“They didn’t isolate the virus,”

Chief Chinese epidemiologist tells NBC News—referring to samples taken from the Wuhan market a year ago

by Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2021

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The Chinese scientist’s name is Dr. Wu Zunyou. He is the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. NBC News reporter, Janis Mackey Frayer, conducted a brief interview with Dr. Zunyou on January 23, 2021.

Frayer mentioned that “samples” were taken, a year ago, at the beginning of the “outbreak,” from the infamous Huanan market in Wuhan. She then asked Dr. Zunyou, “Why has the data not been shared?”

He answered, “They didn’t isolate the virus.” He was referring to tissue samples taken from animals sold at the market.

That’s an interesting answer. Why have researchers and scientists claimed SARS-CoV-2 crossed species from animals to humans at that market, when no one ever isolated the virus from samples taken at the market?

The next, and far bigger question, is: When Dr. Zunyou says, “They didn’t isolate the virus,” is he ONLY referring to tissue samples taken from animals at the market? Or does his answer also apply to the first 40 human cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, which were claimed to result from a newly discovered coronavirus?

I’ve queried Dr. Zunyou. We’ll see if he replies.

I’ve spent the last year demonstrating that no one has proved SARS-CoV-2 exists. I’ve also explained why people are dying, why the PCR test is meaningless and useless and deceptive, why the case and death numbers are meaningless, and why the con is being foisted on the global population.

Since the early days of the “pandemic,” many scientists authoring papers have claimed they isolated the virus. However, I’ve explained how, in Orwellian fashion, they torture and twist and reverse the meaning of the word, “isolate,” so it signifies the opposite of what it ACTUALLY means.

I’ve also explained that the so-called genetic sequencing of the virus is another con. It isn’t the result of looking through some sort of cosmic microscope at genes lined up like cars in a supermarket parking lot. It’s a process using a computer program to stitch together DATA— PRESUMED pieces of a virus—based on speculation, bias, pretension, and sheer hype. Rather than science.

Based on no evidence of a new virus, the Chinese regime locked down 50 million citizens. Fairly soon, they lifted the lockdowns and pushed their economy into high gear again.

They provided the model of lockdowns to the West, where elite players—Bill Gates, the CDC, the World Health Organization, the United Nations—praised the Chinese regime and adopted their lockdown strategy; thus wrecking national economies and hundreds of millions of lives.

This is called a COVERT OPERATION. It had nothing to do with science. The operation was based on selling A STORY ABOUT A VIRUS.

For literate people, the word “isolate” indicates: a thing is separated from all other material surrounding it. Very simple. However, for virologists, the word means: “We have the virus in a soup in a dish in the lab.” UN-ISOLATED.

Virologists state: The soup consists of the virus, plus human and animal cells, plus (toxic) drugs and chemicals, plus all sorts of other genetic material.

They know the virus is in the soup, because some of the cells are dying. The virus must be killing the cells.

WRONG. The toxic drugs and chemicals could certainly be killing the cells. The cells are also being starved of vital nutrients, and that fact alone could account for cell-death.

There is no isolation. There is no proof a virus is in the soup. There is no proof a virus is killing cells. There is no proof the virus exists.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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105 comments on ““They didn’t isolate the virus,”

  1. Low Voltage says:

    I’ve been wondering why didn’t they just isolate a virus, any virus, and be done with it.

    If they did isolate a virus, it would be scrutinized, and they would have to find IT in sick people. An odd collection of genetic markers can appear and disappear based on cycle counts.

  2. Opie Poik says:

    Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder | Stefan Molyneux
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L0dPKpfHRA (<6min)

    As mask submission prefigures vax acceptance.

    • Honest Liberty says:

      I said that from day one.

      Colorado is dead.. Disgusting. Summit county mandates people fill out a health questionnaire in case of FauxVID.

      I’m reaching my limits. From what I’ve experienced with humanity and the general reaction: good. I hope they all die. Disgusting, slave, hive mind, weak scum.

      Humanity needs a massive culling, and sadly that includes half my extended family

  3. Sean says:

    Yep, and now this guy is saying it too. Straight from the horses mouth.

    I hope you can get the interview. But its not a requirement for me. However, wouldnt it potentially set the record straight, help humanity, and expose these organizations clearly? I would hope Dr. Wu Zunyou would continue with this thread. It would be huger than huge.

    I wonder when cdc and other players admit truths if they are just pilling some kind of disclaimer for themselves if ever in court or whatever.

    When I seen that last week, I thought, it wont even matter.

    • Jim says:

      With all that has happened, with common sense being thrown out into the trash, would it even matter if they came clean? Most would still stay masked and social distance. Not to mention beg for the shot. And I will urge them to take it. This level of stupidity is the enemy of freedom.

      • Lainie says:

        You would urge them to take it.
        But I totally understand. My neighbor comes out of her home where she has isolated herself for a year and proudly boasts, “well I’ve decided to get the vaccine.” We’ve been open since May 2020 and are not required to mask up. ????????‍♀️

      • NaturalWoman says:

        Yes, Jim, this level of stupidity is the enemy of freedom. But I won’t urge anyone to take the shot, knowing the truth, because then I am partially responsible. Instead, I attempt to open their minds to a different view–but if they refuse to consider it, or worse, vebally abuse me, I stop. Each of us makes our own choices, and their poor choice will give them consequences. It is not my job to convince or prove the deception, as some folks expect of me. It is their job to pursue truth for themselves.

        • JennyM says:

          It’s funny how some people are so adamant about this vaccine, and get belligerent if one tries to gently shine a light into their murky thought processes.
          This is the result of years of psychological research into people’s behavior, they found that the general population of public schooled drones will, when told “Story 1” from an “Authority”, that after a period of time the “Authority” will say they were wrong about “Story 1” and tell them “Story 2” is correct, most people will cling even HARDER to “Story 1” than before! And think of the amplification of that when you add the 24/7 spewing of fear porn news they’ve bene subjected to for the past year.

        • Jim says:

          I really don’t give a damn what you think about me. The idiots wearing masks and taking the vaccine are the ones who would also try and force everyone else to do the same. You can’t fix stupid, and it’s stupid to try to do so. Yet, here you are saying I should. I repeat, stupidity and liberty don’t mix. But you don’t want to know that.

          • JennyM says:

            I wasn’t talking to you Jim, I was talking to NaturalWoman.

          • Jim says:

            I was too. The reply buttons are a little screwy sometimes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

          • Myles says:

            You can indeed fix stupid.
            It’s happening all over the world all the time.
            And it’s not about providing them knowledge, but rather helping them to understand their own power of healing

          • Jim says:

            Stupid doesn’t want to know. That’s what makes them stupid. We’re all ignorant, but stupid embraces their ignorance.

    • Drew says:

      The Interview clip is really great as brings the contents of this document into complete doubt.


      That document is essentially the big “COVID is Here” document..(am i right?)

      Its claims to have achieved:
      A – the completed virus “isolation” (not using Koch’s postulates)
      B – the complete COVID genome sequence (bullshit!)
      C – and PCR ASSay?

      Here in Aust. there are no documents in any organisation that detail the “isolation of Covid” ever.

      (Using FOI requests -https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/fois-reveal-that-health-science-institutions-around-the-world-have-no-record-of-sars-cov-2-isolation-purification

      If The covid proof of presence is questionable in the chinese documents, where are the Australian copies?

      And What the fuck is going on – lol?

      Anyways any thoughts or suggestions are most welcome.
      And Good luck to us all.

  4. Jim S Smith says:

    But the multi-million-dollar “public service announcements”, and all the scare-fare to demand the everyone continue wearing oxygen-depriving, suffocating masks – and continue the “social-distancing” – and all other fear and paranoia – for OVER A YEAR in some parts of the world: Have accomplished exactly what the globalists have wanted – massive poverty, destitution, and the feeling of sheer hopelessness!

    – “Game, set, MATCH!”

    Even without getting into all the details about a “non-isolated virus”, this entire sham is just so damned obvious – beyond the pale. Just as our sham “(s)election” was an obvious fake – with all of the “media” gas-lighting in the years and months beforehand – and the cataclysmic “change” in polling and “vote-counts”. Just HOW is it that this “Stockholm Syndrome” and the general mental miasma has taken such deep rooting in America? ? ? Years of mental twisting, and constant “authoritative” propaganda, that’s a major part of it.

    • Frankie says:

      Awesome comment Jimmy. I have literally said all of the same things.

    • Leinani C says:

      You’re on point????????

    • JennyM says:

      Plus Rockefeller controlled public school “education” has bred or hammered out any uniqueness among students, with the main message being put out is to “OBEY AUTHORITY” with no questions asked.

      Creativity is frowned upon usually. Conformity is rewarded. So is bum kissing.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        * * Plus Rockefeller controlled public school “education” has bred or hammered out any uniqueness among students, with the main message being put out is to “OBEY AUTHORITY” with no questions asked. * *

        I believe we can also count that towards the propaganda campaign. “Public Education” has been an effective tool by the early (17-18th century) socialist “planners” all along. Even THEN, these principles were built upon the many centuries of mandatory indoctrination before them.

        The “church” did the same thing. The various “fifedoms” did the same thing. – It is all a very scripted methodology, which borrows from the more-ancient thoughts on “public policy” before them.

        “Humanity” has been pushed through the domestication process for many, many centuries.

  5. Donna says:

    I have questioned the existence of covid19 for a year. Not many people that I know are doing the same; or, have done the same. They have not questioned any aspect of the covid19 operation.

    Is covid real? Jon has written so many articles and has done so much research that suggest that SARS CoV 2 has never been proven to exist. There are other journalists and doctors who have suggested the same thing.

    Pam Popper uploaded a video clip that suggests SARS CoV 2 does exist. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/WsMDVaoflIQ

    Personally, I think the pandemic is over and actually ended in late summer; but, the testing didn’t end. The viral pandemic ended; but, the pandemic of fear continues.

    • mdmnmdllr says:

      It is interesting to note that what we have been dealing with this entire past year has been considered only the latest variant of SARS-CoV. If what Jon has been pointing out is indeed true – and he’s certainly brought a great deal of evidence and sources and logic to that end, very persuasively – the question arises as to what such previous variants actually were …

    • Post Hoc says:

      There was no Pandemic Donna.

      You may get hold of The Contagion Myth by Thomas Cowan MD, or:

      https://whatreallymakesyouill.com or go to:


    • Alan says:

      If you have been following Jon Rappoport, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka etc., you will notice that Poppers actually produced zero evidence for her claims, especially if you know the contents of the papers she’s talking about (Orwellian monkey business “isolation” and fantasy “sequencing”).

    • Alan says:

      Poppers’ own statement, “you can find some papers to support any claims”, should best be applied against herself.

      Matthew 7:1-3 is golden.

      • Myles says:

        Couldn’t agree more Alan. She goes out of her way to mention a lesson she received earlier in life, only to not realize she still commits the faux herself. Ridiculously laughable ..

        But hey, she made darn sure to say she couldn’t explain it all there and please subscribe (PAY ME) for more info.. oh and by the way, I have health classes everyday and I’m a good person (PAY ME) … OMG LOL

        • Lyn P says:

          Hate to say it as I’ve gained much knowledge from him over 20+ years, but Dr. Mercola also seems to be one who just CANNOT fully deny the virus as no doubt some level of fear of it helps drive his supplement sales.

          At least his click-bait-y article titles in his newsletter support this interp.

  6. Opie Poik says:

    Well, a neologism has been added to the lexicon:

    “Bat-soup crazy.”

  7. Jon’s point is well taken… that Dr. Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention says they did not isolate the virus.

    Reuters fact check team says sars-cov-2 has indeed been isolated.

    Brian Moss– brian.moss@thomsonreuters.com –is the contact person for Thomson Reuters Trust Principles that seek to preserve its independence, integrity, and freedom from bias in the gathering and dissemination of information and news.

    I emailed Mr. Moss as follows…

    Mr. Moss– Reuters reported on Dec. 4, 2020 that Sar-Cov-2 was indeed isolate but investigative journalist Jon Rappoport points to an interview of Dr. Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who says they did not isolate the Sars-Cov-2 virus. source: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/02/16/they-didnt-isolate-the-virus/

    Jon Rappoport writes, to the Reuters’ fact checked article’s point, that the apparent isolation of the virus is not true. He wrote “I’ve also explained that the so-called genetic sequencing of the virus is another con. It isn’t the result of looking through some sort of cosmic microscope at genes lined up like cars in a supermarket parking lot. It’s a process using a computer program to stitch together DATA— PRESUMED pieces of a virus—based on speculation, bias, pretension, and sheer hype. Rather than science.” End of quote.

    I think it might be incumbant upon you, Brian Moss, contact for Thomson Reuters Trust Principles, to double check your fact-check with Jon Rappoport. I’ll post this in my own blog and track it so that my readers and Mr. Rappaport’s readers can follow up on your double-checked conclusions. Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years. His widely read and reported blog is at NoMoreFakeNews.com.

    • Kerry says:

      Well Done!

      I’ve had a doctor who does research claim there IS a covid virus based upon official documentation from…wait for it…the CDC. I read the documentation and it’s all technical mumbo jumbo…BUT these guys reveal their circular logic BS. Note the First Article below:
      “from a patient who had coronavirus disease”. How the heck do you claim the patient “had” coronavirus–BEFORE you isolate it?

      first article
      “In this article, we describe isolation of SARS-CoV-2 from a patient who had coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the United States and described its genomic sequence and replication characteristics.

      then there’s THIS pile of Bat Soup (yeah that’s what they said…)

      Per another article I found:
      “China shared the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus on 12 January, which will be of great importance for other countries to use in developing specific diagnostic kits.
      The cluster was initially reported on 31 December 2019, when the WHO China Country Office was informed. The Chinese authorities identified a new type of coronavirus (novel coronavirus, nCoV), which was isolated on 7 January 2020.”

      I agree 1000% with Jon. I recall him stating something to the effect that for one to isolate a virus, consider you don’t know what it looks like and IF it’s the “cause” of, in this case, pneumonia – lung issues. One they ignored the massive pollution in Wuhan. Two, if they had sick patients, don’t they have to TEST their so called discovered “virus” (think germ theory, NOT terrain theory) on people NOT from a toxic polluted wasteland like Wuhan to see if it CAUSES the “illness”?

      The main point is where has anybody READ this form of deductive analysis done in relation to ANY virus???

      Ask yourself where you see this sort of analysis? In materials testing for starts. You invent a compound that’s supposed to be lighter than steel and stronger than it—TEST IT OUT. Also there’s forensic police work where they TEST out a theory.

      But NEVER EVER is anything written like performing Sherlock Holmes testing. These virus people just ramp up the complex words that nobody understands but them so they can baffle us with BS.

      • Diego says:

        Thanks Kerry for those links and you are spot on. The information is telling and goes w long way in supporting Jons investigative research and analysis. The virus was isolated on a specific date? Weird in real research this would happen over a period of time as thousands of samples (since there are so many cases) would be analyzed. Then other labs would be replicating this testing with thousands of samples to analyze in order to see if they came up with the same results What is really amazing is the number of cases in China at the official tracker website last I checked in mid December were basically the same as back in April. Oddly enough the overall number of respiratory deaths in China continues on at the same pace it has been for years

      • JennyM says:

        Doctors and other ‘health’ care professionals (they should call it sick care because there is no more health in allopathic medicine today, just give this drug) are the perfect victims and dupes.

        They are totally indoctrinated by the cult-like mentality of med school, then further brainwashed once they get out. Most of the times they are smart, which makes the brainwashing even more effective because they really dive in deep. They also have a lot at stake, if their license is pulled because they dare speak the truth, well how many will buck that trend and give it up? It’s the perfect crime. Then they’re mostly arrogant and think only THEY are RIGHT, no matter what! Never mind they get sick all the time, a lot are mental cases and some are drug users.

    • Irma says:

      Reuters was bought by Chinese about 5 years ago and all credibility of Reuters ended right at that time.

  8. mdmnmdllr says:

    Jon: Fascinating and remarkable witness testimony. I hope this person *does* respond to you, although I’m betting you don’t expect it to happen.

    Granting everything you’ve proven through this time, though, Jon … if “the virus” isn’t killing people, then what is? Just normal variations of flu and pneumonia? If not, then what?

    PCR tests aren’t the only tests out there; I have a very close friend who works for Beckman-Coulter one of the big test machine companies, and they have a system that tests patient blood for the disease … but this begs the question, what is that finding? For that matter, what is PCR test – flawed though it is – finding? They all have to have something to find …

    I ask this additionally because the MRNA vaccines that’ve been produced has really opened up a possibility – pointed out here: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=241577 – that I find to be potentially terrifying to conceive. Have those vaccines opened the door to actual, tailored viruses that could target specific people who’ve had those vaccines, because what they have differentiates from an actual virus? The mind boggles … I don’t recall seeing this among your posts; were you aware? Thoughts?

    Forgive me if you have (a) post(s) that already answers all this; I’ll gladly take a reference to such to look at, as my answer.

    • Eluard says:


      Please go back in Jon’s articles, he addresses these issues over and over. There’s never “any ONE cause” for any particular illness. That’s a facile viewpoint, a “medical cartel” con.

      It’s all there if you go back weeks and months. Here is one very good example:


      • mdmnmdllr says:

        Thanks, Eluard. I’ve gone back in Jon’s blog for some distance, but not that far (which was some months before I was intro’d to him/his blog – and it always seemed like everything referenced from LONG previous, and it *didn’t* seem like anything spoke to what I was after specifically. It’s good to have a more solid reference, and I appreciate your engagement.

        And you kinda said what I thought … I think. The whole “disappearance” of seasonal flu would sure seem to point the way.

        Question: Do you know if Jon has visited – or have you seen – any prior reference to this vulnerability issue I noted in regard to the MRNA vaccine, as shown in the previous example of the cat CoV?

        • JennyM says:

          I’ve heard also that the seasonal flu in combination with the SAD diet (standard American diet) and the ubiquitous 5G is disabling peoples’ immune systems.

          Just as one example of many, RoundUP has been found to cause cancer, yet it still is for sale in all hardware stores. Usually they locate it right when you come in so you can smell the toxins wafting into your nose, even with the mask on. Never mind that viruses are so tiny that the masks do nothing, but hey, we’re just supposed to trust and obey the BOSSES, right? They know it all, except when they don’t….

    • mdmnmdllr says: Granting everything you’ve proven through this time, though, Jon … if “the virus” isn’t killing people, then what is? Just normal variations of flu and pneumonia? If not, then what?

      Eluard says: There’s never “any ONE cause” for any particular illness. That’s a facile viewpoint, a “medical cartel” con.

      Rick says– But Eluard consider the original advertisement for covid which was people in China falling down in Wuhan. Then consider the northern Italy cases. Then the cruiseship cases. These original “clusters” of covid can all be associated with…. wait for it…

      5G. Drum smash.

      Yes. 5G works at frequencies that make hemoglobin red blood cells unable to transport oxygen so people suffer hypoxia. The cruise ships had intense 5G installations as well as that part of N. Italy and especially 5G instense demonstration-city-for-tech Wuhan.

      So that kicked off the fake pandemic. A fake virus covers up the roll out of the 5G microwave antennas that will install IOT Internet of Things and then via vax, make us part of it. Jon’s theory that MANY things cause symptoms like those said to be covid is true but the crux of the kickoff of the latest round of this assault is 5G– see milleniumreport.com.

      • JennyM says:

        Rick Potvin,
        Not sure if this is true, but I heard they can ‘steer’ the beams with microwave weapons. Dr. Barrie Trower had mentioned that hypoxia is one of the side effects of 5G exposure. Then add to the fact that China’s air is probably the most polluted on the planet (I think their second cause of death is lung cancer), and you got a perfect set up for the “Covid Plandemic”.

      • go ff says:

        there was no falling down. the videos were faked/fraudulent

  9. Eileen says:

    When Sight becomes Insight

    “Wood concludes: “Perhaps the truth of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is not that the child’s truth is mercifully free of adult corruption, but that it recognizes the terrifying possibility that whatever words we may use to clothe our fears, the fabric cannot protect us from them.”[24]


    • Eluard says:

      Brilliant, Eileen. And so apt to the narrative we have been “clothed in” this past year. That’s all it is — a bunch of words become a “story” and a “reality” in billions of minds, and then shared collectively as “reality.”

      Jon too–and you and I–use words. Differently, however. Not to clothe and conceal, but to reveal possible deeper and higher truths.

  10. Paul Barbara says:

    Bit like OBL – you hunt him here, you treat him in the American Hospital in Dubai there, you hunt that scoundrel everywhere. And the virus is nearly as smart as OBL, bringing the world to it’s knees while no one can even get a glimpse of it. Let’s have a ‘War on Viruses!’ Like the ‘War on Terror’, it can go on forever ($$$$$$!).

  11. Eluard says:

    Have a look at Pam Popper’s video from today, SARS CoV 2 Does, Indeed Exist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsMDVaoflIQ

    Quite disappointing, as I generally value her work, especially the lawsuits she’s involved with. Jump to about 4 minutes in.

    I just sent Pam an email (copying Jon) with a link to this piece of his and Kaufman’s original video from April, The Rooster in the River of Rats. Here is the last paragraph of my letter to her:

    “I take serious issue with your assertion that to question the narrative of Sars Cov 2 proof is a ‘crazy claim.’ If you truly feel as such I suggest you engage Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Cowan in a debate. Let your apparently sane findings match up against their ‘crazy’ ones; and let the public decide which tips the scale in terms of sense, reasoning and persuasiveness.”

    • MagicBullet says:

      The genome was decided after ONE CASE’s lung wash was sequenced (how can you sequence a sample that has many microbes in it and know which one is the pathogen) in Wuhan and registered in a Genebank (ie it wasnt an isolated virus proved to be a pathogen), in a Nature paper published almost the same day of the sequencing(!) by a company called“Illumina”(!), and this genome was the template for the PCR test and the Vaccine(!). Look up the genome number in the FDA site for the PCR test kit (the DNA probes which can be found in many bacteria and the human genome), and the vaccine makers info or health authorities that responded to inquiries stating the vx was made from this same genome, and admitted it wasnt from an isolated virus nor from an infected patient. Seems this genome was decided ahead of the pandemic “in silica”.

    • trishwriter says:

      I’m glad you wrote her. I saw the same video and I wondered how she was going to show that SARS-COV2 exists in 12 minutes or so. The result? I don’t think she did, at all. She mentioned some interesting things, but she didn’t prove anything; nor did she provided any proof that this particular virus exists. Please let us know if you hear from her. I noticed she turned off comments for the video.

      • Lyn P says:

        I don’t watch as regularly as some months ago, but did appreciate Pam’s early work on scamdemic-busting. And continuing legal efforts. Probably I couldn’t stand to view this if it is “pro-a-covid-entity.”

        Just a note though that Pam has never had comments enabled on any of her videos.

  12. Arthur Danu says:

    Right now, you could get Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson and Tony Fauci to stand up at a news conference and say they were all wrong about Covid, that it was a mock drill to “test the world’s disease preparedness and response”….

    and you would still have most of the world believing in Covid and lining up for the already deadly vaccine. The three amigos mentioned above would simply be escorted off the podium, placed in a mental institution or “suicided” and never heard from again. Their part in the con is hardly important anymore. The bureaucratic machine has now given it a life of its own.

    The Truth is…the Truth doesn’t matter anymore…to ANY CULTURE on this planet. It only matters to the scattered individual, who, looking at the cultural malaise humanity has sunken into, rightly decides that man must suffer the Karma he collectively creates.

    Do your best, having fun in the insane asylum, until it is your turn to go.

  13. glenn says:

    Virology is based on the assumption of all other causes being ruled out first before engaging in their science. Viruses cannot be isolated without being degraded in the process, particularly when using high powered electron microscopy to see such a small particle. So they have to infer and theorize an infection based on no other possible evidence besides these strange particles.

    What they do not know is that they are being lied to. Governments did not bother to check environmental or any other factors that can cause disease yet assert to various virologists and microbiologists that only their research can turn up answers.

    Toxic chemicals and drugs do not need any computer modeling or guesswork. It can be isolated and we know they exist and can kill and harm cells.

  14. Dr David Hill says:

    If only we still had ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ in the medical mindset, we would not need vaccines.

    • JennyM says:

      The whole allopathic medical model, the AMA and the ‘theory’ of vaccinations needs to be dumped and flushed down the toilet.

      I’ve personally cured myself of a so called ‘incurable’ disease, my mother had it and suffered her whole life with it, yet if I tell people what I did, it goes in one ear and out the other. They just cannot believe it, which I blame on a lifetime of brainwashing.

  15. BK says:

    Thank you Jon, for tirelessly writing about “never isolated”. Most of this can end quickly only if some authority steps up and stops the show. An authority that tells governments of different countries of the world to stop beating around the bush and put a screeching halt to this nonsense. US elections and NIH fraud have to be exposed boldly. It takes a very long time to wake up the sheeple if we try as a single entity, because very few have the foresight to understand all this. People (including doctors) are so fluoridated and constipated that it takes a long time to imbibe an ounce of truth, may not even be a possible scenario. Time is very critical, because our children are suffering. Just for that one reason, we all have to do our part every day and show dissent wherever and whenever possible. I am waiting for the day when doctors say no to testing and masks..

    • Lyn P says:

      I agree regarding professionals although it’s become clear the last 6 months that doctors’ and other health “authorities” moral compass seriously lags their own conditioning and “industry” compliance.

      I’m no leader of movements but I do, without flinching, take most chances to make broad statements about this scam in any conversation that leads to the topic, even when I’ve never spoken to the person before.

  16. Jim S Smith says:

    And now,

    I believe the one article from Children’s Health Defense that got RFK, Jr. banned from InstaGram? :


    This entire “Great Reset” has been sufficiently proven, once again, to be an outlandish program of TOTAL CONTROL of humanity! – Folks, this is no “beta-test”! ! !

    Again, “THIS IS NO BETA-TEST”! ! !

    Once more, “THIS IS NO BETA-TEST”!

    THIS current program, as it is being played out, is the REAL THING, and going full-bore, full-steam-ahead CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP!

    This is NOT a drill, repeat – NOT A DRILL!

    This is AGENDA-2030, which is to kick into gear – AGENDA-21 in full, frontal assault upon humanity.

    Once one finally begins to see the full picture behind all of this “pandemic-paranoia”, one sees the entirety of the “End-Game”!

    DISCLAIMER:Though JFK, Jr. does still preach about ‘global-warming/climate-change’ (which HAS been scientifically disproven), but his writings about the absolute corporate-takeover of our Biological Nature is still prescient, and still vital reading!

    So, this really is a fight for our very survival – for ALL of us!

    Either time to really get into the game, or forever – humanity will keep paying an ever-climbing price.

    Please read, and spread around thick and massive!

    – Jim S.

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, well that’s not going to work for me. Think I’ll pass on their agenda.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Either way, we all die.

        The big question is “HOW” we choose to die:

        1) As someone else’s “property”, – or –

        2) Fighting the good fight for even a slim chance at freedom.

        – “Channeling William Wallace

        • Jim says:

          I am free. And that’s how I’ll die. I opted out of this system a long time ago. To paraphrase Jesus, I am in this system, but I’m not of it.

          • Honest Liberty says:

            He ain’t coming back either. The religious fanatics who wrote those 66 books did it to pacify the dumb gentile into submission.

            Revelation is real. This is their end game. Them, and 2800 gentile slaves each, total population 5million.

            It’s here

          • Jim says:

            While I know God exists, religion has nothing to do with him. And revelations was put in at the council of nicea just like the rest of the new testament.

  17. scott macneilage says:

    Jon, I think people would get a clear picture of what your are talking about if you simply showed them the actual isolation steps as agreed upon in the “1973 consensus agreement on the isolation and characterization of a new virus”.

    When you talk about soup of toxic chemicals and dying cells I’m not sure it is clear to people why the hoaxologists proceed in this fashion as opposed to actually attempting to isolate and study a purified pathogen.

    1.Macerate a culture of putatively infected tissue. Macerate putatively infected discharge.

    2. Purification of specimens by density gradient ultracentrifugation.

    3. Electron micrographs of particles exhibiting the morphological characteristics and dimensions (100-120 nm) of retroviral particles at the sucrose (or percoll) density of 1.16 gm/ml and containing nothing else, not even particles of other morphologies or dimensions.

    4. Proof that the particles contain reverse transcriptase.

    5. Analysis of the particles’ proteins and RNA and proof that these are unique.

    6. Proof that 1-5 are a property only of putatively infected tissues and can not be induced in control cultures. These are identical cultures, that is, tissues obtained from matched, unhealthy subjects and cultured under identical conditions differing only in that they are not putatively infected with a retrovirus.

    7. Proof that the particles are infectious, that is when PURE particles are introduced into an uninfected culture or animal, the identical particle is obtained as shown by repeating steps 1-5.

    • Philosophaster says:

      Because no hypothesised “virus” has ever been “isolated” by this operational definition. Not one. It’s not just SARS-CoV-2 or HIV. That’s why Stefan Lanka ended up winning his case respecting Measles. Hell, Robert Koch couldn’t even fulfil his own postulates for allegedly disease-causing bacteria. Virology cannot show by any epistemically adequate criteria that its viral theory of disease reflects reality, that its “viruses” exist as exogenous, infectious, causative agents of specific diseases.

      But most scientists avoid problems of the philosophy of science and logic, if they are even aware of them.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        * * But most scientists avoid problems of the philosophy of science and logic, if they are even aware of them. * *

        That’s because MOST “scientists” abhor philosophy, especially when in philosophy – knowing the human condition is prerequisite – in order to understand how lies become “fashionable” AND very profitable. Philosophy is very good at exposing human weaknesses, to include the willingness to lie – for honors, profit, and/or any other form of self-gratification.

        This is WHY Philosophy was removed from most of the school curricula, along with courses on “Logic” and logical problem-solving.

        One who is very knowledgeable in Philosophy, is also one who would be very tough to convince into “just believing”. – It’s also why frank and open debate are frowned upon!

  18. BigTim says:

    ” Among the foremost priorities to facilitate public health interventions is reliable laboratory diagnosis. In acute respiratory infection, RT-PCR is routinely used to detect causative viruses from respiratory secretions. We have previously demonstrated the feasibility of introducing robust detection technology based on real-time RT-PCR in public health laboratories during international health emergencies by coordination between public and academic laboratories [6-12]. In all of these situations, virus isolates were available as the primary substrate for establishing and controlling assays and assay performance.

    In the present case of 2019-nCoV, virus isolates or samples from infected patients have so far not become available to the international public health community. We report here on the establishment and validation of a diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV screening and specific confirmation, designed in absence of available virus isolates or original patient specimens. Design and validation were enabled by the close genetic relatedness to the 2003 SARS-CoV, and aided by the use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”
    “The intended cross-reactivity of all assays with viral RNA of SARS-CoV allows us to use the assays without having to rely on external sources of specific 2019-nCoV RNA.”
    “Before public release of virus sequences from cases of 2019-nCoV, we relied on social media reports announcing detection of a SARS-like virus. We thus assumed that a SARS-related CoV is involved in the outbreak.”

    The present report describes the establishment of a diagnostic workflow for detection of an emerging virus in the absence of physical sources of viral genomic nucleic acid. Effective assay design was enabled by the willingness of scientists from China to share genome information before formal publication, as well as the availability of broad sequence knowledge from ca 15 years of investigation of SARS-related viruses in animal reservoirs.

    So how did the “scientists from China” get the genome without a “physical sources of viral genomic nucleic acid”? The same thes scientists developed the PCR test? What is the difference between a “false positive” and a person positive for Covid-19 but asymptomatic?

    • MagicBullet says:

      The genome was decided after ONE CASE’s lung wash was sequenced in Wuhan and registered in a Genebank, in a Nature paper “On the Genomic Origins of Sars-Cov-2…” published almost the same day (which is impossible). This genome was the template for the PCR test (the DNA probes of which can be found in many bacteria and the human genome), and the Vaccine. It wasn’t from an isolated virus nor from an infected patient. The “genome” came from a computer, maybe the basis was a real virus(es) in a lab. The nucleic acids may have been from a “patent”, but not a “patient”.

      • Lyn P says:

        Yup. As Mr. Icke has said repeatedly, it’s all been a SCRIPT. That’s a whole other level than even a STORY.

  19. gb says:

    WAIT, I heard Pam Popper (Make Americans Free Again) today saying the virus IS isolated – made me wonder. I still do not believe the virus theory in general, so what ever it is they are isolating or not isolating…. we have lived with a boatload of viruses for ages, we need them, so they say; healthy balance?

  20. Joshua Michael says:

    Andrew Kaufman – “A Rooster in a River of Rats”

    Koch/Rivers’ Postulates never fulfilled for SARS 1 or SARS 2.

  21. Philosophaster says:

    Most “science” is just narrative, a story people tell in an effort to make sense of the world, that is fit it into a small box of preconceptions and presuppositions, a story whose reality is rarely demonstrable and one that often blinds a person. At the top we have the grand narrative of “science” itself, this story about an impartial, objective, rigorous enterprise that is sufficient and even necessary to discover and determine truth. That’s bunk, and “science” logically cannot establish the validity of its own method.

  22. Andy Man says:

    humanity can ONLY reap as it has sown and it has sown the aggravated rape, pillage, plunder, pollution and destruction of absolutely everything it touches with absolutely everything it does, including itself

    all so ‘we the sheople’ can buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress sheople we don’t know

    humanity, over millennia, has DOOMED itself and now the multitudinous chickens are coming home to roost

    say goodbye to your loved ones!

  23. Max says:


    The chief epidemiologist of China’s CDC stating that no virus was isolated at the start of this epidemic and even to the present time there is no isolated virus which can be shared.
    “Return to Wuhan: What Life Is Like One Year Later | NBC Nightly News”
    NBC News, January 23, 2021
    Janis Mackey Frayer

    1:40 timestamp
    Frayer: Chinese officials took samples over a year ago and why has the data not been shared?
    Dr. Wu Zunyou: They didn’t isolate the virus. That’s the issue.
    Frayer: What about live animal samples?
    Dr. Wu Zunyou: That doesn’t tell you anything.

  24. JennyM says:

    So what is in the vax? A bunch of chemicals and God knows what else. And don’t get it, the mRNA will bite you in the end when you encounter some coronavirus later on.
    Trust doctors? Ha! They’re part of the problem. They are fat and unhealthy, but trust them? Nooooo…..


  25. Allen says:

    In this recent video Pam Popper asserts that SARSCoV2 exists and that to assert otherwise is an “erroneous claim.”

    As you will see in a heartbeat her analysis as to how she came to this belief is absurd. Perhaps some here might be interested in sending her a note.

    No small thing that in her already published book she has made this same assertion.


    • Linda says:

      That is the problem with all who are stuck on the germ theory of disease. The refuse to look at other causes for disease. I, too, was disappointed with the language she used about those who disagree with the germ theory. Disappointed, but not surprised. I will continue to support the lawsuit efforts, but I know that Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Cowan are the ones on the right track.

      • JennyM says:

        Even Pasteur himself admitted he himself was wrong about the germ theory of disease and Antoine Bechamp was correct, but tell a doctor or whoever that and WOOO WOOO WOOO! The lights of reason go off, cognitive dissonance hits and their brains turn off as they parrot whatever gibberish they were taught by their behind the times professors.

  26. Hyden says:

    the only things these bastards have isolated is the small minds they have, but they think they are so self important. what you think of the self is dust empty a-hole

  27. Aj Payne says:

    The soupy cultured mess in a dish in the lab someplace. Is like genetic material bingo for these virologist.

    Yet still no isolation, purification or characterization.

    Koch’s postulates is something like being stuck with your grandpa’s model T. When what you really wanted was your mom’s Pinto.

  28. Leonie Wynne says:

    At the root of all conditions are toxicity, our inherited weak organs and glands, the body’s imbalance and a very acidic environment (a stagnant, backed-up Lymphatic system), non-filtering kidneys and clogged bowels.

    Symptoms exist. Diseases do not.

    “Diseases” are labels assigned by the current medical modality to a set of symptoms to legally treat with chemicals and other (often harmful) treatments. People who are obsessed with eating healthy have one they have christened, “Orthorexia.” It’s designed get you to stop focusing on healthy eating because when you do (except for the ER or occasional necessary surgeries) you won’t need them anymore.

    All “disease” is SYSTEMIC. How do we know this? Because of detoxification. When you clean out your body’s gigantic sewer system, your Lymphatic system, your diseases and conditions cease to exist.

    It’s hard to imagine in this day and age, but very little is actually known or understood about the body’s Lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system is almost three times larger than the blood. It is the system where 99% of all pain, inflammation, diseases and conditions originate. It is your body’s gigantic sewer system / immune system / lipid carrier system / lubricating system.

    Lymphatic fluid carries a host of substances that need to be removed from cells, as well as substances that are used to protect the cell. They include (but are not limited to) parasites, yeasts, fungi, warts, viruses, bacteria overloads, worms of all types, flukes, molds, metals, sulfur accumulation, spirochetes, damaged cells, gases and toxic metabolic wastes, ureas, salts and ions, fats, glucose, excessive unused proteins, hormones, steroids, enzymes, chemical toxins, chemical medications, dying body cells, unused nutrients …esp. artificial vitamins, etc.

    It’s not about the bacteria, the parasites, the virus, or the spirochetes. It never was! Like mosquitoes to a swamp, it’s about what they are attracted to …a backed-up, stagnant, sewer system. It’s about the condition of your own body’s inner terrain.

    Clean the terrain and heal thyself!

    Pasteur admitted, at the end of his life, that he was wrong about germ theory and that what truly matters when it comes to infection and disease is the TERRAIN.
    And yet, western medicine bases everything on the germ theory. Think about it. There is far more profit in society being sick and dependent on drugs & vaccines to create a false sense of health. There is no profit in prevention – creating a healthy terrain (immune system).
    A healthy (awake) population is bad for business in the mainstream medical system.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Excellent comment, Leonie Wynne, thanks!

      I prefer the word “illness,” to the word, “disease.” The latter implies permanence, making the patient accept the label without the question of reversing the condition. It’s mind control. The powers-that-be are aware of the power of the mind and use that against us with propaganda.

    • lamberth says:


    • Jim S Smith says:

      The Lymphatic System is the body’s “sewer system”. This has been known for many years! Problem is, just as you so eloquently posited about the aberrations of “medical science”, this would conflict with the huge profits from the cancer-research industry.

      Being that the Lymphatic system does not have a “pump”, like a heart or anything similar, it’s ability to clean out toxins relies heavily on bodily movement. That’s Right! Get out and be active. WHY do you think long-term in-patient “care” folks develop “bed sores”? ? ? – Simple. Because they do not get the necessary movement needed to help the Lymphatic system to flush itself out.

    • NC says:

      Nice summary. Pasteur left his lab notebooks to his family. Only recently did someone take the trouble to read them. In his notes Pasteur admitted that he falsified his “experiments”. A total fraud and “modern medicine (Big Pharma) is based on it. It’s a religion and the bottom line is worshipped.
      Allopathy is like looking at the body through Newtonian lenses. They see all organs as “separate” whereas they are in constant communication. TCM and Ayurveda see the relationships, and have a much better functional understanding of the body…

    • JennyM says:

      Just look at how the RBC’s make rouleaux patterns and ‘fried egg’ patterns when exposed to cellphones….


      Maybe that’s why the blood has a hard time carrying OXYGEN when exposed to all this WIFI and wireless stuff? Maybe that’s why Dr. Trowers assertion is correct that microwave exposure causes hypoxia?

  29. OCDan says:

    Arthur Danu says:
    February 16, 2021 at 12:30 pm
    Right now, you could get Bill Gates, Neil Ferguson and Tony Fauci to stand up at a news conference and say they were all wrong about Covid, that it was a mock drill to “test the world’s disease preparedness and response”….

    and you would still have most of the world believing in Covid and lining up for the already deadly vaccine. The three amigos mentioned above would simply be escorted off the podium, placed in a mental institution or “suicided” and never heard from again. Their part in the con is hardly important anymore. The bureaucratic machine has now given it a life of its own.

    I cannot repeat this or upvote it enough. 2/3 of the world is too far gone. They love their fear and they believe whatever Anderson Cooper and others like him say.

    I know God is in control, but this has changed everything forever. Winning people back to sanity is truly a fight! Lost friends of 20 years over this after saying my church brainwashed me. They believe every word Fraudchi splints even if he raffles week to week like double masking.

  30. OCDan says:

    Fraudchi speaks


  31. Alexander says:

    They KNOW there is no virus. They KNOW the lockdowns are wrong. They KNOW there is no covid, coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, etc. They KNOW it’s all about a RUSE, a GAME, that they’re playing. It’s a TOY to them. The PSYCHOPATHS, the NARCISSIST-SOCIOPATHS, they LOVES PLAYING MIND GAMES WITH ALL OF US, fucking with our LIVES. They are the SICK ones. THEY ARE SICK. SICK FROM THE INSIDE OUT. SICK WITH EVIL. SICK WITH THE UTTER EVILNESS THAT INFECTED THEIR SOULLESS HUSKS THAT THEY CALL THEIR BODIES. THEY ARE GHOULS. ZOMBIES. WEREWOLVES. VAMPIRES. Greedily sucking in the collective MISERIES from the world’s suffering. THEY LIKES IT. THEY LOVES IT. THAT’S HOW SICK THEY ARE. THIS IS JUST ONE OF THEIR LATEST MIND GAMES TO TORTURE US. Soon this will pass and they will pretends it’s all so real and they’ll create new horrors just to enjoy more miseries from everyone.

  32. In my view the TGA should withdraw/stay its approval until a proper re-assessment has been done at it appears to me it merely so to say rubberstamped the approval without any proper trials to ensure Australians are not place at peril of inappropriate vaccinations.

    This document can be downloaded from:

  33. Roger welsh says:

    I wonder if Jon has verified that the corona virus causing the common cold has been isolated?

    • NC says:

      The common cold is a detoxification which can be triggered by many outside influences such as cold wind. Ever think about why it is called a “cold”?

    • Lyn P says:

      Colds are not “caused” by any virus. One of the Looooong-Standing Spins of Big-Time B.S. of this general type.

  34. Alan says:

    The virologists know that virus isolation is important. They know that their monkey business is not acceptable, sound science. Otherwise, they would be honestly saying that they were doing “indirect proof” of virus existence, and would not have to speak their Orwellian usage of “isolation”. The very fact that they have to speak Newspeak, shows that they know their guilt.

    • NC says:

      I feel that MANY scientists simply do not question the “isolation” techniques. They will go into denial if a thought arises questioning the conventional narrative out of fear of retribution…
      The scum at the top certainly know though

      • JennyM says:

        Just think of the cog. dis. of their brains trying to wrap around the fact that they’ve learned a bunch of lies and nonsense in their many years of schooling, then they would wonder, ‘What else was I taught that was incorrect.’ No wonder their brains shut down or go on the offensive.
        They like many can’t handle the TRUTH. Too painful. So they keep on going down the same wrong path, do de do, keep the blinders on, don’t look up…

    • Jim S Smith says:

      EVERY tyrant knows his/her guilt.

      They just don’t care, because “they” feel they are far above the rest of us. They are all psychopaths looking for their next emotional (and ego-driven) “fix”.

      Narcissism on full display in governments, “authoritative” establishments of all kinds. That’s because narcissists tend to gravitate towards more power over others. All one need do, is look at our entire political “circus”.

      • JennyM says:

        Like Dr Robert Mendelsohn said, med school gives its graduates two things, fear and arrogance. And it seems like they get an extra helping of arrogance today. While they’re patently un healthy!
        It is a cult. They have similar brainwashing techniques, med schools and cults. Sleep deprivation, programming, abuse….

  35. NC says:

    Awesome video explaining viral “isolation” scam

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