Vaccine Woman

by Jon Rappoport

July 26, 2021

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there was no way to deny it or get around it
her little boy started screaming after the shot
and then 2 days later
the world shut down

he sat in a corner
he lay in his bed
he didn’t speak

the doctor huffed and puffed in back of his steady blank eyes
he assured her this had nothing to do with the shot
it was a predisposition or a genetic trait or a precondition

he smiled now and then
he said autism could have emerged on its own just after the shot was given
as if the universe rearranged itself
at that moment

she saw she was talking to a psychopath
he had been a machine for a long long time

she went into the darkness and pled her case before a government committee
they sat like ancient priests
and listened and glanced at documents
and when they had permitted her the allotted time they handed down their judgment:


she went home and took her boy in her arms
he was still
he didn’t look at her
he didn’t speak

she consulted a lawyer
who told her
the manufacturer was protected by an iron wall
he would continue to make the vaccine and sell it
and pocket billions

the long night was closing in
the storm was here
the silent boy was sitting in its eye

rage was burning in the middle of her chest

a rage the public would see as insanity

from a distance, the moon and the stars might know
what was going on
but people in their everyday straitjackets
would lash out at her
because they needed a target
they needed to ridicule a defector from their own slave-shuffle

they obeyed all the small print
they were neutered in their cores

but she wields
the two-edged sword in the empire

that cuts away the web
and comes to the spider

no matter what defamation
the intermediary whores
lay at her door

liberty from the living death…Vaccine Woman

She and her family are pre-civilization, civilization, and


And she will bare the innards of the crime

Her enemies will never know

What it means to have her mission

Vaccine Woman

Love in her breast for her own is one answer

Justice is another

She has a two-edged sword in the Empire

That cuts through the web

And comes to the spider


The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

59 comments on “Vaccine Woman

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Ghost Bards of Civilization

    To be free or not to be free
    That is my question!
    I have haunted thee, mankind
    Through the cold centuries
    Of your history’s bloody unfolding,
    Mocked by the specter of
    Freedom’s empty promise,
    Don’t you know
    That freedom is not a
    Parchment paper right
    To be granted
    By men in fancy wigs
    Wielding feathered pens
    Dipped in the blood of revolution,
    For what is freedom really?
    Is it not the caged bird
    Of your passion ever seeking
    To soar away on
    The wings of imagination
    To discover new worlds of ecstasy?
    For trapped are you by the whims of
    An illegitimate authority
    With its nets of fear and loathing,
    A systemic dampening field
    That enslaves the spirit
    With the illusion of freedom
    That is but a shadow
    On the cave wall of reality,
    But where oh where
    Might we find the light of true freedom?
    Tis your noble quest to find out
    As you come to be
    Under the vault of heaven
    That drives the stars of your fate
    Of war and peace,
    Love and hate,
    Heaven and hell,
    Life and death,
    You are but misty mad mimes
    In a great Mystery play,
    Oh holy conclave
    Of revered wordsmiths
    Lead them into battle
    Against the windmills of despair,
    Help them sail
    Through the pillars of the mind
    Onto the wine dark sea,
    Trapped as they are
    In the killing field of
    life’s polarities
    That so vex the mind,
    What is out there
    Beyond the fading twilight
    Of your dreams?
    Beyond the
    Looming cement titans of modernity
    With their
    Bloody streets and barrios?
    For on the shifting sands of
    Your high desert history
    Lie two reminders of mankind’s
    Looming destiny,
    Two trunkless legs
    Whose ‘shattered visage’
    And ‘sneer of cold command’
    Mock thee
    And the other;
    The Sphinx,
    A riddle most sublime
    That beckons thee my brethren
    To freedom through
    The wonder of it all,
    The ghost bards are
    Calling thee
    For with imagination
    You can remake the world
    And become free!

    • Kayle says:

      Great words. I rarely read modern poetry but this page today has some brilliant’s.

      • ReluctantWarrior says:


        Thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot to me because I really do put my heart and soul into my writing and it is always gratifying to me if others find my poems to be inspirational…that is the best reward of all.

  2. Paul says:

    Tragically Beautiful.

    May this Piece…
    Bring some peace
    To Mothers’

    You’ve touched yet another chord.

    When o when, will THEY listen?

    & Sun
    and Rockets…

    Her, & Hearts
    Keep beating


  3. M Brenner says:

    This is the saddest poem I’ve read.

  4. Pam says:

    Thank you for telling our story in a way others can see too. It’s incredibly hard watching our damaged children grow to adulthood knowing they can’t fend for themselves and I’m not talking full blown autism. All these children who can’t stick with jobs, take on responsibility, who seem so lost, are poisoned and disabled. We trusted the wrong people but we also were tempted away from our instincts against worshipping false gods.

    • M Brenner says:

      Our instinct is to worship and the religious impulse Finds Its way to expression said Jung… although what we worship is determined by our culture. Right now Millions worship pagan gods Phobos (fear) and Deimos (Dread) returning nightly to the altar of flickering images in supplication and the strange prayer: “why can’t they follow the science? what a bunch of idiots they probably believe that the Earth is flat! Wonder what’s on Netflix?”

    • Martin says:

      This website is not an ad or a solicitation but something I stumbled onto searching for one of the issues thatb pllagues mny people. No I do not make any compensations.

      This video on youtube is amazing. Watch it to the end. The product he mentions that sounds like he says sister tea is found here:

      This site has much to say about childrens/adults health

    • sonia says:

      acorrentados uns aos outros por medo e pela incapacidade de nos mantermos sãos. Ah a vontade de ser livre grita tão alto que nossos ouvidos não alcançam

      Chained each other out of fear and for the inability to keep us safe. Ah the urge to be free shouts so high that our ears do not reach

    • If you have an autistic child, I feel for you. Though you should know there are ways to help them recuperate some cognitive functions. For this you have to look into the GAPs diet. Part of the issue for autism is an overload of toxitcity in the brain due to great harm done in the gut system. If you can help your child to heal his/her gut slowly with No carb diet (for the healing process) following the Gaps nutritional plan–Gut and Psychology Syndrom–and help them with a protocol to detox (like Coffee enemas which help the liver to open its detox pathways blocked by chemicals), plus you may have to add high anti-oxydant (high dose vitamin C) to buffer inflammation, then slowly your child’s brain being less toxic may regain some functions. Check Dr. Natasha Campbell for the GAPS protocol, she treated her child from autism I think, and Dr Nicholas Gonzalez (who cured cancer) with enzymes, supplements and coffee enemas. May You Be Well and Happy!

  5. SuzieQ says:

    I’ve come across too many little ones who suffered from the shot. Beautiful people who require(d) a lot of help in learning how to do their best. Sad but did see a lot of improvement with interventions. It resembles the co’ vid – people are having some ugly reactions, and fearing what is ahead for them in the near/distant future. Our bodies can heal without poisons. There are ways to regain our health. Research and don’t give up.

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      The mRNA injection is different than the regular poisonous vaccines. It has the usual neurotoxins, animal blood and human embryonic tissue, but it is literally “gene modification therapy.” It inserts itself like a sharp-toothed parasitic worm inside every cell in the body to synthesize proteins.

      Vaccines can be detoxed with plant-based remedies and food, but how do you get this thing replicating inside out of the body?

      • Jim S Smith says:

        These mRNA “shots” are also loaded with Electro-Magnetically-reactive Graphene Oxides!

        Orwell City site has just (yesterday) published another mind-blower:

        On how Graphene Oxides react when exposed to certain electro-magnetic frequencies! – No WONDER we are seeing massive cases of blood clots shortly after “vaccination”! ! !

        This also puts another perspective on the mass illnesses which happened in places like Wuhan, especially so close to when “they” turned on their “5G” systems!

      • SuzieQ says:

        The day the world came out and said co’ vid is the day I began debunking it – immediately knew this was a huge scam. You are correct about this most heinous crime of a vaccine. People have no idea and the ones that learned afterwards are desperately searching for ways to repair the ‘deadly’ harm. I’ve been against the plunge since I was a child – had a smart mom.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * * Our bodies can heal without poisons. * *

      And THAT is exactly what these allopathic pharmaceutical companies sell: POISONS!

      They don’t sell cures. They don’t sell healing.

      They only sell “DRUGS”. They only treat symptoms of dis-ease.

      The whole theory behind “today’s medicine”: “DISEASE-MANAGEMENT“.

      TRUE medicine supports life.
      “Today’s medicine” destroys life!

    • Try homeopathy. A remedy called thuja is known for helping the body rebalance after vaccination, whether for people and pets. Learn about it.

  6. Tim says:

    If I let go of Truth; I am at the mercy of lies…

    • Jim S Smith says:

      If I let go of Truth; I am at the mercy of lies…

      Just like the lyrics from a country song:

      If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

  7. Orpheus Owl says:

    Beautiful, touching poem about the world of the Vaccine Injured people who are mocked, called insane and find no solace in the courts. They trusted the wrong people and they will live forever with that decision.

  8. Eluard says:

    Not sure why you are calling this “Vaccine Woman.” I would think a mother like this would prefer “Truth Woman” or “Health Woman.”

    Still it’s a powerful piece. And there are millions of such women around the world. And millions of dads who probably feel even more (helpless) rage and sorrow.

    These lines really struck me:
    “but people in their everyday straitjackets/would lash out at her/because they needed a target/they needed to ridicule a defector from their own slave-shuffle”

    That’s like the people now on social media who are demanding, via mandates and exclusions, that others be forced to take the Vax. It’s as if “hey we took the risk and our health is up for grabs now–and so should you. It’s your duty to stand with us in our idiocy.”

    I appreciate how after building a “medical cartel” house and showing us all of its sordid rooms and moldy cabinets, Jon is now opening the backdoor and pointing to a vast world out there in the way beyond… Or is it IN there ?

  9. Nora says:

    I love Vaccine Woman!
    It is the mothers
    trusting a medical school degree
    over their own instincts.
    Believing that they are ignorant in these matters
    that the doctor knows best
    allow a toxic chemical to be injected into their perfect creation’s body
    only to realize too late that they’ve damaged their creation.
    They’ve allowed their ignorance to injure their child for what could be the rest of their existence.
    How enraged she becomes when she relinquishes the guilt and aims that rage onto the guilty!
    The guilty one’s reign is over!
    For you have finally been exposed and there’s no hiding behind msm anymore!
    The collective rage of billions of mothers is about to hit you!

  10. Arthur Danu says:

    The challenge here is for the Mother to accept her own responsibility in poisoning and damaging her child.

    That’s the reason why the problem won’t go away. It’s so much EASIER to blame the doctor and the pharmaceutical company, and the government agencies and courts that protect them.

    But after seeing TWO WHOLE GENERATIONS of children destroyed by these vaccines, it does come down to PARENTS/ADULTS avoiding responsibility for the choices they made.

    Just like we continue to avoid responsibility for the post 9/11 genocide in the Middle East, the blocking of our sun with CHEMTRAILS, and the payment of SLAVE TAXES people do not legally owe.

    In the light of this awareness, all that is happening in the world is JUSTICE.

    Cuts like a knife!

    • Donella says:

      I’m offended by your comment. 24 years ago I refused to sign the consent form sent home from school with my son. When vaccine day came along, he was the lone little cowboy of his classmates who did not receive the vaccine. One day later two women came into the classroom and escorted him to the health room and administered the shot. A few months later his pancreas quit producing insulin. I will never know if it was that injection that caused his type 1 diabetes and will never be able to prove it. Not all parents are to blame.

      As Jon so perfectly wrote, “rage was burning in the middle of her chest”. And it rages on.

      • Mac says:

        Could yet point out there are applies in bigger sense, twenty four years, every person reproducing then or since knew milions of acres were being turned into gmo ‘patented’ phood and poison corporate farms, and before that, enron, also iran contra during reagan, who also did a -new world order speech, then during bush one the first false attack iraq war, then false money system being futher pushed by repeal of glass steagal during clinton along with republicuns, phony mortgages which later per plan went to 07-09′ fraud ‘bailouts’, which made things worse, and many other schemes, nine-eleven on and on. You say rage but are you doing anything to stop what’s going on in the sky. When you say -not all parents, the few exceptions who make actual sacrifice effort on situations wouldn’t be offended by Arthur’s post. The only thing that counts it’s what people do or fail to do, and;

        Something would add is the point isn’t only record or current facts on time, and resulting tyranny, though time is limited because of the slide the last twenty years, anyone can get off the psycho bus and change their energy. For instance some people didn’t realize the false ‘wars’ were/are wrong because no one said it to them plainly. Then people can be embarassed because they didn’t see it themselves but it’s silly because that’s how we know things, by sharing, point is to brush that aside and change energy. The pharma crazies are trying to jam us full of graphene beside everything else. Anybody can shift, and it’s better to be creating. The main point Jon writes about focus on individual.

    • Patrick Shaw says:

      Actually, the real Truth is far more insidious than you could ever imagine. You won’t believe me but I’m going to write it as a matter of record. Firstly, Mothers are fiercely protective of their children and in good faith try and make the best choices that they can. Let no one cast a judgment over a Mothers Love for their child.

      Secondly, you are all being duped regarding the real causes of Autism.

      Sure, the MMR jab contains adjuvants which are harmful to a child’s physiology but the true cause of the actual autism comes from elsewhere.

      “The degree of exposure from the tiny amount of mercury compounds present in this preservative when distributed throughout the body are truly inconsequential in causing any potential harm to the infant. This has been looked at extensively with due consideration to known toxicological profiles of mercury-containing compounds and is inconceivable from a scientific perspective, and we concur. It is a red herring and an intuitive link only, to the real culprit being mercury, but this is administered exogenously by extraterrestrials during alien abductions and not via vaccine administration”

      The above description is taken from and as incredible as it sounds happens to be true.

      Please follow my Twitter account if you wish to keep abreast of this and other related topics

      Best regards to all who read this.

      • Saeger says:

        Have to disagree on claim in first paragraph denying others right to judge, it’s not anyone’s position to dictate someone else not judge. I am me, you are you. I have a mind exactly so that I discriminate and judge. It is what separates me from a bag of rocks. Even ants and slugs judge. The govrmnt and media also claim to be me or dictate to me but they are not me. It’s important to separate ourselves and judge for ourselves. Nanu nanu.

    • senorenapeepers says:

      Here’s a challenge for cognitive dissonance: Consider mothers historically as the scapegoat for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that goes awry…like the young, frightened, confused, barely women unwittingly convinced to give away their newborns to infertile couples who swear that they are better suited to raise another woman’s flesh and blood, while the (incubator) mother is going to suffer the consequences for the rest of her life for the benefit of all that profit from this inhumane and cruel business: adoption agencies, lawyers, churches, hospitals, doctors, social workers and all others with blood on their hands. Open your eyes as you can be one of them.

      • Mac says:


        The choice of cognitive dissonance metaphor is off imo, at base the person reproduced when it shouldn’t have. The propaganda has been distraction, now look at the tyranny, and more lockdowns coming. The cognitive dissonance challenge isn’t to continue focus on propaganda, it’s to focus on creating a future where we are alive and control our lives ourselves. Sharing info about poluted earth, protest masks and vaxs, end the fed reserve, protest gmos, protest graphene, plenty of places to focus energy where it matters. We should do what we can to create the future before they come to stab us with GRAPHENE.

        Btw if something reasonates in my post can make note, pen paper better than copy paste.

        A reminder thought to share, tuna in lettuce or romaine leaves, or egg salad, less heavy than bread. Also peanut butter and bannana. Trick on peanut butter, drain off peanut oil because is inflammatory, pour in olive instead, use light/mild.

  11. Rae says:

    reminds me of two sentences i read this a.m. that stopped me in my tracks:
    1. our silence and compliance become our consent
    2. peaceful non-compliance: every time we comply we remove the option of non-compliance for our children

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * * peaceful non-compliance: * *

      And what happens,

      When “peaceful” no longer functions, and those who “aggress” resort to force, then what?

      If “they” come to my door seeking forceful compliance, and no peaceful measure resolves, then by their owns ways – shall it be visited upon THEM!

      I’m DONE playing “Mr. Nice Guy” with these tyrants.

      As human history has indelibly-shown, freedoms once-lost – require more-strenuous acts to regain.

  12. stephen langley says:

    What an anthem ! Sir, you have a beautiful Imagination.

  13. Gunter says:

    Little can be added to the poem …

    In Germany, many years ago, there was a medication named “Contergan” (market name, the main ingredient “Thalidomid”, English brand name Thalidomid) – was administered to pregnant women as a “harmless” sedation medication (for better sleep).

    Approx. 5000 children were born with sometimes extreme physical malformations (no arms, etc., see

    It took YEARS in court for the victims to get some compensation, and it was meager enough. Many died prematurely.

    So, think twice if a medication is announced to be “harmless” …


  14. Jim S Smith says:

    The tragedy of “Human Nature”.

    The globalist-minded, psychopathic control freaks are experts at exploiting the weaknesses in “Human Nature”, because history has even proven this – time and time again.

    Most people can not bear to see the truth within themselves. Therefore, they fear the truth outside themselves, all the same!

    So long as there are still a few of us willing to stand up for the truth, then the globalists’ ambitions are still threatened with derailment. Once all the genuine truth-seekers are gone from this world, “humanity” is most surely doomed!

    So honored to be “A political Gadfly!”

    • john-oranje says:

      I challenged a woman,in the street, carrying a small
      They both wore masks. I said “why are you putting a
      mask on that child. Masks are very bad for your health”.
      She said,”it’s better than getting corona-virus”.
      I replied, “the virus is a hoax” and her response was,
      “oh so you’re one of them”.
      I should have said something like; how can a mask
      protect you from a tiny virus that would go straight
      through it.
      But I doubt that would have made any difference
      to her.
      People who believe that the masks are protecting them, don’t think at all.
      She is a young mother who will probably take one of
      the covid shots and also offer up her son to the cult.

      • Harry says:

        Not true.

        The brainwashing is deep. They know not why they do what they do.

        Or they are backdrop people as Delores Cannon spoke of.

      • Greg C. says:

        Right now they want badly to criminalize anyone who is “one of them.” But there’s just too damn many of us, so they hope to round up a sample and try to scare the rest into submission.

  15. Adam Coleman says:

    This is too sad and too often an every day occursnce. To add insult to injury, they now want the whole planet to take the CONTROL ALTER DELETE VAQUEX from the guy who named microsoft after his penis.

    All one need do to understand this is to see either of at least two TED Talks about population reduction via vaquex by said guy above and they have this (what I call a) war on humanity criminal, Faux Chi trying to explain this plannedemic while lying on every platform he can get his face on although he prefers not to engage with Dr.Rand Paul who puts him on front street every time.

    Jon…. You do a fantastic job of putting into words what We Awake try to convey to sheeple every day.

    Thank you for your service to humanity

    “Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will the world have and know peace.” — Jimi Hendrix

  16. Carol L says:

    Move over lies, and let the truth be heard loud and clear! Beautifully written so anyone can understand if they’re willing to close their mouths and open their ears and eyes to the harsh reality!

  17. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Love in her breast for her own is one answer
    Justice is another
    She has a two-edged sword in the Empire.”

    Today’s World Situation:

    If what you’re offering to people is so great, why do you have to FORCE them to take it?

    If what you’re offering to people isn’t harmful, why do you need strong legal protections from liability?

    If what you’re telling people isn’t lies and horse manure, why do you need an unrelenting media propaganda attack to drive a certain sorry narrative deep into the brains and minds of people?

    If you had respect for people and the dignity of their lives, why do you feel it necessary to violate divine human rights and dignity and force procedures and harmful ideas on them without their consent and without regard to basic decency and lines of personal integrity that should NEVER BE CROSSED under any circumstances?


    But as the saying goes, if all you know how to do is wield a hammer, everything around you looks like a nail ripe for pounding.

    Love and Justice ARE the answers to everything in Life. Sadly, this most basic fact of Life seems to be totally absent from great numbers of badly misguided and malformed lost souls.

  18. April Boden says:

    This is a description of my experience… completely. I wrote an essay a few years back with a similar tone, ‘The Autism Mom Witch’, though a little more angry sounding. I thank you for having such tremendous compassion and empathy. Your ability to really see us and what we’re going through is uncanny.

    This may sound a little ‘woo woo’ but I really don’t believe the so-called elite have anything on the power of the human spirit. I recommend J.B. Handley’s book “Underestimated” to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Our non-spearking children who are labeled with this thing they call ‘autism’ are not what most people think they are.

  19. Victoria says:

    This touched me deep in my mother soul, and it was all I could do to keep from crying. I feel the truth of it in my being. Fortunately my parent spared me the horrors of vaccination, and my own healthy children have never been touched by those poisons. Vaccination is a subject I have studied extensively and feel very passionate about.

  20. Rick in Phoenix says:

    At the risk of seeming off topic, I’ll just attempt a post here to try to get Jon and readers here to comment on the latest theory about the vaccines-injection– that they consist of graphene oxide. is tracking that Spanish researcher Delgado’s work and interviews & it’s quite interesting… today for example he notes how easy it is to get graphene oxide liquid from AliExpress.

    La Quinta Columna on aqueous graphene oxide solution for sale on AliExpress
    July 26, 2021
    [Pin on Pinterest]

    It’s no surprise China sells products containing graphene oxide through its trojan horse AliExpress. Much less so when the product in question is an aqueous solution that can be added to saline and vaccines.

    The pieces start to fit together perfectly, don’t they? This is the real never isolated, nor purified, nor characterized SARS-CoV-2.

    Want it any clearer? While some try to make us think that graphene is a wonder nanomaterial, it’s confirmed that it’s a toxic nanomaterial that’s being used to transhumanize the population without them even knowing it. And, of course, it’s also killing people by masquerading as a virus.

  21. Fanny Adams says:

    The power of propaganda will lure any innocent person to take the medicine that the medical industry dishes up to them. As long as we are taught that the medical cartel are to be trusted with our lives we will have the devil’s own job avoiding their poisonous “treatments”…

  22. WDFreedomLL says:

    Vaccine Man

    When my son slipped away it wasn’t quickly…
    It took months, he was our first child, so we believed when we were told some regression is normal…
    Some children just stop trying to walk on their own until they feel stronger…
    Some children don’t talk as much as others…
    Then we put in the video from six months earlier and the horror of what happened was undeniable…………..
    Life has never been the same.

    Truth matters. God is good. The devil is real.

  23. CosimaDei says:

    The most powerful and beautiful poem I’ve ever read.

  24. Citizen Quasar says:

    I don’t like your poetry.

  25. Stentorian says:

    Your poem is my bleak biography.

    What is so horrible to a parent as watching your child’s brain death by government-mandated lethal injection?

    To listen to his encephalitic cry for hours and days as vaccines make his brain swell?

    To see mind-blind “health care” workers doom countless other infants to subclinical or profound brain damage?

    To be disappointed over and over by bullying medical trade union doctors, as you look far and wide to find treatments for vaccine-induced immune dysfunction and gastroenterological disorders they refuse to recognize?

    To resist a sanctimonious, tyrannical Pharmocracy that mandates injections again and again, like the definition of insanity, expecting different results than the myriad health damages they inflict to profit the corporations that have subverted democracies?

    The parents will never be silenced.

  26. Inna says:

    Dear Jon, I am crying… I am a mother…

  27. Dennis says:

    It may be years before we find the true extent of physical injuries caused by this vaccine.

  28. Jayebird says:

    Mother’s instincts are a faint memory.

  29. wendy says:

    Oh Jon, after 33 years, my heart still hurts and these powerful words had me in tears. Did you write this for me? It felt like my story displayed on a page. My heart continues to break for every life unnecessarily cut short or destroyed. My heart breaks for those who are yet to suffer this. My heart breaks for this injustice and crime that humanity is not waking up to fully. Yet my heart still feels hope that one day we will get it right. For all the children and for all the Mothers (and Fathers) who cherish them.

    Thank you for writing these words.

  30. Sean says:

    Rut row saith the spider.

  31. Build Back Botter says:

    I hope people who are dealing with autism in their families and communities are aware of the work of Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet. He was curing autism, until his sudden controversial death. Thankfully, his work lives on.

  32. Sandra says:

    That was beautiful, Jon. Thank you for expressing what so many of us have experienced.

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