another key FDA document, a letter sent to Pfizer Inc. on August 23, 2021 (addressed to Ms. Elisa Harkins). It also mentions the full licensure (approval) of the vaccine:”

    “On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.”

    “This letter is further acknowledgement that the vaccine has been fully approved.”

    The approval is for “active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2” by the COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA)

    Many months ago, I looked at the original application by Pfizer to the FDA for EUA. It stated that the Experimental Drug being submitted to the FDA for EAU did not create immunization to prevent Covid-19. It just reduced the symptoms of those who had acquired the Covid-19 disease, provided those symptoms were mild in the first place.

    If the Experimental Drug which was just given approval by the FDA is the same one which was given EUA authorization by the FDA many months ago, then it cannot, and does not, provide active immunize against the Covid-19 disease and cannot be approved as a vaccine [see CDC definition of a vaccination below] for it does not meet the requirement in the FDA’s approval letter.

    If it can immunize against the Covid-19 disease, then it cannot be the same drug as the one which was previously authorized by the FDA under EUA – and therefore it has not undergone the formal tests over the required time periods required to be approved by the FDA .

    Either way, the approval is not valid. Important for us unvaccinated.

    The CDC definition of a vaccine [https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/imz-basics.htm]:

    Immunity: Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected.

    Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

    Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.

    Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination. This term is often used interchangeably with vaccination or inoculation.

    If the argument above is valid, then the vaccine cannot be approved and the unvaccinated cannot be subject to mandated to have the injection.

    To prove the validity of the above argument – that the FDA’s approval of the Experimental Drug was faulty [to say the least] – I am trying to find the links to the EAU authorization request from Pfizer and the recent Pfizer request for approval.

    All help appreciated

    • Leslie says:

      Is this by any chance the one you mean?


      “COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is an FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer for BioNTech”


    • Toni says:

      Yes, these points are good ones and I hope they will be taken up by the legal community (contract attorney specialists). Also, give a listen to some points made on a recent “Montagraph” youtube presentation regarding the terms used and their definitions being a break in the contracts between Pfizer/FDA.

      “Web Of Confusion = Houston, We Have A Major Problem !” — by Montagraph


  28. ARTHUR says:

    Now we can know why he’ll be called the “beast” too. The CRISPR mRNA gene editing technology is capable of creating human hybrids, for those who survive it that is. The rest who choose to retain their humanity, their salvation by the propitiatory atonement by the Lamb of God. Disclosure, unveiling, are synonyms to the Greek word Apokalypsis, translated as revelation. The exposé continues that will reveal who the Beast, the Harlot, and the Ten Kings are. We are called to endure to the end of this, and those who do will have a strong and deep faith indeed.

    • TrustNoOne says:

      Well some conspiracy theorists claim DNA is a hoax (or, even if exists, doesn’t control inheritance). So mRNA, Crispr, etc. is just a bedtime story for the anti-government people. So the vaxx can simply be about poisoning as many people as they can get away with.

  29. Jim S Smith says:

    Well, Jon,

    Nice to know I was NOT alone in making this argument! – People just need to actually READ the posted notice fully, carefully – to see and understand WHAT is being stated!

    Posted a comment on this very topic on InfoWars comments. I posted the same type of comment to my Telegram channel feed.

    So nice to know that there are others out there, who DO actually READ this stuff!

    – Thank you!

  30. Blain McElrea says:

    I don’t agree with this interpretation at all because he adds words not found in any documents and misrepresents the meaning of other words as a result.

    Words mean what they do but without their full context the honest truth is distorted.

    The license approval was for manufacturing but the terms of distribution is still under EUA with the additions of youth and those compromised.

    The approval is conditional, nowhere does it say it’s a full approval or fully approved.

    In fact it goes on to say that full approval is pending the successful trials up until 2027.

    Simple logic states that “full approval” comes after the trials and not before.

  31. Diego says:

    There is a hierarchy to the laws of which we live. At the very top of that pyramid is natural law and each one if us is granted inalienable rights by your creator. If one chooses to relinquish those rights under threats and intimidation then one had free will to do so. And if one wants to retain those rights they may do so.

    So if one chooses the latter then act like a king and not a peasant when it comes to your inalienable rights. I’m sorry, but saying a corporation can do this and that to a human being is not true and could only happen with consent. Threats and intimidation are extortion and making money off of it is racketeering.

    So what do kings do? They ask questions and act properly. In doing so they review carefully what is presented to them and act what is equitable and fair.

    I would read the manufacturer insert called a fact sheet for potential recipients and it clearly states. This is an OFFER. So you mean to tell me an offer becomes a requirement because an employer decided how you should perform your medical decisions? Are they also providing you with organic food, removing all toxic substances from your work environment and promoting your health every which possible?

    You want to be King: conditionally accept the offer upon proof of claims and provide evidence of claims.

    Jon has provided unlimited amounts of info for you to write your rebuttal. You just need to go review what it means to be man and woman and that you are king/Queen of your biological property. Am i my brothers keeper? If you’re a peasant and conduct your matters as such well i guess you are. But if you are king/queen of your biological property then you are responsible for yourself

  32. Leslie says:

    “Bottom line, and my conclusion: The FDA has fully approved the “new vaccine” AND it has also retained the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the “new vaccine.” Both.”

    I just had this same question for Health Canada, I was trying to find out if the covid vaccines were actually APPROVED in Canada? and found some conflicting info, of course! 🤨 Seems their trying to confuse people, certainly made me waste time on it, and I still couldn’t really tell which it is? and had to ask them (now waiting for a reply) Authorized or Approved? Which is it, or is it both like the FDA?

    I wrote health Canada, and asked them if the sars-cov-2 / covid-19 whatever? you want to call it “vaccines / genetic modification” shots are actually approved?

    One health Canada site in the top of the search menu, say’s the covid vaccines are “authorized” then when you click on that link, it now say’s allll covaxes are APPROVED?! 🤨 Quote “Approved COVID-19 Vaccines” below is the search link starting with safe;

    “safe and effective.COVID-19 Vaccines: “Authorized” vaccines -Canada.ca https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/covid19-industry/drugs-vaccines-treatments/vaccines.html

    After clicking on the search (above) it now say’s this from the same link above!

    Approved COVID-19 Vaccines


  33. Rich Buckley says:

    Here’s another strategy : https://tinyurl.com/228p4tmv

  34. Leslie says:

    “2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine”

    “Buried in the fine print of Monday’s approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine are two critical facts that affect whether the vaccine can be mandated, and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries.”
    Second, the FDA pointed out that the licensed Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine and the existing, EUA Pfizer vaccine are “legally distinct,” but proclaims that their differences do not “impact safety or effectiveness.”

    “The FDA decrees that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine under the EUA should remain unlicensed but can be used “interchangeably” (page 2, footnote 8) with the newly licensed Comirnaty product.”

    “There is a huge real-world difference between products approved under EUA compared with those the FDA has fully licensed.”

    “EUA products are EXPERIMENTAL under U.S. law. Both the Nuremberg Code and federal regulations provide that no one can force a human being to participate in this experiment. Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), “authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,” it is unlawful to deny someone a job or an education because they refuse to be an experimental subject. Instead, potential recipients have an absolute right to refuse EUA vaccines.”


  35. Blain McElrea says:

    Furthermore, it’s not even a vaccine in the traditional sense of the word, this EXPERIMENTAL product is more aptly called “viral based genetic therapy”.

    The dishonesty runs deep in the FDA as they are politically compromised and it’s up to us to call out the weasel words and not to endorse them as legitimate.

    1/3 of all FDA approvals have been withdrawn and this conditional approval should be seen as an empty gesture where only time and the completion of trials will reveal the contextual facts in order to know the honest truth.

    The simple fact remains that the word “approved” can mean many different things to different people and it’s up to each one of us to make that honest determination for ourselves.

    In another instance of the use of the word “approval” is face masks, just as face masks were approved by the CDC for use, we know full well there isn’t a single mask that is “certified” for purpose.

    Once again the truth isn’t found in the world “approval” but in the contextual use of that word which is very specific..

  36. Here is my solution – Create a “Contract of Surety for Vaccine Liability” with the Establishment that clearly states “I am not refusing the vaccine” but instead requires “legal consideration” before proceeding:

    Here is my solution for so-called “mandatory” vaccination: don’t refuse but conditionally accept for specific “consideration”:


    [name of file downloaded: CVL-Informed-Consent-100.pdf]

    You cannot be fired because you didn’t refuse the vaccine. The conditional acceptance puts the “ball” back in their court and they have to remove their offer/requirement or provide your requested consideration.

    This solution is Legal Genius.

    • Theo says:

      Hi Garry,

      Thank you.

      1. Why does the opening sentence of the contract need to include the phrase “In lieu of ‘Informed Consent’,…”? (In layman’s terms, “As a substitution for ‘Informed Consent’…”

      ref: “In lieu of ‘Informed Consent’, this CONTRACT of SURETY for VACCINE LIABILITY is a conditional acceptance of the Offers made between the Parties, and is herein called ‘Contract’.”

      In other words, why not just have the opening sentence be: “This CONTRACT of SURETY for VACCINE LIABILITY is a conditional acceptance of the Offers made between the Parties, and is herein called ‘Contract’.”

      I guess what I’m trying to understand is what is this ‘Informed Consent’ that’s being referring to in the contract and why does it need to be said to be excluded, if you will, from the contract at hand by its explicit mention in the contract? Conversely, if the “In lieu of ‘Informed Consent’,…” phrase were not present in the contract, then what weakness in the contract — from Party B’s perspective — would that create?

      2. Did I fill out the top part of the contact properly?

      There are only two ‘Parties’ to this Contract, namely:

      * Party A who is the man/woman commonly called “[Joe My Boss]” sometimes acting as “agent” for “[ACME Widgets, Inc]” herein called the “Establishment”, and

      * Party B who has the essence of the living soul that occupies the human body commonly called “[John Doe (i.e., me)]” and is involved with the Establishment for mutual benefit, herein called the ‘Engagement’, and said Parties are men/women in their natural form living freely upon God’s land with their own body as their own private property.

  37. copperhead says:

    [This article is] inaccurate in a few ways that our movement cannot be wrong in.

    First off, it was not approved but even that is a strawman.

    Anyone forcing the jab on me is going to get their ass kicked seven ways to Sunday.

    You cannot give informed consent because the jab has ingredients in it they don’t want you to know about.


  38. Joachim says:

    “I’m giving you non-lawyer opinions here. Understand this.”

    Non-lawyer opinions on a legal matter are often wrong. (But lawyer opinions are often wrong, too.)

    From the documents themselves, there is at least an acknowledged legal difference between the vaccines.

    Footnote 8 of the reissued EUA for the Pfizer vaccine (one of the two documents released Monday) acknowledges that the Pfizer and Comirnaty vaccines are “legally distinct”–i.e., one (Comirnaty) is licensed (“approved”, pending some additional sampling outlined in the other [approval] document) and the other (Pfizer) is authorized under a continuing EUA.

  39. LEONIE says:

    I live in Australia and I certainly won’t be taking the devils jab.

    The propaganda is so rife here, every time you turn on the tv with each advert that comes on, whatever you’re watching. I’m at the stage where I’m muting every advert that talks/shows someone intimating everyone must get the jab. Fed up to the teeth with the whole scam-demic.

    The thing is I’m worried now is blood transfusions. If you have to go into hospital for some reason to have a blood transfusion, are we going to get people’s infected blood that have had the jab? Has anyone else thought about this?

    Am I being paranoid, because if someone goes into the emergency department and they get a blood transfusion without them knowing and end up getting very sick, who is held accountable? […]

    • barney says:

      Good point Leonie & I’ve thought of that & many other things planned. The USA has gone lockstep along w/the scam. 24hrs, 7-days of continuous brainwashing. The population was ripe for it. There will be check points, bank accts seized, etc. The earth won’t tolerate dangerous fleas. We are playing against AI.

    • Jello says:

      Excellent points!! Since the roll-out of these jabs, I’ve wondered the very same thing (regarding the blood supply). I’ve also wondered about the water supply. Too many ‘unknowns’ about these jabs.

  40. Rog says:

    Because the school system never taught much about our form of government and what it has authority to do and not do, what I’m about to say may sound like wacky legal theory. I assure you, it’s not.

    Government can only require a duty of “persons.” A person in legalese is a legal entity. A “driver” is a person, a voter is a person, a citizen is a person. Pretty much any label that isn’t man or woman is a person. An employee is a person.

    The question is: does the man or woman occupying the “office,” for lack of a better word, of a person, give up his God given rights while he is performing the duties of that person?

    Absolutely not.

    What we are dealing with here is literally pieces of paper, government only exists on paper, corporations only exist on paper, bossing people around. Attorneys will argue that yes, these things are real, but they are only “real” because flesh and blood people occupy the offices of those pieces of paper that were, you guessed it, created on a piece of paper.

    All law is contract. So, what it comes down to is did you agree with full disclosure and a true meeting of the minds to give up your God given rights to a piece of paper. I say that is impossible.

    So when the government or your employer demands you take the death shot, produce your contract, if you have one, and ask where you agreed to take any kind of injection as a condition of “employment” or otherwise, produce your employee ID and tell them they can vaxx this piece of paper all they want, until it turns into a flying monkey and crawls back up their ass, for all you care.

  41. Arby says:

    I thought that what David Martin had to say about this criminal approval was interesting. I’d say important – which it is in some ways, but So what? – but that suggests that we can do something with his information, which relates to conditions for FDA approval that weren’t met. The FDA ‘has to’ refer to VAERS before making the approval that it did. It hasn’t not done so (to date).

    The video is here and the relevant part of it is in the last half of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWCqMDqdFhk

    I’ve talked about this kind of evil for years. How did the predators come to rule the world? They did it via strategic rule-breaking. They get together with the rest of us in order to work out the rules that, ostensibly, will conduce to social harmony and peace and security and prosperity for all. Once those rules and laws are agreed on, the predators, who didn’t wear ID tags saying ‘Predator’, proceed to strategically break those rules, allowing them to get ahead of and on top of the sucker law-abiding crowd, including parents who care (fully and therefore properly) about their childrens’ future. And here we are… until Armageddon, which is about one second away.

  42. Marlene says:

    It is all in the word craft so aptly used by governmental administrative bodies.

    Even someone with the eye and intellect of Jon who uses logic may misconstrue the bullshit because most of us here have minds that break down things with logic. But when they play the word games to obfuscate their true purpose it can be difficult for us to see clearly.

    RFK Jr. has an excellent breakdown – see if this makes sense to you all.


    “Buried in the fine print of Monday’s approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine are two critical facts that affect whether the vaccine can be mandated, and whether Pfizer can be held liable for injuries.

    By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Dr. Meryl Nass



  43. Myles says:


    You quoted the letter sent to Ms Harkins – can you please give us your opinion on THE critical quote you left out…

    ‘Meets authorization…because…’

    “There is no adequate, approved and available alternative to the emergency use of Pfizer…”

    Sounds to me like this isn’t an efficacy declaration – it’s smoke and mirrors – a route to authorization ONLY due to the emergency of ‘not having adequate treatments’ …which is of coarse a lie, because there is no virus

  44. Micifus says:

    Jon, there is no longer any doubt about the investigation and complaints made by La Quinta Columna. FDA-approved, unapproved experimental vaccines contain a dangerous toxicant: graphene oxide nanoparticles. There is another report of an investigation similar to that carried out by researchers from the University of Almería, Spain.


  45. NancyHaines says:

    So, the FDA is the agency that gets to determine bioequivalence of the two vaccines?

    I don’t think that I trust the FDA’s evaluation that the 2 vaccines are “Similar Enough”, especially since there has been no transparency.

    From law.cornell.edu: “Same drug product formulation is the formulation of the drug product submitted for approval and any formulations that have minor differences in composition or method of manufacture from the formulation submitted for approval, but are SIMILAR ENOUGH to be relevant to the AGENCY’s DETERMINATION of bioequivalence.”


  46. barney says:

    Inventor of m-RNA, Dr. Robert Malone,explains the “approval” & the “EUA” extension:


  47. Eric Booth says:

    Jon – My understanding is that one of the primary conditions of marketing under Comirnaty is that Pfizer must list ALL of the ingredients in it. That is not the case with the EUA version.

    THAT would potentially be a reason not to take the EUA version, since it would not be informed consent.

    There has also been some suggestion that up to this point there have been different versions (batch #’s) of Pfizer…e.g. the 1.3 million doses which were just rejected by Japan.

    From here on in, under Comirnaty, the doses must be identical….Thoughts?


    • Jello says:

      It’s my understanding that you are correct.

      A related video that may be of interest:
      WOW! Former Pfizer Employee: “Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN”
      Stew Peters Show Published August 25, 2021
      (run time = 32:19 min.)

      Biotech Analyst DESTROYS Big Pharma in BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE!

      Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee, a pharmaceutical marketing expert and biotech analyst.

      Kingston joins Stew Peters, and brings the receipts! Kingston reveals how the FDA “approval” is sure to be the “checkmate” move to end the shots that have caused unprecedented injury and death, worldwide.

      Kingston shared slides and brought the receipts, which are available at StewPeters.tv, and document everything she states in her BOMBSHELL claims during her exclusive and revealing deliver of damnation to big pharma, and those responsible for pushing these injections onto a global population.


  48. Jim-n-NM says:

    Thank you Jon, for such a well researched and thorough analysis of the claims and the FACTS…. Very, very informative, and provides us with the ammunition to CORRECTLY discuss this with knee-jerk reactionaries on BOTH sides of the argument. Brings to mind 2nd Timothy 2:15

  49. albert89 says:

    […] thank you for taking the time in going to the trouble of explaining the FDA ‘approval’ document in such a common sense & comprehensive manor and adding in some ideas for people who want to opt out of the madness that is mandatory vaccination.

  50. Triple i Consulting says:

    Thanks for this great read. Something seems really fishy going on with these vaccines and all of the misinformation, lies, disinfo… plus coercion, bribes, bullying, peer pressure and everything else to get people to take them – and the information about them is not clearly transparent and easily understood when anything actually is disclosed.

    I have a feeling things will be getting much worse before they get better, and none of it has to do with the vaccines. People might wake up when they realize their country has 100% vaccination rates for covid, and the hospitals are still full of fully vaccinated covid patients. Wishful thinking I suppose, they’ll just believe whatever the corporate media/propaganda tells them, which will most likely be “get another booster vaccine!”

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