Technocracy inside your body: not science fiction

by Jon Rappoport

June 19, 2020

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—Freedom includes the natural right to resist and reject any technology that endangers life.

Merriam-Webster: “nanobot-a microscopically small robot: a robot built on the scale of nanometers.”

Technocracy is the engineering of civilization to make it resemble a machine in which all the parts fit. And that includes humans. It is the preferred method of Globalism-for-control.

In prior articles, I’ve detailed how Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, and others are using the false pandemic as the rationale for leading the human race into a Brave New World. “The new normal.” “We can never go back to the way it was.” “We must have a borderless planet, global governance, and total surveillance, so we can detect epidemics more quickly and head them off before they become scourges…”

I’ve described ongoing research in nanotechnology, which would involve placing tiny sensors in the body and brain that report, in real time, physical indicators, leading to remote diagnoses of diseases and prescriptions for treatment.

However, diseases and disorders are often grossly exaggerated and, in fact, are invented fictions in many instances, at the behest of the pharmaceutical industry, to expand profits. Therefore, people would be caught inside an AUTOMATED system of sensors, crooked diagnoses, and imposed toxic treatments.

In this article, I want to extend the analysis of technocracy “in your body.” The reference is “The last mile to civilization 2.0: technologies from our not too distant future—nanobots, smart dust, 5G wireless, and smart cities,” by Jay Stanley, 12/13/2017, Buckle up:

“…most of today’s nanobots are actually created from algae, bacteria, DNA and other organisms already occurring in nature. Scientists and engineers discovered long ago that piggybacking on nature by controlling a biological organism is easier than building one from scratch…”

“These types of ‘nanobots’ are currently being used in humans to target cancerous tumors and can be remote controlled with magnetic pulses or ultrasound after being injected into the bloodstream near the targeted area (usually in oxygen-depleted zones) carrying some sort of drug payload.”

“Magneto-aerotactic bacteria nanobots – ‘…new nanorobotic agents capable of navigating through the bloodstream to administer a drug with precision by specifically targeting the active cancerous cells of tumours… ‘These legions of nanorobotic agents were actually composed of more than 100 million flagellated bacteria — and therefore self-propelled — and loaded with drugs that are moved by taking the most direct path between the drug’s injection point and the area of the body to cure.’…”

“Algal-based nanobots – Another remote-controlled, biodegradable, cancer-killing nanobot, this time made from spirulina algae with fluorescent and magnetic properties for tracking and controlling it to remote areas of the body.”

“DNA-based nanobots – Made of DNA, this creation is capable of performing nanomechanical tasks such as finding, carrying and sorting molecular cargo like chemicals by using their nucleotide arms, hands, legs and feet to perform tasks and move around. They’re smart enough to work alongside other bots in the same area without interfering with their tasks and it could be used to deliver medicines throughout the body, transport gene editing tools or for other programmable therapeutics.”

“Bio-based solutions represent a bulk of the nanotech in this category and scientists believe that these types of bots could eventually be programmed with as much detail as full sized mechanized robots.”

“However, researchers are also exploring nanobots made with electronics, such as ‘neural dust,’ which is perhaps best described as a Fitbit for the nervous system. Created from CMOS circuits/sensors, neural dust uses ultrasound to power a 3mm-wide implant that can wirelessly track and transmit real-time data from nerves, organs and muscles.”

Getting the picture?

There’s a bit of a blur here between what is already being deployed and what is still in the research phase, but the implication is clear: researchers are on the cusp of a radical shift in body/brain surveillance and manipulation.

The public relations campaigns always stress astonishing prospects for curing diseases; but behind that front, you can be sure the military community is heavily involved.

For example, as the article continues: “Development of neural dust took rise with funding from DARPA [the technology branch of the Pentagon] and a 2013 UC Berkeley paper (PDF) titled ‘Neural Dust: An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution’ conceptualizes a mature version of the technology, which could be used to create an implantable brain-machine interface [!] with ultrasonic sensors that can stimulate specific brain areas.”

“Our bodies are quite permeable by ultrasound and DARPA envisions that ultrasonically powered brain implants with biosensors may one day be used to monitor health and regulate bodily functions ranging from bladder control to the movement of prosthetic limbs, eventually enabling ‘self-healing’ of the body and mind through so-called ‘electroceuticals’.”

“Before neural dust, DARPA financed research through Berkeley in 1998 to create ‘smart dust’ — technically known as ‘microelectromechanical sensors’ (MEMS) — which is essentially an IoT device that can be placed anywhere in the environment to wirelessly monitor changes such as light, vibrations, temperature, humidity, magnetism or chemical signatures, acting as nerve-endings in an ad-hoc distributed network that provides full-spectrum intelligence.”

All this research and deployment detailed in the techspot article I’m quoting comes under the heading of: if they can do it, they will do it.

And when you see untold numbers of people obeying orders from Pandemic Central these days, you have to think many of them will go along with a program of implanting tiny bots in their bodies to “facilitate medical treatment.”

Why should these bots need to be injected? How about spraying them by the millions? Far less precise, but a “useful experiment.”

Another basic principle at work here: it’s only science fiction until it’s actually happening. A planetary lockdown was a bad sci fi thriller until it happened this year.

“Mr. Smith, our readout of your body sensors reveals you’re in a pre-infection stage of a potentially contagious disease. Your [driverless] car will transport you to a facility near your home for further testing and treatment. Get in your car now…”

“Ms. Jones, this is your GFC [Google, Facebook, Cisco] brain sensor letting you know we’re making a few changes in your neural response rate so you’ll be more alert at work. The changes will happen over the next three days. Don’t be alarmed if you notice new feelings popping up here and there…”

“Hi Fred, this is your BMI [brain machine interface]. To prep you for your new job category, we’ll be downgrading your adrenaline levels…”

Of course, none of this has to be communicated. It can simply be DONE.

Technocratic dictatorship doesn’t need permission. It’s “science,” so it must be true, important, and necessary.

Unless and until people REVOLT.


Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

36 comments on “Technocracy inside your body: not science fiction

  1. Pisces says:

    I was skeptical about nanobots when I first heard about them, but if they could succeed to control the behavior of a bull by electronically manipulating the bull’s muscle reflexes, as they said in the video down below, who knows how far they’ve advanced their research on remote mind control and directed energy weapons.

    Skip to 4:07 if you don’t have time to watch the full video:

  2. Charles says:

    A brave new world leading to extinction! If this all comes to pass, this particular possibility of possibilities will be a dead end.

    By Rick Potvin
    In keeping with the general theme of Jon’s blog but not this particular post by him today, I want to keep fighting the mask requirements as part of our front-line trench psywar. It appears they’re going to try to MAKE me wear a mask here in Arizona starting at 5 pm today. Aside from all the intuitive things we would consider to be a problem with this– like “can they actually DO that?”… or “isn’t that unconstitutional?”… I’ve put a little review together for Jon’s fans below.

    1. Review Jon’s previous entries on masks along with very useful commenters input….

    Apr17 Jon Rappoport
    A message to the pod people wearing masks –

    Apr28- Jon Rappoport
    A message about suicide to the pod people wearing masks

    Jun9 – Jon Rappoport
    To citizens wearing medical masks: you’re whacko conspiracy theorists

    2. A great technical article which is quite long but which I’ve summaried in a shorter overview format just below. It’s surprising to see dental professionals examine this issue– and reach a negative conclusion on mask efficacy!

    Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review
    October 18, 2016 
by John Hardie, BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC

    For at least three decades a face mask has been deemed an essential component of the personal protective equipment worn by dental personnel. This article will describe how the findings of such studies lead to a rethinking of the benefits of wearing a mask during the practice of dentistry.
    Traditionally face masks have been recommended to protect the mouth and nose from the “droplet” route of infection, presumably because they will prevent the inhalation of relatively large particles. 11 Their efficacy must be re-examined in light of the fact that aerosols contain particles many times smaller than 5 microns. There is no specific requirement to prove that the existing masks are effective and there is no standard test or set of data required supporting the assertion of equivalence. Nor does the FDA conduct or sponsor testing of surgical masks.”The primary reason for mandating the wearing of face masks is to protect dental personnel from airborne pathogens. This review has established that face masks are incapable of providing such a level of protection.

    3. Italy, home of the Golden Renaissance, strikes back at idiocy first– again. Nice action here by the Italians. I guess they just figure masks do go well with spaghetti and wine.

    Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic As Scam

    by Tyler Durden
    Wed, 06/03/2020 – 05:30
    Hundreds of Italian demonstrators gathered in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo on Tuesday, ditching their masks in a protest against the Italian government’s lockdown restrictions aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19….The group, which calls themselves the ‘Orange Vests,’ is led by retired Carabinieri general Antonio Pappalardo, who doesn’t believe children should be made to wear masks, according to TIME.
    Refusing to wear a mask himself, Pappalardo said “These lungs mine. I will take care of my lungs. Breathing is sacred.”

    4. W.H.O. itself is advising against masks! Cut, paste and resend/printout my comment here for others in our battle against the masks.

    This Is Crazy: W.H.O. Now Says Only Wear a Mask If You are Sick or Working with Sick — Otherwise You Don’t Need One
    By Jim Hoft
    Published May 29, 2020 at 3:00pm
    Share (3.1k) Tweet Email

    In early March Dr. Fauci told “60 Minutes” there was no need to wear a face mask during the pandemic.
    Earlier this week Dr. Fauci said masks are symbolic.

    5. Gov. Ducey of AZ hands a political grenade to mayors:

    Ducey Reverses Course, Says Mayors Can Set Local Standards …
    Jun 17, 2020 · — Doug Ducey (@dougducey) June 17, 2020 In a reversal of his previous policy, Gov. Doug Ducey announced today that he will allow local jurisdictions to mandate the wearing of face masks in an…

    6. OSHA itself says you’re SUFFOCATING yourself! (Is it hypoxia or anoxia? )

    7. Let’s start complaining to official bodies.


    8. I came up with the idea of a “minimal” face shield and will try to get a manufacturer/retailer interested.

    To from Rick Potvin of Arizona: I think a more “minimalist” version of your Covid19 face shield would be of interest to a lot of people like me. I’m in Arizona where the gov. just handed local mayors the authority to require masks in public spaces. Many like me don’t believe in masks so I invented my own crude “snap on clear nose/mouth guard” to the bottom of my existing eyeglasses.

    Maybe you’d be interested in seeing if you can make something more elegant… a minimal cover over nose and mouth that can clip on to the eyeglass frame at the side or bottom with small alligator clips.

    The idea is to push as far toward minimal coverage as possible and still fulfil most government mandates.

    You could market it to those who don’t believe in sacrificing their appearance for a virus that may or may not exist. Or whatever angle you want to take.

    I would invent and sell it myself but I’m not up and running in your type of business. I’m a furloughed piano teacher from Guitar Center. I haven’t contacted anyone else on this idea yet. If you don’t want to do it, I’m thinking about those people who make the LED magnifying glasses next.

    Rick Potvin

    • bleak says:

      These mask-wearing “policies” or “mandates” etc are not officially LAWS that can be enforced in any US courtroom that still wants to maintain its illusion of actual Lawful Authority. They are nothing more than gaslighting IMO.

      That doesn’t mean that if one were to refuse to wear a mask, one couldn’t face arrest, hassles, fines etc, BUT under Constitutional Law, these policies fall under the term Ultra Vires…

      ultra vires (31-trd VI-reez also veer-eez), adj. [Latin
      “beyond the powers (of)”] (I8c) Unauthorized; beyond
      the scope of power allowed or granted by a corporate
      charter or by law . – Also termed extra vires. Cf.
      INTRA VIRES. [Cases: Corporations Cd370(1),385.]
      ultra vires, adv. ~ Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

      And if one were to claim UV and present evidence that a stupid paper/cloth mask made in China doesn’t protect anyone especially the wearer, the judge (if he is not on the take) has to dismiss such charges as it has not been proven “beyond a reasonable doubt” that masks do anything to the wearer but cause harm.

      Just sayin.

      In Law, what is Ultra Vires

      Governor Wolf Must Resign Over Ultra Vires/Unconstitutional Acts and Waivers Being Issued to Wolf Organization

    • g says:

      why wear a mask? there’s always a medical exemption, plus not valid order anyway.

    • Rachel says:

      The only time I am forced to wear a mask is during transportation (I HAVE to take the bus-I walk as much as I can, but certain distances aren’t walkable, especially when you are on your feet 8hr/day) and at work. The problem I am facing now is that I am starting to get sick after spending 8hr/day wearing the face mask.

      I really need a solution that will succeed against my corporate bosses.

    • Amanda says:

      Rick- Thanks so much for your post–very helpful info!!

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Jon, hi all.
    So nanobotting is basically microchipping? Chemtrails = nanobot dispersal? 5G a power source or activation device? I dunno what I’m talking about to be fair, but I’m hating the future already. The truly awful thing is people will be rushing to this like it’s a bag of free donuts.

    • Rachel says:

      I hate to say it, but as a recent article of Jon’s points out, the metals have been in the vaccines since 2017, so it isn’t the future you hate…

  5. sd says:

    ive noticed the media is ramping up the virus fear mongering again now that the riots have calmed down

  6. fluidity says:

    If they can do it, they will. If they will do it, they already have.
    We just don’t yet know where. I used to think extortion and blackmail ran the world of power. Perhaps some politicians have these embeds already. It would explain sooooo much.

    • Rachel says:

      Fluidity, I may sound stupid for asking, but what good would it do politicians to have them and what does it explain?

  7. JB says:

    Found an interesting comment on Facebook from June 17th (from a Vaska Tumir):

    Today was not a good day for the covid conspiracist community.

    Scientists at Oxford have publicized strong evidence that a long commonly available steroid drug – not under patent, not expensive – is effective in increasing survival rates in seriously ill covid-19 patients. It works by mitigating the immune system overreaction that is often the immediate cause of life-threatening complications in covid patients.

    But see, according to the conspiracists, the virus was created to enrich Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Big Pharma. That’s supposedly why “they” didn’t want us to know that hydroxychloroquine cures it. There’s no patent. Also, “they” supposedly don’t want *any* treatment to be known to be effective, because that would make finding a vaccine less urgent — and the whole point of the evil plot is to make us all desperate to get vaccinated.
    ~Mark Williams via Bob A.

    Not sure I agree, just wanted to share.

    • CrC says:

      I’d suggest to you Jon’s book on AIDS and also a book called

      (Virus Mania – How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits At Our Expense – Torsten Engelbrecht and Claus Kohnlein (2007).

      CoVid-19 is a made up disease with absolutely ni medical backing.

        Trump called it the invisible enemy. I hope he calls out the entire hoax at his rally tomorrow.

          I discovered this video on April 1, 2020 and summarized it in 7 points. I haven’t yet cross-correlated it with Jon’s summary but I will, using Jon’s article where he referred to arguments against covid IN the box and OUTSIDE the box. I would look to Jon’s arguments OUTSIDE the box. Update: The argument against the contagion and existence of the “virus” is an argument against MASKS as well. By properly learning these arguments and line of reasoning, we can COLLAPSE the entire NWO attempt to CRUSH the world as they’re doing– with their tyranny. Remember the phrase the PEN is MIGHTIER than the SWORD? I sure as hell hope it is because I don’t have time to learn real physical weapons. I’m more of a keyboard warrior. And I happen to like basements. And jazz.

          Wednesday, April 1, 2020
          You CAN’T catch Corona Virus — famous video often deleted by Youtube

          KEY POINTS

          You CAN’T “catch” a virus. A virus, properly understood, is created by a cell. The only way to get a virus into you is to have it INJECTED into your bloodstream.

          The human BODY knows when it’s a good time to clean itself from CLIMATE changes… people go through VIRAL DETOX seasonally in a geographic area. That’s why lots of people “get sick” in a “hot zone” at any one time.

          Bacteria live…bacterial infections are possible but CORONA is a virus… not a bacteria and is NOT alive.

          Humans can’t catch AVIAN flu or catch any other flu because viruses do not jump species, nor members within a species, through the air by coughing or touching or close proximity.

          A virus is SPECIFIC to specific CELLS in the body… so because a virus is NOT TRANSMISSABLE in the body… even between different cells.

          A virus is more correctly to be thought of as a SOLVENT… When a virus is active, you feel sick… because your cells are
          prompted to get rid of lots of TOXIC waste… If there is too much toxic waste, it can damage a cell or even kill a cell.

          A common COLD is BACTERIAL… the flu is an INTERNAL VIRUS… no such thing as EXTERNALLY surviving viruses other than in vaccines. Taking vaccines is dangerous on this count alone. Don’t do it. The current Corona Virus vaccine push is a trick. You’d better figure that out yourself and fast.

          • Eluard says:

            Rick, I’m pretty sure our old friend J.B. (not sure if he’s still around but I see someone sometimes post as “JB”) would say that, and DID say in his vid (I believe), that bacteria, like viruses, are Endogenous, created from within to expel a toxin and other threatening poisons.

            Of course, there’s food poisoning, chemical airborne toxins, etc., but you get my point.

        • Madness says:

          And here comes my ‘mania’ again. Covid is radiation sickness if not a re-labeled flu (which also a reaction of the body for poisons).

          Because of it the first thing that people should do who don’t want a NWO in the stomach of a Covid troyan horse to investigate the real invisible enemy which is radiation. First to learn about it, this guy teaches on universities, a good explanation, full with proof. Understand it first how it works! Enlighten others, spread the word to KILL the VIRUS LEGEND. When it is dead, NWO will be also dead.

          When you watch it, you’ll be sure just like I am that radiation is the real invisible enemy and a very ‘skilled’ one. Bigger than vaccination.
          WATCH IT to really know your enemy. So versatile, can cause you almost every illness known and symptoms inc. flu, stroke, asthma, cancer, diabetes, organ damage, tiredness, vertigo, the list is endless – watch the real science about it.

          • Piksil says:


            Thanks for that link! Video is excellent.

            Been climbing down another rabbit hole, stepped into it with one of the videos from the 5g(ee) Summit.
            I had taken a few notes on some of the speakers. One of the last ones I watched was Jason Bowden-Smith, from Australia, regarding mitochondria.

            In that video he mentioned neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruse. Dr Kruse has, through years of research, come up with some theories on health from a quantum physics perspective. Very compelling.

            It seems that some of Dr Witte’s presentation in the video aligns with Dr Kruse: native EMFs are the basis of health/life, non-native EMFs and toxins (pollution, etc) are the basis of dis-ease/death.

      • JB says:

        OK, Thanks. I just wanted to share because a lot of people online seem to believe that it’s real. I had my doubts from the beginning, though (it’s sad how some people have forgotten the Patriot Act already).

        • Lyn P says:

          Another point to consider in the scapegoating of “Covid 19” to causing strong illness, hypoxia, and dangerous immune overreactions which can themselves result in death – is the pre-existing state of toxicities in some having received sequential flu shots, high EMF exposure, and/or in severely toxic environments such as Wuhan, Lombardy, and NYC. As suggested by the phrase “Plague of Corruption,” Covid is concocted to get the blame for man-made assaults – how convenient for the perpetrators. Viruses will be used to mop up all manner of evils unless a critical mass of humanity sees through the medical spin.


    If you are not behaving well, a good firmware update is needed, uh?

    A good article to recommend some Cronenberg’s movies:







    I am interested in readers’ opinions about this video about the connections between Bill Gates, Starbucks, Monsanto, Bain Capital, Mitt Romney.

    Also, this video (in Spanish), at the end, suggests that Mitt Romney is “controlled” by Paul Singer, who was the biggest contributor for Rommey’s campaigns.

    What do you think? Do you have other information?

    • Rachel says:

      I have heard Bill Gates owns Monsanto. I have also heard that it is somehow related to canned food-like Bill Gates profits from it. And I heard George Noory discussing how FEMA is buying all the food that is good for 25+ years, perhaps to store in the underground cities they are creating (see for that). But I don’t know what that amounts to or what it means…. Perhaps it will help lead to the answers you are seeking.

        I buy Paul Newman salad dressing even though he died several years ago. I still watch his movies on TCM when they play them. I store LENTILS in my pantry. And I overbought TP. All the survival stuff is way beyond me. If things really do go south, I’m totally screwed.

  10. Larry C says:


    I’ve just learned, that the 5 wealthiest men in the nation increased their
    wealth by a staggering $75 BILLION in only two months (March 18 – May 19, 2020)

    Meanwhile, back in Dogpatch, millions of Americans are suddenly out-of-work, hungry, and flirting with homelessness.

    But don’t despair, there is a
    ray of hope:


      Zuckerburg’s Facebook is not easy or useful to read. How can he be worth billions? I don’t get it.

      • Madness says:

        The sheeple love it and addicted.

          The sheeple might be addicted because they like the “feeling” of being “watched”. I publish on social media because I like make it “possible” for others to seek out and find my views and analysis. That OFTEN happens but it often does NOT. It matters not to me. I’m not seeking instant reward from others. I’m publishing. Sheeple might be seeking self-gratificaion from others, whereas I seek the POSSIBILITY of setting my view “out there”. Not sure… just a thought. I’m addicted too, but in a different way.

          • Madness says:

            Maybe it goes back to being an introverted or extroverted person, introverted people don’t need constant attention, they are happy alone or with 1-2 true friends. With Facebook they probably get the feeling being liked with ‘likes’, a feedback, an illusion of company and care, friendship maybe. But it is just shallow.
            Social sites are prefect to control the masses and to manipulate them just like religions (mea culpa, I envy those who can believe and really believe) but I always saw it mainly a tool of manipulation, always ending in wrong hands, always causing wars and misery in the name of this or that God while I am missing badly a ‘caring God’.
            “I seek the POSSIBILITY of setting my view “out there”. “”
            Educating? To make them THINK? I think I am similar but I mainly focus on one area and involve in others only when I am honestly interested in or when it is a must like in these days is a must. My survival depends on other’s. We can’t survive this madness alone.
            These people play God but they will screw us for sure. The more I understand about energy, healing effect or harming effect, but mainly its divine complexity (oh the irony) the sure I am that they will kill us all and the planet, too.
            Satellites… as we exchanged some info about it, I didn’t agree with you but didn’t wish to offend either.
            I found a good one, have a look at it if you think:

  11. bleak says:

    I don’t know if it’s nano tech but Gates has a “quantum micro needle patch.” If you want to hear that part of the four part series, Meet Bill Gates by James Corbett, skip to about 1:09 but the whole thing is worth watching.

  12. wardropper says:

    The sheer potential for exploitation and moral abuse of this technology is more than enough to justify its immediate termination in any branch of science where it could infect – yes, infect – human beings without their knowledge.
    In the manufacture of inanimate things, I’d say, sure, go ahead, but you keep that stuff out of my bloodstream, and stick it in your own if you’re really so fond of it.

  13. Walking Dead says:

    Ya know, who can honestly say that things are not already in you. Ya already know how bill gates and big pharma work. Do you honestly think that they wouldn’t put it in all the pills people are on already? It would explain the stupidness of Americans and their allies, now wouldn’t it. If they, ( you know who), can do it, they will. Who is testing our pills for things?

  14. Marie says:

    Shared with 6 people.

  15. Arby says:

    Everyone’s using the word “technocracy” to refer to technology or to technology and government combined. I don’t agree with that use. I also find it simply confusing.

  16. Laura Borst says:

    This is really repressive. The state controlling people’s mental/emotional/physical states for its own convenience is a really bad form of tyranny. While use of psych drugs is bad, doing it remotely via namodust or implants is also bad. Most of those with power are not good people. They would often use this power to promote systems that abuse people.

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