If hidden technology were exposed for all to see

by Jon Rappoport

April 19, 2019

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Note: I have couched this piece in FICTION, which is a convenient way to pinpoint hidden trends…

While the cathedral of Notre Dame burned and grabbed headlines all over the world, a little noticed development took place along the Texas-Mexico border in a town called Twin. A reporter for the Twin Clarion wrote the following:

“In a heavily guarded Twin facility belonging to Two Border Oil, Inc., a massive leak of information occurred. Letters, emails, memos, and studies made their way ‘out the door’. These documents, taken together, spell out an unmistakable series of developments in the energy sector: new cutting edge forms of energy have been successfully tested and confirmed. A Border Oil executive (name blacked out) stated, in a memo to his seniors: ‘It now appears certain that the age of energy decentralization is upon us. Within the next several years, we will be able to produce small highly efficient “energy packs” at shockingly low prices. These packs will enable any person anywhere on the planet to power personal devices, without the use of oil. Obviously, we must do everything possible to prevent this revolution. The technological breakthrough would necessitate the reorganization of society along lines of extreme decentralization. The population of the planet is not prepared. Traditional political and economic structures would collapse. We would see the emergence of a new type of system—not capitalistic as we know it, and not socialistic. The individual would be empowered at a level never before seen. The collective energy grid would be superseded and made obsolete within a decade. The mechanics (physics) of this breakthrough are not totally understood—but it is clear that the tests of the technology are overwhelmingly positive and repeatable. At one point it was thought that a community of companies could control all the relevant patents, but this promise has faded. The engineering for the “new energy” is rather simple. Its method would quickly sweep across the planet and be absorbed. Our only alternative is to continue to keep the whole development secret. I enclose expert testimonies and test results for your inspection, so you can confirm what I and others already know. Our research has brought us across a bridge into a future we cannot control, predict, or fully fathom…’”

The Twin reporter continued: “A high-ranking scientist who works at a European energy company replied: ‘I’m quite sure I understand the breakthrough you’re referring to, and I can say that this is not the only one of great magnitude in the energy field. There are several others—each one different, and each one offering the same promise: the availability of small and cheap energy devices that would make The Individual self-sufficient. We are at a highly dangerous crossroad…’”

The Twin reporter: “A quite different memo has surfaced…this one appears to have been written by a senior public relations executive for a company located in England—‘Our efforts to squelch knowledge of several key energy breakthroughs have foundered on the rocks. We have somehow been outflanked. We set up a number of false fronts, inventors of technology who were actually on our payroll, who were destined to fail, who were intentional fakers. We thought that, in this way, we could discredit the whole alternative energy movement, but this has not been the case. Instead, interest in new forms of energy has increased. There is now a popular sentiment in favor of true decentralized energy platforms. We are retrenching our position. It’s possible we can predict new energy breakthroughs, but couch these estimates in terms of huge production costs, thereby making it seem that actual practical usage is decades away. We have analysts and reporters primed in this direction, should we choose it as our next step…”

A professor at Harvard offers his analysis in the leaked documents: “Self-sufficient energy usage (SSEU) will take focus away from national governments. Imagine these governments flailing at each other in their usual manner, but in the absence of interest and concern on the part of the citizenry. Politicians would look like sheer buffoons. It would be on the order of doctors insisting on expensive and quite risky surgery, when ingesting a small harmless food pill would cure the condition and thus make the surgery appear to be an absolutely insane solution for a problem that no longer exists…”

An opinion is put forward by a leader in the American Socialist Party: “Even if these estimates of SSEU are correct, the consequences would contradict and destroy every principle we have attempted to ingrain in the population. Untold numbers of individuals who can own and regulate their own energy will obviate the need for collective answers and programs…Even though SSEU will improve the condition of the environment, the very notion of individuals in charge of their own separate destinies will wreak psychological havoc in ways we as yet barely understand. We must stand for The Group, no matter what lurks over the horizon…”

All in all, the titanic leaks coming out of Big Oil sketch a campaign that is desperately trying to turn back the clock, framing civilization’s problems as they may have existed 50 years ago, thus requiring old centralized and authoritarian responses that no longer apply. It’s really a form of time travel—an attempt to force everyone to move backwards and be what they once were, not what they are now, or could be tomorrow…

The Twin reporter concludes: “I have in my possession a memo written by a research physicist at a Midwestern US oil company. It suggests the most radical position of all in this deeply shocking situation. The physicist states: ‘It appears that a variety of approaches produce technologies that run cars, buses, trains, planes, localized electrical grids, and home energy devices—for pennies. In other words, a great deal depends on the mindset of the isolated lone inventor. He can, as it were, come up with a description of a tiny particle no one has ever heard of, develop mathematics that describes its motion and other characteristics, and eventually discover (or invent) energy technology that actually works in a revolutionary manner. All these different scientific approaches seem to contradict each other, but clearly they don’t. In some way, they are complementary. How is this possible? We need to rethink our fundamentals about consciousness itself…’”

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

16 comments on “If hidden technology were exposed for all to see

  1. Goldbug says:

    How long can they keep Nicola Tesla’s FREE ENERGY from the masses? And when will we realize that oil is known worldwide as “abiotic,” plentiful, and never-ending?

    • Larry C says:

      Every time we light a fire – whether it’s a match or a coal-fired power plant – we’re burning oxygen. Some very smart folks are now claiming that we’ll run out of breathable air long before we run out of things to burn. ( Global population 7 billions and increasing.) My gut instinct says that Jon’s scenario here is much closer to FACT than fiction.

    • RJ says:

      Goldbug – I don’t think this is about Tesla’s work at all. Jon is likely talking about Brilliant Light Power company, and it’s inventor Dr. Randell Mills. This man has discovered the “hydrino,” which is a smaller stable form of hydrogen. If you take common hydrogen from water, put it through the process Mills has developed, a massive amount of light and thermal energy is released, something like hundreds of times more energy than oil-based products. Apparently it is fairly simple in practice, and as the engineering gets better at controlling such massive power output, it’ll be dirt cheap power for everyone. Just as Jon talks about above, it’ll totally decouple the grid and oil infrastructure. It’ll also eliminate the need for solar, hydro, wind and other sources of power. It’s that promising.

      Here’s the website: https://brilliantlightpower.com/

      Here’s a “business presentation”:

      Dr. Mills had d*mn sure better have backed up all his research and prototypes to multiple repositories around the world… TPTB will most certainly smash him totally, if they haven’t co-opted him yet. And it appears he’s a maverick who sincerely wants to make his invention happen for everyone. Keep your fingers crossed…

      • RJ says:

        One other note and link:
        RI: What does the world look like when you’ve commercialized the SunCell?

        RM: Everything will be powered by the SunCell. Solar, wind, bio fuels, and nuclear will all be replaced. The grid will be unnecessary. Utilities will be unnecessary. There would be no pollution and limited energy regulation. As the SunCell is fully autonomous, energy delivery becomes impervious to disruption from war, terror, and natural disaster. Importantly, underdeveloped countries will have the same potential lifestyle and productivity as the developed world. Each SunCell could also serve as a self-powered, autonomous node in a mesh network that could replace the Internet.


    • Jizmo Onyabhuti says:

      I always like to ask people; If hydrocarbons are a result of biologic decay, then how can other solar system bodies produce them absent life, and if they do, why is it unreasonable to think that the earth does the same thing?

  2. AboutCreativity says:

    I love to rent and look forward to having a suitcase that provides power to the rental that I take with me to the next rental.

  3. groet says:

    Hello Jon,

    Thanks for this hidden technology story.

    These oil companies representatives are presenting a dangerous development with the intention probably to prevent it from developing.

    Decentralization in the energy field has been suppressed for decades so why would it happen in the twenty first century.

    Everything seems to be under control since all politicians are under control, so why bother.

    Maybe something else is at hand in your story.

    Decentralization of power energy production and supply will bring down the economy and in this respect this story will be useful to explain an economy melt down.

    All-in all your story just does not feel OK and is probably connected to a new hoax yet to be appearing the coming months.


    Jan from the Netherlands

  4. truth1 says:

    On a side note, Intelligence and insight are not common commodities. In fact, they are rather rare. Those engineers who work for mega corps. know better than to invent anything that has been forbidden to them to find or seek. That is why most great strides are made by unsupervised inventors in their humble workshops.
    Human inventiveness is limited by its own greed and avarice.

  5. Sunshine2 says:

    Bring it. We’re all ready. Let’s release the cures while we’re at it.

  6. Terri Fann says:

    ok, I’ve read about Tesla’s “free energy” but if it really existed and people could use it free of the grid why wouldn’t people be using it? I’ve seen diagrams, but they make no sense. So John, great article, but why couch it in fiction if it exists? Do you know something we don’t know?

  7. Sam says:

    At the beginning of this article you state, “Note: I have couched this piece in FICTION, which is a convenient way to pinpoint hidden trends…” Fiction? Yes, at least on your part, but to what extent may it actually be fiction? This reminds me of years ago when Bill Cooper had his program “Hour of the Time” on short wave. He would frequently say technology is between 10 to 100 years ahead of what the public was aware of. The PTB’s would definitely want to keep a lid on something like what you have shared in this article, for the world’s benefit/for our protection, of course.

  8. Von E. Ives says:

    FINALLY – the ‘spot light’ is gradually and slowly being uncovered on what Nikola Tesla KNEW and others , yours truly included, KNOWS from personal experience!  I have discovered two different ways of doing what is described below as well as a third way by a  retired EE, Jim Murray, and others.  It has been previously unaccepted by governments, academia, & industry because a rational explanation of the energy source wasn’t yet available.  But a retired Lawrence Livermore  Lab scientist HAS explained it as real with Geometric Algebra, to be revealed in July at the Extraordinary Technology conference in Utah.  It is sobering to watch such a device, whether mine or others, perform doing what is supposedly impossible by conventional standards. The NEXT energy future is just around the corner! NO fuel or batteries will be needed primarily!


  9. From Quebec says:

    I find the word TECHNOLOGY a bit scary/

    So far, we have robots replacing humans

    Smart meters and cell phones. that fry our brains.

    Self driving cars who make us useless and defenceless.

    And what about the new 5G WIFI coming that will KiIl US all.

    I do not trust these so-called technologists geniuses.

  10. Jay Scott says:

    Well, it seems one reason, or technically two, Jon filed this under fiction is that there doesn’t appear to be a town in Texas called “Twin”. There also doesn’t appear to be a newspaper called the “Twin Clarion”. Hopefully someone else can prove this wrong or file it under “hidden” too.

  11. targetedindividual says:

    The US Air Force has a system to supress whistleblowers, opposition to the government and other “undesirable” persons. It is called “Targeted Individual Program”. More info about it:




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