Moderna and the COVID vaccine: what kind of lunacy?

by Jon Rappoport

May 22, 2020

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“It’s completely correct to say that NIAID will reap a profit on the Moderna/NIAID vaccine. There are 6 NIAID scientists who work for Dr. Fauci, each of whom would get $150,000/year indefinitely as their reward. So that’s $900,000 to his subordinates every year in perpetuity.” Mary Holland, General Counsel, Children’s Health Defense

Would you buy a used car from the company called Moderna?

The US government has shelled out $500 million to this Massachusetts-based biotech firm for a COVID vaccine.

Based on what?

Forbes, May 8: “It’s a big bet for the ten-year-old company, which currently has 24 products in its pipeline—but nothing yet on the market. The biotech sports a huge market cap of $17.5 billion, but it posted a net loss of $514 million on revenues of just $60 million last year. And most of that incoming cash came from government grants and research collaborations with big pharmaceutical companies.”

Moderna has never put a single product into the marketplace.

Last year, it lost $514 million.

It took in $60 million.

But it’s somehow worth billions.

The COVID vaccine it’s working on utilizes brand new RNA technology.

No RNA drug or vaccine product has ever been certified for public use.

Other companies have tried and failed, mainly because safety was a serious problem.

Moderna is partnering with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the federal agency headed up by Tony Fauci.

How many red flags do you need?

What’s going on?

ONE: Fauci, Gates, and others are itching to get an RNA product approved for public use. In the area of vaccines, the manufacturing process is far quicker and easier than the traditional approach. Thus, they can flood the world with all sorts of new vaccines at the drop of a hat. That’s what they want: a massively vaccinated planet under the gun.

TWO: If Fauci can ram through his partner Moderna’s vaccine, get it approved and released, his heroic status among the dumbed-down public would skyrocket even higher. He could write his own ticket. Head of the giant National Institutes of Health. Director General of the World Health Organization.

THREE: Does Fauci stand to gain a personal fortune from his connection with Moderna, if the COVID RNA vaccine is approved? I don’t know, but of course, a quiet back-door $$$ deal involving Fauci would be a simple proposition.

As easy as billionaire Bill Gates’ Howdy Doody smile.

If Fauci weren’t 80 years old, he’d be an ideal running mate for Joe Biden. And if wobbly Joe won, and didn’t last out his term, Fauci would become the president of the United States. After all, he’s been serving as the interim president for months, dictating lockdown policy and the massive destruction of the economy.

Maybe Tony could tease out a few hundred million more for Moderna, so they could whip up a super-special anti-aging cream for him. Rub on, wait five minutes, and you look thirty. Voila.

It’s time for a medical doctor to win the presidency. It’s a natural. Testing for everyone, wall-to-wall contact tracing, social credit score, mandatory vaccination, immunity certificates, cancellation of the Constitution, laws against freedom, destruction of human life as we know it, daily bullshit medical updates from the Oval Office…

“…Today, the president took out his prescription pad and wrote his latest orders to the nation: ‘If after receiving your RNA Cybervaxx shot, you fall down in the street foaming at the mouth, be aware that you’re experiencing an adverse event. It’s called an auto-immune response. Basically, your body is attacking itself. Hopefully, you’re carrying your cell phone with you. Step one—remove your mask to avoid drowning in your own fluids. Step two—try to bring your tremors and flopping motions under control. Step three—take out your cell and press 9^83*2A-7bX6. This code is case sensitive. Step four—shelter in place, help is on the way. In some areas, especially large cities, there will be delays, owing to technical system overload. Roaming mobs of liberals are rioting. They expected a smooth miracle with Cybervaxx. But rollouts of new technology always involve problems and adjustments. This is how science works. And now a word from the Secretary of the Treasury on the new currency. Bill, take it away’…”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

43 comments on “Moderna and the COVID vaccine: what kind of lunacy?

  1. Peter says:

    As always, the poorest, the youngest the most desperate and now the most in debt folks would have to fight on the streets for freedom for all.

    US baby boomers at least had time and the booming economy of 80s to 2005 to accumulate wealth and keep it in gold, real estate, etc. But they will not fight.

    There is no other scenario than the collapse of US economy which is largely artificial.

    • doug says:

      I’m a baby boomer and Jon is as well. I fight every fucking day.

      Speak for yourself. I am in the street asking why are you wearing a mask. Why is your little girl, seven years old, riding her scooter, exercising, with a pretty pink mask on. There are NO people around. I was across the street 25 feet away.

      Not every baby boomer is a worm like I assume the ones you know. I knew several that have the gun loaded and are not ready to take any bullshit if needed though the coppers will lock us all up quickly I am sure.

    • Pft says:

      Booming? Well, 1989 real estate/stock crashes and 1999 crash, not to mention 2008 stock and real estate crashes took its toll on some, and at an age when they require lots of health care the costs put a dent in social security checks, not to mention property taxes sky high due to real estate bubble prices, and sending kids to school at ridiculous tuition costs. Most boomers don’t have pensions unless they worked for government or a Fortune 500 company, and many got the boot in the latter companies in their 50’s and had to eat into savings until social security/medicare kicked in.

      But certainly the 1% did fine

    • cynthia kelly says:

      The baby boomers wages started flatening out in the seventies. By the time the eighties were rolling around it was no better. Get real

  2. Flakka says:

    They’re all high on bath salts.
    Side effects include serious behavioral problems,
    such as hallucinations and paranoia.

    • Jim says:

      Don’t count on it Pete. I’m a ‘boomer’ and I’ve been waiting all my life for the flag to go up.

      • Bath salts cause hallucinations? How? I did a brief look-up … and it turns out that they’re not true bath salts… but that bath salts is nick-name given to another class of chemicals… This I did not know.

        Bath Salts |

        Bath salts can also contain potent hallucinogenic drugs biochemically characterized as analogs of mescaline or LSD (Figure 1). Mescaline is a natural hallucinogenic phenethylamine compound found in the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii), whereas tryptamine hallucinogens are similar to LSD.

        I can personally vouch for one beer, two beer and three beers– each beer being 32 oz– and consumed over a period of about one beer per hour. I soak my feet in what are called “bath salts” or epsom salts to stimulate the release of serotonin, a well known neurotransmitter. I have the freedom to soak my feet and drink beer. Wow. Only in a free country like “America”.

        Pretty crazy. Happy Memorial Day everyone. I’m trying to play more piano– I test myself annually on my faves… and post to youtube. Maybe I’ll get some of that done this weekend. Party on! Jon thanks for the blog and comments approvals. Quite a little community here.

  3. CJ76 says:

    And disappointing to learn it was a republican senator and doctor Bill Frist TN who managed to ram through protections from liability for vaccine makers in times of emergency, a provision I understand HHS secretary Alex Azar triggered way back in February. Hmmm.

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I read original KP Research article on this in early March, highly touting, with quotes from researchers, the new mechanism utilized in this doozy. Major red flags everywhere. Jen mod and fried Are and a taken in the sleever dictates Dee and a create an isolated pro teen, its function being the ‘key’ to opening sells – to what, I ask? The phrase mini factory was used as descriptor. New foreign pro teens not good – our favorite ag modifier did a job on wheat to result in new isolated pro teens; turned out those little things would have caused great harm, even death, particularly to children – project scrapped. This sleever does what was done with Mod and fried crop plants to internally produce their own Bee tee pest and side…forever, no turning it off, pass it on in progeny. Original article edited and shortened four times now, with the nitty gritty details removed.

    Other issues: The FIRST one on scene (rush much?), with most of 45 similar in development using same bio mechanism. No animal trial prior to human. Slouchy added 2nd geographical testing location to be overseen by other supervising body at increased cost; 2nd sleever has been given, docs at KP Research overseeing project ‘don’t know the results of the 1st round’ and ‘presume’ no adverse events occurred or trial would have been as required by protocol (lots of ‘presume’ involved with this C event, historically lots of farm-a studies improperly amended while in process). Stated first goal of ‘safe dose’ now shows evaluating effectiveness. And, of course, there’s Mr. Bill purported to have financially rescued M corp; recorded interview spoke of immense rate of return on the sleevers, in this case trillions, over any other type of investment. No wonder we’re being thrust into the Bill and Tony show.

  5. Neo-Paradigm says:


    BE VERY AFRAID! Any person who gets close to you might kill you. Children are the biggest threat. THE MONSTERS ARE EVERYWHERE!

  6. says:


  7. Toni says:

    Thanking you, Jon Rappoport, for a most helpful article. I do share them!

  8. From Elsewhere says:

    Slavery was replaced by medical domination. Yet, the Lords still need someone viable to produce, to work hard, to sweat for the wealth of the rulers. The system is vulnerable to attacks from the truth, moral and conscience of the simple, honest, decent human being, enslaved by those who were trusted with power, authority and leadership. No more! Shakedown!

  9. Pisces says:

    “Fauci – the Vaccine may actually enhance the infection of the virus”

  10. Anabel says:

    Thats not a good positive imagining that as a superposition for the future, that is the past repeating itself. A growing number of people don’t believe.
    How about mass disbelief and non buy-ins?
    You’ve go that on this thread and your mind is connected to all minds.
    Why is no one doing a class action lawsuit? Wisconsin Supreme court overturned the lockups and ruled them to be unlawful.

      I watched a lot of those old movies depicting WWI and WWII while growing up in the 1960s and 1970’s. Trench warfare is hot war with bombs falling around you. We’re in the equivalent of that right now with the information age. Trump gave a shoutout to the keyboard warriors last week… let’s take that que.

      Search engines are promoting class action lawsuits against businesses that fail to “take precautions” to “protect customers from the killer virus”. I checked a few times. Sure enough, our version of a class action against unlawful lockdowns are either non existent or if they exist, are being deleted. I think contacting indivual agencies might be key– and reporting to info space like this would avoid the search engines.

      My answer to the New world Order is Alphabetical Order. I’ll install Wisonsin Supreme Court per your pointer and see if I can find an online publisher that won’t censor me.

  11. Anabel says:

    …I mean this Virus hoax is doing harm, causing people losses it is injuring and damaging people.

  12. doug says:

    We are fucked. I am so so sorry to have known you all. I could have been a driveling moron watching TV. Instead here I am thinking for myself, knowing this is insane, knowing most people are fucking the equivalent of Human Flounder laying on the bottom waiting for something to magically appear.

    OH NO I’m Hooked. How can I get hooked. I was doing exactly what I was told. I don’t understand. I was laying in the correct position no? My WHITE side down.

    • Kevin says:

      Unfortunately most american men are spineless ; can’t handle thoughts of having to step outside their comfort zone …..even to fight for their own damn family .
      It’s truly pathetic.

      They are looking for a white knight or savior to come riding in to rescue their asses.
      God forbid they may actually have to bleed or something.

      And no organizational skills at all. Everyone is lost in chatter-details as the clock is ticking.

  13. Jen says:

    Thank you, Jon.

    It’s quite popular in Christianity to try to determine how the end times will roll out. Many many scenarios, but not a one of them that I know of includes the idea that medical religious practices would be at or near the center.

    I had the opportunity to study Scripture recently and dive into the places where sorcery is mentioned. Sorcery in Greek is “pharmakeia” and means use of medicine, drugs or spells. The judgment for sorcery is the Lake of Fire. Many Christians know this and yet they don’t make the ultimate connection because of fear.

    My heart is broken for the church in general, and my church in particular. Members are on mood altering drugs and encouraged to do so by other members so they aren’t so angry. Our elders were unclear about how to handle the virus and church service and decided to follow the government’s direction instead of Scripture’s. Others actively promote government over church and try to shame us for not following along. One brave soul spoke the truth and was shouted down and mocked. Other small churches took a brave stance until their mother denominations told them to cease and desist, which they did because of money.

    I pray that this will be a wake up call for them and for all of us. I know many here view Christianity as part of the Matrix and as a strategy to enslave. I can’t answer that as I have my own doubts about any organization that partners with the world/Matrix, but I know that God is real and Jesus is real and the only truth, and I am forever grateful to have Him as my rock as the world shifts and sinks on its foundation of lies.

    Best to you all.

    • Alan says:

      Drugs are sorcery, and germ theory / virus theory is idolatry. Faithlessness for believing in a malevolent God which created germs to make us sick, and idolatry for believing in the germ idol-god being more powerful than the apex of God’s creation – against which we need the intervention of the priests (MDs) of the medical cult in order to appease the wrath of the gods.

      God is true and so is Jesus, but the Church is corrupt. Even many fundamental doctrines are inaccurate or wrong. The Reformation fixed it a bit, but not quite enough.

    • Rachel says:

      @Jen, I was reading today that a lot of this is based on trying to vaccinate religion out of people. There is pretty good evidence here:

      It follows along with Rick’s 4D chess game and Trump announcing that churches must be allowed to open this weekend or he will overrule the govenors.

  14. Liv 4ever says:

    All things are lawful, but not all things are upbuilding..

    1 Corinthians 10:23, 6:12

  15. choosing imagination says:

    Playing for Change movement around the world.

    Stand By Me is the first Song Around the World they co created.
    music and imagination transcend. and help facilitate change.

    Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people.

    Listen to the Music (featuring three of the Doobie Brothers and folks around the world)

    everyday people

  16. Erika says:

    Don’t forget Fauci’s interest in Gilead Sciences the maker of Remdesivir- which has one trial for coronavirus,that was halted due to complications.

    Meanwhile he keeps publlicly slamming Trump for taking prophylactic hyrdroxyquinoline which has been shown in large foriegn studies to be effective.(in combination with antibiotic)

    I am so disgustipated with people who laud this man as savior while absolutely ignoring all his sordid ties.Because?
    the government would never be able to lie to us, the media would tell us, or a whistlebower.
    Real conspiracies are only something that happen to other people who don’t speak english.
    Gosh our government and corporations would never be allowed to lie to us for profit…”

  17. Pft says:

    Its more interesting than that.

    Trumps head of Operation Warp Speed Dr. Slaoui headed Modernas Vaccine division and was appointed the head after Trump handed out 430 million to Moderna. He owned 10 million dollars worth of Moderna stock and after Moderna issued its rosy assessment of the Phase I trials with little to back it up he was able to sell it for almost 13 million in the market euphoria. The sale was forced due to conflict of interest concerns but great timing. He probably repurchased under another after the stock dropped again (investors saw they were duped) but thats speculation.

    Also one of Modernas cofounders is a MIT scientist named Robert Langer who was funded by Bill Gates to develop his quantum tattoo that could be used for digital ID/vaccine tracking. He is one of the worlds top scientists with over 1000 patents. He collaborated with Harvards Charles Lieber on some nano technology work. One of Liebers inventions is nanowires which can penetrate cells and report on cell health to an external health monitoring device. Modernas vaccine will use nanoparticles of some sort. Might it also include nanowires? Could Liebers arrest in January be due to a patent dispute with Moderna /Langer? Again, thats just speculation but all sorts of funny connections stir the imagination.

      Wow, I missed the Moderna runup. I should have known better but by the time Moderna hit the MSM, the runup already occurred. I forgive myself. I trade volatility in gold, silver, t-bills, DOw and oil ETF’s– because I’m more familiar with how they move. Check this chart out– with my key indicators: moving avgs, money flow, RSI, & MACD:

      If I follow the 4D chess theory of Trump– explained in a previous JR comment to be linked if I can– then 4D chess theory says Trump entrapped his Warp Speed guy, Slowi. Slowi would not repurchase yet… because it hasn’t droppped yet. They’re in “distribution phase” now… selling to suckers. The 4th dimension, by the way, is time– which implies Trump is a time traveller. Talk about funny connection that stir the imagination.

      • Rachel says:

        @Rick-Pondering your theory of time travel…. A few thoughts: I heard once time travel couldn’t exist because someone would have had to come back by now. But if we look at this like end of the world/apocalypse, what if Trump travelled back to win the Presidency? Perhaps it is how he knew which states to focus on so he could “steal” the election, which he lost before. It would actually be quite fitting, especially once you start considering all the AI factors that are a part of this (it’s bigger than just 5G).

        In case people haven’t seen my recent posts about AI, I highly encourage people to visit first this article:

        And then keep exploring the site: cosmi

        P.S. I just heard that Trump announced today he will see to it that Churches can open since liquor stores and planned parenthood have been open.

        >>>Execs are now selling in the “DISTRIBUTION PHASE”
        As I thought, the insiders are getting out. Here are excerpt from a CNN report:

        New York (CNN Business)Moderna’s stock price skyrocketed as much as 30% on Monday after the biotech company announced promising early results for its coronavirus vaccine. As ordinary investors piled in, two insiders were quietly heading for the exits…[Rick: This is called DISTRUBUTION PHASE where they SELL TO SUCKERS]. The securities transactions were done through automated insider trading plans, known as 10b5-1 plans, that lay out future stock trades at set prices or on set dates. [Rick– This is called PUMP AND DUMP] ….The next day, Tal Zaks, Moderna’s chief medical officer, spent $1.5 million to exercise options. He immediately sold the shares for $9.77 million, triggering a profit of $8.2 million….Charles Whitehead, professor at Cornell Law School, said the stock sales did not appear to raise any legal red flags.,,, [Rick– Sure, nothing to see here. ] …. Charles Elson, a corporate governance expert at the University of Delaware, said the Moderna stock sales underscore why he has always believed executives should not sell stock while they are at the company.”Even if it can be done legally, the optics are terrible because it shows you have a better place to put your money,” said Elson. “It shows a lack of confidence in your company going forward.”[Rick: yeah sure, but who cares? Take the money and run!]

        Larry: “Exactly as you have described here, the scam is to promise a massive return to backers who get in ‘at the ground floor’.
        By the time five to ten years is up, and no useful result is to be seen, the scammers (‘entrepreneurs’) having paid themselves a nice salary for a few years, have already sold their stake and moved on”. source
        Rick: Given Larry’s overview, I got curious as to how far back the “ACCUMULATION PHASE” of Moderna went because my link above only shows the past 3 months and the runup. Larry has that 5 to 10 year theory which is similar to Ted Warren’s theory– Ted Warren having come up with an interesting stock-watching technique that waited for the pump-dump at the end of a long accumulation phase. Here is Modern’s historical chart showing the LAUNCH RUNUP/sell-off and the latest PUMP AND DUMP SCHEME exactly 10 years later!

    • Plamen says:

      “He is one of the worlds top scientists with over 1000 patents.”

      So they say. He’s just another (((front))).

  18. Nancy says:

    As usual, these “elites” are just a bunch of dysfunctional, disconnected old men.

    Whether or not they succeed in hoarding more of their false sense of power depends on whether or not a certain number of the rest of us want to believe them and/or take their money. I choose neither.

  19. Larry says:

    Jon, great work as usual. This is the oldest trick in the commercial book. It explains why there are so many medical breakthroughs but almost no cures.

    The difference this time is the end product has been prescribed for use from the outset, which is significant. Effectively pre-approved before development. Anyone who knows anything about science would say this is like betting on a horse with three legs, but researchers are not exactly biting hands that feed.

    The pattern is this: announce the breakthrough, suggest it will lead to some kind of clinical usefulness in five to ten years. Always five to ten years. Why? Because that is how far ahead researchers’ career plans last.

    Exactly as you have described here, the scam is to promise a massive return to backers who get in ‘at the ground floor’.

    By the time five to ten years is up, and no useful result is to be seen, the scammers (‘entrepreneurs’) having paid themselves a nice salary for a few years, have already sold their stake and moved on.

    Essentially they are professional ‘start-up merchants’, who never actually complete a job. The fact is, it happens again and again and again. It’s a scam, it ought to be illegal, and it covers almost the entirety of modern medical research since the second world war.

  20. Rachel says:

    Thank you, Jon, for all your hard work. It keeps me sane, and I look forward to it.

    • Madness says:

      According to the writings on – mass vaccination caused it and mercury.

      I found the Hong Kong flu more interesting – we need as much stories as possible where they lied about a virus and thanks to Jon there are a lot with evidences already. To kill the virus legend as as soon as people finally realize that what hurt them are not viruses but this or that kind of poisoning covered with a legend of a new virus this ‘pandemic’ will be over. But as long as they are driven with fear the world has no chance to go back to normal.

      Hong Kong flu – the only thing I found so far is that at that time they sent up 54 – if I recall the number well – army related satellites and a pandemic followed. If anyone has any info please write it, thank you.

  21. MaidinAmerica says:

    Here’s one for you: Bain Capital-an intelligence front possibly controlling our eugenics “friends”. “Who Controls the Gates Family?” You may never want to go to Starbucks again-hopefully you weren’t anyway. Also a commenter from a previous post mentioned how sick they were from a pneumonia shot after supposably being behind and just about died in the hospital, needing a ventilator. We know how much those are also passed out like candy, along with the yearly flu shots, with the elderly getting a double whammy. Also written off as the great HOAX plague.

  22. Billy Hill says:

    How will you avoid being vaccinated if it is mandatory and enforced by cops or the military?
    It won’t be normal or in any way time consuming.
    It is the obvious plan from the start to vaccinate all of us. Probably door to door health workers with police or military escorts. The supreme court gave police the right to draw blood without a warrant just to catch dwi drivers so do not think they will not okay the vaccine being administered without your permission. I do not delude myself into thinking that a lawyer will save us from the vaccine. The end game is to vaccinate all humans so it will be a fast process once it begins. Seriously what will you do if mandated vaccine? Are we even allowed to leave the country? Alaska doesn’t allow visitors in until a 14 day quarantine is over.

    It makes more sense if this is being orchestrated by aliens to change human genetics to a tastier or some joke.
    Not saying I think aliens are doing this but it is easier to believe that than any other rason for such a bad idea.

  23. lamberth says:

    Moderna has never put a single product into the marketplace.

    Last year, it lost $514 million.

    It took in $60 million.

    But it’s somehow worth billions.

    Now, where have I seen that before?
    And it’s not just limited to medical companies either.
    Fasebook? Tesla? Google? Join the queue.
    It means these “companies” were created from the same source, with the same money, controlled by the same entity.

    Just for starters, In-Q-Tel anyone?

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