Vaccine hustlers can’t keep their story straight; evangelicals, black people, Trumpers; who’s “hesitating?”

by Jon Rappoport

April 28, 2021

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First, let’s get this straight. The term “hesitancy” would apply to your pasty-faced nephew, who plays video games 19 hours a day, who’s dragged to the beach one summer afternoon, and is reluctant to stick his toe in the water as he stands near the last little gasp of foam breaking on the sand.

Most of the people who aren’t taking the COVID vaccine aren’t hesitant at all. They’re determined to reject the shot.

Most of the people who don’t want the COVID vaccine are quite sure they want to forego genetic damage, blood clots, and death.

So…who are the “hesitant” ones the vaccine hustlers are going after?

According to an old desiccated man who could play a mortician in an Abbott and Costello movie without a minute of rehearsal, and who happens to be the director of the largest medical research facility in the world—the US National Institutes of Health—Dr. Francis Collins…

According to Collins, the prime target of pro-vaccine propaganda is the dastardly evangelical/Trumper crowd.

Last week, Collins spoke with NBC’s Chuck (aging-wonder-boy) Todd, who made his original journalistic bones deftly pointing a wand at maps of voting districts on Election Night.

Collins intoned, in the manner of a funeral home director expressing condolences to customers over the accident that took the life of their beloved family member, who was driving while drunk and steered his car over a cliff:

“Particularly white evangelicals seem to be resistant to the idea that vaccines are something they want to take advantage of.”

“…certainly Republican men in particular seem to less likely to be interested in the vaccine.”

But wait. NIH head Collins—playing politics—forgot to mention that, according to a recent Harris poll, a whopping 42% of black Americans don’t want the vaccine.


Well, no doubt “systemic racism” must be the reason black people are failing to see how glorious the vaccine is. They’re being kept in ignorance by white people.

Actually, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. A COVID Collaborative poll discovered black Americans have shockingly low levels of trust in the FDA (29%) and drug companies (19%). I’d say those numbers reveal acute intelligence, not ignorance, on medical issues.

Any group that distrusts the FDA at the rate of 71% is medically on the ball.

On the other hand, white Americans are the victims of systemic “safe and effective” lying by The New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc.

White Republicans are also being lied to by Donald Trump, Mr. Warp Speed, who is pushing the COVID vaccine like a lifeboat on the Titanic.

Trump is fronting for the COVID shot with a fervor matched only by Biden and Fauci and Bill Gates.

In an April 16 mass email to his followers (no doubt written by an aide), Trump, a major propaganda whore for Pharma, states:

Vaccine resistance is “deranged pseudo-science.”

“The federal pause on the J&J shot makes no sense. Why is the Biden White House letting insanely risk-averse bureaucrats run the show?”

It’s “sheer lunacy” for Biden “to delay millions of vaccinations and feed fears among the vax-resistant.”

“Indeed, this moronic move is a gift to the anti-vax movement.”

I spoke with a born-again Christian the other day. I asked him whether God had told him not to take the vaccine. He laughed. He said, “God told me to trust my research.”

“When did He say that?”

“I like to think it was just before I wrote to Trump telling him to wake up.”

We’re seeing hustlers on all points of the political spectrum pushing the COVID vaccine—the gene therapy that was designed, in clinical trials, to prevent nothing more than a cough, or chills and fever.

The gene therapy that has never been launched on the public before. The genetic injection that has only gained FDA certification for emergency use—a far lower and looser classification than full approval.

These criminal vaccine promoters deploy outrage and sob stories—whatever they think will play well—as they target various demographics.

Thousands of serious adverse effects from the shot are being reported. You can multiply those figures by 10 or 100 to gain a truer estimate of what is happening; and there are NO data on long-term effects.

You bet your ass people are “hesitant.” Medical authorities are telling them to accept an genetic injection that causes their cells to manufacture a protein they would never make under ordinary conditions.

Speaking of gene therapy, Dr. Francis Collins, the head of NIH, made his career on the back of discovering “genes associated with various diseases.”

In all the years of NIH’s existence, with a total budget in the hundreds of billions of dollars, show me ONE genetic cure for ANY disease across the board.

Just one.

I’m waiting.

It turns out that the history of genetics reveals the following: they can ALTER humans with it, but they can’t CURE humans.



The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

70 comments on “Vaccine hustlers can’t keep their story straight; evangelicals, black people, Trumpers; who’s “hesitating?”

  1. Paul says:

    Dear Nephew,

    You suck.

    Your Uncle

  2. john-oranje says:

    The first paragraph made me laugh out loud.
    But then the serious stuff.
    I cannot understand how people, who have consistently
    refused the ‘flu shots over the years, are lining up to
    take these experimental, potentially gene altering shots.
    This while surely knowing, by now, that even though they
    believe in the phantom virus, the worst they could expect
    from ‘infection’ would be a dose of the ‘flu.

  3. Paul says:

    “According to an old
    desiccated man
    who could play
    a mortician
    in an Abbott and Costello movie.”


    Oh did you see the one when Bud & Lou meet ALL the Monsters!

    Frankie, The Count, even Lupus.

    It ends with meet & greet with the Invisible Man in a solitary row boat.

    • dg says:

      skilled in insults when logic fails. You are weak and pathetic, Paul

      Covid is an obvious non pandemic. I have had intelligent (otherwise) friends say this is the plague. Come on Plague killed 1 out of every 3 people. We haven’t even changed normal deathrates year to year.

      The vaccine has not been safety tested. Weird. A virus, which is not particularly dangerous requires people to take a gene therapy that has never been safety tested and is only approved by emergency authorization.

      Have at it and good luck. Only a few thousand have died. The entire “covid” official death count for those under age 25 is less than a few hundred. Why would they take that risk benefit deal? Stupid? Propagandized?

      • Sue says:

        What “safety tested” means is “We intentionally harmed thousands of animals and then manipulated the results of those experiments in order to market our poisons and harm you, too.” And that is the way it’s always been.

        We could just reject the poisons, but now they’re being forced on us, if not through injections, by contaminated food, sprays, etc.

    • Paul says:

      Hi dg,

      I do believe “the pandemic” is fake & its “solution” tainted.

      And clearly, the “overall yearly death rate” has not advanced significantly. Just a “Covid” death-certifi-cance.

      IMO, Jon’s most serious articles are oft “mitigated” by humor or even a touch of silliness at the present state of goings-on. “The Nephew, et al.”

      IMO, this juxtaposition relieves undo pressure, WITHOUT failing to advance his ideas at positive transformation.

      I feel it is best to keep light-hearted at all the insanity of decision-making we see in DC & State Capitols.

      Jon & Many here, speak of Their Psychological Methodology to pit one against one’s self (thru desperation) & each other (thru anger), to thwart Our desire to remain Free.

      It’s funny, how, Abbott & Costello, apparent nitwits, nonetheless, outsmarted the Monsters.

      I know you know all this already.

      Thank you.
      Have a Great Weekend!

  4. PhilR says:

    Pres. Trump is NOT “fronting” for the Covid vaccine lobby.
    Trump: ‘Nobody Should Be Forced to Get’ COVID-19 Vaccine

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Now “fast-forward” a few months, up until present: He IS pushing the “vaccine” (as Jon noted of Trump’s emails to “followers” – [AFTER THE FACT] ).

      Quit being snow-jobbed by your worshipful-love of Trump! ! !

      Mr. Trump has long since done a “flip-flop” con from the days when he said that “the shot would not be mandatory”. – He is FOR making them mandatory, just not stating the obvious.

      • Jim Smith is right, Phil. No president in his right mind would have created Operation WarpSpeed. At first I thought he was playing the Deep State using WarpSpeed as bait but this has gone on too long now… and Trump can read our forum here as anyone can, in addition to all the downside risks being published on numerous sites. Robert Kennedy Jr is high profile figure pointing that out I think.

        Continuing the Star Trek Warp Speed analogy, it’s as if Trump has been psychotronically altered to do the enemy’s bidding– much like Captain Picard was captured by the Borg.

        • Zoey says:

          I think there’s a method to Trump’s madness. Trump/military are in vicious war against demonic, unscrupulous savages who have endless power, wealth & access to military grade weapons.
          Keep in mind, Trump knew election would be stolen. He knew he’d be leaving office temporarily until military completed assessment of DNI report confirming foreign/domestic election interference. Trump had to do whatever he could before leaving office to counter Deep State’s plan to lockdown world for 5+ years until vaccine was produced, which would have been far more devastating than expediting a vaccine. The expedited vaccine is authorized temporarily for emergency use, which prevents government from mandating it. At least now people have a choice whether to get vax or not. In addition, it’s allowing people to see that Biden admin/Deep State scum had no intention of giving people back their freedom after getting vaccine. Also, Trump made public announcment about the remedy he was given to cure his own Covid, sending message that this is NOT a deadly virus. Again, this is a WAR – Casualties are inevitable.
          We also have to remember that Deep State is ruthless, vile & plays incredibly dirty & won’t hesitate to poison water supplies or blow-up tens of thousands of people if Trump/military don’t comply with certain demands. Although some of Trump’s words may seem reckless, I believe they’re are part of a military operation that will ensure demise of the Deep State, because let’s face it, if Deep State wins there will be no America.

          • Jake says:

            Zoey, wake up already. Trump is not on your side, he is part of the problem. You and many others have been duped by Trump. Many have had the wherewithal to come to terms with this reality. You should too.

      • Bernardo Paratore says:

        Exactly. Trump is a scambag just like all the other self serving, patronizing politicians.

        • Eluard says:

          “Scambag.” I like that. Was that a typo Bernardo or a new coinage?

        • Trump destroyed the reputation of all his children and grandchilden too by pushing warpspeed. As well, he did the Jan 6 even when what he SHOULD have done was stay home and tweet about how important it is to watch the proceedings… and describe how the process SHOULD have occurred– that objections to the results in 6 or 7 swing states would have to go back to Congress– for 1 vote per state– to be determined.

          Holding a rally ON THE DAY that the deliberations were to take place was something I knew in advance was bad news. I expected Trump supporters to be assassinated like the British did to East Indians supporting Ghandi… made into a horrific movie– well– something like assassination of Trump supporters DID occur– 60-70 million Trump supporters’ CHARACTERS were assassinated… character assassination of them swung into high gear on MSM. Then– the refusal to “relitigate the election results” in MSM lockstep.

          Since then, Trump has said virtually nothing useful. I’m just watching the disaster play out now– reduced to daily scrambling for staying personally afloat, my business having been destroyed.


        That email was NEVER confirmed as coming from Trump. Just yet another propaganda tactic likely put out from the Liz Cheney globalist RINO crowd of the Republican party who have a hundred million emails…

        Approximately 81,000,000 people voted for Trump. He trusts his followers to use common sense and research the truth about BIG PHARMA! How stupid can a person be…

        If the survival rate from being infected with CCP SARS virus is 99.7%, why the hell would anyone subject themselves to an untested, experimental HIGHLY TOXIC GENETIC THERAPY???

        Oh, and all the coercion, putting people under duress to “take the jab” out there, violates the NUREMBERG CODE OF 1947…penalty is death. Jurisdiction is military not civil.

        • Marlene says:

          On April 13, the NY Post Published an editorial stating exactly what is quoted as Statements from Trump.

          On April 16, the NY post claimed that Trump sent out an email to supporters saying those exact things.
          Just search for

          On Gab these statements were posted as if Trump had said them. So I researched and found the NYPost articles.
          So I am calling BS that Trump or an aide would directly quote the NY post editorial. In 2013 Trump was tweeting about vaccines and autism. Trump saw that the country was going into a fear coma and the only way to pull them out was a vaccine. I see the millennials who are masking their little ones outside!!!
          This is a nightmare… Trump is a flawed man, as we all are, but
          Something drastic had to be done.
          I think he is also old fashioned and believes that medicine works.
          I do not believe he said those things I agree with you Kathleen

          • Alan says:

            Well, the April 16 article was not trying to hide your point, and even included a direct link to the April 13 article.

        • Zoey says:

          Spot on Kathleen:)

  5. Tim says:

    It’s the most bizarre thing ever. The idea that these motherf-ckers have any legitimacy at all to tell others what to do. They don’t, and NEVER will, none whatsoever, so they resort to deception, coercsion, bribery, and murder. “The ends justifies the means”…well we see here that they assume the majority of humans are too stupid to see the brilliance of these psychopath’s vision, and will resist it because of that inherrent inferiority…so what do the psychopaths do, over many decades?
    They attack, brainwash, and poison these presumed inferiors as much as they can get away with, as much as they can blame on other things, and point to the inferiority of the “masses” as the reason for the “problems” these psychopaths aggravate and or manufacture– like war and disease, crime,, etc, etc….IT’S “THEM” THAT IS THE CANCER WITHIN.

    Like “Agent Smith” blaming humans for everything, but being ignorant or deceptive that it is Agent Smith that is instigating and influencing those humans to express the nature of Agent Smith…Agent Smith is the 2-faced hypocrite fake self idea known as ego. They don’t show the “positive” side much, because that’s just a cover(mask) used to deceive and seduce humans into it’s no-win denial of Truth game,,, round and round we go…over and over…

    “Artificial intelligence” is an oxymoron.

  6. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    I’m Vaccine PC. Vaccine Placebo Control. Can I get my passport now?

  7. Victor Alan Pate says:

    As an African-american/Black (extremely) left-wing activist, I appreciate this particular blog/article. I am grateful that you gave balance to a somewhat prevailing myth that fmr. President Donald Trump and many of the Republicans party are in opposition to the toxic pseudo-vaccine program. Somehow many Republicans supporters tend to ignore the pathetic Operation Warp-Speed program under Trump. I have recognized for decades that there’s zero difference between Democrats and Republicans. Both parties are beholden to a vile Global Oligarchy that worships at the alter of anti-human Eugenics and Global enslavement. African-american/Black people are victims of historic and contemporary pathological Propaganda, but we are far from the only ones in North america who are tainted. Yet, we still remember and recognize that the american (Allopathic) Medical/Pharmaceutical Industry is corrupt and deadly which is why the “option” to to take this toxic shot isn’t producing great results for the demons who are pushing. I’d venture to say that if we removed the high number of people who are forced in lower-level Healthcare employment to chose between vaccination or unemployment, and other draconian rules, the percentage of those who take it would be cut in half.

    • Jimmy says:

      Always the victim, Victor. Pathetic. I laughed out loud at your “(extremely) left-wing activist. Are you part of the domestic terrorist group, blm?

  8. JV says:

    Bleeding heart liberal, feminist, meat eating woman here. There’s nothing they can say to make me take this vaccine.

  9. Paul says:


    funeral home director…


    Titanic lifeboats &
    Propagandist whores

    “…whatever they think will play well—”

    IMO, Dr. Collins’ affect is some-sort-of grandfatherly-figure
    trying to sell us
    old-fashioned cookies.

    Your article’s riffs read like Gilmour’s guitar strumming riff after the sung lines:

    “You better watch out
    There may be dogs about
    I’ve looked over Jordan,
    & I have seen…
    Things are not what they seem…”

    ~ Waters (Sheep)


    Keep strumming Jon!

  10. Paul says:

    “On the other hand,
    white Americans
    are the victims
    of systemic “safe and effective” lying…”

    “We’re seeing hustlers
    on all points
    of the political spectrum
    pushing the COVID vaccine—”

    “These criminal
    vaccine promoters
    outrage and sob stories—”


    IMO, this album is Roger Waters (& Pink Floyd’s) greatest Work.

    Roger wrote all lyrics & music.

    I think of it as a modern remake of Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945).

    The Brit’s have a superior primary schooling in Literature, & Music, sorely missing in Our Own.

    Syd Barrett named the band after two blues musicians: Pink Anderson & Floyd Council.

    PIGS: Controllers
    DOGS: Pig’s middle managers & heavy-hitters
    SHEEP: Us (or not)

    “Hopelessly passing your time in the grassland away
    Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
    You better watch out
    There may be dogs about
    I’ve looked over Jordan, & I have seen
    Things are not what they seem
    What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real
    Meek & obedient you follow the leader
    Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel [“the jab”]
    What a surprise!
    The look of terminal shock in your eyes
    Now things are really what they seem
    Nooooo, this is no bad dream…”

    ~ Waters (Sheep/Animals)

  11. Paul says:

    “I spoke with a born-again Christian the other day.
    I asked him whether God had told him not to take the vaccine.
    He laughed.
    He said, “God told me to trust my research.”

    “When did He say that?”

    “I like to think it was just before I wrote to Trump telling him to wake up.”


    On an audio, Jon, among numerous topics, augmented by varied synthesis, opined on this:

    [memory-ed gist]:
    “If one decides, to paint with a broad brush, one can look at the entire body of The Greek Tragedies as that eternal struggle of Man against the gods. It turns out, that the gods most often won, mainly, due their possession of superior fire-power.”

    So I ask, who were those Ancient gods?

    But contemporaneously, & certainly more importantly, who are the present ones?

    Their fire-power seems to have been fascicle-d & coalesced, to now reside in a societal milieu of 3-lettered agencies, media, “sanctioned” stolid Science & powered by various corporatocracies.

    “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
    He makes me down to lie
    Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by
    With bright knives he releaseth my soul
    He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places
    He converteth me to lamb cutlets
    For lo, He hath great power, & great hunger
    When cometh the day we lowly ones
    Through quiet reflection, & great dedication
    Master the art of karate
    Lo, we shall rise up
    And then we’ll make the bugger’s eyes water…”

    ~ Roger Waters (Sheep/Animals)

  12. Bernardo Paratore says:

    Thank you.

    That summarizes the state of medicine today: criminal enterprise founded on arrogance, misused science and outright quakery.

  13. But…but, Franny rides a motorcycle and plays in rock and roll band called the “Directors”. He’s one of our own, a member of rock stars for science.

    I think your being a little hard on Franny, he’s ah..he’s ah “serious christian” ya know?

    And here’s a little known fact — if not completely missed altogether…

    Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci are both cloned twins… well actually…”Well goddam,the cat out of the bag”. (deep breath)


    Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab are actually (this is gonna shock you)………..their…triplets.

    YES I KNOW! Knocked me over like I was feather, like I got hit on the head with a cememt balloon. Tripped over a straw and hen kicked me.

    And here is the shocker of shocks, they are…NAZI!!! Cloned triplets!

    That right NCT’s. Who would have thought those Nazi experiments during the late years of war to create clones of Adolf Hitler were true. And that they worked. Well sort of, actually… put a funny little Charlie Chaplin mustache on all three and you in for another “knock on your keister” shocker.

    And another ‘FACT’, their all, five-foot-one-and-a-quarter-inches tall.

    Holy scientific leprechauns!

    Now, here’s the friggin proof man, right in front of your own peepers. GMO’ed scientists. They where the first things GMO’ed.

    Got to hand it to them when those boys find a toy, they run the wheels off it!

    Now Franny is the nicer of the three and both Tony and Franny where raised in America while Klaus was raised in Ravensburg in Upper Schwabia.

    Klaus is a Schwabian Resetter.

    Now here’s the kick in the ole sisters, both Francis and Anthony where born ten-years apart and Klaus was born two years before Anthony, now if I give you six apples how many hairs are not on Klaus’s head?
    And speaking of hair…notice the same hair color.

    Voila, slam dunk its a fact.
    Nazi cloned scientists have taken over the planet.

  14. Natalie says:

    The Black people have been betrayed by the medical establishment too many times. Same goes for the indigenous population.
    See this doctor from B.C.
    Among the white people, it’s mostly the educated portion of the population (in addition to those who’ve dealt with the vaxx injury before).

  15. Mate says:

    Here are a few suppositions I would like to offer:

    1) The Administration has NO IDEA how many citizens have been vaccinated.

    Come on, ladies and gentlemen. How could they know that? Have you ever bore witness to how government offices operate? Do we really think the government’s so-called effort is made up of a highly competent little army of trained professionals all running around carefully auditing millions of vials of pharmaceutical potion?

    Moreover, we already know that case numbers, hospitalizations, and death numbers, as Jon has carefully pointed out for months, are a complete media fabrication based on a silly PCR test, and that the CDC admits that they are classifying as many deaths as they can get away with as “convid”.

    We’d be foolish to think that with the “number of vaccinated” they’ve somehow got it right. All they have is an estimate, and even then we have no reason to think it would be presented truthfully after all the known, blatant deception that has taken place. Has anyone else noticed massive discrepancies in “number of vaccinated” reported across the media? More ridiculous mind control.

    2) The Administration DOESN’T CARE how many citizens have been vaccinated.

    The fallacy is that your individual choice to succumb to peer pressure, media propaganda, or illegal employer-issued mandates and go “get the shot” will somehow make a difference in helping “all of this” come to an “end.” BALONEY. Whether YOU, THE INDIVIDUAL, no matter your political view or any other variable, go and get the shot, has no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the fantastical media narrative we are living in. It’s THEIR narrative, not ours. They’ve just made a large number of idiots THINK that it’s real, and not a narrative. Which brings me to point #3…

    3) What the Administration DOES care about is keeping this scam going, in order to maintain, expand and consolidate POWER.

    And that is all that they care about. They have successfully politicized medicine itself. If continuing to politicize the vaccination issue serves their agenda, that is exactly what they will do until intelligent, motivated, tyranny-hating citizens resist this insanity en masse.

    THINK, people. Look at your history books and THINK THINK THINK. There is ALWAYS more to know.

    • Barbara Powers says:

      Absolutely YES!

    • Eluard says:

      I know where you’re going with this and I agree–to an extent. That all the numbers are made up and it’s smoke and mirrors to push towards the total control. BUT–I DO think they want as many vaxxed as possible. Jon has written that the Vax was really the endgame of this Op (or at least this phase). They need the gene-altering crap in as many of us as possible. I believe they’re very serious about that. It may not have bearing in the short term, but in the long run, it’s a big part of their plans.

      • Andy says:

        Agreed Eluard. However, I think the illusion/delusion is on such a grand scale that the jabs can just as easily be ‘normal saline’, and any adverse reactions/deaths, etc., are the same psychosomatic responses as seen in those who supposedly experience the convid and its supposed symptoms. The bone-pointing is extremely effective. The same as the shit-test to see who would be compliant in the occult initiation of mask-wearing, this is simply a continuation of one occultic shit-test after another to gauge the response and determine how willingly ‘the people’ will go along with their initiation into the next phase of the New Order of complete domination/control.

  16. Dave from San Antonio says:

    This is not a vaccine, at least by the definition of ‘vaccine’. This is ‘mRNA’ genetic therapy, which is experimental. The FDA approved these things for ’emergency use’ only. Mass immunization is not covered, I don’t believe, under ’emergency use’. Bear in mind that ‘mRNA’ technology was attempted somewhere in the early 2000s and was stopped because of the severe side effects displayed by the animals experimented on. The animals after ‘full immunization’ was completed were exposed to the pathogen and developed a more severe form of the illness. Many just died. ‘mRNA’ technology has not advanced beyond the original testing. ‘We’ are the lab rats in this experiment. Keep in mind, too, that the FDA has ‘not’ approved ‘any’ of these poisons as either a treatment or preventative measure for the COVID-19 virus. A virus that has the the same statistics, across the board, as the seasonal flu. By-the-way…what happened to the seasonal flu over the past year?

    • Natalie says:

      The pathogen doesn’t exist… so they must have died from the good old blood poisoning.

      The flu magically disappeared, globally.

      • Lin says:

        The “flu” just like all these other “viruses” never existed… Surprised there’s still people posting on this blog who do not get that concept. Eating less red meat, and taking daily vitamin B-D in winter time will see that you never get the “flu” again.

        Influenza “flu” has never been isolated either, along all these other “viruses”. Controlled opposition and propagandist like yourself always have a plan B per say, when the hoax goes awry, co sign the original lie with another lie. How can the “flu” magically disappear, when it didn’t even exist in the first place?

        Are you British or Israel intelligence “Natalie”? Massive trolls post on here, it’s painfully obvious this blog is astroturfed on the regular

        • Natalie says:

          I know the flu doesn’t exist as an infectious disease, I was referring to the official statistics of flu cases suddenly disappearing. As for the rest,you have my permission to assume whatever you want since you’re doing it anyway.i hope for your sake you aren’t a vegan. Best wishes.

  17. Siouxma says:

    Mr. OPERATION WARP SPEED is 100% fronting for Big Pharma, BigFinance & One World Govt. Cognitive dissonance keeps too many believing his BS while he pulled the Rug out. He and Collins both know that no one can be forced legally by the Govt. to take the experimental Jab. The FDA Fact Sheets clearly state that.
    However, the Colluders in business and big institutions can mandate it as a condition of “participation” as we see happening before us now.
    Trump is no friend to Patriots – he’s just doing his part to show us & the world that no politician can or will fix anything. Get on Board or Else.

  18. dg says:

    If Hydroxychloroquine were utilized, if half of America had not become obese, if Americans were vitamin D sufficient.
    If this, no one would know Covids name.

    100,000 deaths caused by lack of hydroxychloroquine. 94% of all deaths were “with covid”, not by covid.

    Joke that only idiots don’t get. And we are chock full of em.

  19. mary says:

    When trump first did warp speed, I thought it was some kind of ritual, all had black masks on, trump and his four top generals, walking briskly towards camera, some sort of ritual. Then when election lost, I thought he will be back, this is part set up to bring him back, so trump people will follow his lead in jab. Now some are saying the people who get jab will somehow infect non jabbers. I am very confused, lol but that is what they want, confusion. Now I am of the mind, those key nut cases players are in hiding, white house etc. All green screen, we are at end of cycle and they know this, so are trying to take as many humans with them, to hell, as we call it, that they think they can. BUT tomorrow I may have another conclusion, after they play confusion again tonight.

    • Right, confusion is actually the name of their game. I’ve seen more stories about vaxxed “shedding” spike proteins that can attack non-vaxxed. Jim Stone is a notable writer who came out with that idea today.

      Jon will have to address this shedding spike protein nonsense I think. I don’t believe it but it’s pretty good theatre as far as theatre goes.

      • Tim_2A says:

        A couple vids on Bitchute addressed the dead cell “shedding” issue a few days ago.

        One that I’d been trying to remember (also on SgtMajor’s channel), and that another commenter had posted the address to, is “Once Were The Living,” by “Moon Busters.” MB has their own channel, too.

        Check out the offerings on Bitchute, minus YT’s tracking and censoring.

        They’re well worth your time.

      • john-oranje says:

        Confusion is right and that is what the
        manipulators and liars want.
        On the one hand the un-vaxxed are supposed to
        be a threat to the vaxxed. The same old lie they
        told about all the other vaccinations.
        On the other hand now we are told by some that
        the vaxxed are a threat to the un-vaxxed. The vaxxed have always been in
        danger from any of the vaccines; old or new.
        Many ‘side effects’ including death from the
        ‘regular’ vaccines and from these new ones.
        The motivation for the new ones is population reduction.
        A nice way of saying sterilization.
        First try it out on the old, to see that it
        doesn’t kill too many.
        Then get the young and the children to stop them
        Meanwhile we have replacement immigration.
        How many of the immigrants are getting the shots?
        Maybe then step up the culling in their old
        The simple answer-“just say NO”-as the old anti
        drug campaign proposed.

      • mary says:

        Rick, I read Jim Stone, I am on fence with him, at times I look at it as possible, well let’s say the other side, some time ago Henry Makow did an article asking who is jim stone..Henry agreed he has some good stuff,but he was questioning, I thought in an indirect way.I guess most we can do is what we do, look at as much as we can and try to get a bigger picture. Like everything else, the shedding could be “their story”.

      • MadMagyar says:

        Doctors discussing this issue (pardon the pun) last week: – a video by Dr. Tenpenny a week earlier indicated she’d found 8 mechanisms whereby this will kill us, and an email I rec’d over the weekend says she now has discovered 20 ways it will kill people.

        I first heard about it (been waiting for it to appear for months) here:

        and Clif High has a decent explanation of what’s happening in these two videos (he links to them from his YT channel, since the delete anything going against their narrative): and

        I’m a retired microbiologist and knew from the first few journal articles downloaded last year that this was a hoax – and we were in for a lot of trouble. When ‘medical martial law’ (lockdowns) were imposed, it was clear that this is the UN-inspired global depopulation they’d planned back in the 70’s. Now all the ‘scenarios’ published, from the WEF in 2010 to Gate’s Event 201 Oct ’19 are available online – but almost nobody among the sheep are aware of this.

        • Sm says:

          Yes madmag ,the critically thinking video is excellent with five experts and two of them are part of the “disinformation dozen “. The related videos below it are all good also.

  20. John says:

    Why would you trust pharma serial felons who get fined for killing people over and over in the past? They all have lengthy RAP SHEETS . By the way, the German doctor fiends hanged at Nuremberg were indoctrinated with the notion that the German nation and “volk” were purified with the extermination of disabled, gays, Jews, Romani and others – these groups were seen as vermin spreading “disease” and weakness to the German nation. Public health doktors have quite the history, don’t they?

  21. Lauran says:

    I am amazed that people actually think that electing a politician is the answer to all the world’s problems. Donald Trump gave up a very profitable ‘life-style’ for 4 years to try to help a broken country. Yes he made mistakes; but he did much good while in the White House, despite what has been said here. No President runs a country.The Powers that be run it! If anything, he was naive, and never knew it was as bad as it is. He believes in the vaccine, as that was what he was told by the so called ‘experts’. This whole thing was foisted on him to eliminate his going forward, and to produce the ‘Great Reset coming’. He never had the chance to change his mind. He was out the door too fast.
    Rather, point the finger at the eugenicists waiting in the wings to eliminate the population that they do not deem acceptable. Bill Gates has said in many interviews that his children were never allowed to take vaccines.
    As far as White Christians go,…..maybe we do not like being singled out or lumped into people who have no brains or no ability to study what this so called “medicine” is about.
    Trump was ‘conned’ like many who do not have the time (especially as a President) to read extensively about the vaccine’s ingredients. A lot of this is just being introduced now to a public waking up. A President cannot be a “buddy” to the whole world. He needs to be a business man, which is what he was. He needs to be cut some slack. Perhaps your readers prefer the old man and the Communist that is in there now. I love your columns, Jon, but some of your reader’s commentary lacks judgement and kindness!

    • EK says:

      Donald Trump gave up a couple hundred thousand salary not to help the country. He gave it up to make a couple hundred million for himself.

      Rinse and repeat.

      • Jimmy says:

        Wrong. Trump actually lost 700 million dollars of his wealth while being president. If you’re going to pop-off at the lip, at least know what you’re talking about.

    • But Trump was originally against vax because Baron turned out autistic… as I understand. Trump originally called vax a hoax– then later launched warpspeed. How do you explain that using your line of reasoning?

    • Sean says:

      When I heard Trump originally talk about Warp Speed, thats when it got even more real for me. I can appreciate everyone standing by their hero through thick and thin, I would love to see alot more of that I suppose. But now its time to accept that he did what he did and continue to work through this gigantic medical tyranny that he Big Time supports and move forward any way possible. I for one support the idea of total elimination of top down medical dictatorship whatsoever. Like Operation Warp Speed. And mass ridicule for any local, state, or national governments to ever say the word mandate, essential or lockdown ever again, as the joke becomes clearer and clearer.

    • GiLo says:

      Well said, Lauren! ????????????????

  22. Blaise says:

    Wonder how much POTU$ Warp $peed stands to gain on this one? His followers who won’t take the jab seem to be able to ignore that this is his finest and biggest effort. It must take a lot of effort to maintain that much cognitive dissonance. Or is this some sort of Stockholm Syndrome?

    • My own thinking on Trump was that he was casting a net– creating a trap for the deep state people who were pro-vax by PRETENDING to be pro-vax. Now that this entire scheme has, IMO, gone “too far”, I’ve completely lost interest in that line of thought.

  23. L Garou says:

    No pill gonna cure their ill.
    No shot gonna cure what they got..

  24. mlyngbld says:

    Maybe we should be writing Trump, Jr. and Ivanka. They might be more open to the evidence and open a conversation with Donald.

  25. Sean says:

    Great challenge to the NIH/Collins. Man!

  26. Austrian Peter says:

    Agree with all you say, I write in a similar vein:

    My link saves me refuting all over again the nauseous propaganda extant today.

  27. Arby says:

    “Thousands of serious adverse effects from the shot are being reported.” Side effects from poison! Lol! Shouldn’t those be good?

  28. Alan says:

    What God told me about COVID:

    – The vaccine is the Mark of the Beast, without which one would not be allowed to buy or sell. (Rev 13:17) This is now happening in Hong Kong, Israel, and many other places I’m sure.

    – Any believing in COVID virus or general virology theory or even germ theory, is considered idolatry, and will be judged as such. Same for any level of agreeing to or supporting any kind of COVID regulations or policies (lockdowns, mask orders, mandatory testing/vaccines/”quarantine”=house arrest, any spending of public funds on vaccines or tests or anything of the sort). The only acceptable stance is complete resistance and condemnation of any such policies.

    And, membership in any church or religion will not pardon one from idolatry, nor from accepting the Mark. (Mat 7:21-23)

    • Andy says:

      Hi Alan. I think the Mask of the Beast and the ‘Vaccine’ are still just preludes/warm-ups/preparations for when the actual ‘Mark’ necessary for continuing to participate in our Beast system actually comes on the scene. What better way to begin the great separation of wheat and chaff? They’re excellent (shit-) tests and means of initiation to gauge the level of allegiance. I don’t think anyone can deny the genius behind it all. The more I contemplate it, the more I think the ‘Vaccine’ is yet only another symbol of initiation and test of allegiance, and likely contains nothing but harmless normal saline. They’re ingenious ways of testing allegiance without actually really doing anything other than manipulating psyches en masse. Without doubt they are gigantic psyops, and probably rank as the biggest I’ve seen in my life thus far. Simple preparations for the actual ‘Mark’ without which you won’t be able to continue to participate in what is, and always has been, the Beast system.

  29. Alan says:

    One argument I often hear from Trump idolators:

    “But the vaccine wasn’t mandatory”.

    BS. If Trump paid for the vaccines out of his own pocket, I would have nothing to say against him. But he squandered public funds, i.e. taxpayer money, billions, on it. He made /paying/ for it mandatory.

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