COVID: here come the antibody tests—quick, easy, and insane

by Jon Rappoport

April 5, 2020

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There are two worlds. In the first, independent researchers with no conflicts of interest, and, hopefully, a sense of logic, sort out what is actually going on behind propaganda parading as medical research.

In the second world, it’s all official propaganda, wall to wall, posing as science.

This article looks at the second world. It doesn’t mention what I’ve established in prior articles: the unproven discovery of a new virus (COVID); the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus, rendering case numbers meaningless; the con-job proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause, rather than a grouping of people with diverse conditions clustered under one fake umbrella term (COVID).

In the second world, we have the announcement that a new antibody test has been developed to detect COVID-19 virus in people. Millions of test kits have been ordered. Some versions of the test can be self-administered quickly at home.

So let’s go to the mainstream media and see what they, and their medical sources, have to say about the new antibody test. Buckle up.

Chicago Tribune, April 3: “A new, different type of coronavirus test is coming that will help significantly in the fight to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and scientists say.”

“The first so-called serology test, which detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself, was given emergency approval Thursday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

“The serology test involves taking a blood sample and determining if it contains the antibodies that fight the virus. A positive result indicates the person had the virus in the past and is currently immune.”

“Dr. Elizabeth McNally, director of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Genetic Medicine…’You’ll see many of these roll out in the next couple of weeks, and it’s great, and it will really help a lot,’ said McNally, noting doctors and scientists will be able to use it to determine just how widespread the disease is, who can safely return to work and possibly how to develop new treatments for those who are ill.”

Got that? A positive test means the patient is now immune to the virus and can walk outside and go back to work.

NBC News, April 4, has a somewhat different take: “David Kroll, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Colorado who has worked on antibody testing, explained that the antibodies [a positive test] mean ‘your immune system [has] remembered the virus to the point that it makes these antibodies that could inactivate any future viral infections’.”

“What the test can’t do is tell you whether you’re currently sick with coronavirus, whether you’re contagious, whether you’re fully immune — and whether you’re safe to go back out in public.”

“Because the test can’t be used as a diagnostic test, it would need to be combined with other information to determine if a person is sick with COVID-19.”

Oops. No, this really isn’t a diagnostic test, it doesn’t tell whether the patient is immune and can go back to work. Excuse me, what??

Business Insider, April 3: “The world’s leading industrial nations have so far failed to identify any coronavirus antibody tests that will be accurate enough for home use, according to the UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”

“The UK and other nations are currently examining plans to use antibody tests to allow individuals with immunity to COVID-19 to exit their national lockdowns early through the use of a so-called ‘immunity passport’.”

“Spain was recently forced to return tens of thousands of rapid coronavirus tests from a Chinese company after they were found to be accurate just 30% of the time.”

“Some tests have demonstrated false positives, detecting antibodies to much more common coronaviruses.”

“Scientists also remain unsure about the extent to which a past infection could prevent reinfection and how long an immunity would remain.”

Hmm. So the new antibody test has very serious problems, and it hasn’t been cleared for public use.

Medicine Net (undated): “Researchers at the Mount Sinai Health System say they’ve developed a test that can find out if you already have had or were infected with the new coronavirus.”

“The test is called “serological enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,” or ELISA for short. It checks whether or not you have antibodies in your blood to SARS-CoV-2, the scientific name of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

“Researchers say ELISA works like antibody tests for other viruses, such as hepatitis B. It will show whether your immune system — the body’s defense against germs — made contact with SARS-CoV-2, even months before.”

“The test could help scientists fight the pandemic in several ways. It can give researchers a more accurate measure of how many people had the new coronavirus. It would also let health care workers who were ill with COVID-19 symptoms, but were never tested for the disease, return to work — confident that they are now immune.”

So wait, it’s a great test. Right? A positive test result indicates immunity, and people can return to work. What??

Science News, March 27: “The United Kingdom has ordered 3.5 million antibody tests, which would show whether someone has been exposed to COVID-19. Such tests, which just take a drop of blood, could help reveal people who have been exposed to the virus and are now likely immune, meaning they could go back to work and resume their normal lives.”

“Science News spoke with David Weiner, director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, and Charles Cairns, dean of the Drexel University College of Medicine, about how antibody tests work and what are some of the challenges of developing the tests.”

“Cairns: ‘The big question is: Does a positive response for the antibodies mean that person is actively infected, or that they have been infected in the past? The tests need to be accurate, and avoid both false positives and false negatives. That’s the challenge’.”

Oops again. Cairns is saying the new test, if it reads positive, might mean the person is infected now. Or it might mean they were infected—and are now presumably immune. Figuring out which is the challenge. No kidding. It’s the difference between sick and healthy. So a positive test result means the patient is sick OR healthy.

As a reference, let’s look at how this same antibody test has been used in the past. For example, in the case of hepatitis A:

URMC Rochester (undated): This test looks for antibodies in your blood called IgM. The test can find out whether you are infected with the hepatitis A virus (HAV)…If your test is positive or reactive, it may mean: You have an active HAV infection…You have had an HAV infection within the last 6 months.”

In other words, a positive antibody test could mean you’re sick now, or were once sick but are presumably immune now. Wonderful.

Medscape comments on the meaning of a positive antibody test for the Zika virus: “…immunoglobulin (Ig) M and neutralizing antibody testing can identify additional recent Zika virus infections…However, Zika virus antibody test results can be difficult to interpret because of cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses…”

Two things here: no word about a positive test result revealing IMMUNITY from Zika; and a warning that a positive test might not have anything to do with Zika at all—that’s what “cross-reactivity” means.

Medlineplus, referring to a Zika “blood test,” which would include antibody testing, states, “A positive Zika test result probably means you have a Zika infection.” Not immunity.

And there you have it. The official word on the COVID antibody test from official sources. It’s yes, no, and maybe. Public health officials can SAY whatever they want to about antibody tests: a positive result means you’re immune, it means you have an infection, it means you’re walking on the moon eating a hot dog.

Generally speaking, before 1984 a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient had achieved immunity from a germ. After 1984, the science was turned upside down; a positive result meant the patient “had the germ” and was not immune. Now, with COVID-19, if you just read news headlines, a positive test means the patient is immune; but if you read down a few paragraphs, a positive test means the patient is maybe…maybe not…immune. Maybe infected, maybe not infected. Maybe sick, maybe not sick. And, on top of all that, antibody tests are known to read falsely positive, owing to factors that have nothing to do with the virus being tested for.

That concludes today’s foray into the world of lunatic contradictory propaganda masquerading as science.

You are now returned to the real world, where: the discovery of a new virus (COVID) is unproven; the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus renders case numbers meaningless; and the proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause is a con job.
















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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

98 comments on “COVID: here come the antibody tests—quick, easy, and insane

  1. Neo-paradigm says:

    Animals are coming down with COVID in the Bronx Zoo. This is starting to sound more and more like an environmental toxin.

    • Gary Orlando says:

      No they are not. The test is bogus

      • tony bonn says:

        you are correct – human viruses cannot cross species. in order to replicate in a host, a virus must have the same dna as the host. a pig virus has pig dna and thus its dna could not survive in a human. the only way to animal viruses into a human is through injection – ie vaccines.

    • Mark says:

      Animals have had the virus a very LONG time.

      • Madness says:

        If you mean corona virus, a group yes, they have. Cats have their own corona virus, at least this is what they say. But ‘interestingly’ it never mutated and jumped to people. Also it was almost non-existent – to my best knowledge – before vaccination, only hungry, feral cats suffered something similar looking, not proven that it was corona virus or something else. They re-write science in every two minutes in these days – because their science is just fake.

    • shazbac says:

      Might be another aspect of the CON JOB. I just hope they don’t start going around on the farms killing the livestock under the Covid pretext. Communists are noted for killing animals, destroying our farms, messing up our food supply. They love to make life miserable for us. They are evil bastards.

  2. joodyboody says:

    Just like it’s “not just one disease” it’s not just one lie. It’s nice to see what my brain looks like in print (scrambled) trying to follow the stream of lies. They have no shame, not even trying. Thank you so much for being the voice of reason in bizzaro world.

  3. NaturalWoman says:

    Thanks for being our guide through this madness. I must confess I’ve become more than a little angry at how we’re being played.

  4. Michele Wolf says:

    Someone up in the big room with the big buttons must be having a real good laugh at the circus down here. What is our action plan?

    • viper says:

      everything is going as planned….destroy the economy, try and destroy Trump, take away more of liberties and “try” and force immunizations….that’s where it will get interesting….

  5. Diane Di says:

    The U.S. Surgeon General has stated that;
    “Even in the worst projections, more people are going to die from cigarette smoking than from #CoronaVirus” this year.
    #CoronaVirusHOAX #StopLockdown #EconomicCollapse

    • Dale says:

      And then he has the gall to go on TV and ejaculate: “This is our Pearl Harbor! This is our 9/11!”

      • tony bonn says:

        expect one or more of the following: 1. martial law 2. suspension of the constitution 3. occupation by foreign troops.

    • Tom says:

      And some have nerve to say…”But… but… but… smoking isn’t contagious! Car accidents aren’t contagious!”

      Smoking isn’t contagious? Are they sure?

  6. Low Voltage says:

    According to
    We have 380 trillion viruses living in our bodies at any given time.

    1) Why wouldn’t we always have virus antibodies in our bloodstream?
    2) How can the scientists tell which viruses the antibodies are designed to combat?
    3) How do they know the antibodies are even defending against a virus?

    Inquiring minds want to know! If anyone knows of a layman’s explanation for these phenomena, please let me know.

  7. Christine says:

    Thank you for all you do to keep us sane through out this chaos. I wish I knew where to find local groups that can offer support. This is my only line to reason as I am surrounded by people totally invested in the narrative.
    Again, Thank you Jon.

    • Judi R says:

      Me Too. Nobody to actually talk to, only a few blogs with which to dialogue. My family members actually get mad if I try to talk about other possibilities – not stating they are fact, just possibilities. They are all smart and educated. That does not seem to make a difference.

      • tony bonn says:

        coronavirus is a religion. religion closes the mind.

        as an aside, the best way to think about coronavirus is as a syndrome. this is what you have when all you have is correlation. causality is an entirely different beast.

        coronavirus is simply a collection of anomalies where absolutely zero causality between infection, disease, and causality have been established.

      • From Quebec says:

        They are the worst, they have been brainwashed in schools and university.




  8. z says:

    I don’t see a light at the end of this tunnel

  9. Sue J Love says:


    April 5, 2020

    Today’s headlines read: “Surgeon General: This week will be like a ‘Pearl Harbor’ and ‘9/11’ moment.” “The Revolution is Under Way Already” (a reference to the French Revolution, I believe it was, but making comparisons to today. “’This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives,’ Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned Sunday…”

    I have a couple of theories which may or may not be valid. One is that the past couple of years all these people all over the world were sending in their DNA to find out who their ancestors were and to learn who they are related to now. So, what if “they” collected all this DNA from all these people all over the world and they examined all of it to find common viruses so that they would then know what virus to choose for their pandemic. Possible?

    If they could find that info ahead of time, would it not be a sure thing that they knew that so many people would test positive for coronavirus?

    The other theory I have, again which may or may not have any validity to it is, especially in relation to the news headlines today, that if they wanted to guarantee that this week would be like ‘Pearl Harbor’ and a ‘9/11’ moment, and if they wanted to guarantee a massive number of dead, is it possible that the tests they gave people this past week or so could have been contaminated with something they knew would make people sick and die?

    Just thinking out loud, so what do you think?

    • Follows TheWay says:

      Interesting that both Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were FALSE FLAGS.

        • tony bonn says:

          glad to see that someone else is awake. there is very good evidence that US air forces attacked pearl harbor with planes painted with Japanese insignia but I don’t have time to elaborate.

          • Lionel Heredia says:

            Please elaborate on American planes painted with Japanese
            Insignias. What is your credible source?

      • joseph coretti says:

        yes pearl harbor was a false flag to get us into ww2 just like the gulf of tonkin in viet nam and 911 was an inside job they want us to believe that 19 guys that could beraly drive a car flew 737 into buildings

    • Gary Orlando says:

      You haven’t read enough Rappoport

    • Piksil says:


      Glad you brought up the DNA collection. I’ve thought the same thing for years, ever since Ancestry and 23 and Me (are there more?) started. I believe at least one of them was outed (last year?) for providing/selling DNA data to another company, for potentially nefarious purposes. It was done without consent of the people who sent in samples…

      I don’t think they’re collecting viral samples to improve our health; conversely, I don’t think that they will use viral data to make us sick. I do think it’s possible to plant the seed of such an operation, perhaps to disinform or distract some.

      I believe the DNA database is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Oh sure, some of it may be sold, I mean, shared with legitimate research groups, but only as a side venture.

      The pathogenic/pandemic virus is the lie. Worldwide, we are in a seasonal change, time for our bodies to detox. (And boy howdy, do we need to detox!) Whether or not the EIS of the (US) CDC was brought in to investigate an outbreak in Wuhan doesn’t matter, as the whole virus-caused, virus-spread ‘deadly pandemic’ is a lie. ‘They’ know it. And just keep telling more and more lies. People have sucked up this/these lie/lies, and have allowed almost total lockdown or shutdown of the world because of a LIE.

      As to your other theory: I guess it’s possible that there could be a contaminant in the test or the swab, but not a virus. (Perhaps it was JB in one of his articles or videos? I don’t remember the source, sorry) During the polio “outbreak”, the Public Health Service tried to infect adults and children with swabs, spit-swapping, close breathing, etc. with polio patients, without success. Now, I wouldn’t put it past these jokers to try something like using a test to poison someone or a large group of people, but why would they do it twice? (They will be able to use a ‘miraculous’ vaccine to do that. And people will pack in like sardines to get it (wonder if they will enforce social distancing to stand in line for the vaccine?).
      I guess they could be nano-tattooing people with the swabs, but, I doubt it. Too expensive I would think. Again, put that in the vaccine. People will sign up for it.
      Possibly, the data from past years may show this week during ‘normal flu years’ show this week to be the peak? Possibly they know that the numbers of suicides increase as unemployment numbers rise? Possibly 2 planes will bring down 3 hospitals full of corona patients? (Interesting he used 2 military operations….why not HIV/AIDS, Ebola, swine flu? Must be the uniform…)
      Probably they’ll just LIE

      • Sue J Love says:

        Thank you. I appreciate your detailed and thoughtful response.

      • Madness says:

        It was in JB videos, and I think – sorry not confident – the original source was Eleanor McBean’s excellent book: The Poisoned Needle, which is a must read as it follows the history of vaccinations from the beginning. I spent significant amount of time to understand one of the biggest fraud ever, the rabies part from Morgan Millicent.
        You can all read it on, that’s a good collection of info some false in my opinion but many true and very useful.

        • Piksil says:


          Had not found, hadn’t heard of it even. Thanks for the nudge. Looks like a wealth of info, should keep me busy for a bit. I believe I have “The Poisoned Needle” in my wish list (haven’t checked since reading your comment, Amazon is loading sooo slow the past few days….
          Regarding vaccines, some of the best news I’ve seen/heard in recent times is in an interview of Robert Kennedy, Jr & Del Bigtree pertaining to their lawsuit against the US. The video is on “The Highwire”, (Del Bigtree’s website) and is from around mid-Feb or March. Worth a viewing, IMO.

    • viper says:

      I would’nt put anything past them Sue…..they have no conscience, no morals….power and money…

    • Tom says:

      Now you got me thinking that there just might be something to that.

      Those that enter this transaction have no clue how the sample they are giving will ultimately be used. Who will get it, how it will be tested or how it will be shared.

      Is nefarious use Possible ? You bet your bottom dollar it is.

      Well done !!!

      • Sue J Love says:

        Yes, definitely possible. Most anything is.

        • Piksil says:


          A friend of mine (retired Air Force) worked on the SR-71 Blackbird, one of the last spy planes before they became outdated. Anyway, he said the technology ‘they’ had at the time was 10-20+ years ahead of when ‘we’ got it (if it even trickled down to ‘us’).
          So yes, anything is possible.

          • Sue J Love says:

            I agree! I went back to college in 2002 to 2006. I took business courses. One of my instructors told us that technology is way past what we are aware of, i.e. that what “they” are capable of doing is way past what us normal humans realize. I never forgot that. So, I agree anything is possible. Thanks.

      • Madness says:

        If I want to be very dark, a perfect collection of the possible unwilling organ donors.

    • From Quebec says:


      WEE HAVE THE GLOBALISTS, THE government swamp, THE WORLD


  10. Benjamin Martin says:

    There’s definitely a sequel to Terry Gilliam’s Brazil in all that.

  11. Haniel Adhar says:

    It is impossible to have an accurate ELISA test report for a virus that doesn’t even exist.

    They are just trying to perpetuate the lie with more junk science.

  12. Honk says:

    Jon, once again masterfully done. Just watched a new video of Dr Shiva who’s running for the senate wherein he dismantles the Alphabet companies and their front men who are looking to take over our health and lives while handing the bankrupt country over to China. It’s a wow:

    • shazbac says:

      For the past 3 days I have been on this guy’s videos. He is doing an awesome job exposing Fauci and the rest of the crooks. A true fighter for what is good and right.

  13. From Quebec says:


  14. Mos Craciun says:

    Outstanding , down my hat !

  15. Jeffrey says:

    Wow. Having a real life, REALNEWS journalist in these times of sensationalism and down right deception is much appreciated.Thank you Jon, God bless you.

  16. marlene says:

    Chinese Biological Experiments To Infect Humans With Coronavirus Exposed In 2015 By Italian State Media
    3/31/20 Tyler Durden

    FLASHBACK: Italian Media Exposed Chinese Experiments to Infect Humans with Coronavirus in 2015
    4/1/20 Shane Trejo

    • Plamen says:

      Virus can not be infected into living organisms. Read Jeff’s brilliant interview here to get an understanding –

      Linking to disinfo sites like zerohedge does nothing but increase the confusion so you only contribute to the problem.

      • tony bonn says:

        I monitor zh to find out where the establishment is going, but you are correct that it is a soros/gates type of nwo organization.

    • Madness says:

      Controlled opposition. The reason why these clans who rule our world could save their power. They always controlled the opposition.
      Jon had a good article about how the US and China worked together for decades to share secret info, researches with each other, he wrote it sometime at the beginning of this false pandemic (archive?).
      On the surface they are enemies, in the background their elite work together.

  17. JoeCorr says:

    Would like an explanation on the deaths attributed to the virus emanating from the Ruby Princess cruise ship in Australian waters. 11 passengers so far within a 2 week period.

    • tony bonn says:

      you – or anyone else – do not have enough information to know the cause of death or that anyone even died. coronavirus is not lethal. if someone died, and he has coronavirus, the best you can say is that he died with coronavirus which is completely a big fat nothing.

      • JoeCorr says:

        I agree with you, Tony. I don’t have any information other than what they are feeding everyone. The fact is what they are claiming, goes beyond the scope of what is being reporting about the virus. For the first time there is a direct link to a supposed source for the cause of these deaths. It is going to come under investigation so it will be at least interesting what will be reported. These deaths are indeed unusual.

        • tony bonn says:

          I watched a podcast from a doctor who recounted her days working at a hospital. she said that the doctors were often at a loss to pinpoint the cause of death and that an administrator would tell them what to put on the death certificate. the current situation is that one put on steroids. they are literally making it up as they go and they require no proof.

          • JoeCorr says:

            The fact is all these fatalities were from the same cruise and all died within days of each other. If it’s not from the virus that is being peddled then it’s a remarkable series of coincidences.

    • Tim says:

      yeah, over to you Jon and all the deaths in New York, what’s your latest theory about these? Most of the deaths in Australia have been linked to cruise ships, what’s your theory on cruise ships?

    • Judi R says:

      Could it be Legionnaire’s? Cruise ships have had outbreaks of something contagious for years, though probably not as deadly. But if you strand and stress a group of older-than-average adults and don’t let them out in the sunshine and fresh air, anything contagious would be worse.

      • tony bonn says:

        many cruise ships have been outfitted with 5g communications. 5g radiation is always toxic, and lethal under the right conditions. I have no idea what kind of communications this ship has but it would be something to ascertain. also, what is the normal mortality on a cruise ship? maybe people die on cruise ships regularly for any number of causes – especially as the age profile rises. THINK

    • Madness says:

      I don’t know about the Ruby Princess but I watched Dana Ashlie on Youtube about the Diamond Princess. In the advertisement of Diamond Princess one of the main point was the excellent internet connection (5G?). I try to find that video to give you a link but couldn’t, sorry. They might removed it.

  18. Syllamo says:

    So the other day, I noticed from the canadian brainwashing corporation (cbc) the new term “silent spreaders”.
    Let me get this right:
    Silent Spreaders spreading the Invisible Enemy?
    Am I the only one which sees the similarities to a fart?
    Silent but deadly 🙂

  19. Pam says:

    Feels like a setup for the vaccine.

  20. Philiph says:

    I think that there is possibility that they create false test and anyone who want to return to work must pass the test or get vaccine. Later they declare that test are not reliable so anyone must be vaccinated. Else it will be labeled like potential thread. It is great way of blackmailing people to get vaccinated and without work you don´t have money. Society obsessed with fear will be applauding to this scenario. You don´t have proof/test or vaccine/ that you are not toxic? Don´t go close to me! You don´t have government and medical certificate that you are not disease carrier and deserves not to walk freely !! HERETIC !! Catch him and burn him! You don´t have ear tags so you are not good cow from my herd!!

  21. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Through the Looking Glass

    Harper Eliot

    Today I went through the looking glass
    Where everybody lives six foot lives
    Entertained by the ghosts of the past
    And their merry band of lies.

    And on the other side
    The world is always six feet away
    Where people seem to in absurdity abide
    Fearing the break of each new day.

    A bizarre world unfolded before me
    Where people mindlessly follow the rules
    But were unable to see
    That they were living a dream of fools.

    What will the world become
    Beyond our windows and blinds?
    A mad house of fun?
    A gulag etched in time?

    It is the realm of the Lizard King
    Clutching the reins of instinct,
    Threatening with death’s sting
    In each and every precinct.

    It is time to declare our freedom
    In the shadow of Zion’s walls
    To escape this bitter serfdom
    Of Adams’s inglorious fall.

    Now we shall rise up anew
    To oppose the Masked Hatter’s of doom
    With a nice tankard of brew
    Where passion’s barmaids bloom.

    It all seems so surreal
    A world six feet away
    Where I hear the laughter peels
    Of the children nearby at play.

    All those businesses with closed shutters
    No customers are coming by
    Only that sad old lady who mutters
    About all she used to buy.

    The new serfdom is upon us
    Please enjoy it well
    Just remember to never fuss
    And ready your soul to sell.

    Distance yourself from each other
    You may of course share thy love
    With your dear sisters and brothers
    Who now touch you with rubber gloves.

    When you return through the looking glass
    What do you think you will find?
    A world that is long passed?
    A world that has lost its mind?

    Good luck in your earthly endeavors
    Sound like lots of fun
    Hope you find your simple pleasures
    Under the setting sun.

    • za ka lu says:

      Reluctant Warrior Harper Eliot;

      A world that has lost its mind.

      man has become the hue (of) man (as) ity, living in and as the corrupted mind of the corrupted spirit.

      Having readied their souls through deceit,
      the sale is complete.

      What will it take for man to remember itself?

      forming nouns denoting quality or condition.
      “humility” “humanity”
      denoting an instance or degree of a quality or condition.

      • Lionel Heredia says:

        I love your writing. So right on
        Please email that insightful poem. I would like to share it with others. With your permission. Your credit will go right along with it. Let’s talk…

  22. NC says:

    The usual insanity which will be accepted by the masses as the “words of scientific wisdom from experts”.
    Jon wrote “Spain was recently forced to return tens of thousands of rapid coronavirus tests from a Chinese company after they were found to be accurate just 30% of the time.” OK how was the 30% accuracy determined ? With another junk test based upon subjective interpretation? What a tangled web the minds weave…
    Thanks for your usual insights Jon….

    • Low Voltage says:

      Good catch. Part of this psyop seems designed to portray China as an irredeemable villain. If people believed 9/11, they’ll believe anything.

  23. From Elsewhere says:

    And, of course, democracy died in the applause of the (Re)public!
    Some scientists-schmientists use any given opportunity to become famous, even using in-famous so-called discoveries, studies or whatever they call “finding”. Media, dying, immoral media, hungry for such studies proving all maybe and maybe nots, chases the story to the death… who’s death? Alas, in 2017-2018 there were 80,000 deaths from the… usual flu (even that is diagnosed through multiple lies). Cogito, ergo sum?

  24. Jon: And there you have it. The official word on the COVID antibody test from official sources. It’s yes, no, and maybe. Public health officials can SAY whatever they want to about antibody tests: a positive result means you’re immune, it means you have an infection, it means you’re walking on the moon eating a hot dog.

    Rick: Proof that man ate hotdogs on the moon….–74849.jpg

    Rick Potvin, Phoenix AZ

    • za ka lu says:

      i used to sell hot dogs on the moon, have been determined as non-essential business, only ‘official’ hot dog vendors now ‘allowed’…

  25. Chas says:

    SSDD. Yes, No, Maybe. The ole baffle ’em with Bravo Sierra routine. Get the sheep all excited until they’re bleating, “Test me, test me”. Results? There aren’t any but several layers of the medical-industrial machine just made some money: test manufacturers, hospitals, clinics, doctors, insurances companies. And the sheep? He still has to pay his insurance premium, deductible, and co-pay for no useful reason, but boy does he feel great about it. Can’t be to safe and sure ya know! Baaa!

  26. Eluard says:

    Jon, I’ve been re-reading you mind-opening interviews with Ellis Medavoy, the Propoganda Specialist extraordinaire. In the first series, when you were questioning him on his role in creating the “Aids crisis,” he says this:

    “The idea of a global plague. People were dying. But it’s all about making the public BELIEVE in a PARTICULAR causation, a causation which can arrive at any moment without preface and kill anyone at random. The perfect terrorist.”

    Voila. Ellis must be licking his chops right now. Or is he the shadow I’ve seen behind Fauci and Birx?

    • Robert303 says:

      Yes, the war on drugs has faded. Bin laden is gone. Now we have our new Boogie Man that can pop up anywhere, and he’s invisible.

  27. CinthiEmm says:

    Thanks to you as usual, Jon, and thanks to the commentor who mentioned Janine Roberts Book “Fear of the Invisible”. I just finished reading it…just wow. Feels entirely predictive of what is happening 12 years after publication.

    I am now thoroughly convinced that viruses are inert (commonly known by real scientists) and are part of the messaging system in our bodies that help us to respond to environmental toxins (air, food, water, EMFs, alleopathic medicines, etc.).

    This is not a war with an invisible enemy…it is, as Jon has tried to pound into our heads, not ONE thing causing the similar symptoms seen around the world right now.

    We have pooped in our nest…and allowed others to poop in our nest. Consequently, many, many humans are weakened, and thus, open to extreme symptoms of their bodies trying to clear the crap. Will some die in the process? Sadly, yes.

    Jon, I have tears in my eyes as I write this, because I cannot thank you and the others in this forum enough for your logic and reason…helping me to stay sane and spread the truth.

  28. TJ says:

    This literally gets more ridiculous every day. And yet people are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

  29. Giles says:

    Don”t forget that this all started out as the “fictional”

    nCov-2019 virus in the simulation exercise ” Event 201 ” in

    Baltimore, 18-23 Oct 2019. The WHO declared it “real” under

    the acronym 2019-nCov on Jan 7th, after the Wuhan outbreak &

    finally “full-blown” as COVID-19 after their Declaration of

    Emergency of International Concern, Jan 30.

    See Prof. Chossudovsky, editor Global Research News for more:

  30. Pisces says:

    This sort of highlights how propaganda works. Just put “Dr., professor, scientist, director, expert” before the propaganda message, and people will believe it, no matter how stupid the dis/misinformation sounds.
    They manipulate your feelings, and your feelings shape your thoughts, and that’s how they control how you should feel and think about any of their propaganda messages, by manipulating your subconscious mind and let it fool your conscious mind about what they tell you is real, when it’s not. Be aware of, if any news (or something else), is targeting your emotional state to manipulate how you should feel, think and act. If you’re aware of it, you can feel what their intentions are. Learn to trust your intuition, but be careful and protect your emotions from being controlled from outside.
    The electromagnetic field of your heart is much larger and stronger than the field of your brain and that’s the one they’re attacking to weaken it, using fear as a weapon, so they can shape your thoughts after, with their propaganda. Don’t let them.

  31. Sue J Love says:

    I need clarification on one thing. I agree overall with what is being presented here on this site with regard to the “Covid-19 Pandemic,” how it began, who is behind it, what its purpose is, etc. So, I am not questioning what is being presented here.

    But, from what I have read, and I have been reading here pretty much daily since this all began, my understanding is that there is such a thing as coronavirus, that it has existed since the 1930s or 1960s, but the COVID-19 is fake, and the pandemic is fake. And, the tests are not accurate, and this is all a huge scam.

    So, is there a classification of viruses that has existed since the 1960s or earlier called coronavirus? And do some of us have exisitng within us such viruses? But, it is the pandemic and the COVID-19 that is fake? Or is there no such thing as a classification of viruses called coronavirus, and this has been fake since the 1960s or earlier?

    And, could you provide any credible links to any credible documentation that states whether or not coronavirus ever existed in reality? I want to understand this. I thought I did, but now I am not so sure. So, any help would be appreciated.

  32. Lionel Heredia says:

    I love your writing. So right on
    Please email that insightful poem. I would like to share it with others. With your permission. Your credit will go right along with it. Let’s talk…

  33. ak in vt says:

    Wait until you have to get “approval” from the state to be able to work. You will be tested to make sure you are not “unclean.” As if we need permission fro the state to work!

    By the way, I bet Mother Teresa would’ve been quite upset if she would not have been allowed to see those she cared for who were much more highly contagious and dangerous with their various diseases than one might be if this turns out to be something real. I find it very sad that one cannot see his or her loved ones while on a “death bed.” Very sad. Very wrong.

  34. USA invades Israel says:

    Hi, I thought I’d engage the collective wisdom of readers of this site on the matter concerning the current all-cause death rate for Europe. Latest data from Euromomo indicates a recent harsh spike in overall deaths (see link)

    The page only provides a small time slice, but we can clearly see pattern rises and declines in deaths, probably flu/pneumonia driven, over the Winter months for the last few years.

    The most recent spike though appears to begin the 2nd week of March and drives up hard to where we are now which puts this spike into Spring season territory. I’d like to see if Europe is much cooler than normal for this time of year, or maybe some other weather anomaly. Pollen allergies?

    We should probably concentrate on the regions most experiencing a higher increase in death rates (i.e. Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland) compared to the other countries listed.

    I haven’t checked the news lately (haha – “news”, right) but has anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary occurring in those countries? Perhaps more suicides? I can’t see car accidents being a factor. I think stress could be one strong factor for the old and infirm in any country submitted to this stupid media driven Covid hysteria.

    I’d like to see a breakdown of these deaths into causes to know for sure. These people, whoever they are, are dead. And they probably didn’t die of Covid but then what are they dying from so quickly that would produce such a rapid rise on that chart?

    I’d also like to see a bigger time slice provided by that website, going back to the 1970’s for example.

  35. Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

    When I originally read Jon’s posts about testing here that debunk the VALIDITY of tests, like PCR and anti-body tests, I was focused on just that– validity. I did not follow any thinking on HOW the test was done, apparently assuming that a simple CHEEK SWAB would be done, or a simple shallow nose swab could be done. SUDDENLY it occurred to me that since “they all” consider masks to be valid, that that assumes the phantom-virus can be exhaled– so why not CATCH IT from one’s BREATH?? They do NOT do that. Instead, they are doing a DEEP NASOPHARANGEAL SWAB– with a LONG probiscus! YIKES. Forget the antivax campaigns today. How about we consider STOPPING TESTING!!!! Jim Stone says they might be collecting DNA or implanting a bacteria or microchip! Source:


  36. Laura Kay Wanek says:

    Does anyone know if a false negative result is possible on the antibody test? I had the IGG & came out negative. But I thought I had covid last march. Now my dad has it & I have been exposed to him for 10 days & I didn’t get sick. So I got the test thinking it must be + but it wasn’t. I also don’t get how there can be an antibody test in existence for a virus that doesn’t exist. Very confused. Please help.

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