A message to the pod people wearing masks

by Jon Rappoport

April 17, 2020

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You’re sincere. We get it. You can stop now. You’ve already won a gold star on the blackboard from the teacher. And yes, the epidemic is all Trump’s fault, because he called it the China virus, and he should have starting locking down cities in 1998. Right. Sure. Of course.

I won’t try to make a distinction between the junk science you worship and actual science. You’re too far gone for that.

You’re in a box. In your minds. You’ve been in that box for a long time. It’s created by the “authorities in charge,” and their super-coiffed high-priced press hookers. The recent order to go on lockdown was just another piece beamed into that box, and you stood at attention. Yes sir.

Even some of you anti-vaxxers are in the box. What did you think you were saying about viruses with your stance on vaccines? Let me translate. You were saying, “We can deal with viruses, we don’t need your toxic vaccines to gain immunity.” But now, all of a sudden, with this ghost fake virus, you fold up like puppets. You ask your masters to pull on the strings so you can put on your masks. All along, you’ve had a piece of mind control stuck in your domes you didn’t know about. I mean, really.

To all you pod people: you needed a new religion at this late date?

I’m sure some of you were actively against the Iraq war under Bush 2. You bucked the artificial consensus. But now, you salute and enlist. Can you back up just a step and take a peek at yourselves and glimpse how ridiculous you look, in lock-step, masks on, gloves on, trudging 27 feet apart down the middle of some deserted Main Street?

I’ll even bet there are long-time JFK assassination researchers in masks. For decades, they’ve combed through one false trail after another, traveled through halls of mirrors, finally arriving at the door of the CIA…but now, after three sentences from that petty bureaucrat Fauci, they’re in the cult. Bingo, bango, bongo.

I understand people donning masks if their grocer won’t let them in the store without one, but I’m talking about something else.

“Going pod” is quite a phenomenon. Yesterday, the person was living a regular life. Then, all of a sudden, with no apparent thought involved, the robot-ness grips him. “Yes,” his wife says. “He seems to be the same person, but he isn’t. I don’t care what anyone says. For God’s sake, I’ve been sleeping in the same bed with the man for twenty years. I should know. This is someone else.”

Her oh so reasonable therapist—played by Leonard Nimoy in the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers—tells her: “I understand. Look, people are under stress these days. Social changes are dislocating our sense of Place. Your perception about your husband is actually a symptom of a wider unrest. I’m not asking you to change your mind. Just be with this odd new sensation you have. I guarantee it’ll fade. You’ll see him as he was again.”

“No. I won’t. My husband is somebody else. He’s a…replacement.”

An old grizzled cigar-smoking tobacco-spitting two-gun rancher isn‘t out on the range anymore herding cattle and swigging whiskey. He’s sitting in a barn, mask and gloves on, next to a placid cow. He’s waving a wand at her. “Hmm, Bessie’s temperature seems to be elevated a tenth of a degree. Maybe she has the COVID. I better call the public health people. They should come out and disinfect the whole ranch. We’ll shut down for a month and stay indoors and play with the Lego Harry Potter set…”

A wan thirty-year-old with a degree in biology from Harvard shows up in a New York 7-Eleven wearing five translucent plastic shower curtains. He clomps down aisles and tosses items into a briefcase containing chlorinated wood chips and dried dog turds. He’s determined that his whippet, Phillip, was infected, then recovered, and is therefore immune. The whippet antibodies may be protective.

“Today, on deserted Jones Beach, a lone lifeguard ventured out into rough waters to save an unresponsive swimmer. Unfortunately, the lifeguard, wearing a hazmat suit, sank below the waves. A roving team of Long Island public health police rescued and revived him. The swimmer turned out to be a blow-up doll equipped with a homemade ‘virus sensor.’ It was being operated remotely from a beachfront cottage by a PhD biologist, who was carrying out locally funded research for a group of worried New Yorkers. They were trying to determine whether it was safe to sneak out of the city and take up residence in their summer homes on the Island shores…”

Hail to the pod.


Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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97 comments on “A message to the pod people wearing masks

  1. lamberth says:

    I’m in the process of developing a blow-up hazmat suit that will expand to just the right diameter to enforce the (anti)social distancing. Kill two birds with one stone. The suit will have build-in 5G connectivity to keep you connected at all times to the IoT network.

    I reckon it will be quite a hit with The Pod.
    If you’re going to look like a dummy wearing The Silly Mask, why not look smart wearing The SmartBlowHazSuit®.

  2. Piksil says:

    Best yet Jon!

    Saw on the news today that they’re opening a beach or some beaches in Florida, for ‘limited hours’

    I guess the gestapo knows what hours the virus is on duty, and when it’s off duty. Some really smart people running this shit show! I’ll bet the mass (hysteria) media will show some footage of beach goers…..and I’ll bet some will wear masks. That’ll leave some interesting tan lines.

  3. Mark says:

    Close the Gates.
    Hit the Birx (bricks).
    NO mo Cuomo.
    Dispense with the Pence.
    Turn OFF the Fauci.

  4. Eluard says:

    Jon, get out of my mind! I was just contemplating the whole mask thing, :).

    Cuomo in NY now made it mandatory, through what powers who freakin’ knows, to wear a mask “when social distancing isn’t possible,” some nonsense like that. In the dollar store today, everyone wore one but me, nobody seemed to care. Then I went to Home Depot and a guy at the door told me I had to wear a “facial covering”. Do you sell masks? No, we don’t have them. So I wrapped a scarf around my face as I trudged around the vast space of the store.

    The mask thing is quite something. I think I know what it’s about: Masks (medical ones) make people anonmyous. Everyone looks the same, weird and alien. That’s what they want–alienation. You can’t see what anybody’s thinking, anybody’s feeling. So you’ve got social distance and now masks. No one can talk, no one can communicate. Eh, let them bitch and moan on the ‘Net, who cares. As long as they can’t get together, look each other in the eye and REALLY COMMUNICATE their thoughts and feelings–in Person. The Mask makes us all the same–and Nobody.

    On the radio today Hannity the whore stressing how concerned he is with “potential violations of privacy.” Yet he’s okay with masks and the eventuality of using the Temperature Sensors they’re using in South Korea, at public events like concerts and ball games. “But anonymously, with no data collection.” Sorry, you can’t get on the train today–you’re at 99.3, please go home and call your doctor. And adjust your mask please–it’s beginning to slip.

    And the movie continues, Pod People Part ?

    • walking dead says:

      Perhaps the masks are to fine tune the facial recognition programs. Then people can’t hide behind masks when they actually rebel. Big Brother will then hunt you down.

      • Eluard says:

        Interesting angle (no pun intended), walking dead. “It’s the eyes, Mr. President, the EYES, the EYEEEEESSS…” says Peter Sellers as Dr. Elon Musk. “Mr. President… I would not rule out the chance to preserve a nucleus of human specimens….” (Arm shoots up involuntarily)

      • Lisa Smith says:

        The “Surveillance” Beast is yet an infant, its being “EDUCATED,” and “Social Distancing” and “Masks” are part if the A.I., “Artificial Intelligence” training methods. I’m sure there are even more nuances, levels, and territorial boundaries I am not able to address, as I am just a nobody

    • Hannity is a big disappointment. When I do have occasion to hear him, I just click him off at the first dumb thing he says– that “goes along” with the masks, for example.

      With his audience, and with Jon’s insights online for anyone including him to read, I would have thought he, among many, would have been a beacon of hope and simply point to the “data” being inconsistent with the “reaction”. But… nope. He’s just feeding the fear– and the “new way of life”.

      One point about the “masks” that I think might be relevant here. I did a little online sleuthing a few days ago and it turned out that a higher percentage of Dems/Liberals wear coverings than Republicans/Conservatives…. ratio is something like 60% to 40%. I looked it up because it SEEMS to me that SOME Dems are not as much scared of a KILLER VIRUS FLOATING THROUGH THE AIR (an extraordinary claim that would require extraordinary proof– of which there is none)– as they are hateful of the Trump presidency and existing order of things with a middle class and still-existing-Christian-country.

      The ‘pod people’ seem to be wearing their masks almost “proudly” as they stare at ME with NO mask- as if to taunt me– with their new badge of courage in bringing down “the system” with their “scorched earth” policies. I wonder if this is my imagination- or does anyone else pick up on that vibe?

      • Eluard says:

        Funny Rick, I read that first line (sans morning coffee) as “Humanity is a big disappointment.” And I just went on reading like, “hm, sorta got a point there…” !!

      • tony bonn says:

        stare back and if they give you any lip, tell them that you ain’t skeert and ask them if they are related to howard hughes.

      • ItsNonsense says:

        Remember Hannity works for Faux which is owned by Disney. I rest my case.

  5. tony bonn says:

    “A wan thirty-year-old with a degree in biology from Harvard shows up in a New York 7-Eleven wearing five translucent plastic shower curtains. He clomps down aisles and tosses items into a briefcase containing chlorinated wood chips and dried dog turds. He’s determined that his whippet, Phillip, was infected, then recovered, and is therefore immune.”

    jon hit his stride. I can’t believe all of the ridiculous masks I have seen. some of them look like they cost a couple of hundred dollars and came out of a Godzilla movie. and all of those pretentious grown-old preppy types are a hoot

    ‘Cause he’s oh, so good,
    And he’s oh, so fine,
    And he’s oh, so healthy,
    In his body and his mind.
    He’s a well respected man about town,
    Doing the best things so conservatively.

    where is the fucking church lady when you need her??

  6. FC says:

    In 2005 US was perfectly OK with Taiwan’s Level 4 Biological Warfare Lab

  7. Greg C. says:

    Mass neurosis. Any competent psychologist would in more sane times try to help a patient who felt compelled to wear a mask around other people to prevent illness (catching and/or giving). Or if the patient forced their partner to not go to their job for the same reason. This is all normal now, and actively encouraged.

    We’ve thrashed it around for a while now, and it really defies rational analysis. Yes, it is being driven by evil forces who see they are losing a grip on the world, and therefore everything must stop. But it is fascinating to see the level of voluntary compliance when it comes to mask wearing. Weak minds, people without a center, who need to be told how to behave. Sad and whimsically tragic.

    • Benjamin Martin says:

      Mass neurosis…Is take it a step further. It’s what Jung dreaded most, a psychic epidemic: mass psychosis.

      • Plamen says:

        Like the Dancing Plague in the Middle Ages.

      • za ka lu says:


        a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

        like what one commentor here said;
        bullshit in, bullshit out.

    • walking dead says:

      I see the trees all dying in my woods, even the invasive species called buckthorn that I couldn’t kill. I see the green algae in my ditches. The black mold and growths on my wooden fence, house, trailers, etc.. The white mold growing on my cut firewood, it is now everywhere. I see the planes dropping their solar management and geo engineering shit in the sky, turning the sky white and blocking the sun. I now wear a mask when outside, not because of the flu, but because all these chemicals being sprayed into the air to keep us from frying are not good for the habitants of earth, but I guess it is better than frying from the heat. Nothing is as it appears on the tell a vision and you will never get the truth.
      How can we? If you know that when you put bullshit into a model or into statistics, you get bullshit out. What the people don’t realize is that all the information we base our life decisions, health, beliefs, etc.. on, are based on corrupted information that has been given to you. A lot of bullshit. From history to the bible, all written, rewrote, information deleted, added, and lots of bullshit to make you believe it. Corrupted information in, corrupted thoughts out. Is anything true anymore?

      • michael carman says:


      • Douglas Cohn says:


        You wear a mask to protect you from the air? The mask will protect you? Are you completely INSANE or truly DEAD.

        YOUR THOUGHTS ARE YOURS ALONE. What you think is what you will be. Imagination I believe Jon teaches is the key to being alive. Sorry Jon is I overstated though I have never seen you reply here (which is fine. I sense you read it all).

        I have never been as awakened as during this crisis. WTF is that about? Could it be I was on to something all along.

        Mask. I had no fucking mask. I must go into Manhattan and everyone is telling me how important it is to wear a mask. WHY I am not sick. The mask is specifically for the sick to not spray their snotters on others. That said you must be kidding. 6 feet is not enough. In the UK its two meters. Damn isn’t that 7 feet???

        7 Feet = 2.1336 Meters Lookee here Ma. More Park Sausages PULEEEZ.

        Got a letter from Chase. It said Hey MORON who leased a car (Yes it was 12 years since my last I was dumb) they tell me do not stress about returning your 39 month old vehicle. We will automatically extend your lease AT THE SAME RATE for 6 months. So not 1 months or 2 months but I must take 6 months and AT THE SAME RATE AS IT WAS WHEN NEW.

        Chase is so kind aren’t they? God help us all.
        This is not anything new just new for us. Look at the history of this hell hole. Reading a book about Tesla and what a dick that he turned into trying to please the rich and powerful. In the end they fucked him hard right in that skinny butt.

        Wake up White People. Reminds me of that turncoat Howard Stern who had the KKK guy on his show a hundred years ago before he endorsed Hillary and swears that Psychiatry helped him wake up. IF THAT’S AWAKE I WANT TO BE SLEEPING 4EVER.

        No more masks. Try telling anyone anything different that the friggin media and you are a danger.

        THANK you Jon. I am truly insane and proud of it. Must work on myself and start listening to your 190000 hours of stuff. It is overwhelming. hahaha Great excuse. Sorry I had to slip it in. save the world one clorox wipe at a time. OH NO they are out of Clorox wipes. HUH why do you buy that shit I ask. Why not a rag and some water? I hear the mumbling through the net. Yuk YUK YUK YUK

      • Ann says:

        Nothing is true. You are right. We are the most deluded beings in the universe. My husband did ayahuasca with a Yaqui shaman 30+ years ago and the shaman asked him what he wanted to see. My husband said he wanted to see himself at 70. What he saw was himself living indoors where he was able to purify his own water and air (life was not sustainable outdoors). And grow most of his own food, also. But he hadn’t sold out his integrity and he was happy–considering everything. My husband is now 67.

    • Good insight there, Greg– pod people wearing masks are weak minds without a center. This reminds me of what I discovered about people who plaster tatoos all over themselves and wear metal in their nose. I can’t cite sources but I was able to determine that tatoo/metal people have personal insecurities about themselves, at the base of it.

      Also, I wrote that pod people might not be as afraid of a virus as they are hateful of the existing order of things and using the mask as a socialist signal. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/04/17/a-message-to-the-pod-people-wearing-masks/#comment-90683

      • chumster says:

        I’d suggest the more demonstrative folks are on the outside, the less they have going on on the inside – to your point – security in who they are.

        ‘Still waters run deep’

    • Piksil says:

      Greg C.:
      Do you wonder if a “competent psychologist” would try to help a person who tries not to wear a mask today? ???? (Not trying to stir anything up, but Thursday evening I noticed that one of the local [St. Louis, MO) tv stations was promoting a phone-in help line of “behavioral health counsellors”, targeting anyone with ‘anxiety’ or any questions or concerns re: ‘the new normal’.)

      I totally agree with what you’re saying. I think the large number of mask wearers testifies to the success of the fear campaign though. Yes, sad and tragic.

    • za ka lu says:

      tragic. many wearing masks probably ridiculed ‘conspiracy theorists’ as ‘tin foil hat’ wearers. (and continue to)

      Now without questioning don masks at the drop of a ‘hoax’.

    • tony bonn says:

      everyone has been encouraged to channel howard hughes. even though the cia had murdered him in the late 1950s, they maintained the charade that he was still alive until the mid 1970s at which point they killed the act using an obsessive-compulsive hand-washing schtick just the way the cdc is advocating today.

      at the time I took the weekly drama seriously, but looking back, I can see that it was some cia folks having a hilarious time with the neurosis story.

    • Greg Benson says:

      Well Said !

    • Tom says:

      Most people simply do not have $500 – $1000 to not wear them. The only thing left is to ridicule them.


  8. Laura says:

    Hahaha! I loved this one, in a bitter and hateful sort of way. ????

  9. Linda says:

    Yes, today’s post is funny or would be except for the sad truth that it seems the majority of people

    are perfectly comfortable wearing masks. Until this happened I wouldn’t have believed so many people would be okay with the totality of lost rights in a matter of a month. Masks block identity, prevent communication and look ridiculous. Did people just discover that they were not immortal? I’m afraid there aren’t enough people seeing this for what it is. Jon, your site helps me immensely

    • Deb says:

      A long time friend who is a rural resident (as I am) said she has taken to wearing a mask when in town. I asked her ‘why’…She seemed incredulous that I asked and said simply “Because we were told to”..This is a woman born in the late 1940’s…..lemmings all..

      • RULES
        My bank manager, normally an affable musician like myself, has donned the blue n-95 mask and handed me one which I turned down. I told him that there’s a case to be made against them, that they could be bad for you. He said “just following rules”. I didn’t ask him if he would follow rules that made him sick.

  10. Alan says:

    They say “mask”, and everyone wears a mask.
    The next moment, they say “full cultish robe”, and everyone will wear it.
    It is a cult.

    • Lisa Smith says:

      Probably! Think about Birkas, Chadors, Hajabs we are being conditioned into SUBSERVIENCE. Even MEN, BEING COVERED UP? Perhaps almost completely? No longer BEING (FULLY) STRONG, MEN…Please…I HAVE SONS, I WANT THEM TO STAY STRONG. Masks are about conditioning. They are WORTHLESS (unless of a certain high value hazmat/ containment level,as well as changed regularly, and accompanied with concomitant other means, meaning superior materials, correct applications and methods!) Puh-Leeeze!

  11. Al says:

    Brilliant! ; )

    Fanx brother.

  12. From Elsewhere says:

    Masks are muzzles. Masked=dominated, controlled, subdued, slave. Better a risky freedom, than a peaceful slavery, like some, hopefully more and more, shout. Give us, us free! Turn back on the economy, life itself!

  13. CynthEmm says:

    Fantastic Jon! Thank you!

  14. za ka lu says:

    tin foil masks

  15. Plamen says:

    I’ve seen protesters wearing masks too.

    • Greg C. says:

      Yep, they are the ones who think the government is merely overreacting, when the fact is that the whole thing is faked to achieve an economic and cultural seismic shift. Trump is strong so he won’t wear a mask, but his reason for that decision is weak. He can’t admit to himself yet what is happening.

      • TRUMP’S RALLY on JUNE 20 in TULSA
        June 20 is the first day of summer. Trump will be in “his element” again with the crowd. I hope he discredits masks in one speech. Perfect opportunity and situation here for that. I doubt he will, but he could.

  16. One of YOU says:

    CALM DOWN, EVERYONE! Some of us are infiltrating by going incognito! not a sheep, just wearing a mask. no big deal.

    You don’t know every reason why someone you see may have that mask on their face.
    Some people wear masks for allergy reasons! some wear masks for air pollution reasons.


    i am playing along so that i am able to ride public transportation to where i need to go, they ask us to wear masks to protect the driver and passengers. so i play along for the ride. no big deal.

    so don’t judge ANY book by its cover. Some of us wearing masks are right there with you on every bit of the subject matter here! STOP JUDGING SOMEONE JUST BY SEEING A MASK ON THEIR FACE.



    • tony bonn says:

      do you honestly think that the majority (or any sizeable minorty) of mask wearers do so for pollution, allergies etc? prior to the corona farce I NEVER saw anyone with a mask in the very large metro area in which I live.

      and truly duly, do you really think that the majority of mask wearers are doing so to use public transportation or for some similar reason? I am reminded of that old puuuhhhleeeeazzzze cliché.

      but I agree, if you like your mask, you can keep your mask. and if you like your control, you – but not me – can keep your subservience.

      • za ka lu says:

        like From Elsewhere’s comment, one definition for mask; masked = dominated

        one example; veil/shroud = woman is dominated, silenced, muzzled, of lower ‘caste’.


        also in asian countries, china perhaps in particular people have worn masks for years, for air pollution or what ever reason—is this cryptic sign of now chinese domination of us having Americans and Europe now wear a mask? Symbolic of takeover??

      • Laura says:

        Tony: I agree, will only wear my scarf if unable to shop without it…gotsta eat. Before this bizarre “thing” happened it was “illegal” (highly suspect) to cover your face in public, unless required by job etc., because they’re used by robbers and violent criminals.

        There are allergy masks, yet I don’t remember ever seeing anyone wearing one outside of “epidemics” and such.

        Some attending anti-shutdown protests wear masks, and they’re either believers in The Virus, or MOLES, or are avoiding ID by authorities for individual reasons.

      • Tom says:

        In the Far East you would see them often. Main reason I suspect is particulate matter in the air such as sand and dust. Perhaps some think it will stop infections but those are simply not aware what the mask can or can not do.

        • tony bonn says:

          yes – in places like Wuhan which is dante’s 9th circle of hell – unimaginable pollution. my remarks were strictly US based.

      • Lisa Smith says:


    • Eluard says:

      Me thinks, my friend, thou dost protest too much.

      We too don the masks for grocery chores as decreed by the masters’ whores. We too don the masks to ride the train at the command of those who wink at others’ pain. So you see, we ARE all in this together. Now let me take my daily state-sanctioned walk in the duly modified weather.

    • Greg C. says:

      Playing along is a sign of weakness. That’s the point – you agree with the facts, but you won’t take a personal stand. If you have no choice, You need to make it clear that you are being forced to do something against your own better judgment. At least you can remove the mask when you are about to exit the bus, since they can’t do anything about it then. Make people upset at you – it won’t kill you. You will give people something to think about, instead of going through their day with a numbed mind.

    • Deb says:

      oh stop it. You almost NEVER saw anyone in this country wearing a mask before this unless they were mowing the lawn and were allergic to cut grass. And ‘playing along’ is compliance without reason. Without fact. And I doubt anyone here ‘attacks’ anyone in public, or shames them they see wearing a mask. Unlike the PODS who sometimes do to those of us who refuse to comply!
      This is a forum to discuss the situation and what we see that all these things imply. If you are ‘right there with those here on every bit’ than grow some cojones and stop ‘playing along’. That is as dishonest as the fraud of COVID…..

    • Douglas Cohn says:

      INSANE IN NYC I have never ever seen anyone wear a mask.

      That said I have never seen 99% of the nonsense that goes on. Maybe I just cannot see it.

      I must go to Weil Cornell to see a someone tomorrow. Not medically. I have no fucking mask. Will they allow me to go in I wonder? I thought we did not need to wear masks (when they saw three people bought all the stock on Amazon in 3 days) Amazon, who always forced the proper price in the past suddenly allows masks that were $3 a box sell for $900

  17. TJ says:

    Yeah the way so many ppl I know have suddenly become mindless lemmings in the face of all this. Even people I really thought were free-thinkers. Suddenly the govt and media are all telling the truth and all their contradicting information about this hoax virus makes sense. It’s absolutely absurd. I won’t wear a mask or gloves or bother with bathing myself in hand sanitizer every time I go out. I also rarely to never get sick.

  18. Piksil says:

    “i am playing along so that i am able to ride public transportation to where i need to go, they ask us to wear masks to protect the driver and passengers. so i play along for the ride. no big deal.”

    Point taken.

    I guess if I have to put on a mask to be allowed into the grocery store, I’ll go along (if all the local grocery stores enforce the same policy). At the present time, local store has a sign posted at the entrance that states ‘they recommend wearing a mask if you have one.

    Might make one out of toilet paper…..
    (It can be recycled!)

    • Greg C. says:

      If you are forced to wear a mask, take a sharpie and write “HOAX” on it.

      • za ka lu says:

        great idea Greg C…

        also everything is contracting, so ‘under duress’ would also be good to write, indicating no agreement to donning and wearing a mask, no informed consent, coerced.

        To be with clean hands, factually in good standing, in control of my own affairs (Estate), I can never don a mask (outside of my own free will decision to, for whatever purpose I deem necessary). Not in defiance perse, but rather simply because my consent was never even sought, no negotiation ever took place, no valid true and correct offer was ever even tendered by any party to my Estate, therefore I am not party to such conditions.

        To engage in performances to satisfy conditions set by another unknown party of which my Estate is not valid consenting party to, is fraudulent interloping, being what I KNOW I am NOT. Simple irrefutable facts.

        So what do I honor, where do I stand? In verifiable authentic truth defending my Estate, or compromise my good name by acquiescing to intimidation?

        • za ka lu says:

          ‘under duress’ can also be conveyed as initials U.D.

        • Greg C. says:

          What I would aim for is the pure shock value. We want to upset the pod-people. We want controversy, confrontation. This is a good first step. Forget about justifying your honor – this is more basic, primal. This is about moment-to-moment experience of being alive. To silently conform to mindlessness is to die inside.

      • Lena says:

        This was also my thought when hearing that we might be obliged to wear a mask. I will write slogans on it. Indeed: CORONA = HOAX or WAKE-UP SHEEPLE or I WANT FREEDOM

  19. Laurent says:

    Just listen to George Carlin about the fear of germs. The funniest and most realistic man in the world.

  20. Eric says:

    can I help you compile your thoughts into a screenplay? this is too good.

  21. Victor Alan Pate says:

    This is so refreshing to see Rebellion against this con game. It’s a unique con game because it’s pliable enough for ever insane oligarch, authoritarian and dictator (including dictator-wannabes), to use for social control.
    Imma join Somebody’s resistance and demand a stop to this bullshit Science-by-Press-Conference garbage…

  22. Kev says:

    When people started making selfies of them wearing masks, my first thought was, gee, they all look like Antifa now….btw, whatever happened to Antifa?? Seems to me we’re in full blown fascism these days especially in some blue gang states….guess they got confused on what fascism is..

  23. Philbert Desanex says:

    this article is from a dentistry site a few years ago, but highly relevant here


    • tony bonn says:

      outstanding article which pretty much decimates the mask theory of prophylaxis.

      although the author seems to adhere to the quaint discredited germ theory, he acknowledged that the bronchial and respiratory systems are quite robust in protecting against “germs”, bacteria, and other “pathogens”. (I put these terms in quotes because these elements are in fact generally irrelevant as explanations of disease).

      he also noted that dentists had unusually high resistance to respiratory diseases because of the immunities they had developed working in close proximity to patients.

      this article despite its flaws was an outstanding assessment of the efficacy of face masks as protection from aerosol effluents. it relied on the scientific method – something at complete odds with the cdc and dr feces.

      thank you for posting

  24. Larry C says:

    “…, trudging 27 feet apart down the middle of some deserted Main Street?”

    27 feet? I thought it was 60 FEET! What the hell, man?

  25. Larry C says:


    Yes, indeed.

    And for Crissakes, make it sooner…*not* later…

  26. Greg Benson says:

    Funny how a couple weeks ago most doctors were saying wearing a mask was unnecessary, and perhaps even harmful as you would be touching near your face more often. Now it’s a fashion statement. These same mindless drones will be first in line for the magic vaccine when it comes out. I have never had a flu vaccine and rarely get sick. I believe I already had this corona TYPE virus back in January. But of course you cannot get a test. Our governor here in Arizona said they did not have the capacity to test everyone. Of course they do not want to test everyone, this would further prove the mortality rate of this fake virus is much lower than what the liars at the CDC have been telling us.

  27. Larry C says:

    “…this bullshit Science-by-Press-Conference garbage…”


    How did these Media Bobble-Heads suddenly become virological experts???

  28. Mantaray says:

    This mask thing is both sad and funny. Walking outside without a mask, some people immediately cross to other side of the street as if I’m an alien. It’s sad because they accept everything the media tells them and are ignorant. The funny part is when I use my scarf in the store I feel like a buffoon. As if I’m a clown. I picture one of those shows where the model comes down the runway wearing a mask. Or perhaps wearing a see-through plastic shield over her outfit. Seeing this happen reminds me of both a tragedy and comedy.

    • Greg Benson says:

      Exactly, had the same thing happen to me. Was out hiking in the woods last weekend. Come across a single person that practically jumped off the trail to get away from me as if I were some sort of zombie with blood pouring from my eyes. Hilarious !

  29. John says:

    People over 60 have a non-trivial risk of serious complications from the latest “flu-like illness”, which could result in a catastrophic medical bill, or worse.

    One inconsiderate lout coughing or sneezing can infect a whole roomful of people. Wearing a filter mask in public helps to reduce that risk, at minimal cost.

    On March 1st, the Surgeon General warned the public to stop buying masks, and said that “masks are NOT effective”. Say what? If masks are not effective, then why do health care workers need them?

    • tony bonn says:

      there is a link to a scientific article above written in 2016 discussing the efficacy of masks as prophylatic barriers to aerosol effluents which is the very subject under discussion concerning the corona syndrome. In this case the surgeon general was absolutely 100% correct.

      but the bigger point is that there is no such thing as contagion. it is an antiquated quaint notion from louis pasteur’s brain dead theory of germs. at the end of his life, he even conceded the point by acknowledging that bechamp’s theory was far more explanatory about disease.

      I strongly urge you to read the article. your comments are laden with ignorance and error – and at his point I am not attempting to be derogatory because I sense that you are genuinely misinformed.

      • walking dead says:

        This is where I am confused, Tony. You say there is no such thing as contagion, yet when my kids were in school, the whole family would get sick from whatever the kids brought home. The kid would get sick first, and then it would go through the family one by one. I also noticed over the past 55 years, that I usually came down with something after visiting a doctor’s office. Can you explain this?

        • tony bonn says:

          I should say that there is generally no such thing as contagion as there are some exceptions which I note below.

          regarding large outbreaks of the same sickness, one reason is that humans have rhythms which act in concert. during seasonal changes, for example, populations may have the same illness because our bodies do “spring cleaning” at the same time. in other words, temperature changes signal the body to release toxins which in many people can be a protracted process to eradicate resulting in sickness of which the “flu” is a classic example. people with relatively healthy bodies will not exhibit these symptoms.

          as additional confirmation of my point, someone posted an article somewhere around here pointing out that during the Spanish influenza of 1918-19, doctors tried to understand its contagiousness by infecting 5 healthy young men with the “virus”. I will spare you the methods they used as they were rather gross but aggressive. none of the 5 men succumbed. they happened to be healthy and their bodies didn’t need spring cleaning. and the “viruses” were completely moot. I am going to look for the article after I post my comments.

          finally, environmental impacts such as pollution and radiation can cause group sicknesses as this same article noted.

          families tend to move together in sicknesses. the exact mechanism is not entirely known – at least to me – but is a phenomenon.

          viruses cannot be contagious because they are produced by the cells and require the dna and rna of the host. viruses have no life mechanisms – they can’t replicate on their own and certainly not in another body.

          there are a few dangerous bacteria which could cause infection, but by and large bacteria are either neutral or healthy.

          • Liz says:

            “Families move together in sickness.” I wonder, Tony, if family detox cycles become synchronized, similar to the way women’s menstrual cycles can when living in close-knit, small groups. (This, in addition to the obvious similar environmental toxic burden shared by families, which would involve similar detox pathways at similar times. But menstruation is an important detox function in women, so the influence analogy may have merit.)

            This is part of my working hypothesis, anyway.

        • tony bonn says:

          here are the references I have found most helpful in understanding disease, contagion, and corona virus and I have to sing jon’s praises because I found all of these links in his comments section, and found one in the archives.

          https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C6SGlzdYG4fZ7o0CkcHHecOA4EWmhePH/view – an interview with jeff g about how viruses work and don’t work. it discusses how it is the body’s defense mechanism – not its attacker.

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtWYQS3LFlE&feature=youtu.be – a youtube version of the interview above, but more pointed and direct in describing the role and work of viruses. a total game changer for me

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcmKcaM4UHA – your government is lying to you – this video has been aggressively censored by cia-youtube. please watch it while you can – this presenter is brilliant and he describes why viruses appear to be contagious but are not. content is a little salty at times – but please overlook – it is the best 12 minute overview you will find. you can skip first minute or two.

          https://nourishingtraditions.com/is-coronavirus-contagious/ – super good read describing how influenza has come in waves associated with electromagnetic radiation (radios, telephones etc), and discusses the Spanish flu and that experiment which included 100 men – not 5.

          all of these resources gave me my sanity and courage – and gave me ammunition to defend my beliefs and actions.

          • walking dead says:

            Thank you for the information, Tony. Looks like I have some more researching to do. You mention that families tend to move together in sickness. I never had children of my own, have been a stepdad in two marriages, so no blood, dna relationship there. Yet the sickness went through the home and would usually get us all. Heck, I got to the point where I thought I had to give it to someone to get rid of it, lol. Many people seem to have the complaint of getting sick more often when they have children or visit the doctor. I will check out the information, as I do know that most of our modern medicine is a sham. Professional snake oil salesmen is what most of the doctors, still in the medical field, are. If they were any good, there would not be so damn many of them and so damn many people disabled or killed because of them. Thanks again, still learning more now, than I have in the past 50 years.

        • michael carman says:

          horrible diet plus deep programming

        • tony bonn says:

          returning to the topic of group phenomena – even among families – there are some strong suggestions from the field of morphic resonance which potentially explains why families or groups behave in a unity at times. and to the point of blood relationships being required, I do not think that is necessarily required.

          A Little Help – I think – provided this link. it is a bit tedious to digest it all to get to the point of thinking how it might affect concerted familial illnesses, but it is a worthy contender for an explanation, although I think more mundane explanations will provide the immediate cause.


          • walking dead says:

            That last video on morphic fields was good and made a lot of sense, but I don’t get how it affects family illnesses from it. I have seen many videos claiming 5g and electrical energy are causing this covid- 19 bullshit, but if that were the case, it would also hurt everyone, even the elite and corporate heads. Don’t think they would allow it. Also, Why would 5G or electrical energy only kill a few and then stop killing, even though the 5g and/or electrical energy is still on? Have not been convinced that is what is causing it.

            Twenty years of solar radiation management and geo-engineering the clouds,(aka-chemtrails), and with the mold spores they are producing on things, from the exact science you have just showed, explains why the mold is growing. This looks much more convincing on the lung problems with the covid thing. Especially when you can see the damage in nature with your own eyes. Now on viruses, if I got this right from the videos, not sure. A common cold is a bacterial germ which is contagious, but a virus is not contagious and is produced by our body to expel toxins. Is this correct?

          • tony bonn says:

            I don’t claim to have all of the answers but I would caution against too much reductionism and mechanism. human processes can be wonderfully complex and resistant to the vending machine model where one puts in a dollar and out comes infallibly a candy bar.

            all I can say is that the scenario you described where sickness goes from school to home to you is explainable by the video contending that seasonal or broad environmental changes induce a disgorgement of toxins in related people – either by family or geography or some other cohesion – which may affect many but not all of that grouping. not all are affected because not all have same level of body toxin build-up.

            I referred to morphic resonance because it could be another explanation of group dynamics, ie families act in concert. go back to the section where sheldrake discusses the school of fish and flock of birds moving in concert without overt explicit instruction – a sort of telepathic phenomenon. I simply proposed extending that to the phenomenon of coincident family sicknesses. that extension may be unwarranted or unnecessary but I have read that families often get sick together but not because viruses are spread. we can’t confuses coincidence with causation. in other words, the group is exposed to the same pollutions or signals which tell the body to release its stored contaminants.

            but I agree that bioengineering and chemtrails are environmental pollutions which negatively impact the body and probably explain a lot of illnesses – yet not everyone succumbs. we all have different strengths and weaknesses – we are not the same vending machine. we don’t all have the same level of toxins.

            Regarding electromagnetism, my belief is that it induces the body to release built up wastes. that is why not everyone who is exposed to it gets ill, because not everyone has the same level of accumulated wastes. (the body stores wastes in its fat among other places).

            on the other hand, 5G has been demonstrated to have killed off all of the bees. A lot of executives believe their own bullshit and think that 5G is safe – so they are not going to object to it. also, there are shields for 5g radiation and perhaps they use that technology to save themselves while exposing everyone else to the death rays.

            5G has been shown to cause hypoxia – thus the resort to deadly ventilators which are NOT a solution to these breathing problems. the real problem is not oxygen but the lung’s ability to extract moisture to rehydrate red blood cells.

            for the common cold, it is viral and therefore not contagious. I researched this topic several years ago and the author of one article wrote about how researchers were constantly frustrated and surprised about their inabilities to induce the common cold by “spreading germs”. germs and colds are junk science. however, people in the same house can get it simultaneously when their bodies – through whatever mechanism – decide that it is time to disgorge accumulated body wastes.

            you are totally correct about the viruses – they are defense mechanisms to purge wastes and toxins which bacteria in the body cannot handle.

            I don’t sanitize, wear face masks, or engage in any other neurotic behavior. on the other hand I eat well, take various supplements, exercise, get sun and other things which promote health. I also try not to worry or fear.

          • TheAlmightyPill says:

            @walking dead

            I don’t know a great deal about 5G but I have read that, unlike its predecessors, it is more of a focused beam than a widespread broadcast. So, to the extent that is true, then it could certainly “target” or affect smaller groups or individuals.


  30. TheAlmightyPill says:

    Excellent article! The fact that so many who *should* see through this farce are mindlessly lockstepping to it (I’m looking hard at you, antivaxxers) is beyond disheartening.

  31. Don says:

    I saw a young family with a 4-5 years old boy. Husband with mask, wife and a child without it.
    We sit in on the bench with my wife while our daughter was playing with children of humans and tried to understand what we just saw , after several minutes we give up without results. I swear on my life we saw it. We could not both hallucinate at the same time.
    A day before in a supermarket , a tall man with fancy suit in his best years was walking around and he had on his hands transparent plastic bags from muffins.
    I said to my wife pray to God pray loud, how lucky you are , you could be walking with a muffin man.
    Or worse a brave muffin man risking his life to bring you food. You 6 weeks in a row watching news and slowly developing schizophrenia.

  32. walking dead says:

    Tony B., I have to go with my experience on the colds and the flu. My experience says they are contagious. Not a clue why they are, though. I can write about catching it and from who or where, but that doesn’t prove anything to others. I am always open to be convinced otherwise.
    I really appreciate that you did give me some things to look into more. I agree this covid thing is bullshit, and the numbers are bullshit just like the stock market. Infact, my whole life has been nothing but bullshit, so it does take a lot for me to be convinced on anything. I think a lot like George Carlin did. Thanks again, Tony.

    Twenty Years searching for truth and I finally found it. The truth is, I will die never knowing it.

    • tony bonn says:

      fair enough – I don’t have any more to add to my comments. the important thing is that you have an open mind and are strong enough to hold your ground until facts tell you otherwise.

  33. Smartass says:

    Never mind the masks, lets get really silly about this. How about dressing up from head to toe in some sort reflective material suits and hat to reflect back all that G5 radiation they plan to aim at us as a means of giving them the finger. There must be some way to make them reap what they sow.

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