Graphene meets RNA technology, for cancer vaccines

Double trouble

by Jon Rappoport

July 13, 2021

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As soon as Operation Warp Speed was announced, I made it clear that one of the prime goals was: winning approval for experimental RNA technology.

RNA tech had never gotten a green light prior to the COVID vaccine. Why? Because it was highly dangerous. Generally speaking, massive inflammatory response was the issue: the body attacks itself.

But RNA tech allows new vaccines to be developed faster, easier, and cheaper. Therefore, researchers could claim to discover new viruses at the drop of a hat (without authentic proof), and pharma companies could develop new vaccines (aka genetic RNA treatments) overnight.

It became Bill Gates’ and Tony Fauci’s mission to drag an RNA COVID vaccine across the finish line to emergency-use approval, come hell or high water. They were determined to crack open the marketplace for a flood of RNA medical products.

In yesterday’s, article, I highlighted the arrival of a “miracle” substance, graphene, trumpeted as the core of a whole new frontier in medicine.

For example, Merck is using it to research the creation of IMPOSED nerve responses in the body, in order to knock out a whole host of “disease conditions.”

Of course, the acknowledged toxicity of graphene nanoparticles is underplayed; in particular, their tendency to cause lung infections.

And now graphene and RNA tech meet, in new research into cancer vaccines. As they say, what could possible go wrong?

The reference is “In Situ Transforming RNA Nanovaccines from Polyethylenimine Functionalized Graphene Oxide Hydrogel for Durable Cancer Immunotherapy,” 2/17/21, ACS Publications.

Here is an excerpt from the optimistic abstract: “Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine is a promising candidate in cancer immunotherapy…Here, we report an injectable hydrogel formed with graphene oxide (GO) and polyethylenimine (PEI). The released nanovaccines can protect the mRNA from degradation and confer targeted delivering capacity to lymph nodes…”

The scramble is now underway to deploy both RNA genetic tech and graphene in all sorts of medical “innovations.”

You don’t get just one danger; you get two.

And here is a third wrinkle. According to conventional vaccine theory, the injected RNA would cause cells of the body to produce a protein unique to cancer tumors. The immune system would attack this protein and, up the road, be prepared to destroy cancer before it could gain a foothold.

It’s possible that researchers from the old failed US viral cancer project of the 1960s and 70s could now rewrite history, get in line, and say, “We never failed. Robert Gallo DID discover two cancer viruses, which also have unique proteins. Let’s develop an RNA-graphene injection that empowers the immune system to attack these viruses…”

I mention this because those failed cancer researchers went on to claim a new virus called HIV caused a condition called AIDS. And like COVID, the “causative virus” was never isolated, never proved to exist.

HIV and SARS-CoV-2 are both phantom fantasies. And in both cases, the drug/vaccine treatments are massively destructive.

The medical cartel at work.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

50 comments on “Graphene meets RNA technology, for cancer vaccines

  1. Paul says:

    “As they say, what could possible go wrong?”

    “The medical cartel at work.”

    Back about 2 decades ago, I heard that the Gates Foundation was working on a vaccine that could be introduced into rice.

    The whole 3rd World could be vaccinated, without knowing…

    Tightrope (SRV & DT)

    • Opie Poik says:

      Seems plausible that could be done everywhere, especially for “vax-hesitant”. And how about using the geoengineering apparatus to crop-dust us with graphene oxide? And any GMO stuff they may wish to try out? We do know there’s no line they won’t cross.

      • Natalie says:

        They’ve been spraying stuff with the vaccine ingredients such as aluminum for years now… And, of course, fluoride in the water and aggro chemicals and who knows what else. The controversy around vaccines is meant to distract from that. At least it’s still possible to avoid the jabs… it’s impossible if, say, you work in a public setting and they add something to the “central air”.

  2. Dr. _w.! says:

    “The more things ‘change,’ the more things remain the same.” Here’s is a quick note, next it’s away to hardware stores and then lots of work, work, work. Now, the Gates’ of Hades have again unleashed their hounds such as Li’l Fraudchee and ‘ScarfLady’-B to accomplish the goals chiseled onto rocks and erected somewhere in Georgia, US. They hope. This time through however, the laws of unintended consequences are at play. That which ‘Goes around comes back around.'”

  3. Lynne says:

    Thanks, Jon. Excellent research. It’s best to avoid the established medical system completely. Sadly, everything has been corrupted. Government, schools, hospitals, churches, media, entertainment. Nothing can be trusted.

  4. Ernesto Che says:

    Regarding the absence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or never having been proven, here is an interesting interview of Dr. Reiner Fuellmilch, the German lawyer who is preparing a lawsuit in the U.S. against the criminals who organized the Covid scamdemic, and Dr. David Martin, the patent expert.

    It is 1hr 20 mins. but well worth it.

  5. Apolline says:

    Hello ! Toxicity of graphene (very long article) :

    And Spanish team comments about mysterious patent :

    In France, health care people must be now vaxxed and mandatory vax coming.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      I am about to put “Orwell City” into my first-line book-marks!

      These folks are astonishing and VERY informative!

      Seems our own “research groups” in the USA could learn a thing or two from them.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Another good graphene industry publication is Here’s a little article that may make me change my mind on those magnetic vax stories where people photo themselves with metal objects stuck to their arm where the vax went in. I didn’t assign the story too much cred but now it appears there might be something to it. The following is technical and I’m not an expert but it’s impressive to me with just my general interest-in-science background.

        • Rick in Phoenix says:

          Another graphene industry company is pushing free graphene to covid researchers!?


          Free graphene to Covid-19 researchers

          To all those performing research on treatment and diagnosis of Covid-19, Graphenea is offering free graphene. With this decision, Graphenea joins the international effort to fight the virus that is wreaking havoc worldwide. Research institutions and startups, feel free to contact us!

          Rick asks… so what the heck would they expect covid19 researches want with free graphene? wow… and Graphanea based in Cambridge Mass. says the “VIRUS” is “wreaking havoc”… well… as we know here in this form… no– it is not. THERE IS NO pandemic, no virus. But Graphanea is pushing free graphene to covid researchers… so there IS a GRAPHENE OXIDE EPIDEMIC… I would say.

          Smoking gun? Pretty damn close I would say… Of course, If I made the effort to politely and professionally email them asking what covid 19 researchers would do with graphene, I would expect no real answer as I have not received responses from any queries of any orgs I’ve emailed on various covid issues. It’s a silent biological warfare attack with lockstep coordination… and lockstep silence.

          • Rick in Phoenix says:

            Rick says- I wrote above: “But Graphanea is pushing free graphene to covid researchers… Rick asks… so what the heck would they expect covid19 researches want with free graphene?” Well, I found my answer just now… so hopefully Jon approves this update. It’s wild. I found the answer in an article by L. SuprIva [Super-Eve?]at

            How can nanomaterials help in the fight against COVID-19?

            By Lakshmi Supriya, PhD.Jun 3

            Graphene-based field-effect transistors have been used to analyze COVID-19 viral loads in samples….Studies have shown highly sensitive and fast detection of (SARS-CoV-2) without any sample pretreatment…. Graphene oxide has also been used as an antiviral agent….used in face masks to inactivate viruses and allow mask reuse. [!!!???] [They’re promoting the POISON as a CURE!!-Rick]

            Another useful carbon nanomaterial is carbon nanotubes. They have several useful properties like high surface area, good biocompatibility, and easy chemical functionalization. They have been tested in virus detection, virus inactivation, use in face masks, [!!!???] … However, these materials can interact with DNA in animals [!!!], so their use in vivo is still questionable.


  6. george says:

    France mandatory vax, UK proposing internet access only with ID, Australia declares that New World Order has started, locks everybody after 1 (One) dead…In US democrats propose fact check of private SMS messages… in UK library hires man dressed in a rainbow-colored bare-bottomed monkey costume with a fake penis to perform in front of children…

    Only people who experienced communism understand the danger. Hungary bans homosexual propaganda (that is most of holly wood productions), Poland refuses muslim immigrants, Cuba has anti ‘Democrats’ protests..

    • Natalie says:

      Unfortunately, even conservative countries like Russia impose vaccines which means they’re all controlled. Besides, all of them are in the UN and vaccines and universal healthcare is one of their official goals (look up who did the universal healthcare and what it led to).

      With that said, I have a pet theory that a lot of their real goals are the opposite of what they claim, i.e. they want to destroy the homosexuals – eventually, after they’ve been used to destroy traditional societies. After all, all totalitarian governments hate the “queer” but they know that nowadays there’s a strong support for them because of the “oppression” (real or not). So instead, they’ll push them into everyone’s faces, use the current tolerance to identify them and when the time comes, the straight “allies” will be so disgusted with them they won’t defend them when they actually do come to them. Sounds convoluted, I know, but they’re not above using the reverse psychology (see drugs, for example) and anti-government people fall for it every time although they should know better for now.

      • Lyn P says:

        Similarly, David Icke argues that the trans-gender population is not truly valued for genuine “woke” or other purposes, but as a transitional group ‘tool” being used by the cabal for the promotion of an ultimately gender-less, robotic type “human.” Transgenders will be discarded after the purpose is served.

      • Gestremde says:

        “…i.e. they want to destroy the homosexuals…”

        Nah, I can’t but that.

        You’re talking about “freemasonry” which is pretty entirely faggotry.

        Think about all the societal shit for endocrine dysfunction (which does cause that “metrosexual” problem).

        Shit like fluorine, chlorine, lack of iodine, lack of sunlight, sunscreen, glyphosate, soy, etc. Prevalent and excessive, everywhere.

        Afaik, endocrine disruption is the leading cause of faggotry (and I’d generally argue, diseases too). It affects entire systemic functions.

      • Sm says:


        I agree that the transgender stuff will end and is being used. I don’t believe that the former iron curtain countries are being subjected to the same toxcines. A year ago the head of the Russian covid-19 committee told a young female reporter who was all masked up and swallowing the lie, that it was all Bull shit. That’s on tape.

        Back in 1962, Israeli PM David Ben-gurion predicted exactly was happening now in “look magazine”. He was just off on his 1987 date of the fall of the west.

        Look up Ben-gurion, look magazine, 1962.

    • Eluard says:

      But other than that…everything’s fine.

      Mama told me there would be days like these.

      Nobody told me there’d “be days like these.”

      Strange days. Indeed.

      As we run from the day…to a strange night of stone.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      * * Only people who experienced communism understand the danger. * *

      That’s NOT true!

      There are a LOT of us brought up in “the old ways” who understand all too well where this world has been going.

      It’s all in how you were raised, and IF you are able to break free of the “group-think” to see things from the “outside”.

      • Gestremde says:

        You could argue most people in “modern” society HAVE experienced communism, though. Just a sort of glamourous communism, like 1984 and BNW combined.

        And certainly, if they did not notice before last year…well, pretty obvious these days.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      1984 has come.

  7. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Jon, I’m not sure but didn’t you write earlier that we’re a long way from designing proteins– that making a specific mRNA is also a phantom technology? This morning, it seems to me that conflating mRNA and graphene oxide is not my favorite way to look right now– that nano-graphene-oxide nGrOx is (chuckle)… the ONE thing that is covid. Everything else is a distraction. I chuckle because you’ve warned about treating a disease as caused by any ONE thing and here I am doing it again. It’s just such a damned pleasing explanation right now– but then I’ve been up since 3 am unable to sleep because I think we’re on it now… with nGrOx.

    Rather than think of the double whammy as a possibly non-existent designer protein, I’m adding 5G to nGrOx turning the human into a controllable transceiver. Infusion of nGrOx into the vagus (not pronounced as in “Las Vegas”, but vag- like bag- us)… the vagus nerve… and we have roboticized humans… zombies. No magical RNA designer proteins required! I’m open to completely changing my mind by tomorrow morning of course but I’m going to nurture my position at least for today. Masks and tests are all phony excuses to get more nGrOx into our systems. The new delta variant and further mutations are excuses for more “vaxes” and thus even more nGrOx into our bodies. It all makes perfect sense from an evil genius point of view.

    Quickly recapping, yesterday I showed how H2 (dihydride) in “hydrogen water” can neutralize graphene oxide and thus the entire worldwide covid charade. The cost is h2 is a bit high so NAC (N acetyl cystine) or astaxanthin at the health food store can deliver high antioxidation that cancels that tricky little nGrOx molecule out. Short of the health food store, fresh veggies and fruits have H2 and some have more than others– a few commenters here posted the high H2 content foods yesterday and the day before. I would also call for worldwide shutdown of 5G, and hardwire all internet connections. Short of that microwave insulating clothing and lead-based paint on the walls of your house might help.

    • Eluard says:

      Or you can just wall yourself completely in, totally seal up your living space, lead paint, duct tape, hammer, nails, shoot hand me those bandaids. Ah…that’s much better. Internet working? Good.

      Bags of rice, bottles of water. Cans of beans and corn. Frozen meat. Vitamins and minerals all lined up like soldiors on the windowsill. Survival, survival.

      The phone rings.

      It’s Ionesco. He wants you for a new play. You tell him you’re writing your own. Dial tone.

    • eceres says:

      hi Rick, nac multiple use, antioxidant, also anti-inflammatory, may also slightly curb depression. I wonder, on one hand more people need to be serious, on another, those who are, get stymied because of depressive thoughts, and so don’t make effort like they could about situations going on, where if less depressive would try more, and be slightly positive instead of stymied by negatives of media and other things.

      Eluard, your post is sort of two ways I think, agree with idea of making own life directions, though also would say important to be out, connect energy understanding with others, otherwise a bunch of cartels are gangs, while people are alone, or only with little famlee. It’s not real life. Not big fake groups either, but individuals and tiny groups, sharing ideas is. On sense of privacy myself use foil in hat, Is better than nothing, for now, for meantime.

      It’s not how to live, have to stop things, nothing will stop unless the gear and aparatus are stopped. No privacy no freedom. But for now I use some foil. I think they can read some peoples minds or maybe ten percent of people some of the time, or maybe through phones, whatever, point is people don’t think how psychos savaged the world, false wars. Now they want us to eat bowls of graphene. They are definitely sneaky snakes. Ever think s looks like a snake, I do. s s snakes.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        NAC works best with amino acid supplement L-glycine… and apparently we have some up to date nGrOx antidotes from translating LaPuentaColumna… zinc. I like zinc lozenges.

        It has become interesting to me today that we can cancel the world-wide-reset-covid-con with some nutrition supplements.. along with “just say no to the vax”. The massive effort has an Achilles Heel after all… which is great… because I have the feeling we’ve solved this Rubik’s Cube of a Con… and all we have to do is spread it now. Psychopathic megalomaniac wanna be world leaders are actually pretty stupid… now all we have to do is expose them and– my favorite part– ridicule and make fools out of them. That’s a punishment worse than anything else.

        Here’s my fave article today… covering the details on their stupid assine world-control attempt. There’s still work to do but basically we’ve exposed them.

        • Rick in Phoenix says:

          Question for Jon: “Do you think it is a coincidence that Wuhan —where the pangolin and bat soup came from as distraction elements— is the first city in the world with the 5G technology trial at the end of November 2019 and that all previous flu vaccination probably with graphene oxide started from there? ”


        • eceres says:

          Rick, hadn’t thought to consider glycine with nac, appreciated. Of other note, fda edging to take away nac, which they tried taking away vitamins in the 90’s, were stopped only because some of us back then made effort, which if we hadn’t the last twenty years people would have had to get a ‘prescription’ for vitamins. That’s a fact. But that was long ago, now there are more people, and who are ignorant, therefore more people have to try to make effort. Though, on one hand have to oppose incursions such as that, I think is a diversion to make people focus on one thing, when situations are coming at us from every direction, people need to focus on many things now. So-called scientists claiming ‘bananna plague so have to make gmo’ but my opinion they want to take out b6. Same way now you see labels of ‘sweeter’ pinapple when it was already sweet, increased sugar overrides any benefit. Monopoly corporations do what they want, dole mostly the only pinapple now.

          Every person should have been a farmer, should not have allowed anyone to build apartments without yard to grow food. People say property freedom but if you populate a territory and each person doesn’t grow food, it’s going to be a problem. Land that grows food is limited, can’t grow food just anywhere, not enough to feed mass people.

          Anyway agree on zinc, use here and there, though not too much because though it’s not very magnetic it can be slightly reactive, and people consumed a lot of metal, think of iron. Now this graphene is nano, and looking at articles and comments last few days, get the sense it’s not new but been put in things already. Yikes. Seems they’ve been breaking us down for pharma profit by disease. Thanks for notes, now people can go back and read your posts again, will think about five g more, and that’s a good link article, read it, beside info is example of mentally tying things together.

          • Rick in Phoenix says:

            Interesting remark about apartments… quote “should not have allowed anyone to build apartments without yard to grow food”…

            Maybe there’s something to that. Cities should have been “corridors” with “canals” and “soil-patches” for settlement of each family… in old Quebec, they had seignurial system that did just that… illustration map…


            There has always been plenty of land and water for a seignurial system and there still is- as in “flyover country”… so the entire idea of a city with vertical cubbyholes serviced with wifi, pipes and elevators might indeed have been inspired by insectoid humanoids from the beginning. Cities are thus human-traps: Proof lies in the last year’s shutdowns and home-incarceration connected only by zoom. Power can be shut down anytime they want, including water delivery and sewage. Only two natural gas lines serve Phoenix and had to be shut-down a few years ago “temporarily” (a test?). Only 3 or 4 power “grids” exist to serve the entire U.S. (as I learned in y2K).

            We’re currently only alive by the temporary good graces of the NWO… we’ve been living in a trap the whole time and have not known it.

    • Sm says:

      Speaking of zombies, the CDC has a plan on their zombie response page. […]

      • Saeger says:

        Why is a supposed goverment dept. pushing a meme in conjunction with, what is it exactly, it’s not even specific. There’s no such thing as zombies, not by anything natural, so why propaganda mixing wierd angle and also religion using the word apocolypse. Also, why push ‘prepare’, instead of a message such as psychos and bioweapons should be stopped. Something that matters, instead of weird whatever that is. People should see page you noted, and search tavistock and bernays, propaganda. Propaganda isn’t benign, it’s concocted to steer people.

    • Julir says:

      The FDA is trying to put controls on NAC supplements according to this article.

  8. Carl says:

    Or maybe ‘their’ intention with the injection was much more nefarious and sinister then even you’ve previously described or can imagine…

  9. Dave C says:

    Mandatory voluntary mass suicide .

  10. Sm says:

    Thanks Jon. Their agenda is NOT clouded.

  11. Gestremde says:

    Hi, I want to mention something kinda overlooked currently…

    I’ve noticed some sick birds recently (I observe them a lot), one of them died a few months ago. So, I nursed a pigeon recently. It went flying somewhere one day, came back sick within a day and was retarded and half-blind, had discharges from its nostrils and whatnot…

    It’s “okay” (not really, since it is kinda blind now and has neurological problems) after I nursed it… […]


    And worsened in the USA, I’m sure it’s not only USA and SA, just not been noticed/mentioned because of all the bullshit, distractions.

    “The swans were looking lethargic and not wanting food, and doing a lot of coughing—it’s similar to the symptoms of COVID,”

    And they were also spinning in circles, with discharges from eyes/nostrils…

    That shit is happening in residential areas. About the same timeframe for some EMF stuff, also in very disparate parts of the world…same shit. It’s not a mystery illness.

    I also think there might be elevated levels of “discreet” toxins, toxins that are sort of hidden or rarely considered. One such candidate is of course chlorine, as it is so ubiquitous in society and even “glamourized”…it’d be very difficult to track too, due to volatility, interactions.

    I’m just saying, that shit is environmental. It is a clear attack. Be aware.

    • CK says:

      It could be EMF. Arthur Firstenberg blames COVID-19 on 5G and also the SpaceX Starlink satellites. He mentions the negative effects on birds in one of his newsletters:

      • Sm says:

        You ever wonder why we never returned to the moon???

        As a young teenager, I skipped church one Sunday evening not long after the moon la sing and walked past the closed shops near the church. I passed the head shop and in the window was a poster of the lunar surface with a close up of an astronaut’s foot about to step on a fresh pile of shit. I laughed and thought it to be a joke. Oh how little I Knew!!!

      • Sm says:

        The complete deployment of starlink satellites is expected in Sept 2021. The second wave … be aware!!!

      • O2M0D1U5 says:

        I’m only recently reading into the connections between COVID/the vax, graphene, mRNA and what the hell it is making everyone sick and weak. A few hours ago I stumbled on tritiated water. Radioactive water indistinguishable from safe water. Replaces the H in H2O with a T. Tritium instead of hydrogen. Discovered one of the main vendors for tritium, BioTek is Chinese owned yet has it’s HQ in California. Hmmm….

  12. Haniel Adhar says:

    The only “virus” that has been proven to cause cancer is SV40, it would seem…

    And I don’t think it is a virus, per se. I mean, they change what constitutes a virus every 15 minutes now so…

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The medical cartel at work.”

    We are SO very lucky in this World to have so many wonderful medical professionals who spend every waking moment of their lives thinking of ways to keep us healthy and make our lives better. We are truly entering into the promised Time of Paradise.

    They are truly saints among us who are leading us into a healthy and happy future of boundless potential and radiant joy and free from disease or wants of any kind.

    I’m saying (OOWW!) these things freely and (OUCH!) without coercion (AAGGHH!) because we should (AAHH!…DAMN!) all recognize what a fine job these… (AAHHHHGGGGGKKK!!)

  14. Sm says:

    “Double Trouble “.


  15. Dr. E. Black says:

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

    Let’s SUE THEM!

  16. Dr. E. Black says:

    This is the new Strain called N5

  17. Gestremde says:

    Oh look…graphene oxide milk…

    Developing lactose-free milk with graphene oxide based nano filtration membranes

  18. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Now we see news that the Surgeon General is concerned about “health misinformation”– in effect– the truth about these insane graphene oxide injections falsely called covid vaccinations… He’s doing the media circuit with his stupid little blue book denegrating the unvaxxed.

    I skimmed Vivek Murthy’s report and it doesn’t say anything of substance until Page. 16 where he says.. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, health misinformation has sowed confusion, reduced trust in public and hindered efforts to get Americans vaccinated.” Up to that page 16, I can read his report as an indictment AGAINST the vax propaganda, actually. But then on Page 16 is the reveal.. where he points to WHICH information he’s referring to as MISinformation… it’s that information which HINDERS efforts to vax Americans. The fact that he issued this report and says ” As efforts to reach people who are unvaccinated stall,”… indicates that we in the alt-news community are SUCCEEDING in stopping thier biowar attack with graphene oxide injections. Yay! Now is the time to ridicule this insane Surgeon General… and triple our efforts to expose the so-called vaccination as a trick that’s killing and maiming people by the tens of thousands. Here we see Surgeon General Murthy star in a new movie “The Nutty Surgeon General”…

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