As I warned: RNA gold rush; new genetic products in the pipeline

by Jon Rappoport

May 24, 2021

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Before I get to the financial bonanza, I have to make a few comments about the COVID RNA vaccine itself.

This shot-in-the-arm gene treatment should be seen AS AN EXTENSION of genetic research into altering humans.

Because that’s what it is.

The field of gene research includes “creating better humans” and eugenics.

Eugenics involves what American Rockefeller and Nazi researchers were setting up: depopulation; population control; selecting out “superior genetic strains” for survival.

William Engdahl and Dr. Peter Breggin have done excellent historical analysis of the eugenics movement. [1] [1a] [1b] [2] [2a]

Another point: In recent articles, I’ve pointed out that ALL genetic research—beyond its motives—is also fraught with unintended ripple-effect consequences. Never believe that the targets and the consequences can be contained. [3] [4]

For example, the notion that the COVID shot will do nothing more than force cells of the body to produce one protein is absurd. It’s on the level of saying, “During rush hour, on the most crowded high-speed highway in the world, we can engineer a two-car crash that will only result in two minor fender-benders…” [4]

Both short and long-term effects of the COVID shot are unknown and unpredictable.

The perpetrators of the COVID RNA shot are criminally insane.

And with that…on to the MONEY.

Bring on the angels and trumpets. Bring on the cash.

A year ago I told you COVID vaccine-testing was rocketing ahead, because Bill Gates, the Rockefeller institute, NIH, the manufacturers, and Fauci saw the light at the end of the tunnel— [5]

The fake pandemic was their golden opportunity to win approval for the first RNA pharma product in history, and once that victory was achieved—


They would hype new genetic treatments across the board—on the back of the fact that there is not a single genetic cure for any disease. But who cares about facts?

Now, as massive numbers of injuries and deaths from the COVID RNA vaccine pile up, Stephen Ubl, president and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), gushes: “…We’re really entering the golden era of medicine.” He goes on to sell blue-sky “RNA platforms” for reversing child blindness and MS. [7] [7a]

Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, bloviates about coming genetic cures for flu and cancer. [7b] “mRNA tech used in COVID vaccines could be used to cure HIV, cancer, and other diseases.” [8]

Nature/Biotechnology (“Messengers of hope,” 29 December 2020; 39, page 1 (2021)): “Emergency Use Authorizations for two mRNA COVID-19 vaccines represent a turning point in the pandemic. They also herald a new era for vaccinology.” [9]

Think of these hustlers as cartoon characters dancing on a sea of real blood and death created by the RNA COVID vaccines.

In case you’ve forgotten, Moderna, whose COVID shot is now firmly entrenched, had never brought a single product to market in its brief history, but with Fauci’s guidance, managed to snatch $500 million in US government funding to develop the vaccine. Moderna was committed to RNA technology; that was its ticket to fame and fortune. [10]

The landscape of fake promotion about genetic cures is basically a cover for extreme damage created by corporations and governments.

“Confidentially, the truth is, what we’re calling autism isn’t a disorder or a disease. It’s neurological INJURY caused by vaccines and other environmental toxins. But we SAY autism is genetic. We can keep raising money for research—if you want to call it that—and hide what’s really going on.”

Some of these researchers are true believers in the Gene Cult. They actually think the day will come when a person can strip naked and bathe in a pool of poisonous effluent pouring out of a factory pipe—and because that person has received a genetic treatment (like the RNA COVID vaxx), no harm will come to him.

Look for this to happen soon: it’ll be a child, a child with “a rare disorder.” Perhaps blindness. And now: the child can see. Breakthrough. Genetic treatment. Of course, the details of the published study will be somewhat murky. You know, “proprietary technology.”

And quite possibly, only four children in the world have this rare disorder. That means the genetic treatment is 25% effective—an unbelievable marvel.

“Was it RNA, Doctor? Is that what you injected?”

“Well, Lesley, I can’t take you and the 60 Minutes crew into the lab. It’s a high security facility. But yes, for your audience, I can reveal that we deployed the most up to date CRISPR gene-editing technology, and it worked exactly as we hoped it would…”

“Is the cure permanent?”

“Lesley, I remember something my mentor at NIH, Doctor Goldbrick Hogcrusher, told me a long time ago. In this world, we live one day at a time. Who can say what tomorrow brings? We count our blessings, and we move on…”

Behind the propaganda: money and population control.

And unpredictable genetic ripple effects.

Seven billion “experimental subjects.”

















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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

50 comments on “As I warned: RNA gold rush; new genetic products in the pipeline

  1. john-oranje says:

    I am worried about skin shedding from my hands.
    This started after I met with a friend who had recently
    had his second covid jab.
    After he took the first shot I thought I saw faint signs
    of Bell’s Palsy but I didn’t say anything about it.
    He has many other health issues, including narcolepsy, type 2 diabetes and some memory problems.
    All my warnings, about the possible dangers of these new
    vaccines, he ignored.
    As for my skid shedding I can’t prove it was something
    I caught from him but I’ve never had anything like it
    before, other than from sunburn a long time ago.
    We are both 75. I have not taken any vaccine for over
    forty years.

    • Melissa says:

      Wow – 40 years. You are especially vulnerable. Maybe some of the mRNA detox methods will help you:

      I am surrounded by vaxxed coworkers (haven’t had one myself in 13 years) but fortunately can shut my office door (which I do most of the time) to minimize exposure. However, I am sure there are negative elements in the building HVAC and of course I have some face-to-face interactions. I have been experiencing digestive issues and I feel like I am standing close to a microwave when in a closed space with “them”.

      You may already do this, but protect your energy spiritually. Even simple affirmations like “I am not affected by these vaccine shedders” can help. Get out in nature and hug some trees (seriously). It might sound hokey, but stand or sit with your back to a tree (preferably a tall and mighty one) and ask the tree to take all the pain, toxins, whatever you want from you. Trees are master filters. Think of all that they give to humanity.

      Because of my shedding exposure, my acupuncturist recommended this CellCore Biosciences product, which has zeolite and bioactive carbon to help maintain our cells when exposed to all of the shedding.

      I am not a rep or anything from this company, but my husband and I use their products to help keep our bodies in good order, and they seem to work really well. I’m sure there are similar products around. Otherwise, you could also make sure your liver is cleansed, either with foods or supplements.

      To good health,

    • Doug says:

      Please do not buy into the shedding nonsense. It is not shedding but with what is going on today you do need to wary. All illness is related to your electrical balance is the best way to say it.

      We are electric and the right foods keep you in balance. The Sun is a bit pissed off and CMEs are inbound. These can affect some people I am sure.

      I know little of the specifics but I hang around those that understand our electric universe. The Earth and we are very connected lets say.

      Their plan works whether you talk about bad things they do or good things they do as long as you are talking and trading info.

      Step back and live. That they do not want. Do what they do not want seems like a positive thing.

      You don’t see them cutting off Jon here and he surely is one of the most detailed and to the point player of all. Its all a game to the murdering sick fuckers. Its the horror of their Pedo crimes and the fact we are chattel. Get out of the system. Try to really own your home. There are methods to do these things. Honestly I am following up as I only learned how easy it is very recently. I do not like knowing I paid for my house and if I miss a tax payment its gone.

  2. Bill says:

    J-Rap is my favorite read for his precision, word economy, dark humor. My only wish is that he could write about less important subjects, like write about what a great guy Lebron James is for his community and twitter followers… the current subject matters are horrifying.

    • Tim_2A says:


      I truly hope you were being sarcastic (but it’s hard to tell) about Le-James, MOST ESPECIALLY about his being “great.”

      The subjects about which Jon writes are grim, but ignoring them won’t make them ‘get better,’ or just go away, either.

      A recent conversation with a friend (a re-hash of our usual grouping of subjects, for the most part) reminded me that people are tired, mentally, spiritually, and physically, with the massive psycho-pharma-ganda war that we find ourselves in the midst of, and some would rather (in a manner of speaking) ‘return to their pods, and be plugged back in,’ than remain awake, and aware, to fight for themselves, and for their own sanity and freedom.

      I’m not saying that’s your particular view, but today’s reality IS “horrifying,” so its aspects can’t be denied, and shouldn’t be ignored.

      Did you think that Jon was going to make you ‘Kamala’ everything away, and then, cheerfully, you’d travel on? I’m glad he made you more aware than you’d been.

      Sorry, life is rough.

      • Anna says:

        Tim_2A — I sense you miss the satirical point of Bill’s comment, which, if I’m not mistaken, is precisely: 1) how serious the current situation is, 2) how our distracting culture of denial doesn’t want to face truth, and 3) what a stunning journalist and citizen JR is, for naming, articulating, speaking truth to personal power.

  3. Pisces says:

    My CLAIM for what’s really going on regarding mRNA injection hysteria that’s happening all over the world is that it is not really an experiment. They (UN and others) already planned it and already know what’s going to happen to the population they inject their poisons with, and if they knew what they’re doing won’t have any effects they want to see, they wouldn’t waste their energy and money into their “operation” and (de)population control. They make it seem as if they’re just “testing” their new vaccine-mRNA technology to make people think that it’s alright and unavoidable if there are damaging effects on people. They’ll just trick people into believing that the manufacturers are working hard to protect them from the “pandemic”, and people will line up to get injected with “experimental” mRNA injections.

    What’s going on in the world, not just with vaccines, was already planned. There’s nothing experimental about this event… as nothing in politics happens by accident.

    Did you know that the idea of the vaccine passports was already planned at least 20 months prior to the “pandemic”?

    • Lin says:

      Obviously… If viruses don’t exist, and everybody high up in governments know that, the only rational answer is yes, it was planned. Freedom of information acts across the world have been sent out, and every reply from government was the same, they had no isolation.

      The neofeudalism and depopulation agenda has always been a fantasy of the rothschilds, leading family of the zionist satanist sect… They are all in, they already threw the kitchen sink, the gig is up and they got exposed. Too many people already know viruses don’t exist, and the whole world will eventually know. They have no choice but to massively depopulate the world through “vaccines” if they are to survive the massive uprising against zionist puppet governments in every country of the world.

      Buckle up folks, by end 2021, it will start to get dark and ugly. Things will degenerate to levels unseen in centuries around march 2022, very symbolic numbers 3/22 for the satanist. All hell will break loose and people must be prepared for the civil collapse and fighting against government tyranny that ensues afterwards. Cops and military will oppress and kill for a paycheck, make no mistake about it… History shows us ample proof.

      Humanity will win against zionism, but be prepared for when the day comes… Keep up the good work Jon

      • Pisces says:

        Unless the vast majority of people learn who they’re dealing with, who their real enemies are, it’s highly unlikely that they can win the war against constantly increasing tyranny exerted by the ones who are controlling global governmental system because if people don’t know who their enemies are and how they operate, they’ll just fight with the wrong people while the “network” that keeps corruption going, controlled by hidden enemies, remains untouched. Like what happened in some parts of Europe. The citizens have had enough with lockdowns etc. and protested against how they’re treated by their government, and they fought against the police to try to win their “freedom” back. But nothing changed. Fighting the police or military forces is not the solution if the goal is to win the war against humanity that is now getting more apparent than ever. If people want to hit the enemy where it hurts, they have to work together instead of fighting with each other. But they’re too disorganized and compartmentalized into different groups in a way that makes them disempowered and unable to fight back against their enemies at this moment. But that can be changed only if people as a society can learn who’s waging a war against them in order to hit the heart of the operation, so to speak. Another problem is that the masses don’t even know they’re in a war waged against them by sh societies they don’t even know about their existence…

      • DL says:

        Viruses do exist but not as invaders. Check out:
        Read the page of articles (he puts a lot of time in to answering comments/questions following these!), then the 5 newslettters, listened to the interview Alana Fournet does with Jeff—she explains his points very well. You have to take some time to do some reading and learn how viruses are really made in our own bodies by our cells when our poor little bacteria can’t quite do the job of debreding any damage/toxin, etc.  The viruses our cells make have our own DNA/RNA so they are not compatible with others’ DNA and so not contagious.  Viruses are site specific, to wherever the toxin/pollutant/med/drug/vaccine, etc. is causing damage.  Coronaviruses, influenza viruses, etc. in the respiratory areas, hepatitis viruses in the liver, polio viruses in the spinal cord, etc.  Where ever the toxins are too much and need to be rid of.  If the first line of viruses made by the cells isn’t quite enough, another is made, ever so slightly different, called a variant, to continue with cleansing us of the toxin.  Jeff Green explains it soooo well. It is amazing what our God-given bodies are built to do for us!!!   Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Gov’t,  viscou$ cycle of keeping people $ick and in need of med$ and vaccine$

        So people literally now think 1) viruses are flying around in the air 😆 and 2) that this particular coronavirus was released from a lab.  So much propaganda.  It’s fear-based. 
        Viruses are not contagious, the only way a lab virus would escape a lab is via vaccination.  Viruses have no wings.  If viruses were out to kill us, humans would be extinct!  So funny, non-living viruses know how to bypass all of our body’s defense mechanisms?  Really?  Seriously?   C’mon people…start thinking a bit more about this..
          🤔☺️Regardless, the lab hypothesis is a lie to fearmonger through conspiracy that viruses are contagious… 

        Cheers to leaving the Germ THEORY behind! 😊


        • Pisces says:

          It seems that Lin meant the existence of “pathogenic viruses” like “SARS-CoV-2” and other computer generated “coronaviruses” (theories) had never been proven to exist because no isolation has ever been done to prove they really exist.

          DL, your definition of viruses exactly matches what exosomes are, and I completely agree with your explanation of what they are, but they’re not viruses. They are exosomes… The word “virus” comes from Latin that can be translated as a “poisonous liquid”.

          • Jeff Green says:

            Viruses (enzymes) have specific RNA because cells intelligently encode them. They are designed by cells for only one purpose—to dissolve. They do this at the behest of RNA guidance. Exosomes, like many agents in the body, are theoretically just as specific, but their primary role is to transport cellular fluids for life and communicate cellular danger between cells. Exosomes can forego their normal processes and help viral dissolution if there are an insufficient amount of viruses in a particular area, but that is not their primary role, nor are they replicated by cells in large numbers as viruses are.

            Therefore, while viruses and exosomes are similar, they are not the same. However, they both have specific roles in cellular activities, including viral activity. This difference must be noted. Exosomes can not both transport life and dissolve toxins. The fluids in them would be destroyed and their job as transporters of life would be completely compromised.

            The exosome theory is poorly thought out. I have mentioned this before, and have written about it: I spoke with Kaufman last year about his exosome theory over the phone and he could not disagree with the assertions I just wrote about. It is vital for him to deeply rethink this theory. I put little weight into the exosome theory. It is highly misleading people.

            Lastly, viruses are not poisons insofar as them being toxins, however, we may still continue to refer to them as viruses for one primary reason: viruses dilute large amounts of toxins, and viruses themselves are a type of ‘chemical’ constituent of cells; they are enzymatic solvents, no different than solvents for breaking down food or alcohol, etc. Their proper name, and one I always use, is that they are enzymes.

            In the end, viruses and exosomes are separate agents with different roles in the body. Exosomes transport life and communicate dangers between cells, and also help viral activity if needed in a particular area lacking enough viral replication. The job of a virus is only to dissolve matter which it does with the guidance of antibody white blood cells, and other like cells, through RNA communication keys—nothing more.

            Visit my website by clicking on my name.


        • rebellious earthling says:

          DL — That’s it in a nutshell — viruses exist inside our own bodies as part of the immune system, can only exist outside a host body in a petri dish, and can only be transferred via vaccine.

          They aren’t ghosts that float through the air and jump up our noses like fleas.

  4. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Rick says: This entire covid situation could have been avoided if the TECHNOCRACY advocates had not PARTNERED with genetic researchers into altering humans.

    Jon: This shot-in-the-arm gene treatment should be seen AS AN EXTENSION of genetic research into altering humans….

    Rick: I’ve always been interested in genetic research and even altering humans a bit– but not by force– and not worldwide. The mistake made was allowing Technocrats to force genetic research on the entire world all at once.

    Jon: (Dec 2020) ….I’ve written about the absurdity of basic vaccine theory; the unproven notion that the body needs a “rehearsal,” in order to prepare for the “real disease.”…

    Rick: That’s an amazing discovery all by itself that I’ve verified after reading Jon’s posts here. I never thought about vaccines much but this has led me to terrain/microbiome biology displacing germ theory– as far as viruses(exosomes) go.

    Jon (Dec. 2020) Vaccines have been a hoax since the beginning…. commercially speaking, the point of gaining approval of the vaccine was planting the flag of RNA technology in the marketplace… It’s about the dawn of a new pharmaceutical era, which was born the moment the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine was approved.

    Rick: It appears that covid vaccine was approved by multiple institutions all over the world all at the same time… consistent with the “lockstep” theory… and with the Event 201 insanity in late 2019.

    Rick’s search on when the RNA vax was “approved”…(google/yahoo search summaries)

    FDA’s career scientists and physicians in the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research made a determination that the emergency use authorization request met the criteria for issuing an EUA. › pfizer-biontech-covid-19-vaccine

    Apr 09, 2021 · On December 11, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued the first emergency use authorization (EUA) for a vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by…

    May 08, 2021 · Barely nine months after the first confirmed COVID-19 case in the country, the FDA issued the first EUAs for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines in December 2020.


    What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)? An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.


    Oct 02, 2020 · As he did with other “miracle cures,” Trump has publicly pressured the FDA to move quickly on authorizing a vaccine, demanding that it use its powers to permit Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of an unapproved and unproven vaccine.

    FDA COMMISSIONER HAS POWER TO DECLARE EUA › doctors-alarmed-as-fda-floats

    Sep 01, 2020 · The FDA commissioner can issue a so-called emergency use authorization (EUA) on his own if he determines that the benefits of rushing the vaccine into production outweigh the risks, but several vaccine experts told Yahoo News they are deeply concerned by the idea.

    Rick says– When Trump got fast approvals for experimental treatments passed, I applauded that, based on the idea that if someone is dying, they should have access to things not yet completely proven for wider use. I didn’t expect THIS to happen… that a dangerous fake-virus would be declared as public-health emergency and that therefore an experimental drug would have to forced on everyone worldwide. This now appears to have been a Trump trick.

    Rick concludes: We have to de-activate this entire scheme that they’ve put together….

    Jon: Behind the propaganda: money and population control.

    Rick: Well, more than control– reduction. We’re seeing convergence of the crazy genocide bankers and the technocrats and the genetic researchers… and I think even the microwave-5G industry judging from magnetic and EM sensitive vaccination-points…. All corporations, companies, local governments and more were prepared to cooperate with the needed lockdowns, masks and now we vax-passes coming. This is the biggest power-grab collusion in known history. It’s too bad they tried this. It didn’t have to be this way. What a mess.

  5. Paul says:

    “This shot-in-the-arm
    gene treatment
    should be seen
    of genetic research
    into altering humans.”

    Not by the author, or by myself, in the vein of “I told you so…,” this article should be shared to all who care & will listen. Time is drawing nigh.

    No parent wants to give up their kid for such “research.” Nor see this Planet/Inhabitants turned into an ant colony.

    “Not only is the Universe
    stranger than we think,
    it is stranger
    than we can think.”

    ~ Werner Heisenberg
    A studier, of the fundamental infinitely small, that gives rise to all.

    [cue Twilight Zone theme,
    to enhance logical awakening]

    “But who cares about facts?”

    WE DO.

    sung to:
    Dr Goldbrick Hogcrusher

    “You radiate cold shafts of broken glass
    You’re nearly a good laugh
    Almost worth a quick grin
    You like the feel of steel
    You’re hot stuff with a hatpin
    And good fun with a hand gun
    You’re nearly a laugh…
    But you’re really a cry”
    ~ Waters

    Lesley: “Huh?”

  6. Brad says:

    This is all true. Behind this scientific genetic meddling is a very dark agenda that is completely anti human. It is fully disclosed if one cares to read the pyramid cap’s white papers, publications and view their actions as revealing their true intentions. The pyramid cap has a psychopathic bent that lacks any understanding of what it means to be human. Empathy and caring as an expression of love for our fellow human travelers as expressed as the ethical axioms at the core of the human experience. As aggregate human morality flourishes so does societal stability and freedom. As it diminishes chaos and slavery increases. Breaking the bonds of humanity is a prerequisite to implementing the cap’s desire for creating their longed for eugenically inspired humanity 2.0 which no longer has much if any of the former human traits that make us human. The merging if you will of our carbon based life form with a silicon form that will eventually become entirely silicon based in a world where all life becomes synthetic and simulated and humanity as a species no longer exists.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      So you’re basically saying we’re being invaded by an alien species. I agree.

  7. Pam says:

    We are so arrogant and gullible to believe man can do the things they claim can be done with technology. I fully agree with your assessment about autism being neurological damage. I have family and friends with brain injury. All have different labels but all have the same symptoms and problems in varying degree. Here are the labels: bipolar, autism spectrum, hydrocephalus, ADD/ADHD, Tourette.

    Here are the causes: difficult birth-lack of oxygen, dtp vaccine – infant, head injury – adult, prescription drug overdose caused by mislabeling, substance abuse.

  8. Pam says:

    I should add dementia and Parkinson’s to that list. Brain injury is too common. Other causes: toxins, mercury amalgam. I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface for causes.

  9. Haniel Adhar says:

    Bingo. CRISPR.

    Notice how Hollywood was promoting this before any of us heard about it?

  10. Sean says:

    What a situation. I’ve always wanted to change. But I change my mind. Keep your mRNA injections you sicko’s. And anything else you want to offer.

  11. John says:

    I am not sure if this “vaccine” is an experiment. The lethality of AZT was KNOWN (it had been banned in the 1960’s-too lethal for human consumption.) Fauci promoted UPPING the dosage of this known poison to 1980s homosexuals because there was “no alternatives” to “help” the demonized gay men of the 1980s. Evil Fauci- Dr. DEATH- is still at this racket and this time he will sacrifice you and your children (what his demented cohorts call useless eaters) on his altar of power and money if you let him.

  12. Tim says:

    The experiment called “Lucifers World” is a failure, they just can’t admit it.
    The egoMatrix has them.

    Nothing of Real value is ever lost, damaged, or destroyed,,,except is a dream of lies.(Goodbye “ego”).

  13. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Seems to me that we are all off the mark with regard to our health and any life extension when, as we sit idly concerned about covid, the ongoing war on all life continues to unfold in the next wave of electrical assault. When our cells can’t breath, neither can we. Why is NO ONE concerned about using their cell phones???

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I don’t use cell phones and I sleep and drive while “earthing” or “grounding”. I think you’re right– because the EM assault noted by Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenburg is still in play. deals with this all the time. There are the accounts of EM emissions from vax sites on the skin as well as magnets sticking to vax sites consistent with this– all consistent with turning us into Internet of Humans, beyond IoT Internet of Things.

      Interesting factoid consistent with this is that they took “lead paint” off the market ostensibly because children were eating paint chips and thus, the lead. I’ve never seen kids eat paint chips. It’s likely a phony story to stop people from protecting their living quarters from EM assaults like 5G– which it WOULD have done. Crazy theory but it’s all on the table now. These entities won’t stop unless they’re stopped.

      We’re not “idly” concerned about covid… and a LOT of people are “concerned” about cellphones- but the problem is that these issues are being buried by the covid panic. My solution is an alphabetical index. We create a roll-o-dex for ourselves and “rotate alphabetically” through the issues. That way we cover everything in a rather dispassionate object mechanical manner.

      Thanks for bringing up the EM microwave assault. Lots of clothes now online we can wear with EM protective threads.

      • Doug says:

        Clothes with EM threads will cause more harm then good. Keeps it in as well as out.

        Marketing bullshit. Wear cotton. Stop playing their game. Go out into the SUN. LIVE and be happy. We are not their victims. Once you fear them you lose.

    • rebellious earthling says:

      Why aren’t you concerned with putting food in a microwave oven? Or food in general that contains blood, flesh and secretions of animals loaded with vaccines, hormones, steroids and antibiotics?

  14. Sue says:

    For many decades, the public has revered anyone wearing a white lab coat, and selfishness was in high gear when the people in the white coats said, “We are doing this to animals in order to save you.”

    Even when hideous animal experiments were trotted out for visual scrutiny, it was all proposed as “necessary,” and accepted by most as just that. No concern whatsoever for creatures who would be better off dead than tortured for days, weeks, even months or years.

    I consider this latest chapter in medical mafia shenanigans to be our come-uppance for worshipping at the feet of not just mortal men and women, but demonic mortal humans.

    • rebellious earthling says:

      Animal experiments are only done to fast-track dangerous pharma drugs and vaccines out onto the market. The bonus is the fun and power the sadistic vivisectionists get out of torturing innocent creatures. It’s the most unreliable way of determining “safety,” on par with tossing a coin, when in fact all pharma drugs and vaccines are poison.

  15. bleak says:

    Since you mention eugenics (aka epi-eugenics, epi-disgenics) and the gene cult (aka death cult)…

    Mark Passio – Podcast #214 – 07-07-2019

    Continued on #215-216.

    An ex “priest” in Anton Lavey’s church of satan, he either repented or his role was to disclose information for whatever reason (aka “revelation of method” bla etx). Regardless, there is much to be gleaned from his work. This is a war and knowledge is key.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • mary-lou says:

      there is no art in war, never has been, never will. how difficult is it to stop believing this kind of crap?

      • john-oranje says:

        For ‘art’ read knowledge and method.
        Wars of various kinds exist.
        No point getting hung up on the word ‘art’ as if
        it always has to mean something desirable.

    • Saeger says:

      There are many things in sun tzu, though when I look at the real record, not fake history but real, tens of thousands of years and look at now, the thing missing people don’t teach kids is to make future, fight for future, earth so we can return, however you put it, I don’t mean fake money nonsense but real future, but back to point whats missing is first strike priniciple. There are others to mitigate, being shrewd in assessing etc, but it’s still the achilles heel of people, except cabalists controllers and their spawn the last couple thousand years as they move on their plans. They use it every day, while most everyone else ‘wait n sees’, until conked on the head. First strike applies to everything.

      Basic example I thought of media is a tool of controllers, every day they use it by pushing something, but if people were sharing info ourselves where we live, is same prinicple. If put a sign in yard, or wrote notes to others, or called or shared books or websites etc, it routes media. When people wait until things are ‘too bad’ it’s not first strike, because is response, not first. Still important, otherwise no war opposing them, but every day is a new bunch of crap, so new strike every day, so if people make own message instead to share around, it is making first strike with the message. our own message where we live. Nothing replaces effort where we live. Also by sharing other people get ideas and create also. I don’t want to put this all the time but if something reasonates can copy to re-read, paper pen better than copy paste. Just tired of writing sometimes, hope more people wake up.

      A thought on cilantro, good robust flavor. Like tuna, lemon mayo and crunchy cilatro stems sandwich. Stems best part, ef the leaves, gets stuck teeth.
      Cilantro isn’t actually mexican, though good in mex, it’s from middle east, what coriander seeds come from.

  16. miker says:

    Someone needs to bring “Albert Bourla CEO of Pfizer” up to speed and let him in on the fact that we already cured the flu last year with a old, tried-and-true-trick of simply renaming it Covid. Now, “cancer”? That’s gonna be tomorrows bedtime story.

  17. lamberth says:

    “Doctor Goldbrick Hogcrusher”.
    That gave me a good laugh.

    But more seriously, Jon’s article is on point.
    Never again expect a vaccine development cycle to take 5-10 years.
    Or there being a proper assessment of the benefits and harms and why it would be needed in the first place.
    No, K0V1D-19 has thrown any caution out the window, for good.
    What a coup.
    Far less development costs, huge increase in the amount of vaccines and other concoctions. Let the money roll in.

    𝗙𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘆.

  18. PV says:

    How Easy Will This New VAXPASS be to Hack?


  19. Bodych says:

    I admire this place so much, but haven’t been able to visit every posting. Jon has been an inspiration for me since day one of this crime.

    Urging people to spend an hour and watch this interview of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (launched a crimes against humanity lawsuit in Germany and intends to include the United States). He states that very big news is going to be announced in the next couple of weeks, on three different continents.

  20. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Rick: LAB LEAK THEORY being pushed by MSM and referred to without challenge by my fave alt media people except Jon.

    Jon: Medical civilization’s leaders want us to bow down to the germ. They want us to drool like Pavlov’s dogs, when they ring the bell signaling the presence of a “new virus.” Our anticipated food, in this case, is supposed to be treatment. Treatment and containment measures.

    Jon: Let those who fear the germ, or want it, cling to it like an idol, if they must, if they refuse to be dissuaded. The rest of us will go our way, secure in our freedom from the idolatry, knowing that medicalized civilization is a tyrant, built without our consent.[same reference]

    Rick : Mark Levin on Fox… and my fave talk radio 550 Phoenix guys– James Harris and Russell and Hunter– all anti-lockdown and anti-vax are now going with the lab leak theory. So in intel lingo, they’re false opposition after all!!!! Yikes. Noori on Coast every nite pushed lab leak theory too and HE has had Jon on!

    Jon Oct 28, 2020: So pardon me if I keep attacking that story. If I keep pointing out gaping holes in that story. My basic position is this: I reject the cultish rhetoric coming out of labs. It is divorced from the world of human beings. It aims to claim ownership over our bodies, minds, and souls. Through one abstraction piled on another, its proponents have staked out a cause that is anti-life. With the data they derive and invent from their serums and sequencing, they set up a prison in which we are supposed to be biological machines that merely react to the stimuli of microbes.

    Jon same post…

    Pretended pandemics are an arm of medical civilization. But now we’ve reached a point where The Medical is a gateway into a technocratic Brave New World.

    Rick: Yes because somehow the medical tyrants reached an agreement with the techocrats… see Patrick Wood at Who knew that the ruling class was THAT integrated by now? Not me. It was shocking to see ALL corporations have ready made TV ads for lockdowns last year… and joke about and make it seem like a good thing. wow. Unbelievable.

    Jon Oct. 28, 2020 same post

    The set-up and the con are clear: “We say there is a deadly virus on the loose. We describe it and promote it. We run the game and make the rules. We say you are unprotected unless we protect you with treatment and containment measures. We can quibble about which treatments. We can quibble about how much containment, where and when, and under what circumstances, since we define the circumstances; and we can loosen and tighten the rules at our discretion. But in the end, we are the sellers and you are the buyers. You buy our story. We are a protection racket. You give us your lives or we close you down. And guess what? Either one of those choices produces the same result. Get it?”

    Rick: And a lot of the alt media people I trusted recently are pushing the lab leak theory– which is what Jon warned…

    Jon Oct 28, 2020. “I know that person has bought enough of the story to keep the basic con going; and the elite planners are winning. The war is long. They must not win.”

    Rick: The latest model we must reject is the lab leak theory. Last week it was the shedding of spike protein theory with pine needle tea and fennel seed solutions. It was wrong… so is the lab leak theory. There is… no… virus. There ARE toxic injections being falsely called vaccinations and there ARE chemtrails, pollution from oil refineries doing fracked oil… plastics in everything and invisible rainbow EM from 5G and more. There is no ONE MUTANT VIRUS from a lab leak. That theory is being used to distract from everything else. I get it now.

    • DL says:

      Rick in Phoenix, you are right! Viruses do exist but not as invaders.
      Check out:
      Read the page of articles (he puts a lot of time in to answering comments/questions following these!), then the 5 newslettters, listened to the interview Alana Fournet does with Jeff—she explains his points very well. You have to take some time to do some reading and learn how viruses are really made in our own bodies by our cells when our poor little bacteria can’t quite do the job of debreding any damage/toxin, etc. The viruses our cells make have our own DNA/RNA so they are not compatible with others’ DNA and so not contagious. Viruses are site specific, to wherever the toxin/pollutant/med/drug/vaccine, etc. is causing damage. Coronaviruses, influenza viruses, etc. in the respiratory areas, hepatitis viruses in the liver, polio viruses in the spinal cord, etc. Where ever the toxins are too much and need to be rid of. If the first line of viruses made by the cells isn’t quite enough, another is made, ever so slightly different, called a variant, to continue with cleansing us of the toxin. Jeff Green explains it soooo well. It is amazing what our God-given bodies are built to do for us!!! Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Gov’t, viscou$ cycle of keeping people $ick and in need of med$ and vaccine$

      So people literally now think 1) viruses are flying around in the air 😆 and 2) that this particular coronavirus was released from a lab. So much propaganda. It’s fear-based.
      Viruses are not contagious, the only way a lab virus would escape a lab is via vaccination. Viruses have no wings. If viruses were out to kill us, humans would be extinct! So funny, non-living viruses know how to bypass all of our body’s defense mechanisms? Really? Seriously? C’mon people…start thinking a bit more about this..
      🤔☺️Regardless, the lab hypothesis is a lie to fearmonger through conspiracy that viruses are contagious…

      Cheers to leaving the Germ THEORY behind! 😊


    • rebellious earthling says:

      I made a video about the Wuhan Lab Lie that’s been circulated since the very beginning. Many “conspiracy theorists” either deliberately or unwittingly repeated this lie. And now the MSM are using it for the sole purpose of keeping the lie alive that “the virus is real and it exists” which encourages endless debates.

      “Wuhan Lab Virus ORIGIN LIE Exposed + Demonization of Bats & Stray Dogs” –

      • DL says:

        Which encourages more fear and belief that viruses are contagious, encourages more to put faith in their poisons as you rightly called it, and all the while not noticing people are being kept sick $$$$$$

        Will check out your video 😊

  21. Opie Poik says:

    Never mind all of this dead-end hopeless garbage.

    “I am growing flowers that are not grown anywhere else [other than in her imagination’s garden].” ~ Anna Zemánková

    We are growing realities that don’t (and can’t) grow anywhere but in the gardens of our imaginations. Let us grow nutritious plants, not choking, vampiric weeds. Let us erect a sentient staircase to ascend.

  22. LEONIE says:

    Please watch this video and others similar on this site. Very informative.

    • Donna Guillaume says:

      Leonie, Thanks so much for posting this link. This info is wonderful, very helpful. So this whole ordeal is a plandemic, created by creatures intent on unimaginable evil.

  23. Roshankhanu Dossa says:

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has done a lot in this area and is educating people on the C-19 and other health tips. He is offering to educate people to build a bottoms up movement to fight what is being imposed and how we can take our rights and freedoms under the American constitution . Here is a link to watch what happened to his law suite in Federal court on May 21 and 22 last week. Dr.SHIVA LIVE: The Lawsuit Against Government & Twitter That Big Media Will NEVER Cover Support this historic lawsuit at: WinBackFreedom.Com

    Please share this info with you family and friend all over the world. Have a blessed day. God Bless Jon Rapapport as well for educating us. Thank you!

  24. Mac says:

    The rna thing, genetics may seem as if natural because of word genetics, but on some of it, not so much. Several decades the psycho agenda ‘scientists researchers’ etc have been making stuff to make people mutate, ‘sythetic life’, can search craig venter human genome and synthetic life forms. Though, as with gates soros etc they use one guy’s name so people only focus on one person when probably many involved. Then also the ones with the nano chips so its as if computer operated synthetic genetic stuff that isn’t human genetics, made to be inside people. Then also ‘crispr’ as in the article. Who are all the ones pushing ‘crispr’ on web. Hmm. It’s decades of agenda, robots, movies ‘transformers etc. Also not to leave out bacteria bioweapons, there’s that also.

    The thing in article that to me is note on advertising trick is insight on how they have been angling to at same time put in our faces, cover over the real agenda by selling this or that as ‘treatment, so they continue agendas and people don’t think to stop them. Don’t know how people can be so casual. Jon’s not casual though, pursuer and share of truth, example how honors his life every day, am inspired from it.

  25. Benton says:

    – Have to note the word -vaccinology. The people behind things make me think, who makes the words. That one using the same trick as tek knowledg ee. Put the word knowledge with ‘tech’ The words made seem so we are saying what they want us to say, vac in knowledg ee. Many seem that way, propaganda, and also many don’t make sense either, when making a point there are many oxymoron, so your point ends up weak because it’s a wrongly made word. Here’s one, incorrect. It’s supposed to mean wrong but if something is in correct, it wouldn’t be wrong. it seems our brains have been messed with a long time.

  26. eceres says:

    Well I am thinking putting money as a goal is nuts in every way. It’s not what’s important, except I suppose its weapons to use. It’s backwards.

    – Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money ~ Cree Indian proverb

    Then again I guess both are important, if don’t have or use weapons, can’t expect to be able to have food, but if don’t have natural food, no energy to make or use weapons to grow the food. Seems they only focus on the poisons and weapons and twisting people’s dna. Nutcases with money. or because of money. Me thinks we need to take their labs away.

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