How many people have “psychological COVID”?

by Jon Rappoport

September 3, 2020

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For months, I’ve been laying out evidence that: a new coronavirus was never properly discovered; the diagnostic tests are therefore meaningless; and most of the people who are sick are suffering from traditional illnesses which have been re-packaged under the empty umbrella label, “COVID.”

Of course, most people in the world have a religious belief in the new virus. And that opens the door to: “psychological COVID.”

Here is what it can look like.

A person is watching TV for hours. He’s treated to wall-to-wall news, ads, public service announcements—all about the virus and the pandemic. After days and weeks and months of this solid operant conditioning, he’s in the COVID frame of mind.

He’s IN the context, the box, the pattern, the story line.

He occasionally feels a bit of this and that: a scratchy throat, a sniffle. So he thinks, “Maybe this is the start of COVID.” One day, he has a headache. He thinks, “Didn’t they say that could be a symptom, too?”

He takes his temperature. 99.8. He tries to remember—“Isn’t my normal always a bit low?”

He calls his sister and asks her. She says, “Yes, you usually came up 98. Why? What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. I had a little cough yesterday, so I took my temperature. It was 99.8.”

“Call the doctor.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You don’t know that. CALL THE DOCTOR.”

After talking to his sister, his throat feels raw. He makes some tea. He putters around the apartment. He feels tired. For a second, a pain shoots up his arm. “They said the virus could cause a heart problem.”

He goes to the fridge, takes out half a cake and eats a large slice. Now he really feels tired, so he lies down and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, his nose is stuffed. He walks into the bathroom and blows his nose. He looks at himself in the mirror. His eyes are a little red. His face is pale.

He coughs three times.

He calls his doctor. A nurse says, “Well, you might have a few symptoms. You should come in and get tested.”

The next day he does.

For two days, while he’s waiting for the results, he’s sneezing on and off. His head is stuffed. He’s sleeping more than usual. His limbs ache a bit. Is he feeling a chill, or is that a breeze blowing in through the screen?

If you told him his thoughts and his mindset could be bringing on physical symptoms, he wouldn’t believe you. Every year for the past ten years, he’s had at least one episode of cough-sneeze-slight fever, and he’s thought nothing of it…but if you reminded him of that now, he wouldn’t pay attention. No, this is different. He begins to feel fear.

In that state of mild fear, he imagines going to the hospital and being put on a ventilator. He imagines infecting someone else and being found out. He imagines dying.

The fear ratchets up. He sits in front of the TV, hoping to distract himself. But the commercials show people wearing masks.

The next day, the phone rings. It’s the nurse. She tells him he’s positive for COVID. He’s infected. He’ll need to isolate himself for two weeks, and if the symptoms become worse, he should go to Emergency…

Now his fever inches over 100. He’s coughing more.

Getting the picture?

If you don’t think the mind and thoughts can affect the body, think again.

If you don’t think the ability to resist and shake off a concocted story-line is important, think again.

If you don’t think the refusal to accept official pronouncements is vital…

This person I’m describing, who has now been tagged with the COVID label, is suffering from NOTHING.


He’s adding up and making up his own story line, which puts him in a hole.

If someone slapping him in the face could wake him up, someone should slap him in the face.

He’s just been suckered in, and he’s suckering himself in.

“Sir, you have psychological COVID. It goes under a better name. Sucker’s Disease.”

—Oh but wait…what about the people who are REALLY sick?

As I mentioned at the top, most of those people are suffering from traditional illnesses that have nothing to do with “a new virus.”

Give me control of all major news outlets in the world, and venal mouthpieces like Fauci to put on television day after day, and I’ll convince the population that pink panthers escaped from a zoo in the Antarctic, and they’re roaming the globe spitting pink poison at billions of victims.

And whatever the symptoms of pink poisoning are supposed to be, people WILL BEGIN TO EXPERIENCE THEM.

“Sir, you’re not feeling pink poison symptoms. They don’t exist.”

“I saw three panthers this afternoon on my lawn.”

“They were your cats. You might recall that your wife, who is divorcing you, had them at her apartment. She dropped them off in your yard early this morning.”

Before some people jump to erroneous conclusions, let me state this yet AGAIN: Yes, there are people in the world who are actually sick and dying, as always, and most of those who have been labeled “COVID” are suffering from traditional diseases, such as pneumonia, TB, flu, other lung problems, etc. The remaining people who are labeled COVID—you would have to look at these groups, wherever they live, to discover causes, such as: new toxic vaccine campaigns; new levels or new content of deadly pollution; pesticides; treatments with ventilators and toxic antiviral drugs, etc. NO NEW VIRUS REQUIRED.

Mind control or psychological COVID is its own creature, and it is widespread.

If anyone thinks my use of the term Sucker’s Disease is too strong, and is unkind, and I should have called it something like Befuddlement Syndrome, let me point out that, in this situation, being Nice and Polite doesn’t cut through the mind control. In fact, Nice and Polite, as they have spread across society like a moldy blanket, are main components of the reason why people are buying the virus story and the consequent lockdowns and economic destruction. They don’t want to make waves. They want to be kinder and gentler toward Authority. They want to cozy up to Fascism and cooperate in their own downfall.

George Carlin laid it out 20 years ago: “What we have now is a completely neurotic population… Where did this sudden fear of germs come from in this country? Have you noticed this? The media, constantly running stories about all the latest infections – salmonella, e-coli, hanta virus, bird flu – and Americans, they panic easily so now everybody’s running around, scrubbing this and spraying that and overcooking their food and repeatedly washing their hands, trying to avoid all contact with germs. It’s ridiculous and it goes to ridiculous lengths… bunch of goddamn pussies! Besides, what do you think you have an immune system for? It’s for killing germs!…Let me tell you a true story about immunization okay? When I was a little boy in New York City in the 1940s, we swam in the Hudson River and it was filled with raw sewage okay? We swam in raw sewage! You know… to cool off! And at that time, the big fear was polio; thousands of kids died from polio every year but you know something? In my neighborhood, no one ever got polio! No one! Ever! You know why? Cause we swam in raw sewage! It strengthened our immune systems! The polio never had a prayer; we were tempered in raw shit! So personally, I never take any special precautions against germs. I don’t shy away from people that sneeze and cough, I don’t wipe off the telephone, I don’t cover the toilet seat, and if I drop food on the floor, I pick it up and eat it! Yes I do. Even if I’m at a sidewalk café! In Calcutta! The poor section! On New Year’s morning during a soccer riot! And you know something? In spite of all that so-called risky behavior, I never get infections, I don’t get them, I don’t get colds, I don’t get flu, I don’t get headaches, I don’t get upset stomach, you know why? Cause I got a good strong immune system and it gets a lot of practice…”

A person suffering from self-induced psychological COVID needs to take a sledgehammer to his own complicity AND the propaganda of the State. Crack the egg and climb out and breathe.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

58 comments on “How many people have “psychological COVID”?

  1. Diane says:

    As with Carlin, my husband and I don’t get infections either. We are young seniors, but it just doesn’t happen anymore. We are NOT germaphobes! No one in our age group around here can understand it, as most of them are into heavy Pharma drugs. We are not health nuts, just moderate livers. We avoid vaccines like the plague (sorry). I know that I need your germs, folks, to STAY STRONG AND FIT. So, lose that stupid, unsafe face diaper and hit me with it!

    • Jen says:

      My father used to say that to be healthy, one should eat at least a pound of dirt a year. I live by that, and I too am healthy.

      Perhaps part of the problem is that people haven’t traveled abroad enough. I remember my shock when living in Japan to see that Japanese people don’t refrigerate eggs. The horror! Or sailing and finding that sailors don’t refrigerator mayonnaise. Egads, can it be?!

      God made us strong, so let’s live life and enjoy without fear!

    • Robert C says:

      Agreed, Diane! Same here.
      Jon, you hit it on the head: Psychological Covid is dead on. Let me just use my own “label”: PsyCovid 🙂 Scared and feared because they watch and believe mainstream news. I’ve never, even as a child, believed the news. As a child I had good perception and I have very good perceptions still. When I was young and my parents would watch the news, I would think to myself “they’re lying about something. I can see it in their eyes”. Back then and even way more so now, they’re phony and overly dramatic about everything they say. Their job is to instill fear in weak minded people and convince them what they are saying is true. Oh yes, listen to Tony Fauci. I guess if you’re done living you can listen to him and all his cronies including Bill and Melinda Gates, etc.
      There should be legal recourse against all medical personal, medically connected personnel such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Tony Fauci, staffing and CDC and WHO so that they can be brought to justice for all their lies and all the peoples lives they have taken for the sake of profits and control. They really are the lowest form of life on the planet. As many no, the most vicious animals on the planet earth are humans. Especially greedy, power control animals. Amazing at seven months later, people still wearing his mask like they’re actually protecting them from the big scary Covid.

      • Zoey says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

        For decades our DOJ has allowed Fauci/CDC/Redfield to commit scientific fraud/crimes against humanity. It’s unconscionable & inexcusable that the lives/livelihood’s of the American people were placed in hands of these monsters, despite endless, irrefutable evidence that their partnerships w/drug/vaccine manufacturers was their top priority.

        We desperately need justice department that has our backs.

    • Deuce says:

      The human GULO Gene is not dead! All but 5 mammals species have an active GULO Gene. It creates circulating Vitamin C from sugars, that provides continuous detoxification and by default insulin modulation. Its the reason we can only get good results from a few animal species in our clinical studies. Because the rest simply arent susceptible to illness the way we are because their GULo Gene detoxifies pathogens so effectively. This gene went silent in humans as a group about 10k years ago. But the gene is still intact, the messenger is still intact and it can by modulated by epigenetics, some known herbal triggers or developmental mutation. People like you and me who never get sick likely have an active GULO Gene. We’re literal superhumans with a verifiable epigenetic advantage. But there are supplements that can modulated this gene for you if you were not one of the lucky few born with it. A friend of mine used to be a crippling hypochondriac. I got him to try one of these supplements and he’s gone two years without even a common cold. He brags about his immune system now. You are a homo sapien. You’ve survived some million years on your own immune system. It’s been mostly refined and improved over those million years. Laugh in the face of COVID. Laugh in the face of vaccines. Tend to your own health. Take advantage of the little good science that exists to help you fortify your already-powerful immune system. Then be a model for others so they don’t fall victim to these rules. Proactive health self-care defeats all of modern medicine soundly.

      “COVID is worse for obese people.” OMG does COVID have some un-PC agenda? No you fat f$&k, but why are you worried about COVID when you spend every day actively killing yourself. Psychological COVID and the victim mindset that been foisted upon us for years now are fruits of the same tree. Don’t be the victim of a virus, be an aggressor against it. It’s all already inside you.

  2. Carolita from Oklahoma says:

    What a great column! Truth with humor. Love your work.

    • kathleen Donnelly says:

      I agree – truth with humour being positive we have forgotten to think for ourselves.. to know our bodies.. and realise that Dr and Nurses have been trained to push the drugs for the companies they work for.. hidden in the falicy they are looking after your health.. Question everything.. You know your own body better than anyone..This column just tops everything.. Thankyou Jon.

  3. Neo-Paradigm says:

    NY Times Headline in today paper warns — New Covid-19 Outbreaks Test South Korean Strategy. Anyone who reads this piece with two brain cells to rub together can immediately see this headline is ridiculous.

    According to the article, in a country of 50 million people,20,000 cases have been reported and a total of 326 people have died of Covid -19.

    326 out of 50 million is a small number to die from a “pandemic infection” that has been in circulation since March in a country that did not go into lock down.

    When you take into account CDC’s own data showing that 94% of people who are said to have died of covid had comorbidities and only 6% died from covid, it can be concluded that to date 19.5 people have died from Covid in all of South Korea.

    The Times reports that the country now has positive cases in three digits.

    Logic and junior high school math proves this is a scam but people have been driven to insanity and can’t think straight.

  4. Opie Poik says:

    Elevated levels of unregulated chemical found from sea to shining sea:
    Toilet paper can reduce it, so buy, buy, buy! Stampede!

    Before YouTube censors it again:

    • Then, of course, there is the heavy version of DHMO and ever more common semi-heavy DHMO.

      This silent crisis waiting, dark and cold in the vast depts of the Pacific and Atlantic.
      Waiting, waiting and we are worried about COVID?…pftt, shucks gosh, it make my blood curdle just thinking about the power of this deadly chemical, they say there are vast galaxies of DHMO out there…beyond our, eyesight, waiting, it is always waiting.

      And there it was right under our proboscises. And…nuff said

      COVID smovid…there are bigger fish to fry, a lot bigger fish…on a campfire…with a lake cold beer, this long weekend.


    • Robert C says:

      Too late. Already removed due to “violation”. Right!

    • Silvia says:

      No more youtube link

  5. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    I agree with Jon’s point here that sickness can be psychosomatically induced and that therefore covid-fear is indeed causing real illness– but I would add that looking at symptoms first is the way to go. In Jon’s example above, Jon cites the scratchy throat symptom. At the Symptom Checker, I get these possible causes or related diseases…

    Upper Respiratory Infection
    Pneumonia – Influenza
    Acute Laryngitis
    Allergic Asthma
    Common Cold
    Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
    Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

    The entire medical complex has turned their profession upside down and discredited it. Instead of blaming a virus for many symptoms, they need to start with many symptoms and consider multiple causes. A weak immune system can be considered as well as 5G-oxygen-destroying-resonance-syndrome and cyanide-pollution-from-fracking-refineries. CNN and FOX ought to be scrolling SYMPTOMS on the sidebar– and their numerical occurances– before citing “cases of covid”. That way we would turn medicine back up into an upright position. The medical profession itself has become the disease.

  6. Amanda says:

    Thanks Jon! Perhaps this is the problem with the people in NJ — they all seem to have fallen for the BS!! Also, this fits with what that whistleblower nurse from NYC said about lots of the people being admitted were just dealing with anxiety (no doubt from the endless 24/7 fear porn).

  7. JV says:

    We used to call them hypochondriacs…

  8. TJ says:

    The psychological thing is spot on. How do people think the mass hysteria witch stuff got going? You start believing shit like that pretty soon you manifest it.

  9. Butch says:

    I am 70+, as are most of my friends and acquaintances. We all agree this is the best “pandemic” in the history of the world. Where are all the bodies? None of has even had a sniffle and supposedly our age group is HIGHLY vulnerable to this horrible infection spreading throughout the TV world. The most frightening aspect of this psy-op is how dumbed down our society is, I knew it was but this level of full compliance with Fact Free Hysteria exceeds even my most dire projection. This surely does not bode well as we enter the inevitable phase of the collapse of industrial civilization, which perhaps is why such effort is put into this fake narrative. TPTB know full well this fake paradigm is crumbling, and thus their power over humanity dissipates, at long last. Alas, I fear we are not even slightly prepared for the closing chapter. The jungle awaits us.

    • Opie Poik says:

      “Now that academics have abandoned BC (Before Christ) for BCE (Before the Common Era), though without explaining for whom or to what the Era is Common, the initials BC are available again for use, and I should suggest that they be taken to stand for Before COVID. After all, the virus,

      >>>=========> or our reaction to it, <=========<<<

      really has caused a fracture in our lives, as great in its way as that caused to people’s lives by the First World War. Will things ever be the same again?"

      " . . . in the days of innocence, when strangers, and even friends and relations, were not yet heralds or harbingers of one’s death . . . "

      We're In This Together!

      Her other videos
      Hee hee . . .

    • kathleen Donnelly says:

      Butch I agree it doesn’t give us much confidence about the future of the global narritive. Being in your age range and knowing the truth we are easily put into the little box of ” Batty old people” It will take all of us to shout louder than any others and keep posting and showing the facts and eventually the truth will come out..

    • Deuce says:

      Sadly the bodies are buried in shallow Graves in NY, don’t you know. I saw it on CNN and it was definitely real, LOL. But you’re right about it being mostly spread through the TV.

  10. Gonzalo Castro says:

    I fully understand and agree with what you and others like Dr. Andrew Kaufman have explained in depth about the lack of evidence for the existence of a new virus and the obvious plan to subject humanity to totalitarian control measures under the pretext of the supposed pandemic.

    I understand that the PCR test is zero reliable and that the lethality of this disease is negligible so in no way are absurd measures such as generalized quarantines, the use of masks and much less the dangerous vaccines that are already being produced justified.

    However, I cannot help but notice that in my environment in Mexico, many people have become ill with rarely seen symptoms such as loss of smell and taste that later progress to rare breathing difficulties. What could explain the numerous infections with symptoms, I insist, unusual at least for this country?

    • These are hyperimmune reactions…how would a virus enter if it existed? Through the mouth? Through the nose? So logically if I can’t taste and can’t smell, then…

      The human body is truly a miracle in action — think about it for a few minutes?

      Placebo/Nocebo; yin/yang; dark/light; good/bad……….

      I have noticed that they are claiming that if you have had COVID-1984 and survived after a long illness then you are not off the hook but could get it a second time.

      These bastards that invent this stuff, eat evil for breakfast.

    • Eli35 says:

      Are these people that you actually know? Like they are your actual friends and relatives and you know that they are sick, really sick?

      No one in our entire large family or friends (from 8 states) knows anyone who has been sick, let alone died of this supposed virus. But pretty much everyone I know had a bad flu last winter.

      It seems to me that the hype is beginning to lose its punch because nobody in real life is actually sick — only the people and numbers on TV and the internet.

      So that is why I ask if you actually know real people who are really sick. That would be news.

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      5G in MEHICO
      The state of 5G rollout in Latin America – Contxto

      Jul 01, 2020 · And according to Ericsson’s Mobility Report 2020, the first 5G networks to be deployed will be in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Why it’s a big deal: 5G networks provide the juice to truly take all the tech innovations we love to talk about (IoT-powered cities, autonomous vehicles, etc.) to the next level and basically achieving faster connectivity.

      … but I’ll forgive him. He correctly pointed out in the past that diseases attributed to a single cause, a virus, were actually due to multiple causes and relabelled as results of a virus. This time, however, despite the assignment of a single cause, covid-19, there are OTHER causes for NEW SYMPTOMS– symptomology being my favorite FIRST STEP– the other causes including Jon’s favorite from Wuhan– “pollution”– where people suddenly started falling down in the middle of the street a few months after what? After the switching on and activation of 5G. In many subsequent articles, Jon does great work on disattributing the virus narrative, but only very occasionally refers to 5G– whereas I would point directly at 5G. See Millenium Report. quote Now the American people will know why the nationwide 5G roll-out is as dangerous as it is illegal. The government has no right to harm or kill, injure or main, sicken or afflict, paralyze or incapacitate the citizenry.unquote.

      I’ve decided that Jon has had plenty of opportunity to reconsider 5G and that his continued underplay of it is no longer acceptable to me. In my opinion, Jon missed the boat on this one. He spent a long time considering fake viruses but the trick being played with covid in 2020 got by him. And that’s my conclusion. I still like his writing and read every blog entry but with the understanding that he’s ignoring what GONZOLO pointed out– that NEW SYMPTOMS IN MEXICO align with 5G rollout just like NEW SYMPTOMS in WUHAN like falling down.

    • Deuce says:

      Loss of smell and taste are well documented is nutritional deficiencies and also correlate to excess consumption of sugar. We’re any of these people you’re talking about fitness instructors? Mr Olympia participants? Nobody is agruing that if you don’t tend to your own health you won’t get sick. You will. A lot of different ways. Note that 94% of what we labaled COVID deaths had multiple cofactors. People were unhealthy and sick before COVID day zero. Chalking it all unprecedented to COVID after the fact is mostly just a scam. Sorry you were duped.

  11. Low Voltage says:

    “psychological COVID” = Voodo

    Every scientist knows that voodoo works. That’s why they perform double-blind placebo studies. On the other hand, they know next to nothing about viruses. Nobody has ever even seen a live one.

    But what the hell, most people are enjoying a little extra drama in their lives. It has broken the monotony for a little while. When this gets old, the media will have something new for us to fear.

  12. Doug says:

    Is their 5G in the area? Pubmed had a research document that clearly states that 5G creates CoronaVirus Structures from the MM wave 5G technology.

    There may be something else going around.

    The point is clearly that no Virus has been properly discovered. They have not done the work required to say this is the new Virus. We see it under EM in 500 people. We had three labs do the same work and it is clear a new virus exists.

    This was not done. You would think before closing down the world maybe they make sure it exists. Fauci and Birx are clearly not human.

  13. *twitch*…*twitch*..I’ve been thinking about this a lot. *Twitch* and ah, I call it a thought-form they get caught in — now everyone seems is in an Internet bubble, surrounded by their own desired news..feed, and interests. 

    If your gonna live in a TikTok reality, think TikTok stuff, and worship the god of TikTok, well your gonna catch the TikTok diseases…and…there is no cure for that except…well, it’s fatal, and in the end, the last stage of it? I can’t say it, its too brutal, far too vulgar for this website…

    But back to my thought.

    COVID-1984 is more adjacent to Tulpa, a spirit body that you have incorporated as part of the mojo of you. It can be a sick spirit, it can be coughing and sneezing… *twitch*

    Now, this incorporation — I am trying to find a new use for that last word. Is into what bardo you particularly are a part of, but here and now, Tulpa has been called Nocebo.

    It’s right there in Wikipedia, you can look it up, and Wikipedia never lies. Well…everybody lies, but they’re not bad lies, as a general sort of overview of a subject their pretty good. But the deep stuff they fail at and they are a bit on the ah progressive side…and they are always begging money…

    But back to tulpa or Nocebo, its like a placebo but on the other side of the coin, it is a negative effect of thinking about one’s own wellness and spirit. We carry negativity like a load of bricks on our back. And the positive side? 

    Now the opposite side of Nocebo everybody knows about its called placebo, and usually, you have to wash out these contestants in a drug study to get some reasonable results — to prove the efficacy of the drug you are testing. Can’t have someone curing themselves with a sugar pill, or losing that amulet, and using thought alone…

    I mean there are people out there that very talented and they don’t know it, they do not know themselves, but they can move objects and cure with a thought, they are truly creative beings, but they never discover this in themselves — you give them a placebo pill and tell them it is the fountain of youth, and it will take ten years of their lives and you reasonably present some sophisticated data and charts, diagrams and a bell curve; a handful of studies and some dancing girls and so forth; charge them $1000 for the pill, by tomorrow morning, if they take the pill they will be ten years younger. 

    And worse, they are now believers, and faith kills more than guns. 

    But if the sugar pill has a toxic side, you can now manage someone’s medical life.

    *twitch* Now both these ah…attributes of the mind are sort of a paranormal event that is accidentally fell upon during such an operation like COVID-1984 by the ‘believers’. The elites know quite well how poisonous the knowledge is…they know how to engage it, that is the whole reason for the Reality Manufacturing Machine. 

    TikTok, TikTok TikTok…

    And voila’. Pod people are created and running around with masks and fishbowls on their heads, with their dog in a matching mask and *twitch* coughing and sneezing and getting hot and social distancing, and spending most of their allowance on Lysol wipes.

    But if they started thinking about making themselves as strong and unbreakable, not victims lead to slaughter, and became individuals instead of herd animals, with herd immunity — separate from this fake reality but interacting in it. Practiced the natural art of tulpa/placebo and the voyage of one?

  14. Hélios says:

    Do you want to know ? Here in France we make fun of American people with their fear of germs and flies in the house.

    What TV spreads is called “nocebo effect”.

    Excellent article, “psychological covid”. David Icke says “virus of the mind” and it’s the same idea.

  15. JC&JR Follower says:

    Thanks for addressing the underlying cause of all disease, Jon: the mental condition. It reminds me of some paragraphs I’ve read in the book “Science and Health” by Mary Baker Eddy. I wasn’t sure where to find them, but my copy of the book fell open to the exact passages I was looking for just now (pp 196-198 in the chapter “Physiology,” so I guess that’s a sign that I’m supposed to share some of it with you:

    “Such books as will rule disease out of mortal mind, — and so efface the images and thoughts of disease, instead of impressing them with forcible descriptions and medical details, — will help to abate sickness and to destroy it.

    “Many a hopeless case of disease is induced by a single postmortem examination, — not from infection nor from contact with material virus, but from the fear of the disease and from the image brought before the mind; it is a mental state, which is afterwards outlined on the body.

    “The press unwittingly sends forth may sorrows and diseases among the human family. It does this by giving names to diseases and by printing long descriptions which mirror images of disease distinctly in thought. A new name for an ailment affects people like a Parisian name for a novel garment. Every one hastens to get it. The most minutely described disease costs many a man his earthly days of comfort. What a price for human knowledge!”

    [The only word I question is “unwittingly.” It appears that much — not all, but much — of the media’s non-stop coverage of disease is purposeful fear porn, designed to render human thought more malleable and inclined to seek out a doctor’s opinion and from there a pharmaceutical prescription!]

    “The less that is said of physical structure and laws, and the more that is thought and said about moral and spiritual law, the higher will be the standard of living and the farther mortals will be removed from imbecility or disease.

    “We should master fear instead of cultivating it. It was the ignorance of our forefathers in the departments of knowledge now broadcast in the earth, that made them hardier than our trained physiologists, more honest than our sleek politicians.”

    To that the author could’ve added “and control-freak technocrats and corrupt corporate cronies,” huh? 🙂

    I could quote more, but I’ll stop there. The next paragraphs describe how a doctor’s verdict induces more fear in the patient, etc. Good stuff. Strong medicine. The cure, at least for me, is to tap into the “medicine” of divine, immortal Mind and to stop wallowing about in the fears and so-called cures dreamed up by the human, or mortal, mind.

    All this is to say: “You’re on it, Jon. As always.”

  16. BDBinc says:

    Yip.Which is exactly why NY had such a high number of people taking the positively stupid test. I’m sorry to say it but there is a high population of stressed out neurotics in NY prone to suggestion under their hypnotic trance of fear. Its the same way a placebo works( power of the mind)and so can the mind create symptoms in the body.
    Woman with “Hysteria” was a good example of this . And we are all connected… so all the more reason to be mindful so as not to fall prey to the collective insanity . With no existence in reality covid is the world’s first virtual virus, a fake disease infecting those that believe( through their mind).

  17. Pam says:

    Thank you for writing this! Good friends of mine, family of three – all morbidly obese, diabetic, heart issues. Their weight causes shortness of breath anyway and this time of year is always hard on them because of allergies. But they think it’s worse this year, people around them tested positive, now they have and they’re convinced they’re at death’s door. They can’t breath they’re so scared. And they’re easily offended if anyone questions their reality. If they die it will be because they made it so.

  18. From Elsewhere says:

    Cancel masks, cancel tests, cancel Fauci.

  19. John Malatesta says:

    Ah..yes the classic 1938 War of the Worlds remake by Orson Welles. Only this time people have covid…????

  20. Eluard says:

    JC&JR Follower– I agree with you about the Christian Science quotes. Jane Roberts’ “channeled entity” Seth, in Nature of Personal Reality, talks much about this and how we are often Hypnotized into developing these illnesses by unwitting/witting doctors and news companies.

    Something else: I understand why they release certain information–like the CDC and 94% co-morbidities and NY Times PCR test article–then they’ll deny that’s what they meant, change it, mix it up.

    It creates more static and confusion–
    Just another part of the psy-op.

  21. Larry C says:

    Tucker Carlson: “It’s a scam.”

  22. Roxanne says:

    For months I’ve been asking “how many people died from the voodoo?”

  23. Steven Fecser says:

    “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

    * Emerson

    I wonder how many mask wearing, handwashing social distancing zombies can think of anything beyond the virus illusion?

    And yes! Jon is absolutely correct. You CAN think yourself sick.

    God help them…..

  24. kevin king says:

    All so true. A while back now I went through a phase where I convinced myself I was dying of pancreatic cancer! A guy at the time told me it was almost certainly psychologically induced. I didn’t believe him of course. And then I lived. The mind is extraordinarily powerful. However when this ‘virus’ turned up I was entirely immune. I’d been reading Rappoport for years so I recognised the scam straight off the bat.

  25. Patricia says:

    Psycho Cybernetics, published in 1960, by Maxwell Maltz as a book I gave to my ex-mother-in-law. Her fave expression was, “He’s a helpless alcoholic.” Whereas I am more from the outlook that you can do anything you are inspired to do.

    This is one of Antonio Martina’s takes on Maltz’ work:

    – Think intensively about the problem. Gather all the information you need, consider possible deviations and, last but certainly not least, have a burning desire to solve it;
    – After having defined the problem and what the finish line looks like, drop any thought related to it for a couple of days or even more;
    – More often than not, after coming back to the problem, you’ll find out that the solution presented itself in some way.

    Pscho Cybernetics was a helpful book at the time. Though I much prefer Jon’s logic and writing. It is true that a lot of what we suffer is in our minds. Thanks for another excellent article, Jon.

    • Deuce says:

      If you haven’t seen the magnificent film The Minds of Men, go watch it immediately. It discusses that book as well as the whole rise and fall off the idea of humans as cybernetic organisms that can be programmed by feedback loops. This movement brought about a host of atrocities including psychoshock therapy. The entire movie could be a documentary of the whole COVID hysteria. Despite being made two years prior.

  26. Marie says:

    Everybody hates me because I said the CDC said they achieved under 10,000 croney deaths instead of millions.

  27. Benjamin Martin says:

    Marvellous piece, and absolutely, fundamentally, true.

  28. David McBain says:

    Ha ha, I’ve been thinking of George Carlin a lot recently.

  29. Clare Swinney says:

    Thank-you, Jon. Although I laughed at your article when I read it, this is a deadly serious issue. Your article reminded me of a friend whom I will refer to as Jane, (not real name). Jane, who is in her sixties, recently posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed, wearing a mask, on her Facebook page. I strongly believe she ended up in a healthcare facility because she made herself sick with worry owing to her fixation on the illusory “virus”.
    I have known her for over a decade and she seemed perfectly rational and very intelligent, that is until the “covid-19 virus” came onto New Zealand (NZ) TV screens.
    In NZ, the mainstream media is working at the behest of the government and churning out propaganda daily. Only a few crumbs of truth fall out every so often – but there are not enough to jolt people into awareness.
    Although Jane was presented with evidence regularly from a kaleidoscope of sources which contradicted the official narrative, I watched with sadness and incredulity as she persisted in expressing her fear of “the virus”. Interestingly, her fear generalized to another bug. She posted a statement on her Facebook page, by her, addressed to the Prime Minister, asking that the boarders be closed because she became concerned about the bubonic plague also, which the media had reported was in China a few weeks ago.
    I believe that she has been traumatized by the propaganda in the media, the selling of the “virus” as being deadly to the elderly and that the media has become a terrorist organization.

  30. Fenwick says:

    This incredible video of a Spanish doctor/nun from 10 years ago talking calmly and rationally about the H1N1 “pandemic” will astound you if you take the time to watch and read the captioning (if you don’t speak Spanish):

    Some jaw-dropping key points:

    -Baxter released a potentially deadly “tainted” vaccine that could have killed tens of thousands of people had it not been tested by a Czech technician

    -The WHO changed their definition of a “pandemic” by dropping consideration of mortality rates

    -The WHO changed member nation requirements making its “recommendations” into “directives” in the case of “pandemics”

    I am eager to read reactions of any of you who have the time to watch. Thank you!

  31. stephen langley says:

    My dear Mr. Rappaport, THANK YOU ! Despite my own intuitive sussing a hoax from day one of this massive psyop, I occasionally imagine-fear ‘getting it’…despite my robust health and awareness that any pathogen needs toxic terrain to proliferate. More and more I am self-discovering the power of will as paramount… literally. Only when my will is ‘infected’ by others’ fear and/or too much personal isolation, etc., do I experience the “what if” moments and fleeting imagined symptoms you accurately illustrated ! This whole fucking hoax is a psyops par excellence.

  32. ak in vt says:

    Let’s add to your list, Jon: mycotoxins. Symptoms are very similar to fake “covid.”

    My recent and continuing experience:

    Slowly, a smell arose from my old home’s basement over the weeks. As it progressed I became very sensitive to odors. I began to have trouble speaking for long periods of time, too as I felt I could not catch my breath. Next, it took short conversations and I was losing my breath. I started to get a little hotter than normal. What followed next was an uncontrollable urge to avoid the room that had the strongest smell. Sleep was difficult.

    Finally, I pinpointed the location and set up fans. On my worst day (two days ago), I got up in the middle of the night twice and had to pee a lot without having drunk much: this condition usually occurs when I am having a bad “cold.”

    Fan is running on exhaust at a window close to the worst smells — over 50 hours, now. Bulkhead door is open and fan blowing out bad air from the basement. Humidity is much lower today. I am feeling better.

    Next step is to get an ozone unit to try and destroy the pathogens — mycotoxins — in a damp basement. Dehumidifier doesn’t do the job well enough.

    Apparently, mold issues contribute to many more deaths every year than fake “covid” ever could. Let’s not forget this, and be more vigilant with dampness in our homes.

    I will update and let everyone know how the ozone “attack” works.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    AK in VT

  33. fluidity says:

    Voodoo. Nocebo. Hysteria. Psychosomatic illness.
    The mind is a terrible thing to manipulate.
    Nevertheless, colds and flu “season” is coming (though with fewer vectors if kids aren’t in school), and allergy season is already here. It is notable that the my local TV weather reports have omitted pollen counts this year. We wouldn’t want people to know that the itchy and scratchy coughing and sneezing may be nothing more than allergies.
    Species 8472. Resistance is not futile.

  34. Deuce says:

    Great post but I don’t think you’re giving psychological COVID enough credit. It seems to have cured cancer, TB, leukemia, murder, suicide, smoking and car accidents all in one fail swoop. There is only COVID now. At least in the minds of the masses. Like a reverse placebo effect we’re no longer scared of the other stuff and the figures have dropmped off a cliff.

    Cochrane institute regularly finds that there were maybe 500-1000 flu deaths every season as they report 35-65k deaths. This year they stopped scaring you with fake flu deaths and even their fake numbers went down by half. This is why Jon is so insightful. Nobody wants to believe their illness is really just some psychological placebo effect from watching too much TV. But the numbers clearly say it is. And TPTB will feed you that illusion as much as it takes to make it that way. Take off your blinders and you’ll see it as plain as the nose on your face.

    • ak in vt says:

      Hey Deuce

      Very salient points. I have been telling people for months to watch the cry for funding for research for all these other ailments go unnoticed. After all with fake “covid” taking out people who used to die of these other conditions, there is no need to fund cancer, heart, blood pressure, mental health, automobile safety, etc… research. No need for bike ride or jogging/running fund-raisers for finding cures, no more Jerry’s kids, MS research. Wow! Only one disease left to focus upon! What progress! and in so short a time.

      Thanks again for your insight, Deuce: you are spot on.


      AK in VT

  35. Bill says:

    100% agree. But you forgot the part where they get on an internet medical site and decide that they must also have lung cancer, athletes foot and Ebola.

  36. Tim says:

    Yeah, it’s like black magic.

    The mind is cause. The physical is effect. The external is never cause for anything.
    It’s ALL in the Mind.
    It’s what’s operating within that determines the external.

    When the Spirit of Truth(original operating system) rules the mind,, the ego(false self) is gone, and only that which is True and Real is expressed, experienced, shared, and Known.

    Jesus said; ” Physician heal thyself!”
    That means quit believing, projecting, and propagating false ideas, “heal your own mind, you’re not qualified to practice true healing… you’re nuts actually”…

    Christian Science and others get it…but those with a conflict of interest not so much…

  37. Jorge says:

    El supuesto virus, la supuesta pandemia es tal cual como ese choque biológico que sostiene la primer ley biológica de la NMG. Nueva Medicina Germánica del Dr Hammer.

    • ak in vt says:

      Gracias Jorge

      Quizas, el tiempo proximo tu escribiriste in ingles para los otros pueden leer.

      Con permiso, mi espanol no es el mejor.

      AK in VT

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