Big one: Origin story of China epidemic falls apart completely

by Jon Rappoport

February 3, 2020

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This is a big one.

How do experts tell the story of the origin of the China epidemic?

The story is always important. The medical professionals need to make it sound credible.

If it has major flaws, it’s as if a stage magician screws up a trick in full view of the audience. As he’s sawing a woman in a box in half, everyone sees her sneaking out of the back of the box. Busted.

That’s what’s happening in the case of the so-called China epidemic.

According to Chinese and international public health agencies, the epidemic started in Wuhan, in a hospital, with a single patient who had pneumonia. The doctors could find no cause. Soon, researchers discovered the never-before-seen coronavirus in the patient.

Really? Let’s break this down. The doctors couldn’t find a cause for the patient’s pneumonia. That means they didn’t locate the usual bacteria or viruses said to be responsible for pneumonia. They were puzzled.

BUT as I’ve pointed out in past articles, the city of Wuhan is famous for clouds of foul pollution. The unprecedented combination of toxic compounds in the air constitutes a clear and present danger. Last summer, there was a large protest in the city focusing on this very issue. When lots of people take to the streets in China, you know the issue is serious—because the brutal government doesn’t take kindly to public expressions of dissatisfaction.

SO…who cares if doctors in a Wuhan hospital couldn’t find familiar bacteria or viruses in a PNEUMONIA patient? LOOK AT THE AIR POLLUTION. You want a cause for lung problems? THERE IT IS. In other words, why would this patient be a mystery in the first place? Why would researchers look for a virus no one had ever seen before? This whole origin-story is absurd. It vibrates with ripples of FAKE.

It’s as if emergency workers bring a person into a hospital after a car accident…and the doctors are puzzled because they can’t find a bacterial explanation for the person’s injuries.

There is more. Much more.

The medical professionals had to deal with the possibility that this “new” coronavirus wasn’t new at all. Suppose it had been in the world for decades or centuries, obviously causing people no harm? If so, that would sink their ship. They couldn’t have that. They couldn’t admit—“Oops, sorry, everyone, we made a mistake. Finding this coronavirus in people all over the world means NOTHING because, you see, it’s been around for a long, long time, and it’s never caused problems. So when we said we’ve found people who have been ‘infected’, we really mean they have this harmless virus in them.” No, no, that would never do.

Instead, the pros would have to claim the coronavirus JUST EMERGED in humans for the very first time. A FEW MONTHS AGO, it crossed over from animals (bats, snakes) to humans.

And that’s exactly what they are saying.

Here is a statement from StatNews (“DNA sleuths read the coronavirus genome, tracing its origins and looking for dangerous mutations,” January 24, 2020). It’s a bit complicated, but read it over, and then I’ll comment:

“Given what’s known about the pace at which viral genomes mutate, if nCoV [the coronavirus] had been circulating in humans since significantly before the first case was reported on Dec. 8, the 24 genomes [from, presumably, 24 different samples of the virus in 24 people] would differ more. Applying ballpark rates of viral evolution, Rambaut [one of the “experts”] estimates that the Adam (or Eve) virus from which all others are descended first appeared no earlier than Oct. 30, 2019, and no later than Nov. 29.”

My, my. That’s quite a precise peg: the coronavirus jumped from animals to humans, for the very first time, between October 30 and November 29, 2019. The experts can assure us that it never existed in humans until that one-month period. Absurd. No one can perform such an exact analysis. Therefore, their whole story about the human origin of the coronavirus wobbles out of the range of credibility. By miles. Whether they’re just winging it, or fabricating it, or making gross errors in bolstering their tale…there is no reason to believe anything they say about when the coronavirus surfaced in humans.

The coronavirus could have existed for a long time in humans—causing no damage or harm whatsoever.

The entire “origin story” of the “coronavirus epidemic” is riddled with exaggerations and fabrications.

Finding traces of the virus in humans and then calling these people “infected” and “carriers” and “spreaders” and “epidemic cases” is ridiculous.

Claiming the virus has spread out from Wuhan across the world is typical nonsense. The virus could have ALREADY been present in MANY different places. It didn’t spread. It was THERE.

To cite a precedent, several years ago the Zika virus was called an ominous germ that was spreading around the world, causing women to give birth to babies with smaller heads and brain damage (microcephaly). I then reported that, according to mainstream medical sources, ANY injury to a pregnant woman could cause microcephaly. No virus necessary. And it emerged that the Zika virus had actually been discovered in…1947. It had never been known to cause harm.

In yet another fake epidemic story—this one, also a coronavirus—the SARS “epidemic” of 2003 turned out to be a dud. The official death toll, when all was said and done? 800 people out of a population of 7 billion. And in Canada, a World Health Organization microbiologist, Frank Plummer, confessed to the press that the number of SARS patients who actually had the coronavirus in their bodies was approaching ZERO. In other words, these patients, who had nothing more than typical flu symptoms, couldn’t have SARS, because they didn’t have the virus that was supposed to be causing SARS.

“Excuse me, waiter, I ordered dinner and you brought me a bowl of stale soggy cereal.”

“No, sir. You must be mistaken. Can’t you see the dinner on the table in front of you? We’re the experts. Leave the facts to us.”

Sorry. No sale.

Some people, reading what I’ve laid out in this article, will say, “But what about all the people who are sick in this epidemic?” Take a step back. A so-called confirmed case of the coronavirus doesn’t necessarily refer to a person who is sick. If “tests show” a person “has the virus,” he is counted as “a case.” He may have no symptoms at all. Or he may have very mild symptoms. Most so-called cases ARE mild—and, as I’ve explained in other articles, the diagnostic tests for the coronavirus do not prove a patient’s symptoms are CAUSED by the virus. The causes can easily come from other sources. This fact applies to anyone with any degree of illness who is called “a case of the epidemic.”

Finally, keep in mind that people all over the planet have the symptoms that are now being labeled, “China epidemic”: ordinary flu symptoms—fever, weakness, cough, headache, and lung problems. These symptoms can and do come about from a whole catalog of various reasons, none of which need “the story of the coronavirus.” It’s as easy as pie to claim, without evidence, that someone who has these symptoms, and “tests positive for the virus,” is a “confirmed epidemic case.”

This is exactly how some of the fake epidemics ARE synthetically put together and fabricated. Form a hypothetical “cluster” of people in different locales who all have typical flu-like symptoms. Claim they are all suffering from the direct effects of a single virus. Deploy diagnostic tests to test for the presence of the virus that—if the tests work at all—merely establish that the virus is in some of these people’s bodies. The tests say NOTHING about whether the virus is causing harm. But gloss over that vital fact. Skip ahead and say: WE HAVE A SPREADING GLOBAL EPIDEMIC ON OUR HANDS. QUARANTINES ARE NECESSARY. WHEN WE DELIVER A VACCINE, EVERYONE MUST TAKE IT.


Case unproven and therefore dismissed.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

37 comments on “Big one: Origin story of China epidemic falls apart completely

  1. Elsa says:

    The circus is big. Frighteningly big to my taste. You may want to have a look at the Daily Mail. (Sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language.)
    They took back their citizens from Wuhan days ago and the second journey was yesterday. They landed 160 miles away from the place they made the quarantine. They carried the might-be-infected persons with 5 buses where there was one person on every bus in hasmat suit, passengers in face masks, drivers without any protection. What could go possibly wrong on a 160 miles long journey on roads where hours long traffic jams and big accidents are everyday’ matter.

    It looks to me that they made a big show to increase panic while if it would be a real, dangerous infection they did everything to let the infection spread.
    In another case a plane came from Moscow to Ireland, there were someone on the board (I think originally from Wuhan), they let the person board, they told nothing to anyone but when they arrived they didn’t let the people leave but escorted the person off the plane, they were hasmat suits. Asked the rest of passengers to go home and stay home even distributing leaflets that they could meet with a dangerous infection and distributing small disinfecting liquid bottles. One passenger on the plane was after a health treatment having it in Moscow, already in a kind of danger of infection, worrying that they spent hours in the plane using the same toilet and so but were not warned in any way.

    How realistic it is? It is like as if it would have been staged.
    Please check if you think.

  2. James Robert Calvert says:

    I’m not sure exactly what it is you’re suggesting. Are you suggesting that man-made bioweapons don’t exist?

    • Ron Burgundy says:

      How did you get that out of this blog post?

    • Jeanne Hensley says:

      I don’t see how you would think that is the suggestion. However, THIS is not being used for that purpose. It’s simply not dangerous, nor is it at all like they are trying to get people to believe. It is, however, another step to make a lot of money and to get people to accept forced vaccination steps believing in a pandemic.

    • Thea says:

      he is making dangerous conclusions with not one piece of evidence, leading occidental people not to fear what is uncredibly dangerous for all.
      its not pollution , pollution is a problem but its a virus, engineered, modified and the add of 5G deadly 10 000 towers in Wuhan since oct 2019

    • stu says:

      This article says nothing about bio-weapons.

      It logically posits the fact that the presence of a corona virus showing up on a lab test does not necessarily mean that a certain set of symptoms are being caused by the virus.

      It appears we are being subjected to SARS version 2.

      I also saw a press conference yesterday wherein Dr Anthony Fauci admits that lab detection of the corona virus is far from an exact science in any case.

      This suggests the possibility of false positives and false negatives.

  3. Joz Lee says:

    U.S. planning to fast-track coronavirus vaccine

    YUP, MORONS THINK THAT THEY GOT US FOOLED? YUP ‘COINCIDENCE’ My ‘ass’! —– Then create a ‘cure’ then create a
    PANDEMIC! “We have already produced the vaccine, but it will take a long time to test on animals,” Yuen is quoted as saying, without giving an exact timeframe for when these tests might be completed. He did, however, indicate that the testing phase on animals usually takes a few months, followed by at least another year to conduct human clinical trials.

    and so now we have it!

  4. Syllamo says:

    Sort of like that ‘really really big show’ of masked ‘officials’ taking the people’s temperature on their forehead with those impressive looking ‘thermometers’ – it proves what exactly? That perhaps one is a wee bit warm. (where’s that emoticon for befuddled?)

    Great work on this Jon – keep it up and perhaps a few dozen (I know, I’m not very optimistic) will finally ‘get it’ 🙂

  5. TheOldBadger says:

    Yes, recent history says this is fake, but the media is TOTALLY owned and controlled. As such, we, especially in the U.S., know virtually NOTHING about China. Our domestic false-flags are so ridiculously obvious, and are only advanced because of the ignorance here. Do “they” do a better job in China as to the script?

    What is the possibility that this IS authentic, as biowarfare, and that only the immediate response by China prevented an actual pandemic?

  6. will iam says:

    About two months ago i was seeing airfares on line to fly to China for around three hundred dollars including hotel. I have no interest in going to China but asked a friend who teaches in China every summer. He said they were legitimate fares and believed the fares were to increase tourism.

    How convenient! So you get a bunch of foreigners who have time on their hands such as retired people and they come over at an affordable rate! Perfect scenario to have the fake virus spread around the world.

    Isn’t it nice we have all these cooperation’s and governments “looking out” for us and now making it affordable for all to help in their agenda?

    When comes the time when these lying criminals are boycotted and ignored? The human species can shake them off like a bad case of fleas by simply not participating.

    Focusing on ones own life is way more fun and interesting then all their fake news, fake television, fake epidemics and fake lives anyway.

  7. Thea says:

    im sorry to say, that you dismiss the uncredible fact that this virus is real, has been enginnered and kill thousands of thousands of people in China and that REAL cases are found in usa australie, france ,germany, austria where there is no ‘ pollution like in Wuhan and not even 5G yet.

    of course pollutio helps to makes people weaker ! but its not the cause of the millions people suddenly sick to death and falling suddently in the streets of Wuhan.. b

    etter hypothesis is the mix of 5G 10000 towers in Huhan and other big cities in china.

    5G thousandd of cell towers deadly frequencies , achieve and sign to sudden deaths in the streets adding to what the virus is doing and 5G may kill some people may be without the virus still in them .

    you are spreading dangerous bad information to Occident , cause the virus genes sequences are analyse by epidemiologists and virologies around the worls not part of ‘ bill gates big circus’ , in HongKong, China and England, and India !

    the virus appears for them more an more to have been modified and they show proofs of this in very scientific studies and history of coronaviruses

  8. Joseph Fischer says:

    “the brutal government doesn’t take kindly to public expressions of dissatisfaction.”

    Go live in China before writing about it. […] There are protests in China. They do not get “brutalized”.

  9. john says:

    as i’ve mentioned in other venues before, this last year in late fall & especially dec. we had a lot of illness. i was sick. my wife was sick. she said she felt like she was going to die. this is in a southern city in ch., 650 miles from wuhan.

    i don’t remember so many absences & kid’s parents asking for leave because the child had a fever & was sick. some even hospitalized. my teaching partner’s little 1 year old baby was in hospital for 3 days.

    one of my students, around 10, said her class had 13 kids absent due to illness. that’s unprecedented in my 20 years of teaching in ch. & that was in dec. before coronavirus was diagnosed.

    • Carol Joy says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and observations. Our media rarely allows us to view the situation in pother countries. At least in Scandinavia, the UK and Europe, the public program educates people on China. Our TV programming in the US is just a lot of murder and crime shows.

  10. Luís Rodtigues Coelho says:

    I wish the author of this article would make things simple and directly point to the main culprit if this pandemic: Bill Gates, the owner of the patent of this ‘coronavirus’!!! Forget the fabricated history of it or if it passes from animals to humans….these all all distractions and lies the media uses to program what we ought to think and believe about it. This deadly virus is new, but what is more shocking is how Gates last year, during an interview, stated that for him one of the biggest threats humanity faces in the future, is a deadly pandemic which might kill millions of people! Guys, like the phoney ‘climate change’ agenda, where they manipulate the weather with Haaarp & Chemtrails and then blame us common people [CO2 is good for trees and plants to breathe], so now we witness a si.ikar trend; The engineering of a problem using the Hegelian Dialect in order to achieve a ‘change’, a goal which had been previously planned even before the problem was caused…know what I mean? They create ‘crisis’, that can be different stuff, but in which they never come with proper solution to it, the only measures they want is threefold: one, use it to further depopulate the earth as part of their continuous Eugenics Agenda…two, to further profit from it, in this case they are going to profit from the vaccine they will produce, a measure that not only makes them more rich but also reinforces goal number one…and three, of course, it’s never about controlling the problem, but controlling the people which is exactly what is already happening in China, where millions were forced to stay at home and others were forced to move into special [fema?] camps…Ah, another goal to be achieved is the further destruction of industry and business as part of the UN Agenda 21 on Sustainable Development and its “2040 Goals”. This created chaos is necessary for the elitist create the necessary conditions to unleash a global financial collapse needed to after establish a global dictatorship [for this they will also unleash a WW3 according to what Albert Pike planned. Wow, diabolical the way they plan to fool the entire world with these engineered ‘crisis’.

  11. Ron Burgundy says:

    Here are the definitions for the words novel, corona and virus in Webster’s 1828. Do any of these seem to fit with 2019-Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV)? Why am I asking this weird question and asking people to reference old dictionaries? As Clint Richardson had pointed out concerning the writings of Manly Palmer Hall and others,
    as well as most of the legal framework of the modern era in regard to law dictionaries and definitions in statute and code, quite often prose and poetry are confused for each other. This is not an accident but instead as a tactic to hide the intent of language and confuse the mark, you and I. I also maintain that modern dictionaries are the equivalent of what Orwell wrote about in 1984.

    NOV’EL, a.
    1. New; of recent origin or intorduction; not ancient; hence, unusual; as a novel heresy; novel opinions. The proceedings of the court were novel.
    2. In the civil law, the novel consititutions are those which are supplemental to the code, and posterior in time to the other books. These contained new decrees of successive emperors.
    3. In the common law, the assize of novel disseizin is an action in which the demandant recits a complaint of the disseizin in terms of direct averment, whereupon the sheriff is commanded to reseize the land and chattels thereon, and keep the same in custody till the arrival of the justices of assize.
    NOV’EL, n.
    1. A new or supplemental constitution or decree. [See the Adjective.]
    2. A fictitious tale or narrative in prose, intended to exhibit the operation of the passions, and particularly of love.
    The coxcomb’s novel and the drunkard’s toast.

    CORONA, n. [L., A crown.]
    1. In architecture, a large flat member of a cornice, crowning the entablature, and the whole order; called by workmen the drip.
    2. In anatomy, the upper surface of the molar teeth or grinders.
    3. In botany, the circumference or margin of a radiated compound flower. Also, the appendage to the top of seeds, which enables them to disperse.
    4. In optics, a halo or luminous circle around the sun, moon or stars.

    VI’RUS, n. [L. See Virulent.] Foul or contagious matter of an ulcer, postule, &c.; poison.

  12. Anne says:

    Hello, yesterday Sunday 2nd February the French radio Franceinfo disclosed that 13 workers at a French naval site in the harbor of Marseille were being kept under observation at a hospital due to a streptococcus pneumonia infection. The French regional health agency (ARS) was informed of this on 28th January 2020 and by Sunday it had organised the vaccination of 4000 (four thousand) workers/subcontractors to start today, Monday 3rd February to end tomorrow Tuesday.
    Today FranceInfo mentions 16 workers infected with the bacteria. The Trade Union representative mentions 44 .

    • Theo says:

      “streptococcus pneumonia infection”.

      does the article say what Vaccine will be administered for this?


      • Anne says:

        The article only states the chosen vaccine covers 80 to 90% of the known types.

        According to Dr Philippe Malfait of France Santé Publique it is the working and living conditions of the workers that has led to their infection by the bacteria. Working with dangerous products alter their pulmonary immunization.

        Today’s FranceInfo report points out the vaccination is done by volunteers and therefore is not compulsory. The workers are apparently free to go outside the naval site.

        Bear in mind that since January 2018 every newborn must be vaccinated against that bacteria at the age of two-month. In all, every French child will be injected with at least 11 compulsory vaccines by the age of 6.

    • Elsa says:

      I bet for this one. Very interesting indeed.
      I’ve checked this news, they also wrote that the Filipino man who had the new virus also had streptococcus pneumoniae infection and flu infection and died because of ‘them’. But you don’t need a virus if there’s a handy bacteria around I think. More predictable, less dangerous if recognized it can be treated.

  13. Blackeyes says:

    The Chair of the World Health Organisation, Mr Bill Gates will not be happy with that kind of discovery by the people’s analysis.
    This means for him and his Melinda in the start of a new accounting year
    a lot of money invested to create the hype
    making budget of costs and profits
    Alas, no profts. The private domestic money-indicator remains on 109,9 billion USD. No Profits!
    Not good for Bill &b Melinda.

    Thank heaven there Social Services just in case, you know.

  14. Gary Ogden says:

    Dr. James Lyons-Weiler has written a series of posts over the past few days concerning the origin of this novel recombinant virus, using viral-genome sequence-matching. I suggest everyone read those posts. He suggests the likelihood of a lab origin, possibly involving vaccine production. It doesn’t appear to present any sort of substantial threat other than to those who took the SARS vaccine.

  15. Tony Soldo says:

    Coronavirus is a bioweapon.
    Take colloidal silver now.

  16. Larry C says:

    You’ve got a noive, Rappoport…accusing the experts of fabricating the evidence, stretching the truth, hanging us out to dry (and by implication the mainstream media and their handlers: the globalists, the corporatocracy, the Deep State if you will). Why, they only have our best interests at heart…the NOIVE of this guy!

  17. Wanda Ballard says:

    A yr. ago I fell and broke my leg. The “Good” Doctor put me on High blood pressure Drugs. Which I did not need, (I have been a Vegan for 36, yrs,) In the hospital I took them. I started coughing like never before, it woke me up at night. I noticed several other women coughing in the Same way I was. When I got home the cough persisted. I found out the high blood pressure pills Main “Side Effect” was Upper Respiratory Infection, which turned into PNEUMONIA. So the cause of my Pneumonia was the High Blood Pressure Drugs. I believe most of the other ladies in the hospital also came down with Pneumonia. Just think of all those cases they could have blamed for having “CORONA VIRUS.” Or the WhateverVirus, that will be next to be coming down the pike.

  18. Mike says:


    This virus and the attendant campaign are working precisely as intended.

    Learn to pronounce
    noun: nocebo; plural noun: nocebos

    a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis.

    1960s: from Latin, literally ‘I shall cause harm’, from nocere ‘to harm’, on the pattern of placebo.


    This is the point.

    It is calculated to create a heightened state of suggestibility.

    When analytical intelligence is displaced by intellectual and emotional reaction you become vastly more susceptible to any disease, and you become manageable.

    It’s voodoo, and it’s working as intended.

    Note: intelligence and intellect are two different things.

    This type of social conditioning has been going on for years. Soon enough some expert or scientist will say air kills and people will just stop breathing. That is where it’s headed.

    Nocebo is a science and an art. Look at the date of coinage.

  19. Greg C. says:

    Time of year is always a factor with the flu or flu-like symptoms, because invariably these outbreaks happen around the darker time of year. In Australia, it happens during our summertime, so chances are there were be zero cases of “Corona” (or even a six-pack) in Australia/New Zealand in the next few months. Lack of sunshine, and therefore the hormone which is mislabeled Vitamin D, is a crucial factor. No better protection from the flu, in my opinion. Vitamin D blood tests help to determine if you need it, but unless you are a lifeguard or a surfer dude, chances are you do.

    An hour of midday sun on your skin (face, back, arms, legs) will give you 10-15,000 IU, which I think is optimal. Many other health benefits – defeats seasonal affective disorder, for one.

    Back in the 1920’s, some beer companies added that amount to a six-pack! It was recognized back then as an elixir of health, but then doctors got involved and declared it dangerous.

  20. tina grace says:

    Why did this happen during Trump’s Impeachment Trial?
    I don’t watch the news, or try to keep current with it, but came across the coronavirus story on fb. I googled it to see if I could discern amy accurate reports, & found the impeachment update way down at the bottom, literally buried by all kinds of hype! I h8 to tell my conspirisy toting friends win so easily.

  21. Tim says:

    “Applying ballpark rates of viral evolution, Rambaut [one of the “experts”] estimates that the Adam (or Eve) virus from which all others are descended first appeared no earlier than Oct. 30, 2019, and no later than Nov. 29.””

    Yes, it is absurd. One time I was looking at mutation rates in ordinary flu virus. The nucleic acid sequences and resultant product proteins, do not mutate at the same rates. The H and N components mutate rapidly, but other parts of the genome mutate very slowly. Ballpark estimates means colossal fudge factor.

    They’re making it up, mailing it in.

    Also, that alleged ‘Adam’ virus, did not come from nowhere, it came from a prior virus. It did not suddenly appear a few months ago. So how far back does the virus actually go?

    • Brit Bloke says:

      Theory, and evidence so far, suggests it came from another animal species (experts think possibly Pangolin in this case), which has happened frequently, e.g. MERS, SARS, Ebola, HIV, Swine ‘Flu, Avian ‘Flu, Spanish ‘Flu (believed to originate from pigs and killed at least 17 million in 1918-18, i.e. more people than died in the whole of WW1).

      I am of the total opposite opinion to the Blog author, it is quite obvious to me that most countries are not managing to contain this new coronavirus*, although China seems to be managing to get on top of it now through extreme state interventions. Certainly parts of the media are whipping up a storm, as is their way to generate more circulation and income, but this pandemic is clearly spreading very quickly, aided by high person-to-person transmission and an incubation period of several days which allows people without symptoms to travel far and wide before they become ill. I have heard epidemiologists predicting 60% infection rate worldwide, which with a world population of 7.8 billion and a best guess 1.5% death rate works out at around 70 million deaths.

      I would worry if I lived in a country without modern healthcare facilities, or in a country where you have to pay for it at the point of delivery, but I am in the UK where testing and treatment is free at the point of delivery.

      It may be fake news, but one explanation I have heard for the fact we have had a similar number of deaths as the US but have detected far more cases is that people in the US with symptoms may not come forward for testing due to fear of co-payment costs.

      *It is a different, new coronavirus, not that which Bill Gates has patents relating to.

  22. Frtiz says:

    [Wuhan Coronavirus, Gene Editing Evidence of the pShuttle Vector Backbone]

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