Governor Newsom’s secret conversation in his underground restaurant, where he entertained fantasies of becoming the next JFK—but now he’s on the recall ballot and his boyish grin is collapsing

The fakers are eating their own. Chomp-chomp.

by Jon Rappoport

April 29, 2021

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Governor, it’s official. Recall. They’ve got enough signatures to put you on the ballot.

Those morons! What do they think they’re doing?

Trying to rip you out of office and set you loose on the street like a mutt. It’s time you took it seriously. You’ve been trying to float above it all.

I’m the goddamn governor!

So far.

Can’t you say something positive?

You turned California into a shithole. What did you expect would happen?

Shithole? How dare you—

Look, Gavin, I’m your FORMER advisor. I just put in my letter of resignation. I’ve had enough. But I wanted to talk to you before I left, so I could give it to you straight. Without fear of repercussions. I’m gone. I’m a ghost. But there are a few things you should know.

You’re resigning? Wait a minute. I need you. You can’t just—

It’s done. Too late. I’ve been warning you I was on the edge. But you didn’t listen. Besides, your problems are a lot bigger than me leaving.

They’ll never recall me.

Why not? People are packing up and scurrying out of California in droves. The tax base is shrinking. The state budget? The last time I looked, we’ve got unfunded liabilities verging on half a trillion dollars. The cities are rotting. Homeless camps everywhere. And you want to pay for more immigrants? Come on, Gavin. You’re cratering.

The feds will bail us out.

For how long? The stunt you pulled at the restaurant without a mask—people don’t forget that. They were locked down, and you were happy as a clam. I know you want people to see your teeth and your smile…but come on. Your presidential fantasy is over. You’re not going to become the next JFK. Nobody is.

I’m going to fight. I’m too young to retire.

How are you going to fight? By telling people there’s a new deadly strain of the virus and the economy has to shut down? Florida and Texas are booming. Don’t you get it? The states are in competition with each other. We’re losing. I was watching a baseball game in Texas the other night. They had 38,000 people in the stands. What have we got? A college track meet with two transgender groups of 12 people holding signs and cheering.

We’ve got principles.

Don’t kid a kidder, Gavin. You care about you.

You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? I guess you were a traitor all along.

I was a political opportunist. Just like you. But I saw the end of the road. As now we’re there. Our limo is dead-ending in a pile of shit.

You’re a quitter. Things get a little tough, you bail.

You fell for the COVID scam like you were Fauci’s brother. Lock everything down. Play the prophet of doom. I told you over and over it was a bad idea.

I had my marching orders.

From where?

California and New York were supposed to execute a squeeze play. Move in from the edges and put the whole country in a trance. And it worked.

For a while. But now we’re getting the blowback. Even if you win against the recall, you’re a lame duck governor. Everybody knows it.

You’re looking short-term. I hold markers. People owe me for my COVID work. I can go to Washington. Rehabilitate my career. Get an appointment as an ambassador. Work my way up to Secretary of State. Then Vice-President. After that…

You’re delusional.

There’s a thing called destiny.

Wow. Really. How does that work? God has a plan for you?

The Universe knows where I fit. The Universe is City Hall. You can’t fight it.

This idea comes from where? A weekend seminar in Big Sur?

People with insight.

I don’t know who those people are, but your future isn’t in California. If you’re talking about Mark Zuckerberg, and the time you two had tea and biscuits together, forget it. If you think you’re an operator, Zuck has you beat six ways from Sunday. He uses people like paper plates, and dumps them in the garbage.

Bill Gates and I have an understanding.

He understands that he’s Stalin and you’re a little officer in the KGB.

I locked down California! That’s what they wanted, and that’s what I gave them.

For that, you get a pension and a free pass to Disneyland. More governors are figuring out the COVID test scam. The numbers are cooked. A guy with no symptoms whatsoever and a false-positive result is suddenly a “pandemic case.” It’s complete fiction.

We’ll go with the mutant strains. That’ll scare everybody.

You’re behind the times, Gavin. Day by day, Fauci is earning his stripes as a laughingstock. The man can’t keep his story straight.

He told me I was a warrior in the cause!

Coming from a buffoon, that’s not exactly an endorsement you can take to the voters. You’re living in March 2020. The friggin’ NFL is going to play their games in full stadiums this year.

Not if I can help it.

If you shut out the Rams, Chargers, and Niners fans, you think they’re going to repay you with love? You squeezed their balls. Now they’re going to squeeze yours.

You don’t understand. You’re lost in the details. This is the big picture I’m looking at. The New Normal, the Great Reset. That’s where the action is. Brave New World.

Maybe you’re right, Gavin. But along the way, the heavy hitters have to throw a few bones to the crowd. And you’re a bone. Your political death will satisfy the crazed mobs for a little while. Don’t you see it? You’ve been set up to take the fall. You and Cuomo. Crunch, crunch. The wild dogs are having you for lunch.

I know too much. The show runners can’t just thrust me aside. I know some of their secrets.

Stop right there. That kind of talk’ll get you discovered by the cops, face-down in a Malibu tidepool. Keep your college-boy mouth shut, Gavin.

I was just venting. Didn’t mean it.

I want to go on the record and say I have no secrets. I know no secrets. I know nothing about purported case-number scams or unnecessary lockdowns or vaccine deaths. It’s all conspiracy crap. Are we being recorded?

You never know. But don’t worry. I would never try to lay blame on you. Even though you’re bailing on me in my darkest hour, I stay loyal. Of course, you could reconsider…

Listen, Governor. I have a little black book on you. Dates and places and other restaurants where you sat around with your pals and nobody was wearing a mask. And that $30 billion in Pandemic Unemployment Benefits? The missing $30 billion that went to criminals gangs in foreign countries, because you couldn’t figure out how the hell to distribute it? That scandal could resurface again. I have some interesting reports I could share with the Times.

You do that and I’ll bury your precious ass. The divorce, the custody battle, the hookers. You’ll be lucky if you can get a gig picking up garbage on freeway exits.

Really. Suppose the good citizens of California knew that, at most, seven percent of so-called COVID cases in the state were real cases? How would that play, especially when people learned you’d been briefed on it by those epidemiologists at Stanford? Don’t try to screw with me.

Those guys are crazy. No dice.

The Lancet doesn’t think so. Neither does the New England Journal. It’s all about how the publicity hits the media. Remember, Mr. Good Teeth, that’s my job. Doing PR for you. I know how to rev up media. And that high-speed rail project you shut down? The construction union has 450,000 members. Maybe I should revisit the story and breathe life back into it. You know, the human interest angle. The rail worker who lost his job. His family fell apart. When COVID hit, he was locked down. He started drinking, finally committed suicide. Had no life insurance. His wife and her two kids are living on the street.

Calm down. Take a breath. We’ve been friends for a long time. I’m not going to torpedo you, you’re not going to launch a missile at me. This is ridiculous.

Of course it is. We’re not two scumbags threatening each other. We’re brothers-in-arms. Hi-Ho California. It’s still the land of golden dreams.

Okay, we have a problem. My political future is on the line. At least it looks that way on the surface.

The deeper you drill, the worse it gets, Governor.

Whatever. The point is, we’re in this together.

We’re in a Mexican standoff.

Please. Try to look at the positive side. I want you with me. I don’t want you to leave.

Then you have to open up the California economy. Faster. Before it sinks into the Pacific.

There are too many eyeballs watching me. Important eyeballs. They want economic destruction. How are we going to get around that?

You sold out to them, Gavin. It’s not on me.

The FUTURE is what’s important. A new world. To get there, we have to destroy the old one.

That’s somebody else’s idea, not yours. Face it, you’re short on ideas. You always have been. Your specialty is generalities. You’re basically playing the role of a Yuppie, in a time when all the Yuppies are gone.

Drop the jokes. Do you have a strategy for getting us out of this trap?

I have lots of strategies. First thing, we’ll set you up for a meeting in Washington with Susan Rice. She’s pulling a lot of the day-to-day strings on Biden. He’s lucky if he can’t get from the bed to the bathroom without radar.

What will I tell her?

You’ll spell out the untenable situation in California. You’ll ask for her advice. We want to see what she’s got. Don’t just listen to her words. Listen to the tune she’s singing. Does she think you’re still useful, or does she intend to throw you to the wolves? We’ll go from there. Tell her you have a plan for bringing major corporations to California, but they’ll need serious federal money, loopholes, write-offs, tax breaks. Make the plan sound real. Say you can send her the details.

Makes sense. Good.

And start listening to me, Gavin. I’m not just throwing crap at the wall. You’re in the political fight of your life. This is not going to be easy. We’ll have to invoke some serious partnerships to work our way out of the hole.

What partnerships?

We need money. Lots of money. To inject every which way into the state economy. It’s our only hope. And we’ll have to hide most of it, so no one knows where it’s coming from.

Wait a minute. You’re talking about…?

What’s the biggest state industry that’s off the books?


That’s right. Shit. Drugs. My cousin’s bank can put together the meetings for us.

With the…cartels?

Two cartels. They handle most of the freight.

So you’ve been a busy boy.

I’ve been looking out for you, Governor. It’s all about you.

Sure it is. How much have you personally been raking in—

No time for that now. We need to structure and formalize our arrangement with the cartels. And when we sit down with these people, you’ll have to drop your college-boy persona. No smiles. No teeth. No hail-fellow-well-met.

I can get tough, don’t worry.

Yeah, you can try to impersonate a corrupt cop on Blue Bloods. Forget that. Just think of it as business. You’re a dry businessman. It’s all about numbers and details. Are you with me?

Are you with me?

We’re stuck with each other, Gavin. So let’s go to work.

I knew I could count on you to help preserve my career.

Climb down off your high horse. Stop trying to hustle me. I’m not some liberal putz from San Francisco.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

21 comments on “Governor Newsom’s secret conversation in his underground restaurant, where he entertained fantasies of becoming the next JFK—but now he’s on the recall ballot and his boyish grin is collapsing

  1. CatherineBH says:

    The con man Gavin, is a lot like Joe. Both con their way, thru their time in office. Cutting deals, trafficking one thing or another & let’s not forget his half billion dollar transfers to China, during Covid, for masks. Those masks they forgot to send & sent weapons instead, those weapons he has in a warehouse in Sacramento. The same weapons, he gives to their gangs, to scare the people with & shoot a few when needed. We got Gavin’s number – it’s listed right under Recall.

  2. Brad says:

    The truth be told by Jon…It seems the 4IR is beginning to fall apart as local go-fors have music to face and are bailing to save their own political skins.

    Did the pyramid cap jump the gun on implementing their desired Technocracy? Looking at all the masked cultist the cap may still pull it all off but it is not going to be the cake walk they thought it would. Whoever said “let’s do this now” will have some answering to do if the 4IR plan ends up failing. Of course the cap have at least a half dozen fall back plans and we will see them rolled out in a series of ever increasing pressure to get their way. That said half the public is now aware that this will be the case and the public will respond accordingly. There is danger beyond words for the cap if they make one more mistake. the word is out and this is one of them:

  3. Diane Shears says:

    “A weekend seminar in Big Sur?” A reference to Esalen, I presume…?

  4. Opie Poik says:

    “Every soul’s worth saving.
    At least to a priest;
    But not every soul is worth buying.
    So, you can take the offer as a compliment.”
    ~ William S. Burroughs, “Words of Advice”

    Satan, the entrepreneur, is trying to allocate scarce resources and time the top of the market, and achieved his position by dispassionate assessment of value.

    ‘Bye, Gav! Thanks for your services.


    Jon Rappoport, COO, Satanic Scriptwriting Corp.

  5. Eluard says:

    “I’m not some liberal putz from San Francisco.”

    Captures all the nuts in one big Nutshell rolling precipitously down a Frisco sidestreet. Oh, you’re not supposed to say “Frisco.” Bad form. Oops.

    If Marty Balin could say it, so can I. “Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Indeed. Got a revolution, GOT TO Revolution. They meant it Gavin, from the heart, in ’68. You never meant anything.

  6. Linda Becker says:

    This was an encouraging read!! Thank you for injecting some hope that there maybe can be a new and hopefully an integrous governor in California.

  7. michael says:

    Now you need to do an article on the Hitler in Michigan. She is just like Gov Newsom. Now we have 2 year olds that need masks.

  8. Sean says:

    Cheers to all of the Signatures in California. Fresno born myself.

  9. Opie Poik says:

    CDC Now Recommends Wearing A Seat Belt Even When You’re Outside The Car

    Trust the science.

  10. John Payne says:

    I think we can safely announce the end of the “Pandemic” except for India, which will burn to the ground creating a new DEMIC.

  11. Paul says:


    “Are you with me?

    We’re stuck with
    each other, Gavin.
    So let’s go to work.”

    Like Laurel & Hardy.
    Like Frick & Frack.
    Like Leopold & Loeb.

    Like peas & carrots.
    Like white on rice.
    Like two peas in a pod.

    [I drift from simile…]
    …like a wonton & egg roll…

    Damn I gotta git me some Chinese food.


    Caitlyn Jenner will run for CA Governor, to replace Gavin.

    And when I say “run,” I literally mean run. She’ll wipe the floor with him.

    The college track meet awaits.

  12. Larry C says:

    “We’re losing. I was watching a baseball game in Texas the other night. They had 38,000 people in the stands. What have we got? A college track meet with two transgender groups of 12 people holding signs and cheering.”

    Fuckin’ politicians…????

    • eceres says:

      – when think of line in article though, what I see is thirty thousand, wearing masks, watching others do nothing. as if the g. bush ‘go shopping’ false ‘solution’ to false nine eleven sunk in, lack of reality.

      could argue the trans are doing something to make the world what they want, as others watch baseball. Though, example trans also distracted by nonsense sports, but just making point. Either way need more reaction to mask dictators. Agree on politicians, or maybe its polit i shuns.

      The newsom thing, imo, others calif govrmnt are same, so what difference really, they could put down mask mandates etc regardless of newsom but don’t. In any event, though see dif vision in part of article, still a little lol the comparison. So for me will just keep sharing the site, Jon’s unique writing, energy inspires creating. ~

      best line to me, ‘ the Future is what’s important. A new world. To get there, we have to destroy the old one. ‘ – My new world would be. no dictators, a horse in every yard, for transport without gas, and helps plow the wheat. and where everyone has to be a warrior, male female kids everyone, responsible for future. and guard against mask dictators, and other invaders, and poisoning the land.

      Then again isn’t that how we lived before supposed ‘govrmnt’ ? Wonder if flouride in water or maybe the mass plastic affects memory, so people forget.

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    California was once a place that people from all over used to come to for generations for a fresh start in life and chance to feel free. The lush Valleys. The wide-open Deserts. The stunning Coastlines. The sun and the fun. The Beach Boys. The laid-back lifestyle. The fragrant orange groves and grape vines offering a little sniff of Heaven.

    Now, California is the opposite of everything it was once seen to be. People may still be coming, but not those who seek a fresh start in life or a chance to feel and be free. The sun may be there when the smog and ‘low-clouds-and-fog’ aren’t clogging the skies, but the fun is long gone. The Beach Boys are still around and trying to sing old songs about a place that no longer exists in real life and barely remains as a dim memory once held as a treasure in our minds.

    The laid-back lifestyle has been replaced by crushing Rules & Regulations both being legislated from Sac-Town or just being force-fed on everyone by horribly deluded Wokesters who seem hellbent into turning the Former Golden State into an Earthly 21st Century version of Dante’s Most Lower World.

    California was America’s Safety Valve. The one place left for new beginnings. The one place left to relieve the pressures that were building back where people came from and were trying to escape from. Now, that National Safety Valve is gone and the Tarnished State is now a big contributor to the pressure cooker that is contemporary America. There is no more safety valve. There is no more place to be or feel free. The pot is boiling over and all that glitters from LA and Bay Area skyscrapers is not gold.

    The World lost a whole lot more than just a lush and bountiful State drawn on a map that was called California. The World lost an Attitude. The World lost it’s place to dream. The California Dream was turned into a Nightmare. Golden State Dreaming has become a Fool’s Gold State of scheming and screaming.

    • Donella says:

      They call it paradise
      I don’t know why
      You call someplace paradise
      Kiss it goodbye

      Eagles~ The Last Resort

    • Paul says:


      Exquisitely written!
      I can see it all,
      in your words.

      You might consider writing lyrics for a song. Hang on to it until you find musician(s).

      No sad song, mind you, just a pointed message.

      A Clarion Call, if you wish.

      Thank you.

  14. Tim_2A says:

    Ugh. Poor Bruce. There’s a true example of just ONE of the many NWO programs come to its fruition, with its attendant multiple glitches.

    If s/he was on a box of Wheaties today, would you eat ‘whatever’ GMO gunk was in the box?


  15. Larry Z says:

    California was once the place everybody wanted to be at, and I mean from everywhere in the world; if you grew up outside of the States like I did, and are old enough, you will know what I mean.

    British band Supertramp summed it up way back when,’all the girls in California, I’m hoping it’s gonna come true’.

    Now California has taken so many hits, I hear it’s starting to resemble some post-apocalypse Mad Max freak show. Newsom is a caricature of the fake know-nothing smarmy politician who got where he was because of money and connections. And he behaves accordingly.

  16. North Woods says:

    As Charlie Daniels said in “Grapes of Wrath” – “California you’re a Faker, California you’re a Lie, cause the Rich keep getting Richer while the hungry Children cry. One of the days you gonna Pay-e-ay for your Mistakes”…

    • Amer says:

      My thoughts as well.. I grew up hearing California is calling you. Thinking.. i can’t wait to go there, fame, fortune.. now looking back.. it reminds me if the scene from pinocchio where they are lured to the fair.. and even after the kids know it’s not what it seemed. They still can’t wait to be lured back.. California was a beautiful dream.. but much like the movies.. a majority of it seems it was lots of smoke and mirrors.. special effects… and what not.. and i think back and am grateful i couldn’t make it there when i wanted to go.. because had i.. who knows what horror i nay have found there, i wanted to be an actress. I think every day about those children that were takem advantage of.. molested, raped.. but for the Grace of God, go i.. while i did deal with some things in my own life in the realm of equality to their pain.. i can’t imagine the horrific encounters they experienced and hushed for so long too. God said.. for the little children.. and it was so. It’s so sad though.. for all the innocents on every side of the trajectory..

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