COVID: It’s not one thing, it’s not one disease

by Jon Rappoport

April 1, 2020

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I keep pounding on this, because it’s the main illusion, and it’s the hardest illusion to dispel. People hang on to it like a life raft.

The stage magicians present the “pandemic” as one disease with one cause, and people buy in immediately.

Some people who reject the coronavirus as the cause present ANOTHER single cause—they’re falling for the basic con job.

There are people in Wuhan who have pneumonia because of the horrendous air quality in the city. There are people in New York who have ordinary flu-like illness. There are people in Italy who have histories of multiple, long-term, serious health conditions—pneumonia, flu, cardiac problems, kidney problems—made far worse through treatment with toxic drugs. There are people in hospitals around the world who, after being diagnosed with COVID, are dosed with powerful toxic antiviral drugs. There are people on breathing ventilators who are being given too much oxygen and too much pressure—and their lungs collapse. There are perfectly healthy people who are testing positive for the virus because the test is irreparably flawed…

All these people are called “COVID cases.”

The diagnostic test for the virus, as I’ve shown in many articles, spits out false-positive verdicts, and those results are meaningless—but they form a picture of escalating case numbers. And people buy in.

The stage magic trick is easy to see, once you grasp the tactics: Claim to have discovered a new virus. Say it is spreading and needs to be contained. Invent an umbrella label for the epidemic: COVID-19. Start pulling all sorts of people with all sorts of different conditions under the umbrella and say they’re all “cases.” Use a diagnostic test that will automatically turn out many verdicts of “infected.” And you have the illusion of a pandemic.

At this point, people will show up and say, BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS? WHAT ABOUT THAT? WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE SUDDENLY DYING IN CITY X? These questioners are trying to stick with the one disease and the one cause. But think it through. If people are actually dying in City X suddenly—and weren’t in the process of dying for a long time since they’re elderly and have a long history of serious illness—then you need to see what is going on in City X specifically…AND NOT ASSUME IT’S THE SAME THING THAT’S GOING ON IN WUHAN OR SEATTLE OR NEW YORK OR BERLIN OR MILAN.

Is something strange happening in a City X hospital? Are doctors dosing people with highly toxic antiviral drugs? Are they misusing breathing ventilators and collapsing patients’ lungs? Did some dangerous chemical recently show up in the environment in City X? Did someone put it there? Who knows? But assuming “it must be the virus” is unwarranted. The assumption is based on nothing.

Let’s look at a real City X. It’s called Wuhan. What was happening there? Well, for a long time, the air pollution has been truly horrendous. It’s unprecedented. A mix of toxic compounds from both the early and modern eras of industrialization. In fact, last summer, residents went out on the streets and protested in large numbers. You don’t do that in China unless you’re desperate, because the government can come in and arrest you and disappear you.

What did Chinese researchers call the number-one symptom of the “new epidemic?” PNEUMONIA. With the air quality in that city, you don’t need a virus or any other germ to get pneumonia. You just need to breathe. On top of that, studies estimate that, every year, roughly 300,000 people die from pneumonia in China. Which means there are millions of pneumonia cases. But suddenly, no, the cause is a new virus never seen before. Who’s kidding who?

There’s more. The Chinese government decides they aren’t going to even bother testing for the new virus. Instead, they’re going to do CT scans of patients’ lungs. If they see evidence of pneumonia, they’re going to label all these people: “coronavirus.” Soon to be known as “COVID-19.”

At this point, someone is sure to reply, “But that air pollution isn’t happening in every place where epidemic cases are showing up. Therefore, air pollution couldn’t be the cause of the epidemic.”

He STILL doesn’t see he’s falling for the con and the magic trick. He’s STILL assuming COVID is one disease with one cause. He’s STILL hypnotized.

Or you might get this: “No, it’s not the coronavirus, it’s really 5G technology that’s making people sick and killing them.” STILL falling for the magic trick. In certain places, 5G might be harming people. Indeed. And some of those people might be labeled as COVID. Yes. But “the whole thing” isn’t 5G, because THERE ISN’T ONE WHOLE THING.

There is no “it.”

“But it started in China and spread across the world.”

No. The stage magicians from the CDC and the World Health Organization want you to believe that. They’ve built up a fraudulent picture to convince you that’s true. There is no “it.”

“But I WANT an ‘it’. I MUST HAVE an ‘it’.”

Yes. I understand. That’s called an addiction. You need to cure yourself.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

115 comments on “COVID: It’s not one thing, it’s not one disease

  1. pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    and thank you : reading you is a relief !

    With my high esteem ,
    Pierre from Bordeaux , amazed by the collective madness

  2. Linda Howell says:

    Thank you Mr. Rappoport. I shared to my Facebook page. I want my friends and family to be more informed.

  3. onrad says:

    Northern Italy has horrendous air pollution just like China, plus Europe’s highest percentage of people 65 and older.

    Spain is #2.

    Meanwhile, regarding lung issues, the Chinese smoke more cigarettes than any people on earth. Over 60% of Chinese doctors smoke.

    With so much lung abuse, plus conditions like old age, people naturally have lung issues, all of which are now universally labeled “coronavirus.”

    The so-called “pandemic” is a smokescreen for the shutdown of the economy. A pretext. A rationale. A hoax.

    James Bullard, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, says the shut-down was pre-planned for the second quarter (April, May, & June) and is designed to create a recession that will be worse than the 1930s depression. However Bullard has not revealed the reason for the shut-down.

    Recall that after the 9-11 false flag it took several weeks before we learned the reason for 9-11, which was revealed in the infamous “Project for a New American Century” paper. The reason was to launch the permanent War Of Terror.

    Sooner or later I will have my answer as to why the economy has been shut own. Someone will let something slip, as Bullard did.

    • A says:

      Agenda: One world currency / one world order / population control

    • Bill says:

      There is not one illness … and … there is not one reason for the “shutdown.”
      1-The Globalists/Illuminati/Communists/Central Bankers/etc.(Cabal)want to destroy Trump and The Constitution and enslave all of us!
      2-Trump wants to destroy the Cabal and keep them from perpetrating any new mass-murders/false-flags!
      If no one is congregating in large numbers (sports, music, schools, etc.) mass shootings/bombings can’t be staged. The Cabal said “No more than 50.” Trump lowered that to 10!!
      3-Trump needed/needs cover to execute the counter offensive (now in progress) involving opening of indictments and mass-arrests!!
      Watch who gets put on USNHS Comfort and Mercy!!
      Comfort’s stated mission is to take on “uninfected” passengers to make room in the land based hospitals.
      This is the darkness/storm that Trump has hinted at…and when it’s over the new light will be stunning!!!

      • Rick in Phoenix AZ says:

        References Bill? Any links? I’d like to think Trump is still playing 4D Chess but it cost me my job this week. I do NOT believe the ENDS justify the means… do you?

        • CinthEmm says:

          No, I’m with you Rick…how can they?

          • I went through a cycle of thought last week that involved me as imaginary front-line soldier in Trump’s army against deep state.

            But I snapped out of it when I realized that I would rather have had “our side” fight “their side” on a consistent and slow-motion basis over, say, the next thousand years. I think I could have handled that.

            Totally wrecking my senior center piano-playing and youngster piano teaching enterprise in one week– as way to fight deep state– seems flawed.

            And people are trying to stay away from each other at Home Depot where I like to go… with red lines on the floor. Totally idiotic.

            For newbies to Rick Potvin posting here… in Jon’s blog, try the germ theory denier theory and watch me compile an alphabetical counter-coup against the morons who are wrecking our country and world… at

      • From Quebec says:



        • DarL says:

          Quebec…there are those of us who have been very supportive of President Trump but are now waking up and smelling the coffee.
          If Hillary or some other Dem did this while President would you put up with this?
          We are not hating…

          • From Quebec says:

            you may not bee hating but you are for sure
            very naive. Trump is playing them. He is the one who will kill the Giants Be patient

  4. From else says:

    True. What needs to be done, to restore normal life? 1…2…3 step by step, by everyone, alone and together. Lockdown is horrible, are we out of heroes? Only sick clowns remained as leaders around the globe?

  5. Plamen says:

    The trigger is electromagnetic though, which is how the Spanish flu traveled relatively quickly around the world in an era with no cars nor airplanes.

    • Plamen says:

      On September 23, 1998, 66 satellites, launched into low orbit by the Iridium Corporation, commenced broadcasting to the first ever satellite telephones. Those phones would work equally as well in mid-ocean, and in Antarctica, as in the middle of Los Angeles—a remarkable achievement.

      But telephone interviews revealed that on that day exactly, electrically sensitive people all over the world experienced stabbing pains in their chest, knife-like sensations in their head, nosebleeds, asthma attacks, and other signs of severe electrical illness. Many did not think they were going to make it. Statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control reveal that the national death rate rose 4 to 5 percent during the following two weeks. Thousands of homing pigeons lost their way during those two weeks, all over the United States.

      Several companies are now competing to provide not just cell phone service, but Wi-Fi and the equivalent of 5G, to every square inch of the earth from satellites in space in low earth orbit. Their target dates are 2019 or 2020. They are planning not 66 satellites, but tens of thousands of satellites. There isn’t much time to prevent a global ecological catastrophe.

      • Alessandro says:

        For the record, Iridium was not the first satellite telephony system, that was Inmarsat which had been providing telephony service to all corners of the world excepting the Arctic and Antarctic Poles. Albeit Inmarsat customers were mainly shipping companies, governments, remotely located mining companies, etc this began to increase to personal telephony prior to Iridium. Inmarsat uses geo-stationary satellites around 36,000 km for earth and thus does not contribute to earth orbiting space junk. Tens of thousands of LEO satellites seems far fetched to me given the difficulty of finding space currently with the LEO space spectrum.

    • Nora Claypool says:

      Ah, you have read The Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenberg! Awesome book.

  6. Miville Couture says:

    Hi Jon,

    I started to read your articles a few weeks ago and I must thank you wholeheartedly. I translate parts of your articles in French and I pass them on to my network of friends.

    In 1979, I worked for three months in the biggest slum of the Northern hemisphere, near Port-au-Prince, in Haiti. I had been given a few simple rules of hygiene by one of my aunts who had worked in Hait as a nurse for 23 years. I worked in Haiti from February 1977 to November 1979 and I never got sick. I took enough rest, i made sure that the food I ate was clean, I drank clean water many times a day and I carefully washed my hands before each meal.

    I never accepted to be vaccinated by intravenous injections, even though I was advised to do so before working in Senegal (Africa), India, and Colombia. In 2009, I became aware of the discovery by Dr Andrew Moulden who explained thoroughly why all vaccines are dangerous, especially when they contain aluminium, mercury, squalene, Thimerosal, etc. It is simple to understand, they all contain a poison of one kind or another.

    The blood of a healthy person contains lots of leucocytes (white blood cells) that can neutralize and discard any dangerous nuisance such as viruses. Since 1960, 40 varieties of corona virus have been catalogued. Most of them are benign. We harbour lots of them in our intestines. They come and go without a fuss. We must remember that the role of predator is to keep weaknesses in check. Instead of attacking the predator, it is simpler to get stronger. Don’t fight darkness, bring more light and the darkness has no choice but to move away.

    The present situation about the famous THING reminds me of what the English-speaking people call THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK.
    The poor camel is overloaded and one adds a single straw that makes the beast collapse. Suddenly, people are told that straw–even a single one–is dangerous. Avoid straw when loading a camel.

    In India, they have a story about a string that is mistaken for a snake. The first person who sees it happens to be half-blind. He becomes alarmed and starts shouting: SNAKE, SNAKE, SNAKE. Soon the whole neighbourhood is turned upside down. People panic. Old people get heart attack, the police is called. Finally, the frenzy stops when a child shows everybody the cause of the hysteria. It’s just a string.

    Thanks again for your devoted work to mankind’s well-being.

    • TkA says:

      Miville Couture, people like you give me hope for humanity! Bright, inquisitive and above all independent. No matter that we are a minority. Minorities can punch above their weight(see Nassim Nicolas Taleb). To all who despair due to this fact, take comfort that it has always been thus, and I don’t recall the world ending.

    • Ulises says:

      Thanks a lot Miville.

      Your post is not only a high dose of much needed common sense, but very inspiring too.
      Recomend everyone to research Dr. Andrew Moulden.
      To Jon I would recomend to highlight this post that could and should be an article by itself.
      Thanks again.

    • lamberth says:

      Miville Couture,
      Great post, thank you very much for your personal anecdote and valuable information.

      I thought your snake story came from the North American Indians? Could be wrong, can’t exactly recall where I read it before.
      Anyway, it’s a very apropos story.

  7. TkA says:

    What you describe is the mechanism via which this is pulled off. The WHO and CDC certainly do not have the clout to direct governments on a global scale. Those organisatioons were tasked with legitimizing the ‘pandemic’. The top of the food chain is a level or two above them. Care to speculate?

    • Bill says:

      Follow the money!!!

      • L Pilo says:

        It could go much deeper/higher, but we might suspect the CCP’s long-term strategy. Or Bill Gates who is tightly wound with some globally-connected interests and has special motivation/conflicts of interest himself (vaccine). The WHO itself deserves intense scrutiny as to loyalties, etc.

  8. Allen says:

    Spoke to a work crew today who were trimming trees- I pretty much have all of the salient facts memorized. All of them- 8 in total- thought that COVID was overhyped.

    In another scenario had a bourgeoisie liberal (I’m a socialist- a real one not a Corbyn/Sanders fraud) screaming at me about how people in NYC are dying every 15 minutes. I told him he was wrong and he got even more agitated- but then I said they were dying every 9.1 minutes and his face softened thinking I was part of his “virtue signalling COVID posse”- then I mentioned it had nothing to do with COVID but was SOP for NYC. Told him to look it up- he stormed off.

    Gotta be out there every day people and speaking up.

    The idea of the “Covid-19” as a standalone illness, and the extent to which it has caused death has not yet been established.

    Thus the need to draw the distinction as to death with or from coronavirus.

    You would be hard pressed- it’s next to impossible- to find any reasonably healthy person who has died or will die from this virus.

    What does this say about an economic social order that has created such unhealthy people who are a perfect breeding ground for viral replication?

    What does this say about a society that is not taking care of it’s most vulnerable citizens to as a defining feature?

    As for the virus itself the science at present is not conclusive. Rushed science is always bad science. Viruses are not very well understood on their own, the mechanisms of infection of human cells with a virus are also very poorly understood.

    • Bill says:

      How dare you speak sense to a member of the herd???!!!
      As Mark Twain said…”It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

  9. Sherlock says:

    Here’s an article from Canadian website.

    It states: “There’s no universal definition of a confirmend case”

    The author doesn’t seem to realize what’s he saying…

    “Some places define a confirmed case as one where a person was tested and the results were validated in a lab. Other jurisdictions consider a case confirmed if the patient exhibits all the major symptoms.”

    Then he admits…

    “Sometimes, the definition of a confirmed case can change. Last week, Quebec changed how it counts new cases. Previously, a positive test at a hospital lab had to be validated at the Laboratoire de santé publique du Québec. The second step has been eliminated, clearing a backlog of pending results. This resulted in a big jump in new confirmed cases.”

    So I guess that the best way to flattern the curve in Quebec (where I live) would be to go back to the previous definition!?

    • Bill says:

      Even the CDC has changed its “definitions” on the fly.
      Several months ago the started combining “presumed” cases an “confirmed” cases into one group designated …wait for it… “cases.”

  10. Rubert Collier says:

    Did Asprin cause “a significant number of deaths” during 1918-19 Spanish Flu? See article – published Nov ’09 Oxford Journal
    “Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918–1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence”

    I wish someone with a better grasp of medicine, than me, would review this article.

  11. Rune says:

    Yes, seems you are right regarding pollution being a likely cause of the problems in Italy, Spain (and elsewhere for that matter). See below link and note the correlation. Amazing.

    • Alan says:

      It is definitely correct to say that air pollution is causing lung problems in many people. Meanwhile, I believe there is some fraction of people suffering from hypoxia with a cause which does not originate in the lungs. It seems that it is this group, with hypoxia symptoms which is atypical for pneumonia, which has attracted unusual attention and started the stir, in a few places including Wuhan.

      Some possible causes of hypoxia are 5G damage at 60GHz or otherwise, and the “side” effects of ACE inhibitors and other CDV/hypertension drugs. These drugs don’t fix hypertension (an adaptive response by the body to prevent hypoxia), they cause hypotension and thereby hypoxia.

  12. evernewjoy says:

    Thanks, Jon, for your excellent and enlightening articles.

    Another contributing factor is glyphosate poisoning (active ingredient in Roundup). Approximately 4 biliion pounds of this anti-biotic is sprayed annually worldwide. Here is a quote from an MD:

    “Each epicenter of viral infection lies within the watersheds of these glyphosate toxic zones. The glyphosate, acting as a broad-spectrum antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic in these food and water systems, causes widespread loss of biodiversity.

    Simultaneously the glyphosate destroys the gut barrier of animals and humans to cause widespread immune system vulnerability and overload on the other side of the gut barrier.

    Once the bacterial and fungal elements of the microbiome are threatened, the viruses are relied upon to find genomic adaptations to the toxic environment.

    The viruses swap genomic information between species of bacteria, mammals, etc. until a biologic advantage or niche is discovered. Subsequent widespread dissemination of the virus occurs in areas that are equally as damaged and vulnerable.

    The exposure to the virus causes adaptation of the microbiome and mammalian immunity.”

    These points are discussed in this video:

    • NC says:

      In addition to destroying the beneficial gut organisms, it also interferes with the synthesis of 3 of the nine essential amino acids which cannot be taken in through diet. It is an Endocrine disruptor. It has been found to create breast cancer in animals at a concentration of about 150 ppt which is parts per trillion! (approximately equivalent to 8 drops in 20 Olympic sized swimming pools…50 million liters or 13 million gallons). It is water soluble and has been found in municipal water supplies all over the USA, in rain, and even in the air!. Commercial agriculture is killing the planet, but hey, it’s profitable.

  13. Lisa Harper says:

    I believe too, those that have died had a compromised immune system. Period. Throw in prescription drugs, bam…weakened immune system, since blood chemistry changes. The added doom and gloom is the environment..smog, pollution, etc. it has been over blown..big time.

  14. Terry Davies says:

    The MSM in UK are starting to cover their backs. They are now reporting so and so died WITH covid-19 as opposed to OF. Also a medic being interviewed said they no longer needed to test hospital arrivals with the covid-19 test as they could now use chest x-ray and blood tests?

    • tony bonn says:

      that is what the Chinese did. basically they said that someone tested positive for pneumonia (x-ray), therefore he has covid-19 since EVERYONE knows that sars-cov2 is the only way to get pneumonia. and if you think that that is not sarcasm, let me invest your savings for 1000% monthly returns for the next 10 years. but x-rays will not detect a “virus”. what blood test is being used? this medic is a quack.

  15. middleway says:

    The Baal worshipers rarely, if ever, look at the synergistic aspects of health related issues. If they did, they might actually discover the cause of autism.
    “We’re becoming a global empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” ― Karl Rove, 2001
    The illusion of a state “sponsored” reality?:

  16. Alan says:

    Further to earlier comments. The reason that things like “viruses” can seem to spread, without physical contact, is because of what “Rupert Sheldrake” calls “Morphic Resonance”. If you still believe that it is possible to physically catch a virus, checkout “Tom Barnett” on Facebook:

  17. Pisces says:

    This comment is not about readers/commenters on this site.
    It seems that most people will never think ‘this’ through, because they trust and believe everything they’re told by authority figures, and I don’t think they will ever understand that this “pandemic” is based on fictional virus, unless they hear it from them, which will never happen. So many people had been poisoned enough, via food and water supply, prescription drugs, radiation, chemtrails, etc., that they can’t even think critically anymore. They can only respond with emotion-based actions, like, anger or fear, before they can even think about or question anything they hear on MSM, where the reporter reads biased globalist-propaganda-scripts, because they’ve been fooled by the system into believing that the government is there to help them.

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled” – A quote attributed to Mark Twain

  18. Larry C says:

    “In fact, last summer, residents went out on the streets and protested in large numbers. You don’t do that in China unless you’re desperate, because the government can come in and arrest you and disappear you.”

    Agreed. And as Gerald Celente is fond of pointing out: When people have nothing left to lose…THEY LOSE IT.

  19. ken says:

    What is the reason behind this. The entire planet is participating in this charade.
    There has to be a reason!

    • Sonia H. says:

      @ken: Mass hypnosis of a sort? I doubt it. It’s just that an opportunity appeared for The Folks Who Run Things to prove to themselves, once and for all, that most humans are approaching brain-dead status. They are taking this info and running with it.

      Thanks to Jon Rappoport. And may God help us.

    • tony bonn says:

      absolute totalitarianism. prince phillip is alleged to have said that he wants to get rid of 90% of the world’s eaters. you do not realize how contemptuous are the 1% of people whom they view as goy/guys or in other words cattle.

      • From Quebec says:

        Prince phillip:

        In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

        • Rick in Phoenix AZ says:

          Larouche used to say there’s no such thing as “overpopulation”… just “UNDER DEVELOPMENT”.

    • Dug says:

      Reason! How about intentional! How about obvious! What’s really coming out of covert-19 is everyone being held to account for being lead down the garden path of illusion. What a disgusting world it’s become didn’t you notice? This is simply a cover for collapse of humanity. It’s been clear as the nose on my face. There is no humanity, just greed heaped on top of greed. I believe we should all look in the mirror and grow a set of coronas!!! Anarchy is going to be way spookier.

  20. Aron says:

    Too laughable. PCR test kits contaminated by coronavirus! More likely they can’t keep up with orders and globalists aren’t too happy with that. Got to come up with an excuse with a propaganda angle!

    “The [UK] Government has said that it aims to boost the rate of tests to 25,000 every day by the end of April at the latest and has asked private companies to help drive up test production.

    But one production firm, Luxembourg-based manufacturer Eurofins, told UK labs on Monday that deliveries would be delayed as core parts had been contaminated with coronavirus, the Telegraph reported.”

  21. Valerie says:

    If the research has shown 5G contributes to the growth in bacterial colonies( and it has) it can be a contributing factor in secondary bacterial infections =pneumonia.
    Poor air quality, underlying med conditions, immune dysfunction( stress induced),Hospital errors, problems with ventilator use,drugs, and in many cases age.
    All these things contributing factors in the deaths
    Bottom line is as you say their own test does not provide casual evidence and yet that particular virus is said to be the cause of every respiratory problem and death.
    They did not test the sick/dead for influenza, , bacterial infection, weakened immune system, Rhinovirus, the 4 other Coronaviruses, RSV and parainfluenza ( HPIVs).

    • Valerie says:

      Oh and imagine declaring “cause of death” without a coroner doing an autopsy.
      250,000 die annually from medical error in the US alone.
      Its ludicrous.

  22. J.B. says:

    I have done a presentation around 40 minutes long on viruses, in particular, coronavirus. There are 7 parts. I lay out the reasons why viruses are not contagious agents and detail the scientific reasons why that is.

    Viral Misconceptions – Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses

    Jeff G., Researcher & Alternative Nutrition

    Topics covered:

    The Virus & Its Purpose

    Viral Infection – Medical Deception – Contagious Trap

    Viral Cycles – Coronavirus

    Science of Virology Exposed

    Viruses Do Not Cross Species

    Sanitizers and Vectors of Transmission

    Coronavirus p2. – How Viruses are Manufactured

    • Redeye says:

      JB, my greatest thanks for the video. Don’t expect it to stay alive long, though. Community rule is censorship, you know.

      Rife was a great mind, wasn’t he? I wonder how many like him have been thrown down to the memory hole.

    • tony bonn says:

      I could never heap enough praise and gratitude on your presentation (only half way through). I almost cried – I thought that I heard the voices of angels singing. thank you for shining the light of truth in a dark swamp of lies, fear, and totalitarian rage.

    • NaturalWoman says:

      J.B., I’ve been reading your posts with great interest–thanks! You might consider also posting your video on where they are supposed to be never censored.

    • Piksil says:


      NOBEL PRIZE!!!!

      Any chance of a transcript, or power-point, or better yet, dvd copy of this being made available? I would pay for a copy of this. (I don’t know if it’s possible to download the video from an iPad–Luddite non-techno person here!)

      I wish this would have been available 40+ years ago. I may have followed a different career path. One not in allopathic medicine.

      The video clip of the viruses being expelled from the cell…live view from a R. Rife microscope? Right up there in awesomeness with seeing a baby born!!

      Sorry the reply took until this morning. I watched last night, but watched again this morning after waking up, and it was even more inspiring today, second viewing (soooo glad it’s not been pulled!)

      Thank you for this work. Thank you for the calm yet excitement it has brought to me.

      This should be broadcast worl-wide!!!

      • J.B. says:

        Thank you for the comments. The final video is not of a virus—it is meant to approximate how a cell ruptures once it is full of viruses during viral replication. Yes, it is footage from the Rife microscope.

        • Piksil says:

          Thanks JB!

          I’ve ordered Barry Lynes book, (the older book, is supposed to have more info) as well as Hume’s book “Bechamp or Pasteur?”. Unfortunately, with this global planedemic, delivery is scheduled for May 1. Guess they’re sanitizing the bat viruses off the copies before sending.

          Anyway, I appreciate your comments on this board. They’ve already helped connect some dots and answer some questions I’ve had for some years now relating to my career.

          (Even if the video of the cell is not of viruses being released, it’s STILL a very interesting sequence!)

    • NC says:

      Thank you so much for this JB. It will help MANY!


    • LeahOz says:


      I love your comments. Thank you for this informative vid.

    • Plamen says:

      Now more than ever, I hope this presentation will reach millions of people. Well done, Jeff and thank you!

    • Miville Couture says:

      Hi J.B.,

      I just watched the whole video and I am very thankful to you. All that is explained in this video makes perfect sense. In 2009, during the H1N1 vaccination campaign, I was reminded about the work of Antoine Béchamp. Because I had been working in the field of prevention since 1976, what Béchamp had discovered made perfect sense to me. I also understood more clearly that the trend started by Louis Pasteur kept amplifying year after year. The result was that the whole allopathic medicine became infected by Pasteur’s approach of war against living beings.

      When I was in India in 1981 and 1982, I became acquainted with Ayurveda. Since then I have continued to study this real science of life which is at least 3000 years old.

      I hope that many health professionals will see this video and start opening their eyes and their minds. I will pass it on to friends who work in the field of health. It may take time for the old view to disappear because so much money is involved.

      I have been teaching French as a second language for many years and I know that when students have developed bad habits, the process of learning the correct way is much longer. They have to first erase or discard what they learned before learning anew. It is always faster to start form scratch. Let’s hope that the younger generation will quickly adopt this approach that makes sense.

    • lamberth says:

      I’m glad you’re back, you had me worried there for a while.

      Your video is an absolute GEM!
      The more people see this, the better!
      Many thanks for taking the trouble to produce it and share it with the world.

      I’ll forward the link to my family members.

    • evernewjoy says:

      Thank you! That is a great video, and confirms what we hear from other sources.

    • Andrew says:

      If viruses are not contagious, then how did people get diseases like measles?

  23. Nora Claypool says:

    Not only does this “pandemic” not pass the sniff test, if you read the patent application made in 2003 for a “novel” virus named corona, the patent states that corona is a short-lived virus, non-lethal to humans who recover quickly. The patent lists the names of the people involved, who all work for and live in the area of the CDC in Atlanta. Corona virus cases seen in the footage from Wuhan, where people are seen dropping in the middle of the street, are unconfirmed in truth because we can’t believe anything they say. There is a link between the virus death toll and the frequencies. It’s also pretty clear there’s another hidden agenda besides crashing the economy, perhaps among many hidden goals to be achieved, and that’s the secret installation of 5G technology into closed schools, churches, libraries and other public buildings without the extreme pushback from parents and others who have organized to stop it. To protect yourself and your family from the virus, toss your cell phone into the pond and go back to a landline and/or a wired PC.

  24. tony bonn says:

    another point to keep in mind is that the rt pcr test is easy to manipulate. at 60 cycles nearly everyone shows the virus – that is doubling of synthetic dna 2^60. 2^32 is 4 billion times – 2^60 is almost 4b x 4b – it is ginormous. they can literally make a mountain out of a molehill and claim to find it in everyone. the so-called virus is present in such minute quantities that it has to be trebled in a lab to even find it.

  25. Rick in Phoenix AZ says:

    It occurred to me today that the “left” might be surreptitiously encouraging and supporting one another in a massive scorched earth effort. They don’t care if there IS an actual killer virus or that the stats make no sense. They might be playing by Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky– and using TACTICS rather than REASON like we are.

    What gave me this notion is that I see millenial aged kids with face masks… lots of them… and of course other age groups but primary gen x, and y… and then today I notice that if white masks run out, they use “scarves”… and that starts to look like those Antifa people with black face covers.

    And of course, the white filter on the face is a KIND of disguise isn’t it?
    Of course, the youth themselves would not be able to accomplish this without cooperation from big banks, over-invested in derivatives now collapsing and unsustainable– 10X the level of world wide GDP. The collapse of OIL PRICES might have triggered this. THAT was because Russian and Saudi Arabia are in an oil price war that I haven’t followed.

    It’s as if the big banks, trans-national-corporations and the left are CONSPIRING against American tradition, free enterprise and and conservatism…. with covid19 as the EXCUSE to tear-it-all-down and create chaos– out of which their new-world-order will be created.

    Rick Potvin

  26. covid_skeptic says:

    Jon, thank you for all your posts on the coronavirus. I think you have proved that it does not exist.

    Now that you have taken care of that, can you please explain why is this being done? Is it Agenda21, Agenda 2030?

    Is this a drill gone live ?

    Check out MSEL HSEEP

    For example in this “MSEL – Statewide Medical and Health Exercise Program” (—statewide-medical-and-health-exercise-program)
    here are some of Messages:

    “We are running critically short on adult and/or pediatric suppliesand PPE (e.g. 500mL and 1000mLIV bags of Normal Saline, pediatric IV tubing, diapers, formula, Pedialyte, nebulized medications, Flumist, pediatric antibiotics suspension) and our partners and vendors have exhausted their supplies”

    “We are requesting authority to deploy and position triage tents in the parking lot of the hospital in efforts to mitigate further potential introduction of the source inside the facility”

  27. Alex says:

    Wow, just Wow.

    Thank you, Jon. Those of us who understand, understand how much endeavor you put into helping others to Exit from the Matrix.

    What Nora Claypool says about secretly installing 5G into buildings while we are being told to stay home, oh that made me gasp. even though we know they are up to no good. Sleight of hand, while they are ‘protecting us’.

    Speaking of Prince Philip, and those who do not have our best interest at heart dumbing us down, let’s have a look at a book /pdf written in 1991.

  28. tony bonn says:

    there is a very faint ray of light emerging in the virus r us press. the yellow journalism whorozine Zero Hedge reported that a small scale study in china demonstrated the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus patients. the writer feared that demand for this cheap drug would skyrocket – and I can only hope so.

    quoting the new York times:
    Cough, fever and pneumonia went away faster, and the disease seemed less likely to turn severe in people who received hydroxychloroquine than in a comparison group not given the drug.

    notice how these symptoms could all be attributable to pneumonia – none of which requires sars-cov-2 – except for dr fauci and his medical mafia.

    so trump managed an end run around fauci on this one – although it is way too early to know if it will take hold. dr klinghardt who practices in seattle has also confirmed the efficacy of the malaria drug based upon his personal clinical experiences.

    other potent treatments for “corona like” symptoms include high quality vitamin c and propolis.

    unfortunately all government and medical leaders are practicing blood-letting to cure the patient which economically is on the brink of death.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      The reason why that drug didn’t work as well in China was because they were treating something that wasn’t viral to begin with.

      In order for an antiviral to work, it has to be used to fight…a virus. if we can all agree that this “virus” is either a contrived fabrication or a massive mistake by bad scientists working at a bad lab with the media just running with it, then we can agree that using an anti-viral to fight it won’t work. The chinese figured this out and just didn’t tell anyone or admit they messed up, and now the whole world is bandwagoning this. Worse, the media is clamoring for a body count to perpetuate their story.

      If there is one really true and unadulterated evil with no conscience on earth, it is the Media.

  29. Alex says:

    My Sincerest Apologies to you, I know you are incredibly busy.

    ((( OFFthe comments section record…
    i’d like to ask you to delete the link to the book in the previous comment i made.
    and also to delete this comment, if you will.

    this is the link to delete in the previous comment..

    i erred in my research.

    in further researching”John Coleman” i find that he is not what he speaks to be.

    I will do MORE research before inserting such links in the future…

    many blessings,

  30. ellie says:

    Rubert – This MIT PhD has a good grasp of medicine:

  31. Eluard says:

    Terrific J.B., I’m def going to dive into this. And thanks so much for all your educational supplements to Jon’s blog these last few weeks. I know we’ve all learned a lot.

    Would you care to comment on my question above about bacterial infections? Are they too, like viruses, not transmissible person to person, i.e., by fluid, through the air, etc?

    • Eluard says:

      Actually, I just answered it for myself, found it in one of your posts: “Viruses and bacteria are not contagious, period. Coronavirus is not contagious.”

      Thank you, sir, really do appreciate your efforts.

  32. AH says:

    Yeah, their is no “it”. Maybe the first “it” was the oldest, most ancient monolithic stone structure- hey, they really had something there, eventually a monolithic middle age cathedral- good ROE. Maybe “it” then became science, then idk? twin towers. I quit throwing bones at the nearest tribe a long time ago, and I’m done dancing with a monolith, like an ape[1]- thanks to you Jon!

    [1] ’01 Space Odyssey

  33. RT says:

    This video explains the Scamdemic very simply as well:

  34. AH says:

    Actually, ‘it’- is a virus. Thanks again Jon.

  35. Eluard says:

    This guy, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, just put out this brilliant (kinda long) video, in which he details his recent research on the “covid” phenomenon. Like J.B., and others, he concludes this thing is an endogenous process and that viruses themselves are actually exosomes, “membrane bound extracellular vesicles.” Check it out:

  36. Piksil says:

    Bravo, sir!!!

    Are most too lazy to THINK, or is this a product of our ‘dumbed-down’* education system, or a combination of both?
    (Rhetorical question)

    Thank you for being a beacon of light through this (manufactured) crisis!!!

    * John Taylor Gatto, former ‘Teacher of the Year’, wrote a book “Dumbing Us Down”, relating to the public education system. It’s an eye-opener, an easy read (well, he had to write it in a way we could understand), and highly recommended.

  37. Greg from Paris says:

    There is a trend going on right now of people going out to film empty hospitals.


  38. craig says:

    I don’t ever recall a dozen refrigerator trucks lined up for bodies outside hospitals.

  39. Elize says:

    Thanks for permitting peoples comments and postings here, so we get this:

    Thanks to JB for his video/audio on utube above. Only 200 people have accessed it so far.
    It needs to go VIRAL folks!

  40. From Quebec says:


    but several governors want to keep their states locked down throughout May and possibly even until mid-June as in the cases of Virginia and possibly California.

    • TkA says:

      Those states can rot in their ignorance. The rest will boom. Trump is going to sweep the election. Obviously part of the Q-tard “plan”, nevertheless that is better than a socialist utopia under the doddering Biden.

    • It seems to me, today, that something called the Governors Association… may be the actual enemies of the USA behind the shutdown! I can’t find the exact org but look at this..from a few days ago

      Trump Urges Governors To Rank Counties By CV 
Risk In Bid To Re-Open America’s Economy

      The GOVERNORS of the 50 STATES could be some sort of sleeper-cell… in the take-down of the US economy– I’ll be on this for next several hours and in the wee hours. I’ve ran across previous bits on this and now…it seems it might be a worthwhile rabbit hole to go down.

      Doug Doochey, gov. of AZ, where I am, had a phony baloney townhall a few nights ago here, I listened to the whole gory thing– and it struck me that the BODY LANGUAGE of the vocal behavior… I’m good at that from telephone sales… was pre-planned– with Doochey’s answers scripted beforehand. It wasn’t a real town hall.. it was pure propaganda.

      We MUST… no … I will… go after those governors and their crummy anti-american economy shutdown conspiracy tonight in my dreams… taking lots of valarian and mucuna for l-dopa and melatonin. I’ll be using my higher chakras and pineal gland, lucid dreaming & remote viewing to the max tonight– to uncover their plot.

  41. In an age of universal lying and the deception that results, it is exceptionally hard to know who to believe. This is why disorientation and confusion will become very normal in the population. Confusion I think will soon become the new normal.
    Mental health problems will much more common.

    • AH says:

      You mean since the beginning of time? Just believe in yourself. Maybe, from this fraud forward everybody will stop falling for the magic trick and confusion will end. Maybe all health problems will subside from improved immune function and metal health problem will shrink to the old tried and true devil possessions.

      Clyde= fictional ghost monster who acts stupid
      Harkin= Hypothesizin after the results are known

      Sorry brother, just having fun!

  42. Arby says:

    I appreciate your thoughts here Jon. It’s funny in a dark sort of way.

    I am finding my internet today to be missing in action, even with new equipment, a new router that my landlord just intalled and a booster of some sort in the room above my computer in my basement apartment. Our internet was blazing the last day or two. Today, I can’t upload to Bitchute. The video I’m wathing on Bitchute is frozen. Since I was spinning my wheels anyway, I popped in here. Lo and behold. I wonder how extensive this is.

  43. Jon: COVID: It’s not one thing, it’s not one disease.
    I keep pounding on this, because it’s the main illusion, and it’s the hardest illusion to dispel.

    Rick: True, however not only is CoVID “syndrome” many maladies, making it an umbrella for those many-maladies… I think now that a deeper illusion is that viruses are bad. They are actually PART of our immune system, created in response to toxicity, according to HARD-GERM-THEORY DENIAL— a.k.a. Pleomorphism– (many-forms), proposed by Bechamp, a contemporary of Pasteur and opposed to Pasteur’s germ-theory. So the IMMEDIATE NEED is to recognize, as you (Jon) point out– many-maladies are being called CoVid (the numbers game) but the BIGGER PICTURE is that it’s not even POSSIBLE for a killer virus to attack people. Viruses attack and DISSOLVE TOXINS within people– NOT people. Viruses are our FRIENDS, not our ENEMIES. So even IF a CoVID was found (which it cannot be with e-microscopy, but possibly with a Rife Microscope), it would be a helper, not a killer. And it can’t be “spread”. Therefore social distance is a fraud. Economic shutdown, quarantine, isolation are frauds. I’m thinking those who FACILITATE and PERPETRATE fraud on this scale will ALL have to be accountable and face the BIGGEST JUSTICE TRIBUNAL in history. Start taking names and organizations now. Rick Potvin– APLM – American People’s Liberation Movement (membership: 1, me, so far).

    Jon: There are people in Wuhan who have pneumonia because of the horrendous air quality in the city.

    Rick: And? And Wuhan saw the biggest rollout of 5G in history late last year, turning the city into a microwave oven, cooking people alive. The many-causes-for-CoVid idea should ALWAYS INCLUDE 5G and “electrical diseases” going back in history as pointed to by

    Jon: The stage magic trick is easy to see, once you grasp the tactics: Claim to have discovered a new virus. Say it is spreading and needs to be contained. Invent an umbrella label for the epidemic: COVID-19. Start pulling all sorts of people with all sorts of different conditions under the umbrella and say they’re all “cases.” Use a diagnostic test that will automatically turn out many verdicts of “infected.” And you have the illusion of a pandemic.

    Rick: More stage magic: Claim viruses can travel through the air and transfer to other people by staying alive on doorknobs. Claim that said viruses are potentially deadly. Ignore the work of germ-theory-deniers called pleomorphists… there’s a tongue twister… or how about “terrainists” which refers to Pasteur’s own death-bed confession (said to be…) that it’s the terrain (body environment), not the germ, that’s the thing. Some call the antithesis to germ theory the “cellular disease theory”.

    Jon: There’s more. The Chinese government decides they aren’t going to even bother testing for the new virus. Instead, they’re going to do CT scans of patients’ lungs. If they see evidence of pneumonia, they’re going to label all these people: “coronavirus.” Soon to be known as “COVID-19.”

    Rick: Even if the Chinese tested for the new virus, they can’t see it directly without a RIFE microscope. The e-microscrope can’t even see these viruses… it seems as far as I know… and if they can, they view a non-moving virus… ex-vivo.. (?)… not within a living cell. Even IF they could see it, they would see it DISSOLVING TOXINS… within a cell… then itself, self destructing. They are a type of SOLVENT, created from a proto-enzyme.

    Jon: In certain places, 5G might be harming people. Indeed. And some of those people might be labeled as COVID. Yes. But “the whole thing” isn’t 5G, because THERE ISN’T ONE WHOLE THING.

    Rick: True, however this all started in Wuhan where there was a huge 5G rollout and in N.Italy, where Chinese firm Huawei was installing 5G. After that, we see multiple locations around the world where the causality spreads like the umbrella– making a SYNDROME out of CoVid… attributing MANY causes of illness and death to CoVid– clearly impossible to determine for the reassons you (Jon) cite.

    Jon: There is no “it.”
    “But it started in China and spread across the world.”No. The stage magicians from the CDC and the World Health Organization want you to believe that. They’ve built up a fraudulent picture to convince you that’s true. There is no “it.”
    Rick: True but the NEWS STORY OF A KILLER VIRUS pointed to Wuhan China and the live-food market, specifically a bat. So “it” (multiple causes of illness subsequently attributed to CoVid) surely did not start in China but the “news” did. Then when we look to antecedents to that news story, we find Bill Gates sponsoring Event 201 in Oct. 2019 which presaged this phony baloney epidemic. Bill Gates should be arrested and charged with mischief. He’s clearly insane. And his Windows10 sucks too.

    Jon: “But I WANT an ‘it’. I MUST HAVE an ‘it’.”
    Yes. I understand. That’s called an addiction. You need to cure yourself.
    Rick: It turns out that my “it” is hard-core germ theory denial, aka pleomorphism, aka cell disease theory. From THAT, you get to IT and NOW…. and that means that we can go BACK to THAT and CANCEL this entire DRILL (note that Sec of State, that overweight fat guy… PUMP-ASS Pompeo.. ADMITTED it was a drill… to which TRUMP responded “you should have told us”… source: news conference about a week ago… likely scrubbed from youtube).

  44. Protestant says:

    Yes! And the latest media trick is to say victims died “WITH coronavirus”, instead of saying they died “OF” coronavirus.

  45. Kathy Saladin says:

    Watch Dr. Kaufman, this scam is even worse than you thought

  46. Protestant says:

    ID2020 Mark of the Beast: This Vaccination Mark ID2020 funded by Bill Gates is already being forced upon the poor people of Bangladesh. “The quantum-dot tattoos involve piercing the flesh with soluble sugar-based micro-needles. The needles contain a vaccine and fluorescent copper-based “quantum dots” embedded inside bio-compatible, micron-scale capsules. After the micro-needles dissolve under the skin, they leave the encapsulated quantum dots in a pattern that’s easy to read and identify a person as having received a vaccination.”

    The Quantum Dot Pattern will be a Crescent Moon, symbol of Shiva=Satan.
    And Shiva=Satan will say you have “consented” to take his mark, branded like cattle.

  47. Jayme Hall says:

    I listened to all 3 segments of the False Pandemic. Thank you, I have linked it to my Twitter. Everyone should listen. I’m a nurse & my husband is a physician. He had questions about the tests & knew they were most likely not specific enough. We’ve not seen anyone with the virus & doubt we will. This whole thing has gotten out of hand. I’m not afraid of the virus, but I am afraid of the virus Police. People are crazy. They can not see beyond the fear. I knew that Fauci was a dirt bag & the WHO guy is a flat out terrorist. How can you believe someone without checking them out? The MSM is a bunch of liars. I’d love to see you do something about the missing children & the tunnels running all over the world. It’s time to open some eyes. I believe they can handle the truth!

  48. Michael Bodine says:

    Thank you for corroborating the way I have framed this hoax from the beginning! I am happy to find other voices of reason and critical thinking! And thank you for the additional information!

  49. Amanda says:

    Media fakery- Does that patient look like a mannequin?? (reminds me of the LAX staged shooting, allegedly by Paul CIAnCIA, and they rolled out a mannequin in a wheelchair as one of the victims). Looks like the image is from a channel 4 video, at the top it says “New York coronavirus cases surge- hospitals strugg”

    Chris Corrigan@ChrisCorrigan4#CoronaHoax @Jimcorrsays @gemmaod1 @AntiCorruptIre
    take a closer look at the patient!

    Steve Ross #IforOneWelcomeOurNewGermOverlords@trencherman333
    Replying to @ChrisCorrigan4@Jimcorrsays and 2 others
    It’s a DUMMY ! The “hairline” is drawn on with black paint….it has a big hole in the throat where the tube goes in….? Dear god, what kind of madness are we living through here ?

  50. Dina Barzilai says:

    A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures

    this explanation completely supports this

  51. Yael Sauzedde says:

    Jon, you are so eloquent.
    I couldn’t have said it better, nor even half as well as you, even though this is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to some people near and dear to me. Unfortunately, once people are hooked on their favorite fear-porn, all reason is lost on them and so even your awesome piece of rhetoric won’t sway them towards sanity.

  52. P says:

    Hi Jon, Thank you for your article.
    In full agreement.
    Andrew Kaufman MD his exploration and findings are in a similar vein. well worth watching and likely u already have.

  53. P says:

    I just noticed someone already posted same info…..

  54. joyce martino says:

    HOPE HOPE HOPE millions heard your Coast to Coast Discussion on April 7.

  55. virusa says:

    Thank you very much for your articles.

    Here, a Spanish translation of this one (there are other translations in the same blog):

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