The new COVID squeeze play, hustle, con; it’s a variation on the old one, all dressed up with nowhere to go—except fascist tyranny

by Jon Rappoport

July 27, 2021

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Question: How dangerous is the Delta Variant?

Answer: There is no Delta Variant. Because there is no original SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Question: Why are we hearing that the majority of new cases of COVID-19 are occurring in the unvaccinated?

Answer: “A case” means a positive PCR test. The test doesn’t detect a virus. There is no virus. But since people who test positive are called cases…think it through. People who have been vaccinated are far less likely to get tested than people who haven’t been vaccinated. Therefore, it’s going to look like “most new cases” are occurring in the unvaccinated.

Furthermore, the CDC instituted a change in the way vaccinated people are then tested. The sensitivity of the test has been reduced for them—which means fewer results indicating “infection with the virus.” This is outright manipulation. Unvaccinated people are still tested at higher sensitivity, meaning more of them will seem to be “infected.”

Question: Experts say the vaccine may not prevent infection with the virus, but it will greatly reduce the chance of serious illness or hospitalization. True?

Answer: False. First of all, this is a vaccine to protect against a virus that doesn’t exist. Second, the 3 major clinical trials of the vaccine were only designed to show the vaccine could protect against mild disease, such as a cough, or chills and fever.

Question: Across the world, political leaders are threatening or ordering new lockdowns, saying too many people are refusing the vaccine. Is this anything other than a pressure tactic to force people to take the shot?

Answer: It’s exactly a pressure tactic to justify mandating, forcing, shaming, quarantining.

Question: Regardless of whether the vaccine is necessary or effective, is it safe?

Answer: Here are the latest CDC figures I have, as compiled by Children’s Health Defense. The statistics are taken from VAERS, the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. “VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 463,457 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 10,991 deaths and 48,385 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 9, 2021.”

There are two chronic problems with VAERS. The reports of injuries have not been studied to determine which injuries stemmed from a vaccine and which didn’t. And there is vast underreporting of injuries, because most Americans don’t know what VAERS is or are hesitant to make a report. By far, the second problem is the larger one—underreporting.

Some analysts have suggested that, to get a reasonably accurate count, you should multiply reported numbers by 10.

The well-known 2010 Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. study of VAERS bluntly stated: “Adverse events from vaccines are common but underreported, with less than one percent reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Low reporting rates preclude or delay the identification of ‘problem’ vaccines, potentially endangering the health of the public.”

Following the finding of that study, you could multiply the number of reported vaccine injuries by 100 to arrive at a proper figure.

The numbers of vaccine injuries and deaths are huge. In any situation other than the current fake pandemic, the vaccination program would have been stopped. Cancelled.

Question: There are reports of many new COVID cases in areas or states which didn’t apply strict COVID measures early on in 2020. Are these reports legitimate?

Answer: First of all, there are no COVID cases, because there is no virus. Second, the “number of cases” can be manipulated by changing the sensitivity of the PCR test, which in turn changes the test result. The relatively few honest politicians in the world should carefully investigate this possibility, if “case numbers” in their area suddenly rise.


ONE: The SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist.

TWO: The 3 major clinical trials of the COVID vaccine were only designed to prove the vaccine could protect against mild illness.

THREE: The results of the PCR test can be manipulated by changing the sensitivity of the test.

FOUR: If there is no virus, why are people getting sick and dying?

FIVE: The CDC has reduced the sensitivity of the PCR test for people who are already vaccinated—which will give the impression of fewer “infections with the virus” among the vaccinated.

SIX: The Harvard Pilgrim study on VAERS underreporting.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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97 comments on “The new COVID squeeze play, hustle, con; it’s a variation on the old one, all dressed up with nowhere to go—except fascist tyranny

  1. Sonia H. says:

    This article sums it all up. The issue (for me) is: how do we get influential people to read, consider and acknowledge the truth of it. When they see that “the virus doesn’t exist” – this is true for you & me, but I think it will shut (some) people off right from the start.

    • Liv4ever says:

      I agree … very clever Jon ! Perhaps we could arrange it in the form of a flowchart where all the rights and powers of people eventually devolve into the inquisitors. Sort of an upside down pyramid…do not pass go

      • Arby says:

        I make info posters, hop on my ebike and go out late at night putting them up on telephone posts. Some stay up for a surprisingly long time. Some come down right away. All it takes is for one covid crazy to live close by and to see the poster. Then he or she probably looks out for future posters. I have hit an awful lot of posts.

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I see the ‘Red’ states that have opted for a more reasonable approach to this faux virus as coming under heavy attack from the global forces that engineered this fake pandemic. The Governors of these states have not fallen for this ruse and the pressure on them will only increase over time. These states are being flooded with illegals who will be signed up to vote as Democrats with the intention of turning these states blue. This has been a long held strategy of the Democratic party to try to gain a monopoly over government and elections. Again I will go back to my often made assertion that unless people are dying in the streets then do not believe the official statistics that are being concocted to instill fear and to shame those who do not take the vaccine. The human immune system is a fantastic biological apparatus which if supported is perfectly capable of defending against most if not all pathogens. What we should be doing is learning all we can about our ‘microbiomes’ and how, with utilizing epigenetic principles we can supercharge our immune systems. No vaccine is necessary for our protection. It is simply a profit making fake science scheme that has been foisted on the people for years. Fear is a powerful motivating force. The deluge of lies in unbelievable and an insult to those of us who have anything left of our free will and the power of independent thought.

    • Invisible Man says:

      But they don’t say the necessary things that need to be said to defend themselves. They don’t say the virus has never been isolated or PCR diagnostics is junk science or the vaccines are dangerous and should be recalled. Why can none of the governors of these states stand before the public and tell them the unvarnished truth?

      • Raven says:

        Because being reelected is more important to them than telling the truth. The whole Rand Paul congressional circus show with Fauci on the hot seat was nothing but a bid for reelection money. Like all congressional investigations, Paul walks away looking like a hero and Fauci just walks.

      • Tim says:

        Conflict of perceived interest. Too many people are employed or employed by associated entities.

        “Health care”, universities, tax-exempt foundations, big media, governmental agencies. They’re all captured and owned by the synogogue of satan.

        Metropolitain and “hub’ areas are pretty much completely taken over. They can’t face up to being so deceived, and destruction of their livelyhood(and identity) that they have so much investment in is unacceptable. They’ve been set up.

        If a governor proclaims “germ theory” a fraud or falsified hypothesis, he/she’d be more or less equated with Hitler, and destroyed figuratively or physically.

        These people in these industries are being puffed up and having a privileged status bestowed upon them. they’re “heroes”,,,gag…puke…

        The world is dominated by liars and believers of lies. It seems to me, that is the nature of this world. It rewards those that believe and act in accordance with it’s nature. And rejects/attacks those that call it for what it is.

        • ReluctantWarrior says:

          The incredible irony here is that the germ theory of disease has been discredited by science. It is just plain wrong. These Oligarchs will do anything they can to implement their conception of a new world order where they call the shots. The bottom line is that germ theory frightens the masses into compliance. We cannot allow this to happen. The next wave of lockdowns is imminent. The best way we can do this is to resist these new edicts.

      • RegretLeft says:

        Two possibilities: fear and trance.

        The NWO rulers simply murder those national leaders who resist the vax; by my count, at least 3 or 4 (3 in Africa, and Hatti (killed July 7; first shipment of vax arrived July 14) Madagascar Pres just survived assassination attempt – Lukashenko in Belarus, survived the same in the spring (not sure what his vax position is).

        In the USA we are not (yet) at that point – but all the govs fly a lot in small planes – they know what the score is.

        Oh, right. The 3rd possibility is money. V high dependency on big pharma campaign contributions. Ivey in AL is up for re-election next year. Same for DeSantis in FL – however courageous he has been on the lockdowns, etc – he is saying just about nothing that could be construed as anti-vax.

        As for trance, I cannot say how saddened I am when I read the now copious accounts of severe, life-changing vax injuries, how many such persons find it necessary to say in their very first sentence: “I am pro vax” “pro science” and on and on … THEN they get to the stuff like “can’t walk” “brain fog” … some go on to express regret for getting vaxed – but few think to warn others about the vax – and there is just about zero anger. Where is the ANGER for these outcomes ?! … “safe” “safe” “safe” is all we’ve heard – yet you just don’t find anyone who can bring themselves to say they were cruelly lied to. Is that the trance still unbroken?

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Just because you get a bigger cell doesn’t mean you are in any less of a prison.

      They are all wardens and we are their prisoners.

    • Jack says:

      Governor of Florida changed his tune and is now telling people to get vaccinated. Some say he had probably been compromised. Like family threatened, etc

    • Arby says:

      Its no use trying to convince people that Red States are saner than Blue States. It’s not true. Look at Ron De Santis. See “July Briefs: Republicans joining Democrats in vaccine Great Reset rhetoric; American Academy of Pediatrics funded by Pfizer” on The Covid Blog.

  3. Greg C. says:

    The 4 most verboten words of our day, which will soon be blocked from text messages: “There is no virus”. If Tucker Carlson would look straight into the camera and say them, he undoubtedly would be erased.

  4. NikkiEagle says:

    Since the unvaxed are the thinking people in the population who don’t consent to the bs testing in the first place, none of these people are part of the so called “new cases”. We are those who don’t rush off to doctor god at the first sniffle…..we won’t test, we won’t put on a muzzle, we won’t participate. It’s all the idiocracy fueling this narrative, and they are welcome to it. Sooner or later, the truth will sink in….maybe, if there’s any bit of IQ still remaining in the brains of the covid cult members after a year and a half of brain damage from oxygen deprivation and constant amygdala hijacking.

    • Tom Bernard says:

      I agree. The unvaccinated are NOT getting tested. Meaning there is no flood of new “cases.” It’s all fabricated… But the media will easily convince the vaccinated population that we are endangering their lives… even though the vaccine is suppose to protect them.

      • Arby says:

        As for the unvaccinated, to suggest that they are not getting tested presupposes that they all care. I’ve seen some people (a workmate, a nephew who is totally onto all the faker) swear up and down that they wouldn’t get jabbed. My coworker got jabbed twice – because her mother wouldn’t stop pressuring her. My nephew got jabbed and failed to protect his family from the same because they didn’t want to have to go into quarantine after a vacation. I guess that’s one way to escape terrorism. Just go along with the terrorists.

  5. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Even if you look at the patents for manipulating viruses, that does not prove that they have isolated anything other than bits of DNA to give “evidence” that they actually have a virus. That they add adjuvants that cause reactions and illnesses shows that they NEED the ADJUVANTS to DO SOMETHING that otherwise would not occur.

    DNA is a fractal antenna and it may have nothing to do with what shapes an organism. It may be where the cell gains the electricity necessary to function. Your chromosomes may be what gives organisms their shape.

    • Arby says:

      ‘Bits’ of everything from all manner of genetic material. If they don’t properly isolate the pathogen, then they can’t say that they have it or identify a particle in the soup as the pathogen, as Andrew Kaufman explains. Everything they do is ‘in silico’, which is a reference to the silicon chips used in computers. Virology is a complete scam.

  6. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Good pithy short phrases I’ll memorize and use today when I’m out and about chatting it up with sheeple….

    There are no COVID cases, because there is no virus.

    The “number of cases” can be pushed up or down by changing the sensitivity of the PCR test.

    Only short, quick, meaningful and loaded statements like that can be used in real human interaction these days. Thanks Jon!

  7. BigTim says:

    If there “is no virus” what have thousands of doctors and hospitals the world over been doing the last year and a half? Are they all fools? Are they all part of some evil plot?

    If there is no virus what is in the “vaccine” injection and what is it’s purpose? If harmful side effects are caused, at least in part by manufactured, circulating protein spikes, why an injection to cause this if not to induce the immune system to recognize and fight a virus, even if the attempt is faulty and instigated in part by financial interest of billions $$ in genetic/cell therapy?

    I have no doubt some of what has been going on has been contrived hoax exaggerating the severity and widespread nature of the alleged virus, done it seems with the cooperation of hospitals perhaps due to arm twisting by government agencies, amd I am a “conspiracy theorist” to the nth degree. I just can’t figure this one out. It’s not just some hoax shooting in Orlando, it’s would wide.

    • Duke Walters says:

      I don’t have what you would call a scientific answer. But given that I work in the healthcare sector, my conclusion is that the number of cases and the people who are hospitalized for alleged covid is the result of the known and unknown number of respiratory ailments, such as common flu, getting re-classified as covid19 and its variants. So that certainly helps bring up the cases by a huge deal. Not to mention the 24-7 brainwash of all news media in the world, making people go get tested with a fake PCR test, the moment they have a minor throat ache or a stuffy nose.

    • Raven says:

      The conundrum lies in Terrain Theory, which means there is and never has been such a thing as a virus. Instead, that little CGI spiky thing they constantly try to scare us with is created by the body as part of our immune system charged with removing toxins from the body. It is called an exosome. There are no viruses, they are exosomes. They are contagious in that if someone is actively detoxing with exosomes in their bodies (i.e. “has the flu”) they are shedding exosomes and anyone who is also toxic and exposed to those exosomes starts making their own and detoxing. Anyone who has undergone an intentional detox protocol knows it can make you feel sick before you feel better because the body is dumping a lot of junk into the blood. The severity of symptoms depends upon the level of toxins in the body. People who are highly toxic can die from this process if it’s not done properly. This is what they are trying so desperately to pass off as COVID and when you add a highly toxic injection into the mix, epic system failure.

      You don’t hear anything about any of this because active, intentional detoxing is considered “alternative” so allopathic physicians know nothing about it. By choice, BTW, don’t forget that. Those who have intentionally detoxed over the course of their lives through diet, herbs, fasting, etc. simply do not get sick. You either treat your body as a temple or you lose it.

      This topic requires more information than can be put in a comment. Just search Terrain Theory on non-censored platforms. There are plenty of awakened doctors talking about it. I’m pretty sure Jon also wrote about this awhile ago.

      • JPKelly says:

        Spot-on Raven. Exactly what I believe is the root of it; exosomes are the result of a toxic insult, not the cause of it.

        Tony Robbins talked about seeing exosomes morph from stressed blood cells on Dark Field Microscopes 15 years ago.

    • RegretLeft says:

      “It’s never one thing”

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      There is no virus.

      But the Pulse shooting happened. I was about two or three miles away from it when it did.

      • Jeff Carmack says:

        Angel Colon attended the news conference about what happened at Pulse. Angel Colon almost bled to death and was operated on by Matthew W. Lube. Dr. Cheatham also commented at the news conference.

      • bob klinck says:

        Saying that “the Pulse shooting happened” is as vacuous as saying “Pearl Harbour happened” or “the Holocaust happened”. Without specificity about what happened–and this of course can go very deep–such a reference merely elicits people’s superficial preconceptions. Rather than citing an unexplicated generality, one would do better simply to avoid comment.

    • Jeff Carmack says:

      If you get poisoned, you get sick.

      How sick depends on how poisoned.

  8. Eluard says:


    I was very moved by the mothers (and father) who posted under the poem yesterday. I really appreciate Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Del Bigtree (even though it’s disappointing they still buy covid as “real”); they’ve listened to the parents’ suffering and helped them lift their voices.

    As you have.

    • Arby says:

      RFK and Del Bigtree are controlled opposition, as most of those in the anti-covid 1984 camp are. Joseph Mercola, Brian Shilhavy, and a zillion others in the medical establishment or connected to it are pushing back against covid 1984 and, at the same time, aiding and abetting the hoaxsters by accepting the big lies, including the foundational lie about a Sars CoV 2 virus.

      “Sars CoV 2 – The Foundation Of The Hoax” /

      • H-j Anderson says:

        I have started watching different videos, thinking that going by the title of it, the person knows that this is a hoax virus & the so-called vaccine is just a toxic jab, only to get hardly 2 minutes into the video to find that the person is actually into getting jabbed & so is basically contradicting themselves that they are working for the people & getting the truth out there.

        I will not continue to watch those videos. There are still an awful lot of genuine experts out there who are working tirelessly for the people of this world, but unfortunately the governments in most countries & especially the UN & the WHO are silencing them, as well as social media. Also, it is just so damned hard getting through to so many people, about how evil all of this is, because they believe every world that their evil government tells them. Very sad.

  9. Roger welsh says:

    Please, will you listen to Dr David Martin on Bitchute, who describes the computer generated mRNA to produce a pathogen in the hope the immune system will kill it!

    • RegretLeft says:

      True; JR is, at this point, a real outlier with his “no virus” position. I suspect he’s going to stay there. He is after all, no newcomer. 35-40 years ago half the world insisted that the CIA had created HIV. There was a scientist in East Germany (or Czechoslovakia?) who became something of media star who was pushing that.

      My position – to quote a famous person: “At this point, what difference does it make?” – if C-19 was synthesized in some lab – it was and is a dud. Right now, the dangerous bio-weapon is the vax.

  10. Jim S Smith says:

    That extensive list of links at the is MOST helpful!

    Thank you!

    Another note:

    The latest interviews with Dr. Andrew Kaufman – further blow the lid right off of this “COVID-19 isolation” claim! – He has done a most exceptional job of explaining the serious flaws in the process as well as “their” logic, and does so in a very understandable fashion.

    To all those in the “alt-media” who keep insisting “there IS a virus”, even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary: – YOU are all based, and are profiting from fanning the flames of fear! – SHAME ON YOU!!!


    That last statement was directed to the irresponsibles within the “alt-media”.

  11. striketheroot says:

    Jon I hope you will read and comment on this article which puts a whole new spin on this hoax:

    • Raven says:

      This sounds very compelling, I would also like to hear Jon’s response. The problem with this spin though is that the whole contrived depopulation scenario it describes relies on the belief in the false narrative that viruses exist, which they do not. Could the globalists actually believe viruses exist? It’s possible, they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the lantern. Perhaps they aren’t planning on introducing another “virus” at all; the author completely ignored the graphene oxide issue. Smells like just another attempt at diversion, with a side helping of scaring the unruly unvaccinated heretics.

      • CK says:

        I think the Great Resetters really do believe in viruses and spent decades trying to come up with a killer virus to depopulate the world while they themselves would be protected with a vaccine. But they failed- because viruses don’t really exist- so perhaps Plan B is the Graphene Oxide poisoning.

        I’m still on the fence re: the GO theory. It’s very compelling and La Quinta Columna seem to have a lot of incriminating evidence. But I’m still waiting for independent confirmation of their claims. Also, can anyone here verify that the magnetic arms (after vaccination) is real? I know there are lots of videos like this one below, but still…

        • Tim says:

          I know someone(reliable) personally that confirms the magnetism at the injection site. I also know someone who displayed a facial effect like “Bell’s Palsy”.

        • Arby says:

          I am sure that the hoaxsters 99% of them anyway) know that virology is a scam and that the dominant medical establishment is a scam.

          As for the graphene oxide angle, I thought it smelled funny when the Spanish researcher who sounded the alarm said that the entire vaccine was graphene oxide. As Jon noted in an earlier blog post, that would have been an example of the hoaxsters inviting us to take them down, easily.

          Whitney Webb, whose website is Unlimited Hangout, speaks Spanish ‘and’ had a career that involved reading medical papers, apparently, before she switched to be an investigative journalist. (I queried her about Sars CoV 2. I wanted to know her take. Did she believe that there’s a virus, etc? She didn’t respond or didn’t get the communication, which was a contact form on her blog. Nothing would surprise me.)

          See “Is There Graphene Oxide In The COVID-19 Injections?”

    • john-oranje says:

      The article on this website is a lot of raving nonsense.
      The so called vaccines are not protecting anyone
      from any non existent contagious virus.
      How then are the unvaccinated to be eliminated by
      the release of another non existent contagious virus.

  12. Duke Walters says:

    I am glad that this blog still presents clear information on what is really happening. I think getting to the “good” politicians in the world is going to be difficult. Most of them are under the control of the deep state in the world. And those politicians listen to the “expert” scientists who have been brainwashed with false information about most things, as all of us have. There are no viruses that attack and kill. There were no dinosaurs. There are no electrons circling protons like a mini solar system. No human has ever set foot on the moon… The list goes on and on. It is all doctrine. Mindless belief and fantasies, and outright lies. It is like living permanently inside the Truman Show.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Why do people take everything to extremes?

      I mean, is it possible that NO there IS in fact no virus called “SARS COV 2” but there is, in fact, “electrons”?

      Is it possible that one exists while the other actually does?

    • john-oranje says:

      What!! No dinosaurs. They dug up the fossilised bones.

      Next you’ll say, no mammoths, even though the tusks were a major source of ivory for many years.

      You are probably right about the rest even though the model of the hydrogen atom, with one circulating electron did solve some problems and the model did partly work for helium.

      • Duke Walters says:

        Good points but I’m referring to the fact that science tells you models are real referring to the fact they’re only models that satisfy only special cases of the real world. Yes, mammoths are real. There are cave paintings. No, there were no dinosaurs. They are fantasies. Bones are fake. Not a single ancient civilization that built pyramids and dug holes ever mentioned anything about dinosaur bones. As for electrons, again, it’s a model. There are no electrons circling protons like miniature solar systems. Once more, they are models that explain certain aspects of the real world and special cases. This is no extreme it is the truth. Read about the nonsense of utter fantasy of String Theory. Yes, mathematical beauty but no tie whatsoever to the real world.

        • john-oranje says:

          Duke; who would fake huge fossils of bones
          and for what purpose?

          Maybe, if Velikovsky was right, any human
          civilisation was wiped out at the same time
          as the dinosaurs.

          I agree about mathematics not automatically
          corresponding to the real world.
          Herbert Dingle wrote an interesting book,
          titled “Science at the Cross-Roads” back
          in 1972.

          It was largely about de-bunking Einstein’s
          Special Theory of Relativity, time dilation
          and the speed of light,in free space, being an absolute value.

          • Duke Walters says:

            I appreciate that book. I am glad you are familiar with it. I believe the information on that book and the unanswered questions on relativity cannot be ignored, yet “science” chooses to ignore them because they are inconvenient. Regarding dinosaurs, my research going back 20 years has shown me the findings of dinosaur bones is questionable, as no previous civilization such as Romans who excavated heavily to build aqueducts ever reported such findings. Why I believe dinosaurs are fake is an extensive matter, beyond the scope of what I could reasonably comment on here, as it goes back 20 years of research at libraries, museums, bone manufacturing facilities in China, etc. But the following link gives a pretty good overview of the same conclusions I have reached independently through my research

            The Atlantean Conspiracy: Dinosaur Hoax – Dinosaurs Never Existed!


      • eceres says:

        ~who would fake huge fossils of bones and for what purpose?

        I’ll take a crack at it. If we look around, consider the earth destruction the last century, is not coincidence corporations dumping in the oceans, or govt and corporations pushing ‘more infrastructure’, or dummy media pushing fear of bacteria, people help kill everything, instead of see the world as a circle, they don’t care, so part of that, hundred years ago, pushed ‘pasturization’ to destroy raw milk, around same time add in some fake ‘earth monsters’ – to make people further fail to be grateful for earth. Earth is an energy of life, or was, and the controller types know it, so they destroy because less nature means less energy for us. The destroyer types don’t feel it because their brains are different. Anyway there’s your dina sores or is it dyna sores. Once you start looking at it its so ridiculous it’s embarassing. ‘t rex’ with those tiny squirrel arms, please.

        Someone had fun sketching that one, can picture him saying ‘oh they’ll buy it’ and another saying ‘nah that’s just too dumb’ and back and forth, but they go for it, and… here we are a century later. Which, now I’m on it, here’s muh theory how they get this stuff done, which first should see there’s more than ‘a handful’ of people doing all this stuff. So look at a realistic number say a couple thousand people, generations of cabalist gangs, from corporations to regular seeming people, sounds like a lot but it’s not when there’s Nine Billion people, so spread around the world its nothing. Even if only here thats still only fifty people in each state, each state has millions, so still nothing, though enough to pull some cons, some of them run around the back halls of govt doing payoffs, others pull strings of media puppets, some do school propaganda, others do other fakery etc, but we don’t see them they’re like ghosts. So how they do a dina sore thing, the colleges are bogus, follower hacks, and when there’s a supposed dig, who’s there, college kids, and what do they do, they drink. They dig up some cow legs or mastadon bones and think it’s something else, and with beer goggles on who knows the diff. Only takes one person to mess with it, one of the ‘professors’ or whatever and there you go. Some report of bones, no mention of the drinking, and the museums make plaster stuff from drawings.

        It’s really not a long jump to see how easy it is to con something. At base it’s the mass people who never ask questions that are main problem today in my opinion. So there’s a theory, if someone wants to nuke it go ahead.

        • Duke Walters says:

          No, I think your theory is reasonable and, like you said, it is pretty easy to con people. It should be obvious by now how easy it is to con entire masses of people, most of the world, in fact. So, no, there were no dinosaurs. It is a completely fabricated creature, an imagined being.

          • john-oranje says:

            Duke & eceres;
            I’m feeling a bit stupid, not unlike all those who believed in ‘Piltdown Man’.
            I already knew that so much of what we
            have been taught is wrong, but somehow
            I never questioned dinosaurs.
            How easy it was to create mythical
            monsters from the basis of some real
            bones of large animals.
            The rest being a work of art that should impress Jon.
            It is strange how children are fascinated by dinosaurs. Maybe because
            they fit in with the monsters and bad
            people in fairy stories.
            Very interesting info and argument
            on that website.


          • john-oranje says:

            Further to my last post.
            Is the website ‘theatlanticconspiracy’
            some sort of strange psyop?
            The video on fake dinosaurs is well
            argued and convincing.
            Anyone capable of logical thought must
            see that ‘evolution’, as an explanation
            of species, is bunk.
            But the video claiming a flat earth
            is such amazing nonsense, even though
            the moon landings were fake.

          • Duke Walters says:

            Oranje, I have not looked in depth into the flat Earth model, so yes, I still believe the Earth is a sphere. However, I do know very smart people that say the flat earthers do have questions that are not answered by the standard model of the spherical Earth. I am just not versed enough in that subject to comment. But, regarding the dinosaurs, yes, I do believe they are fake. Also, yes, the Atlantean website has a good amount of information on different topics, some of the material on there I agree with, other material I do not.

  13. Mate says:

    The most important point to make at the moment is that now that months worth of VAERS data is available, the entire world can see that these vaccines are deadly. That they have caused massive death and grievous illness according to an official government reporting system. That the destruction they have caused has greatly exceeded the threshold of any safety standard that the FDA would normally apply to a drug they’ve actually licensed, which of course they have not done in these cases.

    And yet, not only are the products still available to the public…but the full breadth of the state, the mass media, the national medical associations, the universities, etc., continues up to this very moment to mercilessly push the vaccines on the public, making them all parties to reckless endangerment and negligent mass murder. Does anything else really need to be said? Personally, this is the last thing I think about at night, and the first thing I think about in the morning. On the domestic front, this is the most aggressive campaign of state violence in any living American’s lifetime. This is the continuation of the Nazi agenda, right out in the open, in 2021.

    I guess the upshot is that this will soon result in the collapse of the conventional medical system, a societal change that will initially cause disruption, displacement and death, but that in the long run will foster the trend towards natural and holistic medicine, reduce dependency on pharmaceuticals, and bring about the bust-up of the most evil complex of industry in human history.

    Until then, we are living day-to-day in the midst of a Nazi dictatorship, established under the auspices of emergency powers. But, as Jon has long pointed out, an analysis of the CDC’s own “pandemic” data shows that there is no emergency. There never was. Not until mass murder by “vaccine” began in earnest seven months ago.

  14. John Galt says:

    Well, California Dictator in chief Newsom is forcing all California state employees and health care workers to get covid vaxx or weekly tested to keep employment. What legal recourse do we the people of California have to refuse the jab and covid inaccurate tests and not lose our jobs? Not one member of the California State Assembly from either party is saying anything about this except for recall candidate Larry Elder. Newsom must be arrogant and drunk on power that the recall machines are rigged to win him the recall election and stay in power.

  15. FE says:

    I testify having been tested about 10 times since October, every time ‘negative’. I have been aound ‘positives’, I had close relatives seriously incapacitated by some lung problems labeled ‘COVID-19’. Also, many of the ‘positives’ said they either felt no health change, or minor nausea for a day, loss of smell, slight fever for a day, sore throat. Not a single reason for lockdowns, masks, vaccines and all this fraudulent and abusive steps against freedom, against people. It has been too long, way more than I expected. I always thought there must be an insider, a mole speaking up, or more. A spy. A hero. Or more. Media blocked them, if they tried. Social media, too. Too much power in the wrong hands, for too long. Jon, articles like this one – thank you – keep my hope alive and keep me from getting the jab, although I am now making one third of the money I made before this craziness started and survival gets difficult, as I had to stand up to my father, who believes The Lie. Thank you!

  16. Paul says:


    It seems to me, that Dr. Fauci, et al. are most ardent in their desire to vaccinate every living soul in the USA.

    Even the youth, who don’t require such.

    (In old WWI/II movies, an oversized, horizontally-placed map was often depicted in the war room of the high command. These strategists, would use long-handled-sticks, similar to shuffle-board-cues, to move about tanks, troops, & other machinery of war, to get a better-sense of their war planning-moves).

    ? So what’s next,
    on their docket,
    of their package,
    designed for delivery…

    • CynthiEmm says:

      It is simple. Divide the entire world into 2 groups: the VAXXED and the UNVAXXED. AKA the INITIATES vs the UNCLEAN. The former group of “loyalists” will despise, destroy, and dispose of the “unclean”. A Globalist Elite war carried out by the controlled Initiates. They get to keep their hands clean. It doesn’t matter if there’s a virus or not (I do believe Jon). This is a new religion unfolding and you’re either in it or not.

      • Arby says:

        That is one way for the hoaxsters to get away with their crimes. Set half the world against the other half, create chaos and destroy societies and keep us busy with all of that while they abscond.

  17. Tracy D Kolenchuk says:

    To the tune of “it’s all about the bass”

    Because you know it’s all about that vax
    ‘Bout that vax, no virus
    all ’bout that vax, ’bout that vax, not masking
    all ’bout that vax, ’bout that vax, not COVID
    It’s all ’bout that vax, ’bout that vax (vax, vax, vax, vax) Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no high IQ
    But I can rake it, rake in like I’m supposed to do
    Cause I got that vaccine the investors chase
    Because you know it’s all about that vax
    Bout that vax, not testing, not variants… no ‘demic.

    —— apologies to Meghan Trainor

  18. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… there are no COVID cases, because there is no virus.”

    Maybe not in the physiological sense. But there IS a Covid Virus. It is a virus in the MIND.
    It is a virus within one’s SPIRIT. It is a ‘virus’ that robs one of rationality and sanity and kindness toward others. Covid IS a terrible ‘virus’. And not a ‘virus’ than any damn stab in the arms with a devil’s potion is going to do anything about. In fact, in many ways the Covid ‘virus’ is indeed the worse ‘pandemic’ to ever hit the World. But it’s not the one They are peddling.

    “If there is no virus, why are people getting sick and dying?”

    The Mind is a powerful thing. If you believe you will die of something, you WILL die of something.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself”.

    ‘Resident’ Joe Biden, Dr Sofunny Fraudci, the CDC, the WHO, et al: “We Have EVERYTHING TO FEAR! AND WE’RE HERE TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO!”

  19. NC says:

    This is how a “virus” or “variant” is made.

    It’s brilliant

    The Delta Variant – Fact, Fiction and outright Lies (Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains)—The-Delta-Variant-HOAX-Exposed

    • Arby says:

      Yes, It’s simple. I uploaded an excerpt of “Covid Myths” in which, in the last half of the excerpt, Andrew explains variants.

      “Fake Gene Sequencing Is A Recipe For Frequent Rapid Pandemic Manufacturing”

      Variants are actually failures to replicate the results of the initial (faulty) isolation of the Sars CoV 2 virus. All those labs that repeat the original lab’s steps get slightly different results. That’s proper science. You prove a thing is whatever a researcher claims it is when you can replicate the results by doing the same experiment in the same manner. If you can’t get the same results… Proper science proves that Sars CoV 2 doesn’t exist. But the hoaxsters are not going to admit that. This is a virus that’s too big to fail. The hoaxsters just take this failure, lie about (knowing that most will be clueless) and actually turn the failures into fear- and profit-generators.

  20. C Wells says:

    I truly believe that the covid and vaccine agenda are an alien/Satanic plan. I don’t believe that a bunch of people can keep a secret unless under some kind of deep mind control, perhaps that is the purpose of the vaccine – to facilitate mind control. I find it very odd that people who were not going to get the vaccine caved in and got it (for fear based reasons perpetuated by the head of Satan – mainstream media) and then become pro vaxers with a vengeance. Say what? I’m not a religious person but as time goes on and the diabolical desire to have EVERYONE in the Western world vaccinated points to me more and more clearly that the vaccine is the mark of the beast.

    • Duke Walters says:

      It is possible. The alien influence has been discussed for years. I have heard from credible people (ex CIA, ex NSA) that reptilian aliens exist and they are among us. Of course, this is all anecdotal. But, yes, I do agree that this entire thing looks like a clash of good versus evil, more than anything. Research reptilian aliens in duckduckgo.

    • Tim says:

      Consider this: the ego is the only alien. The ego is anti-Christ. The ego is behind the agenda as a means of ensuring continuity.

      Consider this; The ego has the same nature as cancer(seeks “immortality”)…a corruptive/corrosive collective consciousness/the dream of lies(tumorous/borg), offering a cheap copy and inversion as a substitute for The Real.
      A fraudulent, hostile to Spirit/Truth/Reality nature.

      None of it is real. It is a turning away from Truth and Reality, and projecting part of Self into the untrue and unreal, and therefore unknowable(nonsensical).
      Suspending disbelief…in that which is in opposition to Reality—what could it be but a momentary fantasy/dream…based on untruth.
      That’s why; The Truth Sets Us Free.

      In spite of corruption and subversion applied towards the teachings of Christ— The man allowed The Truth to use him for IT’S purpose….The Son(Totality of Creation/Greater Consciousness) expressing ItSelf on “earth” through him. Cannot be killed.

    • Nikkieagle says:

      Mind control is real; MK Ultra never stopped, it just went underground. What are the subliminal messages imbedded in mainstream news programming? Think about it. Who are the people that continue to scurry around in fear, lapping up every word falling from daddy government’s mouthpieces? They are the same people who can’t turn off their televisions.

      — This is why a power grid shut down would be a good thing; we need it to last three weeks to break the spell.

  21. Eluard says:

    There was a poster here in 2020, when this thing kicked off, not a doctor but a profound researcher with mucho knowledge about illness etiolgies. Now, some people here and elsewhere say “viruses don’t exist,” but J.B. or Jeff did use that word, though as you can see below, in an entirely Endogenous sense. You may use the term Exosome, he used virus. Of course he asserts they are NOT contagious.

    I copied and pasted much of what he posted during March into April of ’20. Here are two snippets:

    “As previously stated, the processes of phagocytosis, fungal, parasitical, and bacterial, which are all living microbes, are responsible for consuming and eliminating dead cells, cellular waste, and foreign debris. But when tissue is so toxic that those living microbes cannot feed upon and eliminate those substances without being poisoned to death, cells will conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing specific non-living solvents known as viruses, which break down and disassemble those substances into particles to be expelled out through the skin, mucus, and bowels. Viruses are not alive, they do not have a respiratory system, a nucleus, or digestive tract. They engulf and then dissolve and break down substances into incredibly tiny particles, just as any solvent would. They also go into cells and dissolve specific toxic tissue within the cell itself. Science calls this ‘infecting’ the cell. Viruses do not ‘infect’ cells to destroy them. This is part of the cleansing processes of viral activity.

    Science states, incorrectly without proof, that viruses originate outside the body, then ‘hijack’ the RNA or DNA of the cell somehow, and then replicate while attacking cells indiscriminately. If this were true, viruses would replicate endlessly, eventually attacking all healthy cells killing the body every time, but they do not. Antibodies, a type of white blood cell, regulates the virus once it leaves the cell so that it is directed and guided to only dissolve specific tissue parts. There exists no video evidence of viruses hijacking cells, except for 3D renders, and animations based on theory.”
    “The name of the virus is dependant upon its location within the body. For instance, if the liver has been damaged by alcohol and/or drugs, the body will attempt to use a virus to cleanse itself as a last resort if all other living microbial methods have been largely poisoned from toxicity. This is called hepatitis virus, because its location is in the liver. There are varying levels and stages of this virus, both A, B, and C. Another, polio, is a virus that attempts to cleanse and repair a degenerated spine and nerves which occurs mainly from metallic toxicity, such as lead vessels, as well as DDT spraying, and canned goods which contains aluminium/tin that collects in tissue, in particular, the nervous system and brain. These metals are deposited in the nervous system areas through the processes of phagocytosis. Why? Because the nervous system uses metallic minerals to reflect light and conduct electricity throughout the nervous system. Metal adjuvants are not used by the body so they settle in areas like the brain and spine. While recognized as metals, the body cannot utilize them or fully recognize them because they are not utilized in the body.”

    Thanks Jeff.

  22. Larry C says:

    “Answer: False. First of all, this is a vaccine to protect against a virus that doesn’t exist. Second, the 3 major clinical trials of the vaccine were only designed to show the vaccine could protect against mild disease, such as a cough, or chills and fever.”

    Over the last few years, I’ve had remarkable success against colds, sore throats, stuffy sinuses, etc. with the simple application of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Directions:

    When you feel a cold/flu coming on, drop a cap-ful (or two) of h2o2 in to each ear canal. I tip my head to the side opposite the treated ear, and hold it in with my finger…otherwise the liquid will dribble out. (It’s a bit messy but the results are worth the trouble.)

    • Lisa H says:

      I use hydrogen peroxide as well..have for many years. Initially utilized this method for an ear infection…way back in 1999. I also have type 0- blood. It’s my understanding this in itself sets up a mighty, powerful immunity within the body. I rarely get sick. Have been a blood donor for over 12 years, and each time they run various tests on donated blood prior to acceptance of my donation..including checking for the antibodies of this so called virus. I’ve tested negative for the last 17 months. Thanks Jon for your messages..keep them coming.

  23. lamberth says:

    When will the masses wake up to the scam that is so well laid out here by Jon? What is it going to take?

    Problem is that most just can not see the big picture, what this scam is truly all about. Nothing to do with a virus or health.

    Understand the big picture and the scam reveals itself.

  24. Skyler says:

    Agreed. There is not a natural virus. However, Dr. David Martin is showing that researchers are patenting pathogens created in labs. And these are released and illness ensues. So what are they?

  25. Citizen Quasar says:

    Thank you for posting this article, especially the SOURCE links. Myself, I am putting together a presentation for my local City Council and this makes my job much easier. Thanks again!

  26. Larry C says:

    “Following the finding of that study, you could multiply the number of reported vaccine injuries by 100 to arrive at a proper figure.”

    Referring four paragraphs above this quotation, that would put the number of vaccine *deaths* at well over one million.

    (A bit of irony: In August of 2020, the New York Times reported that the actual # of deaths caused by COVID were approximately 8,000-11,000, rather than the 180,000-200,000 fatalities that were being reported by most other media outlets at the time.)

  27. Jan Spreen says:

    Runnin’ for the money…

    A friend told me a story some years ago. Somebody he knew very well named George was befriended in his youth with Charles, the son of a swiss banker in Geneva. One day Charles invited George to come over and have dinner with the bankers family.

    During the meal Charles’ father was bragging about his banking affairs. He delivered weapons to Africa, to countries torn apart by war. He sold arms to both parties and said: “You know, we always sell arms to all the fighting parties, that way we can never lose.”

    George, aged seventeen then, opposed: But sir, one day you will die and that day you will have lost everything.

    From that moment on the atmosphere in the dining room was way below zero and nobody said one word during the remaining of the meal.

    Afterwards Charles said to George:  What the heck made you say that!! My father passes his life in fear of death!

    I often think of this story these days. The rich of the earth, they invented a story called COVID. To gain what? They’ll all be dead say 50 years from now. Like Benjamin de Rothschild. Heart attack, half a year ago.

    I listen to Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, AA Morris and many more, for hours every night. I studied Geerd Hamer’s New Medicine. I read about the Gnostics and the French Cathars. There is an infinity of more or less ancient wisdom to be discovered. Why run around like an idiot to gain as much money and wealth as you can grab? Those things providing real happiness are available for free. Needless to say that I never watch TV.

    Idiots, all of them who are chasing wealth, power and glory.

    Jan Spreen

    • lamberth says:

      Bedankt Jan, mooie website en zo waar wat je zegt onder ‘Brothers in Arms’.

      We have to stop falling for the Divide & Conquer tactic.
      The fake Left vs Right politics, the fake China/Russia vs US narrative.
      And now the vax’d vs the un-vax’d. The spiritual war.
      Only by uniting can we win the fight against this tyranny.

  28. Greg C. says:

    “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

    – Richard Feynman

  29. Need A Ladder says:

    Virus variants are like snowflakes, they are all different while also being the same but they are all unique yet still the same while all acting the same while being different. The way the virus hustle works is like each time it snows, when they notice even a few flakes coming down, they would demand repeated lock downs, new expensive snow plows to replace the ones that all work just fine, addition of expensive patented new RNA modified salt, all to control variant snowflakes each time there was precipitation in order to keep you safe from harm as it’s dangerous when it snows. Then they would demand all roads be made of this new RNA modified salt as prevention along with a host of other new ridiculously expensive modifiers to every aspect of life for your protection from variant snowflakes. And of course any one that questions the narrative would be plowed under and not found until spring.

    • Arby says:

      I’m going to have to find and upload to my Bitchute channel the interesting segment of a video (once I find it again) in which Andrew Kaufman explains clearly that ‘variants’ are simply the failures of various labs to replicate the fraudsters’ original ‘isolation’ of Sar CoV 2. Each attempt fails, proving that there’s no virus. So what do the Rockefeller gangster researchers do? They turn what is in fact a failure into a success – by calling those failed attempts to replicate the original isolation (which is proper science) ‘variants’. Nice. Can you say “Kaching!”

  30. Maz says:

    I have one question in regards that there is no virus, which is. If there is no virus then what is floating out there? My boss and his wife supposedly got it, with her losing sense of smell and taste. A handful of other people who said they had it, stated it wasn’t as bad as people making it out to be.

    So I’m a bit confused when some scientists are saying C19 is a lab made virus, and some saying there is no virus.

    My siblings and most of my friends have been brainwashed, rushing to get jabbed with an experimental Frankenstein poison, saying they are protected and are saving the lives of elderly and sick, whilst I am selfish. Call me all the names they want, I won’t even take the fake test, let alone the jab

    • Eluard says:

      My friend,

      read some of the articles that Jon referenced above (below here) and you’ll begin to get the picture.

    • Jan Spreen says:

      Maybe the loss of taste and smell has something to do with that @#$% stick they poke around with far up into one’s nose to “test” if one has that dreadful deadly disease….

      It’s all made up Maz. To get away from under the spell, we you to get rid of the “scientific” medical nonsense that we all have been fed for over a century.

      I strongly advise to have a thorough look at the so called “German New Medicine” as proposed by Ryke Geerd Hamer. Then you’ll know.

  31. billy says:

    Convincing people that the virus or any virus does not exist is probably a non starter.

    People have been indoctrinated from birth about viruses and germ theory and as studies have proven just belief can make you “ill” which is one reason for the wall to wall 24/7 propaganda. Remember Jon’s psychological covid essay (*). The manipulated, misapplied PCR tests which even the CDC and WHO state cannot tell what it is the “TEST” detected., the IFR (infection fatality ratio) about the same as a common flu, the falsified death counts, the vars data among other are probably better tools to use to attempt to convince people.


    People have too much invested intellectually in the covid lies after all the TV and Radio and social media say its real. the “gene therapy” Jab or whatever it is is the desired i believe depopulaion and render infertile and make sick bioweapon (except for those ho dont get a jab (the elite) or get a saltwater jab.

    The Science is not settled (in the public sphere at least)although germ theory has pretty clearly been disproven may times. Remember billions upon billions of dollars are spent on all kinds of research and the good stuff is mostly hidden from us. I bet dollars to donuts the science is clear and secreted away somewhere just like free energy devices, high efficiency solar cells and 100 or more mile per gallon gas engines.

    And inventions like royal raymond rifes super microscope (and his beam ray machine)(as well as gaston naessons)which could resolve bacteria and things as small as “viruses” are dissapeared to prevent defintive proving or debunking of scams like covid and the cure of many things cheaply and simply without criminal rockefellar medicine.

    But as Mark Twain i believe said its harder to convince someone they have been fooled than it is to fool them and lies make their way around the world many times before the truth gets its boots on!.

    As long as the people behind this feel totally safe and untouchable this will never end.
    If we the people dont start hunting them and stringing them up for their obvious crimes against humanity then this will never end.

    Their control of the whole communication system (media of all types) medical, political, medical etc is mind boggling. All brought on by unlimited money buying influence everywhere. NO HUMAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAV the wealth of these psychopathic billionaires and their families or as soon as they try to unduly influence all processes they should be put to death. period!

  32. Elaine Elaine says:

    Grateful for your research Jon.

    Back in May and June I knew vaccinated people getting tested with a positive result. It was so extreme that the New Brunswick (Maritime Provinces) Canada health rep went on the news to let people know that they knew and were monitoring.

    They really can’t have that exposed now can they.

    The WHO, U.N. and their media are expert spin doctors.

  33. Jack says:

    As to the current story that “the unvaccinated are responsible for the current increase in COVID cases”, here are the CDC’s own words regarding what now counts as a “breakthrough case” (COVID among the vaccinated):

    “As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.”

    No PCR test, no sniffles and fever: Hospitalized of dead, or it doesn’t count. What a surprise that COVID cases are now found mostly among the unvaccinated! It’s not conspiracy when they’re fudging the numbers right out in the open, right?

  34. Shannon Gream says:

    Here’s what happened with the nursing homes, and its going to happen again this year. They started giving the elderly a flu shot called Quadraflu, or Quadravent. This thing is plain nasty, but on top of that, it contains something that has been banned in almost every country but the US, and had a sunset date of January 4, 2021. This substance is still being sold in 55 gallon drums to the US from China for this “vaccine”. And again this year they are shooting it only into the elderly. The substance is Triton X 100. This injection also has 4 times the amount of “virus” thank is given to the general public. It is only recommended for 65 and older!

    My big question is, why are we assuming our elderly are so fragile? They should have the best immune systems having survived this long and been exposed to so much!

    The whole thing is inverted and we need to seriously start looking out for one another! We need to stop warehousing our elderly and letting strangers raise our kids!

    The virus that’s killing us know is lack of knowledge and sin!

  35. Steve says:

    Can you please direct me to the source where you derived the information that the PCR test’s sensitivity is different for vaccinated versus unvaccinated?

    Thank you.

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