The COVID illusion and the currency reset

The reset: not all at once; step by step

by Jon Rappoport

April 6, 2020

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When this highly destructive farce is over, there are several ways things could go. In this article, I describe one path.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank (WB) are joined at the hip. In 2018, they double-knotted their ties by forming a partnership to monitor outbreaks and epidemics before they spread.

Basically, behind the scenes, the deal looks like this: WHO creates the illusion of global epidemics; WB steps in later, to pick up the pieces of the result—injured national economies— by shelling out loans to governments.

These loans always carry conditions. The prime condition is: let in private, roaming, foreign, predatory, private investors so they can take over vital sectors of a nation: energy, agriculture, water, etc.

But this time, WHO, as planned, has gone ballistic. The lockdowns are shredding economies. It’s not going to be “here’s a loan.”

It’s more on the order of: we have to bail out everybody.

How is that done?

Step by step, through switching over one kind of illusory money for another kind of illusory money.

“We invented one kind of money out of thin air, and it reached the end of the line. Now we have to invent another kind of all new money out of thin air.”

Universal guaranteed income (UGI). Eventually, for everyone.

It, too, comes with conditions, gradually implemented. Basically, the deal is: “we pay you, and you obey us.”

The behavioral side of the model is the Chinese regime, which works obedience through a “social credit score.”

Infractions lower the score. In which case, the violator can’t travel on a plane or send his kids to certain schools or stay in certain hotels or start a business. There are levels of punishments.

Infractions include walking a dog off a leash, spreading fake news, crossing against a red light, failure to separate garbage properly, business fraud—little and big offenses.

Under a global UGI, it would be: “Here’s your monthly digital check, now follow orders, or your money might be reduced. Be a good citizen.”

Of course, a system like this requires complete and utter surveillance, public and private, every which way.

The holy grail is energy quotas for every person. “Mr. Smith, this is your wall talking through the glorious Internet of Things. Your energy number for the month is reaching its limit. I want to help you avoid that limit and the social credit score penalties that would be enforced. I’m going to initiate brown-outs and dimming in your home for the next two weeks. Your Internet will be shut down—excepting the hours of midnight to three in the morning. Cook all your meals for the day between four and five am…”

Behavior control. What’s going on now is a tune-up for the future. Now they say: stay indoors, don’t let in visitors. Stand in line outside stores, keeping a distance of six feet. Report people who appear sick. Get tested. Wash your hands a dozen times a day. In the future, the list of rules and regs will be different, but the overall theme will be the same: be a good citizen and contribute to a better world. Be sincere and earnest and helpful. Don’t rebel.

And just like now, many, many people will respond: “Yes, thank you. I like the straight and narrow. I like the feeling of contributing to something larger than myself. I like the collective. I like the fact that we’re all in this together.”

A sub-population of these people will want to do more. They’ll want to join the government. They’ll want to help the government enforce the rules. They’ll want to “express their energy.” They would, if asked, gladly march in columns down streets, salute, hand out summons, make arrests, and even commit violent acts under orders.

They would wear crisp uniforms, and take oaths. They would want ranks and seals. They would like to be called ELITE.

Because history means nothing to such people, they’ll never know names like SS, Red Guards, or Stasi. But that’s what they’ll be.

Unless the whole plan for a technocratic Brave New World is exposed and falls apart, because enough people remember another name and know what it means:


When this fake pandemic crisis is declared “done,” several themes will emerge. They will be promoted in various ways, employing many messages. I’m talking about official government and media propaganda.

First of all, the “pandemic” will be described as major turning point in human history. A great shock to the system. All sorts of professional shills and bullshitters will talk about BP and AP. BEFORE THE PANDEMIC and AFTER THE PANDEMIC.

We will be told, “We can’t go back to the way it was before.”

The first great propaganda theme will be: HELP US BUILD A BETTER WORLD. This message is for the sincere people who want to pitch in and do good, in a collective sense. “Let’s build a better world where we can avoid these pandemics, or see them earlier. Let’s form a civilization where equality and justice for all is the top priority. Let’s all share and care…” If you’re looking for logic, forget it. In whatever way they can, the propagandists will imply that somehow the pandemic was a signal that we must “do better.” We must “get through it together” as we did during the crisis. The love we showed then must be the love we show now. An appeal to idealists everywhere who fall for vague generalities like cats fall for catnip.

The second great theme, aimed at the educated class and the technical types and the scientists and “thinkers,” will be: ORGANIZATION. “We must organize world civilization more effectively.” Because somehow, that was the problem Before the Pandemic. Lack of organization allowed things to get out of hand. We can’t any longer be separate groups and nations going their separate ways. Too much disorder. We need better structures in every phase of life. We need more interconnection and coordination. The educated class loves this stuff. It fits their image of success. If society operates like a machine, problems will be solved.

The third great propaganda theme is aimed at all sorts of people who emerged from their lockdown and self-isolation, took a walk in a park on a spring day, and suddenly remembered what they had been missing. Their relief nearly reaches a point of hysteria, as at the end of a World War. The theme is: NEVER AGAIN. “We don’t want to go back to those dark days under any circumstances, and whatever it takes, we’re on board. Tell us what to do.”

With these themes in hand, the technocracy can be enacted. We’re all for building a better world. We must organize it with t’s crossed and i’s dotted. And we must never go back into the dark.

Unless people remember what is left out. THE INDIVIDUAL. And FREEDOM.

Technocratic operators are counting on us to forget. They’re counting on many people who value freedom to say, “Well, it’s all hopeless. I know what freedom is, but too many others don’t. So why bother. I’ll just surrender and float on the tide.”

Floating is an illusion. The tide moves in a planned direction. Toward a shore that isn’t pretty.

Are things pretty now?

That’s called a clue.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

102 comments on “The COVID illusion and the currency reset

  1. JustSomeGuy says:

    Pretty ironic that Brave New World TV series is set to release in 2020. Go to IMDB and search “Brave New World”. They have the episodes laied out.

    • Beverly Chinello says:

      Is it possible the elderly is dying off by plan because they remember what freedom means and what happens when countries lose it.

      • DelAware says:

        One of the key elements of the globalist hive, one of its most powerful tools, is the erasing and retconning of history and personal, family, and group memory.

        Elders and their living, experience-based memory threaten this scheme in at least two ways. As you note, they remember something other then the present and the recent. They also have enough experience of life, people, power, and their own mistakes to recognize when something is heading for a trainwreck.

        This is why collectivist and communist regimes always go after the young, who have only innocence and energy as their world view. This is why mass media is so hellbent on capturing children whole still in infancy. Then in traumatizing them periodically with new and escalated horrors to keep them dependent on their programmers.

  2. CSFurious says:

    There are two associated theories. One is that “Coronamania” is being used by the Globalists to cover up vast debt problems in the U.S. and global economies. Second, Trump has taken over the Federal Reserve and will start “printing Greenbacks” a/k/a interest-free currency similar to what Lincoln did during the Civil War.

  3. Scott Werdal says:

    As usual, spot perfect in measured tone and distributive content (to raise the alarm). Do you ever get tired of being right? I mean, if these forecasts are what we watch through our body’s eyes?

  4. Pisces says:

    I completely agree. This so-called pandemic is only the beginning of the new system that’s coming that’ll reduce our freedoms even more. They want to take full control of the whole world and our lives, in order to make us their perfect obedient little slaves who are not allowed to do anything they don’t want us to do. Not even to criticize the tyrannical government, otherwise they’ll eliminate us.
    People already want this “pandemic” to be over, wishing that “oh, it’s nothing, everything will be back to normal after few months” or whatever, ignoring the fact that the ones who are controlling the world are evil and that they want to expand their power over us. They planned to do this and this event is the beginning of that.

    • za ka lu says:

      no small coincidence also that internet sales started to be taxed just short while before shutdown–

  5. Hi Jon,
    You mention water, among other things.
    Water rationing would be a power tool of control.
    I think we should dream up a new paradigm, and leave this one to the negatives. It’s payback time …

    • za ka lu says:

      on a similar note, the water pump station for my neighborhood has just built a thick concrete wall about 30′ long out front of it’s building, looks like a blockade or something??—

  6. Eluard says:

    People like Jon and Icke and Catherine Fitts are coming into their own – in the greater public’s eyes, that is. We’ve heard their rings of truth for years. I’d like to say I have faith in our communities that they’ll stand up against this technocratic wet dream and heed the calls of Jon and friends, and ours too. I’m just not sure, though. People are afraid, most of all, to face the truth. Somehow, I think (Hope?) we’ll make it and create something of beauty.

  7. Plamen says:

    So Jon, on one hand you’re telling us that one is free to think their life our of the Matrix but here on the other hand you predict the worst case scenario WITHIN the Matrix.

    Which one is true?

    What happened to the power of positive thinking?

    I’m confused.

    • za ka lu says:

      plamen, i have same cognition—

      wrangling with this for several years now, thought/imagination/visualization alone does not stop the scumbags from doing what they are doing–is ‘make believe’–

      and belief is basically ignorance, can only believe in what Do Not Know first hand experientially–

      imagination that does not transpire into physical reality is incomplete, as body (physical) must be fulfilled by thought intentions/visualizations as well as mind and spirit to be complete, to be effective must take physical action also—

      only thing that will stop the ‘matrix’ is our physically standing up to it (them), Ending Compliance!!

      Physical action, application of realizations that there is No Joinder, No privity to our private estates, no compelled performance!!—

      ‘Their’ schemes for this horrific past, present and future of earth only works when targeted are physically compliant–

  8. Amy Armadillo says:

    You’re one of my Internet heroes, but I guess I’m missing the point of this piece.

    Let’s say you’re correct and the NWO is established with a vengeance … how long has Central Planning™ ever been able to last? A hundred years for the most optimistic assessment? As Margaret Thatcher famously said, “Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

    The Jews were slaves in ancient Egypt for 400 years. That’s a long time, but the wheel does keep on spinning, and this too shall pass.

    Again, assuming NWO prevails, it’s curtains for us, our kids and our grandkids. But eventually John & Sarah Connor will vanquish Skynet. Throughout history, they always have.

    But let’s look at the other possibility: sure it’s over for Ziomerica, but there are 195 nations around the globe. Would none of them create a John Galt valley, exempt from the predations of Hymie Goldfarb? And what of the 50 states? Nebraska couldn’t tell America to FO, set up its own self-sustaining economy and move forward under Liberty & Freedom? I believe North Dakota has already set up its own central bank.

    It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, and a lot of us may be dead before it happens. But it’s not fair to say this is happening because Americans are too stupid to care. When one group of communist-oriented people control all the media, banks and education, how could the brainwashing outcome be any different?

    109 countries figured it out before us. The wheel keeps spinning.

    • Plamen says:

      Agree. One has to be careful what you think or wish for because you might get it.

      The trouble with alternative media or any media nowadays is that they are ALL addicted to spreading doom and gloom as it sells very well.

      In fact, it seems all spheres of our social and political life are based on fear. The medical profession for example has laid its foundation on the assumption that the human body is inherently flawed and needs constant fixing. Whereas in fact the opposite is true – the body is the master of its own domain. Leave it alone and most of the time it fixes itself.

      Fear is not real, it’s only the absence of light.

    • NC says:

      Playing behind all the shows of what is taken by the mind (the conditioned filters through which we look) is the great Yuga cycle or Precession of the Equinox. It relates to a wobble of the Earth’s axis which traces an elliptical pattern about every 25,000 years. It is not a religious belief but a natural fact. We are now in the darkest period, the end of Kali Yuga, so the scenarios occurring are indeed dark. However, Kali Yuga is calculated to end in 2025. That does not mean that in 2026 everything will be rosey, but it can mean that the masses begin to awaken from their slumber of separation and begin to see the wholeness which runs through this dream…to what all the saints and sages throughout the millennia have been pointing…

  9. Tom says:

    At the next Trump rally we need everyone to
    start shouting NO 5G,NO 5G ,NO 5G until he walks
    off the stage.

  10. Vânea Mello Amaral says:


    Muito bom mesmo.Excelente análise. O curso da nossa história se mostra sombrio.

  11. Imnaha says:

    Imagine Bill Gates sitting on your face – forever…

  12. TS1213 says:

    Right to the point. While there may very well be truth in everything said it only leaves one question and that would be at this point, what can we , the average American, do?? Seems kind of hopeless on our part.
    Thank you

    • Arthur Danu says:

      Please read CRACKING THE CODE, THE FASCINATING TRUTH OF TAXATION IN AMERICA by Peter Eric Hendrickson over at

      I read the book back in 2003, and have been living income tax free since then. Consequently, these have also been the greatest and happiest years of my life.

      Tens of thousands of other brave Americans have also done the same.

      I wish you success in your quest for personal empowerment!


        I get a catalog for literature every few months…… I treated it like something I’d LIKE to do sometime soon… now I’m treating it like something I’ll HAVE to do….

        The on LAWFUL SOVEREIGNTY might contain essential elements that beat these fuckers back but good. KICK em in the teeth… and beat them back because if we don’t have that attutude, they’ll take us down for sure.

        “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”– Mahatma Gandhi

  13. Sue says:

    This article contains information from you, Jon, but claims also that Trump is in on it:

  14. Arnieus says:

    Surely enough people will have the brain cells to ask: “How can we have an extra 6 trillion dollars and be 23 trillion in debt.” Then they will see 401Ks vanish and want to know why their future savings was bet in a casino. Then they will see dozens of videos of empty hospitals where the media reports war zones of triage and death. This government is dangerously close to being seen as illegitimate. I hope Trump is indeed overturning the global central bank system and it saves the day or there is going to be trouble like we have never seen in the US. Even during the war of federal conquest.

    • za ka lu says:

      gov’t has always been illegitimate, there is no validly negotiated agreement.

      • Za la. I hear you but you don’t give readers any hope. I give readers here hope…. but looking at HOW money is created… it’s either created as DEBT or CREDIT. If it’s created as CREDIT, it is indeed created “out of thin air” but with a tracking system so we can invest in PHYSICAL ECONOMIC INFRASTRUCTURE to support ourselves and future children.

        If it is created as DEBT, then it’s “owed” to the Rothschilds. Look– we’re simply going to have to arrest the Rothschild gang… which is nothing but an old west group of gangsters.

        The co-opted Bill Gates and a lot of others so lets just arrest them, write off the bad bets called financial derivatives and institute Glass-Steagall Act to protect commercial and personal banking and be done with it.

        It’s actually quite simple, in concept. Trouble is, people don’t read classical history and classical economics. Do YOU even understand FINANCIAL economy vs. PHYSICAL economy? Probably not.

        So we’re all being duped because we’re ignorant. Read L¥ndon Larouche– on “economics”.

        The American Revolution is still in progress apparently. Larouche called our revolutionary economy… the American System. Googoo it. You’ll see.

        Or not.

        And we’ll all end up in Walmart gulags. Great. THANK YOU for being ignorant.

  15. Jeff G. - [J.B.] says:

    Thank you to those who have supported me and to those who are posting a link to my video presentation.

    The solution to this problem is not in hopelessness, but in waking people up by planting a seed; giving people something they have never considered or imagined. By succumbing to fear, we allow those in power to win. We must remain vigilant and use our knowledge and information to try to wake as many as possible. We will not do any good by cowering in fear and waiting for it to all be over.

    • za ka lu says:

      wake up, yes I wish everyone could see, but then what JB?

      As long as people play the role of serf (CITIZEN, NAME) and continue obeying orders from this usurper ‘authority’, they are toast–

      Only solution is to end compliance–there is no valid agreement to begin with–

      time is short

      • Zaka, you’re almost there but why not tell readers what CAPITAL LETTERS or UPPER CASE LETTERS mean? Can you not think in PARAGRAPHS?

        For the readers here, there are TWO united states.. one is a corporation that uses CAPITAL LETTERS and the other is the republic we all thought we were in.

        What we’re seeing take place is a coup by the UNITED STATES INC… and they have their Achilles heel so now is the time to learn about this… via the Lawful Sovereignty section of

        Let’s all beat these fuckers back but good and go back to work tomorrow.

        There is no stupid virus by the way. Viruses are helpers… and respond to TOXICITY in the body– helping to clear it. Search on “germ theory denial” and read the critics.. you’ll learn a lot.

        I’m getting tired of this game. Its time for us to stop being so fucking ignorant about things.

        • za ka lu says:

          I have written at length about the NAME on other recent articles here on jon’s blog.

          All caps is called Glossa text, and is a form of sign language, does not translate into descriptive text language. It is like a symbol or ‘brand’, a sign.

          All starts with the name being used by STATE without permission to make NAME account, then deceiving us to answer to ‘their’ NAME for our detriment.

          Laws for Sovereignty, you mean using Their Laws, in Their Courts, with Their payrolled Judges, Cops and DA’s to find Freedom?

          Sovereign CITIZEN is a paradox, Citizen is SLAVE. FreeMan stuff using ‘their’ laws and rigged courts is a con.

          Do KNOW Rick, the only way to win ‘their’ game is Not to Play.

        • za ka lu says:

          I looked up some of the info I posted on other recent articles, may those who really desire remedy see this–

          …all is presumptive/posited including fake/artificial PERSON which is in Their NAME. To answer to their NAME creates the joinder for the hostile exploitation. ‘Know thyself’ as indigenous man ie; john doe, Not as PERSON ie; JOHN DOE SMITH.

          To Not be in or answer to Their NAME is, iS, IS the First Step to slaying the EMBEZZLER.

          we live AS a very big lie, the very First Lie, answering to their NAME! (JOHN DOE SMITH). To do so is to be pledged as debtor/surety to their artificial symbolic Glossa PERSON!

          To Not be branded as/in/to their NAME, there Is No Game! I have First Hand Experiential Proof this establishes the necessary separation for man and his private estate, from The BEAST!

          They can and will only administer ‘vaccine’ to their PERSON, as well is the case with All of their SYSTEM! Including the ‘lockdown!

          The First Step Is to Not Be Their NAME! No Joinder, No Privity into our private estate.

          Either we stand and exist as indigenous man in correct and authentic recognition of our direct relation to the ineffable intelligent power, or we are pledged to be Debtor Slave to their PERSON!

          As man john doe, Estate Beneficiary or as JOHN DOE SMITH, Debtor TRUSTEE Slave.

          To which do we Pledge our Allegiance?

          Please share, we must stick together–

          -Serve Notice
          -Do Not show ID
          -Take off LICENSE PLATES or write under plates and on registration Under Duress
          -Do Not File Tax Return
          -Do Not stop, Do Not Be Detained, Do Not Answer Questions, Do Not Take the Bait of their fictional presumption of Authority.
          -Know there is No Compelled Performance, notify by Estate order cease and desist or agree to all demands of this Estate.
          -Stand Courageously in our direct relation to the ineffable intelligent power of creation

    • NObody has time to look at your video Jeff… say your bit here in words. Unless you have content driven posts here, at this point, you’re wasting our time. Tell us what you want to say.

      • Plamen says:

        Speak for yourself. Jeff’s content is absolutely brilliant and if you want to find the time to explore it you will have the time.

        Another wise, it’s your loss.

      • Jeff G. - [J.B.] says:

        I’m not entirely sure what your deal is, but you posted my information on your website multiple times in high praise, now you have the audacity to write what you did because I simply posted a link?

        Your previous comment: “Viruses are helpers… and respond to TOXICITY in the body” came directly from me, remember? But, you made an error in your previous statement which was: “The virus doesn’t exist.” And that is entirely false.

    • za ka lu says:

      jeff g, i did listen to one of your video presentation (twice now), appreciate your efforts, BeChamp and Rife are important figures.

      here is a link, recommend a listen;

  16. Benjamin Martin says:

    Excellent psychological analysis.

  17. middleway says:

    Here’s That Rainy Day,… and I really thought I would not live long enough to see it:

  18. Baba says:

    Part of the plan is to have all ‘money’ and transactions within their realm of their ‘cryptocurrency’. You don’t obey them, you get no credits, or have them deducted. One thing to obey is Bill Gates idea of having digital certificates of whether one was vaccinated or not. It’s irrelevant whether that is implemented as a real chip embedded or not. The theme is that you will be identified bio-metrically for all matters and tied to what currency you have access to or not. The current episode of WestWorld – Season 3 episode 4 at the 30 minute mark is a scene in which a guy is trying to withdraw funds from a bank account. He can do that only by a putting his finger on a machine which samples his blood for identification. If you back up a few minutes prior to that scene he knocks out someone and takes a blood sample and injects himself. There is a short dialogue which I forget how it goes which explains how it works – the end result though is his access is denied/permitted to get in the bank to begin with – and secondly access to the account – and all based on bio-metric identification.

  19. Piksil says:


    Thank you.

    Just got off the phone with my octogenarian mother trying to explain this to her, but before reading this. You got the major issues: money and control. I added vaccines, but now I think that falls under control too, especially when mandated. Wish I had seen this posting first, could’ve saved some time and read it to her!

    I worry about the education system AP (couldn’t resist) Local news just reported that Mizzou (U of Missouri) will do their summer classes, but they will be online. I worry for my daughter, set to graduate high school (online graduation? What an effen ripoff), and start pre-vet classes this fall (not at Mizzou). Just wondering and waiting to see how students will be able to do hands-on activities, like labs. I imagine social distancing will be part of the equation. (Bet they won’t be dissecting bats!)

    • Arthur Danu says:

      With all due respect, that you are supporting your daughter through our educational system is exactly part of the problem.

      I used to be a popular and successful high school teacher. I walked away soon after 9/11/01, because, in all good conscience, I did not believe in LYING to children for a living.

      Learned a whole lot about life since then. Your daughter, if she is an empowered adult human, is more than capable of choosing, creating and living a life on her own terms.

      Best of luck.

      • Piksil says:


        Thank you!
        She was the first one to read “Dumbing Us Down” by John Taylor Gatto after I finished it. She has a good mind, creative, imaginative. She’ll do fine.

        Come to think about it, maybe a big part of my angst is finding out for myself how many lies I was told in my education!

    • NowhereOH says:

      I have a relative who teaches multiple handicap special needs children (mild to moderate, moderate to severe) and, I have to tell you, they are definitely being harmed by this concept of ‘remote learning’. First of all, their parents usually fall into one of two categories: the totally disinterested, and the helicopter breed. Any request to facilitate online learning will be ignored by the former and criticized by the later. There are already lawsuits regarding the quality of services being provided. In all fairness, you cannot do OT and PT remotely. Nor can blind students access the curriculum without significant augmentation. My relative is tearing her hair out trying to a) come up with creative solutions and b) get parents to engage (though, to be fair, that’s a lot to ask of people who have much larger fiscal concerns looming). She is still required to fulfill all government mandated minutes, while state testing has been suspended for regular students.

      I am sorry to hear your daughter will be missing this milestone. I know it may seem paltry to others in the grand scheme of things, but it can be a meaningful experience. I think we will see a great deal of resentment from younger generations as the consequences of the response to COVID have their decades-long ripple effect.

  20. From Quebec says:


    Corona Virus, Toxic Drugs, and Fake News. Jon Rappoport – March 21, 2020
    March 21, 2020

  21. Not So Free says:

    However real the virus is, (I think there is something to it)my thoughts are that it is a cover for crashing the world economy, in particular the U. S. economy.

  22. SanityClaus says:

    Bill Gates will provide a computerized version of the United States Census. No need for real people and all that messy “socializing”. Computer access will accomplish the census and the computer guys will tell us the numbers.
    We can certainly trust them because they call themselves experts.

  23. Greg C. says:

    One thing’s for certain – the future is not inevitable. Did Yogi Berra say that?

    • Plamen says:

      ‘The future is inevitable and precise, but it may not occur. God lurks in the gaps.’ — Jorge Luis Borges

      • Greg C. says:

        God is lurking? Good a reason as any to accept a contradiction. But I think a humorous approach is best to dispel the dreams of the utopians and the nightmares of the doomsayers. You find a half-and-half mixture of these types either running for office or starting religions.

  24. John says:

    Be lucky if it is a shore, they’d send us to the bottom long before we’d reach that shore. Jon and everyone, check out a series called “Psycho Pass.” More and more that seems like the plan more than life imitating art.

  25. za ka lu says:

    CITIZEN = Prisoner

    There is NO Freedom as CITIZEN/PERSON

  26. Bryce says:

    Quite simply, people are waking up. One guy wrote that he showed a Bill Gates video about digital markers in vaccines to his rabid pro-vaxxer friends who immediately reacted in horror and claimed they would refuse the shot.

    Also, you forgot an essential element: all control systems beget systems against control systems. How long will it be before those digital markers are hacked, especially with people who have bio labs in their garage?

    We appreciate the warning though. Tells us what their goal is, and in so doing, how to fight it.

  27. Inder says:

    I’m not sure why some fringe writers are against Universal Income on the basis it takes away freedom. On the contrary, it should – if large enough – increase freedom. Since when are we free doing these FAKE MADE UP jobs? Even jobs with private companies are fake and created with a subsidy from the government in most cases. We don’t get our wages unless we conform to what our masters demand of our useless & pointless work. Extensive research upon this has been done by the anthropologist David Graeber & there is even a book about it. Since the Industrial Revolution, work, especially in food production became mechanised & there was no longer a need for us to work but could live lives of leisure or improving ourselves. However, the world governments decided not to let this happen & decided to make up work for us to do predominantly in the so called service sector. This was done in order to keep us busy so, we remain tired & stupid. Basically a slave caste for the elites.

  28. Greg from Paris says:

    I have already begin subverting State propaganda by tagging the innumerable Stay At Home posters announcements in my city, replacing them with GET OUT of homes and replacing “Protect yourselves and those around you from covid-19” with “Protect yourselves and those around you FROM THE LYING STATE.”

  29. TkA says:

    They want free-range slaves, they are more productive than serfs. The fetters are actually quite comfy: fiber to mainline some Netflix, iphones to enjoy social interaction etc. Could have been Cambodia instead.

  30. TFS says:

    Bill Gates, WHO and The Club of Rome

    There are some interesting Personalities and Groups out there…..

  31. NowhereOH says:

    Your analysis of the current propaganda and its future evolution/mutation is spot-on, Mr. Rappoport. Aside from the quarantine itself, one of the first red flags for me was the repetition of the “new normal” meme beginning the day after most states went on full or partial lockdown. To me, that was a transparent statement of intent. In a crisis, you do not automatically assume that the chaos, isolation, and panic you are facing will become the new standard of living. No sane being seeks that for themselves. The more I hear “we’re in this together” (from six feet apart, obviously) from the news and “we’re with you” from commercials that have popped up astonishingly quickly for everything from cars to insurance to cell phones, the more I want to scream. (On a separate tangent, the amount of money invested in advertising about “these uncertain times” is also inherently suspicious. I realize that video and marketing technology have come a long way, but these things still have associated fiscal and development costs. It’s like they had them ready.)

    ‘Alone’ does not equal ‘together’, no matter what we are being told. It’s all Newspeak. ‘Love’ is not vapid shows of solidarity via balcony applause or cheerful pictures in windows. ‘Freedom’ does not mean ‘safety’. I just wish more people understood how insidious this messaging is. Thank you for cutting through to the quick.

    • Piksil says:


      YES! I was just mentioning the number of commercials that immediately popped up about alone/together, get your fast/processed food that was never touched by humans, etc. And the local ‘news’ stations here continue to boast that they’re “practicing social distancing” in their broadcasts by having one person in the studio, and the others broadcasting from their homes…as they continue to fan the fire. (I suspect that the correspondent’s lairs from which they ‘report’, for the most part, have had a set designer stage their location–if it even is their home. Where’s the mail, dirty dishes, trash can, dirty laundry? But I wear a tinfoil hat!)

      On the bright side, caught a bit this morning that baseball could be back…in Arizona, no fans or spectators. Whew!
      Wait, how will the umpire be able to call balls/strikes if he’s at least 6 feet behind the catcher, who is 6 feet behind the batter? There could be no tag outs, no holding the runner on base, and I would hope that the pitcher would sanitize his hands before each pitch, and the catcher would sanitize his hands before retuning the ball back to the pitcher, because the ball could become contaminated traveling through the air…

      Bread and circuses…the Romans figured it out over 2000 years ago.

      • NowhereOH says:

        So glad someone else sees it too! Our local car dealership had a commercial out the day after Dewine locked us up, offering to deliver the car to your house and wave the first few months of financing. I don’t watch a lot of MSM, but other people in the house do, and I was surprised to see Savannah Guthrie broadcasting from what looked like the Today Show set when she’s made such a big damn deal about self-isolating. Other members of my family told me that she prefaced the broadcast by saying that the image was being projected on the blue screen behind her. Even they seemed bothered by this, when they have otherwise pretty much been swallowing the MSM pill whole.
        My brother, who lives and goes to school in Tennessee, was showing me how many of the video conferencing apps allow anyone to project a background during a meeting: the beach, the moon, whatever. (My employer relies on Teams/Skype, so I wasn’t aware of this development.)It only trips up if you move too quickly (so, at one point, my head looked like it was coming out of a palm tree).
        Maybe Ms. Guthrie will trip up and her head will be coming out of her ass.

        The Romans had it down pat, as you said, and what we have here is one sophisticated circus!

        At this point, maybe they’ll be hitting projected baseballs while “AI” plays umpire.

        • Piksil says:

          C’mon, do you really think she’ll ever pull her head out of her ass? ????

          AI umpires….somebody’s gonna steal that idea.

          Car dealers–WOW! The day after! (Not sure if it started that soon here, but yes, waiving a few months financing but offering long term financing, sorta counterpoint to the doom and gloom propagated by the media I think). Now, a couple of dealers in my area are touting that they’re ‘following CDC guidelines’, so come on in, alone, together. Guess the CDC is regulating auto dealerships now.

          All the world’s a stage….

          • NowhereOH says:

            Hahaha, nope– she was likely born that way. Or its some new-fangled way of ‘reducing your carbon footprint’. *eyeroll*

            The thing about the local car dealership was insane. I saw plenty of national Ford/Toyota/Chevy commercials later in the week, but the local place is run by a guy and his son who have very tragic taste in ties, so it’s not like they slapped it together with a voice-over or something.

          • za ka lu says:


            man is the problem, see? We are the problem, we have to be curtailed, quarantined—obvious part of the psycho-schematic.

      • za ka lu says:

        Piksil, there goes the spit-ball.

  32. CinthEmm says:

    Question for Jon, or to those of you who have The Matrix Revealed, do you purchase Exit next? I am still working through Revealed. I want to purchase both Exit and Outside, but can’t buy both a the moment. Is it recommended to go through them in order, so to speak?

    Thanks in advance for thoughts on this.

  33. Peter says:

    Dont rule out the possibility that

    A) virus is a distraction
    B) cashless finance is a distraction
    C) global technocratic spying is a distraction
    D) vaccines with nanochips are distraction
    E) Trillions printed are distraction
    F) global population in poverty and desperation is also…
    a distraction.

    and the REAL goal and issue is…
    5G and massive KILLING in just few weeks.

    • Plamen says:

      From the beginning of all this my gut feeling was always telling me 5G, 5G!

    • NowhereOH says:

      Are you aware of the Bridgend Suicide Wave in Wales? The mainstream media claims the rash (79, I believe) ended in 2009, but many insist that it is simply no longer being reported on for “fear of encouraging copycats”. There were a few who survived their attempts, all of whom said they heard ‘voices’ telling them that, if they just killed themselves, ‘everything will be alright’. One of the podcasts I listen too (sorry, it’s locked on Patreon) mentioned the installation of new police ‘control towers’ shortly before the incidents began, and several of the eventual suicides were first taken to A&E by worried family members, only to be sent home. After which they, of course, died.

      It sounds like something out of science fiction, but there have long been areas of the world that native peoples have avoided as “cursed” and unhealthy for human beings. This may well have to do with natural fluctuations in the earth’s electromagnetic sphere. What little has trickled out about 5G is concerning enough to make one wonder what hasn’t gotten out.

  34. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    There are people who jump into life with both feet…they join the Marines, marry a sweetheart, have kids, struggle, pray…some call them suckers because they didn’t know Pearl Harbor was baloney, Vietnam was for drugs.
    Others stay out and never give their heart away, they have a cynical answer for everything and have no good stories to tell later because they never found the “right” person or the “right job, or the “right” church.
    I managed to be both those people…please be warned…neither has it right completely. As for “individualism” I recall that Nazis followed the freedom of Wiemar which was nothing but individualism galore.

    • NowhereOH says:

      As ever, ‘evil’ lies at the opposite ends of the spectrum. ‘Good’ involves moderation and critical thinking… a balance in the middle.

  35. Peter says:

    Thanks for writing this Jon, the oldest play in the book, all the government and humans just got sucker punched. The damage is now done, almost everyone has now taken the bait about the virus, crashed the economy and now the sheeple masters will be coming to the rescue. Throwing money around which just indebted the world. That is the NEW WORLD SHEEPLE ORDER.

    There is a solution on not participating, does anyone see it, does anyone see the answer? The answer is in the playbook, clue 1: are you willing to give up your desires for FREEDOM?

  36. Piksil says:

    I only have a few ‘trusted sources’, that I will refer to people, link articles/videos, etc. Emphasis on few.

    Of course, is one of those few. Referenced, logical. is another. Today, JC posted an interview with John Titus, about the federal reserve’s lies with the c-virus. A little over 30″ long, but I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t seen this to do so.

    We know the pandemic is one big lie, this may just be a big piece of the ‘why?’ puzzle.

  37. saoirse says:

    Excellent commentary as usual Jon.

    With the sheer amount of disinformation and propaganda being disseminated from every angle now,the only people that will have a chance at surviving are those who are blessed with innate skepticism and distrust of authority.

  38. Leo says:

    The appeal to emotions is powerful, and the obtuse are sheep. You cannot argue logic with such people. Unfortunately, it is very tempting to conform to the herd mentality (which we in the USA are programmed early in life) when one only sees what is here and now, and doesn’t have the prescience to see how it all ends. Not pleasant. Just think of the art of the Soviet Union or of NAZI Germany. Now imagine a world full of it.

  39. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Lizard King

    Harper Eliot

    The Lizard King now rules the mission
    As the streets have become so hushed
    In the distance I hear the jackboots of oppression
    Marching forth to our souls crush.

    Go hide away inside your cozy homes
    Rearrange your argyle socks
    Rest those bruised and weary bones
    As you ready for the new Kristallnacht.

    You gave away your freedom
    Within the blink of an eye
    Now on to safety’s lovely serfdom
    Bowing to the grandest of lies.

    What happened to those days of olden
    When people had some courage
    Remember Mssrs. Assange and Snowden
    The state’s most celebrated scourges.

    What of WE THE PEOPLE
    What will become of us
    Now that we are just lame sheeple
    No longer allowed to carry on and fuss.

    Our lives have alas been canceled
    Due to a contagion of the mind
    As our spirits harshly manacled
    In a land where the blind lead the blind.

    Our Republic infected by a virus called carona
    That distances us from one another
    Where we are all now loners
    From even our dear mothers.

    To our Republic we can never return
    It has fallen into tyranny’s abyss
    As the people do lady liberty spurn
    Withholding their fairest kiss.

    Our parchment paper democracy
    Has gone up in dancing flames
    Victim of a cruel plutocracy
    That merrily goosesteps down our lanes.

    What happened to the fair weather
    That once graced this hallowed land
    ‘We’re all in this together”
    Shouts out the new sandman.

    I hear the ghostly echo of liberty’s hallowed bell
    That once celebrated the birth of a nation,
    Now plunged into the depths of hell
    Welcome to your star strangled abomination.

    How do you like being prisoners at home
    And who is that masked man,
    Standing over there all alone
    Making castles in the sand.

    The gazebo bands have gone silent
    While we live our sweet protected lives
    In the year without a race for the pennant
    Under the fairest of blue skies.

    And with this phantom blight
    Let us ready the fun and games
    With the rise of the Fourth Reich
    That now takes freedom’s reins.

    All the dreams we held so close
    That we held to our hearts dear
    Have now gone up in smoke
    Lost in a man made blaze of fear.

    Let us never forget our noble heritage
    That is buried in the amber of history
    And of Liberty’s celebrated marriage
    To life’s eternal mystery.

    And as night sets in over the ridges blue
    I hear my neighbors terrified screams,
    As the sparks of freedom flew
    From this fine Orwellian dream.

  40. Ikabod says:

    It is looooong overdue to exterminate all anti-Humankind vermin responsible for unleashing viruses. They and their owners that buy & sell them are parasitic effete elitists. We, Their Victims, do NOT need them. Delete them all.

    Smart meters spy for Pure Evil google. Terminator 2 (T2) skynet = google. Monitoring use of water, energy (light, heat, electricity), transportation, and consumption of food (all are examples) is Orwell’s BIG BROTHER in 1984. And branding humans with “social credit” scores murders ALL Freedoms.

    “You will comply! Resistance is futile!!!”

    This is the draconian, ghoulish “brave, new world” that globalist monsters have conjured for We, Their Victims. We are their prey. We must hunt them and theirs to extinction. All proxies, collaborators, co-conspirators, enablers, supporters, champions, henchmen, cohorts, cronies, friends, and their families. Down to the last smidgeon of the their rotten roots.

    They are GHOULS, an acronym for Globalist Hegemony of Oligarchic Utopists and Licentious Satanic Supremacists. As ghouls of myth, GHOULS feed off of humans. Literally eat babies. And are energy vampires. GHOULS are Pure Evil, 100% negative.

    We, Their Victims, endure proxy GHOULS — their ‘face people’ and propaganda mouthpieces. They fester & breed in:
    > so-called ‘news’,
    > the ‘economy’ (captains of their genocide industry),
    > politics (traitors committing serial treason as so-called “public servants”),
    > academia from preschool through advanced post-graduate levels,
    > law (i.e., lawyer = career professional LIAR), and of course
    > money manufacturing — magically creating fiat money from nothing.

    Think of all this as NEPALM bombing We, Their Victims, 24/7/365 with their wielding against us these major institutions of society. Add the institution of organized religion.

    Economically, intellectually, de facto physically, and thus also to various extents, emotionally and spiritually enslaved.

    GHOULS set up this Matrix to dominate Humankind. Thier technocrat tyrants know better how to do everything that We, Their Victims, are too stupid to know how to do for ourselves.

    (Granted, this is true for many humanoids who don’t have their lives “together”. But that’s often mostly due to being stuck in the matrix GHOULS cram us into. Negative results from awful conditions in the GHOULS-made hostile environment.)

    Jon Rappoport is right about first picking off (i.e., play Jedi mind tricks on) people who want to do good. To make sure to prevent (or try to) another global catastrophe as the hysterical mass-media SUPER-HYPED virus. Do gooders will step forward with most having genuine good intentions.

    Then, as Jon forecasts the scientific-minded will join convinced by the logic which suffers lack of facts and Truth to make truly smart choices. And, stragglers (those who haven’t joined already or are independent critical thinkers) including those with emotional, nostalgic reactions from reminiscing about “how things were before” — BP, Before the Pandemic.

    This is the marxist, bolshevik, communist Dark Age facing Humankind while we let humanoid replicant GHOULS and theirs live on Earth.
    > Genocidal “culling the herd [of Humankind]” as with COVID-19;
    > survivors existing crammed into erected slabs of concrete hives that will maybe be 300 sq ft per compartment (as in old USSR times);
    > NO travel into “re-wilded” GHOULS’ lands outside of prison cities;
    > NO Freedom of Speech;
    > NO Right to peaceably assemble;
    > NO Right to petition for redress of grievances;
    > NO habeus corpus;
    > NO Right to a speedy trial by jury of peers;
    > NO Right to examine [fabricated or real] ‘evidence’ against you;
    > NO Right to confront hostile witnesses or have favorable witnesses;
    > murder of the remaining 44 Rights, Freedoms and Liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights;
    > Command Economy dictated by imperious, untouchable, un-criticize-able, terrorist & tyrannical GHOULS, their proxies and underling henchmen . . . instead of Demand Economy driven by the ‘law of supply and demand’; and thus
    > shortages of necessities such as food, water, energy and good shelter.

    This is the DARK future that Humankind is being herded into via the GHOULS’ medical martial law cattle chute.

    Next? An escalated life- and Earth-threatening catastrophe that births Big Brother troops (and death camps, e.g., FEMA) sanctioned by GHOULS’ global UN — with its history of gang-rape squads going wild wherever they’re sent.

    It’s all medieval Dark Age atrocities on steroids. This will come if GHOULS win.

    Techno tyranny. Do NOT volunteer for or willingly accept it.

  41. DarkStalker says:

    Well… now you know why ipv6 and the Internet of Things was created and conceived as well as the Cloud… 😉

  42. sam says:

    All down to Bill GAtes and and vaccines for all

  43. john verdon says:

    thank you and best regards

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