UC Berkeley riots night: Globalist dupes on parade

UC Berkeley riots last night: Globalist dupes on parade

Shutting down free speech at the home of the Free Speech Movement

The speaker canceled: Milo Yiannopoulos: gay, anti-Left

by Jon Rappoport

February 2, 2017

In the early days of the American Republic, George Washington warned against entangling foreign alliances. Flash forward from 1796 to 2017. Last night, masked thugs emerged from a crowed of protestors, at UC Berkeley, and chanted: “No borders, no nations, fuck deportations.” And there you have it. A perfect summary of the Globalist position.

One planetary nation (under one gentle, all-inclusive, loving, iron fist).

George Soros would be smiling. David Rockefeller would be chortling.

Here’s what happened last night, culled from various news sources:

SF Gate: “A protest at UC Berkeley over a scheduled appearance by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos turned fiery and violent Wednesday night, prompting police to cancel the event and hustle the Breitbart News editor off campus.”

Grabien.com: “Student protesters upset over a speech by writer Milo Yiannopoulos are setting fires and destroying property at Berkeley University Wednesday night…Protesters are leaving campus en route for the town of Berkeley, chanting along the way, ‘No borders, no nations! Fuck deportations!’ After a female Trump supporter concludes an interview with a local reporter, anti-Milo protesters pepper spray her.”

CBS SF: “Protesters armed with bricks and fireworks mounted an assault on the building hosting a speech by polarizing Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos Wednesday night, forcing the event’s cancellation. UC Berkeley officials said the protest was infiltrated by vandals. As the gathered crowd got more agitated, masked ‘black bloc’ activists began hurling projectiles including bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building and police. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor. In addition to fireworks being thrown up onto the second-floor balcony, fires were lit outside the venue, including one that engulfed a gas-powered portable floodlight. At about 6:20 p.m., UC campus police announced that the event had been cancelled. Officers ordered the crowd to disperse, calling it an unlawful assembly. By 8 p.m., a large crowd of people had moved off the campus and onto Telegraph Avenue. They smashed ATMs at a Bank of America branch and set several trash fires on Telegraph Avenue. After marching west on Durant Avenue, the group moved north on Shattuck Avenue, smashing windows and vandalizing a Mechanics Bank branch near the corner of Bancroft Way. Chase and Wells Fargo branches were also vandalized. A Starbucks location near campus was vandalized and looted. Police also received reports that banks were set on fire in the area of Center Street and Shattuck Avenue.”

NBC News: “’The violence was instigated by a group of about 150 masked agitators who came onto campus and interrupted an otherwise non-violent protest’, UC Berkeley said in a statement. Some people were attacked and police treated six people for injuries, the university said… Berkeley College Republicans said before the protests that a ‘groupthink phenomenon’ has taken hold at the California university that silences conservative speech, and while it doesn’t agree with everything Yiannopoulos has said or done ‘we saw the chance to host Milo as an opportunity that was too good to pass up. He is somebody who stands up for those who are too afraid or intimidated to speak out on campus, and he voraciously defends speech from all sides of the political spectrum’, the group said in a statement earlier. After the violence, the group said in a statement: ‘The Free Speech Movement is dead. Today, the Berkeley College Republicans’ constitutional right to free speech was silenced by criminals and thugs seeking to cancel Milo Yiannopoulos’ tour’.”

Don’t like what someone has to say? Shut him down. Destroy property.

The Matrix Revealed

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Here are several Milo Yiannopoulos quotes:

“Hillary Clinton is funded by people who murder homosexuals.”

“Now, some of the most dangerous places for women to be in the world are modern, Western, rich European countries. Why? One reason. Islamic immigration – it’s got to stop.”

“Hillary Clinton has shown no indication whatsoever of stemming the tide of Islamic immigration, or stopping our mollycoddling, and pandering to Islam. These things are direct threats. Not just to culture, but to the lives of gay people in America.”

“America’s got to take a break from foreign wars, and take a break from immigration.”

“Feminists want to replace old etiquette rules with a new system of politically-driven language policing, controlled by them and predicated on nebulous hurt feelings and speculative ‘harm’.”

“Virtue signaling can best be explained as the devotion of a person’s entire existence to explaining how wonderful they (and their friends) are, and how terribly wrong everyone else is. The point of virtue signaling is to demonstrate superiority, for the purpose of consolidating power, prestige and financial reward. The culture of social justice is set up to reward the loudest and best complainers and to punish anyone that stands against them.”

“Most of the federal government could be shut down.”

Drive the man away from any public event. Don’t let him talk. Set fires. Destroy property. 1st Amendment? Never heard of it.

If Milo had been allowed to speak last night, a few hundred people would have heard him. There would have been virtually no fallout. But because of the riots, the division between opposites is exacerbated.

And this is the op.

Incite enough antipathy so that no conversation across the gap is possible.

That’s what college is all about these days, isn’t it?

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “UC Berkeley riots night: Globalist dupes on parade

  1. James Morgan says:

    “voraciously defends speech”? Oh I think they mean “vociferously”, but I guess voraciously is close enough for the hacks at NBC..

  2. binra says:

    IF the Plan is to reflect us to ourselves – how do you feel it is going?
    Smash the mirror?
    Kill the symptoms?
    Deny and defy the possibility of a unified understanding – in favour of asserting conflict as the truth – and truth as the lie.
    Because truth is – and that’s probably the closest words can get. Stories… well don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!
    Insanity can bait the mind with the illusion it can be understood, worked on, parleyed with or educated and if we invest in an insanity – we get insane results but with that carrot and stick sense that keeps the mind en-thralled, en-tranced, spellbound.

    Where are the Wake Up points but in the trigger points to en-trancement!
    And the waking extend life to that which is awake – just because! – and not to the presentations of the refusal to wake – but watch out for the wiles and guile of pretending to be on the path or the process or the wish to wake – because that’s just another form of delay and evasion masking in a ‘positive’ spin. Self-honesty is an ‘is’ – not a will be… when. And not a ‘does’ – of trying to be.

    Naked had no word until clothed came into being. The true nature needed no word until the false was invested in. Anti-clothed isn’t naked – but a false set of clothes using the form of nakedness.

    The sleeping mind is form-associated in conditioned ‘meanings’ that conflict. An incoherent reality is insane – but it isn’t Reality that is out of true.

      • binra says:

        Ha! – but the mirror is already smashed – the fragmented craziness shards in the heart.

        Mirror mirror on the wall – who is the special one of all?
        Aaargh NO! Wrong Answer!
        Smash and bleed.

        Was Humpty pushed?
        No it’s a false flag (shh!)

        Howdy arcadia11
        Nothing new under the Sun.
        Thanks for your honesty!

  3. Arrow says:

    Milo just started a college scholarship fund for White MALES! Now he’s my kind of guy. When will Trump and local police reverse this hands off policy on violent protestors? This looks like the components of Sharia to me.. silence opposition at all costs with violence. The brain washing is seeping in. I’ve said for years that the globalists will use radical Islam as a tool for take over.

  4. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you for this reminder of deterioration of logic and rise of lock-step consensus group-think at UC-Berkeley. What a change from the time I was in the physics department there in 1962-64.

    Today I was reminded of lock-step consensus group-think in the paper published online in Nature in November 2016 by a theoretical physicist at UC-Berkeley.

    Mobs in the streets correctly reflect attitudes of faculty members practicing “97% consensus science” in classrooms and laboratories.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      I should also mention the late Nobel Laureate Glen Seaborg of UC-Berkeley helped organize the 1999 ACS Symposium on the “Origin of Elements in the Solar System: Implications of Post-1956 Observations” including papers on local element synthesisherr, at the birth of the solar system, rather than in remote stellar supernovae

  5. Joy says:

    One positive thing about these outrageous events, and all that is happening with the “Democratic” Party, mainstream media, Hollywood, and hosts of globalists behind the scenes is that they are losing all credibility at lightning speed! What they don’t realize in their hypnotized and arrogant state is that millions are watching, millions who are not screaming and acting line mindless idiots, and they are getting fed up. We know a very large majority of people in the U.S. actually voted for Trump, and this insanity is most certainly not going to make them back down now! I moved away from the Bay Area two years ago, and my half-hearted “I miss California” has now been transformed into “Thank God!”

    • CPP says:

      “We know a very large majority of people in the U.S. actually voted for Trump”…what are you basing this on? For one thing, over 40% of the US pop didn’t vote, so no candidate received “a very large majority” or even a slight majority of votes from all eligible voters. And even if Trump beat Clinton in the popular vote, contrary to what we’re told, how do you know, and how could you know that it was by the huge margin implied by “a very large majority”?

      • @CPP

        40% of America always never show up….but here’s the point CPP… DONALD TRUMP kicked Hillary Clinton ass.
        And if the vote went down tommorrow again, Hillary the criminal would get her ass kicked again.
        Donald Trump is in for eight years. Isn’t that wonderful, Hillary should be dead by then.
        Hell it could be sooner, I hear they are jabbing her in the ass with a epi-pen twice a day.

        • Eileen Kuch says:

          You’re 100% correct, Michael. 40% of American voters never show up. Now. here’s the point .. Donald Trump kicked Hillary Clinton’s ass.
          If the vote went down again tomorrow, as you said, Hillary the criminal would get her ass kicked again. Trump’s in for 8 years. Hillary should be dead by then. As you also said, it could be sooner. You hear they’re jabbing her in the ass with an epi-pen twice a day. Now, that’s music to my ears as well.
          Soon, there’ll be a chant of “Ding-Dong! The Witch is dead! The Wicked Witch is dead!”

      • Larry says:

        According to brilliant mathematician James Mccanney, Hillary Clinton could not have received more than 45-50 million votes, which means that Donald Trump received at least 80 MILLION VOTES. In other words, Trump won the popular vote in a landslide:

        The following is from Mccanney’s website.

        “January 19, 2017 ” Cyber Security – Part 2 – 11 Ways the Presidential 2016 Election Results Were Altered for a Hillary Clinton Win – False Hacking CIA Intel Claims That the Russians Somehow Affected the Election – Mathematical Analysis Using 3 Independent Methods That Hillary Clinton Could Not Have Gotten More Than 45 Million Votes – How The Rigged Election Was Not Enough For Her to Win”

        The dated quotation refers to Prof. Mccanney’s *paidcast*, which at $3.95/month is a steal.
        (I have no affiliation with the gentleman.)

        • CPP says:

          If the vote was rigged to that extent, then why couldn’t it have been rigged just a little more to give Clinton the win – if that’s what those rigging it wanted?

          • Larry says:

            The B-movie script that was fobbed off as genuine reportage by the mainstream media, had Clinton and Trump running neck-and-neck by campaign’s end. The vote–riggers were likely concerned that inflating Clinton’s numbers even higher, would draw unwanted attention. As a matter of fact, a 3-state recount following the election uncovered even more votes for Trump. After that demands for a recount seemed to dry up for some reason.

            Several years ago, James Mccanney published a solution to a prime numbers conundrum, that had defied solution by mathematicians for TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS.

            The man is simply brilliant. If he claims to have three mathematical proofs that Donald Trump received EIGHTY MILLION votes in the popular election, you can take it to the bank.

  6. From Quebec says:


    “If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?”

  7. floridaborne says:

    The “vandals” need to go to jail, at the very least. Any time these thugs show up at peaceful events and want to cause chaos, they should be met with equal force.

    Re “feminists.” I was one once. When the “rights” of subjugated women were embraced and a blind eye turned to women wanting freedom in middle eastern countries because we needed the oil, that was the end of it for me. How can anyone show a picture of a woman in an abaya, stand up for her “right” to be treated like chattle, and call themselves a feminist? Hypocrisy anyone?

  8. Greg C. says:

    Milo has figured out a way to get the Left to sabotage their own movement, while getting free publicity for himself. And he does us all a great favor by exposing their violent intentions in a relatively contained arena. Far better to trigger them now than to give them more time to stoke their anger for a bigger, more violent eruption later.

  9. Al Jirikowic says:

    How strange it is to see practically everyone in this ruckus so manipulated and ignorant…..Yes papa Rockefeller would be smiling….sad, stupid and silly….

  10. voza0db says:


    And as dumb slaves do what they are programmed to do, funnier things are happening in the land of “science”!

    “New Zika vaccine candidate protects mice and monkeys with a single dose
    Results from study highlight the promise of mRNA-based vaccines and therapies”


    • Larry says:

      Millions of mosquitoes. Armed with deadly viruses. Sneaking across our southern borders…


      I don’t think so.

  11. From Quebec says:

    The Truth About the Berkeley Riot

  12. From Quebec says:

    The Left & Islam: Unholy Alliance

  13. calvinistnot says:

    The Berkeley police were obviously told to stand down. They did nothing to stop the violence. Ironically, the story following this story on Fox Ch. 2 in Oakland concerned an ATTENPTED robbery suspect shot dead…so much for justice??
    I’ve seen these black clad paramilitary thugs operating all over the planet…they are likely trained by the dark side of the US/ British? governments

  14. John says:

    When do we see Conservatives ever attempting to shut down freedom of speech?

    The left of today for the most part is intolerant. They will not listen to views contrary to their viewpoint. There is absolutely no middle ground with the new fascist ideology of modern day liberalism.

    Liberalism and Islam have a great deal in common. The left lives inside their bubble of radical Marxism, Islam lives inside the bubble of sharia law. The left will do anything and lie to advance its cause. Islamists practice taqiyya/lying to advance their warped religion. Both play themselves off as victims when it is useful. Both of these sick ideologies often use violence to achieve their goals.

    The so called “moderates” on the left and in Islam almost never speak up against the radical elements that have taken control of both of these ideologies. Both ideologies have armies full of useful idiots the globalists use to their advantage like puppets on a string.

    The left and people like Soros are planting the seeds for civil war in this country. Europe is facing a civil war thanks to the recent Islamic refugee invasion.

    The snowflakes are the epitome of children acting up when they do not get their way. The MSM glorifies the snowflakes on the left and makes excuses for sharia law and the Jihadists in Islam. There is no logic to either ideology yet these ideologies are lauded by the mainstream media.

    Where are the moderate liberals and muslims, where is the outrage when freedom of speech is shut down? These people who claim to be sane/tolerant in both ideologies are soulless and intellectually devoid of common sense. Their silence is deafening and their intolerance is in plain view for all of us to see 24/7.

    “Shall I tell you what the real evil is? To cringe to the things that are called evils, to surrender to them our freedom, in defiance of which we ought to face any suffering.” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca-

    The left and Islam have surrendered to evil, they have surrendered their freedom to ideologies which pay lip service to freedom of speech, tolerance and critical thinking. Both ideologies want us to go along with their illogic and surrender our freedom as well. But the good news is this is now failing, shouting homophobe, racist or xenophobe just isn’t cutting it anymore. The silent majority is slowly awakening from its slumber and a man called Trump is no longer backing down.

    The radicals on the left and in Islam have now made a deal with the devil. They are locked into their respective bubbles of moral relativism and
    willful ignorance. Logic, facts and truth no longer matter to these diabolical mind sets, it is full steam ahead into a brick wall. Both ideologies are determined to wreck civilization, both ideologies believe there is a Utopia waiting for them at the end of their delusions.

    Where are the so called moderate liberals and muslims today? Do we see any of these people defending freedom of speech? No, of course not, they have chosen to be willfully ignorant to the evil that has taken over almost complete control of both ideologies.

    Liberalism and Islam, a marriage made in hell. If we do not continue to point out the pure hypocrisies of both ideologies, we will no longer have our right to express our beliefs. This is what they want, a world where everybody walks, talks and “thinks” alike. After all the globalists love useful idiots, they are much easier to control. If we do not stand up against these freaks, they will take tear down the Constitution and end this great experiment in freedom and liberty known as the USA.

    But the big joke about it is, when it all is said and done, the leftists and the Islamists will be put on the chopping blocks by the globalists as well. Unfortunately both of these useful idiotic ideologies are too ignorant and too naive to realize the globalists are using them as pawns in a chess game where both mindsets are forever locked within a game of checkers.

  15. Jon, on a more serious note, I would suggest that “tolerance” towards homosexuals would disappear in a second if society was primed by Big Media (similar to current pedo-phobia). Then we have “Islam”. Trouble makers of “Middle Eastern” appearance are possibly more likely to be Christian than Muslim. In fact, one of the great ironies was many of the “suicide bombers” hell bent on revenge against the tyranny of Zionism (a version of “globalism”) were CHRISTIANS!!!!

    So there you go.

    Onto the imbecilic “PR” stunts at the university.

    “Masked men with pepper spray” smells like off duty policemen to me. The agro flatfoots are not the brightest. Anyone get a snap of their standard issue boots?

    Maybe they conned a few genuine “pilled up” [football] students to join the “fun”, but I think it would be unthinkable to assume intelligent people were involved in this.


  16. Anon Amus says:

    Check you’re history folks…

    Soros+Vatican+Globalists=False Flag

    We elected Trump to smash the establishment and he has delivered. Look at the tax reform,
    look at his stance against corruption and drugs (CIA). Why do you think he’s getting punk’d?

    Global elites (the powers that were) want to stir up conflict… Like Jon says ‘Globalist Dupes on

    Ask yourself a simple question… “Am I for collectivism or individualism?”

    Globalists want you to think ‘collectivism’ and Patriots want you to think ‘individualism’. The founding fathers of America where true Patriots, with true courage… willing to put their lives
    on the line for what they knew was right. It really is as simple as that. Are you for individual
    FREEDOM or are you for collectivism(tptw)?


  17. Sloth the Happy Mutant says:

    Do Milo’s words hurt the precious little snowflakes? Awww.
    Trust fund babies on a scholarship are so terribly put upon.
    How dare thoughtcriminal untermenschen scum Milo intrude on their safe space.
    Useless idiot parrots who are programmed by Marxist rat professors preparing them for a world that doesn’t and never will exist.

  18. Chris says:

    Who is Ian Dabney Miller? Does UC Berkeley pay him? Was he identified because of his tats peeking out through his black mask at the riots? Is the riot story suddenly a hot potato for the MSM? Little Reich not so persuasive?

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