Corona: Throughout history, people never died, they are dying now, therefore it must be the virus

by Jon Rappoport

May 21, 2020

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Note: This is a piece I wrote when there was some question about what the president was going to do…which way he was going to jump…

What do most people say, if you raise questions about the reality of the “epidemic,” or even hint that the facts might be in doubt?

They say, “But people are dying.” And that’s the end of the conversation.

So, in this episode of virus fakery and apocalypse on rye with mustard, I present a tale I like to call: THE PROPAGANDA MASTER COMES TO TOWN.

This character is a wisdom figure and a teacher. He’s an old pro. He makes sure the lies are being told well and often. He reminds his troops of their mission. Pardon his language, but he has a very low opinion of humanity.

Here he is now, getting out of his limo and walking into a five-star hotel.

Conference room. A security team has checked the space for bugs and other electronic snooping. The shades are drawn. A dozen propaganda ops specialists are sitting at the long table.

The maestro walks into the room, stands at one end of the table, and without formalities, begins talking:

—I only have a few minutes. I’m on my way to Rome to brief the Pope. So here it is. We put messages into the heads of the great unwashed masses, so they’ll pass those messages to others. Get it? THAT’S the real contagion factor. Never forget it. We’re Info Central for the rubes and yokels and idiots, including high IQ idiots who think their college degree means they’re educated in science.

—We work with death. People all over the world are dying all the time, every day. The public doesn’t want to think about that. Good. That’s good for us. Our job is to convince the yokels that the “new” dying which is happening now comes from a special virus. We do that by equating DEATH and CORONAVIRUS. Get it? Never forget it. “People are dying, it must be the virus.” That’s our ticket.

—Our medical brethren in this great con have already done a terrific job carving up death into various categories. But now they can make ordinary pneumonia into coronavirus pneumonia at the drop of a hat. They can make flu into corona. They can make a man falling down stairs a victim of the virus. A flying saucer crashes in a field? If that happened, a CDC official with a straight face could tell the yokels and idiots that the alien pilot of the craft was struck down by the virus and that’s why he lost control of the saucer.

—So we can’t let our medical friends down. We have to ramp up the intensity of the message. I want more predictions from Harvard and Yale big shots. You know, millions are going to die. Half the world’s population is going to be infected.

—Some of the idiots and loons we target are politicians. They “believe in science.” We want these pols to lock down MORE cities. Make people feel the sting. The sting and the crisis and the quarantine must equal THE VIRUS. We own the virus. It’s our psy-weapon. It’s an idea, a notion, a ghost, and only the medical experts can control it, if people follow all their orders. Keep pounding that message.

—Now, just between us, did they ever find a brand new virus in China to begin with? I see no convincing evidence they did. But who cares? Are the diagnostic tests for the virus inadequate and useless and worthless and deceiving? Of course. Is the “virus epidemic” a gold-plated fake? Sure. Are all sorts of people being diagnosed with corona who have no disease at all? You bet. Are people who are sick for all sorts of reasons being told they’re corona cases? Yeah. That’s our bread and butter. Some poor bastard gets off a plane and he has a slight fever from the bad air in the cabin and he’s whisked to a military base for quarantine. Play it up. “The virus can get you anytime, anywhere.” In a city, the ICU ward in a hospital is overflowing with sick people? Of course it is. People are sick all the time. But now, they’re all afraid, and they’re coming on foot, in cars, in wheelchairs, on crutches, and with the wave of a magic wand, they’re put in the ICU because they must be corona. Good. I want more pictures of that chaotic ICU. I want video on the news. More of it. Get busy. Don’t slack off. This is a circus. There are rules for a circus. The main rule is, people get bored quickly, so you need lots of acts and tricks and animals and side shows and candy to keep the audience occupied. An ICU here, an ICU there. A mother crying. Who cares why? It must be the virus. I don’t want to hear about all the other reasons people are sick. I just want to hear VIRUS.

—Never forget how easily you can fool the yokels. Yesterday, a guy living in an apartment house had the flu. No big deal. But today, same guy? Corona. Nothing changed except the news. All his neighbors in the building forget that yesterday this guy had ordinary flu. It’s a beautiful thing. Use it. I want to see more funerals on the news. Get busy.

—Our holy grail, our perfect ideal, which is unattainable, would be: every death in the world for the next six months or a year is called coronavirus. But we can strive toward that ideal. We must.

—There are two echelons. There is WE. And there is THEY-THEM. WE keep THEM in their limited minds. We bolster those limited minds with our messages. Keep them yammering, “People are dying, it must be the virus!” It’s pure gold. Mine that gold.

Back in his limo, the maestro puts in a call to his contact at the CDC. “Listen up,” he says, “you people over there are wobbling. I’m talking about the diagnostic test for the virus. First, your test kits were bad, they didn’t work. Then you didn’t have enough of them to satisfy needs. Now the word is starting to leak out that the tests are inherently unreliable and no one should believe them. This crap must stop. Shore up your troops. Get them in line. I want healthy people and sick people and old people and young people and all people to be diagnosed with corona, and I don’t want any uncertainties. You and I know the test is a joke, it doesn’t work, but nobody else can find that out. Got it? People over there at the CDC can be replaced. They can find themselves out on the street. What’s in charge of this operation is propaganda, not science. YOU back US up. That’s the hierarchy. I want FEAR raging through the population. If you can’t hold up your end, you’re going to find all the quotes about the epidemic in the press are suddenly coming from the World Health Organization or Johns Hopkins, not the CDC. I’ll make sure you’re shoved into the background. The World Health people are professional. They know how to deliver a unified con job. Those two idiots, the governor of New York and the mayor of New York, are doing more to hype this fake epidemic than all the employees of the CDC put together. Get your house in order. Fast.”

He closes his phone and sticks it in his pocket. On the way to the airport, he hums a little tune. He looks out the window. He thinks to himself, if we can stretch this out far enough, we can even stage a presidential election in America on the Internet. No one votes in a booth. Can’t risk transmission of the virus. He chuckles. His phone vibrates. He takes it out.

“Yes, sir?” he says. He listens. Nods. “Yes, sir, I know you’re going to address the nation on the pandemic in a few minutes. Well, sir, this is a squeeze play. You’re in the middle. I know you understand that. If you go too far in minimizing the risk of the epidemic, you’re going to get hit hard from all sides. Mayors, governors, scientists, doctors, public health officials, members of Congress, big tech, the media—they’re all going to carve you into a grinning pumpkin. To say nothing of what’s been happening to the stock market. If you try minimize the “epidemic,” the whole economic picture is going to go upside down. Even Goldman Sachs won’t be able to protect you. Look around you. That schmuck mayor of New York is making noises about shutting down the whole Subway system. My advice is, let this operation run its course. Read the tea leaves of history. Many presidents have trouble at the end of a term. The coronavirus fakery is your trouble. Ride it out. If you can’t beat Joe Biden in November, you should go back to building golf courses. He’s hanging on by a thread. I don’t think the doctors can pump him up with enough drugs to keep his brain functioning during a debate. You might stagger into office on a low for your second term, but the epidemic op will fade out, the economy will come back, and you’ll—don’t be angry, sir, your enemies have been looking for an Achilles heel since you started campaigning back in 2015. They tried this, they tried that, it didn’t really work. But this medical op works. Are you really going to say the medical experts are all liars and fake news? Are you contemplating that? Take it from me, it won’t fly. You know I’m right. The medical propaganda of the past hundred years is a winner. How can you buck it, especially in the middle of this current shit storm? If I cared about the truth, I’d be in a dither. Fortunately, I’m above the fray. Listen to your wise old uncle. Take the bitter with the sweet. You’re a pro in your field. The art of the deal. In this instance, the deal is live to fight another day. You painted your picture of “the grand economic recovery”, and now they’re spraying all over it with graffiti. That’s what enemies do. I have some interesting material on Biden and Bernie, if you’d like me to—“

The maestro looks at his phone. “He hung up,” he says to his driver.

“He’s a quick study,” the driver says.

They laugh.

“What are you going to say to the Pope?” the driver asks.

“I’m going to tell him to keep his big mouth shut. And if he can’t do that, and he wants to bring God into it, we’ll work on the statement. Change it to Nature. That’s softer. Nature has its ways and its viruses. It must be respected. God gave us the intelligence to work with Nature, and the means to develop medical science. Doctors are healers. Follow their recommendations. Something like that. On the way over in the plane, I’ll come up with some quotes. Stay by my side. You’re packing heat. They’ll ask for your weapon before they let us in the Vatican. Give it to them. Keep your eyes trained straight ahead. Don’t look past any open doors. Who knows what you’d see? I don’t want anyone to call us as witnesses in a future court case…”

“You’re careful as always,” the driver says.

“Careful in the details, absolutely reckless when it comes to the overall plan. Tell a lie so outrageous, no one can believe it’s a lie.”

At the White House, the president steps to the podium and looks at the camera. He thinks: I wonder what would happen if I went off script and said, you know, there must be ten thousand people in Washington who are aware there’s something weird about this coronavirus situation. There’s the whole flu thing. The CDC says thirty thousand people in the US die from ordinary flu every single year, like clockwork, and there are millions of flu cases every year—but nobody’s calling THAT an epidemic. The stock market isn’t crashing because of THAT. Nobody’s getting quarantined because of THAT. They aren’t canceling basketball because of THAT. What the hell’s going on?

The president starts to speak to the nation.

“Look, the bottom line is, I have to protect millions of lives. I need to sign bills authorizing two trillion dollars in aid to our businesses and workers. I have to listen to the experts. People are dying, it must be the virus. What else could it be?”

An unknown man in the back of the room says, in a very clear and loud voice: WELL, IT COULD BE COMPLETE HORSE—“

An alert special ops team member steps in front of the man and quickly sprays him in the face with a chemical. The unknown man is paralyzed, and like a log he pitches forward and bounces off the floor.

The special ops man shouts: IT’S THE VIRUS. HE’S DEAD.

People scream. The doors to the room are suddenly locked. Doctors in white coats appear.


The president shrugs, looks at the camera and says, “I guess I’ll be speaking to you next from an undisclosed location. We WILL get through this, America—“


People are dying, it must be the virus.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

44 comments on “Corona: Throughout history, people never died, they are dying now, therefore it must be the virus

  1. Hélios says:

    Excellent !

    I just would like to know who is this maestro…

    • Rachel says:

      @Heilios- I was doing some reading as usual and might have an answer as to who the maestro is. According to one thing I read (and I can’t exactly remember where and have stopped using Google so there is no record… But I will get you on my path), something organized this well the world over would have to be managed by Superintelligence AI. Here are a few sources that go into this:

      • Madness says:

        I think AI is a distraction. And they want to establish a new religion using it, plus an ‘acceptable’ technocrat future. YouTube is full with AI promoting stuff. What the YT accepts without banning it work for them but us. The truth is always banned.

        • Rachel says:

          I am willing to hear you out, but I would like further explanations. A distraction how/from what?

          It seems to me to be fitting that AI is primarily in charge of the actual propaganda the world over, and I could see that alone being reason for the promotion of it. With that said, I won’t count anything out until I have enough reason to.

          • Alex Illi says:

            there’re no AIs, only lame algorithms.

            Have never seen a creative machine.

            Show me a counter-example…

          • Alex Illi says:

            Also, why would a true intelligence wish to control the world via propaganda ?

  2. Walkingdead says:

    I love the WHO song “Don’t get fooled again”, Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.” For some reason I can’t seem to get the lyrics of that song out of my head.

  3. From Elsewhere says:

    Many feel trapped, without knowing that they have real power: spreading the truth, relating to others like them, forming strong communities resistant to lies and manipulation. Doctors caught in this vicious system, run by corrupted politicians.

  4. William says:

    There are many sides to Trump and as with any politician almost everything he says is just window dressing, calculated for effect. His remarks about mobilizing the military in order to deliver The Vaccine by the end of the year are disturbing on their face. But I suspect – hope- he has a better objective in mind for mobilizing the armed forces apart from delivering a worthless and toxic vaccine to treat an imaginary virus

    • 4D CHESS
      William: hope- he has a better objective in mind for mobilizing the armed forces apart from delivering a worthless and toxic vaccin
      Rick: Yes, me too– and the basis for that hope is the original idea that he’s playing 4D chess– beyond even 3D chess.

      This photo of him in front of a 3D chess board looks authentic to me:

      This image of him teaching Baron to play 1-D chess also looks authentic.

      It might be time to consider the idea of 4D chess more carefully since he DOES seem to be playing “both sides” in a way that appears contradictory, evasive and dangerous. Then there are stories about time-travel too which might add that 4th dimension in a way that is beyond any of us. Trump’s grandfather’s connection to Tesla is something that should be reviewed. The whole notion seems wacky of course but given the apparent take-down of America and the world we’ve seen, maybe we’ll have to wide out our cosmology to deal with it.

      • Rachel says:

        @Rick-How odd you would mention time travel. I, like Noory on C2C, believe there are NO coincidences, and yesterday/today was the first time I have heard a legit source discuss time travel/teleportation/etc.. Anyway, this matters because I believe you may be onto something with Trump. I was a traditional liberal, hating him until this year. Now I have come to see him as our last true hope between the people and the globalists, and worse yet, now I see him standing between humanity and an AI takeover. I pray his “playing both sides” is really the 4D chess game you mentioned. Trump seemed very sincere in his belief of a real, true president of the USA that could make a difference during an interview from his 20s-30s.

        I hope I am making any sense. It is easier to go explore what I am talking about here:

        • Madness says:

          As the ‘elite’ never would have release a virus dangerous them they would never allow an artificial intelligence either to grab the power.
          Just another lie what can be popular enough to make people swallow it. You can fight with people and won – now they want you believe you fight with a supernatural you can’t win and must surrender.

          I see it a false path and a dangerous one.
          People write the software, and people can be wrong and often is wrong.

          • William says:

            Agree, AI is a sideshow. The weakness of AI is that it can only do what it is told to do, it will never be truly conscious and self-aware. No one has any idea what consciousness even is, the best they can come up with is that it is a consequence, an emergent property, of physiology, an “evolved neuronal illusion” That’s pretty weak. AI can however mimic consciousness closely, enough to fool most people, which isn’t difficult in any case. AI is now quite sophisticated, developed with assistance from the Unseen Realm

  5. Piksil says:

    Did you get the NSA tapes, or transcripts?
    Great article!

    Sideshow today: The mass (hysteria) media is harping on the dangers of the sun, during the ‘holiday weekend’. Slather on the sunscreen people! Fear the sun! You’ve been hibernating for over 2 months now. Here’s a picture in case you’ve forgotten what the sun is. See these doctors looking at moles? Corona cancer. Brought on by corona virus, and if not, well, then it causes corona virus.

  6. Thomas Milton says:

    One thing each of us can do is let others know that we do not believe. I have a black cloth mask, with “fake flu” painted on it. I spread memes like #fakeflu, #fakemedicine. The next step is stopping vaccinations. The #fakescience underpinning them is fraudulent (just like the cholesterol “science” that pumps people full of dangerous and costly statin drugs). Just stating “I don’t believe the doctors”, is a revolutionary act. People need to wake up to the fact that “medicine” has been weaponized to harm and exploit them.

    • Greg C. says:

      Hear hear! Remember when they warned us against eating eggs, one of the most nutritious foods available, and touted “Canola” oil, which is actually rape seed oil rebranded and highly processed to keep it from going rancid until it enters your body?

      Whatever the white coats say, do the opposite. The masks are truly something from medieval times – science has become a system of “they say” and nothing more.

      • Madness says:

        Exactly. 🙂

        And just with common sense, eggs are the base of new life, must be nutritious and must have everything important in it. Raw milk is similar.
        (I do the exact opposite for years, too and works well.)

    • Rachel says:

      @Thomas-When I was 19 or 20, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor wanted me to start some statin pill. I said “No, I politely refuse since I am barely an adult. I will try to lower my cholesterol on my own.” I never really bothered trying to lower my cholesterol, but I was rightly concerned about my blood sugar levels, so I worked on that (I was busy trying to learn the truth about the body through other avenues than traditional medicine). It turns out, my cholesterol was high because of the antidepressant I was on. As soon as I quit, I was fine. I also never went back to antidepressants-realizing they weren’t helpful, they were making me sick, and I found myself less depressed when NOT on them anyway.

      Anyway, my point was: You are right about stations, and when people are allowed to think for themselves, they will indeed see where modern medicine is wrong just based on personal experiences.

      • walkingdead says:

        My cholesterol has been over 300 since I was 18, always refused the cholesterol pills. My father was the same way, with high cholesterol, and he lived to 98. Experience beats science again. The doctors are snake oil salesman.

      • William says:

        Cholesterol has been demonized, unless it’s over 330 there is nothing to worry about. Good for you getting off AD’s, they only make “depression”, which is in most cases just situational unhappiness that has been medicalized (when clients would tell me they “have” depression I’d tell them what they have is “life”), chronic. SSRI’s in particular are among the most dangerous drugs on the market. The so-called “mood stabilizers” are notorious for causing metabolic disorders. Avoid psych meds like the plague, occasional benefit may be derived but mostly they do far more harm than good

    • Larry C says:

      I was thinking of painting a smiley face on a mask, that spelled out:

      NO COM
      MORE DOT

      (To be worn while out and about.)

  7. Brett Morgen says:

    Brilliant. Thanks again Jon, here in New Jersey there is mass delusion and it’s wonderful to read a sane person with a sense of humor and expertise to tell the truth.

  8. Kevin says:

    This covid19 global plandemic is networked with global financial hubs (Wall Street just being one of them ).

    It’s also bringing a nations’s domestic laws into a tight bond with international law .

    Example : Canada can’t dictate to China what the maximum speedlimit is to be in highways in China .
    This falls under domestic law.

    Nations also speak another language and that is international law. All nations in order to ‘communicate’ must speak this same language.

    Nearly all nations are now speaking the covid19 language….and it’s impacting all domestic law and international law.

  9. Natalie says:

    I don’t know if Jon wrote about it before but what if every great “pandemic” is a lie or exaggeration? Or at least wasn’t caused by any germs but rather improper sanitation or (possibly) poisoning or chemical warfare (the ancients knew about this a lot more than we think they did). For example, the Great Plague (or any other bubonic plague outbreak). Michel Nostradamus is known for curing the black death by giving patients rosewater and prescribing clean air, water, bedding (rosewater pills could have been simply for the placebo effect). Very similar to how sanitation improvement led to the decline of the “contagious” diseases like TB or typhus way before antibiotics and vaccines (I suspect antibiotics were used to bring them back, eventually, and in larger numbers).

    The Black Death was so horrible it wiped out a third of Europe and yet there were whole town or families that were untouched. Whatever the origins of the epidemic, it’s not what the official story tells you (especially since they can’t even come to agreement about what microorganism caused it or how it spread).

    • NaturalWoman says:

      Have you ever heard about the Black Death being the result of poison? I once read an account by witnesses who saw men dressed in black with black coverings over their heads holding some kind of hose emitting a white cloud. If true, this changes everything.

      • Madness says:

        I haven’t but saw a documentary many years ago. One of the main point was that due to the distance of villages it should have had 3 weeks of asymptomatic period or couldn’t have spread. Too long. I concluded the same, poison or maybe something with the Earth itself, changing in EMF, or an established bad habit, treatment. Also, I learnt that bubonic plague was bacterial, but according to this documentary it was more like Ebola, coming back in 3 waves, don’t know the English name sorry but something like fever with bleeding caused by virus.

        Even bubonic plague is not clear, like what was it, how much it was a legend or more illnesses and so.

    • Lyn P says:

      “Flu” is a cleansing process. Toxicity in the cells. No grave problem for most people. Spanish Flu most reasonably attributed to global electrical infrastructure build at the time. Speculated that the rollout of FiveGee 2020 in combo with vaccine toxicity in much of the population is to kick off our next wave of “Sharonavirus.” Plandemic pt. 2.

      • Madness says:

        Or 5G or 4 and environmental poisoning, as Jon showed earlier, many possible reason, more illnesses labeled as same, Covid.
        Look for Spanish flu – more documents, notes, old stuff, very interesting.
        According to that only those went ill who were vaccinated.
        They started it with the army, then persuaded civils to get the vaccines as who know what bugs soldiers could bring home when visiting. Aspirin also had an important role, the official narrative pushed to use it but where they didn’t the survival rate was much higher.

        (Try to save the, it’s better than a library and who knows how long can be reached. We’ve saved it.)

    • Rachel says:

      I don’t know if this is true, and I haven’t personally looked into this yet (busy with all my recent AI discoveries and how that factors in), but I read a headline/website title that suggested the 1918 flu was simply much like the Covid pandemic-the global elites were actively trying to gain back some of their power much like they are now. In other words, it was a disease with an agenda.

    • Herman says:

      Famine and depletion of the soil from overuse and poor farming methods

  10. lamberth says:

    —Never forget how easily you can fool the yokels. Yesterday, a guy living in an apartment house had the flu. No big deal. But today, same guy? Corona. ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????.

    That’s the punchline of the whole article right there.
    Thanks Jon.

  11. Rachel says:

    “An unknown man in the back of the room… ‘It could be complete horse–.'”

    I believe this incident did occur when the two journalists were discussing the hoax at the White House press conference. Although it has been “debunked,” I encourage people to listen to the conversation themselves if you can find it. It sounded to me that they were indeed discussing the fake virus.

  12. Arby says:

    Perfect. I indeed recall Jon patiently explaining all of this some time ago and was just going in search of the info, to attach an excerpt of it to my most recent blog post about covid 19. I’m going through the latest UK Column News show bit by bit and one bit that I’m looking at right now represents an off note for the otherwise stellar show. I understand how hard it is for the good guys to talk outside of the Rockefeller health care ideology (and it’s a new thing for me as well), which the world has been marinated in, so I cut them some slack here. But their reportage on French news about disovering that coronavirus was in France perhaps as early as December has to be addressed. That news (they found the virus on a scanner?!!) is, to me, clearly diversionary and the UKC boys fell for it.

    My blog is A Yappy Trade Barrier. It is not a celebrity status blog.

  13. Larry C says:

    “Make people feel the sting. The sting and the crisis and the quarantine must equal THE VIRUS.”

    Unless the Economy is UNLEASHED – and tout de suite – it will do that, all right…IN SPADES.

  14. mikael says:

    Hehe, my face hurts since I laughed and this muscles havent been used for an while.
    This story about the man, is much closer to the truth than many realise, never underestemate the scumbags on the top of the scam chain, they are highly intellegent mofo and knows their “art” of feeding us bullshit, and their best weapon is their control over our MSM, witch again controls our stupid begins called politicians, witch by large are just plain dumb, but most of them have one thing in comon, they have hooned the art of what I define as New Public Managment Language, the noble art of talking absolute nonsense for hours without saying anything substancial, the better you are at that, the higher you get, and some of them, are master bullshit sprayers, and this person in this, hehe, rant is more like one of the top predatores,

    :(I use to make eye contact with people I suspect are something, and most of the time I feel nothing, but sometimes, you can feel their power, raw evil, or some sort of cockyness witch comes from been an fullblown phsycopath or people acustumed to rule by fear,etc, etc, intresting people, I use to smile back, and I know they notice, but their power isnt the same as in babys, the babys level is much, much higher, but not in the sense of violence or phsycopathy, but more divine, clean, and natural, I can explain it in any way than just that, all babys have that, but this fire within is dwindling when they grow older and is more or less gone when they become adults, this goes for us all):

    they know what they are doing, like this CONvid scam, they are fully aware of it, I in a sense admire their ability to make an entire world go bananas, you cant take that from them, this time their propaganda was so wast and all encompasing that I had to laugh, I did laugh and sometimes I stil do, not because of people are dying and the flu we have anualy, but because I know, as they know and you do to, this pandemic is nothing but bollocks as mass and people crawl into their homes and are afriad of everything, yup, the world have derailed.

    Otherwise, thanks for an good laugh, we need that from time to time.
    And since we are after all, sivilized begins, have an nice day and take care.


  15. Murt says:

    Hi guys.

    I’m just wondering, a relative informed me that his elderly friend fell ill and was hospitalized, then that elderly friends son caught whatever he had and he also became ill and in much more serious condition than the farther and he too was hospitalized, then another of his sons fell ill. So one after another. I’m just trying to figure out what could have caused this if not a virus. Any thoughts?


    • Madness says:

      Check their environment. What about with neighbors?
      Two things:
      1. Environmental poisoning including something they used like a strong disinfectant
      2. Radiation. I wrote here earlier we had a weird experience, based on that I am positive they can manipulate / ‘infect’ us with targeting this or that person using via cell phones and / or WIFI in the house. I’ve just watched a video about it where children in the school went down and they couldn’t find the reason. Watch it as it may help, the man who made it is deeply religious, if you are not just ignore that part as what he tells make sense – a lot of sense.

      • Murt says:

        Thank you for the reply and great video. Makes sense.

        I had been telling people there was no virus but got confused when I heard about the illness with the father and sons one after another. I wasn’t sure what to say. If they hadn’t been ill before and ill now during this plandemic, maybe there is a virus, or it was a coincidence or another reason etc.

        But emf radiation makes the most sense. Thanks.

    • Sean Garrisson says:

      Maybe its a virus. Maybe it is psychosomatic. Maybe its unrelated. Maybe its an allergic reaction, maybe its a type of food poisoning, maybe its chemtrail chemicals, maybe a recent flu shot reaction, maybe its something in their water, maybe its a sabotage, maybe its an ect ect ect or and ect. And it is very well likely something or different somethings.

      But one thing is for sure, it’s covid-19.

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