COVID and a 5G connection?

by Jon Rappoport

April 7, 2020

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—No blanket assertions here. No claims that 5G technology “activates the virus.” No across-the-board answers. Instead, several key questions, and a few possible clues.

I have to set the context. As I’ve been emphasizing, what is being called COVID-19 is not one disease with one cause. It’s not one thing.

Instead, people with VARIOUS traditional diseases are being corralled, clustered, and counted by public health officials under ONE fake umbrella term, “COVID-19.”

I’ve also emphasized that in these fake-cluster situations, some people may be suffering from new conditions. For example, the effects of a vaccination campaign—which, by the way, was apparently carried out in a region of northern Italy prior to “the emergence of COVID.”

In this article, I have comments on 5G wireless technology—not as an all-inclusive explanation for “COVID”—but as a possible explanation for what several doctors are observing in some patients in New York and Italy.

What are they observing? Extreme shortness of breath, life threatening, but without the usual indicators of respiratory failure or failure of the lungs to operate. The lungs can operate. The patients are apparently suffering from straight oxygen deprivation. Lack of oxygen. As if they were suddenly thrust into high altitude.

Several doctors are saying these patients must be given oxygen through breathing ventilators—but not at high pressure, because that could damage the lungs and even cause death. Instead, the increase in oxygen must be gently accomplished.

For example, an ER doctor in Brooklyn has made a video in which he describes what he calls a new dire situation. His name is Cameron Kyle-Sidell. Watch the video and listen to what he says. He warns that incorrect use of breathing ventilators could be harming and killing patients.[dot]com/watch?v=1EWQPgF6-UQ[dot]com/watch?v=QWaq8HoEROU

In Italy, several doctors are asserting a very similar, or identical, situation: “Covid-19 Does Not Lead to a ‘Typical’ Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome,” by Luciano Gattinoni1, Silvia Coppola, Massimo Cressoni3, Mattia Busana, Davide Chiumello:

“However, the patients with Covid-19 pneumonia…present an atypical form of the syndrome. Indeed, the primary characteristics we are observing (confirmed by colleagues in other hospitals), is the dissociation between their relatively well preserved lung mechanics and the severity of hypoxemia [abnormally low level of oxygen]…intubation [with breathing ventilators] should be prioritized to avoid excessive intrathoracic negative pressures and self-inflicted lung injury. After considering that, all we can do ventilating these patients is ‘buying time’ with minimum additional damage: the lowest possible PEEP [a method of ventilation in which airway pressure is maintained above atmospheric pressure] and gentle ventilation. We need to be patient.”

—Patients who aren’t suffering from respiratory failure, whose lungs are functioning, who are experiencing straight oxygen deprivation. What could explain that?

Here, from a 2001 article, we may have a clue: “At the millimeter wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy [from 5G waves] absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. While oxygen absorption at 60GHz severely limits range, it also eliminates interference between same frequency terminals.”

In other words, a) 60GHz is a very good frequency band for 5G transmissions, and b) nearly all of the 5G energy is absorbed by oxygen. Suppose that is also true for oxygen in the human body?

What would be the effects of 5G transmissions on the body? Could these waves distort oxygen and/or its uptake by hemoglobin, which carries this vital element to cells of the body? Could the impairment create a straight oxygen deprivation in the body—without structurally affecting the lungs themselves—creating the new condition described by the doctors I’ve cited above?

—Add to all this—the fact that 60GHz is an unlicensed frequency band, which means that telecomm companies can use it without paying very large fees they would pay for licensed bands.

Is 5G at 60GHz being deployed in New York, Italy, and Wuhan?

I should also add: these doctors ought to consider the use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers for their patients. The technicians, MDs, and researchers involved would need to be experts, and from what I’ve seen, not many are. Slap-dash formulaic use of hyperbaric oxygen won’t do. Harm could result. The apparatus itself is, of course, non-invasive.

Interested doctors could consult with Dr. Paul Harch at

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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113 comments on “COVID and a 5G connection?

  1. tony bonn says:

    this article does an excellent job of covering the 5g phenomenon in connection with corona syndrome.

    • Plamen says:

      Plus we have the evidences presented in The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg.

      Plus, Rudolf Steiner warned us about the demonic nature of electricity decades ago.

      The Amish people reject electricity outright. Their rationale is that it could be useful to a degree but as a whole it generates too many problems for the community. I think they are right.

      Unless we have a radical re-think of the use of electricity sooner or later it lead to our demise.

      • Guitardave says:

        “The Amish people reject electricity outright.”

        No. A small percentage of stricter Amish “church’s”..(each small church has it own rules)..still don’t use electric, but almost all of them use solar AND cell phones. My Amish neighbor is an electrician that installs solar panels and is a smart phone addict/idiot.
        It also don’t matter weather you use electrical services or not,as you’re still in the “soup”.
        In the future please try not to add to the already too large BS factor in the comments. Thank you.

        • Plamen says:

          OK, so some do and some don’t. And it does matter how much you’re exposed too. It’s only logical.

          You sound like you’re having a bad self-isolation day. Get out and get some fresh air then read this:

          Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic
          of ‘‘diseases of civilization”

      • Have you never heard of EARTHING as the way to re-establish your earth-centered electrical enviro???

        We are electrical beings, and electricity isn’t some evil thing… BUT THE VIBRATIONS SELECTED FOR ALTERNATING CURRENT ARE NOT HEALTHY…..

        Direct current is totally different…..

        You can use an earthing band OR MAYBE AND EARTHING PILLOW on your bed at night so that you can be GROUNDED AND BACK IN TOUCH WITH YOUR NATURAL ORIGINS.. ELECTRICALLY

        We got ours online a while ago so i haven’t looked at what the market is by now, but as i recall we went to earthing dot com……….

        • Plamen says:

          Ideally, you don’t connect to the electrical “earth” as there might still be some voltage there: 5-8V. Many people have experienced problems.

          I just walk barefoot in nature. Walking barefoot by the sea is the best as it’s wet and the connection is bets. 30mins to an hour daily is enough to discharge.

    • Plamen says:

      . . . If we were to look at the ideas that humanity had before the Age of Electricity, we could see that at one time an observer of nature still had the freedom to recognize the spiritual aspect of nature, at least to the point of thinking about it abstractly. A tiny remnant of scholastic Realism still remained to facilitate this perspective. But electricity is so pervasive in the lives of modern human beings that it gets on our nerves. Our sensitivity to electricity made it impossible to maintain a connection to the spiritual.. . .

      Rudolf Steiner

      • za ka lu says:


        “Our sensitivity to electricity made it impossible to maintain a connection to the spiritual”…

        does answer alot of my questions, have often thought/felt there is some kind of interference going on–

  2. jane mariouw says:

    this is very scary!
    maybe time to wear tin foil suits.

  3. Dave from San Antonio says:

    I’ve read a couple articles that visit this idea. At this point in time it might be considered just a ‘conspiracy theory’, but many of these type of theories, over the past hundred years, have been proven to be more than just conspiracy. If you look at a map that plots out the highest 5G use and where COVID-19 first took hold and has hit the hardest…I think you might find a correlation, even if it might seem a minor one. The highest 5G use seems to have begun on the West and East coasts and then seems to have migrated inland. The MSM has given us misinformation and in many cases ‘disinformation’ about COVID-19 and it seems to have been deliberate…at least to me. My ‘tin foil hat’ isn’t too tight, but I’ve learned after being in our armed forces and then in gov’t. employ…you must keep a very open mind about things and never take anything we are told at face-value.

  4. Low Voltage says:

    Some wireless transmission basics.

    The higher the wavelength,the more bandwidth you have for your channel. More data can fit into a wider channel. Higher wavelengths are weaker in that they attenuate much faster than lower wavelengths. They bounce off objects rather than penetrate them. Apparently even oxygen will absorb 60Ghz.

    60Ghz would SEEM to be worthless for data transmission unless you have a short distance with line of site. It would make more sense to have a 5G system with 60Ghz transmitters next to them to cause the health problems rather than use that frequency for data transmission. Nobody claims to be using the 60Ghz band.

  5. Terry Adams says:

    Once again you have managed to cut through the media induced noise and cut straight to the cause. While good obedient Americans have been in a state of self quarantine, Haz-Mat suit wearing workers have been actively installing 5G transmitters all over the country. Does that make any sense?
    I found that the telecommunications industry is being sued because they are supposed to be contractually obligated to deliver fiber-optic cables to customers (who have already been charged for this technology) but are instead installing 5G wireless technology. For those that don’t know, 5G is a WEAPON.. it is used by the military for (among other things) crowd control.
    This is – IMHO – THE power play by the dark side.. they couldn’t remove the POTUS so they basically have gone around him. Trump’s America is in the way of the one world control structure (AKA “new world order”) so by using this controlled via technology pandemic, they have relegated what little power Trump had to the waste bin of history. GOD help us…

    • From Quebec says:





      • Bob says:

        “The snobbish idiots” I refer to as “the vast, arrogant, got all the answers, smartest folks in the room, violent, satanic, lying, sleazy, leftist-marxist-fascist-socialist-communist-globalist-control everybody-else-but-themselves-absolutely-certifiable-loonies.”

        I’ve never seen it not fit this crowd of relentless rebellion.

    • Faten says:

      could be why the presidential seal is no longer on his podium

  6. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    I was unable to get any of the links to work.

  7. HdR says:

    Very well explained.
    Building the case slowly but surely, not biased, just the simple add-ups. Now we need to find out, where those specific cases have occurred, worldwide. We see lots of figures and statistics, that’s all.
    Thanks, Jon.

    • Madness says:

      I tried to follow it from the beginning, so sorry I didn’t make notes. There was a definite connection between freshly launched 5Gs and the severity of the ‘COVID’ cases, most fatal cases happened where they launched it. It was true for Wuhan, true for Lombardy, true for same places in the UK (London, West Midlands).
      There is a very good map to check, if precise, I can’t tell, try to check your area, try to check those places where the most people died.
      (Don’t forget to click all the 3 deployment types on the right corner.)

  8. James Lunsford says:

    While everyone focuses on 5G, and understandably so, 4G can be turned up as well. Plus, it’s practically everywhere. I don’t know the exact health consequences of 4G, and I doubt many do, but I do know that it isn’t healthy. Also, even in the 80s, 60ghz was known to increase cancer growths by 5 times.

    P.S. – I finally purchased the first of your matrix courses and am blown away. Thanks for all that you do.

    • tony bonn says:

      all forms of radiation carry risks. 5g is so far among the most lethal, but this by no means puts 4g and other radiators in the safe column

      • James Lunsford says:

        I realize that. However, what I am talking about are very specific results from a very specific frequency.

        • James Lunsford says:

          I am also referring to amplifying the power on the far more widespread 4G. Something all transmitters are easily capable of doing.

          • Elite destroyer says:

            Bro how was his collection, I also want to purchase it, but u know I’m a student so…
            Which collection you have purchased?

    • Madness says:

      Very likely just my imagination, but recently I felt somehow unwell whenever I used my cell for a couple of minutes of chatting like lack of oxygen like an asthma attack from out of nowhere, irritating coughing disappeared just after a couple of hours till I drank a lot of water to able caught up what paralyzed my lungs. I turned all of the cells we have back to using 3G instead of 4G, you can do it, too. We went back to cables for internet and switched of the wireless. And I feel much better, I had none asthma attack like thing since then.

  9. ken says:

    This has been suggested for several years. Of course many will have to die before it is ‘officially’ looked into. Today, whatever government says…. goes.

  10. Plamen says:

    Top 10 Places to Escape EMF Radiation: 5G & EMF-Free Zones Around the World

    1) United States National Radio Quiet Zone – Green Bank, West Virginia
    2) Smart Shelter Network – The Tabauche Refugium
    3) Snowflake EHS/MCS Community – Snowflake, Arizona
    4) The Quiet Dome – Grass Valley, California
    5) Healthy Housing Research Institute – Rockvale, Colorado
    6) EHS Refuge Zone – Drôme, France
    7) Parc de Carnè, within the Vena del Gesso Regional Park – Brisighella, Ravenna, Italy
    8) Australian Radio Quiet Zone Western Australia – Murchison, Australia
    9) Rose Hill Off-Grid Farm – Horsefly, BC, Canada
    10) Zurich House, Swiss Healthy Living Foundation – Zurich, Switzerland

  11. The Watchman says:

    Good articles today, Jon. Have previously linked a couple of articles about the oxygen deprivation effects of the virus. Will be linking your articles as usual at
    I’m sure you have read that the MSM has already denounced any 5G connections as conspiracy theories, especially since some people in England have started to set fires to 5g towers.

  12. Fred says:

    Thank you, Jon and Bonn, for the wisdom you are sharing with folks.

    Being the eternal beings that we are, we and our eternal magic will see us through, whether we stay in our human forms, or decide to move off planet to assist in this paradigm shift. Many of us will move off planet as this will afford us to utilize magic beyond what the puppet masters and their puppets have access to.

  13. Ignaz says:

    The idea that RF can affect Oxygen and Hemoglobin is not theoretical. This is established in the R&D literature. The work by Pilla et al., using a commercial and therapeutic pulsed RF device, demonstrated that a 27.12 MHz carrier to pulse a 5 Hz signal can increase the rate that oxygen is released by hemoglobin (at least outside of the body; These were very low-power systems (micro-Tesla strength fields). It would take a modest amount of R&D money (by corporate and military standards) to “improve” the effects.

  14. Sunny says:

    Thanks Jon,

    I was wondering when you would be addressing the issue of 5G in relation to the “supposed” CoVID-19.
    I have been researching this for months now and yes 60GHz is known to deplete the oxygen – in a person’s lungs. The cruise ship Diana ‘something’ had recently been installed with 5G frequency.

    Have you seen the superimposed maps of the 5G towers in the U S on the areas of a lot of people being sick?

    I am glad that you are now taking the time to research it.
    5G is basically military grade weaponry – what the military uses for crowd control.

  15. krys says:

    Jon, as always, I admire your razor-sharp analysis of the propaganda that we call the ‘nuuz’. Fortunately, not everyone is buying the bologna. This great young lady by the name of Dana Ashlie has an EXCELLENT video on YouTube that proves CBS at the very least, is lying about how full the hospitals are with corona virus psyop. Here’s a link for you. I’ve been posting it daily but so far, the masses are still sleeping.

  16. blue horizons says:

    On the same theme as Mr. Rappoport, Dr. Rashid Buttar has been providing detailed science discussions with good citations. These talks, in a 5 part series so far, have been posted on Facebook, Youtube, and Buttar’s website advanced medicine(dot)com. YT removed the last three, each of which had over one million aggregate social media views.

    An important piece of the puzzle came to light right after Dr Cameron Kyle-Siddell’s testimony went viral. A science paper released by Chinese researchers explains how specific proteins on the virus latch onto the heme in our red blood cells. In the process, iron is pulled off making it impossible for our red blood cells to hold onto oxygen. Also, iron that’s not contained is a powerful free radical generator and in that way damages cells.

    COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism

    I’m surprised this level of detail could be worked out rather quickly. Seems a bit suspicious given there are many medications commonly used for decades which are poorly understood regarding their mechanism of action. The heme issue also dovetails well with reports of rapid recovery in breathing after being given hydroxychloroquine and zinc (interrupts viral replication and HCQ does that as well as shutting down inflammation).

    Ozone costs pennies and seems promising (Dr. Robert Rowen), as does high dose vitamin C (Marik protocol), and vitamin D for prevention. Gates is now funding a hydroxychloroquine trial with vitamin C as the placebo (not appropriate study design). Watch out for shenanigans.

  17. BDev says:

    I’m searching for direct evidence that companies are using 60Ghz as their 5G carrier freq, and I don’t see it. Anyone here got any links about it?

  18. Lydia says:

    Hospitals are killing patients with high pressure oxygen. If you want to get sick, go to a hospital.

    • Ignaz says:


      The high pressure oxygen that they use is a supplemental oxygen delivery called Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP). The oxygen is pressurized at the breathing point. The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), where you pressurize the entire person, allows for oxygen to increase into all organs and does not put mechanical stress to the lungs, unlike PEEP. The added advantage of HBOT over PEEP is that HBOT is anti-inflammatory, stimulates stem cell production and calms the cytokine storm induced by viral/bacterial/chemical insults.

      HBOT and PEEP are both high pressure oxygen delivery systems. One is used because it is easier to apply (PEEP), but HBOT will have a far better effect, as the Chinese and Russians have been reporting for any form of ARDS.

      • Lydia says:

        Actually, no. These evil things will lead to many problems, including death. They are completely uneccessary and repugnant.

    • tony bonn says:

      if you want to die, go to a hospital. Nurse Hunnicut will take good care of you.

      • Lydia says:

        Yes, my great grandmother was a nurse and she always used tosay these sorts of things.

        Every family member who has gone in for a minor problem has come out with near fatal conditions, incouding colon almost needing to be removed. For nothing more than (irony alert) a minor infection.

  19. HdR says:

    What’s happening in a particular hospital in Wales?

    “He issued a chilling warning that many of the patients being treated are young and active, contradicting beliefs that only elderly people are affected.”

  20. Trak says:

    Electromagnetic Radiation Due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technologies: How Safe Are We?

    The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted out of wireless communication modules in various IoT devices (especially used for healthcare applications due to their close proximity to the body) have been identified by researchers as biologically hazardous to humans as well as other living beings. Different countries have different regulations to limit the radiation density levels caused by these devices. The radiation absorbed by an individual depends on various factors such as the device they use, the proximity of use, the type of antenna, the relative orientation of the antenna on the device, and many more. Several standards exist which have tried to quantify the radiation levels and come up with safe limits of EMR absorption to prevent human harm. In this work, we determine the radiation concern levels in several scenarios using a handheld radiation meter by correlating the findings with several international standards, which are determined based on thorough scientific evidence. This study also analyzes the EMR from common devices used in day to day life such as smartphones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, hotspots, wireless earphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and other wireless accessories using a handheld radio frequency radiation measurement device. The procedure followed in this paper is so detailed that it can also be utilized by the general public as a tutorial to evaluate their own safety with respect to EMR exposure. We present a summary of the most prominent health hazards which have been known to occur due to EMR exposure. We also discuss some individual and collective human-centric protective and preventive measures that can be undertaken to reduce the risk of EMR absorption. This paper analyses radiation safety in pre-5G networks and uses the insight gained to raise valuable concerns regarding EMR safety in the upcoming 5G networks.

    • Cindy says:

      Thank you Trak for this document. Brilliant clarification of what I have suspected for a long time. A great read.

  21. Jordan says:

    Here’s a study which found some people getting a disease from the flu shot that causes the same “ground glass opacities” in people’s lungs as “the virus”.

  22. From Quebec says:

    Why is a known communist Chinese mouthpiece in the White House asking the US President questions?
    Steve Watson | – APRIL 7, 2020

  23. Rian says:

    THE fact that video is pulled multiple times on youtube from London Real’s Brian Rose interviewing David Icke yesterday as he explains the link of 5G is pure crazy….no content violations, no strikes, pure censorship…

    Jon…you should reach out to Mr. Rose and London Real. I’d love for you to weigh in as well…since you’ve been saying this for over a month.

  24. Cliff says:

    It’s 5G radiation to the brain coming from a non consensual neural implant. I microchipped in jail without my consent and gang stalked. Had my life completely destroyed and I’m under 24/7 illegal surveillance no privacy.i was set out to live a fake life. My family are even involved in my stalking.civilians are being illegally microchipped in prison.Im watched by neighbors and the cia destroys my organs/digestive system with the technology this is a silent genocide. I was told that I would be murder and it would be covered up police are also involved organized crime being ran from the jails

    • tony bonn says:

      you are totally correct that police are state sanctioned criminal thugs. correction officers are the lowest life scum on the planet. for those wanting to know how brutal and vile the prison systems are, read Christopher Fulton’s experience in The Inheritance.

      It’s main theme is to document the forensic evidence proving that John Kennedy was murdered by the military industrial complex, but he was imprisoned by POS Janet Reno and Bill Clinton for possessing such evidence. I almost stopped reading the book because I was unable to endure the endless torture he suffered.

  25. Pierre says:

    Hi Jon ,
    here is another clue as you say , by a remarkable and brave man , Matthias Chang .
    After Arthur Firstenberg about the scientific madness , now Matthias Chang and the oligarchical madness :

    With my great esteem ,
    Pierre from Bordeaux

  26. Pisces says:

    Millimeter-wave microwave radiation is highly destructive to all biological beings, especially when the density of its frequency is high, and 5G emits ultra high frequncies. Our bodies are mostly water and the molecules of the water can absorb microwave radiation and the vibration of the molecules creates heat, just like how microwave ovens cook things, when the concentration of microwave radiation becomes high when it’s circulated. Here’s an example of how humans react when they’re exposed to highly dense millimeter-wave frequencies and notice the deceptive message about they’re not dangerous to our bodies. (I’m claiming that, If these people just stood there, while being exposed to the mm-wave frequecy, the oxygen will be deprived from their bodies and their blood will boil.) 5G is a directed energy weapon.

  27. Pisces says:

    Millimeter-wave microwave radiation is highly destructive to all biological beings, especially when the density of its frequency is high, and 5G emits ultra high frequencies. Our bodies are mostly water and the molecules of the water can absorb microwave radiation and the vibration of the molecules creates heat, just like how microwave ovens cook things, when the concentration of microwave radiation becomes high when it’s circulated. Here’s an example of how humans react when they’re exposed to highly dense millimeter-wave frequencies and notice the deceptive message about they’re not dangerous to our bodies. (I’m claiming that, If these people just stood there, while being exposed to the mm-wave frequecy, the oxygen will be deprived from their bodies and their blood will boil.) 5G is a directed energy weapon.

  28. Kuru says:

    This article needs to go viral.

  29. Fred says:

    President Trump has not acknowledged the concerns being raised by the citizenry regarding 5G technology.

    • DarL says:

      So instead of 4D chess, Trump is playing 5G chess. Hard for me to digest this. He also was not FOR vaccines when he entered office and now he is.

      • BDev says:

        Stop with Trump this and Trump that. He’s a puppet, like all the rest of politicians. Let it go. Move on to bigger issues.

        • DarL says:

          Yes, I agree. That was for my friends who still think he is the savior and saying just watch he will do such and such.

  30. Fred says:

    other great resources for articles and videos around the internet:

    CDC Tells Hospitals: No Test Needed, Just List CV-19 as Cause of Death

  31. Pft says:

    Not just 5G. Facebooks Terragraph is based on WiGig, an enhancement to the Wi-Fi standard, which is designed to boost bandwidth also operates on 60 Ghz. However this is up and running in locations without significant COVID-19

    Milan, Wuhan, NYC have all rolled out FG this year. Pulsed frequencies of 5G can affect the immune system which may be more important, although maybe its made worse in conjunction with 60 GHz used by FB Terragraph and some 5G services, not to mention these cities are heavily polluted.

  32. YES the covid patient needs much more o2 than usual

    1) a friend on the FB group of us who do hbot at home, had covid and was using his chamber for a while in the beginning, but eventually he reached a point where ALL HE NEEDED HE THOUGHT WAS THE OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR ….. feeding his face 100% O2 at 8 liters per minute………… that got him through

    2) in that case IF 5G WAS DAMAGING THE O2 THEN WHY WOULD 100% O2 SAVE HIM???

    3) I still haven’t seen anything that says CHINA HAS A LOT OF SATELLITES UP FOR 5G…….So how can they or anyone NY ET AL be using 5G….??  

    4) Elon Musk said they wouldn’t be launching services until they had approx 800 satellites up and servicing the base stations……..


    another source with extremely good medical credentials said that he was concerned that T-MOBILE had started service already….


    • DarL says:

      I have heard that ATT is already talking about 10G. By the time that is installed will there be anyone alive to use it?

    • tony bonn says:

      5g damages the body’s ability to retain and utilize oxygen – that point has been made more than once in this comments section. you would do well to read through it as it explains precisely the mechanism for oxygen deprivation. Thus 100% oxygen is highly valuable.

      Additionally, hyperbaric oxygen chambers are extremely beneficial to bodily healing for a large number of conditions.

      regarding china, the article I posted at the very top documents at great length the extensive deployment of 5g in china, especially Wuhan, and in Italy and elsewhere.

      satellites don’t exist but I don’t have time to get into that. satellites are a complete non-sequitur anyway. all high frequency radio transmissions are mediated through ground based antenna, macro/micro based stations, and other ground based infrastructure etc. 5g deployments are very wide spread.

      research before SCREAMING.

    • Rick says:

      There are no satellites, for one thing. But that gets into a whole other hoax. All transmissions are by antenna towers or aircraft of one kind or another. More at

    • Rick says:

      There are no satellites, for one thing. But that gets into a whole other hoax. All transmissions are by antenna towers or aircraft of one kind or another or underwater cables. More at

  33. Kuru says:

    Another condition people with Covid are suffering with is heart damage and people are dying of cardiac arrest; they’ve found it in 18%; those who contracted heart damage after the virus are more likely to die. We need to turn off 5G and see what changes occur. May this be the grace of the virus!


    Does anybody have proof that the particle called “SARS-CoV-2” is responsible for the illness called “Covid-19”?

    • tony bonn says:

      read the article I posted at the very top of the comments section. There is no scientific proof per se, but the high correlation with 5g deployments and the incidence of the corona syndrome is suggestive. It is certainly a promising field of inquiry.

      sars-cov-2 does not require 5g.

      why is there so much obsession with sars-cov-2, covid-19? it is a red herring. anyone and everyone may have dna fragments of it, but so @%@#$ing what? we are not dealing with a virus problem but an environmentally caused syndrome. THINK!


        Tony, thank you. I will read the article, it is too long for reading it now.
        I guess the obsession about the virus is because that is what the doctors, governments and the media are telling us. And we lost our freedom because of that.
        Tony, do you think that a cold or a flu are physically contagious? Because I have the impression that I caught some cold/flu from other people a couple of times. I am not sure. Back then, I supposed so.


    I don’t know if 5G signals are absorbed by oxygen, but there are countries without 5G that have similar “Covid cases”. Let’s go back to the basics. Important factors to develop this type of respiratory pathologies are, in my opinion: cold weather/air (it is obvious if you look at the map of “Covid cases”) and psychological stress or fear (for which politicians and mass media are directly responsible). And maybe environmental pollution, if it is evident. In the case of people dying, we have to add two main factors: age and previous health conditions (physical and psychological strength).

    • Well the theory we’re entertaining is 5G 60Ghz or even other “resonant” microwaves prevent oxygen uptake by hemoglobin red blood cells. There could be several. Like the note C on a piano resonates with other C’s on a piano and guitar strings. A on a piano is 440 hz. Overtones at intervals of octaves and fifths resonate with it.

      Countries without 5G have covid because there are TWO things going on. The DETONATOR– which was 5G in Wuhan… possibly Italy, WA state, NY. Then the bomb itself which was relabelling all sorts of things as corona.

      They called it all corona, protected and even might be expanding 5G… and facilitated lockdown due to the relabelling. The beauty of the plan was the similarity between symptoms of 5G attack– and flu. It was all timed for flu season.

      Pollution, age, preexisting conditions, Jon’s umbrella… all get labelled corona.. after that initial detonation… although it now appears N. Italy got hit with intense vax’s maybe as well as 5G.

      Obedient governors in that governors association, mayors of cities… all in on looking good by doing the “right thing” and calling for shuttering restaurants and enacting 6 foot rules… zero independent thinking among them. All trying to look good and outdo the others.

      Wuhan is opening up again with trains running and things back to normal. We need to find out if they DE ACTIVATED their 5G systems…. because that would be CONSISTENT with things back to normal. THAT is my homework for tomorrow.

      POINT OF ORDER– For other posters here…please summarize in a few sentences what your linked video or article says. I got in trouble a bit for critisizing others who would simply post links and tell all of us that they’re “really good”. If they’re that good, take a minute and summarize/precis it. Hey, thanks.

      I still maintain that the key to overturning their tyrannical overthrow/coup is to point people to the basis idea that viruses are not contagious, and originate in the body to fight toxins. There are no killed viruses. Viruses are our friends. They dissolve toxins in us.

      • tony bonn says:

        I second your motion to include synopses for videos. I certainly do not have time to chase every posting here. MUST WATCH is not an incentive to watch.


        “Wuhan is opening up again with trains running and things back to normal. We need to find out if they DE ACTIVATED their 5G systems…. because that would be CONSISTENT with things back to normal. THAT is my homework for tomorrow.”
        But, don’t 5G signals get to you even if you are at home?
        Also, I don’t know why, in relation to respiratory problems (cough, flu, cold, bronchitis, whatever), we are not talking about cold weather. It is the main factor in my opinion.

  36. Lewis says:

    A slight diversion from the main topic. Can anyone clarify? The initial PCR to test for CV was first used by the Chinese through WHO. But now the CDC claimed it developed its own test. Is that similar to or the same as the PCR test?

    • tony bonn says:

      the reverse transcript polymerase chain reaction test (IT-PCR) was developed decades ago as a manufacturing technique to synthetically produce genetic/dna material.

      in the case of corona, rna is projected back to its dna representation which is then sliced in two, and then run through a device which doubles the dna material on every cycle.

      Unless you know how many cycles the test is run, you don’t know squat diddly about the meaning of the results. at 60 cycles, sars-cov-2 can be found in EVERYONE and it means nothing. the amounts in the body are so small in most people that it has to amplified exponentially to even find any. and even if some is found, it doesn’t mean that it is replicating. and even it it were replicating, it doesn’t mean that there is a problem because VIRUSES HEAL YOU!

      the test’s inventor said that this test has NO diagnostic value.

      Other tests look to see if there are antibodies – all of which means that you have immunity although some doctors quibble over this because they suggest that the virus may still be active. but so what? VIRUSES HEAL YOU!

      the rt-pcr is still in wide use. it is a big fat bogus imbecilic test for diagnosing a virus and disease because VIRUSES HEAL YOU!

  37. May Hem says:

    while most of us have been in lockdown, this is what the W.H.O. and the World Economic Forum have in store for us ….. welcome to 1984 ….

    “Framing future pandemics as an issue of national security allows public health to be subsumed within an increasingly sophisticated global apparatus of of digital surveillance, predictive analytics, and enclosure.
    The nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been characterized by asymptomatic carriers and inadequate testing protocols, has led populations around the world to embrace diminished civil liberties and even welcome the opportunity to be deputized as community enforcers.

    In our present state of emergency mismanagement, the vast majority of people do not have a solid understanding of the territory into which we are rushing. But the World Economic Forum with its Covid Action Platform does. Theirs is a future of robots and algorithms, where the masses are valued only so far as they demonstrate compliance to a new global order dictated by behavioral economics.

    The spectre of future public health crises will be leveraged by transnational global capital to advance “pay for success” preventative “care,” where “care” is managed through the soft-surveillance of data-dashboards. Venture capitalist Bill Ackman and Solutions Journalism outlets like Atlantic magazine have highlighted the fact that Covid-19 patients with co-morbidities including asthma, diabetes, hypertension or a history of smoking have significantly worse outc

    Communities that have for decades borne the brunt of environmental racism, food insecurity, trauma, and chronic stress, will be put on self-improvement pathways, lest they become “vectors” of disease transmission in some future viral outbreak. The “solutions” proffered will never eliminate the source of the problem, because that would foreclose future profit. Global hedge funds will link improved pandemic outcomes to data-driven investments in “social determinants of health.” “Public health” can thus be harnessed to manage dissent as a new globalized economic regime based on bio-capitalism is installed.”

  38. Chris says:

    Joe Imbriano (Chemistry & Biological Science Degrees)
    YouTube Channels: The Fullerton Informer & Wiki Joe

    CIA translated document from 1977

    Page 57: Biological Effects of Millimeter Waves

    Page 58: As is known, the energy of millimeter waves, because of its weak penetrating ability, is absorbed primarily and mainly by the skin.

    Page 59: Noted in the composition of the blood was eosinophilia, neutrophilia, and lymphopenia, and lowering of the hemoglobin level. The irradiation inhibited the oxygen consumption rate by the mitochondria of these organs in the active phosphorylating state and slowed down the rate of respiration upon exhaustion of the ATP.

    This CV-19 is a cover for the continued installation, programming, calibrating, and testing of 5G access points. A virus is created internally within a cell whenever the cell is in distress, for example, trying to mitigate the onslaught of toxins. The only way a virus can enter the body from an external source is through an injection, i.e. a vaccine.

    Joe explains what a virus is in several of his videos.

    Please watch the 2 hour and 34 minute episode at
    David has been studying the elite for over 30 years. It is quite a compelling and fearless take on what we all are currently experiencing and what is in store for all of us, if we do not spread the truth.

  39. ND Martin says:

    […] Don’t you realize that most don’t see your questions and rather will ‘see’ this article as confirmation that CV is caused by 5G. I see this over and over again as people grope for a single cause for the so-called epidemic. Sound familiar?

    Posting this without answering the important question–Is 5G at 60GHz being deployed in New York, Italy, and Wuhan?–only feeds the mania and just adds to the fearmongering. And what if there is no 60gHz installations corresponding to CV hotspots? Nobody wants to consider this very likely scenario.

    I’ve been looking for 60Ghz installation in the troubled cities and can’t find any significant occurance. You really must make every effort to answer this. If yes, we have a real smoking gun. If no, well, never mind.

    • Laura says:

      Yes! The 60Ghz installations in “hot spots” need to be confirmed or not, thank you. And heavy flu vaccinated high disease rate areas should be determined also. But the totally corrupt mass media would never get at any inconvenient truths regarding those two, or anything else for that matter. It’ll take a few people like Jon for that, then due to being outside the Matrix, will be called whackos.

  40. Alan says:

    Excellent article.

    Not only 60GHz but also lower frequencies can possibly cause red blood cell damage and hypoxia symptoms. I totally agree that this explanation probably applies to only a minority of the (falsely-labeled) COVID cases, but these are probably the more serious cases which often result in death, especially iatrogenically simply because they treat it with the wrong methods. Hence they draw attention and promote the story that COVID virus is dangerous and fatal.

  41. Laura says:

    I really don’t want it to be 5G because they’re doing it whether we like it or not. Wouldn’t everyone in a 5G tower area be experience the same symptoms if this was something like altitude or radiation sickness, and not just certain more vulnerable people? Then again, whatever it is, “they” seem intent on doing whatever they want to everyone (covid testing, vaccines, etc.) whether we like it or not. Then with the ventilators very likely harming and killing off some patients on top of it all. I just don’t know…this all seems so hopeless. A person can only do so much worrying, and be powerless, for so long without the worry alone causing mental and/or physical sickness. I just keep on praying for this horrid sham to be exposed and done away with, for things to get back to “normal” (as unenthused as I was about that) and for the economy to get back on track. We all want Life back, in freedom, to shop at Ross or wherever and not be afraid to shake hands or talk to each other. This thing is so depressing and insane that I just want to space out and forget about it all, as what good does it do us to know? But ignoring seems impossible. Even if you turn off the damned “news,” everywhere you go, Masks of Fear everywhere, everything’s so very strange. No one’s coming to the rescue, not even Pres. Trump, as Medical Authorities evidently are now the most powerful people on Earth. Is there any hope?

    • Low Voltage says:

      Hi Laura,
      I agree with your assessment. Besides, just being inside your house would protect you from much of the radiation, so the stay at home order seems rather counter-productive.

      “A person can only do so much worrying, and be powerless, for so long without the worry alone causing mental and/or physical sickness.” I think this is whole key. COVID19 is mostly just a voodoo spell. The longer this goes on, the sicker people will become. Just like vaccines, the cure causes the disease.

    • Rick says:

      You shop at Ross? Me too! Haha. Oh wait– I DID until they close up about 10 days ago.

      Here’s something to brighten your day: Instead of shopping at Ross, shop at Amazon and other places for emf and RF protective clothing. A lot of it looks “silvery” and really kind of neat in a futuristic way.

      There are simple RF meters available too and I can probably find pretty colored cases to house them in like the kids do with cells phones these days.

      I always kept my phone landline and keep my cellphone in airplane mode. I kept all my old LP records. All we have to do is revert back to technologies we had in the 1970’s and I think we’ll be fine. That was my favorite decade anyway.

  42. Moshe Sopher says:

    The 5G issue boils down to electromagnetic hypersensitivity seen in many people notably those suspectible to respiratory disorders and cardiac problems.

    If atmospheric oxygen molecules absorb radiowave frequencies of the 5G spectrum, it indicates containment of the EM energy & a plausibility of the ionisation of the gas molecules generating free radicals (charged chemical species).

    In the body, free radicals like say, oxygen atoms with unpaired electrons are unstable and damage cells, hasten ageing and cause breathing problems, irregular heart beat, head ache…by increasing oxidative stress…there is a close link between pneumonia and asthma and oxidative stress…

    And, not surprisingly, pneumonia & asthma are leading symptoms of the fake covid19 though of course aside from oxidative stress, there are other factors like air pollutants, pollen, lung disorders, common cold and flu pathogens giving rise to them.

    Covid19 is not a disease that can be pinned down to a specific’s a devious blanket term covering a dozen disease symptoms..a huge con job is on.

    The faster the Globalists stop it the better for them because when the psychological and financial damage created by lockdowns backfires then the key plotters of the hoax will have to face mob fury leading to their complete destruction.

    • Rick says:

      MOSHE: The faster the Globalists stop it the better for them because when the psychological and financial damage created by lockdowns backfires then the key plotters of the hoax will have to face mob fury leading to their complete destruction.

      RICK: Maybe the Globalists CAN’T stop it. Maybe they’ve uncorked some sort of demon or A.I. that is demanding they push forward. Just a science fiction theory. But it seems we’re entering an age of science fiction reality so I’ll throw it out there. Maybe it’s up to “us”, “we humans” to stop it with sheilding, sabotage and avoidance using RFmeters etc. We might be facing a real “War of the Worlds” here.

  43. TFS says:

    5g. Some Doctors raise their concerns.

  44. Tine van Slooten says:

    Another interesting example of “mishandling” a patient you can find on YT title: Coronavirus by Dr. Claus Kohnlein Epidemic by ignorance Mar 27 2020. ( I have to excuse myself, I am very old and don’t know how to get a link on this paper)

    • Laura says:

      Thank you Tine; I don’t understand German which is being spoken/close captioned there, but the description says:

      ” German Doctor Claus Köhnlein talks about Coronavirus Covid-19.
      He said probably half of the tests were incorrect, so people with the common flu are put in isolation. It is a fact that old people with low immunity die, but most of the cases can be attributed to panic, fear and unhygienic.(unhygienic practices I assume).
      Extract from the program “The Missing Part” from March 20, 2020. “

    • Rick says:

      Wuhan, Italy, cruise ships and warships all had intense 5G activity recently.

      5G is the “only one thing” that Jon railed against a short time ago. I was willing to look at Jon’s “Corona umbrella theory” as long as it included 5G but as it turns out, 5G was the only NEW thing under that umbrella.

      Effectively speaking, the 5G turns out to be the “one thing” after all that connects the dots in your question.

      The CoronaVirus umbrella… Jon’s term… …was the COVER for the “one thing”–5G– that was new. They won’t STOP 5G. We have to stop it with 5G shielding and lead paint like we used to use on walls. While we’re at it, we need to bone up on em-pulse sheilding too like Noori has pushed for years on Coast.

      5G is to humans and living things as KRYPTONITE was to Superman.

  45. From Quebec says:

    President punishes globalist UN agency for siding with China amid pandemic
    Adan Salazar | – APRIL 7, 2020

    • Rick says:

      Well, he needs to say the same thing about the 5G industry. Punish all tech firms for siding with 5G rather than optic fibre / wired connections like we were promised in Wired Magazine.

  46. Protestant says:

    Jon Rappaport, your insights are sometimes quite jaw-dropping, especially when more evidence arrives to back them up, as in the news today:

    “Not all coronavirus patients appear to have lung damage, despite having low blood-oxygen levels.

    •Scans show healthy lungs, but patients are struggling with oxygen anyway, leaving doctors puzzled.

    •One possible explanation is that damaged areas of the lungs aren’t rerouting blood flow as they should, possibly due to some unique aspect of the novel coronavirus, but more research needs to be done to confirm this.”

    Just as you said: 5G

  47. From Quebec says:

    Possible correlation between 5G radiation and coronavirus severity cited in scientific white papers
    Jamie White | – APRIL 7, 2020

  48. BGZ says:

    5G and the covid are related in this: Viruses can increase or decrease their ability to replicate depending on the amount of oxygen in the environment where they establish themselves. 5G antennas at 60 ghz can increase or decrease the oxygen in the human body. In this way you can regulate the pathogen.;jsessionid=rCC1M59hVoxwwxhdz7_066Lb.mbslive-10-240-10-132

  49. DarkStalker says:

    What if 5G is about causing the SKIN to suffocate?

  50. Josh T says:

    Would love to here everyones thoughts regarding the link, if any, between 5G and the nanotechnology contained in the “vaccine”. Can they communicate with each other and be used to control / monitor the “vaccinated” individual.

    There is so much EMF radiation now being blasted out with all the new towers sufacing, people really need to be aware of the how much EMF is within their surroundings. There are meters that can measure this. Example here:

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