The Pandemic on Television

by Jon Rappoport

April 27, 2021

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It should obvious to all but the most addled minds that television news anchors, their script writers, and editors never question the following (false) assertions:

SARS-CoV-2 is real. It was discovered and sequenced.

The test for the virus is accurate.

Every positive test denotes a “case of COVID-19.”

The case numbers and death numbers are accurate.

Masks, distancing, and lockdowns are necessary, in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

The COVID vaccine is safe and effective.

People who take the vaccine should nevertheless continue to wear masks and limit their exposure to non-family groups.

The mainstream news denizens accept these presumptions without investigation. They’re taking dictation from public health agencies (CDC, WHO).

Therefore, of what value is the news? Instead of elaborate broadcasts, why don’t the networks simply present, once a day, announcements from CDC spokespeople delivered from bland bureaucratic offices?

The answer, of course, is: commercials. Ad revenues. News divisions are expected to make money. They’re not public charities.

News is business.

Lester Holt (NBC) makes $10 million a year. Norah O’Donnell (CBS) makes $6 million a year. David Muir (ABC) makes $5 million a year. Wolf Blitzer (CNN) makes $5 million a year.

News also dresses up content. Instead of a CDC bureaucrat saying, “4000 new cases in Michigan today,” Norah can say, “ALARMING REPORT OF 4000 NEW CASES IN MICHIGAN,” with accompanying quick cuts of charts and graphs, footage of people waiting in line for the vaccine and lab workers fiddling with vials and EMT personnel wheeling a patient down a hospital corridor and Anthony Fauci sitting in the Oval Office across from Joe Biden.

Cut to the Michigan governor at a podium: “The pandemic is far from over. We have a lot of work to do…”

A general in full-dress uniform tells Norah, “Right now, we’re working on a vaccine that will protect against any virus, even ones we’ve never seen or discovered…”

For 60 seconds, two talking heads offer points of view on “the disproportionate dispensing of the vaccine to minority communities.”

A U of Michigan assistant athletic director speculates on whether home football this fall will be played in a packed stadium.

And “We’ll be back after this.”

COMMERCIALS. A drug that causes heart attacks. A drug that causes brain damage. A public service announcement for COVID vaccination. Chevy truck. Teaser for upcoming premiere of a new CBS cop show. One dollar special for double burger and fries and egg and bacon and cheese breakfast at McKing. Save money on your car insurance, click or call. Thick or thin crust, square or round pizza. A drug that makes your hair fall out. Tires that hold the road in the Arctic. Teaser for upcoming special: A Life Well Lived, the Man Who Changed America: Anthony Fauci.

And—back to the news.

That’s not hard work. It’s not intelligent work. It’s certainly not investigative work.

Truth be told, thousands of people could do it, could head up network television news coverage. The quality of American education aside, there are still MANY literate high school and college cheerleaders, drama majors, athletes, and self-assured nerds who could stand in for these high-priced anchors and deliver the goods.

If you peruse the bios of Lester Holt and David Muir, for example, you find they worked their up through positions as local anchors—meaning news readers. They also, up close and personal, “covered hot spots around the world.” Plane crashes, revolutions, hurricanes. In other words, they spoke with official sources in those places, and repeated the official versions of events, while standing under umbrellas whipping in the rain or on evening city rooftops wearing a Dan Rather-style bush jacket or flak jacket.

It goes without saying that network talent spotters are looking for young stars who are INCURIOUS. No digging beneath the surface on stories. Instead—shift horizontally across the top layer and find sweet spots that align with politically designated objectives, when necessary.

“I really like this kid in Cincinnati. He has good teeth, a strong jaw, and his hair looks like it’s made out of iron. Smooth baritone. Occasional self-effacing smile.”

“Yeah, I don’t know. He’s Clark Kent. Too straight.”

“We can work with that. Road trips. Send him to the Ukraine for a few weeks, Poland, El Salvador. Give him some seasoning. Hey, David Muir’s doing all right and he looks like he just stepped out of a men’s underwear catalog.”

“The Cincinnati kid played football at a small college in Nebraska. We could put him with the Bengals reporting on racial issues. That ought to give him a rough edge or two…”

“Wait. Here’s a red flag. Three months ago, he had this lawyer on his broadcast. The lawyer’s filing a suit against a university lab. Claims the COVID PCR test is spitting out false-positives like a fire hose.”

“Crap. Was it just a one-time screw-up?”

“No. Our boy tried to take it further. He brought a crew to the university lab. Got some quotes from techs there.”

“That’s not good. He’s an anchor and he thinks he’s making the news.”

Indeed, that isn’t good. Anchors don’t make news. They don’t ferret it out. They take what’s there and make it sound important.

You or I could go into a college drama department, stand in front of a hundred students, and say, “We’re looking for people who can read text without mistakes and make it sound important”—

And voila, we’d discover a few young men and women who could, with a few weeks of training, assume the role of a local TV news anchor and do a credible job.

In the history of television news, I know of two elite network anchors who—if not in their coverage of stories, but in their manner and attitude—transmitted a significant dissatisfaction with their roles, their limitations, and their virtual imprisonments: Peter Jennings and Jessica Savitch.

Jennings came across as “the man who knew more but wasn’t allowed to report it.” Savitch was a tiger caged at a circus, pacing back and forth in her cell, angry, wanting to rip the bars and jump out. Savitch died at 36, Jennings at 67.

Jennings managed to keep on his staff, for six years, an ACTUAL medical journalist, the late Nick Regush. Regush spent many hours digging below the surface. For example, in 1999, in a blistering ABC report, he expressed serious doubt that the Hepatitis C virus exists. After his departure from the network, he echoed that report:

“Consider this a challenge in progress. This scientific adventure raises the question of whether the hepatitis C virus, blamed for a major silent epidemic of liver disease and even cancer, actually exists. That’s right. You read this correctly: I am raising a question that may disturb scientists and hepatitis C patients alike. But I’m raising it anyway because it is vital to do so in the interests of public health. I’m issuing a challenge to the scientific community to present me with the published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that such a virus actually exists—namely that it has been properly isolated, according to accepted, fundamental principles of virology.”

Were Regush working for ABC today, he would last about five minutes before being fired.

“Don’t DISCOVER news, RELAY it.”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “The Pandemic on Television

  1. john-oranje says:

    All you need is good speaking voice, an air of authority
    and make sure you keep your head still.
    Oh and the ability to read a text convincingly and fluently. A career awaits some lucky college graduates.

  2. Erin Williams-Lea says:

    Thank you Jon for writing and expressing what many of us are thinking and feeling. If you would like to dig deeper into how America came to where we are, I would suggest starting with the Norman Dodd report to the Reese Commission in 1954. A real eye opener that was not allowed to be presented to the American public. He shows the source of todays communist/socialist bent we’re on. Thank you

    • john-oranje says:

      Here is a link to the Dodd report to the Reece

    • Sean says:

      Hi Erin, Im familiar with that. And Im not anywhere near a researcher as Jon and others on this blog are. I just really appreciate researchers like them and probably yourself too. It’s who I turn to and respect because they do all the work on any given subject. Less opinion, more factual. I would bet that not many people have the drive for this valuable skill. As Jon has it too. Digging the deepest is obviously what you guys do and do well, which I only attempt. G Edward Griffin did a video interview of Dodd just before Dodds passing, that is a diamond.

    • Rob McIntyre says:

      Thanks for the reference to the Norman Dodd report to the Reese Commission. Foundations are essentially an elitist tool to override government and therefore control our lives in every way possible and evade taxes. This has become to biggest problem and is an assault on the Constitution. Tyranny just around the corner! Wake up “we the people”.

  3. Piksil says:

    Jon, you left out Sharyl Atkisson!

    I guess she wasn’t an anchor though.

    I remember Peter Jennings’ saying, after one of the towers ‘fell’ on 9/11, something to the effect of: ‘that sure looked like a controlled demolition, if you’ve aver seen one…’
    Cut to black…no commercial cued up…bet that producer was in a panic for a bit after that!

    I’m hoping someone in the Biden admin sees this report and puts a little heat on whomever is responsible for the wage disparity, and that Norah O’D gets a much deserved raise.

    Or Lester/Lurch gets a much deserved cut.

    I mean, aren’t they the only First Responders? Weekdays @6 PM Eastern.

    • Saeger says:

      Him and dan rathers. jennings got cancer not long after. and rather got shifted around a while after that also. Makes me think of subject, what would happen if everybody or even half us rmade effort on stuff at one time. the people controllers count on being able to tank us one or another here or there, whether protesting, or bogus system, for instance at least a third of people have had some sort of bad lawyers or bogus judges etc, problem is everyone not having problem same time to then make action or effort.

      Or really at base, think maybe is failure to acknowlege bad problems around us and – pre empt things, by stopping situtations first, before gets to us. Mistake most people didn’t teach kidz, anticipation, action. Basic life stuff, natural law. More and more I think we shouldn’t have left the jungle.

      Anyway, here’s a thing, been on bit of food thing so here’s a flavor, get some pinapple, strawberries, orange, chop, mash, shake in bottle or something with little water then add some full fat yogurt and shake. good stuff.

  4. Paul says:

    of what value
    is the news?”

    The ? of the US Century.

    “…even ones [viruses]
    we’ve never seen
    or discovered…”

    Oh! TV Science!
    Save me.

    …and back to The News,
    I mean Ads.
    It’s America, after all.

    “Truth be told,
    thousands of people
    could do it,
    could head up
    network television
    news coverage.”

    Posters, on This Lyceum
    could easily do it.
    are a school of inattention:
    without seeing,
    listen in
    without hearing.”

    ~ Robert Bresson

    French film director.
    Known for his ascetic approach.
    He contributed notably
    to the art of cinema;
    his non-professional actors, ellipses,
    and sparse use of scoring
    have led his works
    to be regarded
    as preeminent examples
    of minimalist film.


  5. Sean says:

    Yes, don’t DISCOVER the news, RELAY it. So I can see what the news anchors are emphasizing in the script they are reading. So I can forecast what they want the masses of people to do or focus on, or to distract ones attention off other events they dont want seen. Oh yes, all of those anchors can do that, no problem. With a 5 million dollar paycheck people will produce whatever they want them to produce. Who knows what else they could be doing in News Art. Maybe they’re pumping out, on all stations, a common false reality, like a fake deadly virus? A real mass lockdown, to model for the rest of the world to duplicate. Caring health officials, insisting on vaccinations and nothing healthy whatsoever. Doctors everywhere helping people die with oxygen ventilators, ect, thank you Hero’s. Police pushing your Mama down for not wearing a mask at the grocery. Demonizing people that studied vaccinations and knows its history and the ingredients that are they purposely putting in them, for what reasons? News anchors hinting that Anti-vaxers are actually dumb for some reason. And making sure they drive home that, “Fake News is a threat to our democracy.” By the way news anchor, each state is guaranteed a Republic form of government here in America, the land of the free. You know, sweet land of Liberty. Exactly why wouldnt you want to broadcast something true like that, daily? Exactly.

    I rarely watch. A snippet here and there online.

    I have apple news in my email. I dont usually open it either. But they can fit two or three highlights in the subject line that I can see when I open my email and it discloses exactly what they want me to believe. Contract tracing stating over here, Fauci winning another argument again on world news over there. Always guiding. Very low life material.

  6. Lisa H says:

    Paid actors…

  7. Opie Poik says:

    TV “news”:
    You will obey me while I lead you
    And eat the garbage that I feed you
    Until the day that we don’t need you
    Don’t go for help… no one will heed you
    Your mind is totally controlled
    It has been stuffed into my mold
    And you will do as you are told
    Until the rights to you are sold

    That’s right, folks, don’t touch that dial:

  8. D. says:

    4 major corporations own the mainstream media. Official “news” is disseminated and repeated almost verbatim through its subsidiaries, outlets and online platforms to shape a predetermined consensus.

    What’s considered “news” is corporate-sponsored and intel-mandated narratives that have no connection to objective reality. When green screens aren’t used, the media will literally invent stories out of thin air complete with bogus data, skewed polls with slim sampling pool, crisis actors, politicians reading from scripts, etc.

    I’m sure the overwhelming majority of readers on this blog understands the situation. Not hard to figure out. The establishment aren’t interested in converting us. They’re more intent on demonizing us as conspiracy theorists who operate on the fringes of radical beliefs.

    The people who push fake news are looking to manipulate and control the masses. This explains why so many Karens out there are willing to bow their heads to Dr. Fauci with a compliant “Yes, Master”.

    In fact, it was reported in the Columbia Journalism Review that the Gates Foundation pay news outlets a good chunk of change to cover only what is favorable to Big Pharma and their allies.

    The news has always operated on behalf of the elites going all the way back to Walter Cronkite. We know this but most people don’t. This is why the COVID scam has been such a raving success.

  9. Brett Morgen says:

    THANK YOU JON RAPPOPORT! This article is brilliant, as per usual. Thank you for destroying this fake pandemic every step of the way. You are truly a hero and an inspiration. Anyone wearing a mask outdoors or believing the likes of Norah O’Donnell should be considered an active enemy combatant.

    God Bless Jon Rappoport

  10. Eluard says:

    David Muir is a real piece of work. He was that very drama club guy you avoided in high school as he preened by you in the hallway. I saw him interview Bill Hates once or twice during this spectacle. It was hilarious and nauseating at once. Muir’s fake gravity and Gates’ fake humanity, quite a combo.

    Jessica Savitch…wow, brings back adolescent memories. I forgot how intelligent she was and how sexy. When you look at the news footage from the ’70s and ’80s you realize that, as scripted and censored as it was, there was still some Reality in there. You knew exactly where Roger Grimsby was heading after his shift–the bars on Columbus Avenue!

    Seeing Network cured me of any illusions about TV news. It was always a matrix production.

  11. Jon: Therefore, of what value is the news? Instead of elaborate broadcasts, why don’t the networks simply present, once a day, announcements from CDC spokespeople delivered from bland bureaucratic offices?

    Rick: Not 5 minutes ago, a Walinsky woman from CDC was on Fox “LIVE” from CDC– pushing vax and vilifying nonvaxxers. Incredible… as if it’s an urgent immediate emergency– like in the days of the Cold War with city siren poles and orders to hide under your desk… as if an air-raid were occurring from buzz bombs in London in WWII… I think they know they’re losing the psychological war to the refuse-niks… so they’re doubling down on science fiction horror.

    • M - says:

      “CDC was…pushing vax and VILIFYING nonvaxxers.” Indeed. Recently I read that people were actually creating playlists on Spotify that “celebrated” their getting the vaccine…erm gene-therapy drug thingamajig. So I countered that with a playlist of my own entitled “A Playlist for the Rest of Us”

      You know:
      * We who are being labeled “conspiracy theorists” – even though we’re not.
      * We who are being characterized as “un-patriotic” – even though we’re not.
      * We who are being attacked as “superspreaders” – even though we’re not.
      * We who are rational and are intelligently digesting both sides of an issue – even though we’re…wait a minute – that’s US!
      * Pariahs

      Complete with selected lyrics from the accompanying videos:

  12. Barbara Powers says:

    Thank you. This topic has been exposed and discussed by thinking people during other times and dramatized famously in the movie “Network.” But NEVER in the history of television has the medium been as abused and dangerously manipulated as in 2020 and 2021. The depth of the deception and lies on TV surrounding “Covid 19” has been the leading tool in a plot so evil and sophisticated, I will never see the world we live in the same way again. I do not believe this plot will succeed, despite its horrible damage, because the human spirit is too strong. But its demise will never be admitted and certainly not televised. The exposure of TV needs to be shouted once again from the rooftops by Howard Beale and all of us.

    • Eluard says:

      I feel the same Barbara, the human spirit will overcome this monstrous desecration. I feel heartened by Jon and his readers and the many others like Dr. Kaufman and Reiner Fuellmich who are reflecting the irrepresible light of the Truth. Thank you for your sentiments.

  13. Fredrick says:

    Jon, appreciate the information you provide, but it’s constant doom and gloom, no apparent signs of hope. With your excellent contacts and knowledgeable information interpretation, why haven’t you strived to expose this covid fraud and rid the world of the lies and hidden agenda in a meaningful and constructive manner? You obviously have leadership capabilities.

    • Eluard says:


      What do you suggest the man do? For many months he’s been peeling layer after layer, often the same layers again and again, so people can see the Con happening in front of and to them.

      To make a real collective change it would have to seep into the minds of many of the sheeple still watching and believing the very news he speaks of here. That’s why he keeps hammering at the PCR, at No Isolation, at the fraud of the CDC. I think that’s pretty darn meaningful and constructive. Sure, he’s done a lot of de-constructing too, but there are also many tools he’s been offering along the way. That’s on Us to spot and utilize them.

      He’s one man, with a good platform and some loyal readers–the problem for Jon is, his work is often too deep for most and when it’s very simple–as lately exposing the lie of virus isolation–no one but us seems to absorb and believe it.

      So what should Jon do, Fred? (Or any of us, individually?) You do know he’s a healthy octogenarian, don’t you? Storming the Bastille might not be the order of the day at this point.

      • Fredrick says:

        With his knowledgeable contacts, organize a strategy, devote every column to that strategy, and to the new information that becomes available. Compile a list of questions and send to the top medical officials in their regions responsible for this questionable covid response. For instance: why are they not obtaining full Informed Consent? The “vaccines” are experimental, ongoing trials. Moderna, Identifier: NCT04470427, estimated study completion date is not till October 27, 2022. This is human experimentation. By not obtaining full and explicit Informed Consent from recipients, this contravenes the Nuremberg Code (1947).

  14. Striketheroot says:

    Stoopid Question D’jour: On what does a clone / hybrid like Lester spend 10 million a year? Perhaps he sends it to Cloneaid ?

  15. Myles says:

    If you haven’t yet, everyone take a look into the murder of young Ms Savitch.

    I would elaborate, but words are better not spoken in this topic.

  16. May Hem says:

    A concert to re-unite the world! I can hardly wait!!!

    “Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will co-chair a fundraising concert urging more vaccinations that will air on May 8, event organizers have announced, as Queen Elizabeth II returned to royal duties following the funeral of her husband Philip.

    President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris will also appear at Vax Live: The Concert To Reunite The World, where performers will include Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin and HER. The French President and Canadian Prime Minister will also appear at the event.”

    Well thank goodness: “The (very small) audience will comprise fully vaccinated frontline and essential workers.”

    the campaign is pushing businesses to “donate dollars for doses”, and for G7 governments to share excess vaccines. It also urges pharmaceutical companies “including Moderna to make vaccines available at not-for-profit prices”.

    Generous and fair-minded Harry and Meghan have said: “We can’t leave anybody behind. We will all benefit, we will all be safer when everyone everywhere has equal access to the vaccine.

    “We must pursue equitable vaccine distribution, and in that, restore faith in our common humanity. This mission couldn’t be more critical.”

    I wonder how much Harry and Mefhan are being paid for this promo?

    • Mac says:

      advertising tactics 101.
      or propaganda tactics 301.

      create ‘excitement’
      make the thing you’re trying to push seem ‘desired’
      make people think it’s ‘popular’
      make it seem hard to get
      use media figures as ‘example to follow’ -sort of same as training dogs.

      Looks as if they hit the points with the concert, or is it con cert.

      feel free to copy list. took time to know. applies to everything. harder to sell us when you know the drill.

  17. L Garou says:

    Psycho-Techno mesmerism, with a big dash of pharmacopoeia..

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